Is he STAYING? or GOING? Listeners weigh in....

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Monday, February 12th

More on the ongoing fight to KEEP Syed Jamal in the United States WITH HIS FAMILY.


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. We'll get to everybody here the second. Including he's from those who I believe is an immigration attorney. There was a team though in the Olympics and I never heard. Away our the Olympic athletes from Russia yes yeah and the Wall Street Journal is Rian is praising their uniforms retrenching. When I didn't realize is that the US uniforms. Which they talk about this article the little band damn as that the American athletes war. From Ralph Lauren yeah. Those band danys. How much cost a 125. Dolls can't over yourself for a Indiana I mean severed out routes. They're they're nice but they've got ours. Mercenary yesterday here's Eric Cameron went one bit Mike always always ours like Carter saw him just him. And then they finally. Pointed out its Olympic athletes from Russia because Russia is banned. Yet for all the doping owned by the way we've had our first report of doping. From a Japanese emperor just he felt that trust them. Let's say it was a speed skater when he double checked out. Just came down early Tuesday morning in north courtroom supper time. And north and I just Damon do not do that super. I've known for so long time is only hours ago. He was doping. But tonight here he'll be dope yeah Japanese speed skater he earth tight O. He doesn't technically started doping is not known when he was going 96 miles an hour around its practice or something rock on. Clinton actually fastest. Ice is melting under us. Did you see that cross country skier who is like. He fell down like right the very beginning and then came back to win the whole thing they're calling it the miracle on the snow that's beautiful well. How you pulled out of the beginning in the near 22 seconds ahead of everybody else by the end of the race like in Orlando. And ping. Eye let's bring him as by the way if you're just tuning in sage a mall. The professor who lives in Lawrence but teaches it parked our university was detained two weeks ago. Is in route to why he now he is being deported. We have to mis. Can you perhaps a last name is a rape Ramos Alice from also. I Denise. Hi how are we think is so much for calling in and trying to under the program for a couple weeks now now. Absolutely. I know some listeners have questions about the process and people. Because I think it's convenient for them to do this. Always shout and yours to figure out. I I disagree with that heat followed the rules the entire time he was here until the rules change and so. You know where it starts now we have some questions for her is your spouse is legal and you are not that does you know is that true. That's not true you it doesn't do you summed it but it definitely depends on your personal situation. How long have you been here that you DA here he or were they your beat that if you feel that you meet city you'll quickly be so with permission. And so is it definitely helped but it. Not a clear and have been seeing where where alana beard he's going to be fine it's a long process it definitely depends on where your from. And what you're circuit and that the girl writing here work. Rick Scott if if he came here and we know this to be true. Cited Jamal came here legally. Bully. Put that down in your head and stop texting me that he knew he was getting into when he came here legally he was here legally. Does a judge or immigration. Look upon that with more favor than someone who crossed over border in the dark of night and initially came here illegally. Definitely tell them yet I look they get that question it definitely helped out you've got here. Go to the cross legally and then a lot of people that come here legally they're here either with the work being or their year the temporary act for a bit. And they also come cabinet under protective like. GPS or other protected content but still there's other ways that you do and turn equally and that is looked upon favorite meat. Expect that up apparently members petitioning for you in that case that's out. So if you've come here he told me. And you follow rules you don't accumulate any even legal presence which means you you don't have to pass through waivers are certain waivers and not applicable. But you'd still have to ensure that you continue to. Constantly. Upgrade constantly follow the law it it. You Ali aren't subject to the changes that are going on and so that is the problem that. They don't bought back in all of this writing more. And right now under the new changes everybody. Regardless of them that what's going on here why everybody is the priority of deportation if you lack. Within the United States in you are not born here don't have legal status here. So you are let that it is under president trap so you are netstat a lot more harsh we regard that the what's going on. Even if you've been here for 31 years at new spotlight he. Though they're not only looking for criminal anymore they're not. But it at least spending time at her money I would say that again money. On people that her. Criminal they're doing it for anybody and everybody has been the perfect example of that. And he sees it doesn't matter where you come from what do you mean. Certain countries viewed more favorably. Certain countries are easier to. You don't wait little technical for example if your mother the did you think your brother petitioning party you are over the age of 21 yard line when he twenty odd years. So by the time it's your turn your I mean you're over 210. You're over forty. And by the time it's your turn and that Mexico other other countries the lines are shorter it depends on where you're from Brazil I believe it's like 586. Years. I'm Canada's there at parties only. But it depends because of the mountain before is that polymer mountain. People that can be approved in ones that have won that year's twelve months. That the argument was made on on the text let him by some callers. 