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Tuesday, June 12th
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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Oh yes. Still when my nine year old hold out. Okay. My god associate. White space. They know midtown nightclub performer. We're going to be there. Early sure what happened in the show. Rails completely off them. Well as her hit. Snead made every news sentinel. About rod we have that commercial. You'd. Brooklyn and in a bit last Jasper. Sure some guys need to go back there aren't just listen to that again this guy. I look at the computer might. As he does something. Is only. The lights. That was supposed to expect. Probably don't I was. You. Honest. Says he's ordering Brooklyn. I'm Brooke went in on. I'm actually got to remember if you need a last minute Father's Day gift Brooklyn and dot com. You know you spend a third of your life and your sheets they really make a difference in how you sleep. At Brooklyn in dot com you get luxury bedding without the luxury price Brooklyn and dot com look them up. The style of patterns that are so those soft and found my husband and wife team who years ago. The most beautiful comfortable home essentials can be yours and you don't. Have to pay crazy prices to get them isn't that right Scott's. Amy and your supposed to be doing a Jasper is commercial right now. It's. Item. Jasper is is one of the great restaurants and all of Kansas and I loved Jasper piece I pay for it on the planet. This isn't is right so god. Yes David and you're supposed to be doing at Jasper is commercial right now. Jasper is is one of the great restaurants and all of Kim said I love Jasper fees I pay for it on the plan. From time to time people saying. Those yes yep yes we do it's got. Maybe we should only good one how does your better commercially that it hasn't seen in your voice. So he. Job. That is that extra. Yeah. The care to me Ural. Now or police force today character with. The avengers. Infinity more guest has now crossed two billion dollars in worldwide ticket sales. Is the fourth film to reach that rarefied. Hope the miles aren't. Now is this adjust it. We're not. I believe it or maybe. Two billion dollars easily and avengers white infinity partners. Have a woman just came out yes. Not seen any I'm the oldest one on the two billion dollar just don't give me the name you know is is back in the nineteen. OK I noticed and so it's not adjustment. I don't think that aren't so Titanic yes okay. Titanic avengers infinity Ward's. The force awaken the youth there's one more room. Blue. Me too big and real old blue people. All avatar yeah. So it's clearly not just polish. 'cause otherwise Star Wars in the regional would be a matter. Thanks to a two billion it is won. It TVs now that's that's a really big number it and I don't forget they re released in 1997. Yeah he frequently. From. Guess what all parents write these kids must I walked who have seen advance people I want to think that that's stupid CG act used to go with me. Cons. I want Agassi book and I'm sorry I'm going to apologize but I. I've got a boat to the old lady. All. Old. Is Diane Keaton. She's like sixty something you know my gosh it looks so funny and I mom really wants to OK. I ambled. I was talking to my government does it tonight he has had you seen the clock I saw the trailer looks hilarious she does a guy. Keaton is 72 years old. Urging a 72 years old. So this and I'm talking to goes to see it and she does and let me just value. Andy Garcia is one. Have they told drink of water that mean he's a topic wired it's Andy Garcia. I'm old enough to see that movie or because I want to see it I mole maybe a little about got. I Jane Fonda's eating. She's. Since. You Andy Garcia 62. Mary's birds and yeah that is. And Andy they're not pleased the young stud in the movie. 62. From the text my book club is home is and sweet in a chance to words Andy Garcia. So. By the way I got a sign are you as a high. Note that acts like it's a great old chick. It's art so a couple of weeks ago before we armored truck. Kelly one of some books to. And who's gonna read these books are trip so Dana recommends. Paris architect which Kelly read before we laughed. And then she recommend this book called my. Says the culinary. Yeah thanks a lot. 01. Man I don't know maybe eat mid flight to paradise. I look over. I look over my girlfriend she is weeping yeah and I go honey you'll. She just she looks Biggio is. I go. Ideas such as. I don't Michael Bay. Open what's wrong she goes. So rock. What you ask a woman what's wrong and they're crying and they say nothing. What do you think. As MR from Amman. I'll tell you the night. A battle like I. Said in us and them was then. I lock. The nightingale ruining every book you'll get a spaceship hole. Because you never find it again ever. I don't. Come close nothing will be done and that so it's it's a fictional. You know. Based in truth but fictional. Bob book about World War II about Paris occupied. Occupied by her knots yeah. And so I had to spend. Personally trip. Giving her the history of you to. Really do not listen to each other at all now. I knew what this book was about because of Dana talking about it for like a week. Government army sings you know whenever told me occupied meant. It showed that way. We live here now. I lovely single woman caught on camera it is horrible evil waste of oxygen and I'm going to limit your home with you and your. There. Teach that in school I would pay attention Mary Mary wouldn't trying to. I imagine aren't stupid I