Have secret menus always been a thing?

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Wednesday, December 6th

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What's Kansas City talking about this this this is what's trending producers what's true and on Tuesday was Jamie implicated on 981 KM BZ. Re it is your number one trending topic in Kansas City you just heard in the newscast. Andy Reid has suspended cornerback. Marcus Peters for Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders he suspended for the entire game. He said in his press conference today I've done a lot of thinking I'm going to suspend him for this game I made the decision on what happened in the game of course marks Peters. After a penalty flag was thrown into the end zone grabbed the flag threw it into the crowd. Blocked off the field took off pads in this tape came back. While the game is still going on he had not been dejected but he will not play. And asked that would be a practice Andy Reid said no when you're suspended you are out for everything Mark Peters out against the raiders. Come on we have another minute the last house about whether it thinks shipments that's probably mad because he loves and Peters actually get Jack ass baby she was totally time we flag. And that we had earlier Travis and one minute or lastly think about you and Andy at the right doesn't bother me but I knew the league was England's suspend him. What's the difference between me read suspending him and links to the legal suspend him plus find them places coach doing it so. Coach account and do whatever they want Italy European loses a game check. I don't know the exact I don't know if he loses a check for this week are not active I'll read into that you know can't you think it loses a game check I'm sure lose the game tech and kind of why there's no point of Pena for not playing and now. The point of. A couple of what I idea don't pay your you know lets you play your thick thick. A lot of what we're seeing on Twitter right now relates to the fires in California that's why I ask her ball fire is trending because it's affecting. A heavily heavily populated area of Los Angeles that's also why Bill Ayers trending on. It's getting appointments didn't have to keep up went on but as you heard during the newscast. Part of the four of five freeway. Has been shut down in Los Angeles area that's a really major freeway through an area that already has really bad traffic. That has been shut down because the wildfire is threatening areas that are really populated. I've an image in front of me of it it's it doesn't look real to me. What you're driving down the for a five their cars driving down for a five I believe this is it night in front of a sign that includes Wilshire boulevard in Getty Center drive. This is you know these are tourist areas of of Los Angeles that are having to be evacuated because of wildfires that they can't get under control as the weekend. It looks like Hollywood played the movie volcano and everybody saw that with Tommy Lee Jones. It looks like that movie. A great thank you to Los Angeles Times for the map that you just weeded out there are four fires in the LA right area right now than there was one as these are all fired they'll layer that's the one it shut down for a five freeway enforce mandatory evacuations. The Thomas fire is in Ventura. That is burned 50000 acres on its way to the Pacific Ocean and the important thing about that is that. It starts fifteen miles inlet are using thirty miles inland and made it all the way to the Pacific Ocean yikes so that just tells you an ordeal with the creek fire and right fires while. Also Al Franken is trending once again the democratic senator who has admitted to sexual misconduct is that he would not but said he would not step down from his spot in the senate. Well he's got an announcement to make this on the heels of now fourteen Democrat senators saying that Al Franken should. Stepped down that includes a run through these real quick. They're all Democrats Kristen Gillibrand at a New York Patty Murray out of Washington Claire McCaskill of Missouri. Mossy Toronto public renounce that right out of a Hawaii Kamal Harris from California. Maggie Hassan from a New Hampshire debt Debbie Stabenow out of Michigan Tammy Baldwin out of Wisconsin Heidi hi camp from North Dakota. Those are all women you also have Joseph Donnelly from Indiana Bob Casey from Pennsylvania Sharaud brown from Ohio Ed Markey from Massachusetts. And Michael Bennett from Colorado so at least five male democratic senators calling on Al Franken to step down. On that note hash tag meet you and silence breakers are trending for the same reason because time magazine came out with its person of the year and it was the silence breakers those that were behind me to move meant. And that resulted in the takedown of names like Harvey Weinstein. That's pretty much all the trimmings a lot of serious stuff trending today a lot of fun stuff. Atom system as fast he had a suspended cornerback raging fires in California a senator who should step down. And Erie and Andy Reid meat to all of that stuff that is what's trending here on KMB