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Thursday, July 19th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy beat but again we do have eighty as severe thunderstorm. Warning in effect until four worst thirty and that's four I Johnson leavenworth. Wyandotte counties Linn County in Kansas is well and in just a corner of Platte county right now. This afternoon we will keep you up to date on all of these storms Karen K and be using. Again. The. Thanks Max out my hand loves the name. I'm just saying. Max maintenance jobs not G. It trains or artist of the in town tomorrow night during a performance. He would cash is breast RE ST. Accident 72 hated one and you were in the running for a thousand dollars with kubert cash message and data rates apply. The historic castle house and from when Missouri is on the market. And it's haunted what ha ha he's built will be haunted castle house it's currently operating as a BNB. And it offers ghost tours and overnights stays for the very. For the Braves. If if or bedroom two bath house gun turret. Just like deterrent to exert come I'm told this is invading them circle room okay wedeman. What can I say why did they say it's a haunted. A sell out. There are several major tragedies in house bank mrs. Martha Dixon who was the wife of Walter was a socialite and hosted elaborate parties in the castle house for and local notables and politicians. Legend has it one Saturday near the turn century. She failed honest errors. Today it for a party. According to the Ozarks paranormal society there have been multiple multiple reports of a woman and an anti party dress lingering at the top of the stairs are haunting the second floor. In 1862. Union trap troops that were. In the pastor around the house on injured soldiers from both sides brought in the Cassell has for treatment doctor Dixon had a field hospital set up in their. And apparently yours. Couple of died in a way I don't. Scrolls further down because these ghost hunters have been in the house. And they say. As far as solid evidence is concerned. We captured several class AE VPs. In March chronic and we suddenly on ironic voice phenomena and it says you can listen to the recording here. I asked am I wanna hear no. We are not playing anything on the show until it's been cleared with the news it's just know always when you're gone I think you were on vacation. I felt for that step and why did she play another bomb she goes play this clip it's it's perfectly clean. We weren't thirty seconds and before that big old hit anything like scrawny always phenomenon. It's just it's new ways and then you hear. Hurt I don't think they say. She definitely doesn't usually do not hurt America to the argument I wanna hear they set up a motion detector. And asked whatever may be in the room to manipulated they said they would ask the spirit to turn it on and off and it seemed to react on command for several. Hours. I believe that it's showing is a ghost runners yet ever there's coast Anderson there's ghost adventures. Disadvantage is that Snyder my daughters are both and that's only a 1191000. Dollars. It's. Now I would like. If I your voice I. Thousand dollars I'd buy it got flipped it. It's. It would weird me out to live and a house that had that type of history because every house has creeks and noises. But I feel like I lived if I lived in that house. Every time there was just a run of the mill creek or noise I would freak out did you live in a house for somebody had been your old. How murdered. Until now hole. Probably not. Which you would at a house where some images items meant to cause yes I think we all probably to even cared. Natural causes think about it over the years well. So I don't your house how old's mind gets built in 1940 minute somebody's died in that house I'm certain jerk yeah I'm sure a lot of lives and maybe they're now what I wanna live in the clutter home in Holcomb Kansas no. Absolutely not. Is that where they. Inco blogs and yet it's sort of. You know they've let CBS news in there on the thirtieth anniversary or something like that. They're still stains in the basement on the country where do you like. Clay well. I would not want to live in that house plus you get the look you lose. Drive in my eyes and I know that's where that happened. According care if I'm. It is recording a no brainer the last argues that academy an F bomb got dropped on that hasn't vehemently. You play HBO movie ghost just got a shot or she assured me it was say that was not Smart and your heart goes to not say the F word don't blame the victim. I'm totally blaming you because. It's HBO. I didn't know it was on HBO she didn't tell me that I. And secure his play that clip from the news. This is they have a question. So the question is are you here okay. And then they receive an answer or not hurt by any living person only captured on the recording needy on. Like the digital recorder. As you listen really carefully it's says. The art here's one of them this EVP appears to have someone asking what happened TO. Little. Let's play event. And here. Here one. Have. So the guy saying mrs. miles term that's what the beginnings and like it's after that. It's got it it's slowly goes. Listen I really. Blue and really close after the guys as