Homicide and Bi-Polar Disorder...

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Wednesday, June 13th

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. We. I'm okay. And I'll hook. Kid this is. Maintaining. It got me. We're all. And I've seen it's. Good country. Stolen. That is your hearts of the depth. Including James JIBM. Yes and injuries to. Here right Carol marks around Babcock I am Scott York city is now how much food we normally have around here rain by its always on my desk NS. Apparently we're not alone lot of other companies do this because of the CDC is out with a new report that is the average worker in one week. Will consume an extra thirteen hundred calories from work snacking I leave that and you TO just had some cat issues. News particularly Europe and I know that's because fat but the pickles that someone made like someone. On the sports side is indicts handing ya. As men if there's a nuclear war you need to go to that guys houses the and he brought these pickles that he made I had not had homemade pickles and I think my grandma was living and your kind of obsessed she used to put green. Colored die. In the pickles. And then they would turn them like this like really super awkward forest green collar. You know I should know why what she did. Really good that they were like. Forest green interest like that like that the white part or that by all of it ain't she would dump it and this creep lower courts and there are so weird they were green. But Mike what was some guy out their cans brings in these pickles there's no calories and tackles. There's really not it's a cucumber rank and mine to market. No pickles are. I'm sorry I don't like pickles I don't like that takes I don't like the smell GO great serve reasons that it thinks there is no reasons are great what ever. What are prudence. And I don't know comes plums. And blow. Up. Today. Thirteen hundred extra calories a week I totally believe it because then one person has a birthday and someone brings K exactly. Or you get the free coffee and then you dump all the extra you know and things actually taste good and it remains. Bryant's. In its fine. Children that read them fine. And a story that I wanna talk about what I don't Adam's gonna throw it out there because I know. Some of you are going to have the same. Cringe. Worthy reaction that I did I mean I physically when it. When I saw this headline in the Kansas City Star in his lack. I don't think they meant to stir the pot with this headline. I guarantee you there are a lot of angry people writing the newspaper today and I'm just generate. This is about that horrible quadruple. Killing in. And clan or are now. The headline reads as follows. Weekly family dinner erupts in murder suicide. Colon. Shooter was bipolar. Friends say. We what were an item and read that and let me tell you wise guy I said to carry yesterday as civil clearly this is probably going to be mental health we don't know. You know this man is accused of this. Horrible crime but anytime you do murder suicide there's something going rat but when I saw shooter was bipolar in the headline. If you know anyone who is a high functioning. Lives a great life goes to work every day isn't a homicidal maniac dot dot dot but is bipolar. That headline is going. To staying. For people in the mental health community. Is. Can you blame. The fact that he slaughtered these people. On his bipolar nests. Maybe he was just a homicidal maniac. You don't saying and I think you were all about having these discussions about mental health right now. And there is right there in the headline and so I guarantees there people who are bipolar or who loves someone who's bipolar I have a friend. Who wears a shirt that says I'm bipolar. And that and her husband wears a shirt that says I love someone. Who has bipolar. And so I'm just saying to put that headline. I think maybe. Is a add a leap. It's a leap. I believe it delete. It said. Was battling. Extreme. Severe schizophrenia and was hearing voices telling him to help people find. Suppression crib with I would absolutely agree I don't think you're wrong and the definition of bipolar and so on working what it said shooter was recovering alcoholic shooter was patting your anxiety you're covering I'm going to probably not gonna kill some if you're an alcoholic mind. Got about bipolar is is not schizophrenic manic depression an okay it's up it's down. I'm just saying it Tim. Like that idiot in Aurora Colorado. And that is germane to the story and the headlines. I don't know that simply having a diagnosis of being manic depressive. It is odd and that's why he killed three people to. Yeah I mean I know people I know is usually won't more than probably people who are bipolar. They're homicidal they're not suicidal but they're manic from time to time. To Wear a shirt that says I'm by poll. To try to knock down the stigma that is associated with mental health issues watch walker of teachers is on an alcohol what now not necessarily. I want knocked on its not gonna bar. And attacks line. Answered that says I'm schizophrenic and so mind. It's our C certain lap for. Doesn't know. Let me I am way off base when I saw that headline I thought a while all that is gonna make people man. I had a friend back in Dallas who is a great guy just a fantastic guy he was bipolar. He had a teacher decided being bipolar Sox it's ass an awesome. Up. So all you know is of greatest he's in my experience I got up. Bipolar disorder is an up and up and I'm gonna clean house and it is and if all their head out on down and then I can't get out of bed for four days. I never manage depression I've never equated. Bipolar disorder. With. A homicidal tendencies. As someone's suicidal yes homicide now. Yes I'll give you that. But this was a murderous it was. I horrible. Yes but he did end up to the person who was manic medically depressed. Did kill himself as well in the end it is correct that is correct. Happens conversely you really wanna talk about best till. Think one necessarily. Equates. To the other maybe in this case it it maybe he and a whole host of things don't. All I was suggesting is to let that there's different degrees of manic