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Tuesday, September 19th

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When you're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like two years. Start drinking have. Let's see a mirror really do much when you don't even raining do you have more fit what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. Blood doesn't feel right there on 98 point one JMD's. Yeah. And yeah. I still have the Emmys as the number one trending topic in Kansas City which is weird to me tear part of it is because. Now ratings are down from previous years but up from last year yeah. Means I actually washed against a pretty funny means to an awards show a need to. You watch it analyzed I washed yesterday apps and nothing else on a bit. Why after Friday he'll have Fuller house season three balls thank god so if you look at when Lee is gone home by herself while we and refusing to leave your four walls. Fuller house is only something new locks yeah you know I'm sure that's only that's when I just that's in Lebanon and with but yeah the the Emmys still love still trending number one in Kansas City. It just talk like a pirate and yeah our. It's arbor. Thank you very. I'd like to hear you try to talk like a Byron. Think that given a shot at claiming he and I are. So good added that I is that when it under that it is just like you have the room Travis can talk like a fire anybody I just found the boot and. I. Smiling yeah the thus far it's a pirate day super fun like you are excited to be called I'm yeah I have this on countless I don't know if these are practicing the newsroom a bear and I think. Working our newsroom you're practicing talking like a pirate yeah. Yeah. Today you don't do this tomorrow Travis rat creek gag surgeon has tomorrow that we're gonna. Either little stories for your show or talk like a pirate thank you for focusing on the importance to us and that's what goes on news of his radio program appreciate that. Another bunch of series born stuff. Like Missouri state board of education is meeting today yes I was teacher yes I care by its trend that's trending in Kansas City we'll find out what they've that's an important thing also this is trending. The United States has great strength and patience. But if that is forced to defend itself or its allies. We will have no choice but to totally destroying. North Korea that. Is trending right there at the UN Zalmay it's president Tron can junk food we refer to as. The rocket man. I hope we don't destroy all of North Korea. But his words are his words and words matter but interpretation of course course they are now he's pretty literal guy. Generally doesn't really talking. Ever nailed pretty blunt. So if you take that for exactly what he's. Yeah he thinks we should just go and just take country and if they continue to behave the way that they do O we will have no choice. But to totally destroying. North Korea surely doesn't come to that 25 million people live in North Korea right now you know it was probably really freaking out. South Korea feeling now man. Right next door with use of attention. You know they're eaten they've always been or. Yeah Japan is all twitching but if we drop Obama North Korea and other South Korea part of South Korea's gonna be gone too yeah. That is the scary part all. So that is why I can down and is trending it's like trumps you minus trending right United Nations is trending why is very of them Odom turning. Because Missouri jester and. Hasn't recruited Missouri in his defense absolutely sucks it was 35 read. In Colombia. On Saturday afternoon at halftime. The stands are some pictures stands were empty Odom speaking today. First weekly press conference. I would be kind of shocked if they get in there played Auburn this week if ms. zoo. Put up an effort against Auburn located in South Carolina. I think it's too early to fire coach this short of his death of a tenure but then there's going to be some rumblings Nancy it's gonna get real hot. It's let me updates. Hurricane Maria really quickly because we've had at last check yesterday we had three hurricanes out in the Atlantic that we are watching Maria become a category five. And if he'd just Sweden a few seconds ago the first deaths attributed to hurricane Maria as officials reported fatality. On the French island of Guadeloupe I applicants about her TV that's when category five hit god south east of Puerto Rico basically. Headed right for I mean. Puerto Rico is still recovering from like two weeks ago from Burma. They're predicting winds at a 155 miles an hour by 8 o'clock tomorrow morning that would take it as it passes that eastern side of Puerto Rico. Depending on if it tracks a little more western east we'll find out if it stays on the current path. The I at least would not hit the Dominican Republic but the outer bans would as it crossed by believe that's on Thursday. The only good news of seeing come out of the so far today is that it if it stays on the current track it's gonna go far enough east. That Bermuda is gonna get hit but the eastern coast of Florida will not and if it stays on the bad days on Tuesday could turn now whenever now last time we didn't think it was communities that we got in the West Coast of Florida and these cuts now we'll see. They're so so and also even those not trending but got a good news for both deal. You guys talked about it nothing on TV. Next week is a star of all fall shows. Our. Back. You know it's him who would like Chicago shows how little. 