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Sunday, September 3rd

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Welcome to fostering hope a program that opens the door into the world look Foster care and adoption sponsored by Foster adopt connect. You'll hear stories from all facets of Foster care. For the kids who've experienced the system firsthand from parents who were taking on the challenges and rewards of creating for ever Bailey's four Foster children. And from child welfare workers in policy makers who work within the system while also working to make it better besides you're an important stories you'll learn how you can help society's most vulnerable children in big waste or small. Please welcome our host the youth program supervisor at Foster daughter connect. Nathan Ross. Welcome to fostering hope I am your host Nathan Ross I'm without co host this week. But I know they're here in spirit we're joined today. Banks you've been to know who will be talking to us about transracial adoption from the parent perspective. Aysu. I am I what I'm doing well how are you. Thank. Thank you for being here with us today as we start next session talking about. Transracial adoption and how recent culture impact the adoption experience. So do you start us off just by telling us who you are giving us some background information on how you beat. Who I became an adoptive parent. Absolutely well I am glad you said my name but and that I won't I'm with I have contact Kerry has suffered here in Philadelphia. We actually living in New England when you are for just getting started on the journey of the deaths and we both got up in Vermont and line up to college or Leno and got married him. They're living and not achieve it while you're there and we had a passion for anyone to be something you can count on our love. And I knew we didn't really another language kid can you look at the time I. I bet that an education including special education. Major in college. But that's our awareness and understanding how all of the different content news. Related to include children and equally vocal well ball. Opened up to a known as the fellow at the and we just knew nothing about at the time but me arm. We knew we wanted to do something can make their country nod he pulled equally tired. I can mean anything when that he didn't seem on the topic including a moon on that occupier urged that well. I'm sympathetic and the American Indy warm. I'll repaint clean handle it and you can wallow in what they stand. And they came out quick they're stealing from her picture and form and I got to collect cook than me for talking about profitability in the top. And literally had been me I very short amount of time we had virtually no money went the college step. And and and I did come out I know that the biological child and I mean you own a car and tell me. Whaley walked at. You the local. Adoption agency that we found I think a more local Kroger and and walk in the door and said if we want to adopt a child from Indiana not how the indicates the Blair hadn't had my agent. Everything out on the product for the taken a look at and said something like I had that very night he had go and that couldn't all grown up. Odd. Oprah yeah yeah and we don't need and we let's talk. Well. We're really love me an invite me I had. Bad at the same kind showed a picture of reality they started kicking up a bath. Not only do it in India that he had income at the conclusion about what optic telephone can now own backyard. And what could put them. Mean there oracle bought wanted to don't often think she. You know global platform that I'll pick for an Olympic vote and we will quit learning and that you'll collect on a class a lifelong. Learning. Not only build our own thing in me but what ended up becoming an election alone for a career add civic and community activity everything that Google will not go up because a lot of other goofy formal welcome. And found my initial period he did become part apparent and Tina can watch it you can. And I think earlier I won go to any type of I couldn't. I just had to communicate when you're when you're barely knew who waited a little Mac. And bound. Now at a club that he gave it became clear that went very politely ended that he had not had any expletive you know on growing up. No did he won't. He came clearly a lot more and we know now but that while pool. The language and that I don't know being picked up much at the current. And they came to a different backgrounds they shall be more temple dental and I Bennett who actually commissioned to a lot of different. They're cute. I'll light. Being pulled own background but he had had little prior experience itself. Well I did this all started wanting to learn why a lot actually a lot about. What can I couldn't compete and do you think you can't but. I'll lose. Yeah and noted in Gammon lake Cumberland reading news that a man not the other envelope got. He can't go unnoticed or apple not a lock or equal marks wouldn't be a young kid can pool. I know I could can pick and I Hamas and and they've gotten that we thought really armed. You won't see the apple every child in the criminal can walking on the clock and many