2530 years and I think Dana alluded to this just a minute ago as well. But is possible to live in this country for. Let's say your entire life. Legally. And never become an American citizen Robert. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah you are not required to become a US citizen now. You are required to obtain some kind of way of staying here if you don't wanna be subject to deportation order. Oh and even in I don't know this case personally because there's no way for me access from him from ancient. Except let's not Internet lets on the news right so I don't know exactly. Under Kiewit petitioned for so obviously he's been here at 31 year and Hewlett. Checking in with immigration and he had about a work permit which means he's being printed every time to get that work permit. He had the ability to continue to work you know the language you. I'll I'll grow our yes and my question in that regard to niece is Denis and tell me I'm wrong when we have a tax paying. Coupons they citizen I don't know it's hosted at our stand is is contributing to society following the rules. And checking in once a year with ice as they sure. Are we not pre dating a scenario. Where he stopped checking. We've seen other cases this year. Where they checked him like they're told you here checking in here I am still paying taxes to my job. What incentive is there to check in at this point win where seen these cases. Not because at the moment use. There's no incentive in that people are encouraged to go back into the shadows which means they're gonna move out that there could not stop paying for the house that they are both be paying part because that the actress I immigration. So they're going to move they're going to jump because they don't have actually. Still the people that are wanting to do it legally the people that are willing to spend thousands and like 30000 that's what I me. Thousands of dollars in legal fees and an immigration fees. And and time taken apple work to be able to do all of the requirements to be able. Honestly follow immigration mom to be able to do well that they're willing to do it they're duly and then there isn't the result there. And is it fair to say Anthony's I need a quick answer this too is we've got to get to break or is it fair to say for everybody who is texting him and them are certainly more than entitled to their opinion. He was here illegally. Throw him out is it fair to say based on your understanding of this case and your expertise in this field. That he was here legally. Until the law was changed last year. It'd Eric that they that he was legally in the United States and he should have you pocket a lot to insure that he continues to comply with the law. So until the law was changed he was playing by the rules until the rules were changed is that fair. That'd. Be sicker time and your expertise thank you. Thank you Hubert thank so that's where IE. Have sympathy for sorry Jamal. He was playing by the rules. Air and it would be akin to somebody. I'm using a horrible amount to hear but it is it's the only thing a key thing about. It's like saying. Back in the day the three point line was right there. Okay as. And then. In my years later they move the three point line and the NBA or the NCAA. Goes back over all your three point shots and says Mel Mel because that would be a three point shot now and they deduct the number of points and actually scored in your. And people are trying to say Scott Willis you're going five miles an hour of the speed limit is is you're still breaking block. Please do not try. To make an analogy between speeding five miles over a speed limit. And taking the sole provider. From his family. And shipping him to another country which means this family's Scott loses. Everything probably should go with the kids should pack up to watch your back up and leave I've heard that today amateur excellent. I'm not saying sci major mall doesn't deserve some sort of punishment. Because technically he is now in violation of law but. I would also remind everyone. These these are those kinds of cases that are if you're a Republican as I am registered Republican. These are the kind of cases that are gonna come back and haunt you in 2018 and 20/20. When you show crying families on TV as dad gets on a plane to go back to where the hell he came from. Years and years ago when you've been playing by the rules until the rules of the game changed. He should be grandfathered in by a 76779. Boy do we need the plumbing pro last week came home there was some water on the floor of water on the it's coming out of the dishwasher turns out we had a Claude underneath. I mean way underneath. 