easy the or ill flavor is not trending. But it probably should be or he'll reveal that mystery flavor. We'll tell you what it is coming up next 12175767798. What did you think. Mystery flavor wise what it what did people gas. That the mystery flavor Bjork was about two weeks ago three weeks ago we had that thing rolled around. I was in Colorado when I had so and whenever I was gone for an estimated a month ago. Yeah so Oreo or call Oreo and out the mystery flavor and they weren't gonna tell you what lies and you had to submit your ideas for what you thought it wise and is it turns out it wasn't as complicated as they tried to make it. In fact many view on the tax mindset gag I got. It was the first tests like when I first I think you're actually renting somebody had bad brought me here. And I sit our and I'll try Liu that'll like the chocolate part but I I is like the like. I think I don't that is I think that was my first guess is so. And the white part right it was and it was cream the metal part. So yeah they have now cannot set exactly what it was and although if you are taxis and things that you thought it was and he thought it was watermelon OK it definitely had a bomb. Fergie taste in Italy was not like. A wall moderate and he definitely had a distinct. Sit receive flavor did you get it right I don't consume this product and I've I wouldn't know what distaste I. Haven't in that may be when I was in my twenties and probably went through a phase where I went through this. Is that usually what I do. But this particular product. Which happens to be a serial. There's a lot of bowls are worth in a box because the boxes not the biggest when you buy this. And in you have to for a lot into the bulls are you could go through a box of these really really quick yeah. Tell people what we give the other and a guest is an attack on hop. Most people probably got a bright it was pretty tough it was pretty Apple's I thought it tastes exactly like Fruity Pebbles Travis Jupiter did you when you had a BI did a Fruity Pebbles tremendous sense because it could have just Ben eighth for. You know I'm surprised that so many people got the serial rights but it which did it look. It just have bits and I don't think they think now though that's asserts just the regular frosting and now. But that Fruity Pebbles has delighted this listing tasted diocese fact that you know every time you try it it's Fruity Pebbles cutters or another food out what it is Fargo. That's pretty go. He's not even like the smell and it had there if if anybody knows what Travis is talking a lot of things he's right there's something that. You you bite into and it elect is this Fruity Pebbles but it's not. It pretty doubles as a kid. And I guess it may be when I was twenty wonders of that it would go through a phase of cereal is. When your broke at the cereals cheap but they could not cheat you get by the knock off pretty pebbles from my half the cost yeah and get right. It's just college kids wanna eat whatever they want college kids are finally no one's talent what they can and canny and so they're silent now I can eat cereal all the time right now like that's. Like that's the greatest thing ever you know but because nobody's gonna tell you they can't. And it's easy cleanup it's one bowl wash the once booed dry often politically is no pots and pans plates and stuff. And in the NL I'd remembered going through a lot of boxers. Freddie couples. So I'm. Talking about food in my. The beast is guy that's a site that we go to for some time on you shouldn't b.s now and look at the picture at the top of the page. Because I'll tell you what are bees is testing out oh now when it comes fast food if I don't care what I'm eating which is almost never been about if I don't care I want one of teeth. A little lower I've. Want express love for the original chicken sandwich Albert king and the other thing is the Reginald from our days just the straight opera's trees and it's don't complicate it with cheddar cheese I agree to a hundred purse and this is why we are. Thank you my life each that they don't get the beef in jail just do RB sauce on it not out. Horse he saucer just due to our socks the regional title play Arby's like a little bit like Zach Neil but as. Just go straight to him but what are testing out now. Is something there calling the are being hater are mediator RB meter wide NIC Irving it's a heartbeat and I I hear my action are there but. And so are also is known for being one of the few places that you can get for its which added bonus of take an interest armies. So they're going to combine your favorite things that Arby's and put them together and they're gonna do you a massive sandwich that is the original Arby's which stuffed with currently Fries. And cheese they're doing this and Holland Michigan. The are being Nader it bugs heaps of Arby's roast beef curly Fries any cheddar cheese Haas. And Arby's later confirmed the art that is and it's also features RB's eyes and foresees cost. Luckily die and there is a lot tech stocks the other three can't have it she can call and to sauces of course doesn't conflict. But whatever it. And so it looks like. Onion but