114 Chicago library just got canceled. Umpqua exposed to cancel route I would pass now the record 30. My god and comes back pulleys and thus comes back I'll wait what's the thirds fires and fire fire police and medics or oh of med I don't watch out. That he was all like him. It fires fires okay. Chicago police that the best if you finish designated survivor by I got about seven episodes and very excited about seasons come back down Coca gas. How long could be the designated survivor and while I mean his presidency can go another 300 years plus form or I I guess he's and Kiefer Sutherland is locked in and we know. Obviously I haven't been this season and that's our refereeing but you're an actor by now by the in the season medicinal due on Friday is Lee got real border that show real yeah it was compelling it after about four episode two that'll predictable dignity that are. Can stick it out yeah it's better toward the end of the season midnight and a lot of talk a lot of people haven't watched it Wednesday. Shot the never. I'll just get like thirty road for a gallon don't find out they get some ideas now sure. And if that applies a L I. And find out until the series and what's right let's be real here they're gonna go through another season and Kiefer Sutherland snuck in and now like 24 elections here in new toys for canceled. There was a new 24 over the. Travis in the region they re booted 24 with a guy that played Dr. Dre in straight at a con I think it only lasted one season a guy if it did get renewed have annoyed I didn't hear about episode and then stopped and privacy any commercials for the new one on fox during football which is when he totally pump all their new show rights. So I have no right now so I have no idea contacts broke my elbow. Are coming up next and Twitter callers this hour of fast thank you because welcome back to battled Eleanor would you like you're sixteen year old get a piercing. Attached to both or neither vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio 62%. Would let their child get neither. 62% 27 and it appears that we're talking about yours are obviously excited about knows naval. I'm eyebrow. On whatever. So we'll come back to that conversation a little bit later on 1216 up next McDonald's make it a big change but is it the right change. Clay what it is next a 91 KM BZ 91 KM BZ in the day with Jamie wicket coming up at about 25 minutes been listening to your chancellor American oil rodeo tickets. Right now though McDonald's and in making the right change aren't so you told me this morning that McDonald's is making a change to their happy meals and that's what the juice. Yeah starting in November McDonald's Happy Meals will include a organic apple juice replacing traditional Jews that also contains more sugar did you joke juice is made by honest kids. Part of honesty you know organic beverage company purchased by Coca-Cola in 2011. Coke also owns minute maid which currently supplies the apple juice boxes for happy meals. You could also by the way get milk or on chocolate milk now this. Apple juice that's gonna be going in the happy meal is a six ounce box of honest kids organic happily ever after. At the plate worst. No it contains. 35 calories and eight grams of sugar so it's half the calories. And a lot lesser amid made apple juice has eighty calories so it's 35 to eighty and eight grams of sugar it is it to nineteen it's almost a third. Of the sugar. I'm both types are made from concentrate by the way the switch to organic less sugary juice is part of a larger trend to eat more healthy the past would industries also pointed to. As a reason why Americans including children have bad eating habits which leads to obesity heart disease diabetes and other issues. You with us if the story I have the fortune dot com story in front MB and the very first line of it says. That the new Jews that they're getting is only 42%. Use. The one and they currently carries a 100%. Sugars whopping 100% juice products for 42% g.'s product. And with it you're getting a lot of last year's event and problem or wire your I'll probably just. A packed fewer calories and less sugar in the new organic juice going in to the happy meals. Thanks so on and I appreciates. That we're making kids' meals healthier meat in the past they offered apple slices as an option album one wonders tiger to apple slices from Olin Browne. How many chemicals that requires you to answer my eyes got her round I've never thought I have I don't need a lot of happy meals but sometimes you just in for like a light snack. Have to be a battle for Mac happy meal as it as a snack on the way home. Small and small Fries not the worst combination in the world if you're out for fast and hammers to benefit to calories and it is an Alley fighter -- not total. The worse that's all you're doing and what is this the right change. Late it is. We knew that I talked about this before. At least up here this morning. If you're really in it 82 things one if you're really in it to make happy meals. Healthier for kids. Kenya's swap out the burger. An ally for us Allen is a kid getting it is how. Probably not this is the problem right into this back and watch a lot of Food Network like competition shows and they've done this before and stuff like top chef William saying. Here fifties chaps were years picking with all these great ingredients make a meal that's healthy kids will like they