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The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, April 25th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. Apparently comedy last week the president today young president tweeted back thanks you very cool AM. Apparently they don't have dragon blood. It has what it looks great now I think Kanye West I read it. They're worried about his mental health break now and then his wife came out and sad that's not funny. Not funny that they're worried about his mental how she said mental health is not a joke and the night I think people were actually saying there aren't worried about his mental health. I can whatever we the president. No no no. Is there have been some bizarre things in the last few weeks I guess I mean I don't know I don't follow that idiot show or. Either one of those people but I keep seeing the headline. You know like when dialogue on Twitter it'll say trending you know people are worried about Kanye is mental health. He's wearing a make America great hat again so did he say bush didn't care about black people you remember that. During one of the award shows and I he's just all of the board go away. Where these people famous. Eight tiny at least has a reason to be famous I still don't understand the Kurdish instinct and as the that's. Either you're an organizer here and there. Can we please eventually. Talk about the serial killer that they caught. In California I'd kind of assess why am I not surprised it's a serial killer. On. Him. Sure obsession with fury. On April long time so she don't ask you. I asked what it. Find serial killers to be fascinating but I am not obsess Q can you or says that. And his former pull its offices are that's how we got to wait for forty years. Committed twelve murders 45 rapes. 120 home burglaries of filming a movie this when he was. And who's rested overnight in Sacramento. They use DNA. CN. Looks like he was called east area rapists and the original Night Stalker. That's gets I want to see what his face looks like. Those sketches and we need just. A really good I sometimes they're really mad now. When the killer went underground police kept looking and in 2016 the FBI off pretty 50000. Dollar reward. That's what we should do we should quit her jobs and go around trying to cancer killers because the rewards rose view leading. Says here you cover his trail very well on ensuring a police officer serial killers deep thinker active at any one time. To. Well to me why. Just asking if she's gonna make a living out of it we need to do we need to have enough ready I need a lot of report on assignment in front zapper. The super crime stopper you could get Alonso hi could go national. You came from. Yeah well the I'm going Nash yeah. That he refused to do an interview with you it is time. CNN I. Mean it was with Tom back and and I handed him the phone and I said Tom back what was during the pressure stoked. Handed him a phone I said Tom Becker and he agreed to go along with Tom back at 9 o'clock. I said Tom back as he wants to. And and so god bless them calm and noses and bears Ingraham and he's listening right now he listens every day. He's probably just like. Story he had a cell phone to his ear and he knows he sky cam can't CNN. I'm going national. I don't watch. Because I'm going national CNN. Kept pointing to the phone. I go no you agreed with Tom back. He was going national. CNN at. How much room today killer. And ones those going national and Washington started spewed from the crime fighter. To work. And went to work. So are we don't want this serial killer. Right he has been skewed picture of them want. What does it matter I don't know what does he look like well they're always YLL. Shocking. Really. I should be a profiler I'll tell you right now now circular he's why he's between 3040 years old he has issues with his mother bell Amy. Thanks to his link between thirty and forty years old men's issues with his mother. To come up with that. Just pull out the file from the last night and reruns it you should just go talk to the FBI and be like look I can do your job I now. I forgot. Teach your medicines and and that's why and so we can put it this White House photographer. And it laid out later. Unbelievable. Presentation in Lawrence last night my favorite city in the whole wide world he was the White House photographer for both presidents Reagan. And Obama say Reagan funny. Presidents Reagan and Obama who reckoned. Reagan Reagan Reagan. Reagan. Rodney. Who love US. EE. Anyway it's just went up or shut up. Save Ronald and the last spot and Ronald. Ray. Ray and it was some. So I'm sitting there waiting for Peter Susan to come out to talk about his two million photos of the Obama White House and I. And this man in this woman sitting in front of me he turns around and said I'm so sorry but I heard you thinking. So was that happens and I know you are and we're huge fans your show and so I would liked gives you something. Who's this disk got ice sitting in Lawrence in front of it leads sinner who heard laughing we used on the. Why is he sets. I wanna give this year and it's having. It says office of criminal investigations. Kansas City field office special. It. He says your deputy now and Chris is sitting next to me and he goes oh dear god and I got a gaffe