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Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Tuesday, June 13th

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Six on a Tuesday happy to have you. Going to be hot when again we just heard heat index of 93 today I get to go to the pool all. I get to do and I appointments we. After another bright afternoon. Getting a whole legal want to over par all the way back again you're like 4 o'clock first world problem rice. Exactly. Coming up later on at 11 o'clock we have some fun because. It definitely day requires that feeling people need a little bit of fun it or to talk about what you actually taken from restaurants. My mom and I had this conversation because my parents' restaurant and Illinois and and the story came up and Bloomberg News about the things you would not believe are taken from restaurants so. Insider information Campbell I'd give you the chance to fess up or beyond just the sugar yeah oh yeah little packets of sugar everybody takes us. It gets pretty gets pretty bizarre I bet. Maybe you've grown out of the phase but I don't bet on 11 o'clock we talked to use there was a point your life in your entire kitchen. We have made up of restaurant dishes and restaurant silverware she think there were things like the big sugar dispenser that you couldn't just buy yourself know that's up IKEA like they so I. I got it. I would I had no idea where to buy back a gravy boat wicket. But I got an idea but I got one not easy to go to my local restaurant and take it but we really gets it IKEA that's my point. That never banning Mikey wait for the day that we have to now I've never been the knelt Nelson Atkins museum and doesn't you have different and I've never been to IKEA. There's certain things I haven't done yet and you make sure do my hearts torn on which of those is important. Right now probably the notes about it now. Also attorney general Jeff Sessions will go before the Senate Intelligence Committee later this afternoon and we'll talk about what he knows about possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. As we know from when James testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee they take about twenty minutes or so. And they all talk about committee members talked. That chairman of the committee to vice chairman of the committee. We will join that when he actually starts speaking and start taking questions on the hearing itself was sent to start about 130. Will join him when he start saying things that are. Also still to come this hour we'll get into the Alex Jones injured interview with meg and Kelly that is stirring up a lot of controversy. You're gonna hear from Alex Jones a little bit a little bits and pieces are starting to leak out from the interview. That will air on father's state of course he works for info wars he has a nationally syndicated radio program and it a lot of all right love in worship what Alex Jones has to say including some of his theories on sandy hawk. Which again if you're a dad as as I heard I think it was Scott park say yesterday. That in your view all year on the gay wing fathers. Of dead children will go. To the cemetery on Father's Day down that powerful to know that NBC. Who is starting to lose a little bit muddy. Is doing this anyway. Yap and that the wanna get into a little that as somebody that's worked in journalism from us in my career the interesting thing to me is that now and JPMorgan Chase has pulled. Not just its advertising from that show but they've pulled all their advertising and NBC news from now until the interview airs on Sunday. It's it's that's a perpetual debates and the fight between news and money between journalism and an advertising. And one of the things last UN is should NBC dropped the interview or do you think they will if there is this mass exodus of of advertisers between now and then. On keeping in mind then the more we talk about this interview the higher the ratings are all young and it's true but it is it is a tough call sometimes for businesses whose. Values are publicly down on think about businesses like maybe hobby lobby where their values of publicly known. And then you know that you're buying advertising. In news programming which and this is a news show but then they have an interview on that definitely is opinion dated. What are those businesses do necessarily on do you take advantage of what is going to be a massive audience for your dad. Or do you need dad to protect your reputations will talk about that and a. And we simple question up right now Russian BC error the interview with Alex Jones because there's some debate on whether it should be actually. Error and you can vote on Twitter came BZ radio air or don't Eric vote again on Twitter came easier. But just your for a couple of minutes before we get a break out because this verdict may come down today so we wanna make sure that we addresses just a bit as you heard remarks news the juror in the assault trial for bill caused the they started their deliberations yesterday. They deliberated for about four hours yesterday in their back addict today bildt's Bill Cosby charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assaults. The sentence could that being an being ten years or any counts that could be a total of thirty years of the judge decides to have those run consecutively. This goes back 2004. Where a woman named Andrea cons stand accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her when she was thirty at the time. He's all but admitted it and he has admitted to drugging her that he he did it to help her relax on and so we'll see exactly where that group of seven men and five women comes down. Wicket would you would you be a mystery on because I was thinking this morning about how difficult it would be. To be on the jury where you have to put your your previous opinions aside. You know who doesn't know Bill Cosby already even if you don't know about the sixty women that came forth with allegations of sexual assault case that number again sixty watch it is sixty. 