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Monday, May 14th

No photo?  No case....


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. And. He would caches yellows. YLLOW. Except in the seven situated one chance when he thousand dollars in the kubert cash. Some moderates applaud. What is going on and say most of and oh my Omar. No more and invasion of privacy trial against governor Britain's that was supposed to start this week but there. This thing was prosecutor is now gonna ask for special counsel exposed as a special prosecutor. To refile the charges wrecked and that's gonna make. The mysterious photograph suddenly appeared yap. Islamic terms Sam's now they have not been able to they had no case to begin with you're not gonna have a with a special prosecutor. Gee imagine being the attorney they tapped for that terrorists are. We like you'd be suspect no. Well those are the special prosecutor actually have to refile the charges are in that case if they can't find anybody who's willing to do it a case won't be filed late call law. What's her name Kim Gardner who she's. Looking like a zealot right now. I don't know air brightens from Adam. If he walked him I would recognizable we've never Matt I don't believe I've ever spoken error greens. So I'm I'm watching this with no dog in this fight. They've got nothing on him. He may have done something wrong but you can't prove it and this is America. You got to prove it. And you can't prove it's in the constitution you got to prove it that's right Thomas Jefferson right. Fred. Believe it was a second and by Benjamin for you got stripped it. Pretty sure they did not say I'm pretty sure they did you buy one study kids. Yeah recurrence. She's problems. Now this trial had been pushed back a little bit anyway it was let's start to dang and they were saying well jury selection is taking longer than expected so it's going to be Tuesday and then and bracket is bad enough so where it's going to be Wednesday only god let the guy go and yeah well. For now he has been let go. This is getting ridiculous. Let me ask you this because I don't know and let it be the same. Prosecutor. Bringing it to volunteer donors she case against him or would that be federal. Now has its campaign violations said the attorney general's case referred it to the Saint Louis circuit attorney got so they're the ones who filed charges Nike or she will not be. Directly involved in that arm. Oh she will be she will yeah. She's got to go. Why I'm curious that they won't involve special process ranks because of what has happened here here's Imus I. Don't know if what happened happened. I think there's a good chance it did. And they cannot prevail without the photo charges have to be drive through. Moving on to the second arm of this case. That he allegedly used a volunteer organizations. Donor list to head up campaign donated by the way a list he created I think. Is very easy to prove that case and if he is guilty he will go away for. Here I don't think it'll super easy to prove that can I be a campaign violation. That he would get a fine get past. Hey here's the thing. And that Casey actually already did fine but he was charged with computer tampering and here's the thing in regards to the why create the charity and then right when I ran for governor. I started using some of the names that he farmed the names of the people that had donated in my chair okay. That is going to be such glazed over ice bowl kind of political insider crap. That nobody Missouri is going to care. I mean that is really. I'm not saying it's not a crime and it it's like it's like investigating Bill Clinton for Whitewater and you get him for a you know what in the Oval Office well it's like investigating Al Capone for all those murders and then getting Montag magazines like. Now absolutely. I mean serves and you if you want a more recent case it's like. Investigating Donald Trump for some sort of collusion what Russia. And the best you got is date is a porn star. I mean come off. You you've got to bring it and that's not bring him. You what you're trying to do is bring down the government Zurich. It is becoming clear that Kim Gardiner is nothing more than a political act. Who is trying to bring down the governor of Missouri because she doesn't like his politics or she doesn't like him personally or whatever I don't know when I don't care. Someone is and a sense I'm really like Scott can you please explain what they mean by special prosecutor I don't even know who's super well I heard it generally. In the trials. I have covered. A special prosecutor is broad and when there is a conflict of interest. As in you are in. Zealots as you know you're charged with going after someone in your own office for a white collar crime they would bring in a special prosecutor. If you're a big time political donor to the person in question. They would bring in a special prosecutor. An out as far as howl that person has chosen I have no idea. It usually involves the recusal. Of the prosecutor. For a variety of reasons. Quite like its zero like here's Scott like it's your ex wife on trial for something I get it you would recuse herself when they went and assess what was her reason for recuse. She's after him she's gunning forum I don't know she's brown case has been hit a blog called beat the governors are attorneys have accused her of. Completely mishandling this case. I've never seen anything like it. And I don't care if the governors are Republican or Democrat and