Graduation cap. And crap.

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Tuesday, October 17th

They want me to spend HOW MUCH?  on WHAT?!?!!?!?!?!?


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Rob Babcock here I hope your enjoy in this Dana and parks podcast or listen to keep it and this is a podcast. Please don't call me okay don't call the station I know he's given up the number I'm not there. And I don't care. It was seven years ago today. Sweet little puppy came in the Mo. William globe. Sweet. As a Catholic tears ago and yesterday I was hunt cruise. Where you really now yeah your entire games pan out for I think yeah I. Sometimes the phase that memories are really really good and sometimes you wake up like. Two years ago. Hey you know it's really think it's something and I want to ask her about. And I hope I'm not bring up a sore subject him to used to have a dog June. How is death. She's she actually adores Charlie played once to sniff him and lake him every chance she gets so we don't lettered at right. As he's got a hold of his toes through the mountain just like crap as she chewed through any medals saying slate and now now she has destroyed however numerous diverse. And just. I am definitely left on sitting on a toilet and we have gone on to them. Look it's good ol' crap well I. She also in the past it's. Going to be fun coming out there and so time. The dog ate the babies through now luckily it was as a wetland but yeah. I'd left its management gave him a bath and acted predatory that diaper away and what that that was taking exactly. Patent was the older dog in the attitude from business analysts many of that he got a Beagle board Beagle Basset Hound mix. Greta. Greta would eat patrons. Right out of issue like a golf. Never touched the ground. And IQ being in his backyard we're out growing and barbecues and all was 200 kilometers. And the dogs I'm I'm a business. I'd say nothing makes you not he thought I like that. It regretted get it right back. Ask anyway I got an email from a dad who has. He wants note or any other questions but I just this was actually really sweet. His son is turning sixteen all Andy's getting a driver's license but certain forty Kim. Guess his driver's license yet to pass this test. The data as written up in the first such questions all. But there're couple mayor that kind of caught me off guard and really sweet ones that are funny. But like for it's more of a com. A test about American history with some interest and other questions that are thrown in. For example. What is another named the answer some of these. What is another name for the French Indian war and name the primary belligerence. Carrying the Indian French war. What lore included the battle cry remember the main. Yeah this. State this starting and ending dates. Of the US participation in the following and got out. And man you know it's like Mexican American war war raging twelve can't know that I American revolution Korean War and he does give us on a hint. This is a trick question and that's 51 to 54 I don't line that damp day. There is no and it has never officially end. Com that's quite a trick question. But then you know it's never ended the Korean conflict has never been declared over it has never and who is the US president during the Lewis and Clark expedition. This stuff. What is the average error velocity of an on Lleyton swallow. No that's a Monty Python bit hollow right. Then there's this one why do fart smell. So. Deaf people can do more than two. And so he knows the answer is question what is the bill writes state all of them. I'd name the three branches of government which by the way. Most Americans cannot do. Yes I love this last question. Why does your mother love use them. Goal. Speaking did you seem an elegant in the new grand old standby. Maybe the cause of the US civil war other than slavery that's a good one. So it's right to straighten out what does PSI stamp for a car tire. You know pounds per square inch or two. Com. Has the US capitol ever been occupied or sacked by a foreign power. Pounds per square our lack. Met him at a stage. Odd it's it's a coffee mug of whilom. Was the favorite child right now get over here and answer questions because my came home with her school pictures the other day. And I you can option to buy it like key ring. Coffee mugs it up. You can get a mouse pads yet again. I mean anything free trader magnet. I they've got it all its fear her so anyway. Whilom has his own coffee mug with his school picture on it likes. And I went on the backside it says go. It comes to the house last night. In a box from scholastic we Ricky laugh company right. And I like like us this is hilarious is they're opening it and my two oldest gather around like what you get it. And I pull it out and they go yeah. Said well schooled enough for me in my with your face on it yes the school that anymore which way. You know old son's getting ready to grant cannot lead an adult. But today. Have a list Kara. Of crap. That you can now die for your high school graduate. To commemorate. The occasion now why would you in high school what was it two things you bought you cap out yes one unit. And at what else that was one thing a commemorative German carrier ring. You can get rain which we didn't do who buys a ring. Hours by my high school at my school and everyone seaweed and I was just gonna ask a question. Who buys their high school graduating clustering the only thing we all plot was the commemorative. Tassel remember you hung it on you were right rear view mirror. That was it for like comment ten bucks she got little commemorative astle and they have now. All my goodness. The cattle. Brat. That you can die with your graduates face on it and name on it it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen Sox. I can buy a class of 2018. Stocks. You can buy shirts you can I need. When your kids so it's good to Camelot stealth and if you entire catalog. 