61 and came forward and and the defense in this case tried to on bring that into it quite a bit if you weren't following a trial didn't know balanced couple of weeks. I'm not even a couple of weeks on the defense basically tried to say that. It's the media's fault for giving those sixty women television time and and publicity. And saying that that's all they were after and that this is just a product of of that and they tried to paint him as just a faulted man to stop flawed man. But to try to find a jury of twelve people who could put there are opinions aside about what they know is. How do you find somebody that didn't know about this case somewhere along the way I mean I don't know. All that much about it we are no more body in the last couple weeks because our jury selection and then of course the trial which was over like that I gather in deliberations prosecution went five days defense went six minutes. Terms of one witness I would need. Is that we don't I grew up during the Cosby Show you know yeah and we was Fat Albert and when he was doing them the picture panda what he's doing the paving mundane name is Bill Cosby and his standup action. It will be very very difficult for me to be on this jury because I know him as Bill Cosby America's gas. But did you opinion changed you know that's the thing yeah it do you. As a jury member and I don't know prestige embers defense kind of what you're hoping for but because you could have a jury member that really was still on. Very dear to Bill Cosby or he was in geared to that and on and and very had very positive feelings about it once upon a time. But that dramatically just did you know at one or two women come out with allegations. You wonder. 6060. Is a lot and you've got this because you have to decide on the merits of these the read charges and the thing that makes me a little at this is why and and surpassing about a case in part is because. The jury needs to make the decision based on this one incidence and is one case and and the fear would be. You know this is the only criminal case to go forward out of those sixty because they're statue limitations on rate. On our will you have jury members that won't admit it. But will convict or make a decision on this case because it's the only opportunity to convict him of assault based on sixty allegations you know I mean yeah. I I do it it's amazing how off like there everything good that the people the celebrities that we always watch and see what they do and anything about who's ball in the furthest from Gracie compensation comes up is it Tiger Woods. Is OJ now is it is a bill Cosby's son you know you can make a list a hundred celebrity's long that we all were like wow that's so amazing and then all my gosh what in the world happened to them. And and bill Cosby's prop I don't know these. Atop my analyst for one reason he's had he had the longest career to fall in on I mean he's the he you know we 79 now sleaze and he's in his seventies when these allegations happened. He had a career that spanned many decades before this happened but you're right OJ was the other name came to mind Tiger Woods and tiger what he's younger than me now. I mean I don't think he. Wouldn't you don't prefer longevity or nobody's on the same level is as Bill Cosby. Worldwide recognition and accomplishments I mean you could throw Tiger Woods is the most recognizable human being on the planet down in the in the early 2000 spam you really could. I I just. If he's guilty and I've won it looks. Re doing is set. He all but hop to it he didn't testify although there was a rumor one point that he was going to he did not testify in defense and frankly. The defense called one witness and that was basically just to testify about a police report that went six minutes so the defense didn't dual or criminal court case up up. A prosecution went five days they called twelve witnesses including the alleged victim here. It smells as guilty as OJ. And OJ wasn't convicted. Of the murder right civil case. But and then and then just to see with the sentence Obie he says many years old he's got health problems do you give them the 1030 years to your run concurrently deity Rodham concurrently GO let him. You know what you what you do in that case well. That's a really interesting question because that is separate phase. Right the punishment Kumble the late Iran but colonel you do with an eighty year old man. I don't know these are old guy prison I have no idea is there is or wing of of leavenworth. That is for the older group don't. You put them Tyler Martha