Fourth victim comes forward in the Shawnee Mission School district.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, October 10th

Four girls.  One Boy.   Same story.  


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Listening to the dead and parks podcast on tonight with that mist and fog we're gonna go for partly cloudy skies by the afternoon on Wednesday not quite as chilly with a high of 62. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ weather right now it's 45 that year severe weather station. I'm will starent state connected with the news 981 KMD easy and KM BZ. Dot com. Let me wrap my last hour's conversation. What that's. Got a text from. My good friends Jack and corona who worked on sales are. Pacers. In regards your current topic about Harvey Weinstein. Go read the lyrics to the Eagles king of Hollywood. From the long run album in 1980. Mean region the clear okay you ready and a well he sits up there on his leather wrapped looks through pictures of the ones that he hasn't had yet. When he thinks he wants a closer look he gets out as little black telephone book. Come sit down here beside me honey. Let's have a little heart to heart now look at me and tell me darling how badly. Do you want this part. Are you willing to sacrifice. And are you willing to be real mice. All your talent and my good taste. I'd hate to see you go to waste. We're gonna get you an apartment honey we're gonna get to a car you know we're gonna take care of your department we're gonna make you a star. I. Here's. No funds. And he thinks he. Didn't lose someone tell. Sounds like Clinton's singing and lower register as saying her little dry yeah. Com. Weird. And a quick reminder. We are still real to be inviting an office superstar Tim O'Brien. Author of the things they carried will be in the studio tomorrow at 4 o'clock and I had not realized Scott I came to this book a different way. I did not realize that the Kansas City public library. Does this all call every year and they basically tell everyone in the metropolitan area to read one book at the same time. And this year. I think November. Their choice. Is the things they care. And they have released this book again if you will in tandem with the Vietnam War special. That Ken Burns has done on PBS the documentary that everyone's watching right now I'm. So author Tim O'Brien who penned a V novel in. 1990s. I believe he's seventy years old now flies in tomorrow morning he'll be here to tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock if you have not read the book. Run did not walk it is a very quick read it is a it's a novel of sort of short thoughts and stories. Chapter to chapter. Abouts. A fictional. Alpha company in Vietnam. But it is so real and so raw. You almost. Can't believe it's fiction but but he says it's fiction he is a veteran. But he says this is a fictional account and he's going to be on the show tomorrow tomorrow at 4 o'clock and. He appears I believe Thursday. At the plaza branch of the public library to talk about the book. And his experiences in the war that events is sold. Out so real so if you wanna hear him speak tomorrow here 4 o'clock is at Oregon. That Davis had informed on this the new Star Wars trailer came out last introduces a Monday Night Football. I knew it was gonna happen and it created a monster storm troopers out on the field. And and then it went straight to the trailer. Hello awesome I can't wait to see it. All my god Roger can you pull up just a little bit of it if you don't mind from YouTube or some. And dating go to Macy's our comfort just sacked so happy it's the new Star Wars trailer. When is this due out I believe December of this year if I am not mistaken I think it comes out December 18. And the new trailer came out last night than they had it on Good Morning America this morning. And it's like freeways awesome is this for the last satire area last year. Yet it's like three ways to Austin better. When I. Yeah. Maurice special. These wings didn't. He's someone. Rental reaches this handout to her. And she takes. We're assuming that's what's that mean you saw while there can be some creative editing going on up. Okay I relied on right now that looks on. I don't listen to. It's OK I didn't see last night but just listening to it now this is what it's not like it sound like a bunch of metal. Random quote. And then more metal banging it isn't very good like get your dad is feeling obtain owner and doing well you and me man you and me I don't say and it's bad I'm just say and cut I well actually near the visual periods go to came BZ dot com right now we've got it on there. Or FaceBook page go to Twitter we've got it up and check but early call. Exciting and it's already this Christmas. December 15 by the way points is when it comes out to several hours just a returns. Yes your right 9818 nerd alert alert yes you're right nerd alert I get. Under. So Imus I watched. I've been watching rode one a little bit like every morning before it come to work. Put that solid number two mountain. We