it's it's French Fries and it's. They're not give around units they've taken the biggest growth. Rusty severance they can find like this isn't a junior one yeah you can get. With the Honduras beat Ohio with curly Fries the bun saw us GAAP. Now I look at that thing and just in the picture and and this is what I I honestly think. Oh man I'm gonna hate. The bottom of the U I'm on enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. Right now. I I can I buy that you can get if you gotta Allen is again yes you can act to go to Holland are my sister has timeshare there actually eat at AT and get in the classic the double and a half now and home. Getting so why is it only in Michigan because they're testing it out no tested here now is to test the hair and an app that works there now. Then they'll go nationwide. On. So I'm probably a little bit kind of curious about us. Art in his unit out around roast beef sandwich and a car. I did it the other. Feel free to share I did going to be on the investigators and went to do while drive and this is not one of those I would eat in the car because this gonna make it tough I mean the way to properly eat a sandwich and a car without getting it all over yourself is to keep the paper around it and and slowly taper down as you buy into it. This is going to be a massive mass to matter what it jail the problem is if you get the really big scene in which an Arby's which is the when I usually get. It doesn't come in paper comes in plastic and so there's no no paper their ads to you know boundaries now. Out and keep altogether bright needs to keep it altogether there's no dead they rapid and something. Look what it rat the Arby's sandwich and that would hold food product that would hold I'll make it. You know his rapid in baking sheet of bake it you can get one long piece about it in just to hold it together. Ass pockets. And Arby's sandwich bacon I probably either one I think there has got to be they of the he's now on exactly. So Woolsey on remains to be seen when it would go to nationally released. Swollen eye. I hope that bad boy makes it everywhere so isn't look at the Arby's meet mountain is that a real thing. OK Google that because I saw. Ironically it was in Michigan I solider is going to a wedding. In Grand Rapids. Last spring. And we stopped to get Arby's at least nine dead and I saw this picture of this meat mountain yeah. I'm looking artists contenders on its got it like explain what's on our look at the biggest amateur that Arby's has ever installed this is according to their website. Stacked ridiculously high with almost all meats so it starts off with two chicken tenders. Then slices of roast Turkey then hit smoked ham than corn peas. Then our smoked brisket then Angus steak roast beef and then pepper bacon. Somewhere in there there's chatter and Swiss cheese. All the sauces and looks like the nutritional and I'll like that it is all the calories yes all of how many. 121000 I don't know the numbers. I didn't act has 600. That would probably had eyes. 2000. If not more as a smoke. Knowing you meet mountain to link to the big nutritional charts coming on how easy it. And you can or that he is that everywhere we know that I was ever. The meat I don't limited availability of participating okay it's on your secret menu. It was not sure it's the army's I was just. This term does dom by the way to restaurants start having secret menus this theme yeah now McDonald's has everywhere number you can duty if you showed not cool. Because they don't know about the secret menus. Text attitudes united zero was a secret and what restaurant and where's the secret and be serious. All right. All right Steven in Kansas City has climbed to meet mountain hi Steve thinks you're calling. Are they don't downgrade. How do you eat that thing it's gotta be eight inches. I read propagated really took an extra large amount. You didn't tolerate how much do you weigh Steven. I was never so I'm not I am. I gonna. Natalie. Your skis is major life. Policy you burn through a lot of calories I got you how artsy you go and you see the meat mountain on the menu. What how long does it take you to eat something like that. Out. A 45. Minute meals for RBs. The end of another guy who wanted to be first they can shake. They have a seven patty bird. You only get limited partners secretly many of. More than texted or call and what else is on a secret menus that we don't know about Steven that you over the phone call I gotta say I'm having a 45 minute meal they're better be courses at a waiter it better not include going to Arby's that's amazing aren't somebody's at its ten box that the meat mountains and much time what did you tell me how many calories Igawa I guess 2000 of that seems really on its actually high deep they've not released an official number that's why. Not on their personal car but somebody calculated all of those things and what they thought it would be. 12175. Count are topic koehlke inept and I don't know the nutritional stuff are there on calories in meets ask is it really it's a fatty yeah a Grammy and these are. These are lean meats now apparently the problem with its gonna be sodium I don't