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Thursday, March 8th

Nothing drives Scott crazier.... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy. The keyword is. Upgrade. Feed GR ADT. Text that is 72881. And you're in the running for a thousand dollars of secured cash up rated. 72881. I have a story here for rod just seconds before. Before we get there. And I'm only saying it because it's far. More. Yes trump you reporting on this was. Talking about the aluminum yes steel tariffs and everything right. According to Chris it was a CNN. Trump looked over he and a bunch of people from the average it budget and for people. From the aluminum and steel industry and it's hard hat there hard hats underneath their arms and everything. And there are in the Oval Office. According McChrystal was at CNN trump looked over tournaments and your father's looking down on. These birds for a out. The steelworkers said he still law. I yeah he sees that there is and I need be well maybe there's like an upper floor TPS. Maple observation dead yeah looking down on his sides of other. There is looking down on you and is very proud. He still fit. Right you'll love this story. Because we know how you are with Google and Alexa and all those people. In in does Alexa have something diabolical. In store for her human owners that might explain that eerie laughing. I that elect has been doing all by herself with no bidding lately now that in the mill now you resort rather sleep in their house and the night. And they hear this creep glass. Yeah you know why Chris is plot. It. Pilot said. Read thing. You know that is. I wanted to kill us all hooked finance yes. Okay that was all I'm doing now now it's terminator it's coming true talent you. Machines take over I'll sit in the corner bar myself organized. Everybody's asleep on only one away watching TV OK Connor I'm not making it's also an echo goes why. Why did you do that right stumped across room and unplug that damned day. Every time I'm home don't do that rod know every time I'm home and I see that it's plug do I go over a blog. My son gets all upset about it is that why isn't like it has because I don't list and that's a funny it is not funny. That's like that saying. There's nothing more wonderful than it solves after Reid and it's 3 AM and you don't have kids. I tell. It's not. So you have you have AGCO. Yes and what's the mystery echoing elects a girl is powered by Google wants power by Amazon I have hate Google right. It's economic power by Amber's arm. Are there other announces Wednesday. I like to wish Carol marks her. Happy. Women's day the international women's day and you stay do you Kara heart error. Today a good day I just an all thinking about all of my lovely ladies in my life. Love the mall there strong may leave. Be strong women. May we know strong women and may we raise strong women here are grooming me as much time. I am woman. Greens. Okay. Now. That is an awful summer and woman and an old. Revision of that song. So McDonnell herb do and lives McDonald's as our goods slipped at the guard golden arches to make it WTM. Instead at the end it's at W. Why take the net and W. William YW. International women's day. So that's why. I love it always says upside down it looks like compared. No they're really good site at WW. Us actually I quit his day like a parasite he proves it looks. That makes sense I guess sucker. Welcome to McDonald's you need a list once you go talk to doctor Newman and give those things fixed. Why always have to turn something that is positive and fabulous into something awful. Because. National women's day to be honest with you is stupid. It'll open eyes and hope that the news why he says. Is good dumbest thing I have ever stick because it's not here today. When is going to be international men's everyday every thing you know life all have you know women are in the majority which makes rock and I minorities. It's a net international men's day is November the nineteen has actually it's every day is it relief and man international men's day. In November. So in time and it's been. I can't let this happen one day. An eye on November 19 we are going to throw a park and what day of the week is a graduates Saturday. Well considering its November 19. At every year why do you care if it's on a weekend. Because they would never do it your week and here's what autumn Monday here's what drug makers such a weekday for what reason the color purple. Has come to symbolize womanhood apparently. And on Good Morning America and I turned at all I couldn't believe. On Good Morning America today everybody was where George Stephanopoulos. He's a good they're all wearing purple is a good and they pointed out that it was international women's day and they were all wearing purple. Do you think that. Eight men have a collar and mighty blow aghast but you've got international men's day on Monday November 19. They're all gonna Wear blue on Good