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Monday, November 13th

Blue Valley North is headed to the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Dana loses her mind....  #gomustangs 


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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcast on KNB easy. And it's. I just. May not. Don't fancy you're scared to each other's names they're Tony seventeen minute the year. And Elizabeth Afro sort. Can't predict. Some of them are. Stephen cold air and gal did do and Kevin Durant are also recognized. The share who did you hear gal get those speaking out Dan came out. Yesterday no no more sex yes Simone and said of his big. She didn't work will. Not. Will not. Go forth with the next wonder why no I did see this because. Is that the main producer Ratner yeah has been accused Scott bad guy. Has been accused a lot by a lot of women with the same store. Here's what's interesting she now holds the power. That's franchises. Was so lucrative. She is now so popular what she's saying is all Wonder Woman right he cannot be a part of this production she said I'm standing up. On behalf of all the other women that he's harassed. Take that. While I would just I don't know if anybody on it. And what she. Went. Their wrist. Take sex or. Now I dance just telling me that bat was. A fake story came out. She is Wonder Woman and she will use her powers of the wrist yes to block all sexual harassment. Ers. I'm telling you this is where this is where we start getting into the weeds a little bit too much now. Well. Standby current. If they knew we just picked it up. Yeah boxes ticked that page six suspect that can be fair and these comments ago goto yes yes your favorite poem this is not fake. Business insider published via a story today saying that her. Making this move. Didn't happen this wasn't what it was all about so there's a little bit of they said they said maybe they did name I believe in his week. Dowdell is now demanding that Warner Bros. by Al Ratner stake in the Wonder Woman franchise. Before she suits up again as princes Diana of for Mexico. I don't know the name of the place she's like a game. Warner Bros. has denied reports and neither did down Ratner has publicly commented mr. ego fake news. She just posted bullying and sexual harassment is unacceptable I stand by all of the courageous women confronting their fears and speaking out together. We stay. You wanna be Wonder Woman now but I do like her can wanna be her. I'm Stan van haren yeah pac. Took him to look younger don't we are now we're OK okay we're overjoyed to see America. All of which is like to say that hole. She's fake news. The trustees. He's trying to say the suspect it is not. Gays and the other business insiders aren't so where they want to browser Brothers is claiming that. Warner Bros. is claiming this to happen it's his word edit. Some talk show. Well you know she could've said something that was taken out of context that you know how sometimes I think he's gonna call this rush to judgment that's going on in America right now is starting to make me nervous the great purge of late 2017. Now when it's found out. And let me tell you something right now I have no doubt that some of these women especially the ones about Harvey winds to. Are coming out and telling the true okay there there's way too many wage rates on the same story. Way to many willing to offer their names. And come out so yeah he developed it. But now it is becoming almost trendiest somebody leaned in to give you kids. And you said I'm not interested in you. That needs to be reported and out of boxing page six I'm telling you they're going to be stories that come out that ark faked news and we're and a lot of people are gonna have. Yoke on their space going are hopeful their domed Google Brett Ratner he's hit. I'm not there isn't women who have accused him I I don't know anything about Brett Ratner and I'm not saying that these women are telling the truth I'm swat. I'm saying is. Beat careful believing every single person that comes out and says this person did this to me there's a lot of money to be had here. I disagree wholeheartedly the six women that accused Roy Moore of. Horrific sexual two of them behavior of them accused him of reports. The other four said C. Asked me to date him when I was sixteen years OK what do they possibly hat. What do they possibly have to stand financially with for coming out telling well financially maybe nothing and maybe they are telling the truth I said there was a lot of money to be no money and I'm about to tell you. There is a political game to be had there. Well look at me. Women are now in their. Late fifties with sixty was Paula Jones telling the truth I don't know. Was Juanita Broderick telling the truth I would tell Kathleen Willey I would tell him flowers. I also don't believe they had anything to gain. By coming up it destroyed those when the argument was from Hillary that this was a white or