of god and pray that I want you can not only got and then I'll put a golden. And I'm fully elevate him to adoption. I'm looking to adopt children in California actually conclude. Hard and play many many youth action that I would say I am glad you reminded that Pocatello while I thought we got you on the ground. I can hold actual adoption we'd love to actually move that could golden and other content that's cool. An actual need. When and where they're pretty damn good have. We also learned that you know what. Thank you know every county looking for a lifetime without pool rock solid. Or not at all about who yeah I'm. Then me at this layout is enough being done to keep the immune Italian packets that Clinton would enlarge or an election looks horrible relationship or move them. Broken our country if I can only. I don't believe that more and Bob another inning out of the clerk. Biological family phone communication. And do all that became more aware of can you cocoon and Malcolm X and the phone can be content. Lack that you won't be blown. Gold pants might not warmup she named all are we really connect. Symbolic you know I think you and I like all those youth who went from being kind of kick the bucket and more I'm. Really weren't in my heart it with us and within kind won't. Yeah moving between those who have been getting more involved on the prevention and communication is wrong and then finally look of the current tension can't get rid. Look at our grandchildren how many years and won't back that quickly and to stand up if you really got an evolving. I put black both personally and each print them off. The Hariri could not situation. Understand the historical complex and on the current calculation can pull it has informed. A pass from both sides are. Cruel years or that advocate who and why I'm like look. At. And so you mentioned that you started out wanting to adopt from India in the new. Talked about it taking and Foster children on domestically. Who are teenagers can you talk like oh why it helps you in making that transition a lot of people. We get into fostering or adopting even if they're wanting to adopt. I'm from our own country it is thinking small children and babies and they're gonna Foster babies how did you make that switch from. Indian child to a teenager here in the states. Yeah that's a great question and note initially even little Lincoln didn't have we weren't thinking I'm black. A narrow mind really got an older child like as I mentioned at all. Gary didn't know I can. I'm pregnant market. I'll biological child and so we knew that we could. How the club that Walt Kelly why not continue that can capture momentum toward some people feel I'm. And so we immediately output you know you don't need to get why we don't need to be done one other thing we have had a baby yeah oh. We will look to see if we can be a Yemeni collection I might not otherwise get on him at hello Montreal in the trash problem child in the home on my. I love like Obama and I didn't quite cool to get on. And fluid thinking I had found that need all of actually not tiny children that are not they be. How do you even feel. Yeah. And really I think I'm only now I'm glad. And that's kind of a little potluck which I'm already slim dot com or move. I hope I'm not back. Couldn't happen in the Mac and older how well he. Coco baby you know while the country not enough you can move and can look Cucamonga child won't look at clear out and I think because they recognize an open man. I think that they've been out that. Look at all and let the Pensacola mobile phone or picking all the trouble. They will DNC but I think it then why am I spoke pick up and had very crippled and who worked all. You know in the daily format that looked like a coupon then you know yeah I won't have to look at all. He was an old school let's quickly inaudible but she had already. I'll eclectic and I think our own Clinton actually I walked in and I didn't actually want that at all. Oh wow there's not a whole crowd that if you're not going to be open in both on the club and then they don't want she wall you know. And I know. That he can but I think I wore a lot in bed trying to get that back into won't be going well I would like you know little baby in my opinion on the dot. I'm getting Nabokov. Look what about now the lid and and the guy and actually on mom mound and you might need another week last a bit. Barkley can truly an OK Craig a great package and then and Milan on the journey let me help you learn more about all the world that are out there which. But he invited at twelve and I remember going to play and I felt kind of like a moon rule where. Am clock and he sent blue uniquely com. Com. And see you are or aren't all. Still I'm sorry we asked to go to break so I wanna stop NAFTA we can get to that story when you return. Console as you continue to listen we'll hear from sue about her experience is a transracial adoptive parents on fostering hope. Okay. Welcome back to fostering hope I am your host Nathan Ross. I'm here with CBO today who was talking to us about transracial adoption. From the parent perspectives. Assists do before break you're giving us some background as Ted. How are you and your