Harvey Weinstein is a predator.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, October 10th

Now there's audio...  If you've ever wondered what a sexual predator SOUNDS like...  here you go:


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Very chilly air mass in place for the afternoon timer and hold our temperatures right around fifty touch of a northwesterly and overcast conditions in a 5050 shot at showers meteor rumble under starting to dry out through this evening as the night goes on a low low forties. Becoming partly cloudy for tomorrow that high back on the climate that to the low sixties. Even more of a warming trend by Thursday and Friday we try whether Thursday's high 75 a low eighties on Friday. A staff meteorologist at different era more KM BZ whether. Dot com. Weirdo. And you just. And you really listen to the tape and. It's bad and and here's here's I do want to set this up. Because you're Assad there were talking rats at how did this come debate there is now an audiotape. Of his persistence. In getting a woman to come into his Graham who does not want to do that. This woman. Is one of the only if not the only woman. Who win groped by this man went straight to do New York police departments. Sexual. Assault. Area. She went to the unit that night Scott and that's important. Says she claims he as he does his MO is to tell these women. And and meet you in the lobby for a meeting. Then an assistant and these assistants had to know what was going on brings the woman up to the room for the meeting of the party that. Never happens. And then he tries to assault them and at least three women have come out now with allegations of written and we had this conversation last week whether or not to this point what he was doing was raped. Three women have come forward and said he raped me. So this woman goes into the ram is sitting down is very uncomfortable he groped her she is so. Stunned. She leaves and goes straight to the police department. And the police department there have been rumors about his bad behavior for years. Says would you be willing to go back. And Wear a wire. And Weinstein starts calling her texting or I'm sorry will you meet me again give me another chance. Says she agrees. To meet him and again he tries to get her to go into it locked private program. What ulyetza. Being an immunity challenge is there. The bar they'll be Muslim yeah. During the week. I don't I'm guessing it was a kind of aggressive trying to do I need to know. She says yesterday it was kind of aggressive for me and he says I know she said you grabbed my breast listen. And I knew how do. I don't think these things where I won't just you really don't embarrassment. Back on Wednesday at Moody's. On the. You know these are. That's something I don't want to. Just you couldn't stand the there's. You don't humorous news. CNN is a equipment and ball and I don't think yeah. Don't do anything guys were my children. Everything they have. I'm a famous guy and Vinny says do not. What does the word throw away this friendship over five. Minutes entering conference. And right now. And one minute if you wanna do when it comes to my wife. Yeah putts on greens please sir just wanted to use of the world. Yeah. He's. Not allowed to. I guess it was. We never do no think she's five minutes doing your friendship means for politeness is no but it's it's. So much. It's seen. Now that woman was. The equivalent of an Oscar award winning actress in Italy. So she's an established actress turned name Italy Lastings gears you need to look at up by Adam Everett front of me but she already is an actress and her own right and I believe is the first woman to go straight to the police department when he groped her and you hear her saying. But yesterday you touched by breast and he says I'm sorry I used to that I'm sorry it won't happen again. And she said you're used to that you piercing you're used to and he says yes I'm sorry it won't happen again. Now is that enough to throw him in jail probably not but multiply this scenario. Scott by dozens of women some of whom were 181920. Years old. Actresses now or coming out saying they were raped. And I've Gwen Paltrow Angelina Jolie. Our camera two years that's an inverted here it's happened in 2015. You know. It's kind of freaky. Be honest. Persistence. Now. Comment just comment no come in here I'm gonna take a shower you comment she says I don't want him and I stay in the lobby note you come in here. And it's really it's it's bad it I always believed the women from the second these stories came out I believe that. But I feel like there are people out there who need evidence that this guy is a predator they need evidence. And if if anything it makes you incredibly uncomfortable to surface. It's very awkward to listen to him. Again and again say to her because you know how many other women have been in that position Scott sure and who. And I will say it again did not feel like they had a choice and I am looking up how true and Julie now. Because they boats and they were harassed our Kathie Lee Gifford camera and said. He exposed himself touched himself from forever and here's. I do. Keep going back to and I'm not victim blaming here I am not. But at that time that Gwyneth Paltrow had just happened to her shoes are established and Angelina Jolie had this happened to her. And Kathie Lee Gifford had this happen to her. Why at that point today not use the boys that they had. Now other actresses said when they declined his advances. They started having really nasty things written about them in page six. In the gossip columns of people were leaking things about them or that they did not get called back for work sienna Miller's one of them. Who said she rebuffed his advances and never worked again. And