know what you're supposed to happen today. But this is kind of any kind of roast Turkey like battery pack a lunch meaty kinda things you usually vendors are definitely high in sodium a so your debt and 67 grams of fat which is way more in a grown man it happened today. Hunter grams of protein is good that's a means cadet lab a team that's more than any human being needs and today but the sodium is gonna get ER. Lol speaking of that that the mountain. I think last year two years ago rod actually eighth that rod and then a month ago. Was when he had a heart attack and and so Jonathan kind of makes it. So the meat mountain light that you recently Jonathan comics and joke but he's like. I think it's my fault it's got a heart -- major Eaton beat now it was a meet later on there it was a month later about a month ago later yes but that is it a month ago people probably freaked out now yeah a month later this is I guess it two or three years ago yeah. Somebody's texting and something that. I don't like that name for but it's a McDonald's and let's visit the that we're gonna look out for sure during an hour radius let me look let me open network we're gonna make sure I'll follow but several people are taxing it and where your secret menu items text into tune any zero. Or your secret. Restaurant food items your secret menus text of it 22980. Give us a call 5767798. Are you you weep we I don't after meeting last year I don't think we can say the make chicken and the make double on this I've ordered that and not by the name that people are texting in cancer it's a mic bleak bank. But we can't say that protect probably gonna (%expletive) somebody off if we say and maybe get us fired which is more important I've. I've used I've I was right ordered that but not that way I've ordered the two would put one on top the other you take it but the big chicken on the mic double. It's pretty good at don't get me wrong. But I don't get called at that. Okay. And then we Google and duke is now ordering curious about stuff about what they have and Taco Bell does an I don't know it's super super check not to cheese chicken shall the supreme with creamy helping us say it again. Nacho cheese chicken salute Bob. Supreme with creamy halting a sigh as I talk about this dollar payload sound that is the secret menu idea must be okay are I didn't. Let's see. There's a Collins burrito. From the talk about unpleasant now Collins. And what does that mean I'd they're not telling me. You can't say there's it's called the exciting exciting yeah it's all that best ever right we don't tell me what today. To be able to comment on it aren't so we just Google it. A little bit and USA today came out with a list and I'll I'll click on the news as you would like me to they've got him for Burger King for five guys for Taco Bell chick filet to pull away. On McDonald's Wendy's. Subway and they've got there's all kinds. Watsco I think I realized there was this much stuff that's a secret of Natalee docked at before. Unloads he would check full business insider had said there's a list of non menu items including case ideas and buffalo chicken sandwiches are out there you can also do the Arnold Palmer they're combining iced tea and lemonade. Chipotle they say there are several more options that you can get there I you can get a regular case a dia. Or you can Philip Hayes to deal with your favorite burrito fillings for a hybrid or he's readers and heels toes not just. A case a re ego which is a burrito that replaces the tortilla with eight Chi's case. Got up where you have your ego but instead of being just a tortilla it's a cheese case at. Yeah until we America's not already great I'm guys they are tells me we don't need to make America great again it's already amazing Travis is not good up at a of course okay. I I. Got it RI. Let's go down to you Burger King here afford to send somebody sad this is what USA today mentions you. The restaurant goes big with the suicide or Kirk. A four patty cheese burger with bacon and Sox. For patties well that seems like a bit much. Yeah really did become too much that like if you go and get a double and Whitney's you know a double burger and adware that I'm good amount of food the triple Lebanese Mac is a lot that Tripoli at Wendy's I generally won't even order a site. But why did. I mean man oh man if it's all the same all those normal regular sized patties so does know. The purpose of the secret menu and why does publicize it why why do restaurants have secret and work in festive why. Somebody would would say probably to test stuff but if I don't know it's there I can't test. It right if you don't know and ask for what's the point of that like right now we note in Holland Michigan they are testing out this huge thing. And we know right. What's the point of having all these because I've got for there's a whole website called secret menus dot com that's got a hundred restaurants listed on an all their secret menu stopped and then. On eat does not act is a site I follow on Twitter and all full of healthy food news and stuff and they came out with a list. Of twenty secret menu items that are the at restaurants and I wish I'd know