reverend Matt in its real slow. I'm pleased yeah. Yeah no. It's just ask the obvious course. I asked the obvious question about it or am horribly dumb story. Is it that unlike ghost hunters ghost adventures or whatever it's called. Can't coast just talk normally take what a lot of why don't you ask showed our jet plane all police so much energy to bridge thick here. This one's supposed to be saying please help me. But what. Oh god or. Anyway. It was and that little thing here always help me help you do what. You're dead I can't help you I'm alive. I would not live in that house is every single time something just. See happen you know like hell. In your house urges are. Every single time something very explainable happened I would do my aunts. They always whisper to your browser goes always whisper. If they needed help why wouldn't they yell. Well let me go please help me tee I went on an energy it's mentioned to your third. But what is it only shows tell you that it takes too much energy it's on how. They know they're alive not dead because that state but they do the study. Is. It is in you and I there's no added that house and I love Michael says stupid now it's stupid excellence late at night. And I and that an upstairs and you we're. All paying what they give it takes too much energy to barely talk. It's good to wait too much energy to kill me so they're not really got to her. Personally I think she will it. Keep saying help me. Are here's an update or whether it. A Greek and quick and we see Scots here we need to conjure up some energy or thunderstorm warning. Johnson Lynn Miami wyandotte counties in Kansas Bates cast Jackson Johnson mafia until 515. May repeat that. Is now more. Johnson. Lane Miami wyandotte counties in Kansas. Bates casts Jackson Johnson and Lafayette on the Missouri side. Until 515. It hit when and if and if you're walking behind when those guys with a little EVP recorder hidden like everyone's being really quiet. Just like. It actually makes would have a hard time yeah and. Rob hole is that Eddie Murphy joke from delirious. Out. All those hormone like we can't wait is too dirty bit. It up movies why people are always like. Beautiful house. On him but it goes somewhat like people going there they don't hazards and how. 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Think what works what movie is silent as the guy from the office it's finally on you know on demand or whatever. Called a quiet place I think is what it's wild ways here so that's my kids are like. OK we have to watch quiet place and you're gonna love because they saw in the theater Emily Blunt end up. What's the guy's name like I think his name. Anyway John Kaczynski. Hits there are a couple of scenes in the movies got where. You might be thinking how can you have an entire movie where there's no place. And it's gripping. But it is like that you make any noise in the move because that brings out the use. Things. The ghosts they go by noise they can't see. But they have Barry served or are blind but they have like bad hearing you cannot make any noise and I'll just tell you. They have like three world so imagine living in that environment with a toddler. Who cannot make any noise. And the opening probably eight minutes because they don't tell you why. You just know from the beginning it looks like his post apocalyptic world where you just know they can't make any noise. Can't at. Freaked me out I Frist is that they thought it was stupid. I. Let me just give you an example. Let's say you're walking down a flight of stairs. And you step on a nail. Just say that doesn't happen. Can you imagine something like that happening and you and not make any noise. It drove me crazy I loved the movie it's. It was worth the whatever four dollars and 99 cents is that. Okay. I we're gonna get Stephen Hamilton and what our weather department here right after the 430 news colonel we got some pretty nasty weather movement and especially to the south. The southern portions of the camps in metro. So ridges rudin. Draw from Ottawa Lawrence. And may and the wind is unbelievable. Okay. Welcome. So we'll get to Steve Hamilton in here shortly and give an update on the weather. Those view to a to the south of Kansas City metro probably giving a lot of right now. How do the next keyword to cash. Coming your way at 2 5 o'clock right before the 5 o'clock news. And Steve Hamilton and former weather department right after the 430 news anchor marched with us. Idea if you're south. Of Moscow itself. Adrian Butler reach your goal I L should nude Oliver. Clinton. You know that's how south we're talking to this that the biggest worst stuff is she just south heavily. But just barely so look at that. GS spies cash. Stick shift this guests. Those are some angry street doesn't like me build and gardeners get a little bit of its originally from Robin scoops of Scottish Cup coffins attest. Into the newsroom will argue it was Steve Hamilton here in just moment. To the newsroom here is Carol McKinley are trying to be as severe storms diving south mourn acts. Hey folks get ready to save because Nebraska furniture mart sale of sales is here and this is George chants. 