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Me and I know because I want an. Make that. And why might I met. Him there and I bet he. Elect met me at the Max on every legal right. I can't say. How many and I went on study at the you've got. And you that it. Had. An interest I'll. Get and at me like he's. Company. Or. How many years it take you to become a citizen YE. Nine. I. Think they need it might act. You have become and maybe that's and I never beat me. Because. I you know I can all right my key issue and I need about what Obama meant to me why. Aren't they. I. I need an ax men wouldn't you got on. Aid nobody knows about it. It up because you but he. Did not match that bat. At me like he want to get. An Albanian make it at all. The body and why I'm here don't don't get that one year. Our neighbor to thank you had a small. You make me happy to girl passionate. It's good to the newsroom here is Karen marks congressman Emanuel Cleaver says he's disappointed that a Lawrence professors being deported we'll have more next. 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Before they learn that a while you're or Burton are all there on the ground. There could result and mister Jamal being. Are trapped for factory accountability. Kleber however is a chance of that happening is probably less than 5050 at this point Jamal's attorneys have filed an emergency appeal. Police say Donald Trump junior's wife was taken to a new York city hospital after opening an envelope that contained a white powder. A police department spokesman says a preliminary test that cutter indicated that it was not dangerous. We'll check traffic and weather together next if you have not gone out of Volkswagen of. Lee's summit I don't know what you're waiting for their deals right now are in saint. You can lease a branded 2018 Jenna asked for a 139. Dollars a month. Or you can buy it and they will knock 4000 dollars optimists are pretty. Ask you my card via atlas of that thing the award winning 2018 atlas S right now. 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There was the chance of some rain moving in the 3% on Thursday but to be mild enough that will be in the form of rain. The morning starts off 47 and we stay above freezing when an afternoon high on Thursday close to sixty once again. I'm going 59. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether thirty. Irish aren't PCI 36 downtown it is 36 your official weather station we do have some breaking news hill. Sharma Crawford attorneys those are the Al law firm representing. Missed surge mall Sam Harris led to mall. Board of immigration appeals grants new state of. Removal I guess if you have to staring get Tuesday they'll know better boy sustained and Hawaii right. You tense day of removal meat whole high tailed it long ago and congressman labored on what really wouldn't. The last. Hour confirmed within the last really half hour. Confirmed that. There was going to be. He was in the air headed to Hawaii on route to Bangladesh. And now we're hearing from his attorneys that the board of immigration has granted in new stare removal. This before we waste anymore money kicking this one person advocate Dan when I'm really quick just came in during the break and said how much money. Is the United States spending trying to kick this guy out. Let's give this guy is due process and the president was tweeting about due process over the weekend. Let's give this man his due process. And then if it is determined that he has to leave the country then we fly him out. But until then can we stop wasting tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars bouncing him between airport and airport. Please. I'm I'm I'm not making I'm right. They went I was shocked in the airport because he didn't have. What was it was that Tom Hanks yeah like Tom Hanks movie is like that guy right now where he's up in the air and they don't know where to take him what to do with him keep in mind they were flying him out of the country last week and then had to fly him to help also taxes. Where he was being detained the now they're flying him back to Bangladesh this morning and they get a stay of remove rule. In route to Hawaii. Can we just keep him on the ground. Give him some food. And if we must be detained because we're Farnham President Obama home warmth. If he must be detaining kicked out of the country than just kick him out of the country for the love of god but we stop wasting money. Flying this guy all over the planet he does continue to get closer to Bangladesh. The movie was determine if a judge has issues that stay that plane has to turn around town camera. Well it will be whereas as many flies back so this is due process is only afforded to citizens to keep that Micah that is simply not true. Due process so you'll law police search and seize someone's car who may or may not be here legally. This is what we we need to do in this country. Is stepped back from the woods for just a minute. And recognize. That the law is not you want it to be. The law is what we as a society have agreed to be. And we have agreed you may not like. That people who were in this country. Legally and illegally. Do get due process of law now you are not like. But here's what you would like is if you went to a foreign country were accused of a crime and got due process of wall. You'd scream. Acts. Well in some countries you don't get due process of law. When you are there illegally. You get treated like a second class citizen. Or we call those countries Third World countries. A from the text line to see at least get to keep the frequent. He he's just. A success. But. Let's cut it out with the if you're here. And not an American citizen you don't get protection under the US constitution. The United States has determined I believe it was through the US Supreme Court. That is you are in this country legally as a citizen. Legally not as a citizen or illegally not as a citizen. You still get due process under our law. And