because then if you're going to McDonald's or whatever. That you know your healthy options might be like I didn't know that McDonald's would do a grilled cheese. Not I that's healthy but you'll have dealt idea that you know that's out right now so. The that. So recent for loyal customers the regulars were there are a lot OK hang on. More or if you open those items everybody hang on a sec. Here. The loyal like it was standing. Arrangement where you always go to McDonald's on Tuesdays they welcome you lately your norm it she anti we have no really I mean you're 5767798. Or you look are you one of the loyal customers to add to. Because I. People hit. McDonald's every Monday or you take your kids and every Monday night after soccer practice or. One however loyalty program your date tradition is to take a wiped apple these epic Friday. I don't you know like I guess block in Muehlegg K let's go to. It's would you like the secret menu re. And so much on the show Paul downtown here an 81 K and B easy good afternoon Paul. Sorry that it. That you configure many item is that there they have an ingredient though. And they can make those items. And a ticker that because you know that they may have been present predicament that item Oreo and you get hectic and what you want. But why happy secret menu if you have those ingredients anyway you can make the things in their might be demand for a why not make him a party chairman. Well part of you know now that's. My heart out. That's why she why have a secret menu what what secret menu items have you had Paul. I had the Korman and big Mac and the Mack junior which used to be. A menu item at McDonald's which was just. You make a big Mac kind of normal time with the normal patties and wrap it up and go to dollar. Steve do you go can you order that right now we could you walk in there right now and ornament. And go to these sights set it up. Parties it's I was gonna say I write I like when I got the vanity venue is not keeping you satisfied with your Tony McKnight bright so you can always ask them to make fresh. McNabb it's. That when you go through the lines you don't want to miss that than sitting in a warmer unless you like. I beat the older they are the better there are three words ignorance is bliss is now I don't know the difference at least they be newly hot would it be new lead and I suppose it only cost you. Sitting under the Morgan lamb would be utterly hot is not warmed the exit there hybrids it's a right up gas go to Gary young lady lion KM BZ what's up Gary. And how much they wings go to Donald are scheduled to naughty one. And we go there are reports I'm nobody. And I started order and we go from partners. But I start or in my eggs. Over easy. They make eggs over easy but it America. Lake where you orderly the big Brack sisters. Our door like pancakes. We come alive but usually order what are she ordered out of work pancake. Batter and overheated on pancake. McDonnell's. Man that's I ads unbelievable plays the mogul man appreciated it a go get a mic and enigma buffet with my eggs over easy looks. Seems to me. Would not has to have that egg thing he's now egg patty. Whatever that there that is thanks to evoke auger 767798. Jim in Kansas City and 81 KM BZ what's up Jim. Yeah I just another kind of angle on the secrecy aspect when you're going to a restaurant you know ordered dice you know sit down restaurant. And you tell your party sides. Whether they always apt to. Huddled together at the standards to decide redundancy you why is that such a big. A big deal. I'm guessing it's availability they wanna spread out the tables two different ways there's all the waitresses they'll load everybody up at the Jamie is an honest with one table right and they wanna get the rights or the can handle it right if they count all handle it like if it's my third day. And the whole KM BZ staff comes in I'm not going to be able to handle Dana and Jamey and Scott in Egypt and what you guys could handle any lag could handle a worker retires but. Now that I mean that's why they do that. Final where this goes to AJ in Kansas City hi AJ your and came BZ. Take and a great day and. And oh well what I think in either Mexican restaurant and order this amazing chicken and pride. I think one thing is that threat dropped its opaque and Alford and it all still use those ingredients for other things and that may do what they're saying. Oh where locals of people that freak goal frequent pick a lot you should know about on the matter but they're still able to make it but it is down. Yeah you go to a Mexican restaurant ordered chicken sandwich. They. Say that. You're that guy yeah. That I hate talk about you when they get back to the Clinton who this guy order. I ordered a chicken sandwich what do you do next restaurant you ordered grilled chicken hit AJ appreciate it man they Gizo much your act. And lucky welcome to handle whatever would you like all of the chicken sandwich. Yeah. But they have arm. I knew I mean there's there there must be people like that and I guess if you're in with a big part you know you're going with six friends. And five of the friends one Mexicana and you don't eat Mexican that