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The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, December 6th

I cannot say enough about this documentary or the 91 year old holocaust survivor at the center of the story.   What a treasure - and she lives right here in KC....  


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy we will see some clouds around here or there and we can not allowed a few sprinkles in a disturbance rolling through pretty weak. Frank cumin into. That French going to be ushering in some colder air by tonight we dropped to about money and rally their rebounds maybe the low thirties I Thursday afternoon with honey assign. Back up to the low forties on Friday with a mix of clouds in sunny and Simon. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KN BC weather 44 I Casey and I 47 downtown 46 your official weather station. We'll keep soldiers here is liable mission. I'm not giving into. Saying a word. We are sorry. Apparently somebody got killed in the 1 o'clock hour of the 12 o'clock hour on the show today. We're not doing math that's on or rule capable. Nobody does show. Hello hello good to see everybody Chris minors and for rod today he's spending time with Romney's got some like recital or something to answer that he had. This Herbert probably. To all the people who have text me and said. That I suck it being a pet owner because Stella still has her tumor. I will have you know that the doctor that could do the surgery had some health issues. And he's now back at work still will be having her surgery. A week from tomorrow. Are you going to be here a week I will not be here a week from tomorrow he's leaning and will be taken man dale and I figured you would mind sweet babies having surgery I plan to. She better make it through. It's. It is and I went through. The Glen would last night yes please tell me out of Disco. And I saw. Big Sonia yeah the movie about the woman who works in Overland Park as a seamstress get it was holocaust survivor she is 92 years all holocaust survivor. Was she there I said she wasn't this screening she is attending other screenings and I'm going to go back this week in and take kits. Would you would have just you're so I went with my friend Kerry. When we walked out she said IA. Am. Speechless. And it's one of those documentaries that it takes you'll wild to process. The gravity. And the power. Of this woman's story and and the bravery to come forward. For her to tell the story for her children. Very painful for her children to tell the story and backed her daughters live in town and one of them said. I thought this a few that said to me two years ago I would be going around talking to schools with my mom. About her experience I would have said you apprentice is no way. How old washing machine she would have to be a team she was. I believe thirteen. At the time of the occupation. I believe she was fourteen. When they were discovered. Hiding in a space under a bed by German shepherds. At that time. Her mother. Sonja and her little sister were separated from their father and her brother she never saw her father and her brother again. And and I will tell you a lot of people have asked me. Do you take sick kids. Yes. Every Childs. In America needs to see this I work his or her daughters or don't why was her daughter opposed to the idea of the documentary took they were posed to it but what they said was it's just so painful to talk about. That can you imagine growing up in a family Scott. Where. This happened to your mom and dad you're not watching ended imovie you're not reading about it in a not receive a tattoos on there are attached to you hear your father screaming out the middle of the night. Against demons who are. There anymore and it's just I cannot even mansion. Think about your family used. A most harrowing things someone in your family is gone throw think about the people that you know and love the lady went to Vietnam. It's not easy to talk about those experiences and so for them to go around our city. And shared this story is incredibly important it is incredibly brave. We cried. The entire time. And that's not to say. If you're thinking about taking your children. That it's inappropriate for a child to see eye very strongly believe should take your kids you do not see footage of the holocaust there is no historical footage. None that we've all seen now and it doesn't mean that Scott yeah I mean her. Story and the way it is time. Hold is so powerful. You don't need to see each he don't need to see the people being marched into. The gas chamber you do what it's just surprising to me you can tell that story without those I will tell you she. Witnessed her mother's. Death and they'd talk about that and they talk about. What it was like coming back to the United States. With there was no therapy. There there weren't you know doctors prescribing medication like it's here now for for horrible posttraumatic stress for these things they just came back and settles into Kansas City and lead a quiet productive life and raise three children and you know it is I will tell you this one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen. And it makes it more or. That she's here and you see the footage of Metcalf south mall and her customers coming and then. Parts that are are sweet and funny and you'll laugh. But it is also a reminder of the capacity. For human beings. To do unimaginable things to other human beings and Scott one of the things you'll like and I I cannot. I cannot urge you and strong enough terms coziness. Is that she goes to Lansing. And I it's I don't wanna give it all away but but she. Helps this little 92 year old woman. Has helped turn people's. Lives around and and it she is help people see the world in a different way. And