stir rubble. I mean by. Could do a grilled chicken wrap. Of some time cheese sandwich. She's got a lot of added it and requires a lot of butter fried and you're right as a person I sent wise. I guess this is a step in the right direction but if you really want to show you care about its health. Care if you re. We wanna show you care about Americans. Fast food restaurants would realize. I'm sure they do they realize and a lot like a salad at McDonald's is like I've box. A burger McDonald's is a dollar and a RI. It's it's five times more expensive to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant than it is to eat. A murderer. Now in all fairness egg salad is Emil. And should cost more because upper your attacks markings on girls attacked more calories than you are. But you're probably in Verizon's announcement but have a five a burger or I have a salad. The ball probably gonna fill me up. You know Spain and now. You know Damane gone. So does the problem with eating healthy dealers and every salads healthy oh. I love ice there's some restaurant or wanna called on by name but to elect its other healthy alternative. It's like a chicken fingers salad it's like it's like fried chicken on top of the salad that's healthy now now chicken isn't that. Right it's addressing it yes slather all or the red and or the breading. Secure important Fries after the sale wasn't filling exact and then the cheesecake gas X and two Beers you added a dead to me it's like I watched royals games and they have a promotion. When the royals turn a double play mixed doubles or a dollar you're like oh cool. What about royals term double play salads are two bucks no because for some reason we don't care it's easier to produce that Berger and Celek for a block in the profit margin. Is probably. Still eighty cents to the dollar. Yeah I mean as opposed to a salad which might cost them more just to make. So like the the inch reduction of the salads at places like McDonald's or Wendy's or anywhere else like that you'd generally what and other for health food I think it's. Per person like me. I'm getting a salad McDonald's a fine important position like and sometimes we got the year 2 o'clock we haven't had lunch at a meeting somewhere at three or four or something. I didn't think to bring anything with Mir at a time out time to go so I'm looking for the you know like the lesser of all evils I'm going to McDonald's and get a salad my guesses. They just kind of put them there for that reason they're not trying to likes Elian salads mom they're just. They're filling a little bit of indeed any and I. With all due respect to our friends at burger king and Wendy's and McDonald's and are being original chicken sandwich is my favorite thing in any universe. Any number is the goal for a healthy meal really. You know also and so we're here in mission right and surrounded by a lot of fast food restaurants and stuff and so you would think given. The twenty options literate than a mile and they're probably a lot more. It would be easier to try to figure out and try to think OK. What's my what's my best bet here I definitely would start like a subway. Or slot skis or to pull away if you don't do the whole shebang Jimmy Joseph and you may be Jimmy John's that then Easter outlook and this is wiping out these are difficult. Sometimes because you start looking at the content you is when sugars and Brett. You know I have no idea Ali sugar and Brad a lot is that you're better off just not okay you better to not ask violent act so you go places that you perceived to have healthier options. But don't assume that everything at those places is going to be healthy it's really it's really to our default to a panera or something or I'll go and do have a Greek salad and chicken noodle soup and I. And okay I'm not content. Not as I think I feel better. It's. I 767798. To to John you'll be first up is 1228 is this the right move for McDonald's or. Let's be real here. You're not going to McDonald's to eat healthy he is our point to us is there points with 31 to good question because like you stop and get a happy meal on the way home from baseball practice or relate to a baseball game. Could you cast have something in his stomach he's got home from work and it. You know yet tripped up in traffic can you gotta get something they got to go play tee ball. Point to this and Fries are gonna Philly up better than Apple's probably. I don't trust me I love me some McDonald's I'm Mike took it is what API. That texted us at a took a picture of it. Driving home grabbed the twenty piece and I finished it before I got to Michael. I'm a little jealous that Aaron. It's okay I McDonald's in Morocco was the first summit every McDonald's I was rock in McDonald's on their menu is extremely. Limited. It's not they consider it like for rich people whether it's incredibly cheap. I'm Kent is an important contact but yeah it was. I had a C different difference it was a glorious. 