white right wing conspiracy. Was there were asked vast right right conspirators that there was a political motive in mobile. Not a financial market. What if what if we're not going to believe one meter Broderick different and the pain women who want them Broderick and Roy Moore is that Edward doesn't deny it. He doesn't deny this heat is tried to date teenage girl's. With their parents from he he denies that he touched this fourteen year old girl and appropriately and I don't know if he did or didn't. That's when I'm trying to sag let's slow the train down. But something yes and I don't videos to Gervais here we've just seen this close to I guess this. Tree. And what trees trees that are I think he had one and then he fell off of it. Onto the ground badly somebody have a little. So he tumbles out of a tree twenty feet Clinton and Russia is his pelvis. I don't understand are they saying he almost died because of the pelvis injury yet because he was knocked down note no he said he in fact I am I listen to the interview he. It's he said he was never unconscious in -- time. But his injuries were so bad when they got to the hospital his blood pressure was so low they had to give him like seven RE units of blood. Who have he had to have 810 to ten pound ballots. Putting his leg just to balance him out and try to stop badly and then they. Recommend to our compression answer. Because it was that I grown men should not climb trees and killing animals I'm sorry. Or should yesterday it goes into can only thing we won't shut targets learn. It was also from a seated position arena where you stand with them. On the ground. Transfer. And graduate tree when your machine. Cricket. I'm the oldest he Kara and then it succeeds against him he's so cute and of his eyes. His allies. You know those sad. Did you okay well 62 is 72 bit no listen and Ari thanks. I'll stop. Ides. Exciting now. Things like yeah yeah a I'll make a lot I. Where he has property Devean George Antony on network hadn't realized. He was like an hour away from the hospital had to be life flight of their like well like all think and then the doctors cannot say yet you're lucky to be alive not because we got bleeding stopped most injuries like this 25 to 30% mortality rate. The other was by himself yes and he's lucky as fun as pocket. If you're going to climb a tree and faults when he feet duel with a buddy. In now. Okay did any plans to bond the tree can't. Problem from attacks like damn I killed an eight point buck on Saturday was to lewis'. Now we got to send her I get a deer. We really do I I really no one's for shooting it easier to just have someone pass Kara. In a car deer. A week ago here yeah and blue springs lose explains I get it if you wanna shoot the. She hit the deer there are of the dumbest. Animals all I think they're pretty older beautiful. And a beautiful animals but they are when you have eight year. Mike did with me. Right after you started to show it right before. I'm driving down Shawnee mission parkway west bound. Might in my own business. This deer ran into this saw my cargo on 55 miles an hour he hit you hit me. That was an omen. Deer came in tact you. We know with the iPad I had and the wind I. Don't know like that yeah. No member of the driver's side window rolled down I was losing I can't. Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar it was on the radio. I'm driving on the road screen at the top among longs. At Abbott no ice like this flash of brown and program. And that two years he would aim in the driver's side window I like us. As quickly I could barely missed me and then his neck snapped on the window well that was an omen. And then he and his whole body weight room and detonated the whole left backside. It was the deer saying this is what you're doing to your career if you bring that woman in. If you could affect if at apple app. So the deer was kinda light. Stain yes yes but going represented everything but represented my crew rear drive and it's. Throw in front of cards so an and that's why did two years got in my face spree yup correct. Trying to tell. To test. I'm telling you man. Having had tears face right front yours. Is this is such pretty eyes and Texan says they hit three and one year they hate ear. There's only made art and creatures you get insurance after him scream when he outlets kind of an act of god is and it helps our dear. It's like when Chris Wallace's rover I mean that can't early Ding us on our insurance. We have like a hundred year flood here. It's not with the insurance companies usually. Garrett at a hyper so land you lost another car underwriter eagle and cut them Brady. A hundred year flawed and it. No. I don't think that's how they look at it. You get rear ended the insurance companies still kind of goes. You. It all the patents. Now we did have a guy right in here wants or call in and say that after his second wreck that was not his fault. The insurance company dropped him and I wondered if there was something