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Tuesday, June 19th

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You know stranger to their name. And read this and damn phone. Yeah I. Oh weird. Got down. You even. Let me. Tonight the song. Merger work. This ought tweets Gary Campbell. Or income and later tonight against an inning and arm luckily it looks like big games can be right absolutely. Bills balls. I was coming back from a place. To. Which is a place to cheer you. I thought was a bit back place that I didn't. Would be amazing. That sounded weird him for their poll showed up many tornados that I was as it is tricking you recover from players who didn't go to. It's like to have people say that's ingredients and the Mitch Hedberg thing hours as here's a picture of me when I was younger. Of course is interviewing her and I definitely ready to be here's a picture of me when I'm older. I was coming back to point to connect and it was coming down in buckets on like god. And then rod. There's like it was freaking mini tornado going on here in the triangle right now. When we daggers at that pretty tiny storm disorder pretty town is here to beaches in pretty storms in this. A tornado compatible. The militant means it was it was out of a tornado Toomey waters tornado would you tell Carol can I compare. Yeah it's interchangeable with tornadoes this. Means surety. Two. Thirds. Angry angry. The yeah that's crazy people. On them. To seek exhausting. Congratulations secure marks who announced earlier today should seven point being I need to keep this. Answering that did not. String it was like that as shoot in the and you find. Out and and went so this is slightly. This early when it out or boys street and you know it's. The pain now for a girl. If you're forcing your since gender roles on the child. So it's supposed to shoot out. Rod were to shoot. It's it's but he doesn't she does. Well. And out. So it's the shaking that this can keep up. Oh. Really. Those here. So what was so Dana's back tomorrow right ahead of manly day. I and I am not trying to be a jerk I honestly don't know why knows who's on yesterday's out today you said you got this call. Yeah. Yeah it's. I don't under I didn't understand a one word you said you don't. And today I know that. Didn't didn't you get tackles than. I did get tackled some areas. From. I've never once filled in for Dana. Where that call had called his breath yeah that's real lead. Let's read and I'm not I'm not call. Ordered. Rented she's not an accomplice. Occurred. But she'll be back tomorrow. Aggressors and back today she said she is going to be as investor yesterday right she's fine she's fine okay. One which is put on FaceBook so I guess it's. And yes or no aid I wouldn't. It's not all let allowed her explain. Family won't be one of the kids had an accident and so she's intending to. And they were dealing with the doctors in the 1 o'clock hour. I'll let her explain tomorrow so she's back. Yeah this stuff. Yes jerk face I didn't get that call apparently wanted to really worse she was crying. To try to futures suggest if this happens is the chance that she was crying and I quote people. It's exciting and it's OK I was trying to install without telecoms are. And she was dealing with a family issue. That involved. One of her children and a doctor. And. I don't think the news was bad but I think just the not knowing. And it's Dana. It's Dana room nearly set that has and it's Dana also has the so it's always you know worst case scenarios so I get a call 1 o'clock. And she sounds like Ron Burgundy and a glass case of emotion and I understand Matt. When your dealing with when your children. And so I had to make some quick calls that I called one Obama called mr. rear and I asked if either one of them could still win for awhile today and we got both they both said yes and I some hurdles with a showdown in the middle. X and his kid. We're thing is she has so many kids. Took a Josie she's only kids that at any point you know. It it's easy to make fun of Dana for how many kids she has. I would only remind everyone that your husband is one away. That's true I really huge market at that you like it did nationally while and then if you Cassidy asked you know is and yet let them because I'm having. But Kara. Who is expecting a boy. Is going to be the real mother of two of the faith monger war brain Johnson rod he's got he's. Sort of. That is a solid name really ya I'm not I'm not even on that is Michael Ryder is so there isn't right have you on to list them yet and brought. Us. Yes and you could take over Richard that we like a major countries like France but I. Like Liddy Stein sergeant did you beauty Djibouti after one of those so it was a grenade plays we font or not yeah now that particular we took it along an afternoon yeah that's nothing godless worried. He'd be the prince of Grenada didn't. Article title is calling yourself the prince of Grenada which are important questions Johnathan Rodgers got rate of grenade at any need to take the country over. Prince what Grenada and well okay that's sounds like your country ever before I'm assuming you're not outline stones urban justice and the Texans a spore is nothing I have nine. Did I told