said a thousand times you put that book in every high school in America and people will start to understand. The some of Howell or apple was before the United States showed up. Okay arm which part about. Grilling Jews did you not think was not say they don't teach that I am saying they never tot when we were in high school what the women left behind went through in those other countries nobody ever on that and I did not in his class. It was dates it would just patients at times to walk up. Not that they set and oh by the way if you lived in one of those countries this is what app it gave you. Band of Brothers you return it on walk. I just need to be in the right head space to go back to world works. I can't do us. I gave you the movie in Manhattan that is not a movie is like 46 hours now it's eleven it's eleven hours. It's at it's not that part. Eleven hours analyze. Shot to same. Her name is. Today host of health and if you remember. That you have. She works at the Kansas City Star has some last seventeen years she's a writer she's we're going to goes ahead and say I. I think this is a loss for the community I enjoy reading her she's a good writer. She has evolved enormously. In sixteen years however. About a week and a half ago she posted on I believe FaceBook and Twitter. Just. One net. Of the letters of hate mail. That come to her desk every week just not she's half block and what she said was. I'm in a share this this is what I see. And not just today I see this all the time. And what when she shared I actually looked at Scott off the air and I said we need to do an entire hour. About women as targets. For hatred. Because of their opinions. And heck let's bring Jamie minus selling yen because it and I don't release let's bring you I don't mean to be sexist here but I was talking to Carrington about this out in the newsroom. I'm sure it's it's bad for men in professions like this how you get eight now from time to time whatever. It is so much worse for women times ten it is worse for women. And a black woman pull up. The letter that someone sent to her at the Kansas City Star. And make no mistake this is one of hundreds like it that she gets. Because of her opinion on a variety of things which I would remind you she is pages. To deliver. She is paid to be an opinion. Columnist person at the star. Sure if you asked Mike Kendrick sir merry sand says or barb Shelly over the years did you get a hate mail and sure they do it. IQ can I guarantee you it is worse fortunate not because. She's a woman. Because she is a black woman and we can't read you all of the latter. And if you can't find it I will because it you need to try to get him lives. Skating. And a horrible. Of course the tower didn't sign his talent and signs it. And why issue we've. Well Rick I want your kids some of this article because she says. Kansas City I love you but you're likable paired genes. Don't fit that don't fit anymore and it is time for me to move on now do I think that one letter led her to say I now know. But it absolutely. Number I asked and asked and asked I would love to have her pollen. Because after that letter a week and a half ago. Where someone wrote and said the most horrible things you can imagine terror. And then didn't sign his name of course there. I set I reach such a couple people who know her and I said will you please reach out to her on my behalf. We would look and I sit for an hour bring her in here we'll talk about it for an hour. Because she has put up with more crack. From angry hate shall she claims all. She quit in the article she's leaving. And she has ever writes that's fine. I do appreciate it worker pictures are good rider column. She claims in the article. That she's leaving because her mother always told her pollster held girl's belong here of the ocean. Well that's fine. Are you leaving because. The Boston Globe is gonna pay you more money. You leave him because you wanna Bieber be near water where you leave him because you think Kansas city's racist. Because if you're going to Boston thinking you're gonna get a reprieve. Boston is the most racist city in America period you've always said. You always. Boston. Is literally a cesspool. Of racism. It is so if you think you're gonna go there and not here at the end work. Don't cancel Europe rat here. Isn't it. About someone who writes an opinion column like that or someone in broadcasting. What is it that brings out the well it's not hassle Lou its worst in. It's not that she bright well this was a handwritten letter and bring and a Korean team and I. I would encourage originate to call into the show I've 76779. Colon. Let's talk. To the newsroom Caremark. Family of a man who died in North Korean captivity has released a statement more next. You know I have said this was the year we're gonna finally have a lush green lawn and we thank you lightning landscape and irrigation. They can mountains a day and it it is time he needs an irrigation system our house is thirty years old never had one. Never could progress in the front yard. 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Dirty drink Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom and Kara marks are the Stanley a bottle warm beer the American who died following seventeen months in North Korean captivity. Is speaking out following the summit between president trumping Kim Jong-un. Short statement released by the family says quote we appreciate president Trump's recent comments about our family we are proud of auto and miss him hopefully something positive can come from this end quote the president acknowledging more Beers death following his meeting with the North Korean leader I think without Otto. This would not have happened the president saying he told warm Beers parents their son did not die in vain Bryan Burrough ABC news. Governor Mike Parsons has appointed a former homer president of the state board of education Carol alt Quist as the founder of principles connect. A nonprofit organization that matches retired business professionals with urban school principals. 