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Friday, May 25th
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You're listening to the Dane and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. You can not hit. Smile off my face right now. You can try. Miles of remote base. Smiling so much. Couple reasons number one thing you know big. Oil. Is going to be in town tonight with Cheap Trick to cut. Watch David jump on her hi guys. For charity you look real damp idea I like by I watch her jump off a high dive for charity I mean twenty minutes ago. 08 is the first person to try out the mission pool this season. It has been. So. It's she goes well it was cold it was bird called because I didn't hear. But I lived nearby slightly and all it took a shower put out for us close to power down there. Deodorant. You. Can drive you your undercarriage bit of a house rather. Give Miami carriage will houses fox com. That's called. Opt. And so but Dana. Text me just bring me drive clause. So I brought her a pair of short soccer shorts and a teacher. You look adorable near Dana is going full blown and life full blown I mean full blown commando right now. It. And she's not wearing a brawl. Line. Today he doesn't Wear underwear in the short season I. I'm not sure I watched them so. I'm not sure to like get to drive. Or did I get them from the. Here's gonna say. I have been trying all day to practice gratitude. Cancer kids with cancer and it's and I grab it and strategy it's why you did that and I get to mission and they said. Did you remember to bring a change of club and I. At least. But what he talked about how they go well the person that raised the most money for little Alex who is visiting from the UK with cancer and were you know you have to raise money to help his spam get over here as the plane tickets are so expensive. He's got to come every three months. He had as a bright guy now and as of right now Dana. Donations in your pocket how far surpassed the donation all in what else is by that we mean. Thousands of dollars and so little weight twisted sister's coffee. Was there little tiny little coffee shop on Johnson drive. Donated 500 dollars. A sweet little out there in his wheelchair that got them back every three months to get his leg rhyme blinked and he consent to mean all feed my support. That. If you give his British accents are cute ads like you can't it can't be mad and I'm. I mean what he came out to me. So everybody has scrapes and go over to the high dive and again I mean like a sweater. Scored. Under clothing. And here's. Just got to. And some from British to sub yeah. During the week. Answered as all the high dive on channel nine show as a husband is there. So easy. Do we kill all the hype died. To raise money transmittal Alex but that spur of the moment is going to be caught on tape and broadcast on the news and I can't wait this makes him better. In my picture in my shorts and without your record and you don't looks. So there are telling her shoes you're squeaking and I would pattern just stirred and so way to helping other bosnians. Agree to this stuff. It's awesome. As we got to be the first people would jump at the mission pool today adding it was for cancer research and it was for kids with cancer and dammit that's awesome. And I think I might region touching your region in your shorts I that's. Our fresh water from the city lover she is you know what you want it go run really quick and get you one of the lifeguard swim suits. Yeah. What I really. Has experienced is being an. X yeah. And it's it's. Like our exit. Aren't swimsuit. Start working on Saturday. Was right off or she jumped into the pool for charity out. I like you keep reminding everybody it's for charity and I have to. Right before she jumped into the pool. A lifeguard jumped in the water. Lifeguard. Like a man. Economic call so wait so I have it. This is. Your co host. Dana right. For charity. For young man with from England with the cancer. In the clutch. Oh. Oh yeah. I actually take you right now. And I don't. Yeah. Oh yeah. Let out of the water our eye view. Of the first words aren't. Crews scams Kansas city's gentlemen hello. Honey. Why didn't you bring an equal that it. You were volatile although money. I mean can I just I decided you know on the so let you. On the way back from the pool was a true story Chris Kara my phone rings and it's our alarm company and the word police department and out and they're like. Someone like your front door sensor alarms going off and none of the kids are in the house right now well what they don't want and I say this is a quote. I say the the nice alarm company guy whose concern for my safety. I hate to home to care. Seems shopping when it I have to view work in three minutes and I feel like Bridget. I. Can I please have your password. And ask you. Linux with and now to and I don't I don't care. They didn't like I was I was a couple of blocks from. The moment respect for what I even don't know which killed. I'm a real that's yet I still don't care. I knew she didn't settle a Lysol