that means nothing to me. They've got nothing on him. Is Eric Wright is a choir boy obviously not he cheated on his wife for this woman in the basement I get it. I'm not defending his moral character. What I am defending him on is you can't not in these United States. Send the man to prison if you can't prove it or at least. You shouldn't last thing and I know a lot of you were thinking this so we're going to address it. Who cares it was his donor list he created the chair I think you're just stand by glee analyzer standby. I don't care and I have a dog in this fight I don't care whether he goes to jail or not. That is a big now now and I've asked my husband about this a stand in the newsroom like wide. Flip it around and think of it like this if you were able to legally. Farm. Donations from a charity what would every politician in America dale started turning. They would start a phantom ghost fake charity. Specifically. For the purpose not of helping veterans. But for forming a list of potential donors to your campaign here here's my cannot legally I am asked him on with the other. Here here's the only argument I would counter that this is what happens when you have amateurs running for a high in my heart I mean governor or president. High political office they don't understand the rules they don't know the rules. I'm not saying ignorance of the law as an excuse I'm not saying that if you broke the law if you don't all the rules Scott. One would assume you were surrounding yourself with people because when it comes to campaign finance that's like the tax cut it is. Using it is a very. If Forrest well yes. And so one would think if you're running for office and you know all these landmines out there you can do this you can't do that here that's well commercials say. A content paid for by the roots as a substitute liberal is as yet to say that. I'm so and so on underground guerrilla group as most telling you called right now they illegally say that a ski they all there's all these two or else. So did Eric Wright is no apple has I don't know browns should have and if he didn't he should have known well enough to surround him with people who understand campaign. I understand your point and I'm not excusing. Breaking a bull. What I'm saying is I think most missourians even on the other side of the aisle are not gonna care. Because this is a campaign finance. Kind of case. It's like to the paying of stormy Daniels. You know did try and break the law when he paid Cohen to pace stormy Daniels probably. And they didn't report it but most Americans what's being honest here gang are going to be all right rarely saw. So. It's a campaign finance mileage. It's a fine if you're not impeaching the president not to throw the markets into disarray. Over him following a 130 gram to pay off some porn star that he bank and when his wife was breasts the other. I think we should remind everyone Scott when it comes to the right this case is they went through Eric brightens clout. And this is how all of these celebrities have been embarrassed. And humiliated. The Jennifer Lawrence thanks Jennifer Lawrence people hack into that cloud and the first thing they see your nude photos. They went into Eric crichton's clout and found enough and found nothing. And I don't know how he's put that ace for the jury is anyone who has an iPhone knows. That's like you don't take new to get some iPhone because it goes out hello naked Jennifer Lawrence. If if he had taken that photo one would assume. It would live somewhere in the class out. I'm 76779. It. Case against Eric Wright missed the governor of Missouri has been dismissed. Dismissed the judge. Prosecution the prosecution went out and said we got enough Wii sucks so bad we're just think our ups we we took this to jury selection and now we realize we've got no case. Your kidding right. Is this a bad joke. Well I think when they couldn't find the picture they assumed they were going to come out we don't take it even to jury's racial until you have a picture yeah. I'm sure is the word the term witch hunt gets thrown around a lot these days with trump and I don't think it's a witch hunt. 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She just announced that she decided to dismiss the case afterward crichton's defense team. Decided to call her as a defense witness. I've covered a lot of trials in my life. Admiral trials in my life. I've never seen anybody in the prosecutor's office. Cold as a witness for the defense. And there's nothing untoward why couldn't she just feel witness. Scan up there and say yes I believe we've got the goods on your client. I mean what would be the harm in that. Up madam prosecutor. Are you trying to steal all my client know. Are there political motivations in your attempt to steam roll my Clinton know. Quiet her witnessed dismissed. So politics finds reminding us and this is accurate I believe that they rushed this to trial because the statute of limitations was up. On the invasion of privacy charts. And from. Let him ago. This really is eight classic example of it which went well and costly. And and now we're gonna throw to a special prosecutor and a special prosecutor somehow makes pictures pull out of the cloud that. Couldn't get an artist ran. Innocent of what might have looked like hat and no sooner. Our dictionary remember dictionary. All of a lightly are those channels I am a notebook killed at least. It's. Not a hog tied we don't have that we think this is what it might have looked