as you know what you're columnists and arresting her life. I in the you're deputy. Our deputy Wright is is. Is this the first corner you've ever gotten. I'm not discussing you know I can't feel how has this why don't we drive received a thousand apps to the united deputy. I am the Dow down eighty right and it was FDA. Okay. And here's what I'm gonna tell you I said and your member Robert Courtney speaking of serial killer because he was and he has an area that was one of my cases. Obviously you are right it but you have got right back on the deputy okay. These deputized to me somebody got their first point last night. It's organized. Like it. V. FDA records are bigger than the other I'll say this yes like my Packard on the bowling trophy when I get that next time by a police officer. And in. Hand out the window and yell. That will work but I try let's try it definitely. Officer. For fear you refer to me as a. Deputy. At the FDA is small and you know what some of them because there corns are very large. I think it's awesome. I think it's also there is amber yeah works for the criminal army December of the FDA from very happy for him. Thank you president Ronald. Ray again who ring again. It great game and get it. Is it. You. I carry his number I'm when I'm looking for serial killer and it like hit like Zhang a last year. Weird though. 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It out and actually do any kind of Imus up director or officer died I was going 95 and 32. An interview her to. I'm a deadly. Among the job I'm I know you're just doing your job served. Oh. There's. They. Thought but it did you ever are needed to know. If you ever drop me do you know who I am card IQ. You know that I his deputy I'm just gonna hand that the officer. Just beat chipotle C or your not a deputy. You would die laughing at the thought that someone would try to kill them off like you're above the law. Run I told you that. When that I got that one time I was aware of just opened my jacket ever so slowly. Oh my. Your but it it. Product of that time those doing remote when Saturday afternoon nuts and bolts. Answer was there owes us I think. Oh god it was like for these points and Earl military. And for whatever reason people get maybe there points and calm guy walks in with the Vietnam veterans. Yeah Vietnam veterans. And it's and he put him. And I guess I can accept this and use odious you can. And I said no no sir I can't. And he looks at me and he goes I served with your father. All I told us I served with your father in Vietnam. Andy and at that point I'm like completely. Shocked. Andy puts the coin in my hand and he folds by hand over. Any just walks away. And I hate myself. That I didn't say above above. And just to hear a story just hear one story. My dad in Vietnam or something but that dozens I was in shock. And I and I couldn't say well. And he just walked off and never saw him again that was three years ago man I know I still going. I still that stupid point but dammit I'd ask him one question I can't believe it and I wouldn't I couldn't Dana I was in shock. He just said I served with your dad and Vietnam and put the tournament and for my fingers. And walked away. And house. OK okay. You know you could look up here is. Time. His company his service. Work backwards reporter and figure out who he was wit if you chose to do that again. About a documentary beat hits while pretty were the local Kansas City woman went back. And tried to piece together who heard I was with and what happened in Vietnam. And the stunning documentary do you do AC PT did it. I don't know but it can be done now. It would take a record search spent. And a deputy could probably help you. Don't like some pressures especially agent. Soared at the FB our costs. I. Real proud as. Where there any good stories last night it's at so make some calls and your helmet on it because it immediately for impersonating an officer. Should that actually would be if this. Yes last night we went it's not Peterson as a at the lead sinner and Lawrence and the first thing that I could not believe we walked and is that place was packed there was not a seat left in the house or what it's like 4000 thousands of people came out here this gunshot. And I don't care. Who you voted for. I don't care what your political persuasion. It doesn't matter because he was the White House photographer as the official White House photographer. For Reagan and bush it's. He announced. And he goes back into a little bit of history Scott presidential history you would love to. He talks about LBJ's. Press Secretary who got the iconic infamous photo of him taking the oath about it on the airplane now with Jackie Kennedy. In her blood stained pink dress standing next am looking completely shell shocked. He goes into a little bit of the history of the other. White House photographers very fun stories like about Obama. Jim guy you just would have loved it and I know you love presidents do during a love it and if think about this who else. In the White House has that type of daily access to the president I'll tell you know what it's no one. The photographer is wis. That president from the time they walk out of the residents. To the time they go back to bed in the residence period when President Obama got up in the middle and I. To flight