Stewart was in Al yeah and you really need to put him in prison at that point and as a woman man I don't even like that's coming out of my mouth right guys don't want to under value. What happened here but he is 79. He's got health problems the other of the blindness issues and act kind of bang. He's not gonna make a lot longer got a NA something but does he live out the rest of his life in prison he probably. Probably deserves to. And but again you got a base on the one case not on a sixty allegations from sixty other one right. Yeah I think given time but I don't think you get out of him thirty years. It we will find out the the deliberation is going on right now we shall find at a may be a verdict before noon you know it'll get it today I think we will look at an I've nothing to base that on but I'm surprised it took it for hours yesterday the lawyer in you. Yeah you're the well lawyers and me youthful law lawyer yesterday. My call and get it if I didn't act with all those years the school like all right still to come we'll keep you updated on that obviously and what about an interview with this guy. Chan diva is a synthetic. Completely fake whip factors. In my view manufactured I couldn't believe it first. I knew they had actors there clearly but I thought they killed some real kids and it just shows how bold they are that they clearly. Used actors. That guy is gonna be interviewed on NBC coming up on Sunday should they air it is their merits. Airing its. Writes on because the debate has been happening and I know Dana parks talked about talked about this yesterday of the there was a comment made about whether their should be a forum for this that whether. Meg and Kelly interviewing him legitimizes his views that this was a government hopes. Do you believe that do you think that NBC airing this interview legitimizes. The idea that this was a government pokes all our. Do you give her some credit that she's pretty good at this job and could dispel. What he. Story Jamie I will review the New Kids On The Block show for you later on there and I will either way. Words. Boys to men would have been I think scene last night that I could have shown up at 745. Left at nine at a home in bed by ten and and miss New Kids On The Block it would've been fine. I barely crack I would either confirm or dispel that rumor later on I'll leave you waiting and that Paula Abdul was not nest. I asked her but it wasn't the end of the world. It wasn't the end of the world. Also coming up what have you stolen from restaurants we'll get to that and the 11 o'clock hour right now though. There is going to be an interview that airs on Sunday night. That is. Can be controversial over on Sunday and I'm so far Megyn Kelly formerly of Fox News. Has interviewed I believe this will be her second her second show the first show was Vladimir Putin's right. Last Sunday there was no show because the Stanley Cup finals on NBC. And then this week is going to be. Alex Jones the all right conspiracy theorist radio talk show host who is very very controversial. Right because he believes that sandy hut where twenty kids were killed and six adults were held in 2012. Was a government hoax and so on Megyn Kelly is interviewing him for an interview that air on Sunday night on her program there. It's not disappoint the controversy has that JPMorgan Chase has pulled its local television and digital ads. From all NBC news programming until after the interview airs on Sunday so not just him once spotter or another but they pulled at all. Until Sunday she also. Will no longer be hosting the promise champions gala which is the annual event for sandy hook foundation no surprise there are done but it starting to have some implications beyond just this interview it's it's starting to have some monetary implications so. I'll play you a little bit about stones of you not familiar with him what his views are but it it gets isn't a couple of questions about. It's more advertisers dropped. And let's assume they might Olson is pretty good chance I think there's no doubt they will JPMorgan Chase's pretty big one too that pull out on should NBC dropped the interview and do you think. They will. And the question that's being asked is on or or the accusation that's being made is that meg and Kelly should not began with an audience. Have views that are so extreme maybe is the way to put it that maybe it legitimizes this government hoax view of sandy hook. Do you believe that do you think that that we shouldn't get an audience per view like this are. Deer tracks and Kelly tear not to let him get away with it without questioning his views about Iraq is I I think I'm gonna. I'll probably watch it even though I'm not the biggest fan of Alex Jones but it's still one of those where it's going to be what people are gonna talk about on Monday. And I want to be informed and the numbers mean again the more we talked about it this is just helping and you see at a fight and that's why I think maybe JPMorgan Chase will be the only one. It's a real debate for advertisers that happens all the time you know you you see the your dad and your reputation is going to be shown during programming the you don't necessarily agree with the value was. But imports being talked about the bigger audience you're gonna have and so do you take the risk dollars it's all follow the money dollars. It's I 767798. To play a piece of it right here. Should NBC aired this interview now with the guy who believes on Father's Day. That sandy hook was a complete hoax and here is up from NBC Alex Jones with meg meg and Kelly a little bit of what is here on Sunday night. They call you the most paranoid man in America. Is that true. Absolutely not the paranoid person will be hiding out there house not venturing on public. I go out there on the street battle black lives matter the Communist point one grange we talked controversies. And conspiracies. 