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Thursday, May 17th
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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KM BZ. For me it was OK because I was pretty good at it from my dad it was horrible. My dad socked unspeakable. Com but when we would sit down to eat we did not speak in the local language we spoke in English that this guy. That everybody's seen on the video who's gone on this ramps in this New York diner. Has no idea that if these people ordered their meals in English or not. He doesn't know all he knows. Is that as they sit at their table. They are speaking in span cracked. He doesn't know what they went up and said I would like a hamburger he's. And French. And then went to their tape that was horrible. Dana I'm sorry that I. I have not had real depiction of somebody speaking English with a Hispanic accent analysts say I can't do Asian. Now know that is really offensive usually young Johnson. But by. You don't you actually say to them to speak English you don't I don't I don't speak the damage why would you think that you're in Mexico and in fact. I always when I go to Mexico now I go. I do not speak Spanish. But I want you to know you are welcome in my country. A sit whatever by my point a lot of people were saying you were on vacation you were living in Mexico. So of course you would. My point is I have lived in a foreign country and we did speak out im glad when you come across someone speaking Spanish you don't know what they're here visiting. He's ever grandma here visiting she comes every year for three weeks here's what I wanna know and this is the real question of the hour. When you go to Mexico why do you speak to the Mexicans as a third death I don't I just say do. Mean. Angry aid she. Said. Well well. And college degree did you do that you resent. All well. Although it did the Russians he's. Already down all and did not speak English but it translator. Well the funny thing was the translators spoke perfect English. And work over at the hands and fair. And Dana looks machines I actually have a question that. That's well past the translator and ship. Powell. Could. A. And things like. I treated you and ice and beaten English is a but if I ever saw. Translates. Horror. They were so nice I've loved having them here I mean what what couldn't give a three minute conversation took about the ranking because Davis is over here in slow motion. Excuse. May. And one of the Russians like I spent. And now they did not heed to explain that happens crazy. You host a show without. That's the number one thing they wanted to know why her and her to come about it. Technically just say that I think translator there. He picked. Giguere seabees are in Wisconsin where the police department has actually I am applauding the seniors the high school for their prank. Uh oh what was the rank Ali it's pretty good okay so they'd take a car. Crash it into a wall. At this school car crash and so normally you think that's that's bat bat went right well the whole thing was an art project. Like they took a black TARP and hung on the wall. Cut out individual like bricks where it looks like the wall no car is like in half practically all smashed up east genius away is their car they're really apart art OK but it's it's. Completely. Right staged like art is what makes it look like it yeah pressed OK that's cool the sidewalk art. If you Google crazy blow your mind sidewalk art there are things that make it look like. And it's art on the sidewalk into it looks like it's a hole in your beautiful now now have its highest price for about. My dad was repaid her repainting his. Patio. He thought that would be really cool to do so online. Is patio there is what looks like a gaping hole of expert that he painted there that's two people walk around it. I don't now he thinks it's awesome I just think it's kind of which church. Yeah I would tell you this senior prank stuff. I wish every year it didn't happen you know we had the chickens that relentless couple years ago as failure to that was very funny. This year some of the kids decided because they have not a single shred of creativity left in their bodies. They decided let's go to the high school in toilet paper high school. News. That he said nobody and and they did it at night and it didn't work they've made it four minutes before authorities wrap of course then you have kids running. You know through the neighborhoods Guzman doesn't look great which is. Kind of like some really. Let's just be done with the senior prank please unless it's something like that where it's you know. Also there are things Saturday in Iowa Lebanese expenditure. Vicky in Kansas City hello Vicky I Vicki. I'm. You. And porting our. Well or Vicki Vicki Vicki take take your mouth a little bit away from the funnel because it's is your very I'm distorted. That's. I'll opt out of the better