5767798. Is a threat move from McDonald's should other fast food restaurant's policy replacing. The minute majors with some organic juice or is that not going far enough your calls next 981 KM BZ EB day would Jamie like it's. Jamie Monticello in my quick hits asking about dumb McDonald's and if you think that it is the right move. This even matter that they're replacing their Jews with organic Jews to help kids be healthier. As soon as as many viewer out to lunch do you please oh please is like McDonald's post the calorie contact. Does that influence your decision at all and does McDonald's choosing to go organic third Jews or at apple slices or yogurt instead of Fries. Is it a good business model is is it worth the effort I think if you. You horror. Look again with all due respect to our friends in the fast food industry. I'm not take into Wendy's or Arby's or McDonald's or whatever places I'd love that I frequent but I'm not look at him and sand. Healthy option here you know it's which was the best way to watch those calories and at bat and take if I'm going to play at a Taco Bell. I'm not Golan lake right man. Can be real healthy when I go get these double Decker Chiluba here. If I again if I'm pinch right now and I'm usually the person sitting on my phone gambling healthiest thing I can you are now and then because it. Just because I'm Bayer doesn't mean I have to make the worst is as impossible as again I'm gonna cheat seriously French fry. Red wine or do you original chicken sandwich numbered those are your option those like everything's gonna be worth it to the I talked often talk about is not enough now we're talking to Italy's from taco John's that we have conversation. About the twenty peace ignited I had for a snack on the way home a couple weeks ago the snack. Ashley a picture of the picture in front of me actually. You snack I call a days worth it. It was really good you know it. Now three sate sweeten Sowers worth I'd even take and like I did they ask us our and how else did you eat that day. Probably normal breakfast which is like a granola bar banana. I'm telling you go on. I don't know what I had for dinner that night but I would guess it may be Rios. I'm probably gonna there's some some sort of potato chip in there is most of knowing me there was a printing lunch or dinner. He had dinner which is I don't know it sank. Maybe a beer or two it was a while back snow let's say it was a two Beers in the media like. This is the amount of sailors like. It's a good fish that nice sometimes they may China you're trying to get in I don't know I don't know I'm an optimist you're like let's not say we had keeps our eye and say we had very good chance we had we had means keys there's a really good chance I mean he's that and I'm sure you've got you know thin crust is no cheese on and know the cheeseburger pizza and Antonin skis is the by far the best pizza in Kansas City and now I'm sure the tax lighted 22980. Will blow up in some rules say is pizza that. My favorite is the cheeseburger pizza permits keys original Christ it is so curtains with pickles on it's. Hurt our team right now so good. Men's skis that's one of the best it's not as good as pizza 51 because I like the kind of pizza I college and don't repeat the feat that he won a grand admits he's lost it tackles. Lost me totally lost it tackles Travis not surprised now cheeseburger like it's got like no thieves and it's got pickles got mustard on you have pizza but you lost me a cheeseburger thank. Thank you here yeah you like a fifteen year old boy it's a great pizza. I would need that if the team itself is a good deeds. Of so many other really good things argue to a nap because it's. The best of the really good things. You know it's not like they're boring Cal's zone in the Loveman skis but their regular Cal's only a couple of who toppings not quite as good there and does so many times might I agree with you I never team but. Rises one of these time from gonna silent Jamie and I don't like her and her conversation it was on your side there L you're wrong Travis so that's all that really messed. Sesame your twenty peace McKnight yeah I'm kind of jealous of the one text and pictures yet kind of game we want to try to find the picture and a thousand calories and that setting. And you read my drive all on your drive home in which you still had dinner after that oh yeah your beer and probably like two hours later citizens also every snack on later that night I actually got to the point Jamie were I was there. In my eight. Parking spot in my in metro Atlanta and I had two left at like hiding I was like I gotta finish these two's I said listen to date and parks like two minutes and finished the last Jews like it officially crush the whole thing on the oil. And again and you eat dinner I did you hear about probably two hours later so call 800 calories does she needed a lot of sauce packets Leslie's our yet you have to have kept to date to build the the the fortress of sweet and sour because. You don't wanna did get sauce all over your interiors or you have it while you're eating your chicken nuggets while driving yes. Absolutely like adults yeah drive right. On 65 grams of fat well we'll just sit on the high end of what you should have been a day is not a big guy guy you don't need as much as. Somebody that's a hundred pounds more than so good. And I'm not even count and sodium right now okay. How high up without a calculator I understand and so. Ons are really I was really do and it is designed just for the date is catches up with you everyone has some well everyone is anxious for that and so the first thing about this is that as people are texting and 2290. About. That you did a debate that's happening what is is like eating healthy is typical dial this up right now or sad I mentioned to Paul and somebody said be careful to call eight because you can really run in the like twelve or 15100 calories even a ball. And things is you just can't do this sour cream and