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Sunday, August 20th

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Welcome to fostering hope a program that opens a door into the world look Foster care and adoption sponsored by Foster adopt connect. You'll hear stories from all facets of Foster care. For the kids who've experienced the system firsthand from parents who were taking on the challenges and rewards of creating for ever Bailey's four Foster children. And from child welfare workers in policy makers who work within the system while also working to make it better besides you're an important stories you'll learn how you can help society's most vulnerable children in big waste or small. Please welcome our host the youth program supervisor at Foster daughter connect. Nathan Ross welcome to fostering help. I am your host Nathan Ross who with my co host Jennifer Townsend I cant I how are you fantastic cool half. We are joined. And Thomas the president CEO of the Children's Place today high and. I made and I democratic caddie here thank you for being on with us how're you doing today I had a great day making available capital of the Morris. I'm not crazy that's nice. We deprive us I think can you talk to us about who you are and what your agency does. She'll learn and mining and comment and I may have had and working in now world luge. Childhood or over twenty years professionally. And I started my career. And then Catholic social worker and I started an organization operation breakthrough I was on the first therapist they'd hired full time night. Working with some of the children there and spent fourteen years that operation breakthrough working with lots of children that had experienced. Many many different types of trauma. And that became sort of my area of expertise is working with young children in a country that's kind. And again at the clinician work a lot of families and plotting impact it has not only on the child but on the electrical equipment and how that impacts school systems in communities and that saw a lack. You know the ripple effect basically has worked hard at. I happened to people. So at a operation breakthrough and was able to a bucket lending and Greek support a lot of encouragement from mr. Byrd and sister Kariya. We created a mental health program that went along with their early education program in which really proud that we have pride mental health services to the grown up. And began to change the culture there at understanding back all of those things do impacts their learning an impact the long term trajectory of children. I am happy to break and I learned a lot have a lot of direct contact with you know. A horrific thing happened to kids that you know I have. A horrific thing that happened to them. And about seven years ago I had the opportunity to come to the Children's Place and are right here in the role of vice president of programs. So more of an administrative role the overseeing how the work with being delivered feelings and I'll talk more about our preference amendment. Two years ago and CEO position became available and I was fortunate enough to be collected and an apple. So I have been the young to meet the need for two years. So up. So my professional career at the very much motivated by a making a difference in people's lives and then trying to deal with and help people along these attorneys. After wanna share that I'm a Foster parent. At a year ago my husband and I had an amazing opportunity to begin posturing I teenager. And she is in her home in and change are keenly dramatically. She's the child. Or incredible. Lots of resilient they've badly about the began to learn. Lot we've been around the professional now I liked what it really means you help someone get true and he'll. Have attempted to. Well I think personally a professional. Well I did not know that yeah. As easy for eight. I'm actually surprised we haven't met before I. And have our maybe we have I'm very impressed by obviously that Children's Place also operation breakthrough because that's. So many amazing things I used to work for. I'm closet they Nina is which is also. Mainly conservancy under the family and society has started so loud use yet you had your hands and a couple of girl. You know maverick as a fan of that community. But it's exciting I love that part of that and I think it's an amazing time in our community I mean you know you look at the last twenty years. The appreciation for early childhood development and look up the speed of the brain and all agreed that it's come out with an offer now the understanding of what trauma does my. And once the science happened what does that mean he deliver a service the meaning the feeling is such a at a great. Block and time and I'm in the city is an amazing community. It really is I I completely agree there's been a huge shift there I know that there was a time not too awful long ago where you thought that. If they lose if we neglect for instance happened to a child very young then. And they are fortunate that it happened to them very young because they won't remember any more impact than I obviously. The science has proven that had not true and I think that's helped. Us. Been getting these programs started in half and having them support her children and their families as we do you know impact that those things can have very early on and then. So. So and what are what is the capacity of the Children's Place when all do you offer. Sure look at look at it like it that Iran actually like it going to be your fortieth anniversary. Only started in 197800. Million