it is referred acute thank. You out. Yeah I copied it then I'll 88. All of higher learning English came are any source. Let mean careers they. It's late it team. She'll break her or hate her because and gracious why are such. On an interpreter eight common enemy and a well. Year out EU only an airport. All jerk. Who needs. I'm our our our our little. Eight long and and I'm currently here. People at all. They are in jobs that we want it that they do you know any. Time. And I only meant for it where. Every. Sport they work. All and then contract. Ever. Coached or go. Work. I only. Work one for ten dollar and out war. And not one of them would be. People eat and Kimble. An interpreter. My own arranged well. Broke in each. And I know is that. Number out along with 8 am more. I report. Right now now I'm. And when you camera while urged me. You were in the TET on arm. How long year like in the air for direct your life. Term and. But my dad never even bothered to try to work. But arrested in Holland they. We got Colin several months ago and he owns aid tiles laying business he's a tile layer right. And he says. He can not. Find. Anyone to take that job. And if they do they show up at work a couple days and they leave and he said so I understand. Why there is some attractiveness. To hiring. Someone who might be here illegally he's at I've tried I've offered fifteen dollars an hour and I jury of his call Scott he said I guess not. Oh. And for today and she'll. Terminal many. Old not old. Back tomorrow. Think you are okay okay advocate. I got to move on we got a good break let me ask you one quick question. Are you opposed to illegal immigration in the United States. He'll call. You. We are now okay you opposed to illegal immigration in the United States correct. Then why do you try to hire them. Norm norm and can't. Have more in a real hurry here on. Any. They aren't they here. So why not use them. There. Yeah. But then argued not enabling illegal immigration in the United States you're giving them a reason to come here because you're paying them. Sanctuary city Park. City is not a sanctuary says no. Vicki. I I think it is. Mean you you cannot have your cake and eat it to Europe pose to people being in this country illegally but yet you hire them. Okay 576 times that this is what's we call. Hypocrisy. Most of them weren't here. By the wind gets rocked for us tickets to giveaway this afternoon and six to give cards to. Biron on the plaza refinements close 149. Dollars or gift card do that this afternoon. John and the late John Miller. Do. Pipeline doing. It. Quarter. On. Now. I hear all what. Life. Accountable or Hispanic. While these two. Why. Yeah in. Her English in the bag cica. Go to my whole life. And I. Were. And collaborate and calm Iggy. It will probably and probably how he can't hear the conversation. At saint. What they're great people but orderly though. One at an agent there are legally. Actually. Our global growth crook sir he injured or border from in Mexico could earn you any more. It's more than that. 08. It. Mexico that you're. You know you're not that. About a cure anybody. Much. Nearing its I because we got to get to the news like. Into the newsroom here as Caremark we officially avenue CIA director and more next 5767798. She's so quick we've got a couple of gift cards give way to Byron. Men's clothing on the plaza. Will take caller number ST story at this number was closely it's not the main number. I'm 135634044. I'm 1356340. 44. Color number three gets a 149. Or gift card to Byron men's clothing on the class I'm 13. 56340. 44. Story here from the Kansas City Star. Out of Jefferson City. Missouri. Could soon shed the label is easiest place in the country for fifteen year old get merit. The Missouri house voted yesterday to attach an amendment to a senate bill to establish a minimum age for edge. The amendment which was proposed by representative gene Evans would make sixteen. The minimum age for marriage in the state of Missouri and would prohibit marriage between a minor. And anyone 21 or older the MM which means if your money you could marry a sixteen girl. Theoretically the amendment also would require minors to receive written consent from a parent or guardian. Before being married. Quoting here from represented an Evans a child marriage it is not a love story. More often than not they are situations of abuse. I think it is time where we need to respect and protect. Young people. During debates. Of inside the Kansas City Star series published march found that some child brides even went on to Mary they're rapists. The amendment was added to a bill anchors that. But don't remember there are people fighting this. Saying it takes away MIA. All of its religious freak I don't know what religion that would be that takes away my parental rights if I want to marry off my child. Like they did in the eighteen hundreds for a cow and twenty