Afghanistan you know. Peter says it was right there we don't. It's a great job but I bet it's just up and totally hard to set to Christmas night my god you would be to just because you you work seven days a week he he was with him more than Michelle Obama was with them who was with him more than his chief of staff was with them you know he was with him more than anyone. Except maybe. The secret. Service guys. And even well in the event with a more now but even with the Secret Service people. They work in shifts yes you are the only want your your the White House photographer so he took two million photographs during that presidency. Some of the ones you seen those million. You've seen the one in the situation room when Osama bin Laden was killed of course and he talks a little bit about being in that tiny room him and how situation. Head military guys actually sitting in the president's. Seat and when President Obama walked in and he said. Oh my gosh Mr. President here take your seat. And the president said Anne and Anne and how you stay right there because he was the one calling the shots looking at the computer and he pulled up a folding chair next Dan. Behind the scenes stories. About the presidency that. No one knows because he was standing next to him from the time he was a senator to the time he was the president. What an incredible waited to. C industry you have a front row seat I could have listened to him for hours and again it doesn't matter. What your politics are I mean that is in front receipt history the thing Everett last night as the only press photographer in modern times. That did not have this access so we don't have a historical picked world record of the presidency when you wanna guess. Modern president modern president from. Mix them up President Nixon. So if you look at all the other presidents we have a history in pictures. Of what life was like in the White House even with Kennedy. With Nixon get out. He should he did not would be photographed. Or taped evidence apparently don't wanna be recorded there yeah. Record. If you get the chance to her speak do it because you would it sounds fast and outskirts of the newsroom and here is Kara marks. One of the nation's most notorious killer serial killer cases may have finally been solved we'll have more next. OK I think spring's finally here I came today and I know it's raining but my tree has flowers on it for the first time in 121000 years. So no start thinking along with me about all of those outdoor areas of your call your day actor tribe what your garage floor. And remember seal once Casey when you do they're here to permanently. Protect and beautify these areas let they're experienced team come out clean and seal and what are concrete surface. 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Running Kansas City from McCain MB easy newsroom I'm Kara marks our authorities in California believe they have captured the gold state killer mystery halves fifty rapes multiple murderers and dozens of robberies tied to it. Today officials announced the arrest of 72 year old James Joseph di Angelo who allegedly tied to some of the crimes by DNA evidence there were upwards of fifteen rapes. Twelve murders. Crimes that spanned ten years across at least ten different county Sacramento district attorney and marine Schubert says many Californians still have vivid memories of being terrorized by the Golden State killer. A suspicious package in Kasey Kahne today turned out to be a bag full of scrap metal. The are on park bomb squad came and checked out the red bag and left sitting on top of the metal utility box near seventh in Minnesota. Ran across the street from KCK police headquarters. Check traffic and weather together next. Once you lose this disturbance here in Kansas City early cancer quiet weather settling on an alien other weak disturbance coming in Thursday night but only some clouds expected with that. The showers around for the rest of 45. Increasing sunshine for tomorrow the high upper sixties and clouds around tomorrow night to blow forty to 45. Sunny in mid sixties on Friday gorgeous weather for the weekend sunny in into the seventies. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more KEM easy whether. I'm Kara marks are Newsnight DA one K and be easy. It instructs them. The death band together Devale. If you miss the news yesterday the ban will not be together in about six months because Caremark sir announced on the radio yesterday that she is pregnant again. To graduation to her and potent Paul. A story here from the Kansas City Star Paris has the Eiffel Tower Rome has the coliseum. What to the chagrin of city leaders as the tiny community of Edgerton Kansas house. Just inside his northern border it's got to weather beaten 1987. Chevy citation. In faded rusty orange and did you wide with wasps living inside. New or thirty years ago it was literally sawed in half as part of a joke. The dead in front half on to flatten tires and with Russell's on the hood sits just off US 5600 defunct gas station. Would sign. Hangs from the Wednesday at a special 9:15 AM administrative meeting 61 year old Danny O'Neil the current owner of the land and mouse of the half car. Plans to argue that an eyesore can also be a town symbol. Got a piece of mangled metal can also be a monument. As such