people that change and then mandated reporting Lankan military though they were the changes in the legal bacteria and more people required to be mandated reporters that they saw. Some form of acute and black are concerned that they needed can. You bring an awareness Kinect. Well wit that we found actually quite set and actually backed children. They are starting to see more and more identification of appeasement clack. But book that awareness that suddenly looked around and the community and cannot have great source of so what do we do want we had these children unidentified marine well it was really individuals for emergency family court imaging nearly except that they had together and can we need a place for children. And her name and not think he can help you know that children played with started really at thing and I called it the therapeutic nursery. To be a creek school basically where children that have been abused neglected could com. And and be safe. I again forty years ago it was really and need to think that but it wasn't as it was at nearly the therapeutic services we offer now which really kept it safe haven and I'm a couple years after that started and we began to act some of these additional services I'm one of as being outpatient therapy. I'm only Alka added that the guarantee program. Oh throughout these forty years we've had different programs that I had those three programs are still the core of who we like today. And the children play forty years later yes. I played that is that is the now called each treatment because it's highly therapeutic it involves testing my pathetic little talk about ten minutes we that they treatment program. Where I'm picky children at a time. And it I clash strands. We have outpatient therapy that their children I could be H eight and at any child in our community into it acts he. Am very weak people that strike you compared the development came Betty. It individual therapy for that child after they experienced some sort of her chest. And we still have a parenting support services because what we now. And I know personally is. It's really challenging to be the parent and a child that had heart that capital that did it change AG parent different but it also really pack it. And at the parent at the crab apple and those meeting that support for the grown up it's really really an important piece of what we also provides. How about. So ever record for the year and yet I think we do that I am really proud cabinet is committed to the skipped necessary when a child comes into the child welfare system. Within 72 hour they have kept a medical exam. And then within thirty days that you're under the age sex they have to have a developmental screening. My question to first expulsion get a quick ion countless child doing good all battling. Glad we are part of the process that can do that so we had children who commanded just a one and done we have psychologists say Q. I am at a nominal I think the children you know. I'm intense all the way up to age sex. And we get our I thought and test them and then we write a report quickly they can expect them back at the state. Actually the workers that they you know I've made that speech is behind a restarting its peak until late in the area so we're hoping I cannot I need to getting early intervention services and place it quickly. And and that's the command that because again these little brain can change. If we know what the issues are and can get the park service that can connect L a keeps equipment from contracting because the fat content annaly quickly as. Child is really behind in their language development their behaviors are probably partly because they're not communicating and frustrating. It changes kinda neat that feeling may have had. Our response to a differently. I completely agree I think that we've said the same thing about. Parent training that just knowing why the child might the acting a certain way and what you could do to help them relieves a lot of the stress you view the whole situation differently when a child acting out because you know what's going on and have a better idea what you can do to help and so what services are especially helpful to parents can use. I know you work with children in Foster care but he also work with children that are still place with there. I'll ask parents to break. It is and you know I date payment program just to highlight again at the therapeutic priest caught and killed an Camilleri 90% of them are in Foster care. And and that's how. Any part of the 21 we have children that come and could probably within at least thirty retracting it could be rebuke from her biological home. We had children that I've actually been adopted we've children and a pick reunified and children matter. Great point in between bad and again that workweek you like family is really individual lied to and not you look at faintly and we know link the biological family if it hasn't Foster care that the biological and Lincoln called look what post. Amateur back to create those relationships with all the ground out. He can pick and there are all putting energy and caring for the child and so we want them understand. What we try really really hurt that you hear it PPP for the crime that's helped me because that I don't. We are child advocate. And that sometimes we are very strongly speaking from the child's toy. And we try to make that clear because sometimes. I'm glad that the child needs. May not be exactly what appearance beat. It may not be quite get out the bad thing for the entire family and we get that that we believe you know