Friendsgiving, you doing it?

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Monday, November 20th

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What they're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they are really it is a lot when you don't remember anything and why did so what's trending with Damien Wagoner and they feel like you're. Blood in the game right there on 98 point one JMD's. You know I didn't usually awards show guys yeah. And we said down this morning one of the first things that Jamie asked me was. Did you watch the AMA's last night and I didn't even know they were on as a matter of fact I didn't either until this morning I just saw the stories of where you'd I got jabs I'll. Well the AMA is of the number one trending topic in Kansas City and one of the many reasons why was the performance. By Christina Aguilera a tribute to the lake Whitney Houston. She went into and eight minute montage of some of the great Whitney Houston songs and. Just pretty pretty good so part of what its name is these kinds of pinks reacts. To the singer Payne was an odd time. I guess she cringed. At eight point eight or any sign BC did you see the cringe now it was. Nothing but there are now. You can buy an online screen shots of all the looks that she gave during the signs. Of faces a lot of expression right. And apparently it was Latin expression during the singing of the sun now there is some beef in the past between these two OK so they have that I'm so maybe people are. Reading into it alive. Oh Christina can still sing she. Is not lost on. This morning the other thing it. You played from you was so why he was doing a duet with Kelly Clarkson yes because that made that would that made headlines Roberts he's too I guess a number on stage there is dollars could have half your song they start. Everybody hurts by our idea is what they did agreed idea where there is beautiful they did a great job hmm. But they opened the show would start off with the Dow and get more and I listen to that whole thing this morning there aren't they started to. Also trending ready go who's Bo Ryan. Time but while the former basketball coach. At Wisconsin. Why that's trending in Kansas City he was inducted into the college basketball. So this going to be an interesting week for what's right yes time is people are on vacation and a lot of the port on for the holiday. And tomorrow's going to be worse than today and Wednesday I don't know what we're going to be pollen stuff not write it on Wednesday as an. You I'm so yeah I think I think things will be a little strange. Survivor series is trending it was the paper view yes day. I I don't know why it's treading but I know it was happy with their we're used to be a pro wrestling fans these to be four events all year there was. Wrestle mania the royal rumble survivors slam and ends and and summer slam. And survivors led me to be an open book four on four matches and he would get it on Thanksgiving night and it was Thanksgiving tradition. Cold out that paper view every month in this one was last night so survivor series is one of the trending. Topics I wish they go back to the old format put it on Thanksgiving but I know that they don't make as much money at. Keystone XL is trending the Nebraska public service commission has approved the eight billion dollar pipeline. That was the last regulatory hurdle and across. If I put that. To read it to bear agreed to by the way the Keystone Pipeline. Earlier that last week and about 200000 gallons of oil spill if only similar scene what does Alan seventeen. Allen said the industry. Via Pat's the man right here. I don't know how it apparently conference these are pictures posted. The county I never know at these conferences are because they're acronyms are so tough to figure out rights. Terry Glenn is turning because the former NFL receiver I'd die in car accident and 43 exit Chris Capps for this one until recently died with an island by the way we neglected to mention earlier today AC DC that. Founder's death over the weekend we started to show off going over the weekend of death Malcolm young Burmese CDC. Died out of Australia now Della Rees Rees who unleashed on the name but if you don't you'll definitely know the face a well known for starring in touched by an Angel has died at eighty sex just it was an incredible singer. Yeah and and from the fifties and sixties and and did pop and jazz and and start time on TV shows. Five dead at 86 man on this bad this is bad a rough. Couple days here what a terrible weekend and I mean no one's upset Charlie Manson's Ted Owens have set about that. But me and everybody else in the that until this gentleman though the odds on Maryland's they'll tell us thank you died at 86 I believe I doubt. Country music legend on. And a few other names of people that you again you might know the the name that you know the face move on and then David Cassidy is alive. But is in critical condition and a Fort Lauderdale hospital from organ failure lot of stuff not go and it has a breathing tube and is said to be conscious and surrounded by family bank is in intensive care. Brosseau very rough we are. Happier events from the weekend now we. All did some fun stuff over the weekend Travis and I there's I think that's. Really become popular around Thanksgiving you do with your friends. Travis went to his first friends giving and I went to one as well Travis has experienced much different than mine with friends giving. And we wanted or people or you go to friends get links mean. This has become a thing I would be if I was gonna be here then that moves are and there are a couple of times we'll talk about friends giving is coming up next also. Jamie's new toy ball great weekend he told me about this new tool you got an idea trail needs at what in the hell was the point of it you need it turns it didn't. There's no but it's. I'll tell you what it is next about the odd KM BZ 1219. 