9/11. Down 9/11 was an inside job when I see inside jobs criminal elements of our government working with Saudi Arabia and others wanted to frame Iraq for just a fact sandy hook. Sandy looks complex because I've had debates were we doubles evidence that the whole story's true. That I had debates where I've said. That none of it's true when you say parents. Take their children step. People get very angry outlets Alando that they don't get angry about to have the direct from the sanctions or they don't get angry about how badly the dodge and it was not a dodge. The media never covers all the evil wards promoted all that doesn't excuse what you did that about me Salmonella. Is different. I looked at all the angles of this town. And I made my statements long before the media even picked up or we it is the really important stuff. The important stuff here is a bit when our economy you buy one from a donor. Thirty years ago. They began creating animal human hybrids. Isn't that the big story Megyn Kelly should be doing. All all of this took a shift won us this wit it a different direction and then and then that the entire tease their equipment again for thirty years ago. They began creating animal human hybrids. Is about the big story and Kelly should be doing. Our lines like and app is possible that he is being facetious there. Is it possible that he is joking no and that moment no I just believe that he used. So I just be nice year scientists used to believe that why I don't love Alex Jones. And I'm not sure this interview should be aired on Father's Day win at as Scott said yesterday parents fathers a dead children will be going to the cemetery. On Father's Day to visit their kids. But I gotta give the guy credit I mean he has some off the wall conspiracy. Theories. That can and he say he got. It widget to your tears don't backed out from it. Yet to zero. Or 5767798. What do you think about NBC's decision to do this interview in the first place I get to give an audience to those kind of extreme view. On Father's Day when again you had twenty kids that were killed in that in that massacre. Those fathers as you mentioned are going to be going to the cemeteries to visit their sons' graves on or their children's graves on Father's Day. What do you think about that decision. Should we be. Are we legitimizing. His views by airing Saturday. 5767798. You can text into 2980. It gets me responses on FaceBook and Twitter as well possible question vote on Twitter came BC radio should NBC error the Alex Jones interview with meg and Kelly this Sunday. This is a synthetic. Completely fake wit factors. In my view manufactured I couldn't believe it at first Alex Jones. 91 KM BZ mid day with Jamie and wicket and now he is going to be the subject of an interview with Megyn Kelly on Sunday we're asking you at 5767798. I've 767798. Or text into 2980. She NBC Eric. Should NBC air considering that he is an all right conspiracy theory radio host. But a lot of people believe what he has to say is there merit airing this. And again to go back to his is take on faith sandy hook that it is. In his eyes fake news that it was not real then. On Father's Day this will error and if you do believe the Sanyo was a re all rent guests occurrence. Then those dads will go to the graves of their sons and daughters. Of which she calls eight. And not re. On father's stake should this airs. Absolutely. This is why they hired meg and Kelly. This is why they bought the interview they view the controversy ABC knew the controversy surrounding it and the tock that would happen this week in the people call for that interview not to air. They knew that nagging Kelly could lose hosting gig out of it they also know that the more people talk about the more controversial is. The higher those numbers are going to be there's no way NBC pulls us and are you now. Visionary and that's why journalism exist that's why necking Kelly has a job is to put that person on the hot seat. And make them defend their views and she tests and she'll you know Scholl Colin out on it and she'll be good at whatever accusations he has and I think necessarily giving an audience for something legitimizes that it just gives an audience for it just gives a place for those views to be aired. And I think he could end up looking. Don't think that at the at this interview we're gonna believe him more I think it's possible it could go the other way. On Twitter at the first response we got on Twitter KM BZ radio because it's not it's a poll should what forty think rat right now Jamie should NBC air. They air it. On Sunday I think 80% yes they should there 5149. Cracked 5149. In the first response we got on Twitter came BC radio came from Kathleen who says. People