in his past he wasn't telling us about you know like cattle now. He's actually been in ten Rex or something then it's not your salt how can they DU for that. There insurance company man his sons. But you get the cancer is that's your fault. Their insurance companies. Say your Foley got cancer rod. It's your fault your making claims on your insurance boom. They're fine with you out of the cancer just don't. Treated. Just comically with yourself you pitched it to yourself. The of the quiet kind of cancer rich don't we cannot be involved in not everybody gets that maybe he could fight that holistic. If you don't want. I don't mechanics. The president left. Wisconsin's beer loving reputation would get a boost. Under a proposal to lower the State's drinking age to nineteen. But teenagers be careful don't start reserving those can exist yet. The bill circulated. Last week by three Republican lawmakers including the former president of the Wisconsin tavern league at. Has to overcome at least two big hurdles before can ever become law first it is not supported. By the Republican speaker of the house. Robin boss who plays a central role in determining which ideas are brought up for a vote. I neither the leader of the senate nor governor Scott Walker even replied for comment. I'll second the drinking age would only dropped in nineteen. If Wisconsin would not lose it's federal highway money current federal law passed in 1984. Says any state with the drinking age lower than 21 can lose 8%. Of federal highway fund. In Wisconsin that would amount to about 54 million dollar auction. Enough cash they write to buy six point 7000006 maximum. They just wanna lower to nineteen this time to revisit this. I would tend to agree with these guys. And I would say nineteen is is a fair wage not eight OK and here's one. Com. A lot of kids in high school are a lot of high school seniors are eighteen years old turn. And I'm not saying that a nineteen year old wooden 5% general body. But here here's the thing we all got away. Well. And it was real simple. Result tricked. Who you knew. And a little bit of what. It's I don't have prominent if it's fear only. Bar have a beer. We're going to a liquor store by six back and god forbid instead of cruising up and down force street leavenworth with your buddies in the case of beer because you can't legally go anywhere to drink it. Here's a novel idea yeah go home. And drink it. And I think we'd rather just cruise for. Or in a way I believe it's called it was called back in the day. Cruise in the you're here about that the only security offense when we were written back in the eighties and I. When we were in high school bloodworth and Lansing kids crews both for. Street cred. By. Deal late the kids always cruised the fat. That is so awful awful. Awful what do we do and I am in movies rooms that emerges. Crews to say. We cruised the boulevard. To weaken it as in Topeka. Boulevard and and oh yeah right to the heart of downtown. Nail a south by white lakes mall. Yes we did. Rod what did you guys cruised down and texts. Cooper. Hewitt crews in the Cooper we didn't say who is he student. You don't sums have been almost all of us knock it would have synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in the car accident remember the name Dale's collision repair. It was serious business you want your car fixed right. The first time that's what they do deals repair expert about the many times tales of personal friend I've seen his crews at work and her work is guaranteed. As long as you on your Kart track. Get it fixed right the first time 816228. 18558162281855. Online deals auto collision. Dale's and was breaks take care of cars taking care you. 330 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our bridge working in Lee's summit will force some overnight closures this week mode out we shutting down northbound to ninety wanna Colbern road tonight starting at 10 o'clock it'll reopen by 5 tomorrow morning. Southbound lanes will be sent down at 470 until Wednesday morning. And for seventy will be shut down Wednesday and Thursday night's crews are working on the bridge. Three UCLA basketball players suspected of shoplifting remain under house arrest in China but another report that president trump intervened in the case asking for a resolution to what what all they care. NBC's Alex Stone has more. The Washington Post reports president from discussed suppliers arrest during his visit would Chinese president she Jin ping asking that he help resolve the shoplifting case. President she reportedly promised still looking into it and make sure the players are being treated fairly. A US official is indicating charges against the players have been reduced and the case could be resolved soon. Check traffic and weather together next. Mostly cloudy conditions on tap for the afternoon time alight south southeasterly breeze in our highland fifties. And we're really seeing those clouds thickening up tonight it's more drizzle forming a low from the mid to upper forties. Patchy light rain or drizzle here or there on Tuesday a lot of clouds sickened around her high mid to upper fifties. Into Tuesday night we had a chance for showers and a rumble of thunder are low upper forties and it's a gradual clearing and here for Wednesday the high upper fifties. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer an air more Katie NBC weather. It now I case CI it's fifty downtowns 49 your official weather station. I'm Kara marks are staying connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Comparison of the tax line. Scott don't get talked VP screws the fourth to a world where we knew you were there. And I guess sudden independence and the blue springs area it was cruise in the noted. Here again I don't think that people called it blood Nolan. That's a direct touch Rodham does and I'm just rod industry. This idea that friends that I had to grow up and independence and that they cruise Nolan. None of them ever said Donald. Ebbers got through our one time. Don't know when in fact in Texas in the Dallas Fort Worth area if you said to someone they were gonna cruise though Cooper you've probably got punched in the mouth. Not just punch mouth no I punched in the amount. We nerds recommended were awful and issuer. We would get my dad's old Ford Ranger and sit up at the parking lot at leavenworth plaza and everybody were to skip back and just sit there. That was what we called spot on Friday night. Hall. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly has requested nearly fifty million dollars per year. There's more often and Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner wants fifty million dollars per year. In addition to the lifetime. Use of a private jet out. All for yourself. Once lifetime health insurance for his family. Now that's not uncommon for those big big big big big attacks to Sanwa health insurance covered. He's currently embattled with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who was threatened to sue the NFL. It's negotiations regarding details contract extension finalized without approval from Ole. And it's a long hours while two of the biggest tools in the world's gonna need to know rearrested imagine. Now maybe the jet is it his way of just thrown some out pretty dry they're gonna say all right okay screw you about Filipino channel why parents you want the insurance in the fifty million fine but don't Friday use of a private jet for the rest of your life. And there's nothing he put on the list that I personally know myself. Fifty million dollars a year worked has cut us off. I would argue there now though I I yeah I would argue right now he's not. The NFL isn't a crisis mode right I I was watching. Pimple games over the weekend. And two things came demise. Number one. While there's a lot of football on TV's guys. And I got the thing about the only night in and out Thursday Sunday. Monday. Best holes on Tuesday it's Sunday. Monday December just remarkable and a Sunday Monday there's. And it's too much and don't forget you can pick college football on Friday night and all day Saturday. So the only days in America where you're without either college or professional football. Is Tuesday and Wednesday nights. That's it. I don't know of its people upset about. Taking a knee or. You know I'm not gonna watch still can't cabernet just put back in the league. That's one side many of the other so aren't aren't gonna watch a very continued to take in the amounts that side. Wondering if we are over saturated on football. You're not even mentioning high school football which has on Friday night which is not the national religion it is say in Texas but Scott do you know her school is still in it so is ours and now everyone is. Freaking out wait you can't be in it because we're and is only couple of your and it no valley is still in the playoffs. Who do you play Friday. Wants a new age okay so you know no damage them follow me here I care if you beat me age Friday June. And we beat blue valley does that mean I play you will you don't cut AM ES. Just all white. School in my bar the door. I ago. What you think you will go we got a little Friday night. You are the epitome of what is wrong. I got a set you don't get me I said. The whole city is gonna go to escape Scott I actually do it like night and this is why nobody likes we would you guys take. Limousines to high school football game. I cannot remember the last time we're in the White House I can't even. I don't think it's ever happened. Supposed to be shot in a sneezed and we did we were not supposed to be valued whatever it was two weeks the west and we get. But I'm nova plays records and. I'm so excited to that seen everything. Football. My son's senior I tell me the whole the whole city's gonna shut down for this game. I'm very excited. Ask me what the penis. I Dana. What is the theme for the blue valley school that your kids attend flaps Friday night game against