5767798. Big bird party coming up on Thursday as rescue on Twitter what is the best side dish to go with the Turkey. And you can but on Twitter KM BZ radio let us now is it stuffing mashed potatoes green bean casserole or other. Pretty consistent still we've been this way stuffing getting 41%. I'm a big fan of that filed a mashed potatoes green bean casserole is third in if you'd voted for other. Let us know what it is that your favorite side dishes by tweeting it to us. By the latest letter read this to you real quick. This is from. Divorced Casey dad on Twitter. Stuffing is so overrated a bunch of junk thrown together isn't even edible and lessons drenched in gravy. Locke got a block that. It. If you don't I will be it's not a threat that. Now he's gonna say loves inaccuracies. He wrote hash tag mashed potatoes for the win pork and a bit of follow divorced Casey dad on Twitter by the. Is and just accidents honest I've done. We heard to yes earlier were debating the difference between dressing and stuffing out stuffing comes from and the bird dressing on outside so he put it in the Turkey becomes stopping to be take it let's say it's stove top surely he's known it comes to open a sector. What do you do and I think what's it called my Findlay where we next it's weird stuff Tressel. Poll drug trusting. You take his when it comes on the bird got the flavor of the Turkey. And you put it with a dry stuff so that it's not mean I prefer the gummy. As opposed to but I would not say no. To a bowl of stuffing that's next techsters does it surprise you like it got me I'd pour more gravy what I've just inform our gravy. On. Texting and that this is the best. I look alternative Thanksgiving our boss wouldn't let us put urban that are right yeah red wine. And then another actually Tommy I'm weird. I like at nine. I'd like a good legs I don't like more than last yet after the second one starts to colonel by Travis eggnog never had a I didn't. Until like four years Ohio yeah I have which sounds weird I've smelt it and I think you have sentiment. Well. What I can smoke I've never had it. Marketable to change yes or no thumbs up thumbs down on. Eggnog. You know IE I leased to love it but I'm lactose intolerant. So I'm gonna give it a qualified thumbs just not for me anymore. Did. You. Know and I didn't have it until I went to a crisp like my old radio stations Christmas party. Four years ago I bought a bottle of it and the program under after I got real drunk on it. Because it if you get what are those that strong and as in the whiskey at Randy and it ethic and they can take a little bit awry when can we liquor and that as an adult well let me add when your kid you could spy. Containers that does not urban well I'd see I don't are fairly was much of an -- dog down at my dad's a wide drinker in my mumbled to Bailey's and so we can really happen not to that's kind of close to it but got like it. So that will talk about my weekend which was glorious days on very well boy eighty bucks that it the dollar. She tied it in goma who bore hole you're totally apartment. But you guys had a similar kind of weekend yeah this I don't remember these really growing up. I had one when I was twenty I want to say your nineteen medley with a bunch guys were weak. We had a friend giving me invite people over and it's it's a Thanksgiving is for family. In close relatives and all that kind of stuff were his friend giving is you know you're somebody hosts and everybody brings a dish and it's all you when your friends. Having the time that you quit because our Thanksgiving is usually a fight and there's the awkward conversations. And then politics comes up with a family gets divided and not everybody has family in the city and write a sometimes it's to here for us together varieties of where they are dispersed is like were loaded double and others are gonna go to Springfield in different parts that does the area. So we have friends giving. In our apartment building actually. Possibly organized it and we had a wonderful time but my wonderful time was a little bit different than Travis. Who went to his first French give. And how was how was it turns out. It was good on knocked down like it was good but I think what is off for me one I'd I don't know him. Greek coast. So it was meadows sister's friends that they as you played volleyball males easier girlfriends sisters friends they play volleyball yes it is how it went to college with those gathered close she knows all their husbands and and so everyone's mayor reed. Mean Mel aren't there yet but and also everyone has it it's mellow idol have Ole. Sow doubt is kind of I'm not exhibit equate fun when is count like. Our low. What you do. What do you took a I mean an artist you have to pay attention to your own kids in you or you have to pay to that he had to make sure they're negative by a mixture here you know sharing their toys. And on cuts in there an ever won the guys at least they all had a during. Idol I don't know the guys that whales so I'm on to our conversation with them also your time make it for different kids do some soup is there. Anything weirder than being the boyfriend. Of the person who actually kinda knows somebody