How 8-year-old Mason survived a stroke...

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Monday, January 8th

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And now we begin this week's cover story a night in the ER with words that no parent wants to hear when the doctor comes into the room. I think I remember telling them something had underlined. Mason is in control. By the time doctors Sean Baptiste the ER at Children's Mercy Hospital the trouble was very real. And it was imminent. I would stunned. Because I knew that this child if we didn't do something. Had a few hours left to them. A shocking reality for parents who just a few hours before him in normal little boy Mason was fine doing what he loves to do basin is very athletic. And I am full of energy. I'm running around the lakes to wrestle likes to rough house play football claim based liked the outside the whole time Mason's mom he says this state was no different. Except he had complained a little bit about a headache but we thought since he'd been in the sun for so long that he you know was tired he even said that was the longest birthday party ever. So we just Adam is he got a bat and gave them cold wash rag and he went to sleep. The next day things hadn't gotten better in fact it seemed they were starting to get worse you're walking from the restaurant out of the car and he just he kind of started veering off to the right. Not talking not being his normal chatterbox so they actually kind of started drooling as well Josh is Mason stepped yet so from that point to the point we got our. It really wasn't downhill spiral. He walked the car but he can get it so they need to immediately. Started writing I can even look at him or look at. Mason of the backseat because I am. Try not to freak out due to drive and my reaction is that into the nearest Mercury me. Perhaps she since the gravity of the decision maybe was reflects. May be was something else altogether. Any recent note. We're not going to the nearest emergency room I just always think we should go to children's mercy is a child and they and they know best. Even if it's another you know ten minute drive me. Presented I shouldn't receive south. And he had had a sudden speech impairment that started around 9 AM. Becky JB look he's shown is a pediatric neurologist at children's mercy downtown. When this summer it was the ER dot outsell. It was a very short conversation they worked very quickly and that doctor even told the in tees no more talking let's get going. When you heard that I knew something was wrong it's. Eighteen miles 24 minutes without traffic to get from children's mercy south to children's mercy downtown. What Amy Mason and Josh got their doctor look he's shown was reading. I immediately activated our protocol. The end was leading and waiting room I children's mercy downtown to reception have. Any wasn't the only one awaiting their arrival I never had a chaplain follow it near around at any hospital that she stayed with us the whole time. Looking back on that it that's pretty scary she never left. What she told something by the doctors yes. Yeah gas while the chaplain was with mom and down the neurologist was with Mason in the MRI sweet. And the images he saw confirmed Mason symptoms speech impairment fatigue weakness. That is unique year old boy. The diagnosis you'd never expect. And would come too late as a cover story and not in the ER continues. A Mason is eight an active young boy but not this day. East hired not talking. Week and he's just been rushed from children's mercy south to the downtown campus we're neurologist doctor JBP shop had a hunch. As we were doing the MRI and I we're looking at the images com. Come through. I was stunned to discover that he actually had a complete blockage. Debate that I artery which should he main artery the only artery. That's key to the entire backside of the brain. In English the backside of the brain of the part of the brain that he Cuba nine. It could be potentially catastrophic. Situation. I knew that this child if we didn't do something. Happened a few hours left and that. At that point he said I'd like to find a room to talk to these folks now. And so he pulled us into the nearest room we still had no idea and no one ever expects to yours and seven ring year old having us for. But it happens it happens almost every day. Not here. We saw 400. Emea and Joshua Mason's mom and step dad. He hears these words. Andy aren't once terrified I'm thinking hat I don't know how I'm gonna go on without my child and curious so many questions like who's this. It just happens. It just happens. Yeah we're always think what happened did we do something there explaining yourself yeah but not for long because doctor loopy shields stopped them in their tracks everything become a pop. Music we don't have time. He's got to go. Sending him to Kate you. This surgery is never happened that we wanna see if we can fix them before we even got out of the room that the ambulance that Turkey was already there so we partner with children mercy hospital. Enter doctor Colleen left in our director of the advance comprehensive stroke center at the University of Kansas hospital. We perk up the children's mercy because he can provide. Procedure called mechanical come back from where our national life position physically remove the clock at. Doctor Cody ever salt is the specialized neurosurgeon who was to treat Mason. He knew it was too late to use the clot busting drug TPA and his time was running out quickly to. It was buried in January we laughed too much time if passed we would go down and irreversible. Of course its outcome would be potentially devastating stroke in that area can make your life. And it doesn't