like. Jane you know desk hello Janette. How sore or get heparin great equipment. That Ali's job partners. Our. Cable. Well general dresses am am I would be very clear. This woman never filed these two victim in this case did not want to participate. The prosecutor. Is going off of the word of her ex husband. And is pursuing this case this woman who wants nothing to do with this case period end of story. Okay what about a one strike while the chargers what are. There. The prosecutor. She could be censored I'm sure she can be reprimanded by the bar if it turns out they can prove this was somehow politically now and it could potentially bring her up on charges of prosecutorial this Condo conduct maybe. They're out there like they get away just that it is. Ready. And. And object let me go back the war. Who is the arm victim in this case. Wants nothing to do with this Casey did not want the charges by this is not a case of a woman saying I was raped or I was sexually raster I was. Sexually assault him I want you to bring charges she was dragged kicking and screaming into this case she wants nothing to do with it. To the news or liquor marks. Prosecutors dropping the case against Missouri governor are great things more next. It's got parts and if you're like me and you're looking for ways to save time save energy save money. 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For security for convenience for comfort for peace of mind it's linked home only and Nebraska furniture mart. 530 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are the Saint Louis circuit attorney's office is dropping the invasion of privacy charge against governor brightens that they hope to refile the case for the special prosecutor. Jim Gardner's office and it dismissed the charge because judge Iraq's Burleson granted a request by grains attorneys to call her as a witness. Britain's attorney to criticize Gardner's handling of the case particularly her hiring of private investigator William tis agree. The brightens lawyers have accused of perjury and First Lady Malulani at trump is recovering in Walter Reed medic military medical center just outside Washington DC after undergoing kidney treatment today. President Tran traveled to Walter Reed medical center to visit First Lady Milan yet trump who underwent a procedure Monday morning to treat benign kidney condition before the visit the president weeded mrs. trump was in quote good spirits and the first lady's communications director says she is doing very well the White House says the First Lady will likely remain in the hospital for the rest of the week are much signs ABC news walk. And traffic and weather together and axed. Let me tell you what we went to Jasper is with the entire family over the weekend and if you have something like a big graduation celebration or you just wanna do a date night. Check out Jasper is that menu my goodness is amazing my dad at the oysters he ordered to yes he'd ordered to. It entire dishes of the oysters from a Jasper. Unbelievable. Lee guide and the service as always is so amazing was this a tables I've mozzarella is back for spring and summer. 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Flooding these things are moving slow and they're not really in any hurry to leave one vicinity or another therefore we're getting some heavier downpours and some areas. Our temperatures fall through those seventies. And a mugging. By a midnight we'll get seventy degrees even 64 the morning with a 20% chance of showers still a possibility. Afternoon high on your Tuesday not quite as a warm until we saw today but it cost eighty degrees the high 74. On Wednesday another 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms toward evening and went as high temperature 82. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Eighty tyranny our case CIA 83 downtown 83 at your official weather station. Radio dot com app is the official new home of KM BZ download it today listen to us anytime anywhere. I'm Kara marks or near Zandi one K MD Zain. Try to make sentenced. I don't know camp. Kind of mad at you guys. For not starting with the prosecutor's explanation. While there is no doubt she made a mess of this case her explanation. Especially is there is a special prosecutor. Makes perfect sense. But sentence doesn't also after mocking her for her comments about being called. Your news segment reported that the judge had allowed it meaning that it was in fact a proper reason no amendment I think you misunderstood. The prosecutors started. This case a loud for jury selection to begin last week. Against the governor of Missouri or grants. Realizing over the weekend that she had no case. No case. The prosecutor reminds that she relies ol' long you know photo sure she knew well. But knowing over the weekend if we this continuing need for we're not gonna win we can't win. That is not how prosecutors' offices to be used. Then at the prosecutor. In Saint Louis. Is asking. For a special prosecutor we don't know she's gonna get one. We don't know of period even is one who's willing to bring this case. Naming a special prosecutor does not make pictures full out of thin air that don't exist or can't be found. They have no case against the governor. And I think Scott if you ask the majority of taxpayers would you like this to. Continue the answer is probably 85% of the people you ask would say no. I think as I've stated before the volunteer donor list. Campaign finance violation armistice will continue and