at the party and then you have to create a weird conversation right cut and and malice he knows he knows everyone's pretty you don't know one guy that well. Or worse an and I am not the kind of guy that gets. Well don't leave me alone please come right don't know like to talk about and keep a conversation with anyone but just one of those things. It's a little bit harder in that situation one. You don't know anyone everyone has is at once mayor reed you're just put it. Yeah it's tough. What do you probably get in situations like that Raines and I and I guess I can do it you may be doing this for a living you kind of learn how to just kind of find a way and but it's really difficult when you don't. Even have an end like when you don't know place to start with people yeah. If you if you if on the surface you don't get anything in common and kids in marriage beaten two of the first things that you don't have and everybody else does run a hard to get in. Which you what you do in that situation I mean you find you just kind of troll for something to him and I heard about it. You know not politics and I've I've met ever won at least once or twice. And so. You know with the guys it's easy to talk you know football like sheets ran out or you know how your house your job doing but the when he left alone with their lives are now like. Oh man held the baby by the way that means that you get a lot of points though for Mel they knew the use you're ugly you're loan at a party where you knew no one. And you behaviors self you get extra bonus points let's say there's a one point I was playing on the train tracks that the little kid so. Good idea I've done where you like our model dress of his royal marine I would put a clause in the match present a train are kind of sick they destroyed the the train tracks that I set up. Don't rat ads there like it can put back together. For you you building a house and wanted to take it par. My friends giving had fifteen bottles of wine attitude and no kids yours was better and we had a we had tell. Here is that we had three turkeys to mobile were deep fried. We have a bonfire. Everybody brought a bunch of like it. By the rule well I was like the fire fire fire it via a yeah so it was. Yeah it was pretty neat like it it was a fun Friday night and everybody got along there was no drama you know he was it was it but what you expect out of the lead friends of the building are between. Mostly between 25 and forty race so attempt it's it's that age group nobody has any kids. Lot of young professionals a lot of people love raise families and come back a little bit as everybody went yeah pretty wild so just a regular group that has decided to you yet this was our normal drinking night at this time with Turkey. So that's what Friday night was. It was great and I think friends giving are becoming more and more popular the more people are doing. I several friends are doing on Thanksgiving better just kind of do it I've a couple friends that on in fact. Paris opera as before but. On she did you Mexican on things getting into Mexican food on things can enlighten us. Because for some reason and their family and I know a couple other families that are like a steal all their Thanksgiving is with the various families none of them are on Thanksgiving Day. There on the weekend all. Because that travel. Two hours wherever someone Thanksgiving Day there's no one big bang and started. Five sutures doesn't like Arafat maybe closet and house there and are now. And several times so they just a Mexican food and existing. That things that really ruins Thanksgiving for kids or mortgage that the sons and daughters is what you parents you get divorced. All right and act. Because my belt now and my mom and my dad have been divorced and actually a lot more interactive than they were before but yet to give to go to six different events in the the girlfriend the boy preference plays me to go here a year legal ensues these for breakfast but the big dinner is an answer alleys. But we have drinks it's like. My family will not do stuff at different times. And so. Every likes that two to three in the afternoon thing right somebody to do lunch and someone to do to an error I love dinner instead of. Everybody want to be at 3 o'clock Thanksgiving dinner at dinnertime aha is great gaps no in my field that's that's my favorite but everybody does to a clock. The lions game is. Over that you guys meant Tino divorce and his innings giving the worst is newly divorced because they don't wanna look at all. I think he's at his restaurant and they sit on opposite sides. And there staring. At the kids and not each other and not wanna have a conversation newly divorced or newly divorced. Newly Boca when my parents when he first got divorced I was really young but I still know what was going on what's arrest trying to like. Well this is very awkward thing I think. Right it's 1229 coming up. We'll ask about a fourteen year old Missouri girl was found herself. In some possible hot water for doing something that many many people in Missouri do about it next in any one KM BZX 123357677. Edit the phone number eight reminder cause for kids going on I. It stinks when it gets warm for the coats for kids cause but it's going to be 57 on Thanksgiving I think like seventy on Friday yeah out when it's warm out or it's not selling people for yeah people don't think about it and we needed any decent now or think we all your guy. C'mon now coats for kids are next chance drop off coach for the kids in the Kansas city schools. And surrounding areas tomorrow