you about my body hanging from high school Chris Huntsman they just walk out at the end. I. My stepbrother who lives open Minnesota. Words like forty below all the time and that's a nice day. He's. She's very northern nine. Right now is we always joke that look we can all pitch in and do you like a satellite is there's something you. Like I'm mr. exit jango. Javier zones and this is a buddy of mine from high school. Chris signed them and played football with that's his. That's all he has it and steal anybody answer this photograph has not been updated in 31 black and who's wrong. Stop it. There's one kid back here behind his profile pregnancy and even seen yet make it as it can count a lot 12345678910111213. And I think he's had another one cents. He doesn't think that he's a year younger than 4545. Hours away just heard. I. That's fourteen kids to lot of being pregnant that's way too much agreement a lot of twins. Ashes this woman is not bend on her cycle since late. You know 1990 for all their basically as a full team that's just in the photograph. Love him he's a great guy. I love Chris announcement but I remember I bumped into him one time at Cincinnati's. Potent to. Down and over socially iron. And they had they had to take too many times mentioning bill for going out to eat. Ads instead easy I think about it seventeen bucks a person. I can even do amendment that amount. I'm. I didn't think about that. Acute care. Seventeen bucks a person times. We'll see this was Collins wanted to five years ago let's say you only had ten kids. Here's the hard to arm bar that's 200 bucks minimum twenty that's only if you ordered not from war. And you know you have that many kids you didn't hearings but the positive thing is those. There have been that many kids that kids get a reality show up. I should you or you can just you know be in the talks for reality show eventually. That's. They are rarer is moral high school football team gracious on a Stanley got a tough. Let's people in that picture that aren't as gently takers me. And I think that's they're right there. Europe. If you go back and tell them. You can have thirteen kids do you think you would have changed is route thirteen it's 1414 left your right sorry fourteen kids you think you'd like. And. But after like five you'll like not committed this is just because you see what are we can take this is important well this has got to just keep happening script and you don't they don't get exponentially more expensive the more than half an hour at that point yeah yeah yeah. Here's the thing I've always skewed I've always wondered about. When you got your first kid the name is a huge discussed. I am assuming I have only had a moment assuming you have your second kid it's it's almost as big a discussion. Because I'm assuming you have to like go a leftover name or two that maybe went back to her son. Would you like aids care I don't care Steven. Yeah. Thanks and CB bosses Roger analyst. Now. He he's we don't. Steve what he it's and he's very religious he sounds a pastor. But all of his kids are our big names like Isaak Matthews no Rebecca with a a graduate side will name and sell. Or use looking at the windows they'll know. About lamp. No guidelines on saga good man but let me ask. Carpet. Why do we think that's weird. In this day and age people expect it OK fair that back. Tony back in the day in that it is one reason an earlier plan now and here's here's the funny thing. If that's what makes him and his wife. Happy. That I say more power to our I think it's great our immediate right is it bothered me people like who who. Who knocked down like the darker family down in Arkansas where it bit them in that they've gotten nineteen kits slow walk in only one of zepa. To get nineteen kids chances are constantly horrible but that's only one that we know aluminum Leno. And I'm. It's trying to say something nice not a do or not I I do I do it reserves segment and happy that you Inglis is that is your decisions about your life. And as if you have that much. Love Andy's heard me yeah exactly I admire everybody can be taken care there there's no their writers every indication they're great parents. They're raising their kids I don't know. Faith based family. What's the problem is that I know that there was a time in this country you had a lot of kids. With the crap shoot the woman take care viewing got old. Well I would argue the president in his case he's pretty wanting guys that are at least one them. Let's fight we're with by you know instantly back in the Bible its its you tools Turks that the giants are obviously just an answer as an Abbott weakness in and ended girls like Rebecca and it's well Mary Mary it's all things we have now but the dude it's all heavily geared like multi celebs and exact right. What happened to those things. I wanna seven Diane and what that from my middle name stimulated Nicholas could change. So much work try to get my driver's license and as to work. No matter what the targets of out of and you're going on and on about malt eyes so I think means. That. I just think that's funny I'm not saying is. This guys a nice guy who sounds are heard guys we can't we can't. Get joke at all about of the measure he jokes about