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Wednesday, April 25th

how much prison time is appropriate here?


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KM BZ. And. A great speaker. I story here from Kansas City Star. Even the first sentences just like. Rod didn't hear it. Adult and seemed trotting down a path. With another dog's head in its mouth. I told him. A dual. Seemed trotting down a path with the another dog's head in its mouth is the opening of a horror film. Led Johnson County authorities to a horrible site. Eleven dead and dying animals were found on property. Owned by Julian Burnett a Johnson County breeder of expensive German shepherds imported from Europe. She has now been charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty that was back in 2015. And in march of 2017. In Johnson County judge found her guilty. Of eleven counts of animal cruelty she was sentenced to probation but on Tuesday. The judge revoked her probation and ordered Burnett 49. To serve a year in jail. Johnson County prosecutors have moved to revoke probation good. After Burnett was subsequently charged in another animal abuse case. Less than two months after her Johnson County conviction. Quoting here from assistant district attorney Jason Covington. The conditions of these animals were kept him was disturbing. And horrific. Apparently Burnett's breeding business failed. He electricity tour property was turned off. The animals were essentially left unattended. And reverted to cannibals. That's why you have the dog running down the path there are three. Separate cases of horrific. Animal abuse. And. You know. Once a year how how she and I understand she Liz it 200 deny all. Tanner to earth to Larry I know Nelson out that far south know that that's pastor well. That's past Spring Hill. So I get that maybe they didn't have nosy neighbors right next door. Looking over what was going on but but so that article it said neighbors had called and voiced concern before but nothing happened until someone saw the dog. With the to cease dog in its mouth then people came in in droves and they were like one at that at all I mean this is. And I will tell you Scott I'm happy because in these cases no one ever goes to jail. It's a slap on the re just it's and in this city or county ends up paying for cleaning it up. Removing the animals then it's a strain on the adoption system because wayside wave served great plains has to take forty of these animals and then find homes for. Everyone ends up cleaning up the mess for irresponsible. Dog abusers and that's what she as I'm thrilled. She's going to jail. What's the proper amount of time she won I think one full. Year is the proper amount of time. Not suspended sentence we let her three months from Decatur here's the other deal. Did you see the mug shot. This has anything to do with it but I think we're thinking the same thing. Shoe were sort some UNC so next year in church yeah. I mean she even has her hair and makeup done in the mug shot. Captain again I think what you're trying to say oops I did it again she looks normal I mean not what I don't know what it a dog abuser is supposed to look like but. She looks like a suburban. You know oh. I don't know. What is error. Shaker angle what is wrong with you. She wasn't making the dogs right now she's not my groove back but she. Neglected them to the point and and pull up to quote from the and a so I think it was a sheriff's deputy that saw it and just said the conditions were horrifying. And I will tell you. There's video and I can't watch I can't watch it I just aren't. Because I don't like seeing that and ended and are you say you did watch now and I I didn't watch him and him yeah I see it and I saw the link to click on the video and like I. I don't I don't I can't stomach watching so. I'm thrilled she's going away I am she has lip gloss on held woman. Log says she can take care Purcell I'm shocked you think one years enough. I'm trying to be realistic because in. Every single care. Ever dog running down this path with the another hot dogs and and it's not a single case. In the history of these types of cases except Michael Vick. No one goes to jail. So for her to jail for your is a big deal I don't think a year is enough. They're boys say the conditions were quote. Worse then any one could have imagined. They found starving dogs without shelter. No food no access to water in below freezing conditions. And this is her third strike. The dogs were eating the other dog yes there was a dog jogging down a path with another dog's head in its now. A year IC three years minimum. Throw the book I mean when I read the story for the first time and rod you would not hurt and I could hear rod through the Glasgow. This is. And other cases these casino case which just. Bugs me because this is a pattern of behavior on her charge you have to dog in a freezer car yes and was arrested for something and and didn't tell anyone hey by the way is your arresting me. There's a dog outside in my car and it's freezing so she left the freezing dog in the part of the gamble. And then gets arrested. Doesn't bother telling anyone. The dog was found shivering in subfreezing weather seven hours later she can say after she gets out of jail. You are never allowed to own and now again. You you are allowed like Michael Vick for example that it is forbidden from owning animals ever again in his life not just dogs. Michael Vick is forbidden. From owning animals. I've said I know. But look first line of the store set me back in my feels like. And looking of his inner dissipate she's smile in Scotland at odds with their one that's a one man had its head being anchored on the and I honestly under in the advertisement if she said come quick this one's breathing. No one left on 7600. Also a part one cheap she got to go I'm sorry she got to go from quick and still breathing. Your home. 