EJ from Kansas city's morning news will be the pride cleaners. In mission right down the road here Johnson drive and Nadal tomorrow for until six yak and there are a couple of cleaners locations in and missions I don't think refused at the rundown on all there's also one islands where he's on the line you hit it at eight Ed Johnson now you can drop your coats off to any pride cleaners but if you wanna see EJ tomorrow. Tomorrow will be at the one on Johnson driving dollar admission from four until six winnable for all sizes little kids up to high schoolers. Because on. Kids will layer your adult coats that. Anywhere where it cuts so I keep that in mind you and he's going to bring my back here and if you don't like if it's not on your way home or out and united now our time tonight. We take your money well take on because we have the expert shoppers that will take all the money that's donated and go buy coats with it. And it's actually really handy because we had a point where. Inevitably at some point ripe for the in the campaign world actually had a chance to kind of the inventory of what's been done it you realize own now. We don't have enough of this size or that size and usually it's like it immediately cuts sometimes we have a team we'll take that money go fill in exactly with us. If let's say kid got coats coats for kids I generous donation a year ago I'll betcha that eleven year old is no longer fitting in that coat. Exactly kids grow out of coach they need need need your help so please drop off their coats at any right wingers want to help out tomorrow you can EG Becker will be at the dry cleaners from fort till six at Johnson driving dollars. We actor conversation we had in 10 o'clock hour we know there were some view that didn't have an opportunity to get in band and it's the store about the fourteen year old girl from misery. That went hunting with her dad and her name is Abby Wilson. And she was deer hunting and mistakenly shot a protected Al on so she went hunting dad. And it was nearby debt wasn't right next orbit that was nearby. And she shoots what she thinks is a large white tailed buck and I usually large white tailed by which is what they were going to hunt. Instead on so Sheen she shoots it and calls data over and they realize. It is actually a protected elk. Mom. And so dad whose name is Donald white after he realizes what has happened he called the conservation department. The conservation of assault comes druthers that there is no galaxies in the miseries of free ranging Al are protected. It is wildlife code violation to shoot a free ranging Al as there are no provisions that outlining hunting season like there is for white tailed deer. So. The department's agent in Boone county was surprised about what happened he said dad sent me a photo it's my phone and it was clear that yes it is in fact and now. Experts are doing tests to check for signs of wasting disease that kind of thing trying to figure out there working from the I don't know for sure. Not decided for sure whether Abby the fourteen year old will be cited for the difference. Brother that consecration of missiles that she saw it worse she saw the body she thought it was a deer and took the shot. Conservation officials are given her the benefit without saying she probably just had never seen an aisle in the wild before an assumed it would be dear. She had passed a hundred occasion course and could legally hunt on her own. She is getting a lot of heat on line which is terrible and we got a lot of it also on line today from a lot of people saying. She should've known the difference and shouldn't a shot at last she you know she's at about the difference between the alternate year and I agree with. If you've gone through a hunter's safety course and at fourteen I think it's too young to hunt alone but that bother me the decision that she was okay on to loan because in his mind. She could tell the difference between a species he's not supposed to as to shoot. And one that you can shoot stuff and put on your won't like. The fact that she was out hunting alone makes me realize that this we there was a a big mistake that she may not when she should supper for for the rest of her life by any stretch of the imagination she either made a mistake she didn't know I'm not sure which one would be the bigger offense. First sure Imus and she didn't do it on purpose I'm going to assume. That she didn't go well let me shoot it I'm going to assume meter was in the state career or something he saw what I mean look it's it's of it looks like a big deer or when you look at the antlers should write she thought it was an unusually large deer so questions because we now a lot of you pots as well. Is it is a missed it you can imagine making you know we don't count is is it conceivable that the. What happened or should you know better or at and and wait another two seconds and I understand your opportunity is what it is right if you wanna take home that day and an honor. And I understand that. But as hunters. Shouldn't you be sure you're not shooting something on the list yeah and and people are talking about this on the FaceBook page to you can read the story lot of different comments all of us are all sides of the coin here. The first comment was but she took a picture with it and she's smiling. Soul. That to me doesn't show like I mean that's the pitch like you know you dear you hold up the errors and that's the picture exceeded a million times on FaceBook. She's smiling holding the elk head now like she doesn't look very remorseful in the photo