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Monday, November 20th

Blue Valley North is headed to state for the first time in the school's history!!!!!!!  WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy tonight partly cloudy low near forty years so in an affront coming and try tomorrow some clouds around. Are higher early in the low fifties are in turn that went around for the northwest and that's gonna dragons and colder rare. We settle so low twenties I Tuesday night sunny on Wednesday the high low forties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era Mauritanian BZ whether 61 RK CI sixty T downtown 61 hour special weather station. I watched it. I saw Christina Aguilera doing the samba. You know I'll bite what's going on with that. No probable. Back up your horse okay. I feel sorry for this in regular she did the best she cut. With a very difficult song. Horribly difficult. Just went east and that's pointer and that's just getting yet no idiots now. You can't beat the best. Back when she was the best. Before crackles well yeah out Whitney Houston couldn't even do Whitney Houston the last twenty years of life. But. If anybody. I was looking for secrecy regular last I'd do it. Op. To see if she couldn't. Because if anybody has the voice. To do. Whitney Houston it would have to be Kristina Wright where. Who else. That's one thing Greg let me and they say you wanna attempt which used now I know I don't I don't know that it cannot make them and get. Am a do you know they should have done is had a a guy do it. You know go completely different this go completely. What you do is you do video montage of Whitney actually doing and so that's and you don't to kind of agree with Scott that's a tough that's a tough and as somebody did. But I was speaking to dead people. Could more people die this weekend that we knew about we had four. Deaths and a fifth. Close to death. We can run. From ACP's. We knew this was coming and he's been out of the van for about two years has had some serious problems. Do Dell increased. Hillary Stanford touched by an Angel galleries. That rocked I I'd never heard of sorry Malcolm young then Mel Tillis who I had heard of. You never heard of Malcolm young at your current AC/DC via. My thing you know I'm sorry. I still as god rest his soul. I'm always ready to watch rods mouth just start to water tank to watch and celebrate. Here's an old melts the list water burger commercial. Hey you know there's a big big difference between a Waterford and all the other bird what a burger. Makes their burglar just the way you won't and you could order of what amber who would get the rat in any ingredients of fiction that you won't change. Stronger than ever skins don't. No he was numbers that are installer. And rock. Don't. A commercial David goes is he. God rest his stuttering so. It's not. Or. How do you not know. That's about who's yeah. Milt is was famous for stock. That he gave himself. Quality. Then. To remember. It's not that hamburger is now. My Burger King. I get there he's got this show. For me is gonna wanna burner but to save w.s and queues and v.s it was for him. And so he would look at the camera goes it's up and that's weather's been pregnant pause or goes it's up it was. Yeah our himself into the adult. It's up well. Our our. Its neighbor. That had a Stoddard I thought it was kind of neat we tried to do it all the time and then. Accurate and it himself study and he did good gave themselves dot org. We sang fine when he sang spoke but. If you like. On he hauler some and he said when ice when I sing it. The starter goes. Day saying just fund when he spoke he. That Addai had a stutter. So that's for. An early on you Charles may well. I mean I woke up to Clark's more had pre announcement for searchers. Parents argue that instrument prostitutes. Thing but let's. Surrogate commitment turn on the news just people sleep in and it's his breaking news Charles Manson and three. Through the mind at 2 o'clock three more quarters was armor look at the TV ago. Oh. And then I I commitment so it is it well times. There are very few people. In the universe. Who will listen it one universal reaction. With their. I mean about Kara how people when they die. The reaction across the it is. Or worse. I saw a lot of music it. I said is to be the probably countless people in our lifetime on a couple of hands more that you. And it is. I don't care stock re I don't like when Jeffrey Dahmer died member he got Adam. Yes sodomizing. With a well it was in field and sodomized. Me. To his death yes. They shot that they don't. And they yes when he died everybody was like. Good story. You kill what fifteen kids assuming I don't think even noticed is that and the war because rectum about some of the more homeless so you know they just don't know. It is definitely one of them yet this is what he does it care because I. That. I think the only people we care problem where the families of the victims yes and Assad Sharon Tate's sister got the phone call. That he died in fact department of correction wouldn't confirm that he was dead until after they notified all the victims and is very nice and she's a bigger person than I am because she said she prayed for his soul. When she got the call it's incredible gaffe. Somebody kills summoning your