170000. Dollars a Democrat I'd. And I guess some people why it you know what I got. You can buy thank you cards we did not I I will be going to target for thank you know Susan you can buy. Oh my god the bit announcements the graduation just go X related announcements. Sorry if this makes me divorced mother of of the decade. I thought. Well you bought out on Margaret Williams faced is the baby. I got nothing for my eldest I texted Jack and I so I love you. I'm not buying any of this crap and I hope that that doesn't hurt your feeling I remember my mom was horrified at the announcements because. And I am and everybody did you didn't buy just the generic ones guarded and because everybody but. The fancy ones with the school library and she was horrified. By how expenditure this package you can buy and shouldn't have got nothing. Well it was a pack of twenty. Plane at graduation announcements. And I think it was pushed 25 bucks okay. We didn't get the stamps we didn't get the commemorative envelopes we didn't get the tissue paper. 25 dollars and I only got twenty of them didn't get that teach. Paper. Despite tissue what are you gonna blow your nose when you all. So why not twenty and I said Joseph. You can send one to your mom. To your siblings will send one to my mom I don't even know twenty people I said this to me and I can us. You know all these kids wanted to pulling gift card that's okay. And my girlfriend Amy told me save. Those. Cards can take them from your child to how one saved them. Ended when they're off KU and they think they're starving you can mail them one at a time decision to pull a cart this week this is your subway card next week. And that that aren't as an honored I spent 25 dollars and I was still mad. Total racket tell me I'm wrong but that is not a tell. Iraq I think. I know you can avoid all. Now a drop out. Day. Right how much did your mom spend on your graduation announcements less than. How much on the cap and Enron and Merrill know somebody says 380 dollars to much have spent you know I know Carl has dealt. I. College or high school year round camp is tackle so it'll. Didn't didn't spend money owner of class wearing what gonna let object Letterman's jacket no none of that. If you ever stressed about where to go for automotive repair because you feel like you know enough about. Cars stuff I mean he feel like you're going to be ripped off just as you don't know. I'd go to Christian Brothers auto dot com because my service sentence and like him. 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Schedule your appointment today is a Christian Brothers Otto dot com Christian Brothers Otto dot com. And I'm 76779. Civil mindless work. Monday Tuesday for a imagines. The Pentagon now investigating the ambush that killed for you US troops in leisure. From CNN so here that we had in the top they are news break with terror and got it each other and said. What an eight year old Wichita woman. Eighty year old Wichita woman who took more than 57000. Dollars. From an 89 year old woman in a nursing home was sentenced last week in a felony case of mistreatment of a dependent adult. Shirley Morgan was sentenced to 32 months in prison. For the crime but was given three years probation instead because of her age. She has been ordered to pay back the money is prohibited from gambling. According to the district attorney mark Bennett. Morgan had durable power of attorney for the 89 year old woman and spent the money some of gambling. Instead of paying the woman's nursing home expenses according to the press the place. The Wichita police department and investigators. From the DA's office were to Kerry's got. She was. And not sent to prison. Even though somebody who was say forty. Would have been sent to prison but because she was eighty years old. The judge gave her probation instead of prison. Because of her page. So let me ask you. When is age. Some type of mitigating circumstance. To bail you out of your criminal. Behavior and if this was a pain and this question you would normally Scott but I will ask you if this was a man. Would he have been treated the same way thinks. She stole not all that money 59000 she still. A lot of money. And spend and I'm gambling it's probably that poor woman's entire savings dot. And it's gone now you're not get that money back in fairness we do cut people a break if their two young. When they commit a crime because there are. The thought is and you can disagree with this they are not old enough to understand the consequences of their actions time. Their energy and what is it at the same time. We are constantly hear stories were they say even though there are juvenile they will be tried as an adult SharePoint. So so don't tell me this and know what she went was still there's no way he you know she's a senior citizens she will be tried as a point seven year old. Don't tell me she did know what she was doing you can't claim dimension if you're systematically. Embezzling. 