dollars cash click we don't do that anymore. Dowry anymore or why as a parent. Would you want to. Human being which one hammered 60 absolutely because to me if you're getting married that young their Sutton hanky going on and by kinky I mean illegal. Program which could be illegal. I. Minimum age for marriage. And error. I'd that you we weren't the worst but we were close. Most states allow people to be married at the age of sixteen that's ridiculous. Didn't. Statutory age when all exceptions are taken into account. Carry which means parental consent to or this or bat. Are you ready. Alaska. Fourteen. That is ridiculous. Arkansas. California. Colorado. No minimum age at all. A YE fifteen. By the way am I can not most legally those states by the way or sixty listened as them look you cannot. How do you legally consummate a marriage with a fourteen year old girl please lay that on me kansas' fifth team. I keep a mind that's with parental consent of Scott how can you legally consummate a marriage with a fourteen year old girl. Unless the groom is well teens get naked no I mean legally. I can't even believe we're having this is gonna I honestly cannot. Even believe we're having this discussion what's crazy is some of the more liberal states in America have no don't minimum age California. Massachusetts. No minimum wage. Com to. Missouri until yesterday no minimum wage. Nevada. No minimum wage New Hampshire this is interest in the minimum age is thirteen for a heterosexual. Female. Fourteen for heterosexual. Male what are your day. Allen room. So distorted my mom got married to my dad at sixteen if you're talking about the World War II generation back when the life expectancy was 67. That is not today. The oldest is eighteen in the following states. Delaware. It can go on down. Delaware. Delaware. Don't war. The only state requires you to be eighteen years old or good for Delaware. Everyone else is either no minimum age 1414. And most are fifteen or sixteen. Excuse me. Missouri yesterday moved it up to 66. Please tell me the vote was. 100%. In favor. The vote. I'm glad you brought that up I want to know which where does said now one went on me 126 to 8 am I right in the ten I don't know. Weirdos are in now goes back to the senate so it's not finalized well. That it goes to the governor if he's still governor. For his signature. Should be the minimum age required to hammer. If you know me. This it's what it's the which should be minimum age. Six. I mean I think it's at I don't think it's good idea but I would say eighteen. I still think it's gonna be an eight team I would say eighteen there's only one state in the union has eighteen as its minimum age that's. New York seventeen. Nebraska seventy. Kentucky is seventeen. Florida seventeen. I wanna know which representatives. I'm still trying to get over the thirteen here in New Hampshire thirteen for federal sexual females are you again he's gonna have to wait. The whole house can't get murdered her wrote to street kids can give me a boring. According to Kansas City Star report Missouri was. That easiest in the United States to get married as a child. It. Yup great point text or thank you. Thirty to 49 if you need parental consent your to yell amen. The floor. A lot changed. After an eleven year old follow me here. The Florida law changed after an eleven year old was forced to marry her rapists. And she got the law changed. The woman was eleven when she was forced to marry the guy she worked six years to ban child marriages in Florida. And march 10 of 28 teens they finally passed a bill prohibiting marriage for anyone under seventeen. Her name is Sherry Johnston. Listen to this. The bill passed on a 10921. Votes. That guy who's the deep as the Amish and you want. Still married thirteen. Or outlet. Now you know they do not. If you can't drink reception you should not partner so disgusting in one case of fourteen year old married at fifteen year old and another in Florida. A man over the age of ninety. Was able to marry a girl who was sixteen. 76779. The state of Missouri is on the verge it has to still go back to the senate there. And then it starts ago the governor but they're looking to move the age to sixteen to get married in the statements. Talks. Because at the moment there is momentum image as terrorism many states. 