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Tuesday, July 10th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. Here's com for all the world. It's my. Is your artists of today and I've gotten this couple times in the last few weeks just so we're clear. Artists of the day's play at the top of every now people can you know 220 this afternoon like that I am Monroe. 230 front ID Monroe. What's not artist the day gets played at the top of every now. Then throughout the hour we played other. Here Bon Jovi at least one more time going to be at 5 o'clock you probably hear right were six clocks tell artist of the networks. Rotten idea because we invented it but at its finger in the opening days of remembrance but area. Who cared rods voting member I just to say that's a good choice to two institutes which was. Q when you were gone and we played on Clinton's. And two and appreciated just threw out there supply. May be linked. It was magical. Thing Davis still adds. To. Our. Well I it's so the former white snake concerts come. Rob how excited Ari are you did you get that might offer Yugo with me or not I thought we have plans for you to go to. We will and is that I think it's July 17 like in a week from today. Yeah. The only problem is. I'm gonna Wear ear plugs between sets. Because I don't need all. Over here. Trying that your co hosting rate yet. Not wreck our. Army ordered Allen welcomed us like theater. Patterns can be located and found to the east and west of the state each area to be rid of all I hear. We're. At Alia would you like to know this snacks are they if I can tell. Telus and you're starlight theater and I actually have written down and remember when they took me to say. Snacks can be purchased to the left and right of course are like the interstate. Welcome and enjoy my time here it's like you cannot be kidding me when I go out there I've got to listen to. And it. Broad. Go. Her. Now. You don't see it hit my do. And what else happened when you're on duty. You want to branch or multiple sports. And who who's to cruise to connect the darts. Not just urban she'd like the pot. She EU was live and love you go a little. Yeah dumps like a truck. Rule book. For a flyers like want. Want will vote. Debris removed were booked. Blunt. Boom. That. I think Olsen again. She had dumps like a true true trunk. Thighs like wound. War. Wool. All noted law and let me see that loan. I like it in the beat euros. Maybe you think you're booed ago Lulu. Maybe I know you won't issue. This fall. Whom. Pool in the I'd like it when the beat goes. Believe me you won't believe it to remove them. CBS or you won't show. Doing little. Tell us. What it. I I know he loves doing them but he can't because he's been greeted scores of games. But he hands it to him and used and some estimates under on song. You'll thank. And then I go out there we played them like I said man I'm going to be else. A slowing us works. And he looks at me. Now. Eludes me goes. Scott. Yeah it is always answer I'll play if he goes. Really the case I think that's going to be honest. And I just would tomato water over. You say that every time and then choose to do some Sinatra no Sinatra's boring. The sun and. Beaten and then immediately I didn't say yeah. On yesterday's show. Well and and it was an export in its. Hey really quick turn we're talking at this in the newsroom and we are. We are not. Going to play its uses of my computer right now but. It's too much to play I want to talk about it and then when Carol is that this maybe will play. Did you know parents of young young young baby babies toddlers. That you're not supposed to go down a slide with them anymore. Because I missed that memo. Just came out you're talking about mama's yeah you don't spin to. The same thing happened in my when she was atop. Sean we have we have built an area will playground on the backyard you know don't want to get the nice ones and Sabrina heard I've put that together one time. And Sean it was going down the slide with mile one day my his leg got caught underneath Sean obviously we're still married. And it broke my has lagged. Okay see now. This is why that's poster. Okay says she you know she looks to be like normal mom agency issues like thirty whatever and you know she's got her legs and of me and then the toddler who's right between her eighteen month old George Michael George is right there. And apparently you're not supposed to do that. He you know issue got stuck on the slide his right needs folded up underneath hand. That's exactly downs exactly what happened in my her it was her right leg got caught and meets on his leg so after right now is not so. Last meeting last week a mom in Long Island. Same thing going don't want those twisty so I didn't babies she gets caught on Monday curbs. And there. Breaks her ankle and like you can see it snap in the picture that's discussed its. Horrible and she shared it she's I want everyone to see this all the I want to see that it's awful and there's there's sound of it and I I don't I don't wanna listen salary I didn't Wear your IQ now. I wanna hear it again on FaceBook again are you to meet him again. She was up and his coaches now I don't I play someplace exits the salaries of