Is Frank White broke?

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Friday, June 15th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy yeah. Forestry grown barred him. It was for Jane I'm gonna say as a main enemy. Lin on the girl apple has reached a multiyear deal with Oprah Winfrey greets a regional programs were streaming service. Yunnan. And those are bristle podcast thing. And listen every week. It. Holes super Seoul Sunday that's the cast whereas Tony about the evident with the inmate who was related to reach thirty year low. An ornament. He would just sit around with some total now see what I listen on the way home and my car amassing court Alter them. Because I can't figure you step. You have this incredible ability to read. 600 page books like the mango and and the Paris architect which by the way thanks a lot of those recommendations. You were able to watch countless. TV shows on Hulu and Netflix HBO whatever. And then you also have time to listen to podcasts. I eight don't have time to do any specifics. Where do you find the time to do list. I listen to Oprah sometimes on my way in and sometimes on my way home he read a book on your way you know. I read a book after 10 PM and before Chris gets towns over in like ten and midnight is usually when I read it. When I don't know what she's in need TV lately. I really not I've not had a Cynthia I have golf on in the background but I haven't binge anything lately. I just I don't know when you have time to tools. Generally and and this is going to the same for Kelly or anyone listening. When I devour those books in quick succession them and them it's when I'm traveling. That's what I do when I fly I don't listen to music you know I'd agree with me ask you should make time for art in your life skills to beat writer. What do you. She says that would write it would be. It would be I'm telling you I those broadcasts and not Oprah keep it might do it time for art my wife listen to music all the are about the raising interest in people she interviews like this guy who was just released after thirty years on death row by the name of Anthony and and I popped acting on the way home I'm in my driveway going. You have the next that would happen you know because these are people have gone through like. Crazy things and you think to yourself how can I go through that. How angry would you be eaten if someone kidnapped you put you in prison for thirty years tried to kill you on death row multiple time. And. The book last night cannot wait for all I do appreciate art. Night your site I was in the musical stock. You appreciate music and I'm not saying music's not art. But you have a Vera very and I'm not saying this is wrong a lot of people like this you have a very narrow definition of art to me. Yeah it's anything I can't do. That's that's I can't write a good book so I think a good book. These are like for example right now. I happen to be working my way right now to the James Kobe very well written and by the way for all of you think quotes are from. I'm like a page 100 right now. And I have he has not mentioned the president one time he talks about you know. A signature is childhood and eat well in chapter one it's about his childhood now he was all the gunpoint and that's how he became. Wanted to become a prosecutor. And then the chapters I've been reading up to this point have all been about going back and worth between. Jobs in new York and Washington as. A federal prosecutor. The president's not even Matt mentioned not want to. Certainly things like my mom as my mom on vacationers that would you like to read this is my mother news. Just a total trumpets here selecting a pan ocean depths she's done it I might actually give mr. tonight. Opponents Michigan writer checks with this one of them and I won't. And T care because you're expecting in just edges wouldn't do this to you but one of these interviews is with a woman who lost her. I believe for children and her parents and a house fire. And she. She survived that and he thinks yourself. I mean. And and one of the things Oprah says her is how did you even. Get out of bed. And you know she says there were days I didn't. But eventually he. She started to slowly try to live life again and I don't mean weeks later months later I think. We're talking years and who who's this I'm just a woman who wrote a book about. You know why is about to. Overcoming stuff. And so if you think you're having a bad day you listen to that bike. Yeah that none of us are having a bad day to. Parents the Oprah podcast. Yes but it's very little operates more to people seem obvious. Islam Tom you. Us cut you don't make great music he's okay. I like to listen to music because I suck at making it. Is that what you could do if you could pick one thing that you wished you could do it if I could do anything other than what I'd do. Did didn't do. I would be robber crazed. Okay Karen what would you do if you could do then. One's a skate. Mechanic a real professional ice like for real yeah. That's amazing to me it is idle Atlanta backward yeah aside of one blade can't do that line. Rodney what would you do if you could do one thing that you can't do care no honest. What is the one thing he would love to be able to do well. That's. And as tablet go back question. Halftime any serious. I don't know. Oh com want there's got something I have you know how is one ended. Actually I always wanted to write like comedy stuff right for a caller's home like that. You. I wish I could play. Piano for real you have European partner I do remember is my piano from when I was five years