behind Amber's it's a fantastic movie may be the second this was moved out rogue one is great holes. Yeah. Oh by the way text or 4186. The best thing about this Star Wars it's alive it's the last 10 contrary Ramon prayer all because they got a console. And coming out and this is only episode eight or do an episode 92 so there's at least two more after this one. Directly into the ground Sally well that's. I. And summer and I want you. Episodes seven and yen gave it away is a reason you left little boy who was very happy with the kid was autistic and special needs and in a wheelchair and I'm mark OK maybe. Maybe he was I mean he was a refugee mean. From Syria. Yeah don't feel so art. Data. I don't understand why you haven't gotten in the store were you me like family dramas rights. School is a huge Elvis legacy. Of this family's problems apps. That Star Wars. Dad tries to kill silence on tries to get that. Off. I'm Rick racks of evil persons to. It's a space opera and I sister and brother of kind of full club would really fall in love with the each other at least as it that's weird creepy. But they realize that. Their brother and sister yet they do well all enter species space bro man rides. You gotta walk around big dialogue. You know as a flyer. Spaceship. Funny she doesn't look through bush. And it's different. Angry men who have incredible jumping ability of the world. Now. If we did a big viewing party came which you know right do you wanna use. And the plane crashed the mountain between us movie with K Portland split outbreaks now Laura. Is that the 100 no dog in the rugby playing crashes in the Andes and each other no doubt now in movies good that's called alive but which is a bad it's. Is. It. A rob Babcock here I hope your enjoy. In this Dana and parks podcast well you're listened to keep it and this is podcast. 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A windows Kansas City dot com in its windows Kansas City. Dot com. Called window world today. Yeah. Yeah. Do you know. And it's. I'm sitting 679. Days and six strokes. University of Hawaii students reportedly opened their inbox today to find an email headlined. In the event of a nuclear attack. An ominous message center's North Korea continues to threaten a missile attack on the United States. The email to students and faculty members gave instructions to quote shelter in place. If a nuclear or ballistic missile attack by Kim Jones regime did occur. I'm quoting here from the email. In light of concerns about North Korea missile tests state and federal agencies are providing information about nuclear threats. And what to do in the unlikely event of a nuclear attack and radiation emergency. Pop dual world and do. Grab a six pack. Grab a chair. And go outside and watch fireworks. Because if there is a nuclear attack on the islands of Hawaii your. Period. Would you try to run. Like you. Would just in high it looks like something out of a scene from the walking Dan. You would get to maybe election and where where would you run. I have no basement. A child worrying about these things because she would hear the Cold War needed in Isp Iverson XP you know ban. And I remember being afraid of like in nuclear and of the movie the day after I watched more and I remember. Being scared that something like that happened I'm not anymore and the threat is probably just as real house ever be did you and I can only speak from the experience I had. But grown up on our riposte. We used to do probably once every couple months. These about nuclear attacked girls especially for witches huge massive combat altered those. Were we would. The sirens go off on the loudspeaker in the school and you would get under your desk. As of somehow fate would a little bit of metal was gonna protect you from radiation blast yes did you guys have to do that public schools yes. I mean yeah me. As a moment high school science teacher was just like if you were that this. This is just do it or not. Just ones which teachers as role model and Verdasco is. And your dad. And that would have been a real it's not funny that the theatrics of what they had you'd do. I mean here's the deal those guys don't you remember. And Witten was like five years ago when they were selling the duct tape and the plastic sheeting for your house's. Remember. Was it for Y two K. Where they were selling kits. And it was like duct tape plastic sheeting. And you know that's Smart I thinking like why people why this but I know they do. I mean I have like three water jugs. And enough canned food to maybe last two weeks. Enough ammunition to kill about three yeah that's that's it until after that I'm done and now. And I had a packed years ago. There's a nuclear missile common. My front yard lawn chairs cold beer. Vote below and just. I'm not gonna run. We're and I ran to. And I join you this course you care thank. Amy you can even GQ. Which is considered the front yards eight. Roland park. In Iran the Platt. I mean I'm sure in which got its. It. It would points out she does have a basement. Would base and even Xavier. Now I remember after the day after people were throwing up from German but that's only from radiation area there with a losing their hair to just say yes very afraid of like. Throw up. Wonder should we can't watch TV at all because maybe that's why I'm so we're maybe it's from my days after that yeah now. Much. Could of the news or Ramirez and bolster a suit targets a metro school district more next. Right here for doctor take in the center for nutrition and he wouldn't 135 and route one in my. Dear friends went in for her free consultation. Yesterday. Finally said look I'm tired. Of being tired I'm tired. Of Yo-Yo dieting and tired of not being able to control my weight my metabolic health. 