56000. Dollars to support your gambling out. Services they need an old folks prism ha aren't old people like eighty years old like old caged heat should not be. Should not be sent to a regular prison. Because of medical needs. Jessica told me yeah not because of the medical may exist because an eighty year old person. Wouldn't be able to relief. It's been awfully easy to push around. By some of the folk in the dollar. OK so we just give them a hall pass for their criminal behavior so he's as we should stop throwing everybody in jail and paying for their cars race. And so what do we do them. I'm telling you I'm surprised they let her go if I was that woman's family I would be so angry so angry how did she get access to her. Money. She was. The a power return. You're supposed to use that money to pay for the nursing home bills I'll like. 767798. Sources we do have old folks prisons are called nursing homes ease eight. Easy. I've 767798. When parents are too old are you gonna let them living your. House or your tournament owners and outback. She and I try to get them to move here now. You want your parents living your house I want them to live here. You want them to live in your house we have condos. On the golf course I want them to buy one and come to buy me. It's like you come over and our usher earned arsenic and watch the kids. Out of that stage of my life. I wanted to move your cells that are you sending her listings you put him in homes and no. Would not be good at present I need someone else to do that. I'll hire someone to do that I'll do everything else been encouraged my mom may current I don't give sponge bath. For watney to the new exhibit Kara marks or three missing girls have been found we'll have more next. Fall is here look around the Arnold. You're seeing the leaves falling but where are they fall yes of course are falling in the yard but are also falling on your roof and into your driver's. You really wanna spend your weekends up on the latter away from your family away from watching college football and the cheese on the weekend. Dig him out believes all that junk. From your daughters now. Call Kate hard today and let them take care. Let them guarantee you get rid of that latter and never spent another Saturday afternoon. Cake or does amount underneath your roof shingles or custom made. And Kate cart handles 40% more water in the leading competition. Called right now 80% off insulation and of course. 0% interest with no payments for eighteen months pitcher in the league free gutter system today from Travis and Carter a family you know you contrast. 913489. 8965. Or online at cape Gard heartland. Dot com. Or thirty wanting Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or three sisters missing from tong and oxy have been found safe and the man they were with the once taken into custody. But later released. Police are now working with the FBI it's not clear if charges will be filed against that man. The girls ran away from their Foster home nearly two months ago. I knew big round number on Wall Street at least for awhile the Dow topping 23000. For the first time during trading today before easing back to just shy of that mark. The bull market has seen as 3200 point rally this year hitting 20000 this past January. Greg McBride is chief financial analyst at bank grades got. Really an ideal backdrop in the sense that the economy's doing well unemployment is is dropping more people are working. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Podcast let's but now we and here and you're listening to date in parts podcasts on KM BZ. Another beautiful evening with a mostly clear sky temperatures cooling through the sixties into the fifties seem out to grab a light jacket heading up this evening. We'll be overnight low tonight near fifty on your Wednesday of a south breeze lots of sunshine. I've 74 degrees and then on Thursday more of the same. Lots of sunshine a high of 76. From dominant for a slip meteorologist level Miller came easy web. If Sony wanna TCI's seventy and Lee's summit 71 at your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. The audit on Tuesday throwback to the evening. With. Gonna run around and it's it's so that letter to me that's. Like to see him dance in the eye can see you trying to emulate his dancing and it's so that. Did you see me at funky town I came today yes I did I am I committing acts can't get them out of my because they received a ban recant sleaze. Etsy. Susan in Kansas City Alice's and. And unfortunately I had better pray and I want an artery at your outlook. Check your back. And I like it try to feature that I think very lengthy criminal or it quite well great. I. Eighty. It much thought I mean that well sure it is not very. They get it currently. Did you just say there aren't did you just say about depends. You. I. And I mean that at. Amplify our our year fight and pitch. And Alec more I mean a lot more active. Operation. Actually. Break. They're much more I'd partner. And activity Warsaw. Are by. I. Went there. I want and then you do. Chat. Though they're not. By. Over at the bank that it. You know this is interesting to me Susan because I understand I had a cop buddy text me and he said the reason they're letting her out is to defray the cost. Of taking care of her behind bars but. There are other prisoners with other special needs psychiatric and Jews that run the gamut. For. And it didn't they tell you don't get a lot of attention and flash lite on it. No I mean. Obviously I'm currently. I had. Another day hobby I issues. And why. I. Won. At the current. Our populated. That. Oh. I'm Kremlin against my. And actually you wouldn't it I. Think. It Ike. He'd be the app one I want I'm actually an. He got to have that I Kirk credit cart. I went and I charge credit card were hit diet and I'll restraining order. Sure that we were legally separated I can start by doing. Well. I'm nineteen mind. Now. I was forty years I was at. Last year hearts. You know actually it may mean more understanding or all I would Matt somebody. Written and they REI. Oh wow. Church. Why don't you go