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Tuesday, September 5th

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Any one KM BZ it's 106 an hour from now Dana and parks and I'd believe based on what I've seen on Twitter. I believe Dana was over acts. Carol marketers house to see the new baby doll so I believe she's gonna come into. Talking about the baby for about three of the four hours during the program today. I'll check it misguided Dana before 2 o'clock pretty good been filling in Virginia not a silly she is a busy phone banking for Susan Collins. Are you ready for your fourth and final hour. Let's do it. Unlock it somehow I that that overrated underrated thing got me going well rep that a pro clicks and given on Twitter by the way. This is from three dog bar on Twitter overrated too or Joe's bar BQ underrated strawberry hill. This from Paul overrated Union Station underrated Kansas City restaurants other than barbecue. You know I think I was thinking about under rated is our history. Right think. We know enough about this I mean this town was historic not only in the prohibition would you go back to the Sobel yeah even before that and I think it's a little forgotten. I I think you're probably right about that and it'd be due to go to that the prohibition side of it or whatever you really do wanna get into that like this this crime history book I'm reading. Talks about where everybody came in and how the I'm only do the point where the Italians took most of what is now river market right but it's very interest so I win on a prohibition tore where they take your around town and Bosnia stopped in the Brady and I was with you. A pretty I was on the same tour is you it was in Hussein to love Sandra yeah a little note to sort of he went. Do so oddly I was on this same tour review so how. How amazing is that when you start talking about why brush creek is concrete. Ray and how thick the current concrete supposedly is out at the airport so I think that history of this incredible town is underrated. Also. Also about soccer ball and that's a deep probably didn't see your partner Taylor every day. Yeah my bad yes but you were winners but it was an that the prohibition to a was cool and when you if you can find another way to get ought to recommend doing it the stuff you can learn about in this city writes on please don't think people. You know appreciate. The history in this town Asus on Twitter says overrated the plaza underrated sports. Chad says Joseph. Casey Joe's overrated World War I memorial under rated check you text line with a nice comment. Jamie and wicket under rated that is from Jaime expect that that thanks Ruth online ads from the boss came easy to appreciate that. Or more here this is room Kevin says overrated barbecue because it's hyped up so much underrated crossroads yet. I was just down their for John Butler trio Saturday night big fan along was president is very well. Laughter yeah animal advocates but it was probably three songs in three hours at the right days and using track now and I honestly I. Travis I. Table league review Travis got some concert recordings go get your thoughts on jam bands like Mo and Humphries meg C and fish listen I don't. Leahy. I bildt's. I am I have seen a lot of GM man's in my day you are right I mean all varieties of Jim man. Just as it. I'm telling you on this and you gotta live concert you've got to hear if it's the and you got yours truly all about it said with a track really jam out for nine minutes playing the same guitar solo back and forth with the attorney locate I think Brady is overrated and annoying sorry that was my wife how that went from Alan earliest. In Alaska from Porter overrated. TCI is just fine. Underrated the local music scene. Is the music seemed then Kansas City. Is it. Look again. I'm talking about the history of it when you're talked about the roots and it goes back I think a lot of that stays in hangs around through the heart beat a guy that does that mean it is we. We talk about you know the jazz museum and the Jazz Fest that nobody went to and now the city is still paying for. The jazz district eighteenth and by you know that's still gets a lot of a lot of play. I don't know if people love jazz enough to say that this is still a jazz town read a few jazz bars don't get me wrong it's it's fine. I'm not jazz guy article there is enough passion for urged for you know for for jazz music. In this town to keep Betty jazz tout that is a passion for jazz anywhere. I have three daughters nine and under. The fact that I got to go to were concert rate is so rare I just couldn't I just couldn't speak to like music scene here it's out now but you could talk about it and look at tech nine look at rock fans look at it right so there are big music centered event since. It tech nines from here. I don't know how many new local acts were at rock fast I was there you out