and it okay. I'll take care of its August I didn't I didn't know that you're you're you're the first one atop the division cool and it. Yeah yeah yeah it heals all those different anyway. This is going to be on channel line tonight yeah I'll end and that's the most important thing. Alex's dad. Has written this book it's got Alex churning and all proceeds today by whistle not talking he's citing the recent Q all all today goes. 100%. Goes to Alex to buy his next that plane techniques to get back to kick you men are 111000 dollars every single I need to light over here from pond. I. It Uga and he is Alexander's journey on Twitter they're selling these books called Alexander's journey. And look he signed his two day in love from Alex. Do. I know so like she just can't beat a bad mood but then I am but I'm not because I love him so much. In honey I can't wait to see it double the pulpit is going to be you know and after being at Antioch are about I mean the video yet. I wanna make damn sure that this is going to be a channel that 45 and. Yeah I'd read into it many many might say or do we need to overcome my form. Well Katz. I'm. I think I'm kimono over the video here for the second record here and little Alex was right there under the Hyde and the shouting in his little British acts it you get. But cats the problem David she's when when she mounts which is what that's the official turn in a forgiving on the dot she she doing with a certain amount of the core yeah. I didn't own it anymore yell and scream and I didn't do and. More word about what she said before she got onto the high dive gear so. It's. That's that's not nice. What you don't. No that's not Jesus would not I I. Working on my gratitude today and heard a couple of moments where it I took my thoughts and feeling us out on this one out she looked at me literally and said. I actually see it and how I suppose. I don't allow. A lot about it or you're not trying to be cresting creeks and I'm trying to respond the way Jesus would and a and when somebody will she did the science is not only I hate you but I'd actually be right now you want you to know at that moment that I I mean it's like shoes wishing to. You know. Its currency that. I know OK I tell everyone listening product Alexander's journey right now and if you buy one of the sweet little books today. All of that money from the book that is still ram goes to get them back here for his next treatment you met. Where it's. Funny obviously it's something to do it. Or not but aren't there have been two. Have you or an aging parent is looking for a fund. Gorgeous retirement community. Silver crest at deer creek in south Overland Park and silver crest at college you view want you to come take a look. They of month to month apartment homes available right now with a gorgeous wood views 24/7 onsite security. And all of the amenities of today's modern retirement community. This is a carefree lifestyle. With out the burden of maintaining a home in that staff up there have been their 1020 years. One and two bedroom apartments are available now for anyone over age 55. In the heart beautiful southern Evelyn park traditional assisted living service of their two if you need it check out super Christa deer creek. And silver crest at college view. Go to silver crest Kansas City dot com silver crest Kansas City dot com as anyone out there of the age of 55 they'll tell you we wish we would have done this. Years ago. Got a silver crest Kansas City dot com. We'll see tonight. So excited. Didn't hear him handsome little English double. They got the mayor we got the police might arrest. Did she just listening to Nadia. Are ever any English people sit down. Sit down and put a microphone picked chief we've put his Smartphones locals reserves. Our Alex Ella. What. Oh my god your English tax cutting her so happy you're in Kansas City again and tell me about today. Well and we'll let the pool. Well no there really in the pool but they don't know some of this work now and then got impact let me go play the clip again I want him amounts of and they were they were there a lot of people the police officers and stuff to raise money so the you guys get to come back. And one of the things Alex I was tell people is that. Your dad wrote this book and it's called Alexander's journey. Yes and I can't tell me about. What are your butt because I want people to buy them but what does that tell me about the way notes most people say it's inspiring. Because. Well let's try and those amendments seen people coming together in times. It's about. Overcoming adversity is and yeah yeah and you've always been very helpful little boy I was talking your dad about this earlier. And dad you you wrote this book. And he and you said. In his heart is huge and all of these people are coming together to help him his heart is huge. It is he's in. And I'm biased is lessened and he's an amazing voice is so gentle and strong at the same time and the thing is Pakistan TV full. That this thing is he he has more about the people's himself even when he's gone through