pregnant I. Am back screen at all I ever met in my life and it. I mean so you've been taught anybody. How high do you are you know there there. Are right there. And chain actually an entry for every year Q it. July. Oh what BA it's all here at all. And sell and trying to work out here having somebody. Here it really really. I mean our paperwork is it really are already at seventeen year old. And I'm trying you rectify that I mean yeah I keeping archer. About the seven year. Oh yeah Hewitt Hewitt. Blockers rustic. Match. And here and we're each and every eighteen months. Atlas five minutes don't. Bet that's a stretch. Yeah I wouldn't be good. Can you oh my god Roger ID alone jolt all my shots I think Lester I'm Fletcher was on it. What would your first day imprisonment like. Sheer absolute panic attack and I'm guessing they don't eat accurate and panicked bills. Well I think they would they would were probably provide them to new and checked him in. And so I think on every hour every day I was there is I panic you would not room for. No. What does it is like for ten years I can't think that I think about that. Would you lose your mind yeah I I would not do well. Would you doing your first day out. After ten years in prison. Oh I would probably have absolute and and I don't use this term lightly but people who come out of that system especially the wrongfully convicted. Shot O'Brien we'll tell you as they've PT EST. You you'd literally walk around worried that someone is going to come take you from your family you have that and you're never remember is I yeah. That was weird looking at me from across the room and Deanna in Overland Park Colombian. We're here to. Go to the pilot died. And it allotment the previous caller. And Eric. Dealing older people you are the only Salman Omar at ease of hypertension and cholesterol diabetes you name it. A lot of the men are very very expensive I cannot match and imprison their stand I mean analog. Older people are are a lot we are seeing going on I mean I know my average patient that I see men now are on when he met. I mean I can pretty. It can be pretty. Expensive and I cannot imagine that taxpayer money wanna sit there and and the trick here the wind or out. Try to medical care I'm Kim maintained somebody call went all out going. Let me ask you questions and angry at some instinct points and it says here your mirrors something you said as much on the year. Should should we not send certain people to prison. Simply because making them pay for the crimes they commit. Would be too expensive for us as a society to quote justify it but he because if that's the case. That's not equal justice is. Right. Exactly in open I mean and I'm trying to oh you did try to do the crime. I met these people deserve their trip and mildly ain't it I'm just thinking that the judgment of these people who are letting it. Purse and off. It may be considering caught I do not believe it's fair. But I thought about it the president at that you are gonna have to take on people should be prepared packed or why or I'm out of state. Federal let them. Government that these present and have some sort of money and play should be able to actually medically. They're pretty people and accurate last caller said they don't will be dramatically chair Portman much you are dying. I worked with somebody who used to be a prisoner and the story she would tell me where you are that. Just to get up Kurt and out having a heart attack and that not want to call ambulance from having him transferred. To a hospital. To. Here. Was it. Many loopholes and how much there damaged in into the lobby and wait about proper but that prisoner died I mean there's just. I'm going on in maintaining these prisoners. I'm under story at heart it is awful and there is no. Art and I 76779800. Are worthy fifty force recruit one bar in independence on Friday October 27. Be an honor and a privilege if you spend your Friday afternoon with a us top magician Todd romance he will be joining us from three until five. The Mets Friday October 27 54 street grill and bar in independence. Right here for kriegel mass diamonds whether you're looking to buy a diamond look at Celek Daimon gives Scott Steve a column actually going in and next week and my rings over to them. So they can photographs and they got a new photographic system over there that I'm I'm excited just check out people go there all the time and say let me see Dana's rank. We went to Scott and Steve. Years before they were ever a client here on KN BC's Steve's been different pars for many years. And if I tell you if you were in the market to buy any fine jewelry or to read purpose any jewelry. That you haven't your collection. He comprise the first U comprise the last their prices will not be beat or not a jewelry store at all. He got a called my private appointment only and here's the number 91366. He wrote 96 or nine. 9136609609. Or check the website kriegel mashed diamonds dot com tell Dane ascension. Listening to the date and parks podcast. I 7677. On it for of these folks out of your online we do with the hopes Matt in Kansas City where an excellent at. And sorry. To. And I wanted to. Broke I used to work ethic you know and we epic daughter proper attribute that outlook on paper that. Elderly woman out there you know one million now that she. Beckel Robert barker that. And it all literally came out that the. And met with and to spend the money yeah I mean there's no way to check whether that's a legitimate. In comes straight. Well I don't know certificates you don't really care. Money it on the that result by where she got internal it out of this where. A pilot that gave me back to where