How come no one names anyone "Scott" anymore? Then things go downhill from there....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, September 13th

Not really sure what more to add here... but lots have names have gone away recently.   See =  Scott.


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Mostly clear we'll see your temperatures tonight dropping back to about 62 degrees. On Thursday lots of sons timer Emil warmer than today let for a high writer and eighty degrees and south lane. On Friday humidity that's gonna creep up's gonna feel more like summer on Friday. Mostly sunny breezy with a high temperature near ninety degrees. From John Lennon Pressler meteorologists that Miller team he's 1184 downtown 86 in Overland Park and 84 years severe weather station. I'm will starent stay connected with news is 91 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. No. Your failure to properly law and sly about it the does not mean bread and dad. I. Digital still don't have that you don't love it you've always telling rod forgets to load the song to bring us forget as a carrot and. I. Didn't know I got to admit I like the greens. It out in love with the Taylor swift's song and actually say that that as a could be because the beat of that song right there mean to me it's actually better tendon in the Taylor's let's. My favorite part of the Taylor Swift song is 1 am not listening to house stop it it's not see it's awful. I am not a Taylor Swift fan I think seasonings she's a wonderful C seems like a wonderful person she has done a lot of good things for her face. I save her I'll leave and say she's had some okay songs but the new one maybe you want. Style was okay move the ball I don't however songs I don't think she was ever country in the back to who has ever called country. Is a disgrace to country music group Erika like they country anymore where you berm. Should mean. Once you made me to see. It's slowly here. Yeah. Q some weird. Is an inch. And a state where I turned to those were targeted minority and feel. Inspiring me to. And that's song is very easy actually let me ask you all can return after the two. I don't play this game you. Do you. That's. You shall show you on that button. When I hear you what it. Some anger issues that we are hard. Against. Them in my ultimately. That now I heard about something getting re vote good what would she just be re like all of her. Compete repossess. Eight Turks and caicos before. Halard going to repo our stock is now the Waverly quake can just not to bring everybody to. Could we please discuss what the hack happened in Florida. With those eight or Ole people six mine near its hates the debt is rising. That's true as has been told ever fallen. The death toll is rising. Fall. There have been instances that you just told us all yes Blake left them there are now dead. Here's what I don't understand but they. Are across the street from all metal. You didn't think it like when it started get really hot on the second floor we might shuttle these people. Next door Haas. I mean what Ole. And I know there's an investigation and they're gonna get to the bottom of it but you know they have names like Edith and Norman in. Maybe. Can I just breaks my heart. Speaking of that one of them was Irma and you're joking I know you're joking and should be joking about it. Speaker I think I saw the name Irma speaking of such matters in sixty years is it going to be weird to have old men drilling in their lap in the nursing home named Cody. Yeah now or trysts and yeah. Yeah old ladies named Shelby. Will be weird I don't think Shelby I don't think it's gonna be Shelby it's going to be names like. Well there'll be a few Scots but it's going to be more like Sofia the. Eddie does nobody names their kids got anymore now. They don't that's true and thought about your good name it really cute and I did isn't an easy like a few Scots in high school and college nobody they name their kids got salt of the earth guys thank you were very. There is no Barry's Mary's got to who else. Do. Mark. There are no more no one goes anymore. Even with Matthew Mark look at John. They go they go yeah is really markets this stepchild and I would high school was so many marks. A lot of. Marks. Don't know note it was a kid's scout and I I have not met a Scott. Under the age of 35. And when I was in school every buddy I believe you me was named Scott in my senior class a 125 students. OK so half of them boards 62. Whatever. And Scott Walker Scott Felix gutsy locked. That's double payments parks maybe parents. In your neck of the woods just had zero originality I feel like there may have been a couple Scott's in my graduating class but I'm not a 100% sure. And we had a class of almost seven on I remember my my government class with Keith Andrews. We had five Scots in that class. 