don't have to watch it and you're right if it's going to if it's go to hopes that you and you don't have to watch but I would argue. That this is legitimizing a conspiracy theorist. Who has made. Some improvements in his life financially org you'll professionally. Off of discounting the death of children. I don't believe it should air I do not believe it should there I don't think giving Alex Jones. A a platform. Is a good idea of a national platform like this. I think this is why we have so I was like meg Kelly on. The words sensationalism is coming to mind a little bit I think part of the reason NBC is doing this I don't have a better word for crazy. Extreme maybe is the better word I think part of why NBC is doing this is because they know his views are extreme they know a lot of people are gonna hate watching him. On it that's fine. You know NBC can make decisions about what they're gonna air based on ratings if there's been an everyday they would be able to exist in the first place I don't necessarily. Giving because I think she's not they get free reign just tell stories about his views believe me she's she's doing research and she's an argument and about things. As an as some eggs and attacks on vast majority techsters thanked Airgas absolutely because it's gonna make him look like slime you know it's gonna make him look bad it's. Not necessarily going to legitimizes years. It's gonna put his views out there and maybe that's maybe what we shouldn't be doing giving him another outlet for those views and and with such a big audience which perhaps somewhere coming from. But I think it it gives the opportunity to Colin on a little. I 767798. Assert with us Scott Lee summit and 81 KM BZ Scotch in the air this interview on Sunday. Yeah absolutely absolutely I'm Nina thought about the subject that you have spent a lot of time researching. Sending have been either wanted to do research on any vote. Are are we getting something wrong. Well absolutely I mean I can see clearly we've that they did state some of the news footage that mediated. Use some actors some other thing people repeatedly over again. Maybe not completely. But we need to be answered is why we stage. Well I've had propped up news. Here the way receive news in the top down that in at over. We have different media outlets we encourage you YouTube and commute year old Serb. Understand it could not say then why the actor why at this stage. Chilled by the statement. Thank you Skype the focal appreciate it. I don't believe it was staged I don't need I don't believe it was fake news I I've. I would liked it to have Scott talked to the parents of the dead children. And and asked them they think it's fake news. At that I adored evidence for why you think it was a hoax. I mean. As you're not looked to Scott's point. It's not the first time I've heard as well as a matter of fact. I might be married to someone who's not totally certain it was real are right so I've watched a lot about this. Believe me. And she. Ate it it it blows my mind when people believing conspiracy theories like news but. There is duke you can say this is evidence or this is back to whatever to prove your argument and that is you know at the sky for the first person I've heard say that it is. You know absolutely is up a fake news story. Ultimately here's a deal if you think it legitimizes views if you think NBC shouldn't air it the best thing you can do them is not complain about it don't watch. That's the that's how NBC will know it was a bad idea if ratings for this tank they will go oh crap. We made a bad programming decision and we shouldn't of Airgas but but what a lot of people are gonna do is you're gonna complain about it you're gonna say that it was a bad decision or that. It gives more credence to his views. And your. Which doesn't sound right message to NBC I think your your actions can perjury thing. And but but I guarantee that this will be ratings gold for NBC. It's gonna be great and I shall love. Why do you know what's amazing is I I actually saw a piece of the interview yesterday. Com I got the interview of his show. Alex Jones now once the interview Paul. Because he says it's going to be twisted and edited to make him look foolish. Wall than watch. Unlike. OK I mean you could say that about any thing I guess but it just shows that she knows people that he already knows that people think. That he's X Gary Arnie doesn't come off that way she makes you look that way now maybe she's gonna make you look foolish. Because she's gonna do research and call you out by your and he got yourself what percentage of people do you believe. The same as Alex Jones and Scott Lee's summit. Varies do you think gets more than 10% of the population believes that that that sandy hook was a hoax no but I have nothing to base that on. But it's more. Like this one we've had a lot of schools students but you don't hear that about column buying you don't hear about Virginia attacking you don't hear about the other major school shootings that we've had widely finally this one because there are 640000. People on Twitter that follow Alex Jones. But that doesn't answer my question why is it this. Well shooting that people think it was a hoax because again you don't hear about how online and younger people think and that was a hoax why this