the one thing outlast all of what you see his documentary or not. Is how does someone have the capacity. To go through life. With out just so much hatred. That you think you would have you think he would go through life I do. With so much resentment and so much hatred for what was taken from four. And for her to come out of that somehow in turn this into this amazing. Positive saying I don't understand and that the people she talked to all kind of say the same thing as she goes to high schools and toxin prisons and talks. They'll say how old. Can she do. You know they're they interview some prisoners who are so angry. And then look at her story and you think. I have no right to be portion of Washington where it's going into the prison yes. Yes. And it is. Wonderful. What happens in those walls and so I talked to. Newer bounce over lunch. About bringing this story. Somehow Shari yes sorry ass here. And he suggested Scott and amber still kind of talking if the ruling it's that. There are other ways to bring the story here outside of her sitting here in trying to get through a very powerful. Interview that would quite frankly. Take longer than I Ike it's atlas and her talk for five hours. And so were were working on. It I don't do illegal happened I have reached out to podcasts and family thing I learned really wanna talk to her daughter who's here. And and has an amazing perspective as a survivors. Child and what it means to have to have. This stamp what family means to a family who has literally lost. All of them were murdered care all of them. Save a believed to. So who her and what her brother sister sister Oca and they don't get into that a lot documentary that's why am I so many questions for. About what happened how they end up in Kansas City what are real what are you working working on a podcast royal art. Thinking about interviewing her and obviously in a long form right. And an airing the interview during the body of the show so that we can more respectfully control. But root edit some things yeah now yeah. Yes not edit her out by any means no limit you can't sit down with this amazing gift. To humanity. And and say we need to break from his house you just need to you just can't I want I want. So it was all to respect to traffic and weather news and all the things we do here. This is just something that that needs to be done in a different way and and when you hears me Q you'll understand shy she loosened me an actual sounds good dual air. Old air that there are a lot of she spoke with Casey you are acting like a year ago and there are some excerpts from that and there is nothing she does not remember. About. That there she that you would ever do I hate you ask Cara that this was a really long winded answer your question. I believe fourteen when when she was cents on the train. And liberation did not come I believe she was nineteen. We were doing the math last night she was in three different death camps. Over five years the worst of the where she was ours and she was in Bergen Nelson ocean Poland when she was caught him. She polish yes. She is polished I do not know specifically where they were when they were cut other than upstairs. There are some references to that but. Five years and and he's just cannot. I just kept thinking last night and we had dinner after we saw the movie. And it's one of those days aegis you're just deep in thought about it. Which is what everyone should be doing recent all your picture thinking about these stories and sharing these stories and you know when she's gone her daughter has said it's important that. That this testimony. Lives on. But the one thing I wanna ask her is how. Do you not have that heat that so many of us would have even if you have saved Scott. A loved one shot children robber. You'd think about that loss and the anger and the range of innocence he would grow goes through. And I'm not diminishing that type of loss. But that is nothing. Nothing compared to what she saw in those five years. This is do it once cuts off what are you kidding me I'm Michael Ward to fanatic I own. Think tank in it that we Christmas and he just. Twice about it. I talked about are you kidding I have some good ideas can I do want you if it's possible to get her in here. I just wanna hug her I just wanted to thank her for telling her do this interview when I'm not here. Leaving me during. Christmas and all maybe it's because you left me for march and April. I said documentary if you're asking is at the Glenn led 95 the mission ran. It is in the back of branch mark. By the way did not give the name it is the Glen Wood and it is called big Sonia Sonia Sonia has spent her entire life. Her right here in good ol' Overland Park, Kansas. Are. When we get back these smoking age just got raised in Topeka. Also talk about moving the US embassy to Jerusalem out of Tel Aviv and to Jerusalem and why I think this is the right decision. Into that much more this afternoon here and in parks. Finding the perfect gift for the guys on your list during this time a year it's tough it's tough. I have the answer for its Ares. 