Morning America to commemorate international man day. G damn you sound even talking about dean wants or needs for a man today. I. Please the man day is next Wednesday's march 14 it's been a holiday for awhile I can't tell you what it's called but you should look it up it's a lovely holiday specifically for men. Just look up what is. Army as the I know what ages when I am not saying your thoughts unity and where are you can't say. Now you know what he's talking about. Our promise to got a watney to. Bring what is. March 14. Urban dictionary. Google it's. An honest we are not discussing. March 14 is also going to be new yes school walkout. And it. Its stake in something today angst. Let's call grounds not it's a lovely day and those eggs or the listeners out there some it was invented by Tom birds. At the right may he live forever. Maybe God's internally lessons from. Men everywhere should build shrines and where should this man who has been so kind. As to bless us the day devoted entirely to devouring massive clumps of all flash and having the. Fine. He called make me ill if I was in its equipment I'd be walking out right now. True he is a saint among swine. And deserving of the highest accolades in the world's real. Happy international women's day care happy zone and out on March 14 we will celebrate steaks and I'm by the way where's my case. From what indicate or tomorrow. Where you you mob beat here. Is thirty years since I tested the strength of a Toyota coral way and wrong. Played Penn that knows all key if you ate cake and we totally bring one in. We eat any cake. Okay we're still gonna play this game I'm gonna go print a photo of your face and the nose on today is I cannot miss in the nose on the donkey. Remember we Republican and Osama honking are at and nobody got ways now to the knows all content you are right now take your nose off. It's not difficult is it barely so it's not gonna say. There. Anyway so you're not going to be here tomorrow to celebrate thirty years do you celebrate that day or is like a dark that's like drama reach out the little kid I would say happy. Veterans day are happy. Memorial Day he'd like. Don't say happy Memorial Day a little. A. Just organize and ate your soul or tomorrow when you're in Cancun man whom. We're gonna be commemorating the day that I flew through the windshield to test the strength of. While I still think we should and the nose on the honking and I'm going to print photos of your face right now much should take one cake now you don't eat cake now. How are gonna play in the nose and hockey he he ate glass to fit the. Oh a. I'm going to end its photo of your face and I'm gonna cut the nose out and will play at 4 o'clock. And eight at I wanna blindfold. How we can blindfold Louise for. Anger and then Kara you jerk me around next time I can't turn humans relevant time grand and we can and does amount to. The. I. It's definitely huge issue in a while since Kerry and I have played this year. History. I've received. The news and it's balanced. In his death. Euro. I'm trying to pack as yesterday's five point nine it's all right it does. That's a super. It's got parks if you ever been embarrassed smile maybe cover your mouth when you if you point cameras. You're gonna wanna hear practicing doctor Ross Hadley Casey smiled. Can change all of that for over the past three years. Doctor Hadley has done incredible transformations for people who were unhappy with their smiles when I visited Casey smile assault booked it was filled. With before after photos of patients whose lives have been changed for ever. Because now they can smile with confidence doctor Hadley is a miracle worker really cool party your consultation. And Casey smiles going to be the digital imaging this is gonna show you how you're gonna look after having had a procedure before you even commit. The best part it's 100% freedom have a complete consultation. Most I'll make overs are completed in two appointments over a period of only three weeks. Enhance your life with a beautiful new smile check out Casey smiled dot com. And see for yourself that's Casey smiled dot com. I don't mind. It's not news I am. And plan on. And just makes. I am and you. Are you kidding me. It's. OK okay housing enhancing. Am going to skip music. I can we focus on the show. For the love of god. There. And in her. Ambien users are attacked. Your daughter's there is sit down this is a radio show. A lot of craziness going on. Participating in my name is okay so we have the ten nanos have you completely law either a lost your mind or left the country. We have pin is on the hockey already gulf war ended at 4 o'clock to Travis comply. I don't you know this mascot she's out vacated by harnisch is it. They sit down. Do your not gonna get her back into the show. She. Did you Rodham killing them when you're playing Aretha Franklin she Kara came in with a picture. And she got used scissors and you sort of walking. It's