I would have it no other way. Because I don't want this country compared. To the Mexico's the Saudi Arabia's the rocks the Syria's of the world. Kidd was can you better than Singapore was in Singapore American citizen was named yes because he spat come onto a sidewalk. He's been gone somewhat concerned. That ardent do you remember the outcry. That he was over there they're McCain and says try screaming I have rights in Mexico texture if you think you're making a point your making mind. You're making my point we are better than that. That's why they always come here. And we only go there for a week and then Cameron back. Being honest. Rebecca in Jackson County Hillary America. I. There. Mary UN. From Mac. And we've got wind. It. And it is out and the dollar. A lawyer is it. Not work like. It. I let it go. Rapidly caught. And I'm. Here you don't want to hear. It. Not that in the Arctic. It. Really quick because this is one of the things we don't understand. Because you married him that does not mean he becomes a citizen. Now. We only amber at that in fact they really care. I'll argue just doing this so he can become a citizen. Got answers he does you'll get divorced and you were paid under the table to marry a. Ray and technically. I'd call that day that they've actually got here is that you. Was that they'll be. Buried at the Eric how about an elect you know or whatever is about Iraq here. Oh. And you hear me at vary like. That. And though will be Mary like it may diet. It if you haven't been Mary here and it's only two women hop. Beat pat. And it you're married. Into your at it like we from that day and luckily they held her day. To be able to do that and I'm sure that. A. Yes I Rebecca what how can only take you two years but most people who call in sick the averages ten ports at thirteen her tip fifteen to you know why yours was so I'd say smooth but certainly faster than most. Because we mail that we had to have her and ID and work year. And we have a lot of help with people out before. And they were the ones that. Gate like the year. Exactly where they they are. At our eyes and you know good and bad things about. You know so it was scary the whole entire time because at any point he could have been or. You know and I. Bet though that. Apple are not. And you know at ten under. The low end of that he would not. No go out I think your target and dine me you aren't there. Where my heart and you aren't there but I am not working and make her that it law and so and it. It can only be certain people that happen that aren't like you like out of the poor uncle yeah he. Did did your husband come here legally or illegally. Illegally. As soon as the chart. And he. Oh. Okay so. You. Out. So I have a question for you have you lost friends and business. I didn't really support. Good friend have been rally support it. I am certain that there are people that I don't with that much anymore because. It has. You. An American guy. Why. Why I like it. And how it. The problem that. Dean and make me very angry. Our. Where people don't really have our backs are making a call I think in Europe where. Twenty year like it. They. Art and that high that they not. While it may not happy about it may be about not happy ending but there are more people. We're and if you aren't there or it may be about. The paycheck and they don't by. It now. And a lot. And people. Like I don't understand why you all. I don't turn them and didn't book or. Let you know every year I don't remember that ever in all of court. Situations. That lawyer. You know I'll bet you hear it. Beat back if not citizenship. He has a lie like your book or egos. Idaho so he's all is only say for ten years in the U don't know. While you're at. And you know you beat each unit. At. All. I don't I don't I don't well I mean now I'm like I'm gonna go on court and might keep a check. I mean he bombing. While. The people that they have. A and that was your problem is that it is used by. Any. Video now limit. I senate during that time he did speak. He thinks every white car. Everything. Or. Bike at an apple and may. We Dayton. Or leave early. Has. You know. They're cute skater because what if I that we are at. Yeah. Rights paperback a thank you political. From to did you see how complicate it's horribly cup it's horribly come can't. And and I also work listen before I get accused of being some bleeding heart liberal which I am not. I'm I'm all for. Kicking out the bad actors there's MS thirteen group and you know they always fall back on that one. Will ram and a fine with kicking the Modesto let's say there's 56 of those guys find where about an hour by. That to me. Has no place in this conversation about site Jamal. It was never broken a law where I'd say is that people like to say well. MS thirteen or well what about the guy who killed a guy three weeks ago in Arizona. And use your legally. Why why do we have to agreed that. Because I agrees site Jamal should stay here I'm not for anyone killing anyone in a DY and. All I'm saying is there there are clearly people in this country who are here illegally but there should be no to get him. Throw them right over the not no offense next as an occupied. Throw. But then you have the sci major malls of the world who by the way if just any insight into mall. Was on his way to white eagle on his way to Bangladesh and now in flight. He's been given a stay on his deportation. I don't know why we can't just get this figured out and then either let him go home. Or put him on a plane. But in the meantime this government wages so inept and stupid. Continues