although the city's codes department is sent O'Neal letter telling him it is time to junk and junker time ago he plans argued that it should step. He is convinced the drivers who speed pass Edgerton a town of only 17100 people just south of Gardner. Are more familiar with half car and they are with the town itself. Set oatmeal the owner this is your little mark. If I don't that landmark if you go to Kansas City or anywhere around and ask about this town. They have no clue where it's sad but if you ask him do that little half car that's all 56 yeah. That's too. O'Neal argues the old car is nostalgic piece of memorabilia. For many in the area who remember demand rate brawn who put it there forty years ago. By the way report on his former mayor of hydrogen. It is eight jumped up old car cut in half. Rusted out. If this was sitting in your neighborhood you would want called city codes. A long time ago and said get this out of my neighborhood. I don't know let me ask you this our sometimes city's known for things. Or marked by things you wish they would not be yes like all to look it up the world's largest bolt won him a pretty nice day out I think they're happy about that I understand why else would people go there but why else would you have a bowl of twine. As the world's or did. Using caulk her city Kansas. Okay I'm just I think people will go there to see that I'm not driving their legacy of John you know it'll drive to go see the largest ball of twine I would with my kids if we were on the way through to go to like Gulf Shores or something population 469. And hang. Now. It's funny. I think it was. Funny divorced she got half. And the car is cut and now I get it I it. It sits right there in the second I would know. I can't believe that flooded on this long honestly I can't believe they've gone this long without removing it. I what's the problem with that it's an edge listen. Some kids in 1987. Chevy citation. They don't make that car anymore or that color. It's a joke. I can lighten up Edgerton. You have 17100 people living near to them. Who cares the problem is 61 year old Danny O'Neil owns that plan. So even those threats highway well but not well property but but but certainly the city has the right. Many of you will disagree with says the city has the right to Tom to clear it up. Your property is. Rod do you think it's funny or is it a tired old joke and it's dom. I think it's finds Barney in his property gonna rewards. I don't know why anybody would have a problem with it or with the bald wire or anything like that. Your business you drive and look away. Hoping to see here keep moving some. I'd 7677957677. Miami in tiny Edgerton Kansas. The big controversy is half car. That sits on the side of the highway 56 highway. The cars cut in half on purpose. And hanging out the driver's side door is handled Simon's been there for forty years. Sciences divorced. She got half. That's funny. White trash. World trash yeah. But Edgerton. Quit trying to fit into bigger britches. You're rural town of 17100 people. Simmered. Listen to this quote from a City Council member this was a gag. But it has turned into an eyesore it was funny Furl why all. But after a decade. And I kind of agree a decade let him for right. But he's saying because he's lived there fifty years like after the first ten years we're kind of like. Okay we get it mean it was a joke let's move on. I 7677. And it gets your calls your comments here in just moment right rob Babcock I was up parks and Korean music. Hey if you or an aging loved one is looking for a fun. Gorgeous retirement community silver crest at your creek in south over the park and so repressed it college view. Wanna talk to you month to month apartment homes are now available. Gorgeous what did views 24/7 on site security. With all of the amenities of today's modern retirement community. At three meals a day out there housekeeping services travel. All in the heart of beautiful southern Overland Park staff members out there who they're for 1020 years. One and two bedroom apartments are available now for anyone over the age of 55 and traditional assisted living services are there two of you need it. Check out silver crest at deer creek and silver crest college view. Ask anyone over the age of 55 out there they'll tell you we wish we would have done this years ago it is a carefree lifestyle with out the burden of maintaining a home. 9136811101611101. Silver crest loved the way you live. That. Grade. We're now. I've been 67798. If you'll hear me. Steve in wells and hello Steve. And doctor yeah right now tiger habitat area it gently at Edmonton well bill. I know that amity department again agent Eric I am ignited every year. And I remember Akbar god it happened. And integrate the La. I can't put been put a pity a lot suspect happening is you know whenever I ever win and that it. By the city of Edmonton. Not every cut bait there they got a new park being put in their I'd gotten media outlets now. I got a new Dollar General this land and it opened up a derelict in Japan. Bet it's happening. They don't want an eyesore that there's anything grow and maybe more upscale community now like Gartner are operating. They could probably put it somewhere else. You know so it's just not right there is your driving through. Well we're also you point 80 