family do you prefer Russo Amanda I'd know I'd flip the switch I'd want it either. For their soul to burn. And then last but not least is not dead but apparently very close to it that David Cassidy. Send. Shot. Yeah. So cute with that feather hair book for a okay so what's going on with. My liver or 6067 years old he is not possible. Seven out of doctors said he is near the end I was rushed to hospital in Florida three days ago down. Apparently just. All kinds of organ failure and they don't. Really Connecticut Basra to have you back on tour I really I knew we had some drug problems. Well you on tour and so what last year this year. Yeah but did you get like back on track with a slight to you sober up yes no yes I think there are some substance abuse issues song. Which I assume richer liver I assume it is okay. Plus his heart that was such a big part of life for people. I think people generation right before a Scot I don't really remember the partridge and the army but my mom and her youngest sisters wow. They had the David Cassidy posters and. Remember Suzanne today was was part of that route rod when you were kids was the Partridge Family on TV at that point her we're little we like him diapers I think. That by the time I was watching TV I think it was already reruns there we are Brady I can get it cannot know pretty much was in the sixties that remains to Julio. Op Partridge Family was like it like late sixties early seventy's right we were able to realize is that that was. This hurts your rug because were born remote sparked so I just remembered the babysitters we would watch more Brady bonds the departures and you know after school we come home from school and that's generally what beyond I think I missed it by piracy we watch the electric company remember that oh yeah. Ireland's. Punitive lecture can be as proof that Morgan Freeman was born in bulk. Can. I what does he was. And older black gentleman when we were little else. Yeah it's. The other shows on in the afternoon term member. As you get home from school electric company is always on Leave It to Beaver reviews yeah somewhere monsters. Stairs monsters an island on cares MOR. What was it you guys I was always on out. It. Oh I didn't go to Butler Hagman in the chick to Jeannie am I can actually Roger imaging you know so it is so that. Go back and watch and it'll be waged. You which is always on in the afternoons. Are the big thing about US style long ago. I guess they were drunk all the time. It totally soon like it was a big thing and and it was part of that was the times but I mean like they were constantly drinking on set. And anytime you see somebody with a glass that's booze and wow and the other thing was they were all they are always that's yep the mother in law always had a drink gas and they were they were always drink and onset and they were always having to stop and go have a cigarette. And I guess Elizabeth Montgomery who was just a beautiful silver Ling. I guess she was heavy chain smoker. It is alive though I do not believe so no she doesn't like twenty years. So doing end to dying right supposed to come in threes who missed that memo we were just talk about this western at this time a whole bunch of people started Diane do. Was it was either western U. Last year the year prior remember the year prior in 2015. Let me kill my sister died George article I have for the end of the year prince lists I think prince was in the early fall. If I'm not mistaken. Column. That there was it was either. Late last year or late 2015 and I wanna say it was 2015. Where it was just like everybody that. You know like George Michael let me kill Meister. I missed in a big one yeah I know our time there was badly present date and yeah that's it yeah. Yeah there was an actor but you're right and Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds died last year I. Oh John and I were talking Tony seventeen is when all your favorite. Celebrities died when he sixteen is when our affairs by reside. Funny seventeen is when are your favorite celebrity's career side. You know how much we love those Brooklyn and sheets so much that I'm getting is that my mother for Christmas. You don't have to pay luxury pricing. To get luxury products with Brooklyn and sheets in your I'll make sure you check out their website it's Brooke let them dot com and got a ton of different colors and patterns. For their sheets this is luxury bedding that is underpriced we love. 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Eight more exciting football game in my blue valley north blue valley game went to four overtime I even count how many times we're starting over. T over time you. And you go in the ego and just keep go. Until there at Dover. I mean to tell him I do not have a son on the team but I have many friends who have sons on that team so fun to watch. Sitting there. Tied at the end spy and I think those people around me well we do here. Because in the ballots to achieve steady yesterday flip a coin at first in the those plants. Well in high school for Polska. You get. An eye again and I go and yeah. And that's what they do it and tool. The I go you go stops and somebody's got a higher score correct and so we did that four times. I am not kidding you I was screaming out of mine mine it was so exciting. Because