Heartbreaking news: 2 deputies shot in KCK

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, June 15th
Suspect reportedly overtook 2 officers while in shackles ... 

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy or is heat index values between 10105. I'm staff meteorologists are different era more art KM BZ whether or 94 aren't TCI it's nine before downtown 94 at your official weather station. It. Did. It's. The F yeah. Good afternoon Kansas City it is good to be with you. Which route meeting on different terms. Why you look at me like a dog that doesn't understand the command. Until we can't wish you happy birthday but I don't know. Wrong about doing. Real quick and can I tell you happy birthday and give you the gift I got it. Yes yeah ugly and heavy. Let's start with that I. Get all ugly you're having an eye and I'm quite frankly we were talking about this is happy birthday to you very handsome man. Huge outlook that day over 40. And you are very different in my and I brought I know her cult a gift. Brought you a gift and I want to bring in their to duplicate what Chris miners at the board Chris turn on this microphone I'm here. As a captain long hair comes in to bring me my gift which he certainly is under no obligation. Well I have the gifts for you to. And I can it. Opponents and it's bull. Who would show well well it. Sort. Is this I'm. Brought Babcock original well I believe it is believe this is a railroad spike turned into a shank. I can't let us call the game has thrown school. What do you make for girls. And you. I could show us. I looked like you left. Q. It's a spike. I don't know how he did it. But he melted it and made it into him that announcing. Go kill someone to sell us that it that it and I really. I. I've been doing that by expensive stuff my buddy Brandon who. Lives out there thinking is bill and it's like there dangerously sharp. But yeah you've you've take Guerrero spike all rise zero spike added in the fire and so against really really hot. And you beat it into a knife in the new twist it. Well thank you very much as for months. There are or aren't told us. And she is us because we're waiting for another update at at a potato chip in half with that here again in the the the. Kept it. There are two things and that acting. Action denied engaging thinks I don't primaries. On. I did give you a gift from Turks and caicos but I threw away it was their no it was sir Clifford house know those errors used. Shark. But I'd have. A Q. A Donald Trump talking parent includes aides say things like this pin is huge I'd like to her place and huge huge. Because I really don't feel like talking about what's going on one account we almost noninterest name. It's Friday it's garner that's awful. Books and as god what is this afternoon that for a while around. Good let's go to report. It's kept okay here's what. There's an element checks with us. We don't. Source. OK that is you're Donald Trump talking ten Britons who do we not hacks into my. Don't like me. This is from my friend in his barn. I picked these out just for you sir yes. I'm. While. What does it. Well. From and try not to take any of this personally. The first coaster ride says. Try not to be. That's been advised maximize. For SA. Does it actually is. I'd says the entire ward rod awesome and it doesn't just say. Apple is sometimes you just a reminder it's time to today. It's as good advice MI AD. Now yet but it's does that help on the you don't hit it. It's. For. Q tips so welcome. Or work these. Things. A just love it still making some lemonade just don't say anything and that has pulled the concern. She'll love it she does that mean she loves me in me. So I got a massage too from. When doubts who plays on the plaza. I had a guy give me a massage to. No you never kind of against that in the past but this I think this is like the second or third time this guy has done me. Anyway we were talking. And Justin. He said he had to move to the city to do massage is because people in smaller downs. I don't like dudes revenue. Did you say that used to be one of those dudes. Ever probably got Roman packages ever came well. You're very anti pending but Nigerians to give you massage that rod slap in my bottom and really as they just rod goes to a guy. No oh. Also that's what have you done so got a massage a oh I have I have some reimbursing torment. Problem and he gave a great massage. He would not stopped hawking today. And and it now Canada got the like. How bout that World Cup action well no no he didn't care about soccer but he wanted to talk to me about how he group in the ozone or accident and then Alex women up to not hours and everything else there. You know what I did I feel awful office. I would have said I am so sorry thinks and trying to how how did you know it and noon I know you geeks know. So about 1520 minutes into this. Massage. Whatever one's. Out where I've got this guy with his hands along the Catholic rod. About fifteen. Style. Arms are Arabs are kind of sorry sorry it's his team so I mean I didn't mean to it was item it was aren't Arabs are and broke. Missed. It's about 1520 minutes he. He won't stop talking. Yeah absolutely not and he's like tell me about how we grow in the Ozarks area to move the city how he came here to take your grandma grapple like look this is not your therapy session and it kind. And so I feel horrible about this but about fifteen claimants and I what I you know your face down unity at that old don't. And I would I would like this ago. I. Please tell me more about your upbringing in the Ozarks sent. When they're getting in the size yeah. That's what I did. And