all I remember the day my parents made the final payment. I cannot play piano and I wish I cut like really good actually flirted with taking lessons. I've Romans that puzzles for a while now does he enjoy it he doesn't he's I'm amazed I'm amazed that he's really good that you don't have opium. Can he that was it can sit down and play anything when I mean anything like you know Mozart but can he sit down in sight read and play. Pretty mind. Yeah guy he's he's really good and and next here in school he's gonna do the saxophone I guess. You tell him keep an uphill below killer if he can play I'm Brian. When you. Right after stars you can test vote well. He was taken for awhile on like an electric keyboard economy and that we we had and it got to a point where. And I able to do. She's in so yeah we've bought on from a music teachers that in the new one whether there. So much is heard and I want to be Johnny role ones I would love to fly around Kansas City all day long. Insert joke here general if it be an actual movie critic. For your jobs to be watching movies and escudos other people is that like working at a chocolate factory where after about three weeks your like. If I never seat chocolate again. I would be so glad I get you have to watch movies as a job. Against Lisa little joy out of it I mean maybe suspected the problem is you would have to walks all else out there apple clot. So we have there's going to be a lot of movies that I don't care for but still rather do that than most. Should be its workers reliving. I watch all those avengers movies that are coming out I like those whose well. Oh. Cam actually with the system does enjoy more than just top gun again and again. No I look at it because I am very not coordinated and so watching that and like it's so graceful and being able to death. Move like that and died I don't have that I trip upstairs regularly so I'd love to be able as well. Believe me I now hope what do you do November. It. All. Next week okay. What day Tuesday are you gonna tell us here. I haven't decided how we're gonna do it to the silly string little little messy last hour so much compliments of color. Tell Dana when I told you last week or earlier this week. But I notice Alyeska decided to borders. To tell. Do you feel the same now who had headaches this time. Don't know I don't think you can to. Again be right we let's do that doesn't owe cured. The chick that came up here into the pencil thing we can just do you day how hard is it dangle pencil from a string. Yeah I give any thought of the we need staff involved in and hammer. To ride your for Scott Stevens kriegel messed diamonds may be your looking for a very last minute gift for Father's Day. They can debts Oreo watches. For the ladies pairings diamond earrings. Watches again for the ladies bracelets in anything you need including the biggest. Engagement. And wedding ring you have ever seen in your life don't ask them to show you some of the photos. 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This next chapter in the probe comes as white former Kansas City Royals great. Has put a large portion of his personal collection of baseball memorabilia up for sale. Including his worlds are a World Series trophy in 1980 Golden Globe awards statue. VA he won during his eighteen year career the sale could net tens of thousands of dollars World Series trophy along with. Could bring as much as 151000 according to an auctioneer. For the former all star second baseman who has acknowledged being under financial stress. Since breaking with the royals seven years ago. His troubles have included unpaid taxes for cloture on his wesun at home. Baker has previously acknowledged an ongoing investigation into a transaction involving mortgage. Josh always office did confirm they are reviewing the matter. Three times since he assumed the county government top job in 2016. White has seen his house on the verge of being sold at auction on the courthouse steps. Needed to win when mortgage payments. Widespread assessor is that county executive Mike Sanders. Arrange the media a meeting in independence where the alleged bailout occurred the day before the foreclosure sales to take place. And I know what you're gonna sank. How does that happen how does that happen how does that happen. Because number one professional athletes back in the late seventies and early mid eighties did not. Make the amount of money that will make today though he didn't. And number two I think there's a better. System set up for athletes today who come in too big money right away where they will sit down with you and say OK this sounds like. Money that's gonna last you and your grandchildren your great great grandchildren for the rest of their lives possibly summits worthless and 300000. And again I go back to what did that salary look. Like back when he was playing. And we've seen these guys lose their World Series rings lose Super Bowl rings because they they hawks and to try to recoup money. Dana to pay the bill says he makes a 1121000. Dollars a year in his baseball pinch. Kate yeah at a 145000. Dollars a year from his job with the economy. That's 257000. Dollars a year. That's basically the value of his house. He makes 257. That's just off of what we know. His penchant for Major League Baseball. And his jobless count. Frank White is clear in 257000. Dollars a year that's a pretty good paid. And and somehow you're having financial problems. While Hamas is in the IRS. How could be oh the Irish had. Anna how do you how can you and I figure I think this happens a lot of people but if you look at professional