somebody would you if you. Sign that they may have had a problem that we have to pick two. Be it RB and it got that from there we would go on it made it out man. About how to spice law and order and our money which the red flag though. We got it all that the you know that are out and try to figure and a little bit come out you don't have enough money from our option to not have to do it. So that India authorities got all that out point and but what you try to do them what it kept in Al. She would get kickbacks. To try to make sure that we were on their side. At that kind of keep you know we're happy to be here because if you don't get something chain well. I don't see what kind of part about it come I doubt we bit opened the first time it happened it happened I would argue. But that I am their work there were some at all. And some Reagan did she go away fort you know. You know I don't know what that what kind of left it could easily get your whole Lotta opt out is that. The more that there are spread there are negative out it's not to you know anyway and what that kind of art to spread a little bit it's it's it's become really. I'll bet channel bottom line a lot of a lot of people here. OK and you know it's always bothered me. And there's nothing you can do about it but I feel like you know I took my mom the casino and speak in. About a month ago and I feel like. There are always really elderly people there on oxygen still smoking. Playing. There are always some people and you cannot judge a book by its cover I know that some of the wealthiest oil men in Texas. Walk around in sweats and look like rot I know. But have you ever felt like when you're in a casino you're looking around in your thinking. What percentage of people who are here. Are here to try to make some money because they have non. This you've never even been into the floor to guide through the just to walk in to the casino to get to the answer yeah. I I saw a lot of disabled people I do remember one time when. I went to Saint Louis deceit kiss. Ammo. And I was meeting up with my body. Bobby. Or Bob. And he was staying at a casino. That's where his ruling was and I had to to meet him in the restaurant. So we can go to the show together I had to walk through the casino floor and I I distinctly remember. Looking over in seeing a very old woman. Smoking a cigarette. Pulling on. One of those things gold handle while what's the game calls slot machines thank. And not some soup is don't gamble on Sar. And I distinctly remember as I'm walking to meet Bobby in the restaurant at his hotel I remember looking over and saying thank god that's. At the same time if you are retired. And you have. A little bit of disposable income and that is your entertainment that's what what's the harm. There is. An altered his brother is not an end to match point they don't care whether you have the money you're not you know as long as you have the money. They don't care. If you're there and you're destitute and your gambling Iran anyway that you know they are a business. They're not in the business of sitting down and saying you know let's talk about your budget she should really be this month. Just let me know from. Henry lines of the list and he needs my bio. For the NAACP. Two by now. That when I want you. Big big time war diversity in media 2017. I am and we're going forward that banquet so. And reliance I mean come Cog Hill and I. Yeah very underlines leads by so can put it. In the pamphlet. Oh Kara. I'm glad your back. I totally forgot about his I don't know if you new business. But we got a call about a month ago from Henry lines of the NAACP. On the air of Henry is a Greg. All different. At which point he announced. Some hour special your award. I mean I think she's heard via word travels kind of very fast. Has a big deal maybe he'll Wear the shirt that I had made Kelly got me a shirt that says 2017. NAACP. Diversity in media award winner. Two of them or all 2000 continue what would dilute. Improvement you divert our didn't go to the game. I will not. Stock. Henry not quite well first the ball I am home. Asia hurt and you've been on pain you know once it was kind of like everywhere fig anybody's mentioned your name Angel. I mean about biffle and star gas that people were at that. Shocked yeah so where does that as shocked as Dana. All all 2017. What would dilute. Improvement Buick diverse and didn't go to the movie. Well wait. A little. Tobacco plants maybe that Henry just simply not need to read the bio apparently awards banquet when is that I don't know. I don't mind that you gotta go well it's for the 2008 team Martin Luther King awards banquets on assuming it's him after the first of the year. But IE I. Have to attend the Martin and not after I want to come on public will opt. The 2018. Marten Luther king awards banquet. That's me. Me. There's guys so would that be Martin Luther King Jr. what I think just for brevity just part Parker start. Martin Luther King I don't as a source for his dad you're differ on for junior and a now it's okay. To the misery Caremark. Happening now on KM BZ charges now filed against two men and a triple homicide in Lawrence we'll have more next. You know the two things going count on this time a year ago whether getting cooler and global tons of global aids got parks. And this football season get ready for the big game with a big screen from the leader and HDTVs Nebraska furniture mart check up march selection. Of more than 120. TVs on display. All in one place where it's easy to compare all the top programs discover all the latest in TV technology including four K curved. OLEDTVs. 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