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He seemed dubious about the role of the court to kind of second guess national security policy judgments of the president so I think he is squarely on the president's side in this case. A couple of local schools have been awarded gold star status from Missouri Education Department national elementary in North Kansas City school district. District and William it's elementary in blue springs the program recognizes schools that are performing at high academic levels wall serving a significant portion of disadvantaged kids. Check traffic and weathered. Together next. Dealing with this disturbance for the rest of today that neighboring an answer and on and off again rain showers Alley tapering off by late evening time high temperature right around 55. Overnight low falling to about 45. And plenty of sunshine returning tomorrow and a milder high upper sixties. A weaker disturbance trying in some clouds Thursday night right out of chances for wet weather I dropped off year. Plenty of sunshine Friday and also a good deal of sunshine for the weekend. I'm staff meteorologists Saturday are more Katie and easy what. Our forty area I TCI it's 49 in blue springs. 49 at your official weather station the radio dot com app is the official the home of KM BZ download it today and listen to us anytime anywhere. I'm Kara marks or news 981 K and be using her. And I am. And series. It brings a smile man. Paris. Season. Seen. And it's. It. The needs none. And noon is singing voice yeah. Wrong to say about it. They arrested. And I were talking about. Oh my mistake of us are misunderstood the talking about a woman and giant economy is or may not Sara McLaughlin who was not odd oh okay. And it was not certain. Families do some of us there. Lives out there says. And I knew this would be case is is that so far south. It was hard to tell the extent of what was really happening animal control was there a lot. Other property gate was always shut it it's actually very nice area. Lot of family is she had five or so acres and could be discrete. I don't want Colin about it I'm assuming that's a neighbor could. It's coated Jeff the common sense man on line to Jeff hello how we're all one don't. We need to we need to treat our. Don't earn a president and our county jail. Importer and. The wayside waves indicate. Any letter out morning. Concede all the dogs and on the TD catch. Actually done blocker back enter cage. He layer added native she can water and see. Everything. And you letter at night to keep locker they're going to be that in county jail anyway. So why not ever contribute. To the situation. She contributed to. Rather than pro corner entry. County jail where taxpayers. At the fairway here. Let me ask you son Jeff the common sense fan because I just saw this on the text line and I heard about it is. They are now implementing. Someone writes an animal offender list. Like they do a child sex offender list of this is interesting and here's why. In her case at least as severe businesses if she goes to apply for jobs somewhere. Or if you're trying to buy an animal from her. For some reason down the road and you Google her this story is gonna come out. But a lot of times this stuff is pleaded down you don't know about it and with the registry like this this is interesting to me. What would you. Do or what would it mean to you if someone you worked with or someone you knew or someone that was seeking employment. Was on an animal offender list because I think for most people. They would hire the sex offender before they would hire the animal abuser. Oden you know you'd know how people Lars not with the animals. I'm right there I mean I I guess creatures are from god. And now they're despite her or why you Tokyo. But. Everything comes from god there's a purpose which. Jeff you had until the spot and fly. If you go out. I know I just hit the sunny day that your regular slot Lila. I remember him out and I've figured out a waiting game and their rhetoric. Yeah now wait. What do you do we have a flying your house. Add it to play acquire. You shall. Not I don't kill anything. That's yet there are a lot of people who feel like that so. A lot of you are saying you need to put her in prison every year for every dog. I am now I am wondering if this woman is. I just they're there has to some seriously going on wrong in her pet. Some reserves and higher crackhead for a higher and animal abuser. Because what does that say about. That they view will. You will harm. Delete the least. Of us the least. Defensive of us that that who. Either people or animals that are defenseless. And you're taking advantage that Natalie that's got she was trying to make money off of it at the same time. Hi. I agree. With what Janet said before until it got to despite in flight. And we. That was kind of the end of my eye and this and you guys every day and they need it Q filings can be shot defensive. Unit that mil I think even had kids that can't issues that over line. CNET and they and they just kindly. Laces drop away and well that's what I think we should do with her down in the middle of Cape Town somewhere else on the street spiky things that we got down there and just. Just stellar up there you know in with the growth percent in pill that rope breaks student and just let it all anxiously other. Better yet I'll let let every reader's. Letter. And some streets processor carols with care it's just. It's a good news commercial I think we should stringer and put her on an electric car but hurt him pale and we will just let the animals but I'm Taylor and Albania the commercial star went there and Carol. And it's bloodless there man you went from sweet. Kid shows. All. David liberty you know loaded. I'd and I would sentence there in dog years. You can serve seven years in prison early. I think it made back I really that's. Yeah I think I. It all serves as Dave I think one year earned in jail is a little too light. I did I. There is no flight. Or somebody. Like. That mode then. Art. Art speak in order to beat the living organism and met the ball. Here. Oh. And let me be very clear look at her picture her mug shot. You passer in the grocery store every day. She is queen normal and yeah it is shocking. But one year prison is not enough it just is not enough and I don't mean to be captain blood lust I am definitely not Carol. I don't wanna stringer up among the rope