athletes this is not. A rare. Cautionary T we're not expecting my heart to bleed or you know all I just think it's very. Very common especially for the older players do you think or make in new. In the millions and millions of dollars. When in reality back and the salaries do not match what we're seeing out there today it into that they didn't have any education about. Investing or saving our you know this this train is gonna come to an end someday this strain is gonna come to an end what is your plan B. It but it that's not an excuse. Heat it's like Frank White has a four million dollar house admission pills like George Brett. Frank White has a 287000. Dollar house and we some. And makes 257000. Dollars a year that we know. It's of the news here is Kara marks a seven year veteran of the wyandotte county sheriff's office was killed today we'll have more next. You know I was in desperate need for new pair of slacks about a month ago I made one trip one store. Because I knew exactly where to go Byron on the plans receive the best treatment. From people who know fashion and no to talk about right before one of my vacation stop by Byron again and got a custom fitted sports jacket. World class fabrics a precise custom fit and an in house master tailor who confined to your fit. 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Attorney general Jeff Sessions says he's proud of the way FBI director Christopher ray he handled his statements about the inspector general's reports. We're not going to be defensive. We know confront any problems. And we don't deal with them one by one in a proper fair and appropriate way. And we don't know it reaffirm and recommit ourselves to the highest ideals of that great ideas in the FBI. The report found there was no political bias in the Clinton email investigation with the president today pointing to politically charged communications among FBI employees. As proof the FBI was biased and plotting against his election. We'll check traffic and weather together and acts. I'd been bragging about my girlfriend was down fifty pounds. It's actually 52 plus my doctor. I keep shortchanging to pounce and she went in to see doctor take at the center for nutrition in Cleveland. And what you idolized when it sounds like guided safety like Sudan we get a guy calling yesterday. 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From channel nine on for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Andy for right now I case CIA it's 92 involvement in any Fortier official weather station. And Kara marks are the radio dot com that is the official new home of KM BZ downloaded today listen to us any time anywhere here on news 981 KM BZ. And in the sweet. We have fast it's Friday coming right after the 5 o'clock news. And over a week from today worth 54 street grill and ball our. And blue springs in honor and a privilege if you would spend your Friday afternoon. With a us. Wrapping up a conversation about Fred white. Former royals great. The current Jackson coming executive. Who is now under investigation. By the Missouri attorney general's office. Regarding financial dealings. He apparently is putting up a lot of it is royals memorably this is sent 'cause. I can't say that I know frank quite I've met him. Handful of times he's been nothing but good gentleman. Super easy guiding you along with. And it's sad. When you think about it here is one of the royals greats. He's up there almost on the same level almost on the same level as George Brett. He's had his run ins with the royals we don't know about that he wanted to be the manager they never gave me the chance. The two sides parting ways years ago and are just like you go to your wayward ours just go away. Don't come on colonel Moore. And now is putting up a lot of his baseball memorabilia for auction. Including a World Series trophy. His Golden Globe awards. Of which she has eight. And is expected to fetch this auction tens of thousands of dollars. Here's a guy who makes that we know. 257000. Dollars a year which sounds like a lot of. Money it and it is a lot and is. But I'm guessing his debt. His current debt outweighs that income you feel sorry for. I feel sorry that the break with the organization he loved and gave so dearly. To arm ended the way that it did it but he should be a part of that front office. I understand but I don't feel sorry for somebody. Who apparently was used to a certain lifestyle. That lifestyle has stated. And for whatever reason he either didn't save the money made. Now you could argue data and you would be right that a Frank White in 1986. Does not make what a Major League Baseball player makes it too I'm not Angeles and you'd be Dana you would be absolutely right however. George Brett who is a bigger name the frank why but but in this town let's be honest not by march. I mean George Breton Frank White Spain's almost almost no go hand in hand. These were two guys who were with the royals through the heyday. Both have their numbers retired. They're the only players. That the royals have ever had that have their numbers retired. Or out there on the off. And nobody will ever Wear those numbers again not a street race. He had to have made. Millions. And millions of dollars. While he played with the royals George Brett for the love of god in heaven. Was it a four million dollar house in mission as he shut and George Brett was not making the money that major league baseball players are making today you would agree with that I. Is that he has also been a part of that team still airport still. Airport as the most recognizable face of that organization. Before. During