physically towards the end of the night mostly mental did not. But I think you could point to some musical gold oh sure that Kansas City can be pretty. I think there's a lot of mean look detect this that we came in do you agree they're good local music scene around here I'd I don't know the answer to text into today Andy's here accident are coming up. Right where we were gonna go back to dock and a don't really have to get into dock. We don't really have to but we will tell you about where an unattended gun was found. In Lawrence. He he you can. Start some icing your conclusions open it up on FaceBook and Twitter coming up next mid day with Jamie wicket Brady Goodman from the point in four GB on selling here on 91. KM BZ 91 KM BZ mid day winds Jamie and wicket. Just based on Twitter. Pretty good but in for a Jamie money selling just based on Twitter. A feeling that a date and parks are gonna talk dock us are gonna leave it to that I was. At all they're gonna talk Taka about just based on some of the things that Scott is tweeting right now that. So we will leave that to that we're gonna get back into it with gospel light it up with gun talk. All right. This is kind of frightening. Are right and I I've. I don't know where this conversation is really going to go because we talked about this I think about a year ago when the rules were coming out. And you earned be allowed to carry a gun. Concealed carry on a college campus. And as pro Second Amendment as I am and I'm all about if you're properly trained. To carry a gun and conceal it. I I I'm good for you because you're no better than I would. College campuses to me are not places where guns belong. And we have an update for you earlier today. Just after 11 AM this goes to Lawrence where University of Kansas is. A student found an unattended gun and left I'm died toilets. In a men's bathroom on the fourth floor Wesco hall. He reported to his graduate teaching assistant before the beginning of class he said quote it took me second to really realize it was he didn't know whether someone had dropped it off left it or is there for some sort of ulterior motive. 'cause normally out of sight out of mind it's much more scared ever presented to you in your face now teaching assistant Cape May grant. Called 911 immediately she said she's not sure what happened afterwards since she had to start class she said quote I called the number. And I have most immediate term I think what this indicates maybe having an issue with a degree in education about how to conceal and carry. 5767798. This is one of the problems we talked about. Yi out a year ago six months ago or wherever this conversation cut whenever it comes up on the year Brady. You may have the smartest college kid in the world and you've got three girls that are under the age of nine god help you and but in ten years when I was gonna be off to college and a year later another was gonna be off to college and the baby will be off to college. And then you'll be off the hook right maybe they'll be may be off the payroll while now the ratings better stay over there a point brother. But this is what one of the reasons and this is not related was alcohol that was one of the big reasons I don't want college kids having access to guns on campus right. This time somebody left it on the toilet. Now we don't know what's gonna happen of the kid it's not illegal. That's what's crazy to me. Raise the fact that this isn't a criminal offense is shocking and it should be leaving a gun unattended is not treated as a criminal offense in Kansas it should be but the owner could play face disciplinary charges from the university H 100%. If we don't learn anything else from the story as it should be. A criminal offense to leave your gun layer around my. Right I would think I I would that I'm not good guy but I'm I'm pro Second Amendment and if you wanna have a proper training. Thumbs up TO I would imagine proper training doesn't involve leaving at wherever you please. And this is adept at looked nightly we talked about earlier with the cap predicting we talk about it often 95% of the people in that building are standing. I think 95% of the gun owners are sure are pretty safe able bad. That that goes down at a college in college campuses where kids are nineteen or 21 or whatever age they are. Their responsibility. Level there there. Maturity. Is not that of their parents were more likely listening to us right now right you know what I mean yes so I don't. I go back a college campus to me is no place for concealed carry because it doesn't I don't concern myself with the 80% of kids having to do it right it's the minority that are going to do it. Wrong here's the thing though is Z that argument the other side going to be look what happened West Virginia. Look at what's happened historically on the University of Texas who has served Virginia Tech I mean forget allow people who carry guns