22 kids. Five Scott's while there will be Tiffany's and brandy is in the nursing homes out. All with eyes. Opened at Shelby died in the thirties from smoking that to edit by drug recently. Misty that's another when you don't hear any more I went to high school with a couple of misty is April there's no more April. Poll. No. Yeah Paul doesn't happen anymore Peter. Now Peters Peters came back witness. Witness gusts. Okay so in the last five years Gus is about to ask some of these names became trendy again Peter was one of them yeah gusts are some of the. More traditional. Boys' names it's for justice or August yeah I went to school with a Gus. Yeah. Ninety was honored but his name was still goes out and here's one from the eighty generic hearing more from the text line Carla. The room. Carlos ball. I liked her she's six. Review that some bank some want it Albert's sex kitten for. You Carlos attorney general patronage. To back him no more rain. Craig. Or Judy. That's so true. Craig Greg or June Judith. There's no Judy Barbara's. Nell. I mean nothing nominee is and I'm Barbara but light bar. Nobody's gonna call it could mama summit and Jennifer Amy as well of those names when we were in high school Ed. On our thought Jennifer and Amy I see a lot of Amy's still to this restaurant is but there it if it's and so. You don't see Amy's that are being born right now is what they're saying that it is not given to someone who is born. In 2000. This one guy on our one of our soccer teams she and her boyfriend. Had a really nice you know they'll Hoch oh on coming. Invite has become all the rage tonight. And you have to make a scene so. So it. And yeah I think I remember and soul we had one of the kids on our soccer team got asked out to a holdco. Which by the horrible. That's horrible and call it a note. Kelly Jim can yeah. And so but his name is Alter. Any get gunners now you have under Ian Gunner. You have Gary. They don't use like EO Ian Weatherly. William and as these are all the names of the kids are getting these days. What's wrong with the good old fashioned Scott. Hunter is a very country name. I feel like that happens mostly in the rural areas just to sit you don't hear pearl anymore I will agree with that the grace and Jane I'm going to disagree grace I hear a glass all the time with a vengeance in the last ten years. And I know James I know people who have had children and named it Jane. It'll come back they always do you hope doesn't come back like Tiffany with a guy you know who can help that I know Wilson's name has died. Rods whose real name is Roger. While Rogers died due. Nobody names their kid Roger and what about windy pork herald. Got an aunt Carol. Carols like. Kind of goals and gather torque he I hate to say that Romans nine years old and has. At least five different friend's name Aden. Eitan is yes patent is the name now yes. That soldier root rot what was the last time you bumped into a kid named Roger. Out and out on them. OK it was on the short little writers Scott it was on the short list named one of our Childrens cousins Roger was on the store list. And when we heard that and you know I love you Rodney. Our diligence like Kenny Rogers said now that's a child's name. If you told me that once Roger that's kind of files and am and I. Yes that's my father's name Dana thing what was he had enough and you. And a lot of and I rod let's be honest that is your real Maine that is who's calling please Roger. But mr. rogers' neighborhood. Perfectly okay well his first name Bryant is frame it well and was named Fred. There's enough that's it's gone there's no Frederick cries stayed in there who's going to his. Roger data. You got a call everybody had to file. He wants to rape kit X a. Really. Just. Rogers of Metafiles name. I am saying if you're going to name the baby all care. You don't need is eight and sweet smelling it and saying he looks like child around star. It's just an awful they did it now. As they can wow like when your 56. That is a good odds. It sixers all you can rods okay say here's what you didn't. Name the kid Cody and then when every turns eighteen you have him change his name. To Roger I mean it if you can Roger why get in circumcised right I mean. I mean you know he's an account 'cause he's not that he's not to use it. Signal now. That's brought us. Cool oh. I'm just trying to think of any of the guys it's in Moses and opened files there. Are you need to column for a generator. Good lord the last time the storm blew through here we had what 90000 people without powers something insane. Cult hit guys it's in Mose and son they have been around for at war. He or hometown guys that cell service and supply your generator in fact it's a generous. Generator that they say oh and I Atlanta and they were walking outside the studio and that's the kind of generator we have a year to keep the station up and running when he storm blows through. 