whomever. Light. That's original. World where. You know every school all American does that I had never heard it now so people. I'm so excited. They're kind of racist. Other alternatives to Bradley would you say. That's why it's time now. Why because the other team is also blew so we can't all because every kid and your team is quite Noelle you wanna show solidarity with the play that is. Shot. So there's this thing the royal Brothers on the team and we are in the playoffs it is. But exciting Travis Travis they have come up down there in Hollywood with this brilliant new idea first for the theme of the game and industry other team spirit yet. Tell what it is wide out. I don't. They're gonna dual wideout Travis oh man who's gonna polls. People consumers. Stay out. I am going to Wear. White pants and a white shirt and maybe you'd like Scarlett isn't going to speak old British or they were at the campaign. Look at that putt to end this perhaps a move that I don't have have we noticed that last week I got called out and rightly so. Because I say the word black. Black I have I have like on its own. When I say block. And believe this was you were off on Friday at this was one of the grievances on Friday after and blouse. But has anybody noticed how Dana says the word quite. Quite. Get it for minuet or she does the same thing she goes quite. Now I fully admit that I say the word. With a little bit of blow in the beginning. But have you heard we're having are quite. I the well in oh. Who you do I stop. It's. Cool it's rampant. I don't think ever and this is like this this is a big a deal in north where the planet blue valley. Now somebody's down and her to take no limo. While I'm friend my doubt she'd. This has rightly took it again. Somewhere that's like down the street from me. Boulevard. Will and I think people aren't we mean. Metcalf. Tynes came stark seven there were pictured some twin and we should get there yeah. We might even a few seconds to spare this is it. Those kids and I am until I and out of my mind excited we're going to go get those little. Hand warmer than it's going to be really cold out I don't believe that's. Cool weather. Well see my kids school. They won the championship last year in the year before and some Cisco is possible and I need it just. Chance for a it's going to be fine it's 64. Outside possible Scott. That your team and might team meet up in week. Because if you're still and I'm still you're not in any ice or some some. In the year depends what class. Privately and that's why we don't Mina. I think we play blue valley and the winner of that game goes to say. It. You don't have enough students yet that's why would hopefully. Good luck I. Reluctantly knowing that that's going to tell us were so excited when you tally of trying to argue you quite. The white a white as Snow White out. Get right black man. We. Sure her up so much. I. Know. Well now everyone is invited I'm telling everyone is bipolar rule and this is my assistant. At a clip of what. To the white dress and my per cent. And give me a hot or not and Ers at the White House diet coat and cute that regular congress and that's when. It right here. For the number one Volkswagen dealer and. When it was get the mail coupled is goes on her to talk and madam let me see your VW stuck is said and he's like go. This is great I'm telling you I've until around the nets forty T line. For about three weeks now on I don't wanna give it back it's got the whole front to back member of which is incredible. But my favorite thing is that apple places I keep talking about you plug your phone and and fatigue one does everything for you a text message comes and it says you have a new message from Scott would you like to hear and I say now. And that it doesn't do anything it's risk you're gonna love the apple places and ask about it. And right now it is Black Friday a month long apple tightly summits of here's the deal you can get to 101000 dollars off all remaining twenty seventeens. Up to 101000 dollars off they are also. Handing out HDTVs. With every purchase right now so if you're in the market for a new TV for Christmas them. Huge car huge TV you don't have to stand some long Black Friday line. OC box wagon of Lee's summit. Also you upside down in your car keeps sending people to them if you are upside down. Let them help you turn right side up explained that when you go when you're gonna love Superfund dealership Volkswagen of Lee's summit. Just off for seven in Colbert wrote tell you wanna see Dana's car. Really. You can winless. I know our guys blue valley north to Mill Valley cannot meet they are not in the same class and stick to politics. We would know more if we broke down high school football. And if we broke down politics. Like him see him okay. How game I had no idea. Asked me the answer is I have no idea how many well I think you would hear about the question about as. Prior to. The blue valley Norris. Mustang mustangs. Having a miraculous post season how