no. It's funny. Does nor and a sense of humor anymore. I do I think after seniors has tried time we're now yeah I just thought of something you you were saying there's any city have something like there's this kind of stupid. We have Ian. Roland park or is like two affectionately called row problem wrote hello. A rope on. Yeah I heard. A in our park what's called our park the letter. That is in the park. And it used to be on Rowe boulevard as you came off by 35 and it says speed limit for. It was because of the time. Roland park was sick and tired of people driving into town when the posted speed limit was 35. Everybody eagle on 45 or fifty jump rope bulls more so they thought changing it to 34 so vague that that the city did have a little goofs on everybody and they put a speed limit sign up. On road boulevard writers you got off I 35. Edison speed limit 34. They've since removed that sign it's now 35 again but that speed limit sign became kind of synonymous. With rope no problems are ground. And they have now placed that speed limits time. In the park. I just don't understand. Why anyone would say wrote po but that's not the point Brokaw I don't. Stop that I don't understand it happened at. The arc. Anyways. I I'd says they don't understand what difference it makes why is it's so important. This man takes something in off his land. Beat because I'll tell you what difference is well I'll tell you. Because Johnson County. Hank rod let me do this I want let's play word association tech. Okay I'm an assay a couple of things I want you to tell me the first thing that comes to your mind OK you ready. Jump to count cake eater that Hollywood. Major heat Overland Park. Up but he can't Peter's Mission Hills super duper property cake eaters fairway. Jerked up pretty taking Shawnee. Taking years off Westwood. Me no no use port. OK see that's what's happened. Is Johnson County has become notorious with. Up but he rich why eight. White collar. America. Edgerton is in Johnson County but they don't feel like they always say Edgerton I think spit cup in the car yeah. And by spit cup you mean styrofoam cup from Casey's yet has been in the car with Matt Higgins served in the bottom wars and and like. All chew around the rim that's what they've been porn and out in the country road that's the one. That's what Edgerton feels like here's the deal you they want they want to beat up but he white middle. Right terrorize some strategists in funnier because the couple was never divorce or they were married for however long and he died at the age of ninety. You know there was a guy in oval park a few years ago that would put these huge white signs in the yard. And he clearly was not a fan at the time of President Bush. He would put these. That said you know bush lied people died all of these different things that I rack and every week he would swap them out. And and you could see them from the street you can see I mean you could see them from space quite frankly. And there was a little scuffle over whether or not he had the right to do that. Every single week in his yard it was his private property. We also have a guy that that hung the babies' heads the little baby doll heads and that. Eggs from his three younger claimed it was art and he's passed away all it drove. Neighbors crate slipped and his property with all due respect if I remember correctly years ago. On this show you defended that idiot moron in Warren's. Who Hong umbrellas upside down out of his tree and said it was yard art it was two hand that was art correct so what if to hit them. This is art this half car this is divorced she got half. That's yard are. If if if if any on. Tennessee street in Lawrence can hang umbrellas out of a tree upside down and say wounds it's org storm and. Why can't this guy say this is yard art and you don't understand it here here's the good fight. Here's here's the deal era there are three towns Ian Johnson coming they don't feel like there in John's account. Here we again. I mean searches there are three towns in Johnson County who don't feel like they're there and Gardiner. To a lesser extent because they're getting a lot of business members in Edgerton and a soda and the center of crack under that. They're all in Johnson county and they don't feel like Karen Johnson coming. Because their blue collar. Okay and Richardson apparently wants to become. White collar. And to become white collar. One must remove one's self of yard art of a half car off the highway eight that says divorced she got half. I think it's funny and it's your Edgerton and you wanna be part of the white collar crowd moved to mission. I like the hillbilly rustic humor but yeah I like it. I think it's funny. To the news or care marks. Abbott and now I'm KM BZ big traffic tie ups headed into downtown we'll have the details next. Volkswagen Lee's side and you need to get out there are now because they are over stocked and that means huge savings for you. Out there now and save up to 8000. Dollars on a new car plus they have huge clearance savings on used carts. I mug on all around town and that team on right now and well of those things. Their remaining twenty seventeens are up to 8000 dollars off. And you can get a 4000 dollar off brand new T want those with the 2018. 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