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I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KE NBC weather. 83 KC I 85 downtown 85 at your official weather station the radio dot com app is the official at home with KM BZ download it today listen to us any time anywhere. ARAMARK certain is 981 KM BZ. Well. Today we'll circle. We're hoping we'll soon. She is the what's were forward pop culture columnist I guess it started out doing that and then an evil over the years as we all evils. Into something much more. And she did from time to time. Tackle subjects like race. On it and for that I think more so than anybody in this town. She received truckloads. Of vital. Hate mail the final. And she. Posted this about week and a half ago and this water. Part of me just hates to read it because. You don't want to give voice to such a waste of oxygen who would write something like this. But she put it out there on Twitter and FaceBook. To say this is what we do. When we have a voice and we use it this is what we deal. It says in all caps he enough. I am so blanking sickness. Is the way this is a letter yesterday Oster helps racist rants. No wonder why people still hate. Blank. And work. They do not want things to change and no wonder. Police officers beat the blank out of them she just keeps stirring the pot. The blank can't say one good thing about any one but in all caps wore black. Women. Plant. And it goes on and on and on. The final line is that I've seen this from time to time with the worst of the worst who from time to time listen to this program. It says no not scientists. Because you know me. I've never been so disappointed and disgusted in someone. But I have to deal with you. Now what that in Sedona. Is your subscriber. Have to read Kong you know what what's always sole. Maddening. About these cowards is they of course they're not gonna sign their name. And I always go to who is what they do for a living I wanna know everything about this person because it probably sit next year in church every Sunday. And I want to know who it is that she posted it. And loved it will we can have later. Announces that she is leaving the Kansas City Star. That's why. I don't think it helped. Pregnant hell but. Does she think she's going to a bastion of racism free. Nirvana in Boston. I would guess that she knows better. I would guess that always doesn't matter is they rate I mean your analyst and publishers use of this before. Here's what I Google art read what I Google. Just most racist city by America the most racist city in America what's the first singer shows up Boston yeah. I mean people think measures that I'm curious out reduce service. Like people call white people we have worked. It it it truly is amazing to me. That people look at places like. Massachusetts for example. And you think oh you're so inclusive. Cure so why is you have health care for everywhere. You tax the hell out of the age. Gay marriage is greed but. Did your so progressive and I hate to people with the dark skin. Massachusetts. Is not this liberal groups on out bastion that people picket bits. It is one of the most races places in America. Do your research. Don't take my word for it. Look at this service Boston is the most racist city in America. Curious fact or is Dave let's say. It. Today Ulster help may be leaving Kansas City because she thinks that's racist I don't know. Maybe she's getting a bigger payday great good for her. She wants to work get a bigger paper the Boston Globe is a bigger paper. Good for her but she is leaving Kansas City because she thinks it's race. Since I I don't necessarily think that's why she's leaving I don't think it helped. I don't think it helped. We teach her to she says after she started writing about race and I'm quoting here. People who used to love my work because it made them feel good you know back when she talked about more. Milk toast kind of things. Started to cancel their subscriptions they tied to me letters and stamps and with hate they whined about black on black crime never once admitting. The white on white crime is just to sign. They email Robert percent they emails words and reminded me I was half white as if I owe them some sort of bigotry pass and I did not back down. We get up she writes her hands on one leg at a time and push on there are still people right there with you marching forward. She says the star is home to some of the hardest working journalist you'll ever meet I wouldn't be meet with out them. My voice wouldn't be on apologetic Lee in your face without my editor. I can't in every name to thanks the people she works with. And says. It's time ago. And. And honestly I think she said she her sixteen years that's a long time at one place is journalists' long time. And people especially at that age in which she started tend to know about not about what she says they are I was planning on espionage two years anchor good fur. Let's I have no brief. With somebody trying to professionally better of themselves. What I'm saying is if if you're leaving for Boston. For more money or for more prestige. OK