excel he's a Paul and I'm gonna be okay yeah the deal. No you weren't supposed to do. I completely missed that memo apparently like the American pediatric association made that announcement last year. Don't. Good on a flight tickets because this can remember growing up how bad the slights work with bolts sticking out and you've got caught him I don't know. Also hot that it would steer your leg. Did you have the roller slight tear it was at its peak as things that I like color slides out it looked like like paper towel roller yeah. But the new goat and you know did you have those gunmen. What a death trap that means for your fingers in your shoe laces and everything else. And you loose strings at all. Don't play it don't play it I'm not until we. Look at you you're pushing buttons makes him behind yeah just like it's coming I don't. Now that I wanna know I've not gonna play without going on the newsroom first. It put baby oil on the slight first and that won't happen immediately yeah battle does make it really nice and cool. Put baby oil belongs to operate numbered baby oil to public and now sunk by the way I mean if you. Sir what are you doing. Still sparkle baby oil field slide here for the kids Steve a wax paper. Nick decides to fester. Went and seen in Christmas vacation when. Clark Griswold takes the memory of the big medal. Sled yes he greased up the bottom hundred. Maybe that's what happens to you on the slide to. They're wholly about it. Just if you got little kids don't go down slightly and then Linda Malone. We're don't go to. Were broken legs going we were they I think where they are older moms not go down the slides with the safety conscious as we all are you would have heard that. IK FY I you're not supposed to do that anymore I mean I I would have heard it we didn't need the Internet old wives' tales I mean how many judging your grown up. You're not supposed to go swimming until after thirty minutes from having your last mean Lester. I mean that was an old wives that's not true at all. You can swim after you read the cribs you die your mum since it cramps and die. But we didn't need the Internet for that thing to spread like wildfire when we are kid already breezes in the apples at Halloween which is not true. There were no raises many apples that was just a normal place now rigid start. When I Loch Ness Monster star were to big foot semi assault just. Rumors that just don't get don't. When bedecked attention. Starter went so raise and a map that starts by those that don't completely. Add ice could start that rumor somebody goes great plastic slides plus McDonald's straight equals awesome I don't care New York. Can I could totally see. With little baby over and tile it's happened to my daughter. She was eighteen months old rubber sue. Caught the slide. Twisting on at the ankle a little cot to slide comma. Twisting her lay. And causing it spiral. Fracture. As a fat. It's possible. Put your kid on your lap cut. So no slide for Charlie them now with me. You let him go down apple did a poll now I'm gonna let him go to buy and sell on those little short ones and shove it down your. It's fine scalp. Uncle Scotty Greece have ruled. Steal second with a baby willow they're they're really creepy looking. Mommy works now. He's not even supposed to be within a thousand feet in this place to be here. It is. Just said seriously Dana do you really need to be told not to do stuff like that I wouldn't do that I would envision the worst. Get them to go down the slide with a kid and dads. Are tubing that as a protective measure. Not realizing. That you could snap your kids let him have. Do you really need to be told not to write on the hood of the car. Yes that is I know kids is awesome. And bad idea. Didn't know what in this room other than rotten meat served in the back. Bit of pickup truck that's different Baghdad now I did not do that you've never served in the bed of the pickup truck. I'm the lead. And say that I said the bed. Ever do that you would. Could now. Back up right now behind us and someone that's excellent says look out your window. There's a police officer on Metcalf on the south side of Shawnee mission park way. Some drunk guy is throwing fireworks out on netcast. People. We talk to about this yesterday today it's still Stan Roberts take their breaks that we can go ahead and take account window here see drunk and throwing fireworks. 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Watered and alive that remember by the way comes with a five year warranty. Of the McCall and innocent and I'm 134413900. 