Hates crimes and Puerto Rico flag T-Shirts

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Friday, July 13th

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy. You want to punish. On chicken it's okay. Women can. Five. And on air drumming your your your. I urge them any good leader it's got the music venue in an obviously wants out. If an accurate statement. Caremark sir how are you can go and misty that's your friend and lenient. Man guide you may. Guess who found themselves at all. Furry yeah oh. Like wherever. Awesome news media momma is now gainfully employed and not at all this safer now I don't wanna give away the whole playing and it's a thing but let's just day. Mom has been an unemployed for seven. Months. Thanks trump. Seven months. And along a seven month in my life but pro. I can do its job is going to allow me to continue to fill in. On the team and that's when I want and it too good from economy Michael MacKey now hasn't jumped. It is a good day. It was a game with a good afternoon and offered only had three job offers the other day inland. Rain or I doubt it yeah when I I. Don't can't get so much has one interview and all of a sudden it's like three job offers he calls me is like using him. I said he's sitting down sit down sit down. I said Christmas trees this paces she goes I go go on the universe you're wrong. And it. Tells you he went to your third person I told today scenario. Caremark are being the fourth because just proxies and sure. Like right there. At feel special did you seek Kimmel the other night now so wicket tweet about this today. It's fascinating to watch I can't stamp on these. But Kimmel you got a bad on the street lights come on odds Kimmel whipped he's basically taken over the Jay walking segment and and it won now. May go on the streets may ask people questions and told them can you do this or whatever. They they went now let me just paint the picture serve parity goes with a watching or listening to. They go out on the streets of Los Angeles. And I swear the dumbest people live and Allen from Beirut they must they must they had Zoolander fruits and nuts that. They have a map of the world and Levy carry the map of the world. Every border is clearly marked but there is not a name for any country on this map it's about. So me. Three feet by force so like when you give Dana geography so it's it's a big. Big boy beat out some big map about three feet by four. And it lets you. Us. I edit the coughed it up on an easel and they just stop people at random and they say here is a map of the world they give them a little pointer. In my corner I mean mystic. And they say pick any country on this map any any country don't matter it does not matter it can be the United States it can be. England. Scotland and in his pal wooten in Finland it's a big trip. With many important ramifications it's imperative that America strong relationships with the knowledge about. People in other alliance responsibility. Extends all of us not just the presence we came up with a test. The test is very simple when the street. Yet people were passing by. To name a country on them that's it them he said name a country. Any country. And here's how that went. Kansas. We might see Agassi is so more of all I think any idea being like nothing thing. As this up everybody no. That is. By the way when she says is a South Africa as you pointed members. And I'm. Monsoon and there's no pluses and in the school name any country after that Africa as a continent. You can. Have a country in Africa. I know South Africa's Soviet so he's pointing at western northwestern Africa and he said this is South Africa. Guys down yeah down as can you name any country on this. Dad. Ever that's a continent. I don't. Yeah any countries in Africa. You know who knows something dad can be any country on this year's. Africa that's. You. Greenland I'd split them then that's okay. Greenland ice land keep points add Alaska. I'm dude why is everyone immediately say Africa. Is that only. Continent people and they'll think it's a country. Any country any. And I am. This seller of heirs apparent. I big line but she pointed to rush. A. I got us. It's hot dozen school if you should've. Stopped them access to oh my god. The country again. And yeah. Under STA news. Being here I'm here did. Personable honduras' Central America was in South America South America. Here and it went here and now she just pointed at Australia. Your. World's top European light. If you name a single country in Africa. What if every again. No idea that you did a country in South America. I'll get this is not America yes eating in the country. No I can't digit pace all the app if you go to college yeah that is Matt Meyer. You know really. And we kissed him. My feet. Iceland. Australia I mean. Company. Pop and you can pay you ten year old male. There's hope for the future. I love you listened to people that you know. Did you did you graduate school of course did you go to college of course edge you know anything. That always makes me feel better about myself and my decisions not to continue to go. Junior high and on the ice don't make me wonder what those people do for a living. You couldn't pick I have highly important job outside your freight. I think I. Know where it's eight. You know when it was horses can you name a country don't you immediately go hmmm this. That. Don't know where your sad how do you not Newark Kennedy or Mexico. Probably Dinara (%expletive) and shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the US on a world map. Like. Anything can sense. I personally believe that. Yes Americans are unable to do you sound. Beachhead that thumb. People out there and our nation and it don't have bound and that I believe that at education like such as the South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere like sunshine and I really bad day it says that. Our education I ever hear any yet said how the US package to help South Africa and see how background as you can chase. That we will be able to build up our future and ours. Thank you very much so soon. Cash well the yeah. It's please. Hand them. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Knowledge. And it's yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah I mean yeah. I'll. I was not trying to. Insult him. All the main countries on a map writes 5380. What can you view. That these people cannot are you better than them. I guess six surgeons to main countries. None of them could not a single one. And they save lives every day so that is down France's. First Purcell and Parse this text this world replica. The main countries on a map what can you do that these people cannot I don't know because I don't know what they do. Our use somehow better than them. No I'm not accepted picking countries on a map. IS six surgeons to main countries. None of them could nine. And they save lives every day. I don't lead after I heard you you randomly go halves six surgeon friend listened. I don't have six surge in France you what do you do going to a hospital just pick a surgeon and asked them to pick a country on a map. Unless you are a doctor 5388. And if you are rivers and skim. Unless your doctor you don't have six surge and friends to just go ask. Country and a man. So I'm calling you a liar a map and analysts your family is all surgeons in your the blacks up I feel like 53 days since which to do that. You do not have six surgeon friends and even if you did you do not go approach them with a map. And he finishes by saying what's your point my point is simple. I think it's camels point. That Americans when it comes to geography are. Incredibly un educated am I don't think that's breaking news. Here's the thing OK I don't. Know why. There's a large portion of our population that believes we live in some sort of post jokes society. You know what it's called humor why not. Get a sense of humor relax it's okay to see or hear something and go that's funny and that's. That's the point. That's funny. I enjoyed that in my days a little brighter today I'm sorry that your life sucks did a whole barrier had an adage got out. And I love you are my command should. I let it means that in Cuba and I exceptional in many ways. By the way it was on this date in 1923. Famous Hollywood's. Went up in Los Angeles rod. What did the sign originally say because it was not Hollywood. It will is. So it causes that that's. A it was Hollywood land that's right Hollywood land that things. Now. Rod I am very good at predicting one. Stupid that's. A very good at predicting stupid things that are gonna happen. Here is my old prediction for today. At some point in the next. Ten years. Hollywood sign will be taken out. That is prying realistic and why free though Reno Reno realistic rod I'm very good at predicting stupid. I am saying and I am predicting like nose for dumb ass that I am. That is mining maim those dumb ass. Most are dumb ass has looked into his crystal ball. And nose for Don masks. Has predicted. The Hollywood sign will come down. And it will come down with protest. In the next ten years. Because Hollywood glam and it. When it went up in 1923. Was an advertisement. It was only supposed to be up on the mountain for six months I was advertisement for segregated. Old white. Community. In Los Angeles to be called holly wood Liam. It was only later when the movie started to beef produced nearby. That they started calling it Hollywood. And decided to keep the sign up on the mountain. Because. Hollywood land at which is now known as Hollywood. Was originally designed as a segregated housing community. It is my prediction. As no extra Don masks. That in the next ten years the Hollywood sign will be taken down. Caremark sir. You are the person who asked to monitor all of my nose for Don mass production via. Hollywood sign is coming down and ten years why is the Hollywood we aren't went over that it was an advertisement for segregated white community to keep track of all the sinister man it's it's it's a lot of work here's accidentally took care act do I get more right and wrong you do actually. You know what's. The state. Coming out and saying well in the you know interest. Being you know not raises in everyone getting along we're gonna take this down because it feels a civil and in all actuality they're going you know how much money doing it that way and you know how many big fat crosses on us do that with them there. Yeah but it's also your right Wednesday though you've never been huge drive around they have house's hanging. On the side like a like a nine by ninths. Plots. But it has a manager Garnett because it's going. The rest of its hanging off the side of a cliff Madonna lives like four feet from the Hollywood sign. I noticed because I once went Madonna's house. Wish you know her personally invited of course that just. Drove up to and securities. Ageless I only need well it's Madonna. Much but. The time that I mean you've gone dead tsuboi industry where thin Lizzy was born. There and Ireland Poughkeepsie. There Ireland where. Lucy from Ireland. Now. And that intentionally destroy it. Is from Kara marks a. And. By the way. Great country actresses. This is Led Zeppelin. It's the depth. From the album into the outdoors songs called. Find out. It's up. And over again. We got investors try to chip away right after the fire Fox News a follow up on a story that we brought you yesterday we're telling you about the. Man in Chicago rod humor this. And