then when one wasn't good enough I did it again. They didn't believe you didn't talk anymore. I'd do to snores. How you know I did I tell you about this. Well I just would when you said. This is what I did and I feel bad about it what are just I I considered figure what what would you possibly do in the size I think it is so you fixed dollar. And you know I don't fall for that at all I don't know extort. Now I've never had him a massage therapists to. Just started yakking away why do you think I'm not a massage their commitment and how are you tell me that your let me tell you Richard let you know if he's swimming swimming is just me and writes picnic. So happy birthday wish that this was. I'm a more pleasant day. We have a lot of fun stuff to talk about today. You know I don't think it's possible based on the limited. Amount of information that has been the least. That we can keep talking about what is happening KCK for four hours. We just don't know where were not aren't we just don't know anything more. Then the limited information they released about twenty minutes ago. You know. We know that one. Male. Deputy has died. And one female. Deputy is in critical condition they're trying to save for you right now what's. And we will update that story throughout the day as weak hand. But the last thing I heard one of the spokesman ams say Kara was that will be back tomorrow with an update and I yelled at it is an. I have a feeling we will hear from them again you can't just able to act marlin you know what's going on and I know they have a lot going on. I do. The Kansas City, Kansas. Police department is heading up the investigation. Because it involves the death of a deputy at the wyandotte county sheriff's department and I think that's standard care of it as an outside agency to come in and and take a look at how this happened I need someone to explain to me how this happened. And we had a listener who used to transport prisoners and we were chatting back on the text finest at. Explain to me the protocol. Because we know that this inmate should have been shackled. And handcuffed. During his transport. And was he shackled and handcuffed I don't know. I don't know but. Even z.'s spokesperson said it is very possible. That he used one of the deputies guns to kill one of them and critically injured the other. And so here's what does listeners sent. He handcuffed in the for a prisoner transport. Is the single most. Dangerous duty really curious. And so I said we please call and just talked about the protocol when you were doing this the possible scenarios. Because I would like to know. You know and talked a little bit about their protocol care there's always two deputies they're always shackled in hand cart. They are in a gated secure area which we know now is where this happened. And so we will invite him under the program here in just a little bit. Prisoner transfer is the most dangerous is that is that true. They're getting ready to go to court these are dangerous people and they know they're getting ready. Including an hour. We don't know anything about the suspects it's Terrell widow Jodie we don't know the age we don't know the crime the only singer Lena. Is that he was due in court this afternoon what do don't we know somehow overtook two deputies and killed one of them. And let for under 100 clinging to life do we know. Was that a juvenile and they keep saying it was from the juvenile detention center it would this be courthouse is the juvenile and it's also has adult cases that. We don't look we don't actually know that it was juvenile and. 5767798. Data right Caremark to run Babcock and scuff marks Acadia music. You know some that haven't almost all of us and knock on what happens to none of us in the future but if you do find yourself. In a car accident remember the name. Deals collision repair blue springs whether it's a fender Bender god forbid something more serious. Deals and blue springs do you take care of their work by the way guaranteed. As long as you own your car trucks and get your car or truck fixed right. The first time. They are professionals have been out there many times Dale's friend of mine I've seen his resume work and I swear by 8162281855. 8162281855. Rom on it deals auto collision dot com. Dale's and blue springs taken care of cars taking care you. 157677. But let me say we'll roll right. May god bless. These two deputies who were shot today one has been killed. One is in critical condition. Go to Kim on line one hello Kim are you guys go about doing well under the circumstances spokesman. The in the brutal situation when you're on the road. I spent only one near my life. As a correctional professionals there escorting them by total current. And when you leave the confines secure so what. You're virtually at the mercy in what could go wrong and you know but one. Particles and leaving until. The escorted officer almost all. For bill strips so Chilean make. They check everything from where they are the other mile. Rebel with their own. We checked binary error we checked in her ear. And after that and to give them fresh clothing that they had no exit in order to. Then restore restrict well. We start with a three. Give you're leg irons restoring the we put up more chain which there were over to a military. Around the individual. In network portion where does look like an adult or who along with big in the betraying. We had kept the individual. Usually. What the key ways basic or William virtual. There will operate the port call what most cordial first goal black box. Can slip over there kept keeping keywords shall be accessed. There's a padlock there the