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It was a news here bottom of the hour. I don't forget we'll wrap them coats for kids. This Friday out of Dick Smith for. Would love to have you guys come on out bring your coats boring whatever donations you wanna give. And I will make sure that the needy children here in Kansas City. Get every planning what you offer Dana's out on the road tomorrow morning do you of the Andris Clinton's if that. Okay. Per cleaners. Which ones notes in only about one. Scott. You know me to its willingness and smoked anything you don't even know where you're going to hand me. There's more than one Italy it's what they call. Harvick first 150 for us 1669550. For oh that's easy for you if she read a 151. Eight. And what's the over under room where you make gathered some ominous it was probably not likely now. I'll make it seven I I showed up so early the last time I beat the owners. Keys to get me in there. I'm going to be there that the one liberty room product and where you text me at 5:45 yes morning yes I did while I was sleep in all caps yes I did. I think I am not. A morning person. In the news. I'm work and COLT big Sonia of his right men. Kelly wants to take the kids are okay for the kids yes I am going to say to kids back this. Weekend. Because the reaction of the high school students. In the documentary. Is one of the more powerful parts about the story. And and just shocking they don't use any photographs. And of the Holocaust tells story about the Holocaust and. I don't weird and I didn't feel like it was missing. OK. Okay. A story here out of Topeka. The Shawnee county commission a divided Shawnee county commission. Today snuffed out the ability for people ages eighteen to twenty to legally buy. Check this I backtracked. This is it this story is from August but it became final this week. Where they've stuffed up the ability for people ages eighteen to twenty to legally buy tobacco and economies are incorporated areas now this does not include two peak. It includes Shawnee county. Commissioners voted to one. Two banned the sale of first string of cigarettes electronic cigarettes tobacco products. That is Chu and cigars etc. liquid nicotine anyone 21 under the age of 21. Outside of the city of peace mister Bob archer and shall regular. Vote in the majority commissioner concurred dissented. Bob you're listening on the public health advocate and I do support this went into effect. What he thanked stupidest idea. Oh. It I'm done with coddling people who are legally legally adults. 21 to buy a pack of cigarettes. We make people wait until they're 21 to drink alcohol and I think it'll I think that's wrong too. I think that's what age would you sent eighteen OK why eighteen in the nineteen at a terminal affect. When you're an adult you can make adult decisions I hate the argument and I think it's too simplistic but you can Darfur countries should be good to boot. Where you consumed beer week. The age of 21 never really made me stop drinking and as director with smoke cigarettes to. Kids find a way to get round they always will but I I under the impression and and I don't want talk about it because so much as I do about. Smoking or tobacco use among younger people I we have gotten to a point now. Where younger people really weren't doing that stuff. It was considered uncool where back when we were younger it was kind of rebellious it was cool write a column. You know kind of that the rough guys in school and kids didn't. Icicle cigarettes as tobacco and high school. Because it was rebellious it was you know in some I was told not to do so I do hit it carriage your smoke cigarettes when your kid. And now she. And yet she is our choir and is not a ban on fire can all what would be wrong with being nothing I dated printed page has acquired. I'd not talented enough to actually play any thing who's nerd year require the bay and my high school. I declare. Where you heard. No wait where you had you met how well were you in showed higher I cured her ask can we act how to add a lot of yeah. Dead and a and a sparkly number about. No I mean I know I show choir area out what was one of the zones do require. All that jazz great. Give me just a couple of lines with the jazz hands yes like you did it inquire. And call. Japan's. And dad and you acquired before he came out yes so it really was like the dirty as any totally tell me if I can animated cars ready to them. And all the jet. It's yeah you totally kind of yeah yeah. Pretty excited X yeah. Had to match the facial expressions of voice and voice there'll be well and lose that was. What do I went deep a bit better. Hole so Iraq. June. Mbenga. Got. Could have been base were always looking for guys in settler shocking thing that ever wanted to cash. Yet she was to show choir Zach burn us. But yeah I remember he's got the option and wow yeah. Newsroom care more trouble for senator Al Franken won details next. We will weak disturbance and affronts that will be diving to very quickly for the rest of today not a lot of moisture to work with some clouds around maybe a sprinkle or two that's about it. Heading for a high at about 45 degrees punch of colder air coming in tonight and tomorrow. Partly cloudy tonight to Lanier twenty honey sunshine returning for tomorrow are pretty much to stay at or below freezing all day. Scattered cloudiness and low forties by Friday. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more Katie NBC web. Ari for an RKC I'm 46 downtown 45 in your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Access. Brought Thomas. Apparent dead hearts you know I was asking before we went to the news break in the bottom of the hour. And so those of you who are from Generation X. we don't remember what it was like you guys who have kids smoked some didn't obviously. I did and it was you know. It was from the bad guys. Lose whatever. It was bomb. Durham as Cosby on the money. However. I don't see kids smoking. The way we would smoke when we were kids and you may say either or Scott you know your your 46 years old now about. Well now. About when I was seventeen years old at Lansing high school and we would smoke. We would spoken to call driving number. I don't see teenagers. In their cars. Smoke cigarettes I just don't do I don't see. Now some eroded and it was just showing this off the air. You guys behind the times the new thing now with the kids is very pending. Which I don't understand whatever. That taping is the