so. I really just wish that some of the older established women had come out and said this happened to me it's not okay now what they're saying is right exactly. They told younger women do not work for him if he asks you for a meeting to not take the meeting so they said in our own way we warned women. But they never publicly. Came out and said. As they now established actors he tried to rub my shoulders he tried to get to watch him shower. Or completely different case. Why didn't she tells somebody that happened. What we have today. We had immunity challenge is there. The bar yet you're Muslim yeah. June 8. I don't know I'm guessing it was a kind of look. They're trying to do I need to know person I knew how to listen I don't I'm using these things are just tuning the mirrors. Back on its who easy. One minute. Please it's something I'm going to. Here it is you know who stand to lose its. You don't humorous news. I think he plays a. Cynical bunch of all it's. Been doing its. A great shape and an unbelievably fair price it's what you'll get and always yet. With hers knock on army to switch over two years ago three million American men have made the same switching for decades one big razor company. Has relentlessly increase prices and wreak immense profits. 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That I. Wandering. Little did not. Under laws. These guys whit scored good in the kind of stuff all the time the wouldn't sign that. Why aren't there laws and a lot tougher on them like a white man is going well. And late somebody parliamentary at all let them do things to do a lot of work and the law is going into it with these guys because there will. Oh well they deserve to die walker Golan. Well thank you for the call we wondered out loud when allegations first surfaced. One law. Outside of the three women who have come forward and said their rate they rate one law would apply here is it coercion is it. That's not currently extortion. There's a 24 year old by the name of Judy it's got wrecked. And he had just acquired movie and set up this meeting he does the same thing every time. I she shows up for the meeting it's actually in his hotel room. He comes out his bath robe asks for her to get in on the size. He argued that casual massages are an American custom I give them to my secretary all the time. She says quote the next thing I know he's pressing up against me and trying to pull off my sweater. She pulled away and left the suites seeking advice she called a female mayor Max executive who told her. Not to say anything quote this is mere acts you can't say anything. And the win also the same stories got an and quite frankly the assistants. Who graduate now. When you you come to the office and they say actually he's waiting for you upstairs. That the people who had known around and that this was going on really makes me sick. Really makes music. You know listening to that men 1242. Song. I'm not sure there's a crime that's been committed there. It's creepy as hell. And it sounds like every man I don't ever want to come in contact with my two hours. I thought if he is the epitome of everything that is wrong. With meant but it's not you don't think it's a crime I'm listening to it and I've listened to it several times now I'm trying to figure out where the crime is being commit. OK answer me this Don Dunning who at the time was 24. And assist and invited her to me ill. And the assistant says to her heart is running late you should head up to his suite it's always the same date slips. There was no meeting she got there Weinstein was in a bathroom behind a coffee table covered with papers he told her. These papers are contracts for his next three films. She could signed them on one condition she would have to have sex with them. Ms. Dunning said she laughed assuming he was joking. And at that he grew angry quote you'll never make it in this business this is how this business works. Ms. downing fled she said when the assistant called the next day she hung up. Copper and she said I was like maybe is how this business works but I can't do it and soon after she began costume designer is that a crime. Sign these papers. Have sex with me you'll be a star and if you don't you. That's some world I mean headline in the Wall Street Journal today shocker. Weinstein Co. i.'s new name amid scandal you'd think you know it can't be Miramax it can't be Weinstein. What about groping nick groupie and here's the worst part about it he's blaming his brother or. For exposing the store. Not I'm sorry I screwed up right I need some serious help I grew up that he it was time he was emailing people on Sunday begging them to. Help him with this problem he'll I'll go help just don't let me get fired from the Weinstein Co. He can't come to grips with the fact that the Jewish back. Well I I think he's a predator. Now and I it it will be sad because I don't know that charges will ever come from office but I think he is VV. Very definition of a predator. 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And the president's legislative record is notably then signed more than fifty bills into law as he stated that little of significance in that pile. Spanish officials says the government of Spain doesn't except what he called an implicit declaration of independence by the Catalonia regions president. He is responding to a speech by Catalan regional president correlate tweet to bond. Traffic and weather together next. Taking MB easy news time 332. Keating scattered showers in the forecast here in Kansas City for the rest of today trying out tonight. Very chilly out they're really not good about our temperatures are gonna hold near fifty and insert your faults in the low forties tonight. Beginning partly cloudy it's our Wednesday wears on the highland sixties and clear an upper forties Wednesday night. And jumping at the high to the mid seventies I Thursday at honey assign and low eighties quickly returning on Friday mostly sunny. A staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KE NBC weather. 