take your life. So doctor ebersol was called into the hospital to perform an emergency mechanical pump in me. Using a long time that are based instrument. I get into the blood vessel system from a large artery in the leg. They travel up to the arteries of the brain looking for the tried to obstruction and then using a number of chapter based instruments to remove the obstruction. As doctor ebersol was pulling into the hospital parking lot things begin to get even more critical. Mason was starting to lose consciousness but the family still had questions. What would you do to your product that absolutely I would. I cannot tell you based on a huge study that it is the right thing to do but I am absolutely confident that it. And mom wanted one more moment with Mason before he was rolled away her last words to him heartbreaking that he. Cute cute and fight and don't leave does he ended menu and then move. From the moment you received him at children's mercy to the moment K you'd docs were inside his head cleaning up that blood vessel how much time do you think elapsed. I think it was about an hour or an hour and a shops. No doubt some of the longest moments of Finley hit ever in tour. For me then. They most straightforward plan worked which was that. I delivered. AD special catheter that's designed to. Obstruction the obstruction. Get sucked it right out like a vacuum cleaner opening beat blood vessel immediately. The brain stem had lit up and started working again. He said we're not out the woods just yet. But he's gonna live day by day want to figure out the rest but he's definitely Mason's recovery was far from complete though. Crucial days Lionhead and questions about the long term prognosis. More on that is a cover story and I in the ER continues in a bit. Mason is eight years old and is now acting like himself. He goes to children's mercy sound. Is immediately rushed to children's mercy downtown. Where's family gets news that the simply can't believe. No one ever expects to hear that and seven or eight year old is having a stroke. You have to be that rock that the parent can depend on that that moment. And at the same time you have to provide them reassurance. While being truthful. And children's mercy pediatric neurologist doctor JB loopy shown since the truth was. Mason needed to get to kick you. We are close friends we're close. He would have very very strong partnership with KU. And K you was the one place that can perform the emergency surgery that Mason needed. If we didn't do something the outcome was gonna be unacceptable. So I was prepared to be on the carpet that they needed and to be honest people in my field that's where we shine. And shine immediate doctor Koji ever salt performed the life saving surgery to clear the blood clot from the back of Mason's brain and then the waiting. Would Mason make a full recovery. I have to temper than what the next 24 hours Turkey what can. It body do with it. But every day was different Mason's mom Amy the first day was a couple one words the next day it was a little bit more talking. Some instances putting together the next. Think he was in the playroom thrown the ball around then it was very it was probably about two days later I came back to. Am I he he would. Right I mean DeLeon walking around and that was when I truly knew it was. Doctor Colleen liked in Burke is the director of the advanced comprehensive stroke center at the University of Kansas hospital part of this incredible cooperative effort that didn't miss a beat. Starting with that very first dock in the ER how itself. Diller multiple heroes in this story and she was certainly dipped first underline that she considered to have the possibility of the stroke. He is not really what they can make them like. If you've only just joined us this morning you've missed the dramatic beginnings of Mason story and believe this when we say it's a story you wanna hear from beginning to end. It's coming up so do not go anywhere. This morning we're telling you the story of the waning Mason. A while back he had a stroke and was close to death but because of some Smart talented doctors and a phenomenal partnership between children's mercy in the University of Kansas hospital. His mom says his prognosis is. Kind of percent. See. Are amazed today he is. And the child he is Andy he has no problems. No speech there he no physical therapy writes the same runs the same but does not that in your girl is set for something that we normally associate with much older and sicker people. You know everybody knows about brain tumors in kids ranked. We'll strokes in kids are as common that brain tumors in kids. To put that into perspective doctor John Batiste. They pretty much deal with strokes on a daily basis not. Year we saw 400 kids with jokes now that includes all the work on the look kid. That neonatal. Kids with strokes. They bought into it not for months we've done economic retrieval. That he says is the diagnosis because it's not easy. Kids are not tricky kids are a lot more difficult than adults and children and. Very often the presentation of a stroke will be with the future sort of example. And it didn't give you easy to. To say look into the future. Retreat that you turn into we moved on to you don't get yeah all right and you missed the stricken by the time you reunite that. You have to circuits today. In the case of Mason a very alert ER doc would be the first to see him at children's mercy south. And the first in a long line of heroes if you've only just joined us this morning you'll meet Mason is Bentley and his doctors in just a few minutes it's an incredible story so do not get out of the car keep list. The boss will understand if your couple minutes late.