news. Well I'm asking you an and especially those of you who are younger or those of you who have parents who are teenagers. It was my understanding like my my 16 year old I am convinced she does not smoke cigarettes has never smoked a cigarette. Because it's considered uncool. Where when we were kids it was considered kind of cool to smoke cigarettes. Or to chew tobacco. Or whatever. Generous. I tried it once one time and because both of my parents were smokers for a year or month. And I lit it in the laundry room. Tasted it and then heard my mom coming in the kitchen and and so I thought it. None none and then and then and then there. Into the sink. It and posts and that's what I set. Out never mind that there was no toast. Burning or otherwise yeah she just goes ha. And then that was that I shut down there and I'll never try to get a. Now something else that we should point out when we were kids yet there was a group that would smoke weed but most people drank beer. On the weekends at those who are into the parties in August. On a Friday or Saturday night. If you were under the age twelve when you drink beer and a handful of kids at school was smoke wait. I from the text line and I think you're right because I've I've heard this story a lot to they're not drinking beer anymore there smoke in week. Beer and alcohol not a school. We'd very cool. Baking apparently very call now and isn't that the stuff with like formaldehyde and it has got and I'm never dull. But it's my understanding that that. We don't even need to bother worrying about raising the age of cigarettes to 21 because the kids aren't smoking cigarettes. Anymore there are always studies and I know you can make study showed everyone studies to show but there are always studies that show. When you raise the age and the price smoking rates go down. How they count that follow that I don't now. Raising the age and or price. Makes that rate go down I always found it hard to believe because I think if you're fourteen and you wanna try it. You're a dum dum because your teenager you don't think is your brains not fully developed you're gonna do it anyway. You got to remember a pack of cigarettes today cost 16 box. Now I mean on the state I mean if you're in New York City it's ten bucks a pack when we were kids it was 95 cents a pack it was very cheap. Very cheap. Now kids pop pills now to. We in pop pills back and are right. This is nobody's race that's garbage. Driving down Shawnee mission park where it every morning. And I have lost track how many times I thought the car of economy was on fire. Because when you. Apparently get a lot of that Adam. It's it's not smoke it's vapor ware yeah. Because we're used what's the but when they came a day when that went down and the Eagles you can see it looks like the damn car on fire. There's so much paper coming out. 767798. Normally we would we would turn this over to anybody who wanted to calling. I primarily wanna hero and I and I know. I've seen the ratings there is an audience out there that is very young and by very young I mean teenagers. Who for whatever reason decided and thank you to listen to operate that's for content. I wanna hear. From the teenagers were the early twenties. 576779. They have made it illegal to buy cigarettes in Shawnee county and now David found out in Topeka. If you're under the age of 21. But this almost looks like a solution looking for problem. I didn't think that kids smoke cigarettes anymore. Maybe I'm wrong. And an Overland Park blowing am. I. Yeah well this is the radio. Are that there. Is how old you. I'm eighteen. I got quite a lot. Hacker were in every. Shot. Out the pleasures they. Net. While at school everybody think it really buy it and debate and I hit it got. So grab it like that cigarette exit a lot more low and it better selling like nicotine it now just like. Not being. Watermelon. Sleeper. It's your arms like he used fairway are or something like basically earning. So what does it so nobody. In your generation. I use nobody in air quotes because it's obviously too broad brush by. But the younger generation they don't smoke cigarettes. I don't know I've never seen anybody my great look at cigarette and that state is Eric. I'm in the ear and I am being cast attic floor at the scene I'm doing and I wanna be acting and and that the only time I've seen anyone ever look at. But the new thing now is this bleeping stuff that they. Ought. Let Escude is today they inside the walls of the high school or smell that not that they can't. Are they they bait and high school record sneaky about it OK I particularly ET and probably debate being. And the cadaver. I couldn't do that back in the day with a cigarette because people could spell it. Well. A lot of time here at actually when they're older they don't know at that. The under is not at the picnic table 100% say that but it. If you can eat it like it you now a week before you can howl where marijuana is it you now would be at or you know someone. Is something I want to go back to if I could for just second and art and thank you for the call. You said the kids these days are into taping and then you drop this nugget and smoking marijuana. So they're not drinking as much these days but they are smoke and a lot of we'd. I think on a clear. Smoking and drinking every one going to want to let the legal and the current 821 and it not be an at bat. So it. It's cool because it's illegal and my personal opinion and you get a. Let me ask you this as somebody who is eighteen years old. It would be easier for you to score we eat or score blues RBR. Old guy. He went when I was a kid it was so much easier to score blues. I am at art go to agent or call me mister park. An opera and I offered by. You've been offered cocaine more I'm you've been offered