they scored and we scored that we scored. I and then people ran onto the field and just went absolutely crazy first time in the school's history they're going to stay in Emporia next week it by hotel. You Rhode Island. Before. The Portman sitting next to us I do have to say what more and I were you Natalie Cole. Did you ride in the limousine. We did not exit I looked me and I swear to you look we rightly I swear swear to agree I sort of different and I drove straight from work straight they're my little car. Here's the deal. I. Don't know a lot about football did you get drunk before he went no matter I am I added district from work I barely made it. I know even less than I thought I knew watching those boys play because things kept happening and parents would be screaming. And we didn't understand why they were strict rules of holding calls I mean like every four seconds mall. Well and it was good and it. I cannot handle that kind of anxiety in my life and yet you're going to state next week I'll I'm guys next regular two inches. This coming Saturday. There's no break for Thanksgiving battered these boys are going. And I will tell you this team will travel very well but we play derby. Kansas. Tourists. Notes. But Chris that's mainly what do you Wichita Chris did say to me so it's like rich white track feasible ways. Know how to play the green light there. Sounds very small town this is it not to yeah it's a suburb of which it's okay. It's like saying. We would surrounds them more. Well it is kind of small here's Imus but it's a suburb of Kansas I am not gonna say. We cannot win this game and here's why Scott. Though Larry you're breaking down the last three games on and break it down a everyone said we were gonna win every one said there's no way we were going to be China's east there was no lately the bullet alleyways. There was no way you're going to be an Alley and we keep do. And I also tell you my sweet little darling trip certainly and their kicker who he's the kicker. Certainly yankees man he's never been a kicker ever before his soccer player. And at and a swimmer and diver. And I'm sitting with his mom and dad you know there is no stress like the stress of the parents of the kicker. He had to kick like 66 times I count. Every single time he indicates yet to make it and he did and his or mother that's his job well I DOS rotten. Ends are used to getting rattled me. Tied he would go out there I would just look at her right that I insults all. Yeah every one of them and we did we also. As didn't go in overtime he is like everyone on when the real he had a 51. Article that's a long time Scott that's halfway down 51 yards. There remains a kick from forty and it went fifty arts he missed it by one yard and then and then we went into overtime and some news it was. So exciting. Art art my brother is listening he's in town. Hang on just how to register me as well and he knows my brother knows about her so I don't know. I just I've heard that it was like the rich it was like we would have which to pick tiger hitting his number that is. Oh well. It'll classmate of mine is or athletics director. Derby is my brother writes derby is definitely not but we would have Wichita it is a suburb of Wichita paying. But it is not as rich as you think. But Lansing is owned Russell Baldwin is the athletics director at Durbin. So we. Streak going on here's what you're saying it right on the street go. You don't go to our and director Nanette. We. For the home. Jean's sister you remember when YouTube morons. Broke down a game for us here I think the most interesting thing to look at this weekend that disappoint the patriots on Saturday is how the chiefs defense is gonna match up with the likes of Julian Edelman. Rob Gronkowski you got to imagine with the chiefs pass rush Tom Brady is going to want to get the bond quickly there is no better option than element of he's helped write and it looks like he's going to be back in line up on Saturday. Yeah Y it's Sean Smith and Mark Peters and requires that she's very used to playing on the outside while G. I need you guys we've got to break down the valley north of our assignments for the week it is OK I'd regional breakdown. The blue valley north derby. State championship game to be played. Indeed his birthplace of him. Oh we're gonna break in many more cars to right so you got a question Peters Smith are going to be able to guard the inside portion obviously and as far as covering crop. A major break gave them it's got to end okay. Is that it mayors from across loser forming a new partnership today a more next. You know sums happened almost all of us and knock on wood haven't synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself a car accident. Remember the name deals collision repair and springs that's serious business you want your car fixed right. The first time and that's what they do it deals but ultimatum deals is a personal friend of mine I've watched his crew worked their fantastic. And Dale's and blue springs their work is guaranteed as long as you own your car truck. 