I think because after this one wasn't it. Right after this one when President Obama made is the speech he started crying and people call that fake of course the all right call that fake because he's pushing his agenda. Whatever. I mean I I believe those two were. Right because an end. There's a there's an anti gun theory that some have about the laughed. I cannot as the sun. I mean I think I think you're being time I'm trying to I'm trying to be nice I think the right things the left wants to take your guns which they don't wells decides which sounds they want. Is never became it's just never gonna happen the Second Amendment. Exists here it's never gonna happen best thing to happen to gun stores with Hillary taking the lead in the election. That was the best thing ever because it's got nervous they had Hillary gun sales down and Hillary Clinton sales because they thought. Mr. passing this left wing agenda I'd taking away our guns which again like Jamie said not gonna happen it's just but but I don't know what it is about this. I don't know which one can tell me why they think this one it was a government hoax by column I'm positive it's amazing to me in this age of fake news. People called this and where there are dead children. From five years ago. And it and in this world of fake news in the right hates CNN because it's fake news and this is a real story in most people's opinions. Including mine it not Scott Lee summit including Jamie's. That this is fake news that's despicable act. Do you think more advertisers will drop. Yeah. Pia not tonne but I think some well I. JPMorgan Chase I think that was a quick decision I think the more controversy that frankly that helped it was a premature decision but I guess somebody had to do it. The fact that JPMorgan Chase pull out and pull their advertising now is making us talk about it more which is going increased ratings on Sunday which made it makes you think David Martin's is and it reminds. And out kind of which the yeah I. The bill rightly. No never thought he'd be pulling advertisements from bill Reilly's show but that was different idol personal that was. An alleged yeah now but it was. Totally agree totally different IC like you're making a connection and to me it was a totally different. One was long term one was allegations behind the scenes one was about the man. This is about the profession there were some advertisers there's still are pulling out from low shot him at least patrons program on Fox News because. Of the that that kid stuff. Whatever his name is. But B opal and of that program as well 5767798. Amy stick right there to get to your calls you could vote should NBC. Air the real Alex Jones interview this Sunday with meg and Kelly I 767798. Via text line open as well to United's earlier calls next. And anyone came easy 91 damn easy lead they would Jamie like it. Ten minutes in front of 11 o'clock coming up next hour what do you stolen from restaurants will get into that because. There's a story out that you people you people and stole a lot of different weird stuff. Deflecting and everybody else but yeah admitted to me yesterday you wouldn't tell me exactly why but like you for mr. entire kitchen based on well today stolen ID number I definitely did. By the way as someone as a daughter somebody on the restaurants. We need to have conversation. Of. Time to about it's diverted her vast. We're talking about Alex Jones the conspiracy theorist radio host who's going to be interviewed by meg and Kelly will air on Sunday. Should it be aired 57677985767798. Also text into two united zero I say no. Go for absolutely make him look like an idiot. Make it look like a fool just because you've given an audience for his views doesn't mean it gives credence to what it just means you give Megyn Kelly the chance. To ask some pretty serious questions on him now. Is it's the classic smoke in the world this on Father's Day you couldn't you waited a week maybe. But it's the only my only issue with it let her rip apart give her you hire her for a reason. Let her rip this guy par 5767798. A socket alien Gartner your 91 KM BZ height in each of the air the interview. I turn I think I think and I think it it. I can't do it because people like me we're kind of on the patent. We believe that it will air at these critical or however. Here at frank let me repeat enter your other companies. Parent teacher every current and the doctor Maclean who you can call it seemed completely. Hit poor people you knew anything about it however you drink it you knew. And it caught lap popular and that that packet you're early. Lots. I think it. It's going to be an interesting interview for sure mom. And again there are a million conspiracy theories about this whole entire thing immunity for the phone call but. I'll watch it because. I am interest in hearing what he has to say even though he asked that contradicts my argument of don't area. Start like that love you that's the problem I know is that you don't think that the interview should air because you think it legitimizes his views that you admit you're going to watch it this is the problem I don't know that legitimizes. But I like to hear more. A and I at all that's why do it that's why NBC is gonna air and that's called ratings that's called hate to a lot of people you you don't. Quite