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And Allen and over but didn't have never heard. You can reach you can't. And I thought. We'd we've heard and now there are. Still trying to embrace the case. I think that's what got them and what's Romans middle. Roger now now it's Avery all like where Beckham from. It's technical. My ego my grandfather my father myself Allen they would on the same initials. Like that so we all have the same and is is all our AB OK and win my Abbott wife. Yes our AB is our initials there Mayo is that a problem for you via okay I'm. An alien criminals. So how important it is sensitive. Let's in my life he gave dragnet W story rap group we've produced as it will may eleventh. When we were discussing and behaving. It's sad demise alive. But the bull way it has to have our. That's it and sell. We bought and argued in went through all the different names and came up with Roman Avery about. The next show the which users. I want it rose audio issues. Of our that no future in vicious. Isn't malicious actually the name I'd shows originally was rockets. I swear to god yeah sort of gaga that would I was autism. Yeah see. We're in what was his nickname in rock they've just rockets man that's a cool met him at the schools and one who named their son storm. Well my wife said that if my name my child rockets Babcock that I was his bag in for trouble and he would be in prison before well team. Closers rot my my kids they're named Randy. Eric and I thank god that this student happened my mom wanted to name me Mayo the parks votes there. It's cool. Now first of all nothing is more pretentious than being vote horror. Jack that was L trade though and everything's good ports for. Albums but I I my dad's older and my dad was otherwise he said Maggie. The boys will be made fun of his entire life. How about we name him something normal and so my name became Scott. May parks and may Adobe didn't stand on stand for it is to host this during the break us as middle name is just the letter elk. And her friends at school will not leave. When they say everybody does that when your school which from elm. Like for animal. No the letter Al nobody. Just give her name that started with them two years on end because she might use it may with the letter V. That was it just so you would be ill. Ha. Now we ask them how football the local press amount. You know he was that these she was the end you want to use again a defrocked. May be parks Sarah am parks you put it together and he got me. A. Yes oh I think they do have a little better day I was quietly and wood stain his mind let's open as craze that is basically will beat them. Without a movie you. Understand the origin of his. It just. Noses his dad was mail be parks the first. He was may be parks junior and got out series of you know the origin of his fives and only I have no idea. No wood to right IC. You know when my win when what went out of the came up pregnant was our talk about names you've that was her first thing he will not be Roger Allan Babcock thus that are. I was like what it's like let's pretend that's protectionist path she got really upset about that so we start coming up when names and we ended up with Roman now watch he's. And every damn Dan year old whenever wide bomb growth and and I'm gonna look like and now he's the fifth column written that says Kono little Danny what is human element Eli. That's a very good man into wolf you very much your name like January. Judy eat it. I'm Rihanna is. It really isn't that where edited and who is being. 200 and Amy Julie juniors they're at and the doctors don't come I was out last night but I went back. Hello my guys talk about it via. Missouri State senator Maria Chappelle led dole will keep her seats but is being censured a push to have her expelled from the upper chamber didn't get enough votes. The Democrats from greater Saint Louis drew criticism from both sides of the aisle after suggesting on social media shield someone would assassinate president trump. Much of the criticism died down though when a Republican lawmaker posted online he one of the people who defaced it can fend your confederate monument in Springfield to be lynched. The Shawnee police department takes the wraps off their Internet exchange parking spot at the station on Renner road are under 24 hour video surveillance and are designed to be as safe meeting location for people to hand off or pick up things they've bought and sold on sites like Craig's list. Many police stations make their lobbies are lots available for those types of exchanges most though don't have the dedicated parking places with surveillance. On Wall Street today the Dow ends up 39 points NASDAQ gains nearly sixty S&P up two. Traffic and weather together next KUMBC news time 532. 