so much pain in so many. Terrible ordeals that his illness. Can you remind everyone because I know people of heard of Alex from the UK they've hurt they've heard this story to can you remind everyone he and at first doctors thought this was growing pains and get some pain in his lake they really weren't sure what happened. How is it that you came to be here with us in Kansas City. It's if it's an amazing story obviously that this column in the book can. He was misdiagnosed for six months in England and they shall they had growing pains he's a favorite form of cancer co Ewing's sarcoma. Which mostly affects Caucasian boys between me and told me is of age and that's why it's often misdiagnosed because they confuse it with sport and injuries. So they thought they had growing pains for several months and now she's developed a base and in a swamp along. So they felt that he. At just over campaigns and then they thought they got some can room with his pelvis and then Grossman hoped that this disease. That eventually he was diagnosed six months later with Ewing's sarcoma counts of not point them the hospitals in England. Basically told us that he didn't think he was gonna make you any wouldn't last he's tenth birthday and and only can do is make him comfortable. He's eleven today. And us all happy. And I think believe it yes happy Allah. And I. Deserved and he's not supposed to live passes temperate that's how do you end up in Kansas. Because the good people in Kansas saying Kansas and Missouri reached out tourists. I'm a police officer in the United Kingdom and I did some investigation just like an ankle with David and I and our you're cop yes focus office in England. And then we identified that one of the few sessions in the world was pioneering. Treatment Alex needed to work and lifting Casey. And any managed to make that connection because of the connection with chief Tracy and KCK please. He joined up with chief Ben Natalee and then. An and I would connect to anything he initially. Because only the news it that TC that's spent and throughout the metro and the surrounding navigational all the police officers rally together. We are met by we have a motorcade of offices and as apple fest arrived what connections remain in and and chief Hadley and I have just. Made that connection because. In England they film. Well again saying he did hit the chief did have a brain cancer that's right buddy act hey Alex what do you want people to know about you why he's well it's. It's just me and again this answer. Let's look at it. So here my opportunity I'm. Keys to Europe of course have to achieve its current. It's I'm crying is you make me happy and I went back where you learn to speak English. What this tells me that that we have an. You know Prince Harry that she's. A patsy. A mission from chief constable leaving. The Euro. Only only have to look at it and I had that engine missed that is what he worked at one. No I would say more action sunny ninety miles. In between us and and winds. Campbell currently now answer no when the council. I watched the town and you access to its schools. Yeah in. The. Art to the news here is Caremark case CIA adds its first trans Atlantic flight we'll have more next. On the and drive around in that. Volkswagen. T go on I just got an you know they and they said hey you wanna trade in your team on. Drive some house has had no I like the tee on just fine thank you very much going to vote slightly summit. Tell me wanna see Dana's car ask to see the atlas tail it if I really had to pick the atlas is my favorite. It drives so nice. It seats seven but it doesn't ride like a big whole key suvs it is sleek if you're looking for something that is in a minivan. I love that atlas it'll of the panoramic summer of two on super nice days. Open that thing up appeals backlight asserting camp you're gonna love that panoramic some of give my guys at Volkswagen of Lee's summit a call asked to see Christina she's my car girl. If you have a car yeah like if you have a payment you really don't like. Called and asked them about their buyback program they have a great buyback deal going on right now. And it if you want to lease the T one. At least the starting at a 199. A month the atlas is to 79 month one of the things I love about Volkswagen Lee's summit. They got great lease deals and that got that great buyback program. I got is going to be that at least some dot com. VW Lee's summit dot com you tell Dana sentient. Or 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our keyword to cash this hour is echo ECH Al Acco. Text that seven to 81 for your chance to win a thousand dollars the keyword is act now. Now the news the first plane from Iceland Arab lands that Casey got today's flights to Reykjavik actually start tomorrow airport spokesman Justin Myer telling KM BZ. There are about 300 people who make transatlantic flights every day from Kansas City. A flight to Iceland gets us Iceland plus 2.5 destinations in Europe so it's easy connections to. The big ones Lund in Frankfurt Munich Paris Amsterdam as well as a lot of secondary cities. Iceland air aloft a three flights a week on Tuesdays Thursdays and Sundays. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says there's possibly some good news about an US North Korea summit he says diplomats are working to get the summit back on track. And calls the recent back and forth between the two countries quote the usual given Tate. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Not to grade a chances from wet weather now here in Kansas City is a minute onto their rest of our Friday for tonight to you with anything just a stray shower or storm. Most of the saying dryer high temperature for today into the upper eighties overnight low upper sixties. Dry weather and hot weather received for the upcoming holiday weekend sunny on Saturday the high low ninety's or high humidity heat index values into the upper ninety's. Plenty of sunshine and low ninety's for Sunday and Monday I'm staff meteorologists are different era more Katie MDC whether. Many never in our case CIA it is eighty in blue springs eighty your official weather station the radio dot com app is the official the home of KM BZ tell letter today to listen to us any time anywhere. Kara marks our news 981 KM BZ. And it's a slow day you're gone by retained for breakfast I am going to mind your business. And he sent a text your co host you say where my supposed to be one. And Amos says you need to be at the hype be and mission at 12 o'clock it was completely inaccurate that was not right. So I ended up by the mission pool at about 1215. But I will say this not to be a little sentimental but I will. You never know when you wake up in the morning and you're gonna meet somebody who's better. And you never know when you're gonna meet somebody who's going to inspire. And when you meet somebody who's better than you and there are eleven years old. It's a little bit home. Today. We met Alex from the UK. You've seen his stories on TV here in town. He's become something of a local celebrity. The city for whatever reason and I don't know why. Has taken young Alex from the UK under its wing. Young Alex suffers from an extremely. Rare form of cancer. And young Alex is getting treatment K medical center but young Alex. Harris to be flown back to Kansas City. From the United Kingdom. Every three months. To get his treatment. I'm not looking at Alex for a reason because I'm afraid I'm gonna start crying. Alex can I ask you something. You have. I mean look to. You have 28500. To Twitter followers. Right and you send out messages most days a lot of days and at first people thought this was your dad. Because the messages are very inspiring what do you tell people like when you wake up and you wanna share something that's going on in your head how howdy do. Well in my ideas and say Indy. Is tiny it's carried. In Thailand can be seeing the next day. And that at the end I just saying. And they they and TCU. And I even do their way of sums. Now people say you inspire them. A jolts are people all over the world that say you inspire them what do you think about that. I tasting it is seen not to eat well. Being anticancer. And into. The key to chance. And that's all neat. When you're in Kansas City you're going through treatment do you look at some of those messages do you to you can't replied all of them meet get. Thousands of messages a day. We like get blue I think we like get tens. It's easy. I am watching right now and all you just got another indeed what everyone is saying today well. Did seeing happy birthday edu and there's one your friends have a clause in happy birthday it's Alex's birthday Sarah wrote. That's kind of BTU I even got to eat meals until asking did you do me. Right here in Kansas City back to meet him yet at the hospital. That's amazing and tell people and I talent. That you might be able soon to meet someone pretty darn famous who has that. It's. Sex. Did you what's the wedding. And well what happened was that they want us to. Do an end to the news of about alleging that could be yet. Well cooking and cranny sleep. It yes so tell me about Prince Harry you might get to meet him tell me about that. Is the low child tool it again it's in. The world won the will to grow wild child. The Welch the well child award okay. Tell me about that well what happens is that and it's his sensuous thing led child that's trying to build them Bernstein inspired them. And and got life and I'm counting her last show. And dean ended eighteen is. Prince Harry and his wife knew we get to spend the day would then they're filing. So you're down to the last six children yet and and who gets to pick the winner. Prince Harry and sell. Well I Alex. You'll get your yeah and also be a little is. Except I have English gift constant. English teen pop. X at least initially you'd get to spend today with Prince Harry yeah and his lovely wife that you also get gift cards to theme parks. I think you more excited about the gift cards to the theme parks. Yeah I just been seen it would be. Her heat. I think he's pretty gray when you find out sweetener. I