In honor of this week's Lionel Richie concert... Scott tries to sing, and Dana pees her pants on the air.

Dana & Parks
Tuesday, August 29th

We pulled this out of the archives in honor of this week's Lionel Richie concert.   Dana is laughing so hard in this segment she cannot BREATHE as Scott attemps a disasterous duet.   DISASTEROUS.   #EndlessLove


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And I stop laughing so hard at it. Up or try to do this stupid. Or you can saying and then he's saying Hank. And then Travis is just came out I was doing endless love and I was a brilliant you know we can't get through it without laughing I know I'd get through. Laughing I was able to get through it just well I hop and I thought actually used. Just listen it just this very restless like which I thought I was pretty I thought I set a pretty good game. Her elegant but come. Sears like sitting in your MP right now yeah pretty nuts isn't like quite that's because look back on the hair thing. He still. There was no bad things go out. She's Sox.