that. The guy just sent I think the picture to the conservation op I is that right yeah. GAAP and well you know how hosts how bad is as you know how how bad is it when you are on her. To shoot something that is not the thing you intended to share. You now it is and and I ask that in part because they haven't decided yet. What kind of punishment she should definitely easily is versions are announced that shipments cited 57677985767798. What should happen to this girl if anything. There's a lot of people say slap on the wrist move on it was a mistake go to Cameron in Casey you're on 91 came BZ I Cameron. I have gone. Yet there. My take on at the work but here I'm from door the first I've heard that. Stand by my belt on the other couple out on your whole. And even at nine year old being from Georgia. I knew that L look like and out of I just don't think there's anyway that it could have been in the day. Heard that not the the beer and a bit even though it. I mean. He should op elect a punishment or should be about soccer pictures. Well no funding eligibility and I respect about the dollar. Well so that's a lot of your mama to new perspective for me what else could you do wrong while hunting that would also get that kind of vibe. Punishment. I'm law mean there's a lot of different bank is to get their wrong while on big about of people would be coach what is. I thought Padilla as the other than a pro owners to put an Illinois. Out of the bank stand when you can only take one. I think that that that the meat ball fine but what an elk they are protected there's. I think the closest. Part of Oak Hill where secret that about him and about the way. There's only two hurt in all candor and Kansas that the resident only. It is or ALCON is there is no law understanding and they're like they're only there were your you have to bear resident of them here though. I mean even a minute period that not too far away due to heal you don't know what that looked like a via a. The real real quick cameras we gotta get to a break should dad be held accountable or the girl. I'm I think that that should be held accountable because she wasn't she's not late in your goal to not an adult yet but. The girl should also be held accountable to a certain accent like got that herb -- been spectacle for the year. Expects increased its five or six years in a 5000 dollar fine that seems like a lot to me but. I hunter I'm trouble. Pulling dad responsible for this because she took the course and legally could hunt a lot. So to add to be true I don't think this is on dat I I I think I sound a lot I would. It's for the respective that arrest I don't know enough about hunting. Buy it. I think partly I'm going through my head is. She's fourteen. Do you treat her the same as 800 that would be 35 in I mean do you give a little bit of leeway because she's fourteen. Now means I don't think so because a lot as a lot of texting and I mean it's it's like what else are you gonna shoot accidentally that you don't mean to. By 767798. Alana Chris stick right there. We got lines open for you what should happen this fourteen year old girl who shot and elk that she thought was a block in south eastern Missouri. To more your calls coming up and what are your from an extra 91 KE MB easy. 1248 rescued you what you evidently fourteen year old Missouri girl. Who was out hunting her dad was with her but not near her and she used her rifle to shoot an Al which they claim was an accident. The immediately called the conserve conservation. People she calls. Dad over. Look what I shot dad comes over and says I didn't. I think maybe that's not a year I think maybe you shut out an accident so they take a picture of it that's the picture that she's smiling and because at that point they didn't know for shore. That's their story that's the picture that but it went on a tax on about that kids are taught to always smile and pictures. So that's my I don't. Yeah I was first read into the fact that she smiled zone so it may maybe the events were boom. Data I got on a track at the thing guys take a picture and then they're like ha. Looks like a really different kind of deer saw the lie that. Yeah I had a Texan to the conservation office and then they that's who says yeah we think he shot and out but we're looking into it and so questions that were asking those viewed hunt. How bad business you know how how can we don't know yet exactly what's gonna happen ever in terms of consequences. What should happen to her and I'm asking to what responsibility does maintenance on. I am amazed at how split everyone knows everyone is either slap on the wrist move on it was a mistake war. The last caller 5000 dollar fine in his six year X a suspension ever hunting license because she you know it does it isn't the question a little bit about the fact that she's fourteen girls all hunting now legally she could. One of the things I asked what it during a break was again I'm not a hundred so I don't know I need someone to tell me. On was this a function of her being fourteen and an experienced you know should she have known and what she and now if she was older. You know at 35 year old made the same mistake. This is I don't see a. A 35 year old could have made the same mistake but I would expect 35 year old to be an experienced hunter. And to know what you're shooting this to me that's number one when I pulled the trigger. One of my shooting and and this girl either didn't know or knew and didn't care and I don't know which one would set York. 5767798. You can also text in 22980. We go to a lot in Kansas