many regular season Friday night games did you attend. Oh rod knows the answer Roger and up the answer is I believe the answer would be a big fat none none. I. I just haven't stay. Like everywhere she goes. Like funky town right yeah it's not partying until about 830. Yeah its own and I gonna show our young men are online and but note Raddatz our Dana it's it's it's a Friday and someone a little ahead and take off my make it home nine. Nath there's no attempt to make its own. So go to the big game this week I'm so excited Fargo who I haven't Intel now under our. If I Alex is going to be great first quarter. Doubt I'll see more in line look how exclamation points do you see either. Where were as beat me it game five exclamation points I can't. For the for. Zip. Or you guys doing the horrible limit Xena idea in this I'm. This week last week this week oh this week you're taking the women's team. To the high school football game. You know how Robert TQ what's your general idea that the eagle on web boards no I think she. Bottle no. Fixer. Whose idea was this case it is horribly bad guys. What are my friends who has based on plane so they have been on every there's a single there's this street cred you need to pull up that limousine. She McCain won't buy. I can't claim to be so much time did you go last Friday night. Okay here's the deal that last Friday rumored. Even my kids set. It's going to be a lot. I corn and and and they didn't go and then I start getting these text messages in all caps excited. Exclamation points oh my gosh we want everyone just rushed the field. The only that was employed keep you from going to probably like you don't need to go months. Bulldog mix and play Texas senior we should be doing these things I'm super excited. At data along well you guys are gonna look ridiculous. They dropped me off around the corner. I wouldn't not get out. At the state. Whose ideas that's. I lose my friend Natalie Natalie who I was their last name but I will tell you she has a son playing on the seam and she's a very passionate booster. Very passionate about this game. How does one become a booster. Of high school football program. Has got to get plan. Imus when mr. it would Ida Barton did. And I tell you I got an ad in the in the. Program and tell you right now jacks seniors women died season starts today. Get out of my way with my excitement black notes got a serious it's his senior year. High and going should be. Passionately excited about every single thing that happens and yes I've sent it. Somebody wants now the only way this could some more jobs economy is if you're gonna tell you which argument. You realize segment and I know this is it your idea I think it's cute you're going along for the ride. This is why people Johnson. Is because they pull up and they're trucks. Add on are operating in Lansing and well you know who is supposedly. The bee's knees this year is terror Christmas telling me just last night out your hands dirty Kansas and he goes let me just use sweetheart. He said no one wants to be a blue valley school bore. Then derby. Kansas. There'll be any jobs economies doesn't matter there is amazing you can. I'm guessing I don't wanna paint with a broad brush here. I'm guessing and dirty Kansas. It's like a Friday Night Lights thing like the town is fine. Capsule. I work Aniston on some threats as yours okay stop and you come here to hurt me. You're sounding ridiculous. Services Woody's image in the swimming coach Jack you up that water. You show that water moves your ball I have signed in the locker decorations are all man they're Mike Glenn Campbell Scott. That is school property and I think that week I don't care. He's gonna. Is Dana the parent no deals once set by. But I guess there's an answer to that. Kara and menus work and I told him terror his senior speech at the end of this year up. I said I will be thanked and it will be meaningful and I will crash. It uses are working on that is teach right. Now as every kid get to give a speech to see a speech at the banquet yes I don't swim back I've been waiting for this banquet argument like you Greg for each lay. Years. In Lebanon. Well. To Derosa to let. And good digital and in between prescription. Now. We're calling it now be prescriptions. Mixing. It up. I've derby is a wealthy suburb like lead to the parents are old airplane engineers. That's recessed and it is it's outside Wichita. But they say yes it is there Friday Night Lights there. I was smirking at the tech finds that that is their wine involved can only imagine a bunch of joke how moms are white girl wasted darling out of high school put on game and McCain. It threatens to go with serious. I mean it's just it's going to be everything that's wrong so Jones accounted falling out of it tends home. Newsroom Caremark. Happening now I'm KM BZ another woman comes forward to accuse and Alabama senate candidate of sexual misconduct more next extra listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.