I don't know why a school. Should not be included in please you can't. Now listen I looked in the middle Kansas where kids would drive to school in a tractor with gun rack. Acts so okay get over it where you go in them outside of Salina okay on the middle of nowhere Kansas I mean we didn't have a stop light my town. So to meet its not. As shocking. So I don't know why college campus look welcome to be in an adult they're gonna be people around and they're gonna have guns. They're that's the reality. By 76. Not much pay a dividend to. Yet listen I currently go to KU and you know a lot of people were her. Not too keen on it being passed in I want to because like you mentioned responsible dominance is because. Regardless between 1912 point along what what have you the maturity level on the college student just there. And you know like you you're touching on the point. You know it's prospect amendment right that there are restrictions to are right for example Erin and took at a billion yell fire. Didn't it didn't hear reasonable restriction on it and edit a lot of my agent this semester at included in or shall abide. Talking about the discussion Padilla. The and you Eric. All you see it as a student there at KU. How many. I don't know bigger classes are but what percentage of your fellow students are carried like how is how big of a worry is this how big of a conversation is this on the campus. Well it was bigger back when they're first step in legislation was gonna change right now it's a little bit more dealing with implementation and that's. Making students aware that that the act in fact I I don't know really how many people. Are actually can I don't know anyone who is that the net by any means. There are people doing so I mean clearly you're knocking them down on campus. It was a toilet. In a. That doesn't and you know I have family who are members of the NRA act up on the shooting and I don't got myself but it's shot not. Smart idea on pot yet but the people it is able what do you didn't have protection. Like you got in Virginia Tech or the other principle that the last thing in the Arctic and people are hiding the gun trying to shoot the person who actually the bad guy. It's a good point Paul appreciate the phone call thank you so much but those same arguments for taking a goner concealed weapon anywhere. Bright and why the different on college right why is it different on a college campus wide is it feels so wrong to me. Right to to to to see guns on a college campus and it's a bad idea. I'm guessing because the average ages young. The average age is when we are stupid. Yet that there's a lot of drinking that goes built it got a drink and goes on everywhere right but we're talking about make 18192021. Year old kids. YTMP. Young and stupid thing don't take on into places where served because Boozer is a make it really smarter blues is not served it Wesco all right we sure I mean I've never been inside Wesco all but I will bet there's not a bar and our rights at a nightclub. So to the belong at Wesco hall they belong in the that the arts building the science building I mean I doubt some say if they belong anywhere I don't know why Wesco hall. Would be off the list publish your phone call 5767798. Patty in Kansas City your 91 KM BZ what's up patty. Oh they very much appreciate that. They are. At. The and. The family wrecked in the earth like somebody just took it off their hip and left it in the bathroom and a and of a fabric store. While it seems a bit too little irresponsible to meet patty who did belong to your find out. She didn't. Seek it. I. Well I mean. As much as I believe that most gun owners are responsible gun owners paddy story in this one at a KU makes me think. This this is a black guy this is not discrediting everything should carry permit holder or the NRA or the Second Amendment. But this this is a bit of a stay meaning that two people leaving their guns around that's very that's not responsible. That should be a crime to check in Johnson County to leave your car running unattended. You enough that you can win and you cannot warm up your car in Johnson County were. Because people's steal it and the cops have to deal with your car the way stolen in Johnson Tony. Ed Lee yet c'mon I'm not kidding you really can't stop. On history you can start your car indeed Indian David's two degrees wrote a you have to be either cannot be unattended. So I cannot warm up my car my address is gonna get an automatic started this winter does that bug in Jackson County so I'm firefly I'm not a big deal up. Now that may be some it's okay if you can remotely started. Let's talk to David self Kansas City gave your on KM BZ what's up. Pay a couple comments Cory is a just what he thought about eighteen night you know corny. 