46 downtown 47 Lee's summit it's 46 at your severe weather station. I'm will starent stayed connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Told them. Isn't it everything from doing this in the news jam that is. 5767798. I've you have not heard the audio it is chilling. Harvey Weinstein. And the audio is come out today of him trying to coerce a an Italian actress. To spend a little bit more time to. Explain how this this audiotape came about. Its interest in the day before. This. Audio was recorded. She was asked up to his room on these. Farce. That he wanted to meet with her and all of the women if you look at their stories. It's the exact. Same. Scheme. Where sometimes an assistant sometimes another producer. Takes the girl up to the room because his office is under construction or because his. You know. There's going to be a party and I'd like you to join me than the women get up there and there is no meeting there is no party it's just Harvey and a bath robe. Asking for sexual favors and this woman same thing happened to her she was seated in front of him to start a meeting and he reached out and groped her. She believes that meeting and goes straight to the new York city police department says this happened to me I've just been grope its. They say to her because these farmers have been around for years would you be willing to go back tomorrow. And Wear a wire and she did. I'm telling me what he only asked to. You can get education programs is there. The bar they'll be months and yeah. It's. I don't I'm not yet it was a kind of aggressive trying to do I need to know person I knew how to lose. Think I know I received these things are more just including the American. Back on its police. It's the. He's it's something I don't want to. Here it is it's fair it's. If you don't humorous news from us last CNN's. Simple put the ball and I don't think relief. I'm not gonna do anything guys were my children. Everything. Mean great conference. Yeah I mean now. And one minute if you wanna do when it comes to my wife is. Okay you touched my brains it's. Just wanted to use of the world. Yeah. He's not allowed to. I guess it was. We never do you think she's five minutes doing your friendship means for politeness is no good if it's. So much. We can make. McCain just. Keeps at. And he's increase of one wanted to clarify a couple things that Gwyneth Paltrow was just starting out when it happened her. And she did tell Brad Pitt right after it happened. Brad hit through his agency today confirmed the reports. That one of Patrick came home upset city will not believe what just happened to me. That he confronted Harvey Weinstein and said do not ever touch her again. And quotas Petro said Weinstein was lit it. That she had told someone. Screamed at her she set and she said I assumed I would lose the movie it was Shakespeare in Love with the time mentally. And she says he went on Miami's. She said we went on and had a professional relationship from there but both she and Angelina Jolie said from then on they avoided his movies. The dominant in the Lee's summit hello Donna. It. You got your fleet. And they all right. Or app as a that pot. Why. Longer ago. Here's what. Supply and. Can't say that word on the radio little darling you know better. Lived. On that announcement. John that I ours are about this last night and I I told Johns and I just assumed this happens. All the I think part of the reason why these women bore coming in now when it was happening. As terrible as it is is because it's kind of a regular thing in Hollywood I mean this has been going on since silent movies. And one woman said ride she felt so stupid. The minute she was in that hotel room and it became very clear that this was never about a meeting. That he he probably wasn't even interested in her talent as an actress. She said you leave and you just feel so. Stupid. How can I have actually thought that he wanted to have a productive business meeting there why. How did I put myself in this situation for him to do that and an and I don't think anybody is blaming women I just. Just feel like this is a culture of Hollywood and an arm not excuse an analytic okay which is something we were talking about on the news or I thought Hollywood was this Mecca of liberalism. Of open mindedness. Of women are equal women are powerful. World liberals here everybody's on the same page and yet it's just as bad as. If not worse. Then real world America. Now it's at Hollywood these people feel untouchable and they'll say. And and put up the fraud I mean listen all the things you're talking about listen this guy. He even throws out the conversions. Amber's and very famous Scarborough this friendship over five minute. Let's listen to this director Todd Haynes so he's a man obviously. Said Harvey Weinstein finance the first fourteen years of my career. Tweeting. About his Phelps he says now all. I know that while I was profiting. Women were in terrible pain and it makes me feel so ashamed. And and so I I hope and this is probably not even just blind. Stupid hope. That now that the worst of them has been exposed. Maybe it's stops. May be Scott Woodward. It's a big stand is that it's big and it's happening as was Julianne Moore said today and I adore her and she's been in a lot of his films. That the women had nothing to gain by coming forward they had everything to lose at the time and absolutely nothing. To gain and it was it an executive here Max telling one of the women. This is Miramax we don't talk