I think Colin. My opinion is what carried she would turn its fourteen her first time I checked. Yeah humid and Mary had no Al had in L again. Had not there and clean card to ordering in because I've just been re entry ears. And 200 miles away. Okay. So when you see of Baghdad and brown are. Worse. Dare seize them. And you're excited became the first time you're going. To shoot. It was my day. Are you watch. That can read the article odd shot. In the city star. I read. An article we're making in my mind on the measure conservation web site. A carry much outburst and her. RY. If she knew she mentioned the now. What's cowardly act surprised they add that as well right. To date net by the conservation department by the way. It's in unit certainly golf. And curry. I think maybe she is at work she she gets courage. Arnold you're being such and maybe now a couple of years out. She should be heartened as an adult. It and become like a probation or I don't I don't mind that and and I I'm trying to fight that was her first time hunting her first time hunting alone. Is that to me there's a big difference there first but don't on. I ever if her first time I'm sorry I don't get a pass for that you know somebody decided that she was qualified to go. And so to pass the test again if it was a forty hunter hunting for the first time would we give that person a pass to. I don't know does a how much does age play into this yeah. To me at H and takes the vocal element we appreciate that sucked Christian Jackson county and 81 KM BZ. Do it right what should happen to this young love the younger. Well. It's my opinion that she should probably get a fine and probably have a couple years I can all. Well the simple fact that you are talking about very aren't your older forty year old should know. What are shooting. Now I'm from eastern Jack encountering. And I used to work at deer processing plant. And you would not believe what people thank better each year come in and have. I mean all I seen all kind of things in the back and says. Because it's that he brokered coming in they're just basically turning anybody else Langer. And you have to shoot them all you know by. By that I mean by the and they are killed from an animal sound so you know circuit out there just can't move action on you know. And I and some quickly we are. It's always an area realize. They're airline out Gerri. Not a year there for Chris it's always we EC eighty full admit. Well no. I mean some dumb country folk out there to about Crist now there aren't built and I I would I blame us more I would. Seriously the education now that we're reintroducing elk. People need to know the difference and I'm leaning on the big bow on there I know what what to shoot 90 you know. This is you know like Al there are people just. Don't care I just wanna run out there and shoot out and then next thing you know farmers law or or else and the they're like oh man. We're all Mike hours ago they were processed by three guys that live in one light. And sound apple and thank you over the phone co workers to Tyler and Elton Tyler you're on came BZ would Zemin. Delegate gap. Caller on the view. I think it out on a week. Are called it or kill or gonna or yeah. You know eight or walk away. I mean they are shocked and you know. But is he on that day. And called that hey you know. We make mistake sorry. And we're Elena so I don't think you're hiding and I think that there should be handled these other than. He. Some sort of animal identification course. If she can go to you know. Make sure that doesn't happen again. And it. I mean that's. And common common Abbott honor I've I've seen many people. It you know shot to shot Al than shop full than one of them even off my brother's property so. You know. Just then what that caller said what the reason I'm here hunting and art and I'll be accurate it. That seems a bit much steel. How old are. OK if you look up a amen preach it like a couple more in your thanks Tyler stock to Neal Elise summit on KM BZ was a deal. It would anonymous. Odd yeah. I think it right here. If you went out and you'll help the bookmark. In with that inaccurate. Exactly I think the girl you dated a point that made it all got the great big everything right. Except when she triggering kill the elk. I mean that. Keep your partner and killed elf bit as radical as they get any. Made a point earlier. You know they. That they'll get out of it yet about this but come on not agree there's so many world keel out here. People know what you picnic argued fourteen year. Old not to legally hunt by herself and qualify to legally buy herself by the state of Missouri gas on and the prince and hitting your cars that the ran in front of that's you know she shot. I mean some would say the Al ran in front of her rightful wooden boat could you make that argument now different she fired on. The action did she chose she chose to take the animal's life regardless of what the animal lots. I didn't choose to hit the deer that runs by money on I 35. I think that that's a difference. They for the folk called Neil was it one more NK and Smith Billy to the final word on KM BZ. And fourteenth and he is what you get over it. You are not the ball knuckle dragging it is only a public cracked and everybody. He pulled out about an account. And then. Not even will be elected and now they get right. That might be yourself I think. Thank thank you very much as a good way to close it out fired up Cain Smith bill he's. If you can read the story on her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91. K of these.