21 year old vote on average are in the Arctic what are you guys even though what the legal aid. It's funny like to four point 10. For that tells me that eighteen or older night or are corneal at the airport. That correct. That cannot legally. The deal. What we're talking about it we're talking about 21 there'll be people are always going to be bigger and getting ready go out into the real world. Actually threw. And so they're old they have you know there're there're there're. There are bill. In an abatement or is that and their leader gun on the course he had a party you are currently out on the consequences of that. In what could they be charged possibly with the nature and or something like that but you know. I'd like if he weren't from what it was correctly wasn't it can't work day someone go and eat something bad later. I mean think I think it kind of blown out of proportion I think. Yeah did you do you not think it should be a crime to leave the gun unintended. No I do not watch golf sleet or gun or. It's and then it's Japan. A key element in ultimately the government and it like I kitchen table. Across. I think it's a little bit different or. Any public place and that's quantified yelling about a block and through Wal-Mart I see your gun on the floor yeah that's a problem. You choose to do in the privacy of your own home it's completely different. Rallied in a toilet you know the whole I can EU. That seems to be irresponsible well I yeah I. Crazy year earning because yes part the thing of owning a gun is you should know. Possibly who can get a hold them at any given time stiffed. I but it should be again my hope is that the same is as Wesco all right rate rate I mean he was right. Yes the 21 and yes conceal and carry licenses and yeah I agree with now we're getting conflicting on the conceal and carry age in Kansas and I'd. That it's so confusing. We can get a bunch of news stories where it says. Do you know germs are on your god when you take it into the bath gonna have to be nice like we get on the on a and I. Goodness OK all and needs of all I looked this up will be two more your calls Dayne Crist a great there anyone KM BZ 134 mid day with Jamie wicket Mike wicket with you Brady Goodman for Jamie modest sell any. Wrapping up our conversation on a Lawrence where just after 11 o'clock. In the morning this from earlier today. A student found an unattended gun left and a toilet in men's bathroom in the fourth floor of Wesco hall. And reported to us graduate teaching assistant before the beginning of class it's a pricey thing did you sleep around what was and not foreigners 500 box and I hope the tactic it's okay again we have the year. It's it's an interesting conversation how. When people aren't leave then this doesn't happen a hundred guns being less than a hundred different toilets visit but as we know. It's just dig it just takes one it's a gun that it only takes one. And this is not pro Kerry anti Kerry this is should guns be allowed concealed carry or whatever. Be allowed on campus. How is it not a crime to leave your gun unattended places I don't know that's crazy to me. I don't know that should be the first lesson we learn about this teaching assistant Kate degree and called 911 immediately. And public safety official officers are retrieved to god and unattended gonna talk. I don't know how that happens now look looking at the tax line here's another thing we should learn as we don't all have a great grip on these law everyone seems to have the answer and everyone's answer is different buyer has to be 21 for dealers to sell a handgun. But eighteen for private sales according to one Baxter down right somebody else said to us in Kansas gap in eighteen years old for a dealer to sell long gone. But no each for private parties say everybody has a different variation on the rule and I went to the Kansas. At the AG dot KS dot gov. I was reading I am not Smart enough to read this. They have. Comparable. I. With it prey on with numbers pictures please keep. Could carry a gun rules yes and Indy. 5767798. Let's talk to Chris in Shawnee on KM BZ what's up Chris. I don't I'll show you. I don't remember being incredibly sure what I would want to lie on whose ass and I remember what I got out the navy went to college I would look up to. Carry weapons where. I believe that product in the idea that will carry me out. I believe the college should be allowed to. Either in or and training. That you get they'll carry. Or be allowed to say it looked. At more or privileges the venerable department can't. It it's if it's a really good point and I liked adamant that if they've ever find out and I'm sure this cut is registered let's just assume for argument sake Chris and his gun is registered they do find this kid. Should they take away is his right to conceal carry. Into it you do. Out of court. Kind of like punishment would be like it and I we get in trouble with driving you can have you know point that the issue and they've done that quite the but why not you know have any kind of