to spend tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Flying site. I'm sorry if I get to be the voice of reason every single day on this radio program. But for the law is self proclaimed voice but it for the love of Christ. Can we get this figured out and then either putting on a plane or send them home to warrants. But goodnight kisses two flights in two weeks. That it had to be turned around. Because. We don't have our boy together. Cause were idiots. This government is nuts. It. -- 76 elevenths time. Right here with different programs are Woodbury and low cost like insurance dot com now's the time the cost is one of the new year is here. Take that off your bucket list and go get your life insurance taken care of Stuart. Dana that is exactly right and you know would make the process incredibly. Simple. Or help listeners navigate the maze of products there's hundreds from which to choose we will find the specific product. Maybe you're looking for a ten year or fifteen maybe that a twenty or thirty year term depended upon your aged. Will lighten that policy yet have the right amount of insurance and can achieve that peace of mind you need to make sure your family is protected. It can be so affordable as well remind people where to find distort. He won 67920700. That's 8167920700. That's sort Woodbury was look just like insurance dot com. Kansas City. By the way there's been a stay of deportation now against site Jamal who was on a plane to go back to Bangladesh and now is coming back we I have. Hello all. Hello are you go as confused as I've ever. I I can billboard in do it would start about and your lasting about the government. Confusion. Like you can't agree more with. However. IA. I placed the blame for the situation. This gentleman. Directly on the shoulders of every member of congress and every president dating back. Reagan and even before. Ever ever present. We introduce something about our border we need to shut out. The laws. The immigration social. One measure. Of their. And then. And and they you know kick the can down the road evident and we have a golden opportunity Paul Dana everybody else. To at least partially fixed some of it and god forbid I say this word compromise. But how about this. Give. Legal status not citizenship not now but maybe later. To every doctor kid in this country the dreamers. And put in money for for a wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for how about that compromise. 84% of Americans think that doctor kids in this country than I am minimum or not kids anymore. Should be given at least legal status some people argue the path to citizenship. 83%. Of Americans believe in strengthening the border. With Mexico so how about we both cave we both give we both get. Yeah and I there's and his injury and here's why not. As long as you acknowledged that the wall is nothing more than a hollow campaign promise. That will cost the country billion dollar well it won't be a physical all in many places it'll be an and here's why. Enforcement's that we do not have the resources. So money. Or the infrastructure. To build the Great Wall of China along every square inch or don't with all due respect it's it's it's fascinating to hear that argument not for new. But from people on the left who for years always told us we have plenty of money for everything gets on. Price it. That's gonna Robert it's it is emerge from right only aren't so unless you're willing to say we're gonna eminent domain all of this and paid trillions of dollars to the landowners. Some of them Republicans and over Democrat I don't know. And and put the wall over every square inch of the border than them all does no good because of eye wall over here a mile that way you walk around. I just I am just meet the middle Chris at least some of last word hookers. It's going well thank you go you got one minute can you do it. Well sure Uga OK based on the wall. These ought. Criminals. The sky's the souls. As Mexicans and come up through the animal now that's based on the fact that the United States doesn't control it anymore. And basically. Were all offered. Anybody's could assure your children. I am always for it lightly. In this country. And deportation as a very four in the country right now especially. And there should be an important thing from here. On out. All are or are you a Republican or trump supporter or both. I. Just hurt so you give Barack Obama credit for being need to Porter and chief. As he was. It's what is called nickname during his administration. Our main. Reluctance is say anything about. Either of those presidents. You if you're in favor of deportation certainly recognize Barack Obama deported. More people older than any other president George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush. He did away after. The other presidents. And get a surrogate. And it's all about. You wanna locals are namely in our country. OK okay. And it. It's impossible for people on the right. To complement anything Barack Obama did Barack Obama deported more people whose administration for more people than any of administration it's impossible for people on the left to say anything even remotely complimentary of Donald. About that is the situation we have found ourselves and that is the point I was trying to back. To the news or McCarron marks. Happening on KM BZ a legal rollercoaster today for a Lawrence professor William mourn acts. Scott archer were some exciting news for you the Nebraska furniture mart president's holiday event. Is here. 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