probably should. But you you put just heard the case in front of any attorney. And say to them I'd like you to be the special prosecutor I would like you to try this case. I don't know when attorney in my personal life that would looking you know. And say. Our kick the tires on that if there's if there's no photo there's an OK there's no case threat and they have said. Time and time again. They don't have it can't find it don't have. A photo that's it you don't have a doesn't mean it didn't happen. It means you can't prove it did. That's exactly right. Melvin in civilian 576779. Hello Melvin. Hi well I just all of them involved about yeah which it would drop it because I mean. There are people that aren't playing and they got drew on. And then. And I loan under which it would drop and I hope on that could try to hook people back eat we'll hear this and. Development people are complaining to district dropped that. One it all don't call me and I wanted to talk you on the last values had a. Shocking bought out on the computer copy that now but this briefly. About com that people act like they built. And Melvin let me let me stop you and you're welcome to go back to last or topic. Can you turn your radio down in the background please. What a I got your own Dolan Aaron. Well can you turn your your phones down. Because we're gonna award after. I didn't know it was doing and I'll pop it completes his. Own Ryder Cup now. All I'm playing it on don't want to try and get on here. On the phone numbers on the speaker. Of the imports and OK annually others with a drop it then you know again and the people that god that. They got through okay it. I hope that sailor from the Internet that air here. We don't we got all that idea you wanted to go back to last hour. I guess. Everybody you know all the time opt in only get called. Odd numbers come in the end and played not that good number and now they'll just keep it up colleague and as I know. Well there and also want Medicare. Did come out on new information. And they've signed up of course I'm on that and I called them back with it read op Ed. A cantaloupe and enough to understand that you're kinda Obama tried to explain. In that time but topped and they decided that that that. Also displaying on what would your credit lower your credit. Did he call it that bluntly. Out on that we don't want them to be bothering us. They just keep on any change numbers. Lower your credit rating and all of that America. Well Melvin I'd be tired of that sale and you just keep not taken those calls a bank and don't call maximum. When they hang up when you let him go. I'm very upset except Medicare people don't know don't talk to Medicare people leave it. And all and heaven he can call any time here reminds me my grandpa Dennis. Talk about the mother who pushed her daughter up for him. Sunderland. It sounds sad that was is. A story right here in the Kansas City Star in the bottom under the fold everyone listening to me right now when they get home. Has to look at the full body of the story and read it I sent my daughters Ming stories and it's my daughter's last night. And we're not telling you just to bring you down it is the most. Heart wrenching. Bittersweet. It's another sacrifice. Story I have ever. Red and there's a local connection it's on the front page of the start today. I want all my kids to read it. Because I think any mother listening would do the same thing even though it is Aso fees choice of of sorts. It's a piece entitled mother pushes daughter off of train. To save her from the Nazis the song tells their story. So the song writer Scott is the great great. Parade grand daughter may be too great I'm sorry ritual one. Says she writes a song because her family's always pass the story down from generations that her. No great great great great grandmother was on the train. Shoved in with hundreds of other people who were being sent to their deaths acts. The second only to Al swift's death camp. And on the ride this mother and there's a reason they printed the story on Mother's Day there was a little. Skinny. Opening at the top of the rail car and people were dying in these train cars you know that from exhaustion. And she said to her daughter. I want you to climb up there teacher so skinny she was the tiniest one on the train slipped through that hole. And I'm gonna help lower you down to the other side and you're gonna jump you organ at jump off this moving train. And run and save yourself. I was telling my daughters this last night. The little girl got to the other side of the trains that she's now on the outside. Of a moving train car balancing herself on a bolt. And she looks up at her mother and says I can't do it. Let me come back don't make me do it. And the mother pushes her off the train. And she saved her life because Scott every single one of those people on that train that went to that death camp died. And remember this the mother then never knew. That her daughter ran and hit and lived in the woods. And was shot but survived the daughter never knew until years later her mother died. But the mother thought a minute G the only thing. That might have a chance at saving her and that is shoving her off this train. And she didn't god bless that woman there now for generations of these women telling the story. Who would not be here otherwise because all of those people were slaughtered. This young girl Rachel black for a song called edge which is maim over. Grandmother. The lyrics aren't you performed at Topeka