question rendered at the air. Both look mean and what point Chris. Headache now k.'s gonna have to go through this whole thing and oh let's check in whether you forgot your at a water found a few laughter gone there or not I just think the state law on some global should cover and there's a lot of people that are immature at 21 there's a lot of people at forty government here are absolutely on all convoluted the issue is my. Position in this this to me is just if we just say you can't have a month campus and I know somebody screaming at guys bring them on campus right I understand. There are certain situations where I don't believe more guns. Are the answer. It doesn't it like I nice and what do those places to me he is a college campus and they get your phone call Chris thank you for your service. I just. Ate it where we all were at 21. Where you were at 21 hour I was 21. When Travis was 21 like two weeks ago or whatever it back when we all 21. We are stupid and didn't make great decisions and I'm not saying 99% of the kids are gonna make dumb decisions a 100% of the kids getting dumb decisions it only takes one. It takes one. Night of passion it takes one night where you got pissed off at a party it takes one. Reid try to keep it real it's takes one all right takes one extra beer bong he takes one driver hit off that. That joint it's going Iran that your major college party. For somebody to say reach agreement on and that's something bad happens. I'm not anti gun I'm not anti concealed carry I am. Not anti Second Amendment but I am on college campuses but I think. The laws are the laws are the laws if for not mature enough to have a gun maybe we shouldn't be buying and who's a 21. Right maybe we shouldn't be hiring eighteen year olds to go fight in Afghanistan. I mean at some point we're gonna have to say look you're old enough. And now you have to be responsible. And if you leave your gun at a water found her yet toilet you're gonna have to pay the and that that's the bigger issue two candidates is part of the story against. Is what should happen to this who would they fight all right we'll find out who owns this guy and probably now there's no gun registry according tax line in the state of Kansas. And name ABS allowing just me and somebody else how we know it's a student how do we not know that it's a professor we need to find out who the gun belongs to and this is the daily Kansan. Right this newspaper up there and it's it's. You know during the investigative reporting on this. I'll betcha it winds upon your news tonight Oprah I'll bet. But did daily Kansan was the first one to have this story. But I'll bet chip all the stations are gonna run with it and we've we've known case he was gonna allow guns on campus for awhile how come this wasn't figured out before. And nobody he'll. We need somebody drops a guy whom we need a bathroom attendant now. I sit there me and surge originally some perfume or Colo owner mentioned him we now hold your gun for. Here's the other thing we RC and stuffed it on campus and a change ads at the football game on Saturday there were metal detectors. Where some get professors wearing flak jackets as well. And all this stuff is just part of the transition I think yeah if we're all over the place I don't know why campus shouldn't be any different. Just have a problem with it being on campus look I have a problem with a lot of stuff on campus right right I mean look. I just think your four if I'm gonna be able to go to a sub shop across the street why can't I go on campus with it. Because. There are how many kids on the camp the campus at kgo. 40000 share 40000. Between the ages of for the most part eighteen. Did 23 rate that's not the most mature times in my life now. No and I embrace everyone is based on me but I think we did a straw poll Kansas City we took ten listeners. Rate your maturity level when you were 21 ain't gonna be off the charts. You're right soul and some point we're gonna have to say people are mature enough and that you have to face consequences of your. Somebody said wait a second seventeen when the army was stressed and carrying M sixteen right and responsible responsible to pull the trigger if called yes. I was trains and it would be a better train you can't compare your training in the army which is far superior than if I wanna go buy a gun right now I've never pulled the trigger. I shouldn't be allowed to go by guiding keep taken out of college campus of I've never pulled the trigger in my life again should either be more training let me remind you I'm from the middle Kansas. Four. My how old are you when you go on a six great out. Two final twelve holes and I got eleven gun from my. Step mom's parents got as a gift and carry that around with me all the time. I was in sixth grade it right there is no training here is a a little gun a 22. Let action and there's a bunch of bullets. Added in my