yet believe me a lot of it was militia for that reason a lot of us. Our audience for things we don't like that's OK you're still interest and and. Let's talk to Mitchell and and excite your 91 KM BZ should they air the interview Mitchell. Mitchell financial. Mitchell going once it's a going to ice it by Mitchell a sought to Johnny Casey your 91 KM BZ I John. I don't pollute. Well I'll while we are where they are you know all about what really matters but not mean. Al Jones it's all wrong isn't all right but it is all about what he has presented over achieved. Shows that your yeah different viewpoint that. All you. RD. OO. HR 76398. Government. So why. Public. Mark Ingram in this industry. Since then that bet modernization act happened acute well. But yours are really good ones. We'll go out. There. Carl. Connecticut medical. Probably can't so you might not. Looking but you. That's an important one vote the court CDC he got that help people bought them. You. One and stuff that. What. We the public cannot go. What couple. Well I mean there. I have to look in every single thing that you just said yeah but yet we just sounds like the that you're buying into the belief that it was not there are real story and that that's European human appreciated. Your opinion but on the other hand on. As somebody that's worked in journalism and so my career. And it to some degree I think you're. You're sort of throwing out the wind now a lot of the work that was done by people that that we took his facts you know so are you calling this is right the term big news. But are you calling BS on everything you see you think. That's true to some degree I have that right I like you're being critical of what you're what you're consuming and media. On the other hand I think some of that dine just based on gun views. I don't think that that's all about where do you think it was legitimate or not mean a lot of it has to do with your gun I think there's nothing wrong with people who want to question everything plea I have zero problems with I wish more people would be critical of what you see instead of blaming the media for one viewer another but to hear this to me. As a person who believes sandy hook was real. Is to dance on the graves of the children and national spotlight and I think shall humiliate and now. She you know she well she's very good at us 5767798. Kathy in Overland Park and 91 KM BZ. I didn't I didn't think Asia air. This guys interview very even as giving credence than any time. Because you will not change the views of his 640000. Followers. They were there that they will do it before kinda say it's a conspiracy. And these kind of people that have achieved so far out. The issue is their own means their own. Whatever. To get their silly word. I can't think over the phone call appreciate it again you don't think they shared the interview which are gonna watch I don't exactly why they're going to exactly and and an end to her point. And about person on FaceBook game John. You're not changing anybody's views with this interview then don't watch you don't Amy like it if it terror point. It doesn't matter Alex Jones beloved followers the 640000. On Twitter in the people who listen to his program and probably listen it was podcaster whatever. They're going to believe that it's almost like to bring on a larger scale. The trump supporters season will defend him regardless he could do anything. Were asked the trump haters will hate everything he does regardless of what he if it trump you're totally cured cancer. There will be people who you do not like trump that would say. Yeah matter of I really credited for that. But isn't that true about most things yes isn't that the problem we talk about a lot is that most people's minds are going to be changed me as most people don't want to believe another opinion so does that mean we shouldn't talk. I had cancer we shouldn't talk about it now but that's buttons but the arguments being made that you're not gonna change people's minds anyways wired the interview bull then there are a lot of things we shouldn't talk about I don't think Google gears and change people's minds. Their goal is to create compelling contents for sure this is going to be compellent buildings. I'm an oxy final or a 91 KM BZ should they air bill. Darryl you're on the air should they air it. Yeah I think the issue. The letter ripping are not true. Our victory jig. I know what I'm not an adult leader conspiracy but I have a question. And here the temperature at that Gingrich said what they're in the column are. Our partner or how many people were on a the key Arab world that came out he cheated the ever thought we got stories we're one that's what has been so quiet. Don't keep record parents that want to give part of the camera and stay well little RBC that your little dog eat it this. City think it was a hoax. I don't need an arm I'm like I'm actually important. I have let that it was not a hoax that all or a unit in. But the two questions which and that's for you know it's fair enough deal we got to get to there's been no me because chocolate. I think there are a lot of people in that same boat that believe it was real but are a 100% sold and it's real. Questions. And questions deer research school. Coming up what have you stolen from restaurants which hit.