don't really as. We've been till we should know the first week of June. That's exciting now you know why would you like even if I take me. Even a pulse even test in the top six Alex that is a huge honor because they know you have inspired. So many people and you have to be really inspirational. To even be in the top 100 in Europe in the top six and that is amazing. Right. Chief how to do get involved. About the time Alex came to Kansas City. I had the brain tumors while we're by the way this is a chief Ben Hadley chief police mission Kansas. And I was going through treatment had. Tumor partially removed found it was a rare form of cancer and Alex and I lived in the some of the same senators. And done some of the same treatment just from personal body. And when he first came in the motorcade all met him out of the airport I sent somebody out there. But I was going through my treatment. And since we've been through some of the same areas. I met Alex and his family in average three months that they come to town we we have Dave and buster's. Place in the game plan as commodity lot of games. That's right we we learned about this favor kind of pizza out until Alex we're lucky to deal like the best in Kansas City a whole lot to choose from. And I Kosuke appease light you'll munchies he says improvement style you like Tosca class. Fluently classic you're so right scope I think well. Costco pizza I think that's fantastic you never been to the United States before what what do you think about it Alex what's it like to you here. I think it's pretty. Like everything then acting. Acting. If you didn't even this week is cause I seemed. Thanks so yeah tell me about your doctor I know these guys are real close to two year position that they even let you stay there you guys when you come you have to have a place to stay. Tell me about your doctor. Well he's not alien cock of the century. EE. ENTC. A of the main reasons why can't. His name is Lou Wetzel. And the trust and I came state house. It is lovely wife Jane Jane so. And accurately. That even that would say this is well it was a night Eleanor again. Police police offices and scrutiny in one single us out. Some green in his. Be teamed me even spleen and it's neat it's hugs him. I think. You know when I'm trying to anybody that's OK you know why because they're so it I don't know I think the crime for the last thirty minutes. And you at all those police officers as you escort you to their home and that had at the embassy they lose. I actually am valuable it was over seventy these vehicles that. Motorcycles and patrol cause and all the fights divisive plots of some of the go to so they will that I took some ways in his past ten. The community of west wood in the surrounding them is okay and amends. And with chairman Alex and it may placards that God's Taylor and things normally favorite. As Alex comes back every three months yes for now in older stable extensive performance that who. And that is too long gate for a lack of better word as he's growing he is a growing boy can't that is too long gait the piece of equipment that is in his leg. To. Basically catch up late lies with with where he has tight lies without surgery that's correct yeah it's it's groundbreaking. Medical technology. He's got telescopic Kellerman in the metal theme of the house innings like. And if they don't extended piece he was simply just literally as his body would. Terror itself is our bases and it is like and the Steelers and yes he's got he's I think he's had these FEMA is right seems completely removed he's had reconstructive surgery in his pelvis from the right side of his palace. And upon these patella in his tibia. Aren't the consummate test the size into his Ilia crest on the other side of his palace so we had to of specialized stereo talked to radiation therapy which has been here as. Well people say Alex how do you get through all that because I know chief Hadley you went through it it's it's really really hard. To go through something like that and Alastair eleven howdy do it. The closer to if any Sheen who wrote. Those who won't. Yes I agree when you think of a ten year old kid and going through that and I'm 45 years old if he can do it then I can do it. And that's what inspires me and that's what makes we wanna see Alex every three months when it comes to town it's good for an among. Alex we would like you to come in here any time you line and I know you're really busy you've got stuff to do with Prince Harry and all but we wouldn't let us yeah. And you wanna cut in here every three months that chair is always open for you buddy because you know what. You make a lot of people be better people with with the words that you that you say. Thank you community. They're cowards your marker. Things. Thank you Estrich and NN if Alex is inspired you please look him up on Twitter under Alexander's journey. Remind people where they can go for a copy of the book all of the proceeds from that book today goes to getting you guys back here every three months it's not. Cheap to fly back and forth