unity chain warned there were putting equity in critical. But it's still well. Or. So mobility there. An individual and out of transport I am at all. Most all of the but it checked out of Iowa but what to keep problem. Lamb that's cute sort of concrete. Camera click just like in has some sort of visual here so the the hands are cuffed in the front when you do this type of work anyway. And you're shackled and then there's a chain that goes down to your seats under what scenario. Could something like this happened at the handcuffs are not. Tight enough with that. For the possibility that the chain let them loose around the in the brutal waste. That allowed him a little bit more freedom movement. Under that would not performed well in the sense that goes. The vote could you have an entry level football you exactly what. Back in a nice. They overpowered escorted off. Of the weapons that paper here. The it's it's sort of stated earlier in Portugal focal. AM chablis complaint been about like. Part of that as well. The reasons why we do like we do. Some people but they're probably put it. Bat. They're not why the church that well well thanks so much as late or. Pocket clip. Then can be used. Through what the sport that can actually wanted to not let it out there under the name. Opting out with this OK but don't let go right out early in here so. Let me ask you noticing him is it. Is its. Protocols. That the people transporting. The inmate are also that two people. Who secure. The handcuffs and shackles or is that someone like inside the building that does that and then. The prisoners are handed off to the team that transport student you don't and asking. Now the transport team you're click Culpepper and and and moderate to a local call once it was well personal lately that was involved. We were the ones who will response. Right it is it's like packing your own parachute if you I'll bet or maybe I missed a real quick camera and and we got to get to the news Sorgi could do it quickly. Is there some sort of and again maybe I missed it is as some sort of protocol as to Howell. Deputies walk a prisoner out were ones in the fraught ones in the back of eight left to right. Are they both behind how does that work. When you look at it made probably facility. And accurately when your loaded them you want intimate. On the Euro where put all side. What we're up like you walk into virtual water oil there were certain that the Loewen coming in about a player. You can become extremely vulnerable. At that point. Mr. And then you know as for similar text liners. Or about female. Are or where you're at war some of the best female officers. Out there and there are lower. They are. Capable of recording. And in May across country and he may have other work where what they'll let oracle. And thank you for the call brokerage and attacks on this caller is right I could touch my face if I wanted to. When I was being transported. With shackles and handcuffs now get. That doesn't mean you have mobility to the point that you can somehow overtake. Two. Not one to armed deputies. Killed one of them and critically injure. The other is it is a sad. Day for our city week from today will be fitted for street grew Embarq and blue springs. Skips the newsroom here is Kara marks one deputy killed another in critical condition after a shooting this morning answer at the courthouse load more next. Two days accounting Father's Day is this Sunday me you've progress made it pretty kick off grilling season by getting your dad in Omaha steaks. Father's Day package it's available for pick up now at the Kansas City Omaha steaks reach a location in town center plaza. We love Omaha steaks at our home and if you miss the opportunity to were on line it is not too late. Listeners of David parks too limited time Omaha steaks offer for Father's Day at the town center plaza location at 70% off. You can get the almost six package for just 4999. Just let him know Scott parks and here's what you get to tender flaming ons to beef tops are ones. For crispy chicken fried steaks too juicy boneless pork chops. 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Investigators are reviewing surveillance tapes from the courthouse to figure out what happened. A male lions I county deputy was killed a female deputy remains in critical condition their names have not been released. The suspected shooter was also shot and taken to the hospital where that person was in surgery at last update. Check traffic and weather together next you know I was talking to my buddy Jasper the evident. The summer menu is in full swing and you know what that means people ask me all the time. I get table side month's world theater yet they do in the cheese in the cheese at the table yet. The answer is yes. Make your reservations now get into Jasper and ask for. Table side must reload theater. It will matter third theorize on the only places in the world you can get tables that must real theater it's the coolest thing you've ever seen and make the cheese. Right before your eyes with fresh heirloom tomatoes. This wonderful site production have. 