your last George well. Now she's now she's you aren't yet. I'm I'm help the banks but now than it does is make it may it was their ears go tomorrow. That's got a lot his nose in. Drive. It. Or sober. Sober. Science and so I don't believe you for a second language you like I. And he competed on you're not anticipating women should. Dissipate. Isn't what you want to unit talked about scene is sipping drinks on an airplane yeah okay. He's not he's not in this thing that you're in right now. Remember to be in the show she couldn't figure out if he's it was a credit card or how she got in New Mexico at half. I don't know why you're so grumpy you got your nose we should be celebrating. He's grumpy because he's not very can't bank. 4 o'clock. That's for. Serious. Things were not allowed to say honky where I work it is considered a racial slower. I work for Johnson County. And my soul is now donning. I. Home is now considered racial slur at the office. Of a cracker. I think it's probably wise to avoid. Most of those things crackers one of those things that. You can say hey sir can I have some of those crackers. But you can't say get short cracker ass out of my way right. We're hunky. It's now it's another one of those things there was a car behind me new Israeli harking. She did say some honky was in my way it would let me get over one thing it's just us not to use those terms. We get back we will talk about tea George on taxes. And let me just read the headline in the read this are going to back. Up sources hawking is the N word for whites. Cameron no it's it's important is do not ever said that out loud that's that's not what that is. Hawking is the word for whites. Hockey hockey hockey hockey and Keaton key problem is there is now. I think my early. Yeah there's nothing rattles that boards you know I really think I think honky I think of the honky conquers on Sesame Street. You know. All this I don't know to me makes me just laugh. Well it says on the tax and crackers love cheese. Mr. And the one that's in the newsroom here is her remarks the president announcing new tariffs this afternoon we'll have more next. Right here for Volkswagen of Lee's summit and now private jet and and they can't get a great deal for you on that jet right now. 1 double now through the sixteenth. Of march. Mentioned Dana they're gonna give you an additional 500 dollars up anything that's an additional 500 dollars off. All of the already great deals that they have right now at PW Lee's summit. As an artist you can at least. Robbery and 22 in Jeddah. 439. Dollars a month 139 bucks month for an. 4000 dollars off. In a surgery. About VW is you get to the lows sleaze and you wanna buy. They are giving huge discounts right now and on top of those just announcement today and you'll get an additional 500 dollars. That a VW Lee's summit dot com VW Lee's summit on talent in essence this. I'd trade more jitters that have rocked Wall Street president trump is moving forward with a controversial plan to impose new terrorists the president making the announcement at the White House today surrounded by American work. At a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum. When the product comes across our borders. Markets closed up deception and futures are higher at the moment. The Missouri senate has voted to increase the age for automatically trying suspects as adults from seventeen to eighteen. It bill was approved today 31 to zero currently Missouri is one of just five states that always try seventeen year old an adult courts. The bill would still allow suspects as young as twelve to be tried in adult courts for certain serious crimes. In Nikkei you Oklahoma State game KU leading by three points 47 to 44. With eighteen minutes remaining in the second half. Traffic and weather together next. You know us on the tab and almost all of us and knock on wood happens to none of us in the future but if you do. Find yourself in a car accident remember the name deals collision repair. In blue springs about the many times tales of personal friend I've watched his crews work and I can say without question. They are the best in the business and their work is guaranteed as long as you on your card trucks and get it fixed right the first time. 81622818558162281855. Online deals auto collision. Dot com Dale's a blue springs take care of cars taking care of. Permitted onto their rest the workweek with a beautiful warming trend in organ he keeps you dry weather in place in next shot at rain coming on and Saturday afternoon. Fair weather and mid forties out there this afternoon and tonight partly cloudy alleged thirty and there were men and on up to the upper fifties by Friday afternoon with honey assigned. Clouds increasing Saturday scattered rain by the afternoon the high mid fifties. Shot or rain Saturday night to let 35 there may be a little less now mixing in late. I'm staff meteorologists are different era more key in DC whether. 