every time we need to come here to go to KU. No outside and literally every penny. Profit from book sales comes directly to Alex I can guarantee them. And you can buy that there's a few independent booksellers are supposed sinister. The game on Amazon he just typing Alexander's Jenny and Amazon you can get a company and we've got people that helped the sentiment in the US and over in the UK. Though every penny helps to actually. We're gonna sell a whole lot of looks at anybody OK you're OK it yet to see if we didn't go didn't. I. Yeah. 200. Right here for regal as Stein and you wanna buy a diamond you wanna sell a diamond call Scott and Steve my wholesalers are gonna love Craig Thomas diamonds. They having newly remodeled. Office now at the south we would buy private appointment only. Count in the air make your appointment and sees some of the amazing. Pieces of art that they have made four. All kinds of candies and listeners. There are wedding rings up on that wall there my grandmother's ring is up on that wall. I believe our wedding set as a theirs well it it is really gives you an idea at the different scope of style. And design that they can do for you and get their wholesalers and price of first prize and last. Those prices will not BP they've cut the middle and out they will design it. For you and selling directly. Two year and all of that savings is passed on whenever receptions out there to answer their phone that never went up. Calls that Steve 913660. 96 or nine for your private appointment 9136609609. Creek honest diamonds dot com. No sad song. Seeing those. Sold my gun not a sad song. Okay. Play it go ahead my friends. I soon. In my head dude I'm telling you right now. Here is Dana is downstairs. Talking to them. You look you know I spent the whole day with young Alex. Out of mission City Hall net worth. Am I'm not trying to get all melodramatic it doesn't serve me it doesn't serve you. But when you sit across the room from a governor rod don't be different. When you sit in the room. With a kid who is eleven years old confined because of his condition. To a wheelchair. And that kid has more life than you do at 47. I feel like a piece of S. I I literally. You're not supposed to cry on the radio that's kind of one of the rules right. It is. I think I may have said three words in the entire. Because I couldn't stop reached for the box of Kleenex. They're sick it. Sit crow. With an adorable British accent yeah for that matter and we are so darn near the there's kids sitting across enemy fighting for his life. And what are my dam with mine. What are analysts and I'm poisoned concert tonight. It'll be fun will be fun. A good time and take my brother. And in fact you will be nothing but a good time. Got a yeah. I think I. You can watch a video game. Telling you to cheat you multiple times in expert about it it's my god that was thought I have done hundreds of interviews in my life. That was the hardest. Non interviewed and hired him. I'd never even set or delicate I just sat back watched an interview I couldn't do it. The only thing I can think of is Kelly's kid. That's Kelly's Kidder Betts might thirteen year old daughter. In a wheelchair. Kinda looks like Roman. He does doesn't think. Did you think that did you get a little tear out their big Fella. I bit my tongue there was a there was a be in here it's the weather on it was somebody cut onions and an and then I've bit my tongue that's that's all. And tries Curry's. Present nuts. Might act. That was the hardest non interview I ever conducted. I sat there and I'm white guy I wish I could be half that. And I'm not. Who served as inspiration. Whom do service inspiration. I guess. To Moscow on get grounded to get ground. Part jokes fart jokes a month. Kids with cancer okay. That kids marker into. That kid is who we should all aspire to. So it. I Q when. It. It's important to ashes lost LO ST lost. Analyst speeds and instrument rated one and you're in the running rebels and a visit to Cuba to cash your Q this hour is lost. Read you know what everybody go home tonight you can kiss. Contra blessings. Thank god above. Communal. Seder prayer for Alex. As accurate as bite. And accurate today is my hero. Lost 72 rated one newsroom Caremark. Happening now on KM BZ. The independent school district now facing a lawsuit also thanks to a senior prank we'll have more next. You know some that have an almost all of us and knock on wood. Happens to none of us in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name. Deals collision repair blue springs whether it's a fender Bender god forbid somewhere serious. Deals and blue springs do you take care their work by the way guaranteed. As long as you on your card trucks and get your car or truck fixed right. The first time. They are professionals have been up there many times Dale's friend of mine I've seen his resume work and I swear by them. 81622818558162281855. Rom on it deals auto collision dot com. Dale's and blue springs taken care of cars taking care. You thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.