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Or thirty in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks airline and severe storms pushing through the heaviest rain falling in Johnson and Miami counties right now. A severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for another 45 minutes for wyandotte Johnson land Miami counties in Kansas. Jackson cast Bates lost yet and Johnson counties in Missouri as well. White House play another meeting with that Russian leader president trump asked his national security advisor John Bolton to invite Vladimir Putin to Washington in the fall. That's according to white house Press Secretary cirrus Sanders who tweeted discussions are already underway. The invitation was announced hours after the president tweet that he was looking forward to a second meeting with Putin. Charlotte signs ABC news the White House we'll check traffic and weather. Together next do you suffer from chronic pain migraines does joint discomfort plague you or loved one I'm sure you know that living in pain is not normal. Doctor Kendra Pearson and her team at north land physical medicine are introducing some of the most advanced medical protocol to the Kansas City area. For the past fifteen years doctor Kendra has been helping her patients avoid the use of OP points. And avoid invasive surgeries by taking a more holistic approach doctor Kendra is passionate. About helping her patients reached their health and wellness goals joined doctor Kendra for a night of great food education and community. At her dinner with the doc. On Tuesday July 24 at 6:30 PM act Conrad's ale house in liberty seating is limited reserve your seat today. By calling 8164524488. Again that's 8164524488. Take the first step in being proactive with your health. RSVP to this no cost event today. Legitimate forecast now with KM BZ staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton paced if. There we severe thunderstorm watch. And that state and technical 9 o'clock at night that does include the metro area thunderstorms could continue to move could be area into the early evening hours with some of those storms going severe. And that means threat are definitely wind up to seventy miles per hour and a large hail we've both seen from the that in trouble severe thunderstorm warning in effect. Just sort of fell for the metro area of severe weather should deal with by about minors Cynthia what you believe it leisure hours after that. A lot lows in the lower seventies sunny and warm quarrel going up to about five to itself you urologists you can welcome Keegan beat whoever. Right now it's 8660 C I 81 and you're official weather stations KM BZ is now on radio dot com tell the F and take us everywhere you go out. Tara marks are nears 981 KM BZ. And. Stay right. And we just have someone Texan from Pittsburgh and they said the temperature has dropped us. In the last like fifteen minutes late against AD here at mission also it's eighty here at mission it is 73. Endless Bergen I think they go a little bit for the south it's going to be. Cooler than that because. You are in Spring Hill it just passed you. Heading toward Adrian Butler Rich Hill. Down toward Ayatollah. And excellence and getting hit just the northern edge of it in political analysts woman tonight's going to be 776. I don't feel like that's something in your future there's a lot of lightning with the storms extreme KM BZ meteorologist Steve Hamilton who's just on with the care's moment ago hello Steve. They that are. In action yeah. Well we. We have a lot of heat and humidity in the area earlier today that it will cold for the coming down there with a look at Iowa. It's true when you're cold front that now moving it through northeastern. Canned food we're on the floor that. Kind of got everything going earlier today a little bit earlier than we expected actually write about the amplitude to that they have dropped well a lot. Over just the last since you reported that about watching these certain conditions on the window we. We got a lot of green canceled before until jail cell of the metro area. We are very severe thunderstorm. Warning. At the moment but in the metro itself as related not a whole lot going on its pursuit gusting wind that's coming all of the thunderstorms that are true to yourself. We're getting what called outflow boundary. Basically at the colder come rushing down to the ground than himself of course we'd love 405060. Miles per hour winds possible that. But that hasn't stopped at the moment. It is moving not solve the financial. Don't Wear blue spurred flexible Adrian Clinton. Little tourism there will be. Candidate you look at this point. Couple you know reports have strong would report to you 65 miles per hour that will really enjoy it won't forever true of course. You're gonna watch out for that then we have another batch of storms that that it would be coming in west. In the hours two hours so what did. Own predictions that are done. They put up. And what we have severe thunderstorms for our area. Well include people an end point of itself. If it stopped. In. Help with your. A little about miners are alive of course we'll watch them until mine yeah. So we're looking at there can we get that we're seeing more activity coming in the last now so we might look at some. Some pretty heavy weather for the. Let me ask you some