413900. Lightning within and lightning dashed landscape dot com. Lightning das landscape dot com you told them beating such. I. Can catch her on Washington's. They're talking about it. Advice you can search when I was coming back from vacation last. Kansas City Star writes quote. Nearly anyone who is checked luggage for a slide is probably found a slip of paper in their suitcase at some point. It is a message from the TSA. Saying that somebody open. The bag as part of the security which I've I've found some more piece of paper might. Suitcase when I got back from Turks they had gone through my suitcase and it was just it was underneath like the first later right outside to answer underwear. Final words right out but anyway. For New York Giants defensive lineman AJ Francis the message appeared in his suitcase but he opened. After he arrived home from attending a celebration of life for his mother who died in June. There's a problem. The urn carrying his mom's remain was not close properly. And I. And her ashes were spilled throughout his suitcase. Francis unloaded on the TS it. On Monday he tweeted a photo of the suitcase and wrote hate you TSA. Next time you feel the need to go to my mother's ashes for no reason. Make sure you close backs over remains are not spilled all over my clothes. The least. He's. It's sort job. Can I she just. Ask one question and god knows I'm not victim blaming you know I don't do that you're the victim blame or not may. I'm just asking would you really check. Mama. I'd probably carry mom and my carry on I think. I think Graham I should be carried on I don't I don't know that I would check. My or my loved ones' remains. That's more of a carry out. 57677. On the left top. Got your mom's not your backpack. You can grandma. Check grandma. TSA says they were unaware that the remains inside of the container were ashes of his dead mother. Unsealed like most of them. Well this one became unsealed. And then came. To be all over his clothing his suitcase. Oh there's another piece of mum. So here's a T shirt with mom. 5767798. To the news or care marks. Family reunification. Are underway but the government won't be meeting deadlines set by a federal judge one more next. I was actually just looking over one of my monthly statements from Stewart would very low cost life insurance. And what are the things I love about Stewart would vary even appears again do we need life insurance. He is right here in Kansas City has been for decades doing this work helping in everyone who needs it. With their life insurance needs even if you're not sure. If you need life insurance to help secure your family's future if something happens call Stewart would vary he will walk you through the maze. 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The ACLU today saying it judges drawn hardline on the process. Judge has made it clear. He does not intend to be hands off if you know modern in this process and keep the government's feet to the fire to make sure these reunification. A car. Immensely gallon whereas the ACLU on the government says at least 27 of those 102 children won't be able to be reunited with their parents. Because they Ryder been deported already in didn't want to take their kids with them. Or because they're sick and or can't be found. Case state plans to increase its athletic department budget after setting a record in donations this year the university announced today that the athletic department received nearly 31 million dollars in cash in the last fiscal year. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Yeah I love Janet and ride around Jenin and Jenna from books I know Lee's summit for weeks now and I loved that car it is simple it is sleek. I love the design it's actually on the frame. 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Or Volkswagen of Lee's summit 547 in Coburn road you tell you wanna see Dana's car. We have rain free conditions and the forecast for the next several days and I even Austin a civil seem much faster heading into the weekend. We're gonna continue to build in the heat and humidity hearing Kansas City. Heat advisory has been posted by the National Weather Service for the rest of the week. Hazy sunshine high humidity for the rest of today are high ranging from the low to middle nineties. Heat index value peaking at 105. Tonight are clearly a 75 that sunshine and low to mid ninety's for Wednesday and Thursday. I'm staff meteorologist at a pretty or more key NBC weather. 96 are in charge PCI it's 95 and Lee's summit 96 at your official weather station. No way you can take KM BZ with you is the radio dot com app downloaded to thank you listen to us any time anywhere. Tara marks or news Andy 81 KM BZ. Am kind of fell defense and want to please the New York Giants name is AJ Francis. And he is furious. With the TSA. He was coming home from a celebration of life for his mother. Who recently died. And he found in his suitcase that he had checked on the flight I know. From the TSA mini you've seen and it just it's a small piece of paper. And it just has the emblem of the TSA at the top images Susan I'm just so you know we we did go through your bag is part of security check that separates. Well. What apparently according to AJ Francis did not occur when they went through his bag as part of a security check. Is they did not securely reef fasten the lid to. On his mother's earned. And her ashes were spilled throughout his suitcase. He is furious. Has she would be of course. You just mixed your mother with your dirty. Vacation clothing do you try to put her back in the urine. Yes. Yeah but know that a lot of your mom is going into the washer mean. OK not to be and I'm curious let me just ask. I've always heard does not it's not like it's not a lot a lot OK no my own goal when I went down in North Carolina he was cream it. I was shocked because he's a big guy. I was