and then performed I believe it warrants them and in Overland Park. Should solutions local. The lyrics are there is no time now. This train pushes on and on its gonna take us away toward graves it won't be easy it's also fast when your feet hit the ground. Albie gone. But forever in your memory run edged I don't look back we're counting on you edge Kara don't look back. Edged it did jump from the train the Nazis did fire upon her and she fled into the nearby woods she survives their summer turned fall. Then on a winner night in 1944. Edge that was huddled in a barn with the other Jews. Polish militia working with the Nazis burst through the door and ravage them with machine gunfire. In June 2005. Issue of the moment magazine Elizabeth black. Accounts and quote great love stories from the Holocaust. How the bodies including hedge guns where piles and dumped uncovered in a snowy mass grave. Hearing of the massacre brigade of Jewish partisans seven number of their resistance fighters to give the dead a proper burial. Among them was a teenager. Herschel lead now at 94 living in Florida was 81 when he spoke to was the black for her story. He said and I quote I'll never forget that night it was very cold. There was a full moon and in that mass grave he saw a leg moving from the dead. He pulled the frightened edged up from beneath the snow on the bodies her late pierced by a bullet was mangled an infected with gangrene. The team carried the young girl to a farmhouse. Where polish woman used a sharp knife to slice the infection from edge to slash. She survived. Her mother shoved her off the train and she's survived. Tony I I I. Mean you can't even let your mind go there was trying to explain this my girl's last night when you read about World War II history. I think we should and have an obligation to think about what you would do but it's so hard to put yourself in that car. And think. What I have the strength to get her out of there knowing she prided Addai when she either hits the ground shall park probably be shot if she's running. I'm not gonna be with her. To protect her answers she hit she titles she is it child now alone. But it's the only chance she has because if she stays on this train or all gonna die and that mother knew it. Ever since it was earnings Sophia Sonja soundness on thank you. Ever since we interviewed her. Stories like these take a greater me financials is talking about it because I think would I have the strength to do it. Would I have the strength. To throw my child off that train. Yes. You have to I think we I think we all would you would have to. The story is in the Sunday a star. Age it is fascinating. Just Google Kansas City Star Rachel common spelling Rachel block. Of Lawrence. Who wrote a song called edge gonna. On the story of her grandmother who was thrown from a train by her great program so it is one great. It was her grandmother who was thrown from the train correct or it was a great grandmother who threw her from the train and later died. You know prisoner or at least. I had never concentration camps got it's not asked what's that it's a tribal ensco tried landscape as the number two deaths. Rate or percentage of all of the death camps. Second only to Al sweats and they'll die they all died there. And it is just. It's an unbelievable start with the local ties to please check it out if you have time to do so are. It's skewered cash from underway at the top of the hour they're right rob Babcock I'm Scott parks are carry music. 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Are absolutely right. This I don't I don't like using that term which I because it goes back to a and Adam know it goes back to a trumpet and ice would think decades needs to needs and needs to be borne out. And let's find out what's really in there or not. Not willing to say the prisons guilty of anything I just don't know what I do know is they had nothing congress does nothing. They had a witness who said in a deposition I may have dreamt this whole thing they had a very dome. Who wanted nothing to do this case it was her ex husband who pressured this case. And there was talk of some sort of a bizarre photograph. Amid another folder. Then nothing. You don't even have a woman who won this case brought to trial. This was a witch hunt. This prosecutor in Saint Louis should be charged. With prosecute prosecutorial malpractice. Acts. Additional yeah or I can beat her court. I mean you talk about it joke. We Eric Wright is alone until or unless you have something own. But as of now you have new thing. It. So yeah. Angela Lansbury edited additives. Our keyword catches hours office pro FL IZ. Jackson in the 72 rated wonder in the running for a thousand dollars keywords cash. And Edwards. And office in seventy rated one. On behalf of our producer today the finest man and all of America the great rob Babcock my good credit goes in Iraq and I am Scott parks and god willing rollback tomorrow 2 o'clock in great and I can't seem to be safe. The good. Happening now on KM BZ of the case against Missouri governor Eric grain is over before it even began Amare next. Writer for my good friends on VW of these summit I've been right around and that team on for weeks now of that little sporting T want. It's funny I see them in traffic all the time. There's another one we had a listener reach out two weeks ago I went in to Volkswagen Lee's summit listen to it and a I we got an app lists and we love it. 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