constantly. How many kids yes I guarantee you talked that guy he's actually do get them to get. Percent of. We go from story to story funeral services will be held on Thursday. Kate Spade. In Kansas and she's from here yet and viewed him. Odds on Thursday. That's and it's been like three weeks. Maybe three Irish was cream okay. A federal judge ruled yesterday Kansas can not required documentary proof of US citizenship to register to vote in a who submitted. Fighting such laws violate the constitutional right to vote. The ruling by US district judge Julie Robinson is the latest setback for Kansas. Secretary of state Chris cope bock who has championed such laws. One and an eighteen page decision. Came in two cases challenging Kansas voter registration law. That requires people to provide documents such as birth certificate a US passport or other papers. The decision strikes down the Kansas proof of citizenship registration law and makes permanent an earlier injunction that blocked. That they haven't changed and I don't know if they've changed it at the DMV if you go to the DMV to. You know registered to vote. If you still need to bring in drivers ice is worth it because the the law's been struck down but does that mean that it's still in place until it is he's finished with appeals or want. Well and here's what I'm confused about. So I don't need to prove I'm an American citizen to register to vote. Right go to vote to restore us to show ID and assuming now. I'm assuming I would will though because is in a voter ID. No because part of the when they struck it down they said that if you. If you registered to vote and don't have proof of citizenship bearer then you don't have to present when you vote either. Driver's licenses and proof of citizenship. I mean proving that I am who I say I am. When I go to vote is not they take for proof of citizenship for and Kansas were. To register to vote is your driver's license. No they sit in this story that to register to register to vote and to vote are two different thanks again so to register to vote. You no longer have to prove you're an American citizen okay you don't have to bring your birth certificate or passport or whatever. Doesn't say anything in this story about when you go to of do I still have to show my ID. To get a ballot and all I was hearing was if you didn't show proof when you register you don't need to show proof. That that voters wouldn't be kicked off the rolls who didn't show proof so I don't. Get to the news bloggers Caremark. The immigration debate far from over maven as children continue to be separated from their families mourn axed. From the album. A late Tuesday throwback to the. Story here from CBS news smoking in the United States. Has hit an all time low. 14%. Of US adults now smoke. That is down from 16%. Last year. There had not been much change the previous two years but it's clear there is a general decline. And the new figures show it is continuing according to Michael Cummings. Of the tobacco research program the Medical University of South Carolina quoting here. Everything is pointing in the right direction. Including falling cigarette sales and other indicators. The new figures released on Tuesday mean there're still more than thirty million adult smokers in the United States teens are shunning cigarettes. Survey results out last week showed that smoking among high school students was down to 9%. An all time low. In the early 1942%. Of American smokes it's. So doesn't mean we can knock it off with the antismoking commercials where they show like a woman's inside that role filled with. Bass and diseases and and things like about be nice. If we get rid of the truth commercials. Habitat and also look the or why would we get rid of them have their work. Think that they are I don't think people are not smoking for different reasons I think that's what it is because. The CDC I saw this the CC said that those ads work they got a 100000 people to quit smoking. This activity. That's really not that many when you consider that millions of people smoked. And then a 100000 quit because of those commercials that's not a significant portion. I'm okay then we entity could shop about people's. Position or toxic. You know me as well not. Yeah. I know and you know and it. Slow the safest major reversal Mel never smoke you can never smoked as a red light no. I know never smoked. I'm an immigrant. I drank like a fish in high school but I did not smoke. And laying it. Yeah yeah I mean I don't even know what. You don't think that's had an impact. It's a know it until I feel is an oracle is it annoying. Because because I mean there are some I liked to see these ads every time I turn on Hulu. Wow I'm just saying I think it I don't think their effective I think that you you'll don't think there are no I think that people who don't. There are people who smoke. Are smoking and looking at those commercials are guns yes that's gonna happen any minute that does fine whatever it is too good to give up I think there is biblically because it's gotten expensive. Or is it become uncool edge you human error and I know I'm. What he's 3836. Six. So. When I was in school in the eighties smoking was still kind of considered rebellious