81622818558162281855. Online it feels auto collision dot com. Dale's and whispering it's taken care of cars taking care of you. Ticketed series Kansas City for the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our mayors like James and 25 other mayors from across the state are forming a new partnership called Missouri Mayer's united for progress the group discussed strategies to fight crime increased transportation funding and restore low income housing tax credits. The group also signed a letter voicing concern about the Missouri housing and development corporation's recent decision not to issue low income housing tax credits. The US is stumping in the search for a missing submarine in Argentina with cutting edge underwater technology. Including equipment that insurgent depths of 5000 feet for up to thirty hours. Sound and it's 44 crew members were last heard from Wednesday when a commander reported through satellite communications they were having battery troubles. And electrical fault. ABC's Lindsay Janice reports from Buenos Aires before any rescue can happen they have to locate this vessel. And this morning the search area has expanded to over 186000. Square miles. That is bigger than the state of California and it is four times larger than the search area for that missing Malaysian airliner MH 370. They disappeared over the Indian Ocean three years ago months or traffic and weather together next. Right here for seal once Casey called now get on the schedule now. To get all of those out doors surfaces seem ills permanently clean power watched. And protected so listen to what we did over the weekend. 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All of that sink nomination was some lower humidity giving us an elevated fire weather concerns for the rest of today. It'll be partly cloudy tonight a little low forties. Front coming our way tomorrow's gonna come through dry so fair weather highs early in the low fifties and steady to slowly falling temperatures into the afternoon. Sunny on Wednesday the highland forties. I'm staff meteorologists at different era more key NBC whether it's. Steering our Casey I we're looking at 62 downtown sixty wanna your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with new study 81 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. Okay me. The ones up payment yeah so I was only an hour and twenty minutes anyway. We travel. Through as a team we travel. There and it reveals troubling fact that we would after the game once I don't wanna make that trip and. One. It's our tournaments. Baron back. It's two hours forty minutes. I second woman has come forward against Al Franken. When is Scott says. He grabbed her this as a senator Roger but talks. When she was posed picture. Posing for a picture with him. I was speaking of a sports football did you see what happened on Saturday at KU Oklahoma game warrants. It was and this Kansas football coach Dave Beatty expressing remorse today for his captain's actions. Before Saturday's 413 robbing two Oklahoma. K used Joseph demean torrents Armstrong and Daniel wives that refused. To shake quarterback baker maize fields hand. For the game while holding their arms behind their backs I was watching the beginning of the game. Over my mom's house and they go out onto the field and you reduce corn to Austria. And bakeries field who is the Heisman front runner. Breaches his hand out to shake their hands after they do that points. And the KU players stand there the three of them defiant. With her hands behind their backs. Baker maize field realizes. He's got his hand out. They're not gonna shake my hand so he just starts clapping. Our committee points out of your Aussie on the field. And then he went to go to Paris. I don't like it around a candidate when you're one and 81 in nine or whatever he went into the game as. You don't really have now granted baker maize field turned into a complete. Jerk. During the game against KU. Screaming into the stands blanking. Stick to basketball. Is what he yelled as some of the fans he looked. Here is the next. Rod did you see this Andy highlights he comes off the field after they scored a matter of their fifth touchdown. He looks at the stands and it goes like eight points many legacy goes. I'll come and it grabs his crotch. They blurted out on ESP a man. Is that we can handle were grown people. It was I don't amazingly immature. I don't like it. I don't like it why you should just hit I don't now. I don't know I don't how does David Beatty still have a job. Mayfield issued an apology after the game for grabbing his crimes last it was very Warren I am sucked into the Kansas fans I'm sorry to any parent that their kids watching. So that's can't. But Kansas and this is an SB nation didn't apologize for how the whole thing started out they did today. Okay because because. Joseph tinian says I wasn't meaning to be disrespectful toward them it was just us trying to get our guys motivated I'd I don't agree I hate these. I hate these after the fact apologize it was announced trying to be disrespectful. What is. And baker based field was trying to be disrespectful when he pointed at the crowd said pointing stick to basketball man grabbed his crock I don't like it. It's intended to be disrespect what does that quote that you have to lose with grace but when even. More gracefully what about that I am. So either way you're supposed to hold your head high teacher and be a good sport and I think we we work to teacher kits that in the league and in. In every sport