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Ninety Ford your official weather station the radio dot com app is the officially homeless KM BZ downloaded to thank listen to us any time anywhere. Kara marks or his 981 KM BZ. It won't. And best describe the differences come up at 5 o'clock news. We have formed tragic news here in town. At the courthouse. One wind county sheriff's deputies been killed. One is in critical condition after they were shot by a prisoner they were transporting. We don't really know exactly what happened. That they were at the courthouse. Transferring the prisoner across the street. And install the prisoner reached for one of their guns Reitman shot. Prisoner was also shot by whom we don't know. And is also keep medical's sent. KM diseased and one bomb. Joining us from Holland hello to him. They've got our area. Well the entire courthouse remains take off cordoned off as investigation. In order chipping with the deputies. Continues. We've got pedestrians walk around by double blocks round or else. I've also been blocked from any traffic well. Freedom of movement for all the law enforcement. Officers that are down here right now it is relatively quiet out here from our viewpoint but inside. Where the ball happens you've got detective using crunchy text doing. Their job inside trying to figure out exactly how and why in the timeline of all of that about which you off two deputies shot. You know maybe this is is a question common asks where you say that we just don't know. But the courthouse is counting property why is is being investigated by the KCK police department. I think that it's going to be all hands on deck of courses suit. It happened pseudo wyandotte county. Sheriff's department if you will and so it Branyan. Other officers. Are to this. To bring in now all hands basically there to assist when they've lost. One. The deputies it's her personal. And then of course not a lot has severely limit. Let me ask you to stand is there any suggestion. That we will have another update soon before the news this evening at one of the last things. One of the spokesman. Spokesman said was we might update you again tomorrow I find that very hard to believe. Would say wyandotte county sheriff's deputy in surgery. In critical condition after one of the worst days this city has seen in in a long time. There is no indication. From my vantage point here seven and and in downtown KK that there's. Any movement to. Providing more updates at the moment of course we all. One Laura in the condition of the record that he felt more out of this'll happen but so we're gonna have to wait until they are prepared. Relieve some corporation. Do we know how these deputies were shot I mean. The the prevailing thought during the news conference was that they were shot by a prisoner but out of the prisoner get his hand or her hand on the gun. I think that's the million dollar question. That ever wanted to ask you right now. Because the prisoner was being transferred. Out from the jail to the courts building and somehow in that process. The deputy appear and overcome. And somehow prisoner grabbed a firearm. And two deputies were shot and Lou Lou the prisoner was shot as well. Exactly the crime line. How that'll now of course we all know we're just gonna have to have give it a few before we get those exact details. Call us back if you hear anything if there's another update between now and Tennessee 6 o'clock that wears on after us and just keep us posted and I know you're down there and you'll do great great job force Roger. I want mom came as a reporter at the one Mecca it court is just not an and and. Talked to Scott is off the hair before. We came on at 2 o'clock. There's just not a lot more to report you right now and so we are not in the business. Droning on for four hours and speculating and trying to figure out you know all of the unknowns right now I mean this disease aid for our program we're going to update you as best we can. There are a lot of you at work now that will be joining us your cars at 3 o'clock 4 o'clock 5 o'clock. And so we will continue to update the story throughout the afternoon I don't think we can just stick with it. Today right now we just don't have enough information to pass on to EU. And I think sometimes that's the difference between life television news and radio. He's experts in people desperately. Ire of the reporters are leaders say you know you got any closer and the reporters that no. She is just not school right here in pass on so if that changes you know well. Or social media platforms as well as on the arts program and we will probably move on to use another thing. Forward to that rod is just abouts would take gold. A line one here on the air hello. I. I. And I want to return them. I think it yet. I would incarcerated or about yours. And Trent were or aren't. Through many different jurisdictions and date and that people. And I was never in a position to get access to officer's gun. Rarely Wear your hands in the front and your feet shackled. Down below just just like our previous caller described. Am I went. I went but it says on the airplane. We were tied together to and you get an up movement because you are being able to. Use the bat and we do that not wiggle room where you can just not be in do real quickly. Your answer in the hunt. I think are also in part because Trent or long term and I will be here on comparable sites to be you know. And abuse. At the circulation the year Rick. Good thing and Cutler are able. Sir to ask if you're on like a con air would you mind if I asked what. What did you do. I had a computer crime. Well. No I. Don't remember. You gave it special last September. I was job. Yeah I dorm of that but don't consider him go out. Yeah I am so. You know that. It and. If the nation on that I and I mean I've been out in December to update. You. I circle your. A different. 