husband got into the world of adoption and you were starting to tell us the story is I want to give you can go ahead and continue that and so are we at a cutoff for break. They want and I'm not have a low cut in mountaineering accidents happen political coop know probably not Golan rather than. Kind of Koppel at how Michael Crichton I had hoped he won didn't he did was indicted in a bad that I thought. Movie night will continue for a good common won't community bond didn't go a long day. Good out lap or exploded. Oh the club doesn't it look you know. Then you ask what will you be willing you on good American Gallup found that. Or they couldn't putt that killed while we were electing clip that they become the FB IP they had an MIL. All of that you can make it clear connection and include the globe he bought in and ended I would and that in the neck and I went bad and I know you have a couple of them could quickly. At the we will provide emergency. Packet can't no one can change can't. That we will get help you know I heard the link and click on hand in hand. We had to be one of my best one more on and we wanna do it in a way that. Young man or lady on the Latin for the American people who can allow opening crime. Pat them on what could well I knew what all kind of barking in the pocket Kentucky and I want America at a hospital and you wanna be back with. In her eye on all the we planned ninety more won't pull out of I think that's our crew. Only on good parliament that got hot couple that economic merit at you know what or who looked like. How can help car and London hospital or the a goal how to avoid all that I well of all the parents want. I did little prayer and he won't get wouldn't call it a miracle that you don't want compliment coolly he keeps cool wolf we'll be won the glove the pop world. Only one who hadn't performed. You kids out god what a good up and conflict normal own clot will buy it. And that parade in exactly how it that it would really. I put up on though really come out of nine I passed and I I had that not all the needs all help control that we'll get control. I'll have that opportunity Cologne the company perhaps somebody and I heard it all got nobody. Panicked and that's what they look I'll hold on. It couldn't be more about it a little added that aren't normal on all the other all. People couldn't get an echo in Oakland. So how many children do you have. Well I actually have a like I like Clinton can actually I think I'm about and that long ball in the home you know won't. When he pew well I'll I'll adult now and we did have me that. Had come well informed global hub and actually we have no I'm not so little. Not mine Michael article. And more than happen then came up over the Yucatan long you don't control form located. About that I like condemning what they can live. There are not yet being clutch you can't put not only did we and we can't think about 75. Other children and I don't I'm not even close between now only teenagers but not in the cool but compared with nutrient. And about one connect with the American people could children and all can put up multiple on the children and had very good not because automatically tracked well. I counted so we did have a little baby that you all all alone cold. Col Allan good medical condition. And so what is there were racial breakdown for your family. Yes I need to act like I actually I can't beat it into the belly yeah and about a black when he few that I like it that I like I can actually he can't nine African American and I've unlucky now. Will be considered cut it and then we would be considered Asian but from different Haitian background concluding that they had mentioned alienate India. Quote that he people like you. That had a liar are back when he knew at that the numbers add up to kill account will be similar yeah. When we didn't allow he had a lot of club. How close you can because that's what I'm population or woman looked Philadelphia pat last week I can I can now track you can't children. Does it add picnic over the years I love it and and a lot of adult children who are. You could let children have done him credit he control how many it and has so to a new home. I could enlighten you could pregnant or are not at all their own. They pulled it back on all. Sometimes I look at me cloaking oral help children all look different initially but local children I'll look at all. We did not exactly clear but if you have got above a lot of I think K good I'm good. So what. There years or opportunities have been present and that's part in the trans racially adopted family. And I got caught in the interest in. We are barrier breaker we're very about your best round I get that car Park Slope up. We haven't seen Michael Elliott barriers won't allow that opportunity underwent blood almost there I want our children when cool at all I medical crowd while. Aren't and who African American when you're coming truck in the criminal case. Children coming from one point to another black can go to and they can't be interest to contact with people had to cook I. One party you happen to like Obama proved that the adoption happening. And wanting I don't know actually gonna come underneath the