depression I mean there you know the person news. Adequate Preston is on medication an anti depressants are getting open. Living. And productive life. And then there's those like this guy who. Obviously have demons that they can't do. You know. And looking this. The stigma is particularly strong. Well I there is they still went up a fight friends people with bipolar which can be alarming in and misunderstood by people. The one thing I hate when we talk about depression. And of course last week Kate Spade meant to be bored name. Committed suicide I can only imagine the demons that both of them were dealing with him is sadly an award worth. Because with him doing themselves but it drives decree it in this really came before for Robin Williams killed himself several years ago I remember. Kara being on the air. Late in the afternoon and as the rate for the six I think you came in about 555. And I I looked over and I can tell something was wrong. And you jumped on the air and he said I am breaking news Robin Williams has just killed himself. And obviously we didn't have enough time to talk about it that day so we talked about it the next. Obvious and it always drives decrees. And hope that he'd hear from when we talk about people who are depressed. And people like Robin Williams or an Anthony board game or map okay. And inevitably we get this call one to beat Oprah what he was on -- he had everything going form what we have to be depressed about. Okay really I hate that argument it's so much different than you think. Psychiatrist Michael Peterson says quote there is a longstanding expectation. That mentally ill individuals are more likely to perpetrate violent acts. However large population studies suggest that mental illness alone. Does not increase the likelihood of violence off. In fact by some estimates. Between eleven and 16%. Of people with bipolar disorder eleven to 16% have had a violent. Episode. Against themselves against someone else can. But there are many people the overwhelming majority who are never. Violence. They do say if you mix drugs or alcohol abuse with that disorder don't have to cut it it tends to aggravate. But they almost but sometimes Dana and I speak from experience they go hand in hand your so depressed. And it doesn't make sense I know it's stupid. You're trying to find a way out of that depression without going to see a doctor and admitting your read can you. You have assailing him like it and I used failing inner cords of course. And get on an anti depressant. You end up trying to self medicate. What you and self medicating with a depressant. You're you're treating your depression with a depressed. It does it is bipolar people have and this is how they explain it may do violence but it's quote violence to their own situation financial. Relationships. And other elements of their lives as they act on high impulse. You know that this is an impulse. Disorder. And pursue high risk behaviors. Which is why I think Scott the suicide rates are higher I think. There is some in this article anyways suggestion that some of them are matters that there's nothing to suggest. 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Point 9% of the time we don't just now we did not normally work coming back from rain. You look at me in this happens probably 30% time and shall look at me Robinson Disco. Retail. This was the one time in the seven years we've been the other the music starts and look over and go. And we talk and I'll. She looks like a dog mental health issues she looks like a dog that doesn't understand the command she is like tilt your head besides like. Like oh yeah depression. Oh. So. Happens it ruins it makes me. A story here that we meant to get to yesterday. We'll talk about this more after news. Kansas man who was scammed out of 1101000. Dollars by me. Nigerian prints. Howls. And receive its. List them to. See. Like at thirty year old can't be scandal but these Nigerians you know they're looking for old people what are your fault for its own now because I read the letter one of the letters actually says. It'll always is weird kind of broken up English like. It'll say. Be best for you. You know it leaves out lake articles or revert send them you know I'm saying. We got re mortgaged his house three times. Now when you know hole. This is why someone at the mortgage company has to say. And that is stop you right here this is the first time you've come to ask us for 50000 dollars has someone contacted you and told use that you have won a large sum of money my brother in Christ. And if you just send us 50000 dollars we will send you 181000077. I'm. I'm telling you have to stop this on the financial side. Not on the 77 year old owns I didn't have the right to do with their money what they Wear should not in this case this is a crime. This is a crime he is being. Scanned. Out of tens of thousands of dollars on people won't know Whitman out now in broad. Because what they say you is all we need is 60000 that you just think there are also with us at one point nine okay fine. You said scam and fraud I wanna bring those two words back. After we do the news. And where do you draw the line. On what people can give their money too especially when they're 777075. Years old. Keep those words of mine scam and fraud. Because those words mean different things to different people. Newsroom Caremark. Someone in independence is a million dollars richer today and blood mourn axed. The good guys from lightning landscape irrigation coming back out to my house this quick check on some flat course. Put in a couple of additional plantings. And check out my lawn that is now along on an actual lush green lawn first time we've had that sixteen years. And it's all possible because of lightning landscaping irrigation locally owned and operated. 23 years they cannot said Dana. It's got to have an irrigation system. A Smart irrigation system the rain bird system. Stopped dragon at hose around you'll be so glad you did and then when you put nice new plantings. Around the exterior of your home. 