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Girl's father is now suing the Shawnee mission school district the lawsuit alleges the girl was assaulted quote entirely against her will earlier this year. The boy's school records contain reports from three other female students about similar assaults and that none of them were reported to authorities. Several current and former school district officials are named as defendants. President trump says he never undercutting his secretary of state Rex Tillerson. President told reporters during an Oval Office meeting with Henry Kissinger today he quote didn't undercut any bunny. The president also says he still has confidence in Tillerson earlier this month the president tweeted the Tillerson was quote wasting his time trying to negotiate when North Korea. In an interview with Forbes magazine published today the president challenged Tillerson to an IQ test White House insists the president was only joking. 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We'll start to warm intranet through the seventies on year Thursday getting into the eighties on Friday next chance of rain comes in on Saturday but should be over by the time the chiefs have a kick off. From channel nine for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. I'm will starent stay connected with news in 981 KM BZ and KM VC dot com. Absolutely right. It wasn't quite suitcase with a plastic sheeting and duct tape a few years ago. It was over some threat of a dirty bomb or never that didn't chatter about a dirty bomb. It. So that they were selling those duck tape plastic sheeting tents and I remember thinking. Yup the dirty bomb goes off over the United States I am not sure as powerful as duct tape can be. That even duct tape is going to save you from. Cut your teacher may not have said boom you'll dead and no shoes thing. Scott come over my house decorator refresh today again deep freeze. Beef. Plus we have enough stick. It sounds delightful and we're not looking to shoot each other yeah. On the same team here. By the way you want to see the new Star Wars trailer it is on the KM BZ FaceBook page. And it's awesome. Our story here from the Kansas City Star. A Shawnee mission middle schooler and her father are now suing the district claiming school officials did not report. Three sexual assault allegations against a boy who'd been assaulted her. The male classmate at west ridge middle school mobile home park. Has been the subject of three previous sexual assault allegations but school officials did not report those to law enforcement according to the lawsuit. The girl was an eighth grade student at west ridge middle school earlier this year when the alleged assault occurred the girl was in a study hall classroom. Clean supplement. When the mail alleged perpetrators who was sitting next to her. And forcibly put his hand yeah. Now is little chance she assaulted her. And it broke leg and allege what they're saying Scott and gosh this is an interesting we're not gonna make this topic this hour about sex assault. This topic is about education. They're saying to Shawnee mission school district nit. That there were three other girls who came forward in new school. I mean talk about a kid was some problems. In middle school saying that this boy had done that to them three girls. The victim number four is now saying had you handled this when you should app with victim number one. There wouldn't be 23. And four. My guess is and here's my question. Can you kick a kid out can use today. Based on three allegations of sex assault you cannot come to school here anymore that's unique to be home schooled weirdo make weird Al. And I I Scott I don't know the answer to that I think you'll have the right. To a free public education. Police were never involved in the first three allegations which in and of itself is illegal because these are mandatory reporters at school it's a shame on you shot a mission district for not report. But allegedly allegedly to eat but here's the deal Scott that's not allegedly. There are four alleged victims with the first alleged victim the shot mission school district had a lead role. Obligation. To call. Is a privilege or a park and it they had a legal obligation. No questions asked to contact oval park police and say. We