market if they contact Crittenton went out. I'm white parent like I had known what they won't he won't all blocked up on current. I'm fed up I put my actual all day at normal gospel or McCain or advocate or they claim that their. And you don't reform I'm. But. The nit pick a black it has been my uncle my opportunity I'm going to conclude ground as you go only. Learn what the contain wind blew and he goes well. And I I had a couple of biblical collateral may actually be one had to Google are very good club not all about it. I can't wait hold. And we had a Triple Crown king being called a local mall. Go one country gold club. My neck now I know my trip I love. Immediately be compelling an uncle immediately try to go to how old. I'm aunt both played well then what you can't handle what you Michael Brown all my mom you're. I would look stupid in cripple them actual key club people thinking at all. I don't let it be great exploration and about. That probably wasn't what he really needed it cannot comment on what they've been born into the second input and an important opportunity at an opportunity to really charming and learn. By the time this young man with old at the scene. Hatteberg doubled and cook. And I'm can't park crown in bury more that and welcome back in the day really what about relationships between. African American and white Orton couldn't that I could all be equal number I think what Capote good by the Britney but it doesn't include more. Morgan got anyone have achieved by black value lol I don't know who couldn't go box. And could I hope I want all on the whole crowd won't rule a couple typical. I'm black I'm black now my mama you're my body leg. And I think the people won't question my how do you again I'm not really about the question I was about who I had I. And I put that what was going on here from my friend so that's what an opportunity to really learn to look like you know like didn't need to. Bush and the in the home and try and warm them should be lump. In fact I've had my then you got on with who and then how one spot how other unique. I'll see you both since we have I love the opportunity to. I'm sorry we have to go to break again Dolan we return we'll hear more about. Stories impact your Finley has experienced and had viewed as a transracial adoptions. Namely on fostering hope. Young. Welcome back to fostering hope I'm your host Nathan Ross I'm here with super dose today who was talking to us. About her family is a transracial adoptive family. And her experience raising her kids today. Go through the awareness. Of being. And a different race and how they've incorporated that into their family and beyond. To see you before breakthrough talking to us about a story from your sign amend diversity day and I mates are we had to catch off a break again but can you just finish up that story. I'm fourth. So. Yes well I mean it's cool that I'm looking to reform the night and didn't go beyond 10 o'clock in the classical not informed or you won't. I laden whom. Situation that cry out that much we care a lot steeper than cool to like harm my include. Normal people you think well how would you saw. I thought I was told I could you know an opportunity moon moon learning about pat and I think all the other big. I worry about the community why what opened the ball popped up a more blunt all day then it happened a continual. And I'll Cologne called. My mom McConnell to conform won't be welcome couple. Comical in the happy couple mutual then yes. Our own it on all thought we recommend you with a little more fun. I got when he hardy had a guy that well and had. Yeah I would god calling from my gavel on the album only when I'm put. Coordinate beating a little that the monoclonal cultural why why don't. I only got pulled over. Oh man who got the software the political reform won't let me think a lot of the carton won't fly ball. I content being crippled clean. Well on the uncle. Uncle Lou angry and I can doubt that the armed. We thought and Paul you know a couple of perfect little Curtis and and he ended up you know initially bell diablo I don't actually poll when I wet my aunt got really angry with more and all down other content in that situation again could've gotten on the kind of gotten both look cloak. Mean they can't tackle on pulled out. And I'll. Couldn't clash for anyone was so I don't gonna happen not only help complete a penny a classroom and not let me. I had a firm. It got adequate heat no doubt you know there's a billion that's happening right let me talk about it I have. People began in the local natural pure. What happened in technical color or country or on. School took a blunt weapon how is that connects Oakland he being in my own and then got a problem lie on the bump into them. Well we won't continue and how would not have a conversation on an ongoing bull that it will conclude that problem I have been with a mallet mind. Adult children about ancient faith all that there children in school in the community. I thought it couldn't have been ongoing conversation I'm the one that's all cool on that. You know I needed that that we can't happen I want rule yeah unless goal. We were able Puhn golden. I don't. And so what. Do those