shocked how little acts there Wallace. I've got to be like a big box. Some just heard and human remains are not allowed as carry on. And how about he's put earn on the outside of a TSA or for that matter AJ Francis to say earned mom's ashes inside. Don't check. I mean how do you solve this problem because a lot of people don't live in the same city is the pair. Parents. Danny Green and made that effort and guys. So I just got back we took a trip to New York. On my way out there the first summit CPI looked oh bodies in the article and it. And I've got a bunch battle in lake and actually in a long time ago I mean it on an extreme it's Joseph or your kitchen you know. It will. Take the extra that we don't like hey we see them and they went just that Bobby your side. Exactly so like apple byte in the back my hand opened an angle up. I like him that the wrong way. No and are now extreme showed me it sure. That nobody is Jindal. What. Illegal well permit is the right and like. It. And though. Who wouldn't know it's at I don't know it was just released in import back repeat. It straightened well. But you're right. Mike I'm fairly upbeat he didn't that both of these. True value there LAPD are triggered out. Most trees out. At some sort of last June I would Alabama for a golf trip I had a bad back and took four bike it and that I placed in my goals back. When I got to Alabama the pills were gone but the bottle remained. I contacted TSA. Where they wanted me to go to Casey eyes for an interview. Then go to KC PD for another possibly future interviews I just said screw it they created this system to protect themselves. That's good question what happens when something goes missing. Out of the answer to that. Roberta in park Bill Burton. I. Feel god bless and thanks so much. I would that can be all right thank commented yet about our main UK I don't think that's week ago. If Hawaii. Without Kern. He can't you can't take my partners across state lines them up like I don't know about abstinence. So. A mortar apple thing. I ask you this why can you not take gases if that is in fact true it's like you're taking. A cadaver on board. I don't know architecture not kind Britney and I know. There's certain things that could be done that total worker and I've dealt with people were dying and I we can't get people. Crop. You know. Make that arrangements to get on transported and I don't know apply to EU actually they're not there it might. I'm a basement is hurting and my husband carried in his mom's ashes. They did ski hand them. But allowed him to continue. He's posting a moment all I know you're now mail order. And he said when when they we went there's security said to the security screener Hague meet mom and it was fine. And the TSA actually said they get them all the time. My girlfriend also says. The same trip her prescription was stolen from her checked bag I always carry my prescriptions with me it now I carry out because you know let Howell. How is anyone gonna prove that you had at that point a and then you've got to point B and it was gone. Why don't you not carrier. Prescriptions and carry. Because US Stillman. That no one's gonna go through your golf bag and steal for bike at a. You know why I I know for a fact why they went to my back I had a I had a huge bag of sand in there from the beach tank. I guarantee you that's what set off the tiger hiding something I don't know I don't know if they thought was that really Sanders and a big bags coComment what is that. From the text line just write notes runs in this bag that they want check your bag media. That usually works. I'm Tony these big dogs that they have are crazy good when we landed in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here you have two future bags and then recheck them when you go through customs. This little Beagle dog came running up to me. Because we're waiting for everybody to get older bags and so we were Mike and was called on the sidewall this dog came up to me in my. Check in luggage and it is like. Releases is or somebody in your bag amid an old and my brother the. Did you just move to France because it totally for hold on I say this before that even if in that moment when the TSA is going through your stuff you had never done an in your entire. I know there are and that drug like you going counters on her when gas so to someone's iso free I. I'm standing there up against a wall with my family my brother's doing one from his hand when it's gotten through yet. And the dog is worth it she says to me very nice lady and she says is there something in your bag you're not supposed to have. My brother looks me goes way to ago. And I might. Mel. What everybody says when their line. Is already cavs I do drugs I'm gonna ship drugs and mule. And so she goes sermon and he just open up that suitcase. Well right now I need a very large error and site crack pants because I just did. So I open my suitcase and I'm thinking I'm dead and gone. This is twenty years to life for sure man ain't no way out. And the dog smelled. Horrible. Apparently. You know we get a big bag of sand. And that vials and bags of like shells is coral illegal coral is apparently not allowed to be removed your supposed to leave it on the