I can imagine you work to teach them how to behave appropriately. Whether it's when ball basketball. And so to see these. Student athletes go out and stand there and snubbed their player I don't like it at all at all. Did she went about like that angle you're going on here. That argument about teaching young people sportsmanship. Care what happens in the game. I can only use soccer's reference to that's a coach. We go out and lose fifteen in the which would. Anger me for two reasons number one apparently my team's number regard. And number two. He should of told his guys back to him and kicked our butts back. Serves and fifteen nothing but even after a game where I felt like there was disrespect by coach wouldn't rule as players back. And wanted to just buried a bunch of seventh grade girls. With a fifteen about the score I would still go shaker. And I would to may and that my girls get in the lining negotiate. They beat youth parents. We just more apparent. Now that didn't happen by mute amusements and as an example. But don't teach our children. To be good sports. Is there a time where you say you know you should their hands. I applaud you for. Because as AKU gradually. I was him. Terrorist. With what I saw on Saturday. When I saw those three KU football players who were one and nine. Standing there with their arms class or their hands clasp on their practices it's rude I don't like it's it's tacky. It's low brow now someone just I I needed some more explanation here because. Baker raise field is not exactly they're saying he's he's a little bit of a samba. Some magistrate in mayfield was actually talking trash to educate players during the warm ups. Good for KU captains not shaking hands with that Jack why. There had given something to purchase of for precision tennis. Right. Even in I think I think you shake the hand. It is something. Yeah. Word art and loses battle as you sank. But I was I would as a K you lump I was him terrorist. Saturday. And I thought captured the guy's hand it is you know what hopefully the kids didn't notice at my son was that the game. He didn't ask me about it but you just use it as a teaching moments in what they did something that was very. Nice and it does not reflect well on the university and we don't behave like that and this is why. By the way there was another celebrity death of the weekend Earle Hyman. May may not ring a bell you know who he is he played the he played bill Cosby's death. On the cause beach. I'd over the weekend at the age of 91 that's five. Celebrity deaths over the weekend. 767798. Get your calls your comments here in just a moment also coming up this afternoon. The groups still stands. Out which went on. There's calm all is a great story in the Kansas City Star today. Bow. People who have to drive by that thing every day and they're saying tear it down. I don't know how many times you I I drug buy it from time to time. It's it's two point hour strike occurs. Driving meet Kris you can't miss it early camp. By 76779. Make it to your calls your comments are just a moment it right rob Babcock time's up parks K music. You wrote to Medicare Advantage that don't delay the annual enrollment period ends Thursday December 7 now is that time. To sign up for a blue Medicare Advantage plan from blue cross blue shield of Kansas City choose from three affordable plan options to figure needs including UP PO plan. That will with has access to doctors and hospitals nationwide. Medicare Advantage helps you save with all one plants combining everything in original Medicare with more what you want. To feel good about taking care of your health care and your financial needs. Called blue Casey now to enroll implement secured damaged before time runs out. Here's a number 833 Kasey blew one at 833 KC BL UE one. TTY 711. Phone lines were open ADM to 8 PM do you blew Medicare Advantage available only from the local trusted leader for more than 75 years. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. I. Program. Headline is despite protests Missouri approves using eggs. For research. And that's a big deal. It. Our Sean Hannity is just received two rejection letter for the ages. And producer for his Fox News program invited Gloria decent one of the women who have accused. Roy Moore of sexual harassment on the show the woman's lawyer Paul Columbia. Fired back with a blistering response on Twitter quoting here. Please tell Sean Hannity and this was addressed to his producer. We saw Sean Hannity that I would never submit a survivor of abuse to the inevitable on camera bullying. And persecution by him. Mr. Hannity has belittled the famed and engaged in on air intimidation campaigns against the victims of mr. Moore is totally uninterested. In discovering the truth. Chew on to dismiss Kennedy's infamous interview with more is lazy and softball. And slammed him as quote not known for journalistic integrity. She concluded he is merely seeking an opportunity to publicly attacked for the defame. Mr. Moore is vulnerable victims. That's not happening not on mine watch you know I was much more than I think CNN today. As it likes to shoot I'd say no it's it's in early December 03 weeks from tree lots of fruits and more. Com and I was watching Hannity. No this is on I'm. This week on ABC yesterday. And they showed a