about that you can't say anything about that this is Miramax. But where else would this fly Scott. Politics. Okay. Yeah. I mean you can't deny that. I'm I'm not I'm not trying to throw politics into it but you're past. Trump I grabbed him by the pity. That's just what you get to do when your famous. I'd grab them by the I've sevenths and you know what the if you are one of those writing in today. And I like to try to play it fair boasts its. I've gotten a lot of Tex coming in today saying typical liberal Clinton Obama supporter. Your right. There is some real criticism and it took Hillary Clinton five days. Since that story erupted in the New York Times for her to come out and say anything about our Harvey Weinstein or steam she did so today. I would argue wait late Obama. President Barack Obama who. Had him at the White House. Has said nothing. That's her nothing. And so I say shame on. However if you're going to send me that text. And say typical liberal Obama Clinton supporter. Remember who you voted for. I get to grab them by the that is the man you voted for there is. Without a doubt. Bad. Bad people on both sides. Harvey Weinstein on the last Donald Trump and others on the right others on the left of course is no doubt about it Anthony Weiner. No one political party if we're going to inject politics into this which I did bird grudgingly but it keeps coming in on the tax once I am gonna address. No political party has the market cornered on being a sexual sleaze. Yeah he's there I'm famous names to numbers. Don't communion to suit to bar I don't drink since the Bourque. Superpower don't don't don't ruin a relationship. It's sort of so. When you watch it it's so. You can beat. Angry and disgusted by that as you should day. But then don't turn around and tell me it's locker room talk when somebody says I get to grab them by the BP because I'm famous. If you know less than nothing abouts anything automotive. I'm telling you look up Christian Brothers auto dot com they have locations all over. This community. 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Wrote do you really think it was just locker room talk. Some rights backs emperors. As a woman ever come out saying that truck grabbed her by the peace. Yes. You are meant he threatened to sue them. When they do come forward. Any never did it. There was the woman. And there have been others yes there have been women who accuse Donald Trump are sexually roping them. Us. Not just. Whether these allegations are true. A I know about. That's it I'm done I'm done that you attended Emerson that man's name. Carrying Kansas City hello Carrie. Litany. Kentucky gave me HL. The Gator that they filed under and then it violent cheapening and using his power. To meet a woman to do what he would do to control that on into Q why she why. I mean it's simple but because he'd never car because he never capture they're not that a lot of doom because it's it's. It could be quickly psychological and B he's taking a vulnerable woman. He's in the position of power she thinks she's. Going for something. He thinks he can be able to cocker and doing what he wants to do you no matter why you probably got a great car under the current. Two women every single day all over the country that are absolutely. With with men in positions of power in corporate America in. The domestic. Then it. Cute picture level. All over the place it could be in the workplace keeping it won't appear hadn't been saying. You know if you don't do bad. Didn't you view our community and children from New York. And then get you going saying something and try to get help for a even Stoller hear me saying well okay. Well you last four or you don't want her in the arm and you're changed more Jabbar. And that and 27 to mean women are independent there they have their own careers. The par five about. Absolutely. No doubt whatsoever. I. Have you ever had. Somebody say horrible. About. People because. Yes I'm in a radio talk she. Got here the Republicans and many people say or ads about. A. That they learn your name now you're Obama and starting out and you need to integrity intact when you did. Not have. An agreement on how dare you because you didn't do he what did you do you. Europe can't deny. Stand your health much. You're government jet hole that you would need one step the peaceful being there you'll be able to keep your job and into the future. There's Google. Pay the government. Come on these are choices people are making. Offer somebody one million dollars or do anything because money talk oh come on this review the text. It is written text. Our ultimate yep I was gonna say to. Piggyback on that last caller I just went all this came out was my first thought was wool. As Hollywood that's what happens I just assume. Literally every director and producer has done this sort of thing at least once in it. You've heard stories like I said gone back to silent film days now of Hollywood parties in the crap that goes on and and these people feel untouchable because hearing just like this ever rising or are we going steam. Apple just came out and announced it is pulling the plug on a Weinstein produced. Series. And I looked over at Scott said at least he's done he's done a liberal network. And they're looking to renamed the company you keep you can't get there you cannot get this thing off. Now he's can Anthony win it will never hold a meaningful job ever again. He's gone. And he should be. Into the newsroom here's what's there happening now on KM BZ Weinsteins. Hot water gets a little hotter more next. If you haven't made your reservations yet for Jasper is I don't know what you're waiting for boy does Tuscan bean soup sounder amazing right now you know that is just. 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