instance frank why could easily. And I think he did have like. An endorsement deal with some roofing company here in town like him born. But Frank White is an affable character. Everybody likes Franklin loves you now with all due respect. And I've I'm not breaking any news here you can't say the same to some people about George Brett. Some people love George Brett and some people can't stand George Brett OK fiscal jealousy OK that's fine. Frank White go find me somebody who is not the owner of the Kansas City Royals who has a bad word to say about Frank White you can't do it. That man is is what we call this business bankable. Frank White could go out. And so you'll again but again how many athletes have gone into business or tried this are now I'm gonna do this and lost there shirts what they need to do let's save look better than Scott. Look at Derrick Thomas god rest his son and Mike can they end up auctioning off paper plates out of this course they were selling that when I am aware. I was there. It was sad. And bizarre. End. All I think most people just wanted to go in and dealer looking to lose and I remember thinking all of these people are just sifting through. His rap. Honestly. For pennies on the dollar I covered that as well Tuesday that sigh and a state that was where it was really sat. You and I were both there I was a reporter. Came BC reporter channel five we were both there when they when they did these states have looked at Derrick Thomas Austin had to anyway. Also trying their sheets and their you know if so I guess my point is and I'm not asking you feel sorry for any of these athletes I'm really not. I do have empathy for them. Because of the way things ended with the royals in this particular case but again I think this is. More than norm than not there's going to be more of a story here though because this is a man. Who by all accounts at least looking you know Mike Wallace's son is a pizza delivery boy and his wife his widow and her is homeless him. She's homeless I'm saying is their house to be more to this Frank White story because this is a ma'am. Based on the price of his home. Who did not. Outlive his means he bought. Excuse me. Frank White. According to the story in the star. Bought himself a house in Lee's summit. For 208 it's a place yeah at 287000. Dollars who knows what it was when he bought a but I would imagine it was far less. So here's a man who's clearly living. And I use air quotes here within his means he makes 257000. Dollars a year that we know. And somehow is having financial problems so it's. That it has to be turned over to the Missouri attorney general's office is. What does that say that says somebody's may have said in the fall now I think it says he's in the present. That's I think that's like this someone whose numbers add that's my point that's why I think there has to be more of this story how do you have a house. Worth 287000. Dollars which you clearly atlas for. It gives housing prices have gone through the roof smear I don't know because Rome pork. 130 miles an art house 200. Com he bought a house clearly less than a quarter million dollars but makes more than a quarter million dollars a year. Some fish is going on this money. Maybe you're right. BC invested in something. It shouldn't may be the tried open a restaurant but George Brett. Opened a restaurant on the plaza that failed yeah. And George Brett. Isn't under investigation. George Brett is and selling is four million dollar house it is and there's also a cautionary tale if you're going to go in tune that type of business you have to surround yourself with people. Who know what they're doing when it comes to managing that kind of business and that kind of money. MM and maybe. He never got atlas I would have no idea I would have the first clip mark Donovan who used to be the general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who married my next door neighbor in Lance. That's what he does now for the NFL. Mark Donovan. You may have seen him on ESP or something he goes around the NFL to teams and teaches players how to invest their money. How to save money because your career is going you're not going to be a Frank White you're up playing for twenty years. You're gonna play for three years you're play for five years. And bank at bank that why you can't that's right. But I don't feel sorry for these people. Or you were handed a golden. And you pooped. I think it's more complicated than you would like. To make it and I have empathy. For anyone in that situation really do. Do. Now you start talking about white collar crime more you know this year is gambling problem that kind of being of which we don't know that I'm saying just in general. In general. In it's easier for me to say. Okay c'mon. Mo money Mo problems. Don't make my finger past acts. Should it. Kirk or Kirk Kirk a 57677. ID widget to your calls or comments in this moment ever depressants Friday February. Right after the five partners. Kansas City data right here it is time to spoiled ad and the clock is ticking. It's Nebraska furniture mart haven't exactly what he wants he will discover great deals right now. That your dad's gonna brag about shuffle your dad's favorite brands all the latest gadgets a love and cool state of the art technology. Tons of perfect gifts all in one place some think every that big screen TVs. Home Theater Systems grills lawn equipment home security products fitness equipment massage chairs. Countertop appliances and more. The mark has a gigantic warehouse that chances are repurchased will be ready for easy pick up her best ever