he was drunk. And he allegedly drunks are. He confronted a woman in a city park. Who was wearing a port re coach. And he was saying hey. Why are you wearing that shirt this is the United States or mirror. Our. Are you an American. Market she said some American. And he's so we shouldn't Wear that shirt here in our system. Well she's from Puerto Rico. And I need not remind everyone that Puerto Rico is part of the United States except when they get hit by hurricane. However he has now been charged. With hate crimes. Here's a story for ABC news to. Chicago the man accused of harassing a woman wearing a T shirt with the Puerto Rican flag and there are now new questions about a police officer also seen in that video. Here's ABC's Alex for us. Yeah you look net and I think they're little okay. In this disturbing to watch now gone viral video this man can be heard verbally assaulting me Aries Ari because she's wearing a T shirt with the Puerto Rican flag I. Because they can vote. As the barrage of insults continues at the Chicago forest preserve errors Ari pleads with the nearby officer to help. Officer I feel highly uncomfortable feeling good news and bad can only American auto please Puerto Rico a US commonwealth is home to more than three million American citizens. It was ours tries to keep a safe distance and you always I hear me. In America I mean. You don't need get a layup and then came in a manner we did a verbal attack finally ends when other cops arrived and arrested the man Tim tried this. The officer who stood by without helping now. Under investigation the officers who stepped in and he should have done something. And I think that's that's the reason that we hear today. David that man has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct at the officer in question is now on desk duty pending outcome of the investigation David Ellis pres what is. He's now been charged with hate crimes and the police officer has now resigned. The video of the exchange sparked outrage. And. Even Puerto Rico governor. Ricardo result hope for CO outweighed in called it appalling. Said he and Puerto Rican. Prince small Andy glass like. Here here's my here's my concern. The man that was acting a fool. And he sounds as if he is strong lit like a Christmas tree now. His behavior is unacceptable. And if you wanna charge him with disorderly conduct or even trust pass because she had rented. That pavilion in the park in Chicago. I'm fine with. I get nervous. I get very nervous. And I'm not defending what he said or. If you're American you shouldn't be wearing that shirt here in the United States of America. Are you an American he he clearly is a dome more. As if there's another kind of moron. Any doesn't realize that Puerto Rico is part of the united states air. Maybe some of you wish Puerto Rico was not well that's too bad. But I get very concerned when we start charging people with hate crimes for the words that come out of their mouth. Now he was initially charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct a misdemeanor assault charges and they were upgraded to two counts of felony hate crimes. Say. He clearly doesn't like her because she's Puerto Rican. Which is to say he doesn't like her because she's Hispanic. But it bothers me and it concerns me when we start charging people for the work he never touched her. Did he come. In the video looks like he comes uncomfortably close to her I think he did. Slot at the brother I think the brother I think today they gotta do this term did he touch anyone. I think you to via the brother but not hurt there there's no sign of them the videos she took her. We have to be very careful when we charge people. For the words that come out of their mouth because what's next. The kkk. West Borough Baptist Church maybe you're of the opinion. And I don't know. Maybe you're of the opinion that people should be charged. With hate crimes if they say things that are hateful. Get out of this country you blank. Go back to where you came from you blanked. There is nothing. Her other arm but there are few things more despicable. Been watching kkk rally around neo Nazi rally. There are few things more disturbing than watching a video like this were a man. Is yelling at a woman. For being a Puerto Rican. Am asking her are you an American because he's too dumb to realize. The Puerto Ricans are Americans. But do we need to start making hateful speech I hate crime. I ask out of ignorance. Because I don't know that I wanna live in a country where if you say something. That offends me. Or is detestable. That all of a sudden you are. I think MacKey just set it a felon. Or suspected child. He's charged with felony. Hate crime. For what it. Being a big hit. Is being a big against the wall. Is being a bigot or racist a crime. Are you not legally I'm not I'm not defending. I'm not defending it. But you legally allowed to hate somebody because of the color there skim. Because of their religion. Maybe even because of their gender. Or where they come front. That it's counts. There's a class three felony and yeah he can get that probation erupt two to five years in prison if he's convicted so for what he said. And clearly he was an. And I'm not I'm not controlling as but he was obviously. Drunk out of his mind. 57677. On it. I've 767798. Donna in Shawnee hello Donna I've done. Hey. I can find the bat at a bank was bank robber. Is it an act. That. Of course that the people that were shot each yell at the Arnold like it at all and barber. What happened. It during. Your eight or bad. Or any other culture it's not our legacy. It happens that got on it again back and they kill people out backed out shouldn't jump in a long before he employed never at the other. That but that's