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A warm Wednesday evening temperatures cooling through the seven needle clo tonight right around 62 under mostly clear sky on your Thursday lots of sunshine a south breeze look for a higher at 88 and then on Friday. Graham more than heat and humidity is going to be a sticky day with sunshine. Breezy south wind and high temperatures near ninety degrees. From John Lennon for solar meteorologist noble Miller came easy whether. Right now it's 84 downtown 84 the sports complex and EB three and Yuri severe weather station. I'm will stare at stake connected with news nine B 81 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Eighties. I think. And he's in Travers has tried immigrant turnaround is going. And to quote rug. He'd do it consciously choose region ash. Because there's no wimp when dumpsters to. And then he just repeated it. Because you asked him to do we couldn't hear him I didn't hear what it's. Are these security she did need to. The idea I didn't I'm sorry I didn't I wasn't trying to be offensive. Just it was just the first Jewish name he could think he'll ride the spurs I. The Internet and they went there on. Hi noses not since April and I am out eyes and easy fuel allies units and old. Listen that is somewhat distorted my honest no way no I already know looking at it. Are you reading the JK a M and now pronounce no well no. Yeah well I don't believe so I've I've gotten to. Always old wives' tales JKM. And pronounced know well how does that even work no there's no hell hole. A I was yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Marjorie and Saturday. Kidding me it's like a man in your kids Le Mans a lower away until you've heard that this is a true story. All of the girl in town years ago and yet who was named to lead to Russia I ask that. LA down at Ashe and then a game yes. And we had to put that well we didn't have radio that you guys had to put that on the TV. Because that was how you spell her name law. Dash well someone discredit my best friend is Thomas Ryan Thomas the twenties. That are now that is so. How far back to you go before it just he's got you good junior and that's point to just her point threes a little pretentious between two. Cartoons car crash a toll. Get yours now. I know a girl it and there won't say any names but I know it girl. Who. She got pregnant she had a son her and her husband decided to name the son John. Hurt her husband got a divorce. And it she met and fell below with a man named Joseph Carr. It. Hurt and John. Got pregnant at a so no he said go look I hate to do this to you you've got in at. Brave man and my family is named John and this is my son and his name will be Jarden. So she is now married to a man named John and has two sons named John you've got region now. The error Jackie I have no idea I don't I don't I don't I don't. Talked to him enough anymore to know but yes she is married to Manning's arm has two sons went and misses as we sat. When I was in the middle school over in Heidelberg went to a school with a guy and his last it was Ice-T KI SE. TJ IS COK pronounced types aren't his name his first name was TA ISE. Ice ice. All the makes me sad. That was his people do that's funny thing was well you would think you'd be made fun he was most popular in school. Ice types was most popular in school what a multi layered or something team. I Wear my step Brothers last name is Ericsson and he swears his next son will be named Eric Erickson. Which I'm like. I can handle on what some want to go at least that well. All his he had. Scary Eric my stepbrother has eight kids and they're all like biblical names so yeah Eli and yeah. So you are familiar with biblical names. Death tech names like Jewish Jewish and the it was one of negates a guy named tree tree. It's tray now there's Sunnis here it's tree tree. I had George George Foreman had like five tons Mort Mac all the angels who were all named George V. Mine closest to my age so it's my mother's. Much younger sisters says she's closed her rights to my mother. They were told they were having a girl the whole time it's a girl to girl every single spot check this. Point to name her. Partly because her husband's name is coral. So they are all picked out as the girls. Beta comes. Of course it's a boy. Off I remember my grandmother. You know that. Room was taken it was all decorated in Beatrice potter two what images Alpert interest utter crap. To put Mike it's round. And they named him train because they could not figure out what to name his child. Carl is our father is Carl so he was the third Carl and it just named in tray and a good idea can. Keep the name. But not keep that name she can name maybe. Hurl oral. What's wrong with com and who. Now what's the name from 0208. I swear all caps I swear we'd always say. We'll have a friend that adopted a girl named. Eight BC DEE it's pronounced absentee I've heard that city. I swear we call her Abdi yeah I would call adjacent. To. It is an engine cool it is that I is futile it if you don't see wholesale CDC I mean that's yeah. All right 2344. I I last name is long I. The ice. They need proof I will bring this to the studio tomorrow. My principal in Dusseldorf was Richard long and he insisted on being called. Me. What to do that. Why will Richards a mouthful I would do with a relay why. Dan wind. IQ is that to a baby. He wasn't a big is