let arts friendly sales professionals help you find to get that is perfect for your debt. Regret mark cart and expect to knots plus there's financing to help stretch your budget make it easy this Father's Day and get to Nebraska furniture mart. But there's older say one big. Are we are continuing to follow developments out of Weinbach coming breaking news this afternoon. Two deputies were shot one of them fatally the other is in critical condition last word. They were transporting and inmate over the county court house. Somehow someway tragically. This inmate. Allegedly. Gets their hand on one of the guns. Chuckled and come. Somehow gets ago shoots one officer he has since passed god bless him and his family. The second deputy a woman at last word was still in critical condition McKee medical center the suspect the prisoner. Was also shot we don't know how that happened. Here's what we do now and this was an an open. Garage. Secure. Area. Where they routinely brings. The prisoners out shackled and handcuffed and put the manic car and transport them literally across the street. For a court. And we know that the shooter in this case had a court date this afternoon here and what ever happened. However it happened happened. In that very small Al to war. Secured space. Between getting him into that van and across the street and we know that the shooting happened outside of the car. I would. Bet you dollars to donuts there is surveillance all over the exterior of that building and I. You know of course we have shied away from speculating about any of this today we really have tried. I would almost guarantee you they already know exactly how this happened that is going to be an extraordinarily. Serve failed area assure outside the question is not an inch let's not surveil by Karina somewhere and analysts there's some fluke. Where where something was an operating correctly I would almost guarantee you it's a very sad day for the sitting out almost guarantee they know exactly how this went out and. I just I find it. Incredible and in the thirty years and I've thirty publishers have been in this town and twenty some odd years I've been in this business. I don't ever coal and having watched what a million what they called perp walks. I don't ever call something like this happening. We're somehow. A shackled suspect. Shackled handcuffed. Out with two arms deputies. I it's got an and a I've but I have a feeling authorities do. We know that the Kansas City, Kansas police department is taking the lead. In the investigation for wyandotte county because wind up counting. Is grieving today like you can't imagine of course no fathers say Sunday it's it's it's heartbreaking day for the for the city. I have the deputy who was killed by the way is seven years on the force 35 years old. We don't know anything other than. She's female she's a woman about the other deputy who was shot of them she is in critical condition at last check. At K medical center. Sheriff's department said the ma how further opted into moralist on the article leaves. Maybe they're trying to contact or family. Before they say anything more about her condition. Yeah we just had a lot of people asking on the texts on and we wanted to remind you we have been monitoring that story very closely today. There is just nothing from our vantage point there is nothing new. To report but we know a lot of your getting your car's right now writers getting in your car Atlantic as final word on that what's gone on honestly care when I heard the news conference. That we have a dangerous job and this happens every day. I thought they were referring to. These shootings yesterday in Kansas City, Missouri. We have three people shot in Kansas City, Missouri yesterday and officer involved shootings I'm listening and I'm like okay we're updating that story whatever. And that's not what what's the is a very. Very. Sad day doing wyandotte county the shooter the alleged shooter do we know what he or she was. Being charged will now we do not they've they've released very little information about the soft spot just that he was due in court this afternoon. For an earned. And it was a juvenile facility but they also housed some adults are so there was adult courtrooms and yet now courtrooms in so it was it was a juvenile we we don't know that. We just don't know that. Fest this Friday is next to get in early rod you'd be so kind clear the phone lines let's get a fresh start here 576. 7798. Grievances coming up next on fasten this Friday but first to newsroom here is Kara marks. Happening now in KM BZ an officer involved shooting following. It's our lives yesterday actually we are looking at the latest. In the deputy shooting today and why and accounting more next. Now summer is here to my guys that still wants KC Cole have them come out and beautify all of those or areas of your home protect those investments like you're your deck. Your driveway that's a big. Let them out they're clear penetrating permanent sealant. And put that stuff down help you protected you know sue once Casey offers a 25 your warranty against deterioration. And how about those cracked and staying garage or basement floors that got you covered there they'll put that permanent polymer decorative coating down easy to clean on slipped texture looks easing. And we'll definitely bring that wow factor to your own. Called today for your for guest at 8169423927. Incidental to call received 20% discount remember was sealed once you Selig and forget it. Good to see once Casey dot com call 8169423927. Today. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.