conversations look like how have they evolved and you mentioned. Earlier that the first time your son faced some racial tension your responses someone he would give now so how has that conversation evolved and what do you say your kids. Can't vote them out if I'm technology. When things are tired old and gave them there will be no fault. You know depending on the child in my old in the second income won't I didn't blow. Although it Dallara up you'll want the Central Bank. I had her my whole that's my fault half are. Fumble but eventually mean we've done in the fact that their income comfortable with it and got a lot of them and it could actually warming can he had not been who wore a kid wouldn't go ahead. I'll and bad old cotton about. You know I'm the inning pitching what what can learn commence clinical content crown what I want to do about good how can we won't let. But I had my happened because it probably won't happen again I want you all look like it would not be. Oh and you like hit you know you can't that's what we're okay. And end at one tournament that you want but if you can about what might happen right. And you know it's really kind of cool idea that slowly not saying good bye but really continuing to ask them what happen and that's not how did it. How does that play out the next one well on both of them critically thinking luckily that the whole point. Wow are between current credit flowing without their and it might want the love on what could be on the Border Patrol Malone could score of felt good about a better awareness that they formed what they won't let you know I know who their culture because it is not good luck. I don't know you know boy me and I'm coming into the movie can't patent from contention. Out. Why won't mind being a you know I think Buchenwald. They've been hit sitcom but Mac. I'm formal action. If I could get terrible Q are envelope that announcement but Oprah she kinda control and create. Absolutely and so how have your kids responded to that the Ted. I'm conversations about race called sure identity what does that look like between you through the 22 children that you had in your home and assuming that those conversations will look different than. He senior white children who have. Siblings have a different race I will what are those conversations we'll quite get how have they responded. A full week yeah and it really is different with every individual how old age didn't above them cool about Colton more than. Their personal comment that you won't slow it down on the back up a brotherhood can. But one thing that's how you have you obviously don't have yanked a mom. And I couldn't come natural. You can't get we gotta tab for all you out ahead in the pro war because I couldn't walk culture copied. You know you won't want to incorporate everything from food didn't second what I value Calzaghe Wallin yeah. And being concern about the police that he can go when you give god could you wouldn't go camping or a chain teaching you can sneak a typical stop. I think you know them for the patent for the quiet Selanne and the panic or they couldn't believe the left which actually specifically changed our doctor. I order you. You could that we have been intentional about. Engaging with people and and according. To clean that that had the kind of method you can value them. A coordinate. I don't think that long and I called me. I closed cool. We'll look at the pulpit aunt uncle couldn't get to make it clear and format won't and in a very open on old rock bottom of the hole. Well it all ended up meeting could. Again can't you question on my territory Penelope when my daughter who. African American pension Gupta about the content. And click on a panel discussion within the current trend. Yeah public and clear the question how wonderful like me being black being raped by white parents. And he said. A bit intermediate uncle Michael RY can call opal well you know I'm. People are looking like that our child with a woman out. I can't. But influence prevention but now you know my my mom and let trauma seen in million ipads and quiet French Canadian and I would actually aiming I think it can have a culture and you try to. Learn about all of them we try to elevate all of them again and he tried who. I can't you know welcoming confirmed controlled my caddie and that kind of being pulled. I'm well I think that it almost thought that. He had nothing actionable that they feel cropping Madden yeah how good Paul. Son that. How Obama all color or small. I'll moon almost but he didn't more people who did he get the bed later in college he went on to become a little woman who. All of Washington multi cultural pollution all college. You know they got very cool. What I can bear. And you want to be no matter what anyone. No longer could clone a lot of people making all. Chose Ghana historically black college in unfold brain where on her picture warm bed. Actually probably one of the molecules bond while it can put all the cool. I could get that Holloway and that saw how much can control prepared themselves. If not pitching had to cut off our relationship they're willing to explore another round. On clothing and I'm not I think the content that will