skip the cheese and down to while rice mean a lot of things can be healthy if you just modified an orbit. The problems that the things you take out of the things that make again. Yeah right you want the holidays sick it speaks out let's just take it out so reasonable meet a Wii doesn't sound that appealing to treated here had the cheeseburger pizza they're great it's the debate that's happened is that. Have you ever had and a com. It's probably I probably had a piece of it not and skis because extend gets more pizza and ever you know workplace every day. In a moment of starvation. And ignorance and not knowing when I was eating I probably accidentally ate a piece Travis had your had the means he's cheeseburger pizza. Yes. Appease at least you tried I tried it and is this something that Iowa. Don't wouldn't go back what's sauce basis what's that like what's the equivalent of the Red Sox what's holding all together. Comic book all the ingredients mustard. Alec looks like a barbecue Pete's of their plays the part red sauce that is what is the replacement in its. Nearly audience that I don't know he's an idol I would like to do was catch. Catch against the durable. I'm not nine and only catch up might 910 year old nephew reads ketchup don't Sony catch. The I loved it. Okay and I. I says I like looking up yeah the debates happening also at listeners about this 100% Jews vs 42% geez thank you McDonald's. With a lot of saying. That you'd rather have the higher sugar Jews the higher calorie geez that's a 100% juice. That the Jews that's not as much juice in it lower calorie because at least it's a 100% juice. You know yeah you know what's the other 50%. I don't wanna know. No it is that you have to look at. Go ahead and claim ignorance and bury your head in the sand and that the fun way to go about it and that the current. This now what you. As I would like red sauce it's it's all that thrown out there and there's a authors red sauce and probably that Pete's a hundred times that they're fantastic. The best I've had in Kansas City on cheeseburger pizza as the hot item. I get asked this of the hot debate right now it's lunchtime I understand why don't I was out of the tags wicket of affected and I sat with the computer pizzas delicious and keep. I want this person's life some of these texted entities uniting Europe I would pizza expert. Come and I've got Heidi. Repeats expert. Is too because you eat a lot of pizza or because of that initial thing did you go to school for that view of the degree heat like I. I tell you about it on the PX or this season's top five so is he sees. Why taste in your son Casey's breakfast pizza is fantastic I am with you there aren't one and the bacon one is better than the sauce. But if we typically want the snacks as they've ever had pizza Kit Bond gets you because we have a debate that you and I watched all of us me and Casey that was it's easy if you want that's like mass produced the college he can't. College world aids in its value in the same conversation I mean scheme where you. You take a piece of pizza the size of the lights and that has to be cut and other pieces that amazed you're talking about just sheer quantity. It's. And it's we and it's just amazing. But I predator tied Jamie. Dimon. The it. I'm all right they're the music time to play who abide we've got 12345. Loud nine clues Travis. Got scared me yesterday and including six yesterday. All right nine clues and remember Travis made his so it's not going to be Donald formal Lawny drawn. But it will not be anyone in the political search tool that have this conversation on CNN talk is not Wolf Blitzer Zia. At some CNN report that could ever won. I was a millionaire before age twenty ounce of hate this person. I think people I think rich people you hate it's not Donald Trump. I was a millionaire before age twenty. 5767798. We have tickets to the American royal rodeo coming up a week from Friday. You got it answer it on the air right snaps in his era tax line you'll read entertain me rights but it doesn't know that's it I've no idea what. I was a millionaire before the age of twenties. 5767798. LaMont with the answer and York yes it's next in 91 game BZE. One KM BZ. Maybe we Jamie wicket JD minus Ali my quake hits. Every win some tickets to the American royal rodeo. On it is figure out who I am it to game. Travis made today which of course we always. We always tell you Travis is making it sometimes Jamie Wilson has Knightley. Got pretty dramatic and bike like Texas. It's never political. We it's it's never a V. You know. Dianne Feinstein right lines well now you'll pick fictional characters he has done their differences. Darth Vader. Pocket or do our best Nazi and I don't know who it is but we're doing our best not to indicate the difference here right now so a person who was a millionaire at a time when we're giving you. Pretty generic clues beginning pretty specific clues by the time we get to the end. Andy can figure out who I am today and you got yourself some rodeo tickets. For the American oil rodeo coming up a week from Friday. And hail arena. The American royal complex 5767798. Clever one I was a millionaire before the age of two once. Let's go right to the votes and we begin with Mike your an 81 KM BZ Michael and I. Are you by Steve Jobs. Good gas. Lot of good guests and Smart but wrong Josh you're on KM BZ Joshua nine. The broader and by the king. Not LeBron James. Travis is a sports guy knows that's probably a