house but my dad. You want to talk about it miniature. Of well. You definitely nothing bad ever app that's craziness. You know I did with it pond it to get my high school girlfriend. Big Christmas gift a 25 a that is. You can see my priority. The tax line you can't rent a car till you're 25 for about that great point. I'm very pleased to welcome to Kansas and adulthood people are gonna have guns around us today it's just Kansas every right welcome welcome to life as an adult. Get used to a they're all over the place. Guns are everywhere right. Just only moment to its toll among the toy and I should crime that's my whole point in this segment is. That should be a crime to leave your gun and attended some place and that goes back to trade their needs to be more. Submit it would Jamie wicket Brady Goodman and for one more segment in Virginia mine is Sally we'll check in with Dana and parks coming up next. Right here on a 91 KM BZ 91 KM BZ. The day wins Jamie linkage to any money selling off till next week Brady Goodman in from the point tomorrow rob Babcock will be sitting in your your seats. We're working on Thursday. And then I've. Except because it'll be the first wicket in weird show Jonathan we're filling in on Friday is will be out of the green valley fairer. For our city spotlight on grain valley will be live from ten until two. Data and parks will be out there from two until six but we generally don't let we're out of the studio. For neighborhood spotlight day but this time we are. So look Ankiel weight will be meat and Jonathan coming up on Friday getting weird with weak job and wicket the B sarcasm it's dark for four dollars. So college football traditions are great and what happened over the weekend the zoo let Missouri State. Hang around way too long in a football game he should have dominated. Blocks through vermilion yards all kinds a records K you won it was on man geno night during cool K state is well. But there are two stories that stuck out to be real quick here from the college football weekend and that's sports related but really cool stuff. Give a favorite football tradition. And. I don't tell that I should you should you went to KK. Okay is our tradition and why not okay you know there's everybody at Clemson they touch the rock when he ran down the hill I mean they jump around that. And a badger game is memorial stadium in Lincoln L let go of the balloon over race score. Which is hilarious when that speaks to his legs those are grave yes the University of Iowa in bailed a very heartwarming scene we didn't see this. What yesterday they are Saturday should say they. You know they of the big win there's supposed to linger play and people were they playing Bowling Green you're Travis you IO is point REV camera in his Michigan State was put in Bowling Green. Regardless they have. The university of idolize stead family Children's Hospital across the street and it's higher than the stadium so. Like the top four or five floors overlook can X stadium. There in Iowa City. Well what they do now is their cool do version of the wave and at the end of the first quarter of the blow Wyoming incident blew up a crash. At the end of the first quarter. They have everybody turned and waved to the kids in the Children's Hospital so and I watched the video it looks really neat like you know all these you know Iowa fans. Reached up and waving to the kids because when you're on the top floor of the Children's Hospital. That's the worst or to be that is the worst and they get progressively worse as you get up higher but I thought that was really need. Props to Iowa that's cool right avenue I'll always on the other side here's a trash. Oh the other side of the going to be up here come some trash from Tennessee so if you miss the game last night. Tennessee Georgia Tech played and on the sidelines there was an assistant coach the had a massive trash cans. Bring one of those massive ones fifty gallon trash can okay and it had the Tennessee logo on it and it also had the letters. HTD. Hide the ball. Whenever the defense gets a turnover they've been run over trip the ball and don't get in the trash. Now and so all there's some amount of irony yesterday as the game went ended double overtime. Against Georgia attack in meddling ACC team yet. And it Georgia Tech almost upset I guess if you cauldron of Seneca is Tennessee's 25 these days so what do you think about that. That I feel like you're edgy you're just asking for it in the trash jokes in your team is trashing your defense is trash. Is it. It for libel bench. That it doesn't make it to the second week you don't think I don't I bet somebody there will say this is gonna make us look bad. I'd bet it's gone I love the Batman you own heart. No that's why laughable that's my favorite football tradition I I like I I bet I keep a record throw money Erika but. I double bed Shia. So Heidi. Will step in NCAA. That's