receives have you lived just north of the south part of the loop so the north of all lace. Is there something coming behind this that would affect. The inside of that for 35 circle or does most of this look like it will trail south. At this point eight there were looking at about an hour or so the word. It you know everything from the north would be coming through it. But right now we're we're detecting them. Some activity off to the work it will last week so we'll talk about a couple. So there's that they're there's a second round come out what he's saying yeah. You know we've got to the second round whether there's going to be emerging in the atmosphere we each year to keep severe thunderstorms going. We're still kind of waiting a while and so on and so what the national weather should and so if you watched in fact. For the convention we're going to continue to be favorable and we will see some activity that little bit further support we haven't really seen the whole Lotta that yet. Which means the atmosphere in that area hasn't even more so. So there's still still you've looked at that and you'll further well. You know relieved adding that the passage to. At the moment. We can't really rule out anything. Oh come through the metro area but it will be a couple of thousand. So I just wrote an app I've always wondered and I've heard the term a thousand times and I don't know that I've ever had to explain to me well. And whether this is true or not I don't know but Summers says that a micro burst just occurred. Near the Wal-Mart in Cameron Missouri. There's video footage of it in the parking lot etc. If that is true what is an even if it is what is a micro burst. All of like reverse that definitely will fall in particular happen. You have an up draft order a thunderstorm is poignant and warm air from the surrounding environment. What happens is that that air group up in the after of course it cools. The higher goes. When you have where he's fallen you'd get cooler cooling of the cooler air. Cold come down colder heavier than one year or so you want your right folder thing. If you got. Berry told there is going to come down that much faster when it hits the ground. Comes it comes to feel as. We get rid during its stable in and upon it come out that way. You can't go underground with got a. So the colder it comes down that fast. Oh yeah. And Michael Berg is you know it's very dangerous drop airport of course. When crashes do. I would win this year but we sure that if it. But. Don't burst from Michael first as their called you're talking about a potentially hundreds while we're. Going to have a circle when it comes down. I'd love the video fortunate because that they can do a lot of. Yeah we've been telling people day and thank you see for joining us we can tell people all day at minus one and Lee's summit tennis and video. Go to Brussels sprouts sized hail it wasn't quite golf hole. It was a little bit smaller than golf ball call smaller than golf ball quarter Nicole. Oh those are flat give me something that looks like hail. Angry ping pong ball market and maybe an error condition. But he sent it and I said it orbited in and Kara. And it's like. His car and we posted that on our face the pay because you know look at. Such work hill he's not quarters because then why they always takes pictures next recorder polish and it should be like something's here coal. Because everybody carries a ping pong ball around moth ball. War. Now. If you drinking. No I'm awful over not a standard size marble okay marble. My morals are not standard size either I don't know. Ares I. And who carries a marble around to take a picture of the hale everybody's core. Products and needed new rates. In its mental and saying okay. Did you take your medicine today. Look at me in the eyes yes I look me in the eyes yes I did I swear you liked ticket at the proper time now is but. It. And is Spierkel. Like that you just automatically know that that's what that is. Brussels sprouts that's Weis said that he looks like I was crazy I've never heard anybody. Compare pretty old ball. To Brussels sprout. Well now you have okay. Don't you just immediately know size that is why do as I do but when you see the pictures on FaceBook and stuff nobody puts a Brussels sprout next to a global. Chickpea. I'm sure you have a rendering him. She's got a man. I know but it's like she's on wheat. Next skewered cash coming your way at 5 o'clock when we get back. A couple of sports related stories. A coach a soccer coach. Now accepting a hundred dollars per bit are giving away sorry a hundred dollars per video of parents behaving badly. He wants to shame parents. Into cutting it out. And also is Kansas City next in line for an NBA franchise we've heard this talk for years. Now some people with the NBA are saying this is about to happen. Good that much more Iraq rob Babcock I'm Scott parks and KMPs. And Khalilzad and and ride around in the 2019 data from Volkswagen Lee's summit. 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You only have until the end of August to get this done some have a map for free estimate now 81678147. A seven. 