disintegrate meant she gets them pale. Agree that's a little bit too much. Just barrel just what. But but I would say three to four years in prison would be ample amount of time to think about what she did world. Clearly this woman has issues clearly she has problems. And maybe these problems are predictive in nature. I I don't believe me gambling addiction. Are currently set don't believe you can get addicted to gambling. But I think it says something about her psyche. When she goes to Saint Louis. And leaves her dog in a freezing for our car for seven hours just shows us why he's got to get her gambling and you know. I that that says something to me why not leave the dog at home I did the dog have to go to Saint Louis with some is grade point this year have kids. Attached is a good break point. Who. Someone is saying look her up. Because there are ace to reign of Pryor's against each had their issues again she always looks so good in that graced my. Com. And its attendant. Yeah out at one point it was alleged that there were fifteen it's funny dogs in one kennel this was two years ago when. As a couple other bizarre cases involving. This woman. One weigh us down one with the FBI. OK Scott where do you draw lines what exactly constitutes abuse or neglect. 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But it is there is broad it is there and will be back next year Allison I wish we didn't have to do it but. I said darn it will be there every year. Hopefully next or raise more money out there. So finally here's the thing yes when I got the car on Saturday normally with with a events like this and I was telling him on this Monday. Normally with an event like this you get in the car and you're like OK here's we got to fix for next year boom. To your credit. I thought it was flawless. Now I'm sure you've noticed some mistakes some things that need to be corrected but I did not. And I thought it was flawless so I get the car and I'm on the phone with Dana. And I said that was a great event you all so much fun. And she's like oh my god it was so great. And I sit any word yet on how much money. Was generated in your I have no idea I think it's like 36000. Dollars I said wow. Because. You're one we only got 3000. Yeah I was like 303750. Years on the air each each one got about 15100 Flagstaff and springer both got 15100 I think. And Dana says to me in the car on Saturday she said we need to shoot the moon. And tiger what are you talking about. She said next year a 100000. Dollars. Yeah that's what she's I'm excited to bring it but you know they should also studied as an add a third session and here's my question. You win when you guys were getting ready to Bolick a fourth game you relied Mike Meehan shots. Next and then we had a little episode with a muscle in another region I worry I know the buck talks he's dead and so I'm just not really serve on the president of four hour going to be about a deal that I mean and you can also access wheelchair and a we're gonna have to answer on. You are he is live. Out that bowling lane. Light year. Had an injury from I don't know like a war something pirates stalking you going. I can we give him some idle what is going on with that you know we wind down. Did when I did every time I wouldn't you worry you're wraps you aren't rushed a little like every time. I have rat himself like he was. How far the impersonators to China is trying to mimic it we give away a prize first got part flags flaring per manner. Who's billion pounds period whose name is on the dystrophy. El Khalili likened Sears Dana's care plaque is hosed my outlook that was an and is there emotional. And I was busy. Helping. Yes now I've got hit and or organ and Shannon and it was the stocks I'm telling you could kind of tossed out of the vending machine I forgot my socks. I. She's blaming the fact that she forgot Sox. It's the Sox. Only data shows up your own bowling it turned a man out here to bed and flip flops. She's like I forgot stocks like it next year I'll be there. With bells and whistles on and my own socks. I can't wait I get an on wait a year and I'm just. And at least funny I looked up there with. Without wincing like 96 year old man she did she did you guys she got a few more in fact I think she was asking him try instance he wanted to. Trying get that in total. Me be clear. I'm may have injured myself on Saturday I may have pulled a book talks muscle. When I won't cure ask. Next year running back up next next here on next year. I rats I've Rossum goodies for you guys it's a bribe big bosh. And it's not in the line no thank you don't know but don't tell them about the school this one over he'll when answers and hamsters don't give it to him. Because they're going to try to get their greasy little palm this event I'm not kidding did you think I'm being serious. Right. You're the cops are here and a bowling champion. Scott calls in ask me where is not as plaque is and asked me if I can write it up today and he says and you you don't say hello against the phone use say. Bowling champions. Wireless tools and equipment yes yes he has it in bowling champion please so I've I'm like well I united tries can all be there'll be their I have to. Prime my three year old away from a very intriguing game a pop patrol to get up here me and I was like hey you know you talk your kids you try to be excited about something just to get them excited. You don't see a bully Chan did a radio stays. Yeah let's go to resigning and a little he's like now says every now in America now is hanging out there. I just thank you again it. A great event we cannot wait to do it again next year. And I appreciate the line more than thank you both so much it was also errors 6009. And forty dollars all thanks to you guys I appreciate it hampers liquor Marxist program. I heard that bold pregnant. I brought some goodies for your team for rod and Travis and Kara and I wish I had a one C. Of them recently of one you know like I had a scare and the new owners care marks app. Now I'm KM BZ Casey piano also there's been a major Verizon phones scams we'll have more next thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.