believe there is an allegation of sex assault on our campus they didn't do that they're hot water that but. But back your original question can you kick this kid out of school the answer to that one is yes to your secondary question. It is a school district somehow legally required. To provide even a troubled student with some sort of an education let me turn this around. The kid let's say he didn't. Allegedly grow. Or sexually assault three other students prior to this fourth okay. Let's say on three separate occasions and then a fourth he brought a gun to school tank. Would you be required. Now granted the kid would be expelled EB kicked out of school right never to be seen again inside that school. But with the school district be legally required to still provide him with some sort. Of an education and if so how you can't send him to horizons that's a high school. Well it's writing and saying this is why Shawnee mission school system has the horizon school. Here's my question Verizon is a high risk I know but just a girl. Who attend horizons. Not have the right three point should not be sitting next to grow up be met grow. I don't think the answer here is that you shuttle them off to Verizon's. About the girls' rights of those that don't wanna be sexually assaulted. I would love to hear from our educators what do you do with kids like this because. I think they do have a right to be educated Scott I just don't understand. How he is right to an education. Supersedes. The rights of these girls to not be groped in class. At some point and let's just assume that all of these allegations are true we don't know that but let's just assume the Taylor. At some point does a school district not have a right to say we're done were. Your kid is a menace to society. Your child is un educated ball. He is assaulting actually. Girls every which way but lose. We're not we're not going to put up with his disruptive illegal allegedly behavior anymore. And you can either send him to a private school you can send him to a military school in North Carolina home school one but we're not gonna deal with this guy anymore. So much sorted you know they what is expelled him had he had a pocket knife in his backpack for crying out out he would have made it that you grow sport girls. And somehow and here's my question. The mission school district is not stupid they have a staff of lawyers they have a staff of law enforcement officers they have their own fleeced apart why this child was not report it. After allegation 12. And 3. I I am dumbfounded. Start start write checks because Scott. This family will win this lawsuit was. Going into a courtroom. 576779. Make it to your calls your comments here in just a moment does a school district. Have a legal obligation to educate even the most disruptive of students. This kid is accused before he even got out of the eighth grade of sexually assaulting four girls. At west ridge middle school in Overland Park parents of student number four. Say they had no idea this kid was walk in malls and that he was such a menace. I've 7677. Did write a different programs to it would very low cost life insurance dot com man's name says it all low cost and I would also throw when they're easy simple and fast Stuart. Data that is exactly right we will help the listeners navigate through the maze of products that are literally hundreds from which to choose from depending upon. Your individual state of residence but we will help them find the policy that battle he needs that the amount of coverage. Well I will make sure that NATO right period of time whether that it came near term a fifteen year we go craft a thirty year guaranteed level premium plans. You're real quick a forty year old male with a nonsmoker otherwise in good health. Can get 81 billion in return policies Lance but 28 dollars public. Reminds supporters I just sort. 81679280700. I think 167920700. That's sort. Woodbury with low cost life insurance dot com. 77 tonight. But Vicky in ray more hello Vicky. What's gonna. And out popped the question. All. I'll bet that was the thought about it. They're still. Yeah. It I don't know that that. Typical talk with their prayers are virtually. Ahead and open dialogue and they want it and when they outlawed oh. Lord. The question why are still didn't hit it built out our. I mean I would let the oil for. More likely. Big yet don't know the answer to that on whether or not the parents knew. Let's just assume they did. And if they did know why didn't they go to the police I don't know I would maybe there daughters begged him not to. I told you about this permit maybe they did even tell. Maybe this was some they told the school administrators. And I I don't know and I've been out of school for so long him and I don't think. Pretty god hasn't. Capital One of my daughters where the school has some sort of confidentiality pulse I don't. Can't imagine that from their own parents I mean I I guess it could happen. I understand with the doctors arms and that was schools. I would hope not