43 were in our case CIA is 45 and only spoke forty forehead your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Story here. Worse. And appeals court has sort of a new trial for a man who would judge impatient with the defendants disruptions. Ordered to be jolted. Several times with 50000. Volts. From a shock belt. VH Texas Court of Appeals in El Paso ordered the trial of neutral offered Teri remorse. He was convicted in 2014. Is was having a sexual performance from a girl. The court ruled that state judge. George Gallagher. Violated Morse is civil rights when he ordered a bailiff on three occasions to shock chorus as punishment. For not giving proper answers to governors questions. Shock belts are placed on defendants likes. The appeals court said they are to be used only if the defendant becomes violent not to enforce decorum. Quoting here from justice Yvonne Rodriguez. In the appeal court ruling. While the trial court's frustration within. Defendant is understandable. The judges disproportionate response is not we do not believe that trial judges can use stun belts to enforce the. When it. Just camel Joseph Cohen you do it all apple whose narrow neck of the electric collars on them in the not too far away you know. And you know behaving now. With the program. Done. I just don't think that that is legal. Unless someone is. Like it's legal as a less. Lethal means. Of getting a suspect to cooperate. I don't think you can just use those things Willy Nilly. Hampshire now I really thought wow. Stop the planet I'm getting all Stanford University. Has denied a request from the college Republicans for a new logo on their teacher it's. The reason they've denied the request is because it shows a portion of an American flying. We find the idea that flags are off limits ridiculous. Said the Stanford college Republicans and especially the American flag should not be off limits. The group was told the patriotic look does not meet deprive university's standards. According to an email from the schools Copyright Office that was obtained by Fox News. Quoting here Stanford does not approve the use of the American or any other fly and on products also featuring are trademarks including the Stanford remained. That is according to Stanford university's trademark licensing associate Kara head toward. While the university points to his trademark guide for the rejection it does not seem to mention include any references. To flax. The American flag become so that's. I don't think it's offensive owner. Although I will say this I think we weren't supposed to Wear the American flag as clothing. And it is considered just for. Spec Fulton where like on a bikini 19% or book about a Bandana. And about a teacher I would argue bandanna and no I mean Oliver Springsteen's. Proofs. I. I think as long as you're not wearing it like on a you know but I should and I think. Again bonuses at the east and we ended up on your probably fine. I just you know and I know you say this far more than ninety. People are too sensitive even I will say people these days are too sensitive I don't think it's as bad as you would think. That it is but give me a break. You don't think people are too sensitive and America I do I don't think to the extent to you to. I think here's what I think and I'm being honest here of course of Oz means sincere and I have long thought. That people. For whatever reason and I don't know why. The people in this country go out of their way to be sent. I think people actually get off on being affected. They would want. To be a victim. I believe somewhere somebody decided if you say I'm offended that makes you seem Smart. So really. Actual Rodham insurgency that is a very good and deep ball. That bikers and I've I've thought for a long time people think that. Makes them sound Smart if somehow we you're offended or you say that offends me. You're a deeper thinker that I am you'll leave your smarter than nine. You're more culture than I am because you found something to be offensive. I would I would agree with you depending on what the offense. May be like so if you're offended. To try to get some highbrow thing to be offended by an amount across from all appropriate. And more like. With with women's issues of our. Issues of international business or something like that if you're offended maybe you're trying to act smarter. I mean they're people in this country by who are offended by things quite frankly. They're just doll things that you should not be offended I went to meet those people are trying to seems smarter I think they're just completely misguided. I'm not saying these people and Roddick I'd like beware on this maybe would disagree with me to some extent. Com I must say these people were offended but they're very vocal about what they believe it or what they do. I think we give a benefit. Of intelligence. Or week. Put this. Animate and a list a handful of groups of people. That just when you