a point I realized on your argument that that certainly a crime was committed the crime arguably was either trespassing or. Disorderly conduct and you'll get no argument from me at all. But it does that qualify as a hate crime in the words that come out of your mouth. Well I guess fortunately now it I mean I guess we've gotten to that point that you now. Hate crimes of the big old male and. Whether that went above and beyond what I. Should ban. It'll and then not take lightly they're not obviously not gonna talk and standby and in that they. I'm no dummy you're getting off track I'm not worried about the copyright cop should have been fired there was a crime that was being committed. That crime was either trespassing because she rented the pavilion. Or it was disorderly conduct because he was being loud and obnoxious enacting a tool in public. But let's let's stay focused. The words out of his mouth have led him to be charged with felony. Hate crime two counts. Is that a crime the words that come out of your mouth. You know I think that I think I'm trying to say it I don't. You know spell it out at eight. I'm saying is audit as. That kind of on. You the thing that happened. Doubling him and. Okay everywhere. Okay Donna have a great weekend thanks Donna thanks for the call 5767798. Michael MacKey for Michael Maggie. Right rod Babcock comes up parks and king and these. Rocky pull it. Chicago's two approaches. And verbally yelled ports deal yells at woman. About her Puerto Rico shirt. Has now been charged with felony hate crimes. There is no evidence that he touched anyone. Tim in Lee's summit Tim hello ten. Very gets. So I'm. Do I think that gadget have been charter take our you know. But during your question. Part of it is that they probably charge you with a leadership down and urged. That said. My point is that. Where would you draw the line and whether they hate crime you couldn't speak or spoken speech. We're so here's Hitler they come down over your world today. They probably. Pay over inflated negotiated down second of all. Speech can be. Dramatic you don't want it done in a long way and that may not be an apparent you. You. Got as other people who are part of a minority. I've heard this embargo of attacks on US me a question I think. I don't know that it was rhetorical. Was wrecked word Roy drove line. Speech Camby of croc there's no doubt about it. Speeches a crime when you or words incite others in to violence would you agree with. Okay and he didn't threaten the killer there are just a big there's no indication he threatened her with anything and there's no indication on the video. That he touched her. Your question to me was where do you draw the line on speak for. A rhetorical. OK can I answered anyway. I I would say that at any time your words that are filled with eight. Which would normally incite violence incite violence or any time where you make physical contact with somebody. That is intended to threaten or harm. Based on your own bigoted views regarding mayor race. Or gender. Or religion itself. That's when I think you cross the line into being a hate crime. Right and tell me again I don't think that this particular case should have been I think from our crucial day. However. You've probably agree that a colleague over placate the first place so that they were negotiated out. Anita and I made it I need a lawyer somebody in the blond in Philip law enforcement to enlighten me on what a criminal for a practice. Ago garlic doesn't sound like. Rob NC. Attacked the bill. I am so I think my take on this is what the target was despicable. And what are hate troll. But I don't think it would take crime. And I just go quickly to strike example of the case it just happened here recently and LA. Well legally Brady's name it should Jones two African American lady that beat the elderly Hispanic male with a break and allegedly. Told him to go back to his own country. She was doing that. According to capital or red or or hurt and then I'd double checked today. On an expert in the NBC dot com. She had not been charged with a cart although retention it. Meets the criteria for current agreed she should that not being charged with itself. I think in the country there today. I'm not trying to sound like a no Weiner thing I'm called scleroderma like I. I think there is a double standard in this country when it comes Q how crimes are urgent letter there Carmen I think they're more leniency. Of course the colored bird. Think crime to a white person there's more leniency saying well what I really hate crime color purple white person that you color color. Then I think they're quicker to jump Q it would hate crimes and need to put their arm where they need to somehow. You know teachers that the. I I think I think that's a fair criticism. And I think it plays into the thinking of some people. That if you are black or if you are Hispanic or or whatever minority you've picked. That you inherently cannot be racist which I find to be absolutely. Laughable. That because you happen to be a minority you were incapable of racism. But a lot there are a lot of people who believe that if you are black. You cannot be a racist. There and I I have recently. They're just trying to researcher trying to better understand I've. I've learned a perspective that is because as white people we are quote quote in power and people who are people of color have never been empowered their fortune. They can be gracious. That is the that is about that is that is their argument that is correct and I find it to be a policy. Thanks for the call it to the newsroom here is Kara marks. Happening now on KM BZ more indictments today in the Mahler probe that's next. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.