probably dead by now he was and is proud yourself in Kansas six expect no I'm not kidding you I will bring you the year Acura if you need proof. His name was Richard long. Now tell me you don't know Richard from its next line my neighbor was crystal last it was clear LEE are. And they gave for the middle name Shanda. Welcome to your toddler crystal. Sheehan. Here on state isn't a lost opportunity Mercedes. And they're stuck her. Hand. You beat me to just happy it. Can't even make. Crystals in her. Everybody's favorite crystal chandelier. Islands there's a lot of get those dollars loan. I just I'm not a fan of trying to be cheeky with the name I'm just not worth. It. That caught me. They talk. What bout you talk about the person with the last name long you know a guy in a room key is keep it clean no illnesses and not dirty at all. Honest to God's name is John long he went to get aids a hub. At Long John Silver's. And I was like going down seven highly emblems brings an odd applications for all the let you know news. Did you what I'm Muslim John silver's studio again and Wheldon his name is Randall down and they ended the guy you know it says. Write your name last name first she longs. First name on there guides the manager and I've looked at it like you know out here now. Joker that I want a job he's like yeah I'm not later games get out. Here's my idea square some discarded and no one name like I know someone namely. That's not many things and the one I know as a lie but it could be a girl. And they live on the lake and meet their whole like oh my god let's say of the Ozarks electric like life. They named their son got to find out that they actually living in a pond. All that's wrong. It's a true story those viewed it was as producers for a long time remember the name Larry Moline. Larry and I. This is back in the late nineties were over at the old building on both winter and Larry I don't know why but. He actually made me a fan of this layer would read the obituaries every morning. Because he just he always told me he said you never know what somebody stories and it's kind of a missing a strip and so Leary who has the greatest voice in all of radio. He's down in Albuquerque now. Op is going through the Kansas City Star. And the obituaries and he starts laughing on this like twenty years. I turned to him because were working mr. Sugarman dangerous idle what are you laughing he goes yeah can we assess. And I turned back and that's what's Conan he goes this guy here in the obituaries. Ireland okay he has used to be an NHL. Player tax professional hockey player. Any diving Kansas City whose name was Harry polls. I know. His name was terrible but probably. Was. Prentice Harold. Knows it was print it is very. Because I looked. Good old barrels. And lebed's of the bullpen not trying to. You might know this September is national life insurance awareness month and what better time to pick up the phone calls to it would very low cost life insurance dot com historic. Eight data that is exactly right a quick step on the 2870 that your Roberts 34%. Of Americans agree that you life insurance. With 41%. Actually have a. And I you know that you're looking at a new policy they don't have any all big picture seeing too much for your life church will help you navigate to debate the product. Find the best suited policy specific for their situation and how about that the forty year old male nonsmoker otherwise good health. You know one billion in your current policy for less than twenty dollars per month. I love it reminded fortified historic. Sure they don't have the full number 8167920700. I think 16719. Am 07 euros. You're answer Woodbury with low cost life insurance dot com. The. On one thing that may. That's the big scene and I keep not. Again and the big man. He built and that he name is name though one of the mountain. And that's how. And they don't learn all that Troy gentry. From Tom and gummery gentry had been killed in the helicopter crash. The NTSB today announcing that it was. Pilot error. And engine which checked that engine failure as well. The pilot was quote unable to control engine rpm with throttle inputs. Translation the engine was not responding to the throttle. So the pilot on the doomed aircraft have lost control. I'm the pilot elected to stop the engine and perform an auto rotation. Which you've done in the past the main rotor is supposed to turn evil without power which essentially glides the choppered to ground. According to the NTSB but the pilot was told to ought to rotate the aircraft over the runway. And soul and crew and gentry was on the chopper for pleasure only. He was not enroute to a concert. He. Just tell him anything to. Him. There were 950 feet above ground. That's sucks and I'm blessed you know how I feel about it helicopters and other lands I'd just. I saw one last night float over. My neighborhood. And it's beautiful look at. You could not paid me a trillion dollars to get a neither one. No. I would