hear that they belong to this sort of a group yeah okay an amount that there's membership percent. But when you hear that somebody is a such and such York inherently. Gonna say. You must be right where you must be well read or you must be reason you've released fought through the intricacies of life. Because you've become this. Robbie ready for what I think those people are you ready. If you hear these it is somebody says I am a blight. You automatically think. You're going to pay about to say your bill that I am I your automatically going to think. Hutu a lot of read. Where you really researched your life. Ready. Atheists. Yes I think when somebody says I'm an atheist you think wow and you really studied up on religion and you've. Really looked into the possibility and not possibility of their being or god and I'm gonna think you're Smart. Atheists. Vegetarians. Oh yeah. Vegetarians are begins typically. Are more well read when it comes not issues of animal cruelty. Yes. Yes they can tell you hog farms and so what I have just taken far I'd say I've been a hog farms in kings didn't see a third corps. Him vacancies were quick. Some sort of atheists. Vegetarians. Muslims. Doing this to me at 342 Thursday usually ember can do tomorrow I'm. Muslims I would say Christians. There war against Christian. No I don't errors not what someone says they're Christian I think most people go for all went from. You being overtly. Off and it. I said here's here's another one liberal or peace neck. Is somebody's like anti war. You automatically think your well. They probably are. I'm not trying to get too wound up on just being honest. What. I wish she would not said one certain religion Muslim SI. AA because I think people give them the benefit of the doubt always. How can I just do. What's it's like that. Cartoon that. It's one of those things I'll never forget because it cracks me up. The man and a woman and guys like I don't believe gay people have rights I don't believe women have rights I think you know that that's just a bunch of crap. And she's like oh my god you must be some backward state and Republicans know actually are Muslims oh my god and so sorrow and this is dead. Seem so. And it's true. Out. I mean that's. It is or is. Now Howard played pin the nose on the phone keep coming up at 4 o'clock this afternoon. You wanted to do. And if you have five I think we should play family feud guys please don't shoot 5 o'clock this afternoon topside offensive things got Jefferson on this program. Oh that is in the fall in the top six here's the question. Name some group easily offended. Vegetarians and begins at weekends or worse from my god. Those people room. 5767798. We're gonna play up in the goes along and coming up at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Did you write your for lightning landscape and irrigation it's time to start thinking about irrigation on your front lawn and you always wonder how come everyone else hasn't lush green line and I don't. It's an irrigation system we just got 1 and I am thrilled. And it's a Smart irrigation system from lightning landscaping irrigation the thing even knows when it's raining you're gonna love it. Give the great guys at lightning landscape irrigation call locally owned and operated for 23. Years they do all of their own work they do not subcontract. Their work out they've been right in sunny for years designing and installing all of their own systems they do it all they are full service landscape contractor landscape. Hard skate you wanna fire pit fire place in your backyard they do that. And irrigation accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Guys at lightning landscaping irrigation a call 9134413909134413900. Or lightning dash landscape dot com lightning with an end. Lightning dash landscape dot com. This country. When Jason Chile's Lan boards that is rant was going up thirty dollars a month. The Sarah 37 or was not happy. Chile told police learn of the increase right after paying his landlord 560 dollars for Rand according to the Milwaukee journal sentinel. The two talked about the higher rent and Raj at the apartment complex. On March 1 Chile allegedly hit a handgun in the pocket of his ability. And shot his landlord in the back of the head. During her conversation according to the paper. He admitted to stealing money and car keys from landlords pocket and moving the dead man's court to a nearby street before going to Wal-Mart to buy new clothes. He went home. Took a couple of shots drank a few Beers. Before going to sleep he went to work the next morning. Ship them back about it. Over thirty dollar dispute on rent. And you steals money go to warmer buy new clothes go home drink coming go to vet go work. The landlords wife reported her husband is missing on Thursday telling police. But he went to me with a teller named Jason. It. Just. At a property that he owns officers went to speak with Tilly at the apartment