you wanted to be social that might have those four American classics for yield. Which is the hamburger that they pulled out of the back in the freezer is nobody orders at the thing had that you know hope you got teased in the freezer burn on amateur and the spaghetti that came out of the can that light though that's why they have South Korea. The all American portion of the menu. It's and burger the hot dog at the spaghetti there and air out here and the chicken finger here's a tax I would well I go to McDonald's most Sunday mornings it's exciting knowing secret menu items. So there I wish I was. Privy to that information someday. You'll have a regular meat like you'll be apart of a coffee group that meet the McDonald's on Sunday more I've seen those guys Jack they'll grow Niagara they're all 68 and older now Beaulieu audio. You'll be leading that group some bank dream the impossible dream. Jamie that's what I'm hoping for. Are right it is 1243 coming up you got to hear what this six year old wrote to Santa Claus do you see this you're after here what this six year old wrote to Santa is hilarious and you'll find out next in 91 KM BZ. It is 1249. Christmas is what nineteen days away is that right nineteen and six million us next nineteen days away and I'm sure. Your kids or write their list to Santa and dropping him in the mailbox and all the stuff that they want Jamie is almost like we started Christmas shopping at. Have you bought anything Bergen and progress as yesterday people like that a yes people are wondering if you had purchased. And I've not hit. Send on the cart on Amazon but they're stuff and beautiful art. To find fault. There they're born in the limelight I vineyards are fine. I'm an Amazon pantry for the first time sound there's a lot in the air but some habits because and get lazy biographer shopping. Bring on attacks absolutely no time but I'm get lazy about it itself. Figure I just our setups are regular suffered Amazon injury and that requires filling up until the box. They're gonna spend the same amount for them shipped to you that he felt the boxer not Sunnis of the box until it looks. And then I'm and then there's the Christmas whenever. Oh Santa Claus obligated title letters com from all kinds of kids and yours is six year old kid. They decided to write a letter to. Santa and here's what he wrote this is great are right dear Santa. Santa I'm only doing this for the class. I know you're knotty list is empty and your good list is empty and your life is empty. You don't know the trouble I've had in my life goodbye love I've not telling you my name. And in the margin are briefs and schools are written all around it I what is wrong with this delightful child lost lives. Out where. I don't know I don't know presence is doing more of the skit. Like what time. This kid's life he's a very I'm reading from Sara Matt Cameron. No works for NPR and I guess he's got is citi's troubles in his life for his brother is Big Brother whatever I. But he's a bright sweet young boy happy compassion and love is brother and his dog he's likes adults to level that's what she wrote on Twitter. No rights no anchor at a putt on soul. At what age do you think is configured at the Santa's not real like three teeny. Jamie Cheney's. School wants her in school sing it because I thought I was a kid that ruined I was a kid I believe you just did for several that. That was an only child that didn't have Brothers and sisters to be like oh god don't say that mom and so. It's. Me for it like for for being honest about it at all it was she clipper in my guest rooms after that she was offended. And my mother takes Christmas fears seriously my mom doesn't really care at Thanksgiving that my mom goes. She will spend as much on mere Christmas now and can do is many Christians is now as you do and now. She loses her mind Christmas and it was almost like it hurt her feelings that don't I didn't play along. I got it yes I got to point out that's listening in to an art now. Omaha and the grinch for not having a Christmas trees actually the difference is that you're an adult and I did that as a child. Now you know that between to either so now miss our it's our. Human beings were subject at a complete the right back right it's your yelling while it's Christmas spirit. Man you're dealing on the roads of trees and lights Christmas trees act and lame you're feeling well joy and happiness are rights and all of us and wet blanket snow the same as my chocolate or repair. It for the people are texting I've kids in my car. You shouldn't be texting while you're driving. Senior rights Action League texting while you're driving especially now with kids in the car yeah goodness yeah. What's going on around here yeah. Exactly I got grinch money Sally greens walker over there are urged people are texting and driving right now exactly you got me about that I do look at that act. He's gonna get fired as I get fired over this and not other things that adds. Then things have changed around here if I get fired over those and it was gonna happen at some point anyway if that's a that's that she's affect it kick right these letters like. That serious