beach. And so she opens up my bags NGOs. She was kind of Smart out at this point she pulls out a shell she goes this is shell. And I at this point I'm Kelly are you need to get punched in the for a ago via site I'm where that shell and she pulled out another thing its use this is coral. This is illegal. This is what the dog is smelling. And I war hagel. And not. Like your Smart Oakland back and endanger her it was just a small piece of coral in a plastic back it that I founded on the beach is starting brought the ocean. Figure. She goes I should take this from you but Ali you know lord someone's record and why didn't he locks his suitcase to prevent anyone from going in there without authorization suitcases have lots. I think you can do that I think if you lock your suitcase. And the TSA flags you for whatever. They will track you down and say openness back a bit at that point you get to keep mom in the hour. Us. 576779. Right here from my good guys at lightning landscape and irrigation and landscape hard skate and irrigation. All accredited with an a plus rating by the BBB Better Business Bureau people yes they are you brag about it. Locally family owned and you need to get on the schedule now let me tell you why. Get on the schedule now before the fall gets here if you're even thinking about a fireplace a fire at outback. 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Indeed that the certification are quite that Lee leader is on music was and partly it's Weaver by airline called her back. Usually that happens I'm confused at how they are opening my sister earned herself. Was well they check mind that minute they had with. A label line and that's how I was able. And I didn't have any issues with my backside is. I'd like to delay and a stay. Why not why not just carry it on him a lot to do that. BA BA at debate it around you hit it right back. And I had all the tag that I carried it on cute but they like it at check is well and they wouldn't have bothered with this certification not that like a little. Tag that goes on. That's my teeth and thank you John John hello. Our you guys do it always wondered awkward. And thank. They I know what else go of overthrow that locked out there but she is able leader cut a lot or trade your bag to get into it. If they think something and nurture. Happened to me twice. Once I was on active duty was flying with all my gear and a duffel bag. At eight US government walk on it and because they didn't wanna cut US government property they discredit my belt back. And one after our retired. Traveling with my family. Put a little certainly I'd say keep on a lot on it. They shredded the debt are out of the suit instead of cutting block. Some discredit John and I get it but that's so annoying. They were there actually specific TSA locks. That you by. That they can then opened with a special key it. They tell you beat up by TSA lock that isn't a lock at all because it'll allows them to go through your back. If you're locking it there's something and they're like prescription medication you don't want someone steal your. The thing why would you block your suitcase to begin with them because the last time I see it is when I hand it. To the airline lady at the Connor and the next time I see it as when the petite women the a ground people give back to me. That didn't TSA can get into it was to keep it out. You buy a couple of series of block you've got the same T keep it open anybody back. Oh yeah half. Don. As part of corrections go. Thank Buddha to the military my retirement present include 1000 dollars with the drug among. Those to me on the plane. Yeah I had a girlfriend does sex mean she's that I will never ever ever. Check or store medication again Elmo because it's the first thing that somebody's gonna steal. You know that he'd get up. We don't touch my Viagra well let because sometimes got especially if you're not storing it in the app. The actual container which I know you're supposed to do that. People seem pills and they just saying let's roll the dice NC with a sense. That's a pretty risky thing to do is and it it. Ultimately got in trouble for that years ago when he came back from. Rod where he goes went so now Caribbean. He was on some golf outing and he had a Viagra prescription with somebody else's name on it. Where he was embarrassed order is owned by hand over go get a prescription presume Viagra. And they confiscated his Viagra because there is somebody else's name. And then some TSA agent was doing really well for a few weeks. Aria the news coming up in just a moment when we get back. Native found herself will store she wants talk about. You give us there refused I'd just on the story. It's. Hard to pick three. More horrible human beings than the young women and we will tell you about. Who works in a hospice care. And I'm asking what should be done with these women and sadly Scott I think the answer legally. Is not much can be done. Now professionally ought yeah. We fired but at least you're asking what can walk. And it's that just a moment first the news here is Caremark. Happening now in KM BZ lawmakers on Capitol Hill gearing up for a Supreme Court fight that's next. 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