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Dry and hot weather than in the forecast thanks Friday and into the weekend plenty of sunshine for all three days Anheuser reaching 95. I'm staff meteorologist Chad panera more KM BZ whether. It beats you right now in case CIA it is 82 in blue springs. 83 your official weather station the radio dot com app is the official new home of KM BZ delicate today listened to was anytime anywhere. Tara marks or news NBA one KM BZ. You talk. About this 77 year old man from Wichita is getting his money back on some of his money back up. After he gave. Took over a 100000 dollars and I think it was actually much more in the to a quote Nigerian prints. And you've made Joerg in the past and I think it it certainly is with some credence this argument. But you need to stop. The transfer this money at the source which would be the back right yeah that's been your argument for a yes. And the argument being. He's a 77 year old man you need the U being the bank. You need to protect him from a fraud or from a scam which clearly if you're giving a 1151000. Dollars applause. To a quote Nigerian prince who was yours in Christ. Is a scam. We need to out to get era we need another 101000 it from your right lord we need another fifteen to get. That's how they and once I buy the money then I'm gonna unlock the Kia or the gate to V 2.2 million dollars and give work. And if you're right it's a huge fraud it's a huge scam. However I wanna focus on those two works fraud and scam. Because where do we draw the line some people would argue I am not among them that if you send money to Jewell a loose steam. He has engaged some would argue in a scam. He is selling you go all he is selling you were legion. And he makes a very handsome living doing. It's a fine line but he is not saying to use god as shall post seen. Use and me 101000 dollars and I'm gonna turn around and sent you one point six note that there is a promise of eternal light is it quantifiable. Amount of money in this scam listened to Fred. Who was in Wichita it got to the point where they were showing me the president of Nigeria. Had sent me a letter it has its picture on net thing. It looked him up on the computer to see what the Nigerian president looked like an it was. Once you received an email claiming to be from Robert Mueller who was then the FBI director the email was addressed Haynes code name be dull. And was signed with the FBI's address and officials seen. I wish you can remove doubt in suspicious. And I'll listen this is no doubt. As. I wish you can remove doubts and suspicious. And go ahead I assure you. That you'll never regret this fund released. Now we got to dig bats and the FBI that they don't talk like that. This poor friend who by the way was 67. When he wired this money through western union he 77 now. 67 when he wired those funds. And because. Some western union employees. Work in on the scam with some of these Nigerian scammer is the federal government when after western union got some money back. 110 and how. Thousand and was able to give some of these people their money back to you that is audio and look this guy boy you get any information from Nigeria and ignore it. There's this little thing here. I just assumed were hints at analysts expect who come to America. Sometimes you lose 2500 dollars at one black. So I go after the airport. I start looking forward yeah. Never show them. And I start asking around. And nobody knew who us. TV airport. Looking for a Nigerian friends with a suitcase of cash. 300. Let me assure you picture this is from one of the TV evangels it's on the air in the middle of the night at. And I don't wanna just show you what they offer. Carry this guy this guy is the worst and I his name escapes me. But he's on in the middle of the night and you can call that number and you could give him off. Thousand dollars now read this part right here it says so you'll or 1000 dollar triple favors CU did. And received god unstoppable thing per thousand dollars god will give you unstoppable. Favor it for. Hours. You can get the unstoppable. Favour of it. Now you know what's going on old women are waking up in the middle and they fell asleep to murder she. And this guys on the TV and he's telling you because these women or men for that matter. Are in pain. Or they've just lost their spouse. Or whatever. And they've been diagnosed with cancer. Or something like that and here comes this guy on TV cost. All you have to do is send me a check. Coldest number right now and give us your credit card number and if you donate a thousand dollars of your retirement. Cancer. School so some seed so. That is a scary. Should we cannot. Put a stop to that tiger does he have the rock and not only sucker punch you out of your not only is it scam he's claiming to be at church and so. There's no taxes. For its attacks Freescale. Trying to get this guy's name I talked about guys. I. Understand. What you're saying. But with this financial. And I get these robo calls all the time and there's one making the rounds right now as decrees and their trendy use to send money here there is nothing wrong with your credit. Remove remove. When they target. Only wanna say elderly people to come it was 67. And they just keep writing and I think they fight they beat you down. And I know some of you listening to you called him before say look I work at a bank we do. Stop and ask we have the right and we do stop and ask. If an older. Elderly client comes in. Seemingly confused. And wants to withdraw large sum of money we do ask these questions now the problem with that is as part of the scam and some of these cases you know what they say Scott they'll say. Now don't say anything to the teller because we think she might be in on. So that when you go win and they say are you sure. The confused persons goes now this tellers look at me and consistent hitters on and on Latin you know it's the whole thing is so sad. And I will say Freddie Haynes who by the way it was a self employed handyman in Wichita. Is one of the extremely. Lucky few I mean a handful. Who's getting. Some money back some money back because western union got busted. Western union admitted it knew some of its employees had conspired with scam artists to bilk people out of money. So. Freddie Haynes got some of his money back and