a lot of money on the open. Yeah oil or on. It's so you mentioned earlier he did involving your children's cold sure hinted your wife doesn't mean specifically pointing them out and I think that's. Absolutely great point so how do you work and your children's culture into your Finley in a way that's celebrates and without making them feel. I'm almost ostracized from the family. Yeah I think that the key glared at me in Indian connection. And she got a clearly going to be part of everything that you can't have a one point won't say what kind of course. Spot in your house welcome more multi culture that the Africa and area. But. You know that your intention of Taloqan and we move we move. I got my whole com lighting and a good luck and we chose to move any intentional. I'll yeah good to roll back and you. I could take a different country to go to war and well if those as they're not only on an accomplice in crime region. Over. How you can't determine what. You that you didn't plan what I was going to be on your loved what story she couldn't and he had to let down good hitting in the period. And it may yet be part of the whole. Addict and being camel like that won't won't. One shot they won't let. And hang out we'll continue to follow it for an ongoing and and I met at a conversation on I don't think ball. Sound cut you know. I don't understand why we're doing prime minister Obama doesn't I'll try to quadruple. Anything and I care about a pool than being on how that connotation I wrote a short story put me to a global problem. And I play in Kabul Lanka. I don't really want to keep coming she looked like an LA now it. What ultimately adopted in the world preparing public on black inner calm and getting backlash around. No one of the children and the cooking champ. And at the same kind more than racial tension shouldn't have happened in the count and the kind of how the formal. Look at all of those. And economical thing content. And that's actually. Of perfect place for us to stop we have to go to break until we return I do want us in with some tips do you have for people on how we can get involved and help kids. Transracial adoptive families thrive so pool here more from soon returned on fostering hope. A. Welcome back to fostering hope. I'm your host Nathan Ross we've been talking with superdome today in adoptive parent of a transracial adoptive fame morning. She's been giving us some insight as to how she's she and her husband talk with the children about race how they've. Interact with their communities to encourage their kids to be part of I'm telling their community their learning their culture and what that looks like so sue. He taught us but why does this race issue matter why do we need to talk about race in terms of adoption and and in general. Yeah I know we've been pretty landslide not that the hook her but I really liked it and he and I know mark for a cold because often. Oh people who are going conduction a bucket yeah people go higher with good intention good arm. You know they want and they couldn't complete punt it play but I welcome her a lot of people who say things like the color blind they are no bias said they're not president. I'm I could elude that if I may be it shouldn't be I'm not contact only been thinking long. All of it uncle Michael went through. But yeah yeah they didn't keep coming up all about a block why the official well Clinton can't say that. In other people who are quickly I want to get in between just a ball and institutional knowledge and I think. So I could be too bad call and let it under the I look over the water that you can eat or that they. Armed only in black armor and the impact or bad I'm on blood pull out all of a black community. And so even if you are open book he'll keep you blow it up Columbine Larry you don't have any credit default. New Zealand tackled by. Encrypted by it he said mark I hope I hope and you could and I say Lebanon can know how to build on the format because. We've all you benefitted by about how I. I'm keeping them made an angle and people I pulled both they didn't get trauma. I don't have to actually meant I actually I would not want. They're gonna come in contact with both institutional. Pension and that can shop at how they look at what school a lot while important are people aren't. On the belt blood on my mobile my uncle out all culpable or don't owe me you can't control panel that won't unconditional god. Lol I love you can't look at who Jay and the current. I completely that I will let children a going to fade or no I. Armed. Oh wow. I mean pat hit it quite how you content without an Oakland. I can continue how to warm when I could hurt even about how historic how much effect. Well and sit in the world will be a global oil or looked at and people all told me. I would probably won't pull a Clinton that. Can mom one white one black or they won't school. And that's not a good guy that could play in the local content. And the white mama blocks and account in going launch. Don't count hadn't McKinley thing men black almost all home and why landing quite understand why Himalayan nation but I don't like I was blue moon quite so light on cared about climate control only cool cool not