I have Jim may I have no problem with that that'll go go live your dream. Don't do. Maybe your following your mother once told our family lives by the war okay great. Live in Boston there's an ocean right there and get. If you're leaving Kansas City. To escape. Races. Keep running. Keep running. Because you're running to the most racist city bomber seat I think it's a big city team they're going to be a lot of voices and exit. Lots of people that hate and works it. Kansas City Star folksy mindset when they changed the look of their editorial board they said we needed to bring in more diverse voices. Different. Men women age groups and just our political. Analyst and political lead and the start became noticeably. More conservative I applaud them for that not because they became more conservative but because it became more inclusive to other people's rights. God forbid you open up the paper and there's not lose do good telling you how awful people are who were white and conservative. The seed that sounds like someone that would write a letter car. I don't agree with everything -- written. But I'm gonna write her a letter or call her VM worked. She title to her opinion. By the way this going away letter is real well written. Everything hoping twice. It's really really well written. She is a talented right here's what. Makes me sad. Here's what makes me sad. We are losing a good writer in the city she will leave this city and she will move on to Boston and people will say to her tell me about Kansas City and I'm sure she will say it is an amazing city and I loved it. Great place to live great nightlife there downtown is now booming now we have a street car. Dot dot dot. But man there are some races in that city you know what she's right. Guess what she's right we too she gets her first email and Boston there are racists in this city yes. So racist and so. Angry. About some column she wrote and know what the column was a bowel. That. Prompted that idiot to write it. But so angry that he decided I'm hoping to sit down and type a letter. Filled with expletive. We got the market Kurt. You think we have the market cornered on racism here. No but it makes me ill of course it's an and it sure. But Dana. I I'm glad she posted it and here's why. People need to see what that hate looks like a spirit they need to see it and McCann. That letter is a right there in bold type for. The world. Say I would love to know who wrote that letter. 5767795767798. Hopefully today we'll call him. I know she knows we're talking. It's all over Twitter. Just look. 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I looked don't give you much your credibility they are via wires they're clearly the you know. Way way into a soaker but I also Libya. I just got home from bought that yesterday but along we get there. I have a son and daughter in law that group there by choice a year ago. By choice they signed up for another three year because of a career program ever dignity gone it is the most ethnically. And religiously culturally diverse ways you can imagine. It is an off some environment. It's got a ton of and I put out ornery to hit it article but I hear let him that he but. Is it is in a meeting. Place. And when you say well there rate and there I would challenge you and there I don't think though it Q any or degree of other places. Simply because it would divert the population. The opportunity. Or rate that that it but courier and it just didn't there. I it was a. Graduate I look at Scotland in Iraq just for senate just because we got to get to the ministers second. I believe and I want to believe everything you just said why does Boston come up routine. In surveys as the most racist city in America. I have no idea and I I I'm not gonna I'm not look at what are curbing your looking at I don't know I'm I helped so. I guess I'm just offering an alternative per share. Because of my son and daughter in law group. Have had an incredible experience there I had a little bit of burst into experience. So you know who knows what the survey was about what the motivation was out and forwarded. I'm not gonna argue whether it. And number. I'm actually looking Scott Adams out of Washington Post OK so that's the liberal newspaper. I I want you to tell me Dana what you see here. Red being the most racist dark blue being the least race it's all on the right hand for us it is all united steel Ohio River valley leading up from our Kentucky. Through Ohio Pennsylvania. New York and Massachusetts. The most racist. Places in America are all on the east. Again. You were not an optic to order a butt kicking it to work on that. I would just tell you that. What eyewitnesses that type of graduation event that we earlier for. And you look at the people in the room and it was one of the more productive group of people. By the waist or where Scott by the way one of the most least racist places in America. Kansas. It's as good much less than average. Which means not racist. Less than average is no not notices to ask the author of the letter of these races come on or and rod if it's much less than average would you argue that's our recent snow. No you are reading that you are reading what age too much into that graph. We beat you called Travis and ask them let's not to. Newsroom Caremark. Happening now in KM BZ former governor Eric gripe is legal bills might be out of many expected one more next. I would like to talk to you. About Brooklyn enough. And and cod times how we started sleeping better the second. Those. 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