cool. Com. And people smoked I smoked a couple of times where a lot in high school. It has become an uncool thing would you agree. Yeah but then again it's become uncool and you're not supposed to do it doesn't that mean that you rebel by smoking mouse would be would become cool. Area. It's it's got it is cyclical nature about it I honestly think it's just because it's become expensive and it adds I mean you know that's right. So we've taxed people were accidental that is the most effective way to get people to stop doing something he's making too expensive. I I hate to admit that the so it acts that they where they've done that is actually worked in. As far as trying to get people to stop drinking soda please tell me you AI so text at Texas his eighties and well I hate the government using taxes to curb other people on the same way but I think in this case it's worked. I mean most people I know who say they quit smoking say it's because it's become too expensive it can afford it and and if they do smoke they smoke significantly less in the Houston because they can't afford it. So why don't we tax. Alcohol were highly. Why don't we tax too Rios. Why don't we lower taxes if not make it tax free. To buy a banana when you're giving them these ideas I don't want this I am just saying if if your theory is correct. And that. Taxation really does. Dictate people's personal behavior. If we want people to be more healthy. Why don't we lessen the taxes on healthy food. And tax the hell lot of unhealthy because there's also better ways of doing that destroy people's page. That would agree. Amended it why don't we create a McDonald's tax. Because it would be expensive for people who can only four counts well but if we take the taxes all off sale pineapple. Mean it was kind of hammer out these kind of taxes though punished the the poorest in the community and he you know I'm going doubles and you are I'm just saying this is the problem with those kind of taxes is. These sin taxes. Aren't for people who can afford these things that can blow off these are for people who can't afford. You know. To enjoy things like taking their family out to dinner. But hey McDonald's feels cool and once in awhile so I don't have to cook MM a mom with fifteen kids and I'm stressed out summit take them to McDonald's I can't afford a big restaurant but I didn't I know there. If you work to do a fast food tax. And I'm not the first person is Diana. You draw the line do you tax Applebee's. With a fast meaning what went counts as fast well I mean I took. Kelly's parents watched the dog we are on vacation so I took them to Applebee's a couple of weeks ago and disseminate things you know watches me. Law. But at Applebee's they have the calorie count now. For everything on the man. Show. At the calories for things like. The fish and chips and mozzarella mozzarella sticks at Applebee's. Are 12100 hours yeah it's a prison. That's its final geez that's too big Macs you. You're better off if you go there at stake in. Steamed broccoli. You know getting any barbs and you're actually doing better for your health by going to McDonald's and getting a big corporate. They're going to Applebee's and getting them out throw sticks for so should we tax it we're going to fast food tax. Should we tax Applebee's. Or we should just tax people for calorie. Maybe that put attacks per calorie and all the food. And that would be the best way to do it and well I don't know that that people are paying more for cigarettes just because of taxes. I mean I think taxes plays a part but in general has and the price of it gone up just yet 'cause it significantly harder to sell these things all people. But for example eight a pack of cigarettes here. I think and I don't smoke but I think it is like five dollars and some change it and in New York it's over ten dollars a pack it in New York City. You go to a bodega and it is ten dollars for a package or is it everything more expensive ads fifty cents a cigarette and a. Where people were selling them on the street. Equipment and that the 576779. It. I actually like to hear Babel why they quit smoking. Because I I might be totally wrong. Maybe is because of those anti smoking ads maybe those truth ads juror. Or whatever but maybe it was because summit in homes that caught an up or cure because yet your kid maybe it's all those things may we're trying to find the silver bullet to this when it's just a lot of things group together it's taxes. It's the ads and it's your kids. You whining that you that you're killing your. Self Il I've not smelled smoke on in forever. Him brought yet. Why did you quit. Was of the money was it Roman. Was that the wife and my wife yelling them you know it's time. I smelled smoke on you in a month or so it is I've done wrong I'm not grade I've. I'm I'm weave guy I smoked once and while still but I cannot remember the last Imus smoke. Could. You know loans get stronger picnic and get better and and I know my eyes as I've I've cut way down I. You know a few weeks as he had an out of bodies that that smoke you know and stuff but it is tablet just write your tail all the time yeah I couldn't smoke at home. Who's he would scream and yell at me. And so yeah guides us. Less and