Smart yes. 5767798. Georgia on KM BZ who am I George. Family there. Yeah they'll. In my pairs Hilton. Just as though she was rich off real early like out of the -- it out of the womb rich. I've 7677. Anywhere she'd do it now just DJ Ing because in parcel that's all I ain't you rich and famous guy I was born the wrong family. That blame I blame my parents for not being Rik. DC and 91 KM BZ Denise who MI. My Bill Gates. I'm not Bill Gates. Was booked it's that rich before it was when he thinks I don't know the incident on young but 21 to. To that question 5767798. More here in a year and 81 came easy Haney who and I. There fatigues. It's not a good on you and some different is that school. There and have this one speaking of money. I'm worth a quarter billion dollars now now. I was a millionaire before twenties. And right now in 27 team I'm worth a quarter of a billion. 5767798. But stuck to Janice and 81 KM BZ GNS to a nine. Our. MI Taylor's swift Travis would you. Man. I think said Taylor Swift before adding we've done it before and it usually. Via. What it gets them wickets went mind it would make sense let's go to Steve in on 91 KM BZ Stephen lamb nine. Warren Buffett about Warren Buffett. He's worth a bit more than a quarter billion he's worth like forty billion or whatever don't you start to lose track after awhile yeah practice I would. If I was a lot more problems if I don't rightly how many billions in my words today and what do you stop keeping track of amateur worth. It at that. And what do I have no idea until. Now I've got married when I got there in your right about that. Let's go to Larry. You're an 81 KM BZ Larry whoever I. Mark Cuban man Mark Cuban. Another good guess I think he wasn't a millionaire until college. When he invented. The ability to stream. Games alive that was so that's how he got his millions to not even yeah that was one of the ways he got his bees millions of Andrew and anyone came easy Andrew who MIA. Ilan mosque. Also worth more than a quarter billion that a good guess definitely a good gas. 5767798. The Malaysia police say you're next up I 91 KM BZ who am I. Marked her eyes of Mark Zuckerberg. CP is worse at least twenty billion. Very popular answer on the tax bill as it was marks that far and away the most popular answer our rights another clue do you think. 5767798. Ivan award for concern I would award winner for best kiss in a movie. Actor or actress. I'm an award winner for best kiss in a movie obviously that's from the MTV movie awards. I don't believe the Oscars have that category yet. 5767798. Mike you're on KM BZ Michael and I. Other exclude just open my eyes to draw it and. By its legal and I am not it's in your right that last clue probably. And access to Internet if it is indicative I don't know. Well it's it's defined as you think you can you can Google stuff got together the other please share your next up on KM BZ share eagle and I. My beyoncé Knowles. But I am not today. It will be on sale went to I am. Recently a bully. They back to back we're Jaycee and beyond saint consecutive days now but we understand if you listen all four are created us. I don't know that was in and I have no idea. Network the and a user that was you know Trent van and get track isn't in talks like pirates and I am getting their work done today our Abbas there either it's at. Apparently you all. Aren't out another clue I've known for my work. On TV in in movies. In general now. I know from my work on TV. And in movies. 767798. Year on KM BZ Britney let mine. Also Glenn and I want I'll give you both it's both of them are wrong but I guess Mary Kate and or Ashley Olsen yeah. Remember when I was but 22 as we had a countdown clock to the Olsen Twins became eighteen. Lot of guys that we ask the attract. In I look back to delegate to the late pop. That's our dodger on KM BZK Doug EW I am today please. Drew Barrymore and I drew Barry more. I might guess though when I saw that starts come up at like we'll check out what's not easterly Xian where she got a TV show I don't know. That's where it's hard is close together that's lesbians are on now I'm really gonna throw you for a loop ready. I have won four grammys. Just think he's doing everything broke it and behind but he did not ask us what it is not they don't act. Let's go to Sean can't be easy shot to a nine. I had no clue it was Lugar. And I drove the hour and I'll lower on KM BZ Laura who left behind. And my Leo DiCaprio and the Grammy clue but I. That's what I was guessing when you gave me the best guess in a movie. That was with the Titanic maybe I don't know but I don't see him just a lot of girls about Billy had 91 KM BZ Billy you have line. And a deejay jazzy Jeff the press prints. Well. Nicely done. Dallas Will Smith what movie did he would best kiss was at and into that Independence Day right at the end is that what it was okay. Again Jeff this is easier because in the next hour and Travis is one of the rodeo won't be easy recipe it up. Millionaire before the age twenties from his hip hop career and also from being nine. Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor TV and movies tons of movies. Best guess we mentioned four Grammy Awards he's worth a quarter billion dollars. And the last Lou is going to be I'm from West Philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days. Eating dinner trap it's an easy clue at the very end just in case were vast right mining is Jaffna that is built in the blank. I'd sit up and.