7677. In a moment. We get a hole. What to settle there and let's you may remember Vicky. If you're listening in the previous half hour. Vicki called in and was adamantly opposed illegal immigration. Jumping over the fence. But still hires. Vicky is Cole will be podcast here in just a moment only mentioned in advance. His business. I hate illegals vehicles brown skin people except when they're making Lima. One eagerly please call will be podcast individuals. Now we've rarely do that where normally would just podcast the entire hour and you can listen to leisure. Vicky scroll. Victories call was so interesting. I would use it the keys call was so interesting. That we decided to isolated and we put. Cole itself just back call. Up on podcasters home top well it got. Became easy FaceBook page for cities is liable to post a parent company on Twitter and and everywhere else. Dale in Kansas City dale hello how are you are still quite a man the difference. Love yourself. I'm a comment or question and I'll hang up from the sincere answer if you people are buried in this state what the legal ages Turkey or porky and moved to Delaware. When that marriage be honored. That's a great question I I don't believe so analyst is the marriage originates. And a look at Eric Scott that's exactly what I was gonna use you guys are married legally. In the state of Colorado. As a gay couple. And you leave Colorado and you can get a job men. Well keep in mind game urged now is a bad example because it's been legalized by the US supreme where it has. But not talking about prior to that Supreme Court they had come to another state dale and it's a great. Question. And expected to domestic benefits. They would not be honored at that time it would not have been. Honor for example dealer uses example. If before the US Supreme Court and I'm no lawyer but I think I play good one on the radio. If view. Prior to the US Supreme Court decision a couple of years ago if you were married in California like my cousins to ever wife. And my cousin Pam. Who is game was married. When it became legal in California if they had moved to the state of Kansas. They would not enjoy me. The same benefits of a married couple in this state because gamers it was a wreck. It it's a great myself about your teenage merit your married legally in Nebraska say at the age of fifteen. You moved to Delaware when your sixteen as a married couple. The state of Delaware were not recognize you as a married couple. I think I got that right. The way I understand states' rights and State's laws. Because the United States. Government has not created a minimum age for marriage in the United States. Therefore it. Is left to the states to decide. And the states have to site and some of city of two BA team some of said we don't care old York wanna be twelve and bang your husband that's. Which by the ways grows and crazy and I'm with the previous caller you have to ask your parents permission you were to. There is no way in hell ha if Sarah came to me and she's seventeen. But if she had come to me when she was fifteen years old. It's a dad. Mathis. And Pia and in the three months you'll not in the the Tom you'll be among the state. And and I just I just I just love tall man and I want permission emirates on orders are family in order to great. You could you would have to put it dawned in my head. To get me decide. And even then I don't Steve in polo Missouri hello Steve I see it. Iron I wanted to wait. I think that Mike. It is an impatient you totally wrong restricting. A very big brick for forty years how you. I would like being paired pinching your next question my child born and net ten months two weeks. There or so ago. It's it's more about the yet maturity and people. Well it went preparation or thirty year belt. Why did you decide to get married and and for that matter why did she. Decide to get married at such a young age. Well I a had been going together for a while she was not happy error. Or you look much wanted to gauge always wanted to grow up and be among other primary and we felt love and that's what it into wicked or wonderful kids the youngest all of which the Q pastor and a bunch of grandkids. Brings sounds like ordinarily. Did religion play a role in this are. Now. The do you think's do you think fifteen now is too young. Well I think. Think they're young them for a lot beat yet again it's a maturity thing MB EEL. If your daughter to and used it at age fifteen and so I wanna get married. And. Well you know the red carpet and expecting a little letter and so you know if you don't want to travel to be married at age sixteen Olympic. That you see the hypocrisy of all the or. Welcome jacked I do. But yet you think let it start date on her with a mystery at age thirteen I expect that it's. Besides they want pick up only that editor Gerri. But it works for you one child and I'm a bullet in the doubles after with the guys. I think it's fine whatever you decide is right for you it's not my business. I'm just saying what's right for me in my family but he did you think fifteen was too young for your child day and merry one shift. That's right but I do not believe it's sixteen mr. young promote people. And and I go one step brother my wife's grandmother. Was merited it well and that the wonderful wife and daughter has been thought that after about thirty some years America. You're broke kubert caches aero eight RR OW a RR OW. Tech 77 to 81 news or care marks. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.