anymore. I mean is that some people actually. If they do they write I mean I've I've seen some letters to and it's a clause gets letters all the time. And Jamie anarchy is is. It's it's so I've learned about the cell in the audience I can say what ever I want about. Like I can go off about what ever I think about him I can go off on him worse than Yale yeah. And that activity comments I'm getting right thousand out what's really important and so I'm are doing that fan so I'll just at all that's not considered a year has holes fine. Compare all the things I get called on a regular basis this really isn't that and like this no nobody is called me to see or almonds on the things I've been called before are now asking to be called C next Tuesday is that would you really will. I mean it's people will say that based on me saying my name on yours at times because I'm a woman selling it really doesn't make a difference anymore now. It's urgent for UCL I sure vsan that was gonna bring some kids coats against MO if you keep him on telethon and I can handle it overstays. So Jay Wright will be out tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock in the morning and that will be your last chance other than the finale at xmas or for you to go to drop off coats for coats for kids she will be out at a 151 and more land. In what I feel like is like world only that but I against Italy it feels like. Out there but that's how far she's going from her well on clay and leeway and that is a heck of a drive to go out and collects coats for coats for kids on that's tomorrow morning from seven until nine and her big finale is at xmas or in -- town on Friday. So you've got two days laughed to go through your closets and get the cuts. And the fact that we're doing in both spots helps every like if you're Overland Park he would you're in Johnson county and in navy work somewhere in and around Johnson County. It's tough to make it to rate what we get. And if you live at rates if you live in blue springs or whatever mile in the north plan. It's tough to get to a place and that's what we've been illegal all over the different parts of the that the metro. Picking different spots. And if you can get over their boldly that Marty can't make it to Dick Smith for a Friday that's perfect drop off five bucks ten bucks what are you can't I'm we're behind we're we're behind right. Because it was warm. And that always happens whenever people don't think about coats or they don't think kids need done until it gets cold for some reason that's what happens every year on but it's been called now it's been called last couple nights. So I just a matter so we do this early in part because. Our friends at Errol fabric care and price cleaners clean them all and that takes all the time. And we want the kids to have them before they go home for Christmas break because as I keep telling people you think it does it cold here but I remember. The year has been seven or eight years probably but that was in January where it was so cold around Christmas. That kids in KC Mo got an extra week off school aid from the three week Chris as bright because it was too cold for them to be outside. And for the buses to ride and that could be coming soon sell. And again I'll I'll put it this why I don't know how many what the numbers of cuts that we need. But let's say it's 101000 I've no idea but let's say it's 101000 and we get 9000. Who the 1000 kids we pick not to give coats like and what they do in Staten. Hands down. And that we got to Honeywell challenged at Augusta now. And that's got to where you know we fill in those gaps that 1000 kids. KM BZ and Honeywell Kansas City. When raised 101000 dollars for coats for kids here in 2017 here's what we need. We need ten Kansas City businesses to step up and donate 1000. Dollars each and at Honeywell of Casey. Is gonna match your donations are if you if you have what are those. You know those funds your allotted you know drop a thousand dollars on a great cause like this are your boss here's CEO whenever. Have a get together with you then make this phone call 9137443743. That's 9137443743. And make a pledge right now in the rotary clubs of Casey. Take those funds and buy brand new coats for kids in need right here in Kansas City again. That number's 913. 7443743. We need some businesses to step up make your like Aaron have a thousand but I got thirty bucks never came BC dot com right there in the home page Kate MB easy dot com. You can click with your credit card your PayPal account. It all counts every bank on calendar buybacks we coats for that. We we've got the expert chopper pilots for a long time that can go out and really spend your money wisely on so. There there's no such thing as too little amount as. Will will use some Davis tomorrow again touted the pride cleaners under 51 and Mer landing in only so that's actually read by carriage house. And also on Friday it is the big finale Dicks with fourteen rates and if you have time please do gather all night morning sell all the way through Dane impart sending it sex so if you've got time pop out and introduce yourself let me he's not play in Sunday is it enough in your mom.