how many other kansans out on second. Because most people when they get taken. Don't want to admit they've been taken Gregg would your mom's got a call you and say no but I don't think she fought back. Really don't isn't everyone's saying that I never fall for it until you do. Here listen to this loser idiot. I think he's generated so you figured. It. I want you to go to the phone right there the numbers on the screen. If you have added we've elected so it. Look credit card. And quickly your seat in person sort of the quicker than Carter's group that you know where. In fact I have a feeling. That somebody watching me right now I have a feeling. There's somebody. That won't stay credit card did wiped out if you usually pay as you so. Okay he's outta high and right now I mean is this is a four. If you have credit card debt sent me a thousand dollars and god won't wiped out. York credit card debt this man should breeze now that is illegal. Promising see this is where he's crossing the line Scott if you sent me a thousand dollars and got a smile upon you greatly. That's not crossing aids and intentionally illegal line if you say. Send me a thousand dollars and your credit card debt will be wiped out an odd white. It occurred at YouTube through Betty wrong when used stark treatment with I'm get a picture financial situation he's not god I'm telling you he's bumping up against what's in any TV station that runs this. Man it's horrible on their. TV station should be ashamed of themselves OK you don't think anyone falls for this guess how many people in Kansas got refunds back. The people who admitted these are just the people. Who admitted to the attorney general's office. They had wired money through western union to a Nigerian prince guess how many people. As Freddie is not allowed a thousand. 344. Victims. Claimed a total of one point seven million dollars in refunds and that's just the people who raise their hand to say. I sent my money to western union. And listen to this this is not funny but it is the attorney general's office and these letters out to these poor people. Because they got this database serve western union or whatever and dedicate this is the attorney general's office we have some of your money back contact the attorney general's. They get a look at people to prop eight freaked out they thought it was another. Scam. So did attorney general's office had people calling it actually tried to help these people know this is Sarah. In two peca for the Kansas attorney general's office we know you're wired this money to western union we are trying to help click. Everett didn't skip. I 76779. It how do you stop people from throwing away their life six. Is there a way to do it. Or quite frankly. Do these people have the right. To spend their money however. And wherever. Or do you require two signatures on every withdrawal over 101000 dollars gut for what age you. Because that's their mom and I know. How old your mom how jemaah seven victory. I I don't wanna say an age because that everyone listening in their car that's over is that age is flipping me the middle finger. I'm mother is 73 years old and just dropped. A lot of money yes sending the entire family Turks and cake and what it and the. That problem with you going in there with her we see issue the drug lets it 1000 dollars what would that problem. With you going in and saying it was more urgent items more than two as was legitimately for travel. And I'm just here to say I know this looks like somebody is probably candor we are going on alert at my mother has ever writes she used with in sound mind and body. To spend her money however she in sound mind and body until the second you are not. That's the problem with determines that maybe it pains was completely in sound mind and body all week before this is who reached out to him. I've 76779. Yeah. In Kansas City Brandon element grand. All are you got me moments and think. It yet I really quick our bank fraud and I see a lot of people being wrote coal. And I eat the unit beat. You know if you fault for renewed whether it somebody come deep bumping online. I you know go out I doubt that dollar ticket car that you get. You know you get this thing. There or. You know I had a person who. Dropped twenty grain and it because occupy creek dropped and it took the tropic because by that Iraq. And in depth rock rock do you that that person. Did it on their own volition. Can't bear out that money I just. So don't not fraud ring if you ask someone. For 101000 dollars and will do this for you and you don't there there's no fraud there. No trot trot would be in at some voter credit car or however it. Horror. Into your account or something that that person and is she being. Not I person that spread all of that and deplete he'd be involved you know we have here. You're albeit. Or something like that happen. Fortunately. Olney. You know hey people just need to eat you not spend money where they don't know it's going. Our branded thank you for the call that. Blake downtown L a blockade. On right on. Yeah I thought that the world body year ago my wife called yet that it IKI one like the publicist clear out I'm like. We're real close to like here come home on your article is a lot like. What Clark go back in the tackled to the house and the we got called the game itself he's gonna give her a lot for 2000 and sure you didn't their look in hand it off yet it would mean 200 dollar to where you. Yeah gauntlet in and out and upon our rules mean that there you know got one hand you know you probably your dog in the background so. The next time be called I hear about the background how I mean this thing right. It by irregular shoot pardon outlet and that to wonder about vote at the locker Boller. And so. But hourly art call western union. You know prayer are with them. You know they're part of this part in the and they like that we we have and we give your money back but I want to just such an article that Leo. Where she union in picket picket tackle for money record it and got. But you know I noticed crazed Vietnam like you're 29 years ago and he got her economy. Have a friend you're in. 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