less than. It is tough and he is. Now. Now right apparently was at work now. It was just a wife. It is what it with it the wife was sounded like that did you quit smoke. A possibility that there are a lot of things. This guy. Loves. And. Song. Coming exhausted. It is our budget the president met today with members of the house Republicans. And is quoted as saying. According to Casey hunt with NBC news quote we got to take care of separation. It is too nasty. Story here from channel five quick trips west port location will soon double when size bringing in one of a kind designed to Kansas City but one of the new design feature that. Features of the location. Has some people in the neighborhood concerns. When the project is complete those wanting to pump gas and get something from inside the store will face a treacherous. Path. They will have to cross an open Mercer street. The store will remain at its current location with the palms across the street. Where barb or Buell you won spirits used to stand. The west plaza neighborhood association was concerned about safety for those crossing Mercer. Quick trip says they plan to put an ample signage cross walks and yells stretching on the road in an effort to keep customers safe. Is it me or has quick trip taken over this. I'm okay it's been a benevolent dictatorship. I love me some quicker soaring UEU. You know what life is like if you live in and if you live canary with quick trip in and you leave. Like I did in the new compact dinner with quick trip. Oh my god it's like reuniting with god I if it is it is seriously so hammered home my god it's nice because they it's just nobody. You go to a gas station so often you realize how often you actually go to them. And Qwikster is amazing so clean and and friendly and I just I've worked at a gas station how those people a quick trip managed just say so upbeat all the time. Since it with the people it's a fully had no idea what's going under what they're pumping into the seventeen dollars an hour. Maybe that's orders. Maybe that's what exactly iTrip. The picture you know whichever is good benefits and make good money as well it always pays their people seventy and ultimately that's fantastic. I big fan of the courts of would we lived in independence there was one. Right around the corner and now living grand view in. And allowed to have one. It well there's one on the Southside program view on 150. That's the only creature. During this for success I think is an economics. That's the thing that made me angry at first rights to burn quick trip out while I was you could ask an exit due to all the other buildings I don't care it's gonna baby how. Here you might can hide debt. It. I'm just sunny if you if you lived in an area without a quicker for awhile and then you came back to go like oh my god we're due to some think this area. We have one that I 35 in Johnson right we have one right here next of the radio station prize economist park where America. They're putting a new one in on charting mission parkway and Neiman. Oh really yes. There's one at 67. And Neiman. One down Metcalf. 75 amend and fifth there's one over here Roland park not far from my house. I think quick trip owns this town it is a monopoly on gas pumping. Now and in fairness. Because quick trip is here I mean you know their warehouse or everything is is here. When I lived in Dallas that's we're at that time anyways I don't know I think as it's announced at. But when I lived in quick chair and into palace 7-Eleven. Corporate headquarters and everything's 7-Eleven was in Dallas. And it was the same way it was it was planet 7-Eleven I mean they were everywhere. Is a quick trips corporate location here. So yeah yeah yeah well this is it oh no bull isn't Olson also. While their big warehouse I know they're going over here and belts and they got a huge run down their bells and yet David division office here at their headquarters. Corporate offices in Oklahoma. It. Starting in nineteen I do think though with blood this west port thing they're next. Quick trips next step is the bill the death star. It. Al ultimately fine so long as they have. To Tito's on the death star. I'm Sergio soda if anybody would be responsible with the death star movie geek culture gap only use it a case emerge guys this is it's for good reviews and for good. Not terrible but it planet not not now just to teach a lesson in. There that someone that. 7-Eleven possible planets known media Sutherland had a place out now haven't had a Richard did Adam today did it. It's not them that. No I think I will say is Casey's has better pizza. It. Some one thing we should it be. Casey's has the best crappy pizza ever made. And and I mean that as a problem because I've had really good pizza that wasn't. As good as this case we got to run. On behalf of our producer David finest men and all of America the great right. Think he's my good friend and cohost this afternoon. Mr. Jonathan we're. I discovered that we had been bombed at one. Extra items up parts and returns tomorrow we're on the road this Friday. To GeForce three grown bar and blue springs. Being honored for which see you there have a great night these safe. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.