I would do I would I would hope if my daughter. Winds it will first why don't my daughter would be comfortable enough to talk to. Concede at this is what's happening at school. Yeah that's a big thing with like. I've had conversations with my son who's nine. And Roman I've talked and talked about. There is not the net that you can't say to me I don't care what it is. From from the F words to something scary to something's funny if there's something you need to say to me you tell me man I don't you know I mean. It goes back to a Dave Helling always told you with his kids yeah. Don't get into a situation I can't fix make the mistake I can't fix it which apple is shall the kid is. Driving eighty miles an hour on the highway with no seatbelt are driving drunk driving drunk and those of the types of things that. You know. You get a massive head injury in your. Laying all over for 35 I can't fix that now. I. I. Something goes uninteresting. She's border to know you have to provide an education programs allege students. They are concerned you are going to actually on the U pure and juvenile detention. You do get an education lighter and juvenile detention. You need to find out what. Charlton county Dallas. But it's always been that way forward Dirk. If one activity in its even today. If you don't human attention you're gonna get an education. Ha interesting okay. In injury. Agree educate you behind the walls. Yet teachers for the school district. Are hired. To. Teach kids don't learn their math and social or English and as well. I. They're all in Kansas City your next eyed girl yeah I got. I. We didn't like it. All of things we do as adults are our so they're they're right there in the cage safe and everything that we say and do we don't matter. I have one thing that. Grab them by the sushi. Oh. I don't think he was suggesting that that they do that but what he's saying is kids hear this yes and they think of credit and it's okay. These aren't your cool weather. Mike in the north and last word Mike. Screw. That art dealer you know army. What politically. Correct thing to try and trade or did. I'm in a quandary they're gonna fourteen year old daughter and when she. We can be inserted take this to a counselor. And she told count or the boy's side through her. The counselor and a to have somebody they'll deal that is by seeing him choke him. Okay. Where. Were they receptive might to at least your concerns could I think what this family is saying. Is that the school did nothing and Anthony's 12 and three and now we have victim number four. Well I'm not sure just sounds so actually grow after at work. Or whether it was just our our Tokyo earlier so. The boy's dad. And a walk out the door of the school. Bullying stops here. A little period. What can I do. I don't know. Art or sport you know dollar. If onkyo. Much normal Conan arm yes it will Wear cheered. Well this girl also blaster or appear on the eighth grader would know crimes Kirkland and make sure you don't. Yeah. Ignore all of my daughter. About ten years old remote school she's she's. Intelligent she's clearly sheet. Doesn't. Give into it wearable clothes middle school attitude and outlook our. Like you know what quite frankly I I would. I would look to get her out of that situation and I know you're disable that nature not hit somebody doesn't mean they've got to stick stick. You got it debt. I would I would find another alternative for that child I. Have actually no problem if for whatever reason and I don't think this is the case. Is so Sarah found herself the victim of an in school bully and it became relentless and it became. A real problem. No end in sight I I would move her to DeSoto high school yeah. I wouldn't think twice about it. I'd encourage her to say that's what she wanted to do. But as it became relentless like what we hit an and I know sometimes and I can already hear stuff that's not an option here we only have one high school in our town. Whatever I understand and for that I'm sympathetic. Arlen. My god bless you man and I Pritchard daughter. And I pray that these idiots at her school wise and up. And get their head on straight. As I do not understand. The mind of a bully. Are you born broadened the reduced. World we love each other issue. This is just me kid with rod rod kid with me. Dan and I can with each other. There isn't there is no real world bullying that goes on Amish. And when it happens it's not tolerant of I'm 767798. To the news German Worcester. Happening now on KM BZ troubled piles up for Harvey Weinstein more next. You've heard that Time Warner Cable business class is now spectrum business what are you waiting for make the switch now. To spectrum business today they've made it's so simple they've made it's so much better. And so easy for you to switch you know for starters they've increased their Internet speeds from sixty megs to 100 megabit per second. They lowered the price to just 4499 a month when you bundle with voice for only 2999 month. 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