liquor. Because what liquors think about it Scott you have to have. A legal. Believable. I. Or. You have to find somebody. Who will take the chance to go into a store and break the law for you and bring about four or incidents yeah. Partner oral Wii's do have a friend who works at food for lesson you don't ever count. Yeah be it but things have to talk to people out. And you have to Eric in critical concern me you know a repeat the twenty leader and I checked the annual. And out. You don't like certain kid in school and most apparent at the top dog at socialite that you get locked in a and they say that your I. You've been offered cocaine. More than you've been offered news. And I I do not partake I I like to put that out there that I I have several little bird or on the school. That coming and. OK I am accidental Q for the golf article some deserted to peca smokes a lot. I would be curious. And I would smokes what a lot. Cigarettes I would. Have agreed with that. I think the smoking rate is going to be higher. In that city. That's easy because it's like trying to sell it but back me up here have studies not shown. And a majority of them aren't as good on the tires smoking rates. And to peca is a this is hearty to kick out I don't know how to say it without. Sounding awful to take his white trash I think there is a higher rate of smokers. In that city yes. Do I think raising the age from eighteen to 21 is going to somehow. Stop the rates no. Because with a higher rate of rental smokers. Is going to come a higher rate of their offspring who will smoke or smoke and odds are your kids are gonna smell. Are we got the young and the line I know is 21 John is 21. And nick goes 22 will get to all of them in just a moment here on Damon parks. Had my little sporting ET on I've been flying around town and that little thing for several weeks now. 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Volkswagen only some just off for seven in Colbert wrote. Volkswagen of Lee's summit you told you wanna see Dana's car. Comes fairness. For some sort of came on Deep Purple was her first first concert ever in Mannheim Germany thanks indeed. Well I see your Deep Purple rays are you raise me and apple. Juice Newt. Voted yes I don't. Call me Angel in the morning baby. I know in our hang annoyed and I'm Nico your next NATO and independence of America. I I don't. Think you called him. No problem though although Palmer hurt your column for you know younger. There I am a 22 years. Yet I am. Hiker up and independence now or Japan or in. It's it's funny because. You know I I came the war eagle parent actually giving their kid's finger at the ballot that's one Dinara supposed. Yeah. That shocked me the most I mean about the F printout and not a modular command it due to a cigarette and pretty good about next pack deny your patents like. And jagr opened on. Where my parents either smoke or drink until after I moved out. He and the debt at a young age as well and without warning on budget not to Wear a young age split really early. Did you use find that a lot of your friends at school smoked or not. Okay artillery for his question did you find your friends smoked cigarettes law. No moral lesson but it freshmen making an ache there a special spot by this rule they at all yet. First summary then either that that convenience store salute to then you know certain people there and there's a certain ball they all hung out in the school. They also smokes cigarettes in their. Mainly cigarettes and then pot would be some of them you income and its oldest I had of their mind and of course engages catch on the that I mean. So let me ask you something let me ask you something if they raise the cigarette aids from eighteen to 21. Would that have stopped any of those kids from smoking. Not at all now. I as a parent or decline in god well that charitable generation but but nick that was an uncommon when I was younger either I remember going over to Jimmy brings house in Lansing. His dad smoked three packs a day he's bright dead now but. Jimmy rink would just go into the garage and get a cigarette that stands back and smoke it. It was not a deal. And I think he and I. I ate at the very end as well when they can start coming out for me and I tried it. And I have I've had you know debt confrontation of people that the other big stores or attic I tell me now. The scientists say that you know baking a better remembering actually but the. Yeah it's a crap from fairway dirty air power grid and eating poop just like you in last night's dinner Hillary. Breathing. Mill it overseas markets it. 51 year old earlier convenience store alone though I know. On one I'm glad we're short time ago and make two point. There so I actually. Our group and apparently not political prepare. I'm but my parents both urban households where their parents smoke or. Thankfully my parents need it and it never has cigarette or cigar and a wife thankful for. And it ran I have little one of those who you got McClover. Yet but it was one of those who go borrowers in outlet next like last summer try to walk. And I have looked at all awful call polite or choose three weeks. And actor Adam like let's put in a bigger they are I moved out at any credit. I don't buy that any of it can be helpful Tia. A lot of talent level the younger guys who have never heard of mr. parks is an honor of him mr. parks maybe old but he ain't dead. Please. But we eat too much trauma. They've drank a beer to. Two producer with Caremark happening now I can be easy big problems for drivers downtown this afternoon we'll have more next. The right battery the first time that's what you get and always did with wholesale batteries ran to pound his crew have a gigantic warehouse. 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