clip. Of Sean Hannity. With his round tables saying by the way at the and wanted to shows last week saying by the way were all beings are veiled by the government and to which they came back and somebody said. He's like a trumpet tears Donald Trump is surveilling. Sean Hannity. Which is not true and of course. Sean Hannity for for the record. And I watch him from time to time. Sean Hannity is a heck. He's a hat. He is no better than a lot of people on in the evening on MSNBC. Or joy agreed on MSNBC and weakens the Earl hacks. Don't get your news from these morons. They are in the business all of them of scaring you. And sadly based on the ratings you're buying him. They are charlatans. They are just below Alex Jones on the awful scale. Don't buy it don't let them get to. Yeah. So we'll get to the oh here's one Glenn thrush you know that name New York Times. Their star reporter. He's now been accused of sexual misconduct. In his statement a spokesperson for the New York Times calls the allegations against Glenn thrush. One of the newspaper's top reporters covering the truck administration quote very concerning and not. In keeping with the standards and values of the New York Times. A story published Monday about the policy and prolific appalled its website box. Said that Russia's quoting history of bad judgment around young female journalists. The story included allegations from three women as wells the articles Alter warm again. Who together accused Russia quote a range of similar experiences and included on wanted to groping and kissing. And hazy sexual encounters are played out under the influence about all thrush was also a contributor on MSNBC. Join the times late last year after a very successful eight year run Politico. Since joining the paper he is teamed up with troubled times reporter Maggie Haberman. To deliver some of the biggest stories about the trump administration. I don't know what we do they reported when it happens. We report it when it happens is it just got an am I asking you everywhere yup yup I'm asking you as a guest as gentlemen apparently so. Yes did you here we we we we know about your story at the bottle and a guy we talked about last week when talks about four. When you work in the business did you hear about this from other women. Did you guys let me ask you owe me money backtracked I went and were there times like in the bathroom where women would say. And the awkwardness there. So rumor. That there was some type of legal action once when I worked on the street but it is a rumor so I I never. Had anyone like corner me in a hallway I will tell uses since we've all been talking about this mean a good friend of mine who's a producer. Said. It happened to me and it happened to me. In the building a guy camera on the corner I was standing there somebody we would know. I don't think so. I don't think this was an on their person. And and pressed up against her and kissed her and she said. I hate to this day cannot believe that it happened in a professional setting you know she was like down the hall using the restaurant when it happened. And I'm trying to remember I think she said she told HR and nothing came from a and I was thinking like. Is till you hear. So what you're saying they re brand called into the bathroom and happening them. And that never happened to you over the never happened to me over there mountain. Now newsrooms are not the most politically correct places but nothing physical or nothing. For most of the men and television are so busy checking themselves out. There's a little bit of a layer of protection. I mean there were Sinead who was. Hit. Questions Steve stand ups and everyone lately. That man the most dangerous place to be in America is between that man and a mere. Idea he will bowl you over. Steve cameras liked look at Steve share. Just ask him how great years and he will tell. That line. To. See Lewis thing. Newsrooms have that pretty guy. You know it was he pretty yeah. You know freshly manicured. How awful was what's the stories captain Thomas Bonham you anchored with them for awhile item. Chris is Chris is a lovely not at all. He shoots appearances picture with a mere that is cheeks were chiseled just now. Properly he did Wear a napkin over his collars of that he didn't make news things make up of course. It but no he was Jenna who loved working with religion yeah who was the sports cancer objects. William Jackson was there Howell and I had a great honor of working which carries on human beings on the planet. Is I'm. He's cool cool. Well I don't like when I'm currently looking for dirt it was dirt. Likes to Barmes stories. I. During coats for kids 2070 diverted Egypt records morrow. From four to six is going to be pride a dumpster smiles is wounded pride cleaners at 5438. Johnson drive in beautiful mission. EJ from 46 tomorrow 5438. Johnson drive in mission coats for kids we need your help getting really do. Kids of Kansas City manager. Did to the newsroom here is Kara marks. Happening now on KM BZ news sanctions in the works against North Korea want more next. Right for Christian Brothers on him. I tell you locations all over town and if you'd auto repair you wanna go seed great guys and gals Christian Brothers automotive. 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At KM BZ dot com.