allegedly notice what appear to be blood on the door and the door frame. Killer wasn't there when they showed up. Thank goodness. America goes back to know. Conflict resolution now OK. Let's we socket conflict resolution. Look at brokerage. We socket conflict resolution. And also just complete disregard. For your fellow human being I had about a road rage today. I was in the left lane on China mr. Parker and her three lanes going westbound. He stopped in the middle of the street or mammals treatment of the lane we are in the far left lane because he wanted to get all the way over to go northbound on I 35. He just stopped everybody. Do I don't but he the world revolves around me that's pretty manager issue that's a safety I don't always I and I hope to Adam and he turns and looks being good. And he Portuguese and I I'm just assuming what he said. But he said he basically is pointing over to our northbound I 35 and say to me I'm trying to get over there. And I just kind of when you aren't this way I'm most without him like flipping flipping my hand forward I agree. Why try it now and I and I am hog in my wanna go move on. You can't just stop your car in the middle about the streak that goes 45 miles. Get killed you dumb ass hasn't talked about this in a couple minutes. It's a little bit. Kiss. At least oh whoa. Whoa yeah Rodney there is up this. Bullying murdered ladies like yeah. Hell hath no fury like the octogenarian. Bowling. Practice. You know your bowling run there's etiquette bright. So if you step up to bull and the person next to use down adaptable program follow me here got away you gotta. You follow those rules Rodney do you is there is set or if it's just Hewitt then you're like Alcoa had. It is bowling we're not. We're working on her dismount at the US Olympics Motorola's a gymnast something tells me who they go up the berth goes that's right thank you Cisco go ahead OK so as long as I've bolt. Since my childhood. If you step up a threat and someone else steps up you just go. Anyway. We're not racing to the finish line here first went on ESPN for first on the wood has the right of dismissal vast. What I thought it. And one of the women today. Pulled one of our players aside and Redford the riot act. Because apparently in this league you defer to the person on the right. And I said no I said my girlfriend. Now I've been able to for how long if you both step up at the same time. You just whoever. Stepped up first goes it's this is not why are we arguing about tennis so why. Some rare words exchanged. As they start with an elf and I am telling you I've looked to my other offered and I go. Are they seriously about to throw down over who bowls first. Inning eat. Women's bowling league on Thursday morning's an oval impart Kansas. Today were hints how old were these women. Seventy. Oh yeah and so that I noticed every time my friend would go to bull. Told the lady next to her which is go. Hole. You are he and a base. Hits us. There's a pain in between us rated at one point there's a line between Campbell and an empty plane. Then there's. Empty way and just look at me like. I didn't stop and wait when they're in no light sweet. Dana I'm with you on this one. There is an empty lane between you the next bowler. Who are not required highway. 97 average. I'm so you know you're not required writer of players playing between them all bets are off view there is nobody XT that's the whole point I know. Like does. It. I am getting going because there's lane between us. That accident. And is the wrote down with a bunch of seventy Earl and you're right it's gonna bring your baby get. Right away. I. My grabbed this little spot start name and AM. You really. Tennis so. Internet Naples for just one day. If you step up at the same time. It's just to currency. And whenever. If you step three seconds before. It's. Going. And if there's an attorney. All bets are off right no it doesn't matter. Aren't Amman bowling bold dot com. And I am investigating. I'm doing research. Don't looks and let's touch. I'm doing research on Wayne etiquette. Because this is important jobs accounting and that we were blowing. Cursor is business. Was Dana right. Was bail them. I cannot remember no right of way around about pocket Amy rule that if you're. I always on your right they were able to my left I don't. They need to reverse. What about a sum as blown your ride in your on the left you know where it no one should put this much. You were to catches break the KE. Not a break someone's face like don't put on your brakes on science park. BR a K he is a lack of brakes never stopped Maine beat arc AKE. Texan and a seven to allowing him or one. Beat our content in the stomach to edit and women are different thousand dollars. Miserably or Marxist. Happening now I'm KM BZ funeral arrangements announced or a police officer killed in the line of duty will have more next. 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