not sports I think it's kind of funny. But this sportsmanship. Aspect will pop right that's an interesting like because considering what you get fines for in the NFL. And bright Elian did somebody get somebody spun the ball. And got a penalty after a play out how that happened in the Michigan Florida game heck did you see the mean that to me is ridiculous she's the Missouri game. Dude was running in from 1520 yards out with nobody around him. He jumped in the end zone right and they call all fifteen yard unsportsmanlike took it touchdown away. From the desert while I was like that's that's it took a touch yet. Down away a fifteen yard fifteen yard penalty first down or replay second or third at Travis you see that over the weekend. Nobody gets that one yet I can lead to would people or outside of the stadium in Columbia we're watching the zoo in Missouri State. I was examined junkie and that was a cause I mean. There were thousand yards of offense having in the first half for 900 yards of offense in the first half. He vehicle back and forth big play after big play that happened on Saturday and misery player until the end zone nobody around him but it touched off the board. Which you can bring your trash cans and don't act on this yes like I think. The law should be at props just like that he was standup comedy. Once you bring in props if it's a no effort that's a no fly zone but I say lose the props in your standup comedy north and scared tie up could you could choke me right now he could. But I really think like same thing but. It's Iowa OK I'm I feel like we need some of that stuff around we do we definitely deal moment with a bunch winner's check and a guy outweighed the wheat. Is Howard I was up their way even kids in the children's way. What is your what's your over under wildly for guns parks yes and data to show up what's what's your over under on the chiefs win total the C oh. And how do you feel about the game Thursday night others aren't. Airplane Tom Brady honoring day. Okay they're playing Tom Brady and rained because amend impeccably in a last man standing I wouldn't I wouldn't touch that game. Opening nights weird it is weird it is whereas at arrowhead. If it's not an airline. Well if it's at Foxboro more than ever it's ring days Italy unfurl the banner and Tom Brady's gets his ring again so in my. This means standing league you in touch I I've if you're going to play that week one is hard Indiana if it's tough to predict an extra pre season game almost. Op. So greatly from this and go with Tom Britt go to the patriots Holman ring dig us he'd pick and then in my last man standing. I'm thinking in ten elevenths like that pearl fervor of the chiefs title ten or eleven impressive. Court it will belly battling Oakland for the division for a while should be how many quarters and homes play. I'd start in game one. Jew I'd sort of day on our mad man being you're gonna win a title Alex Smith. You had immunity Egan went to cheer or you can win a championship with Alex and regular we achieved to with a rookie it actually achieve it this year regardless. But if you invest next year by the time we're doing this next year than homes as the years our editors that's just my feet my feet. Here is Smart handsome one around here that's that would he's got Mark Ellis got. Let's go to everybody not just her walk through sports archer yeah it at that walked into a conversation about the Kansas City quarterback. Would you start. And yeah. The question. Probably not. And thank you scan all the what what what kind of idea from starting a rookie you get here is feet let. And by the good luck you also run the risk of embarrassing him. Name a rookie that started their their their first year I am on a lawsuit the Peyton Manning won one. The value to excuse me 12212. To three yeah I mean. They earn a lot of guys that will our concern homes to treatment you know you just asked me a question and I answered before it. Sorry that's all that that's all that was way out of my league here obviously between the Tom Brady's surgery is reputed Ku he took over perjury blitzing his sixth round John Elway and sort his rookie year. We backed up and remember we backed out. Deck I press. Not so I don't know I'm just not nearly ran hard surges were you haven't I was it was an Atlanta Falcons. And hatred behind Chris Chandler I believe it was Christian. Can lead to one more thing Scott will take my side on this as well Jeanne Vance do you feel about the jumbled or Treo. Anderson is that Cameron's like fish yes well. The literally would rather go Russell what does it say they like a fish you tell me that Michael Francies not a chamber and known as mountain what is. He's like pop op yes heresy. To use an artist that other people it's actually put it out Russell Wilson and Troy Aikman. And there's Eritrea and also one of fifteen as rookies still won three Super Bowls still in three.