767798. Bernie Madoff consultants. Like to turn them. Now. I didn't look like apple tightly. Tied it. On the I think a lot and he called my god. I went into. And now I've got my notebook orbit I'm like. Oh maybe you can do. It. Yeah that you don't. Wanna. Ellie and one. That no one point eight. Now what happened. I don't like I hadn't walked me out I went to court another. And that law I'll back and walk straight in or. The big oil and I have to that they could no of course they only now. Old my mom and my caught me now I don't think I know I kept it off and actually know when you strike me. We are very popular whose hits British it's 46. In Carson in population what is going on I think more people arrests have been you know. Yes. Generous I would fall over and die as anybody in your family ever been arrested. As a matter of fact. Yes. Down south might then they're not your kid my chin. And galaxy there have been. One or two of them I believe that have been in the pokey. The pokey yeah by that you mean the jail or the prison because there is I think I think that jail. Prison yeah. Prisons prisons where you get to poke yeah. That's for the big dogs get. And I mean you know. We got some of that refresh on that side. Ever been arrested sort got never never in your life I would. Die on the spot I would have a panic attack and die on the spot are you kidding now. It's if a cop I cannot imagine anything worse even though I know there are other worse things out there yeah way out there or. You've never been handcuffed. That's like your surprise us. Silly question is like sweet little Carol I mean I know Seattle and not even college. I asked rob I know Leon's map that's dumb question. Where's my breath. Senate. I find that hard to believe. He wants to apologize for not being arrested by 7677. On. 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Is to use the promo code KM BZ of Brooklyn and dot com BER oh OKL I NEN dot com promo code KM BZ. Brooklyn these of the Ben Sheets ever. On big business. I don't think they've been blue springs. 54 street grill and bomb. 5767798. If you miss the breaking news why in one wind our county sheriff's deputy has been killed. Another is in critical condition after they were escorting. A prisoner at the court house somehow the prisoner got his or her hands on the gone one of the guns. Shot one deputy to death. Critically wounded the other. The prisoner now in hospitals well having been shot. How does that. There handcuffed shackled. How does a prisoner get their hand on usher steps he's got them built in Kansas City hello bill. Then. I thought somebody you should remember this back in 1976. That guy is a ticket and it was my Michael Ferris M Charlie chaotic state at. He handcuffed behind isn't the candy octagon from the top and shut out the Lebanese still in the present now. If you look behind his back he was backed up behind his back and end and got the Dem. Or and how does one do that. I don't know I don't want to say that I had to go down. This is then you can look like seven which can speak campus. That that you know that's trying to unbelievable but. Any idea when we were hands behind the back gets his hands on the gun. And then shoots the deputy from bought with the hands behind his ought. Shot both look yes like if you can looks to be black if you can turn it certainly you can grab a hold again. You can turn it around judge didn't opt aspirant. And I don't it may have been different Mac they had. And bill. Why this is why our earlier caller can who has been in the business of prison transport says. They practices and he practices in the practices because according to. Him it is one of the most dangerous things as eight a law enforcement officer you can do. I know them that the person that Kim who called in earlier figure from the to have merit made that point. You think that the more dangerous would be win. You have the suspect up against car for example our rights to brick right whether or not hand off. I mean we're talking about a prisoner who was presumably. Not just hand cup but shackled. How did they get this weapon. Don't ask. Don't now. I 76779. God bless this deputy who lost his life. God bless the deputy that's fighting for hearse. But I just cannot figure this story now. And this gets back to the investigation. This is why. And this is universal. To my knowledge. This is why the Casey cape police department is heading this investigation. They will go and as an unbiased agency. And look at exactly. What went wrong here we don't know they're there could be cameras up their Scott when I I would be Marshall star of their. Course and so you know it's possible because this was in a gated open area. That they will know relatively quickly how. How. This happened. Skip to the newsroom here is Caremark happening now in KM BZ tragedy at the wyandotte county courthouse morn next. You know the right tire can have such an impact on your business it is crucial to make sure your job post reaches the most qualified candidates. Tried posting on job boards but do you really will see that. When you post or job on linked in it reaches 70%. Of the US workforce. And unlike job boards Linkedin is a community that career focused people visit every day to grow professionally. And explore job opportunities. Linked in jobs intelligently targets candidates based on the scales recommendations even how open they are two opportunities like yours. Insides that are only available on the Linkedin network. The results is or poses match to the best people for the job. That is probably why new hires me every ten seconds using linked it at Arlington dot com slash data. In a fifty dollar credit toward your first job post Linkedin dot com slash Dana. For your fifty dollar credit terms and conditions apply. Link did you work closer than you think extra listening to the Dana and parts podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.