8167814707. Or see in those and son. Dot com. Tungsten tends to mind hands rooms and we. Ten. The Mercedes-Benz. The boom of San Antonio. And grew up on news the golf lessons when I think. I think he's just been the last I was so personal trials do what he is infighting. I don't know who lives in Washington DC and the White House when things. This fall for a second summit. We have yet to hear from Russia and acceptance of what. Senator Obama or speaking alters its alters perspective. I'm Minnesota congressman Jason lewis' campaign is dismissing concerns. About newly surfaced audio of the former talk radio host wondering why he can't call a woman slot. Saying the first term congressman's past rear has been fully litigated in his 2016. Election. Lewis spent two decades as a radio host before running for congress. Leveraging his popularity as mr. right. To lead him to a narrow win in Minnesota via site he's line forms of the last sector has got second congressional district even as Democrats tried using history of controversial remarks against him. You may know the name if you if you listen to this station or. Our sister station 980. For any length of time Jason Lewis has him in the past but a fill in host for Rush Limbaugh. While discussing Limbaugh calling a woman's. Rights activist slightly murmur that controversy from about four years ago five years whatever was. Lewis bemoan the society no longer quote required modesty from women. Quoting here from Lewis in the radio broadcast. Now are we beyond those days were a woman can behave as a slot but you can't call her a slut. State national democratic groups pounced on the remark the latest sign that. Louis' bid for reelection in the swing district will be one of the most competitive congressional races in the country. It's not lewis' first brush with backlash to his career as they. Conservative commentator. His on air comments were widely circulated during his first campaign including a remark young women. Where non thinking. Ideally of this guy's Tennessee for a showdown. Also read a passage. In his 2011 book power divided is powered checked. Which read and I quote if you don't want to own a slave then don't but don't tell other people they can't. And he's running no he's in office he's running again he was running for reelection yes. He wrote his book if you don't want to own slaves don't but don't tell other people that they can't. But keep voting people. So that party line he's your right. Did this next hour amp threatens to sue nephew over lottery jackpot. To me my favorite Paul -- of all time and buzz is now growing in Kansas City about an NBA team. Story here from the bush jumpers over KC TV five. Could the NBA return to Kansas City there is growing believes that it is possible due to the growing momentum of Kansas City according to an NBA scout. Says Jarrett Sutton an NBA scouts of the Dallas Mavericks and a former player zoo I think it is growing you have the street car you got the airport. You see the success of the pro franchises they are. Sutton recently tweeted that an NBA assistant general manager is optimistic. About the return of the MBA to Kansas City. Quoting here. From Sutton but he's also he's attributing this quote to the assistant GM. Kansas City is a terrific city that nobody knows about. A hidden gem in the midwest. It is a hell of a market and a great sports town. It makes weight too much sense when the league decides to expand it is a no brainer for Kansas City. I am. If Kansas City were to receive an MBA franchise team or if another team decided to move to Kansas City. They already have an a name you know. Black. And are an idea for me. Kings know because sack minority as an now. Marks all absolutely but Bob Kendrick who is president of the negro leagues baseball museum to take the monarch says they own the name. About that in however Kendrick says it would be fantastic if a basketball team named itself the Kansas City market. Feel I've never been so wrong about anything in my life as I went was the speedway and I will say as I was with the NBA team going to Oklahoma City remember the times saying. The hell's gonna go watch. He would be in Oakland city you know my kid Lester said can we please go to Oklahoma City and watch an NBA game. And you made a five hour we. I think have more. Seeing is an hour. Hi to cut up here in Kansas City and they do an Oklahoma City Gregory camera. We're the cheese we have the royals. Your sporting. We have sporting. And I voice and how old many pieces can you cut it cut into that I went with their peoples expendable income. I'm not an NBA person I don't think I would probably go watch an NBA game but I know a lot of people would. But Oklahoma City also doesn't have the NFL. Major League Baseball. And college sports. Sort of weak why no but I think maybe there was a bigger market there because in VA is is. In its. Metallic Portland trailblazers that's all got. San Antonio Spurs that's your team. Eagerly. Secured cash. It's cool. CR OL. Cool. But he what are you laughing. Something or not. It and then rule and a half. That hurts I secured the cash is. Coup. 72881. Texas right now you're in the running for a thousand dollars of secured cash it is. See so well seven to rated one newsroom Caremark. Having I KM BZ we do have some power outages from today's storms more nags thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.