crackle. A lot of platinum quickly club at some point. Why you compete at Hani the mask he had a couple pound kid I think he should carry clean bath and I'm. And people don't know a couple of historical racial trauma and now all. They're completely one shot at. Good. Black women in the war apparently when my carpet looks cool. But you know that being into playing pool. If someone can Milan and create your child you travel Johnny Tran in good accountant and I don't think chocolate likely to be cool control me and all locked up all my outlook on life. On flow if we can I know arm of the clue could the children to try to. Now their children in front of others that like people like now he not only cargo. You don't really want it known. Don't pay him yet because you've been asked me to accept he's not a couldn't get it yet. Are not on April. Become credible didn't expect a trauma that certain situations that school. We have. So it will be an informed one or how you can't pull basically don't want Q. Glam kind of compliment me. He pulled challenging the hand you need a different kind of cool what I wanna house home won't control or unlocked. Absolutely and so we have about three minutes left and in that time. He talked to us as an only expand the conversation as you just had mentioned the what else can the average person do to help families. I'm a transracial adoption. I think the biggest thing all. You can learn my country Karen by both me more on her mom killing my location. I'm thinking of unintentional thing for a while but I can't make everybody will not contain a formal good anyway I think about where Blanche they don't let them cry. On. Elmore and we can look at that you can Google won't won't you know what are. What would help what can I do wanna be held up. I'm and we could people can learn about it something called micro aggression and really being ground. Learn how what I had an iron cops who ironically I completely normal to help others. Gelatin like my crutch at hand and or no I'm not because I had in awhile I'm very much unless something without really. Among the mind saying no more had to pull me up and then being content about the compensation. And then quickly added I think we'll include you being cool pool. Everything from broken pipe that they crying wolf wolf wolf had a formal. Lou when you act standing up at a pretty comfortable oracle wouldn't own. You make ensuring good. Enough. In April a good group compliment that the whole community including. I'm being aware of how other than ball a little cold that can be a little bit on the ball. All important wall. Mom woman of color or that they perform. I think big ones that haven't set up mount the kind of background. I won't let cool. Absolutely. So any last words of wisdom Wu would you hope that someone would get out of this conversation and we've had today. I looked up and wanna get out of it that they concluded and then the change nation and we can be out there who won the club and it. Can you greatly encouraged to remain true but it did not. It's not always great coach Kelly child that can't make sure that I am going to be bad I can't get their own. Culture and and pollution could put Eleanor across the globe. But that a lot of them back on particularly journey building I broken and boy what am I blowing left in control will learn and control on. In functionality about the yeah all we can't look at how ugly week. We cut out of that period in what are bad you know week. Let me catalog on you know like on a lot on loan ballclub. So it could. Think until all I own it sounded like pull cone. You have a final funny story that you could share at this really quickly. Shore up their cricket and I got to conclude that. An excellent sitting on my put on. Not only a hole and who. Should eating at home. Couple black. And cool little kid who panicking when you look at that were about seven booking by uncontrollable I won't children who control both play. And they wanted to from the quick little more important cycle for a pinch me. That now. I'm not sharing with you because. I ate lunch tackle when I was told look what happened to me. The and they know my kid I had the really big in the old Cadillac but they're a vote on the black and control. And she went out of here than I want you home. We look how cool they didn't. Look as good a look at it. Though we've had though at a moment. That we talk about it is now called. Then got a colorful public I'm cool I think people would be into. That's amazing we'll thank you so much for being on with us today sue we've really enjoyed having you and hearing all the conversations you've been able to have with us about how. He's an European has been impacted by the transracial adoption experience. So you've been listening to fostering hope. But do you buy Foster adopt connect a comprehensive regional support and advocacy center for abused and neglected children in the families caring for them. To learn how to become a Foster parent or how to help vulnerable children and other ways please this visit us at fostered dot dot org. Or follow Foster dot connect on FaceBook or Twitter. You'll be hearing more about the transracial adoption experience on fostering hope.