bet. You are much more likely to be your car accident. Are unsure because the frequency with which he driver caught I don't disarmament percentages. Sensed and. Member of the helicopter news crash. Several years ago in Phoenix they were all rotating over the same accident scene and then they collide collide ya two of them collided one of the pilots wasn't paying attention to the other one and vice Versa end. You know when that happens you've got about X what forty seconds to the ground rod and I I maybe I. Just don't. Trust them. Period. But god love them it's terribly sad you know. By the way this story was in the Wall Street Journal today. A lot of Democrats are lining up behind Bernie Sanders. Who is pushing for a Medicare for all its. Polls effect I think it's on everyone loves Medicare. Well those who were on and actually 85% of the people on Medicare saying that they do like it. Com. Senior. Here's a headline Democrats backing single Payer plan. A growing number of Democrats and endorsed a single Payer health bill. To be proposed today by US senator Bernie Sanders embracing a bigger government role in health care after years of opposing. That approach. My senator Claire McCaskill came out today opposed by the way. Can you tell somebody is up for reelection next are supporters of mr. Sanders bill includes several democratic senators considering a bid for the Oval Office. In 20/20 including Cory Booker of New Jersey. Kamal Harris of California. Kirsten Gillibrand of new York and shoes and and that was with one of Massachusetts. I know major democratic presidential candidate other than mr. Sanders of Vermont. Has supported the single Payer plan in recent campaigns. Two things about this primary very quickly before there were annoyed I get to the newsman rotten. Daniel Julie Jewish is going to be on. Chief's office. You know it's joke. You know it was funny the console you included the neck which is you know and I Scottish they're very punishment rumors coach. But anyway two things about us. This is as fool hardy as every Republican attempt to. Abolish obamacare when Barack Obama was the president it's going nowhere and we all know that. Second oval. And I know this is gonna gimme called liberal I actually wish that this was approved. And not because I want government health care is because I think that's where were head. And I'd just rather rip the band aid off and get it over way. Because I think we are headed towards a Medicare for all probably within the next fifteen to twenty years. And that's where we're headed to the malicious skidded over. This is statements stocks in the cellar in the new product. Medicare but let's. But the thing that Sox is that win rod and Dana and damn. When we do get Medicare for hole and it is coming we don't know what's coming yet we're going to be retiring about that time. You we will have paid into Medicare all of our adult lives correct okay. So it is right and entitlement that is rightfully ours yes then when they go to Medicare for all we're gonna have. Have to pay even more so that everybody else can now Medicare correct so giving tax for Medicare would we turn 65 but when we turn 65 we have to pay more taxes so that everybody is 65 can have Medicare tipped its leaders in Iran to get Roger we're going to get Roger right in the keys to. Yeah. That's funny is that. Is that was my junior high. Teacher's name Roger keys to me if it really nice guys reliever. You would have to be real hands on was doing. Very much so very much for. I just one soon. Remind everyone that I did not laugh at any inappropriate ships at this hour lol yes you. And repeatedly negative vote I. Place. If they're desperate effort that are Palmer replied you're the best name ever. One of our wonderful sponsors. Of of Shannon marks. Was. They call it call me god was a great guy wanted to is that man named his son Michael. To stop and let that sink in our. Animals. Like a nice guy. It's super nice. And look on him and really him I'd. It's not a matter out. As a factual thing first timer and it's Russert is like you're doing music my son Michael I went no he did not want. It's not JJ. Orbital. There was mourners born Googlers reverse approach over. When Jimmer is limited to learn. Coming up our producer of the finest men at all hammered the great Radwanska. I do mr. Clark put a great men who is quite different because David Wright items up towards god willing rolled back tomorrow 2 o'clock of the bomb. Saw golf what's. I have discovered have a great night everybody be safe. Indeed it. Happening now on KM BZ a former corrections officer is going to prison we'll have more on this coming out. It took all season is here get ready for the big game with a big screen TV from the leader in HDTVs Nebraska furniture mart. My family loves catching all the football action from the comfort of our home on our beautiful big screen from the market without three of them from the mark. 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