we're trying to help people understand what it mean to be four or have the link perhaps and them and so Italy it back and really are clear that Sen. Oliver actually I think it the world fun well. But on idol and they communicate that interpret that for the ground at. So when you asked about watered them a bit. Oh and I'm sorry and we actually we have to go to break the law of return I'd definitely pick up there and so continue to listen to our conversation with Ian on fostering hope. Okay. Welcome back to fostering hope I'm your host Nathan Ross who has my cohost Jennifer Townsend. They're talking with and Thomas the president and CEO of the Children's Place today I think you and for being with us. I'm before break you're talking a little bit about the different programs offered at the Children's Place and some of your own personal experience in your work history. I'm in so you had mentioned some of the parent specific programs amend such going to give you a chance to finish that now. And I can attack. And we do it rarely work with the children here. We work a lot of children the children are here for and that's why they come here that what we now that we need to help the ground out. Even world from the child died at understand what it's outgoing kid because ultimately because we've worked with only young children. And they are influenced every single day about what the current. And the more we can you know create that positive relationship and understanding that we eat better working more sustainable. We can't help a child learn to eat it feeling worried they're cute you know talk about what happened glove but if they re turn into an environment like that not. He encouraged. Or where that you know it's not okay because it's too hard to talk about and the products are comfortable at that. And it negates the healing work we've done now Ollie didn't styled. The we recognize that we are playing now that's for children whoever they're grown up all. Well look what happened encouraging them. That has so much more intact and yet he can compare my articulate their could do amazing things that we know those children that are ultimately unsuccessful because they act. Someone in our live the earth with them regularly audit championing campaign their needs and take care that are protecting. And so we work again really hard to view I hear it lacked. The crowd that need to outpatient therapy program works like I eat at a children come and they're fast and back almost weekly there's probably five to ten and that there. The gloves have come back air talking we'll let you about a little bit about what we've learned better at getting apple products and I can talk about what happened. Public not to let negative thinking out of the children that you think that period for the product like and it become proud group learned some of the skills that maybe you're being taught there. And we brain. And link them and therapeutic I thought we gave individual therapy to children. I am I they think we do have a lot of work on what trump I had an inflation badge and the old way of thinking about trauma like that didn't pack a kid. He got there with violence in the other hand they want to see it setting a product and packet Molina that's not true. So we're doing a lot agent. Like trauma and which all other attacks are confronting because many people. I pick. On them but what they need that way and we find a lot of am excited that I think like. I have a kind of politics now. And that some of our work with understanding. How the people story. The editor at large piece of what we have to keep it like educating after I've just educating about account development. Little ones need Lockett and English we need to fill protecting. I'm Pam. It people think of them as little little. Well and why we can say I'm at you know what your four year old Elaine and so. But like everything looked about the said that they did it with the trauma that the book or your old. Now or can't flatten that because of the opera. Well and that the but we need to do to pick and a that's a lot of while we're kind of hoping. He looked like the layers of the onion and understand your child you know what that the typical weather that the problem related. And then getting and killed if they want it but I haven't seen them in at. And we feel a lot of our school look at this point increase their competency. I won't I'll put a premium on a stressful Catholic act kick him out. Hoping navigate and me out for group. Group where am I can go and live you know 4567. Other cleanly. And he'll learn about how that increase. Haven't talked differently to your child or. You know what I feel like cute try to change your language of black. Child response that are. Offered to support groups and and then one month. Our deficit is that climatic. Evident in program called the BC I could be we can't apparently having an action he. It's an amazing short term therapeutic work its plan clock at and a child. They commended the agency. And they actually have a place fashion. When elected as the play remic I don't think I play around because we have very specifically and at that really require creativity so block. Being that you have to work together imagine. He'll get an activity with can cash out. It'll one point near and then at Erica what little. Money at out of that and watching the and then. It may tenth and then that we had spent several weeks looking at the ground up and teaching and killed about how he prays account does something. How do you they can be and I ask. About certain things like that it limits. On the wave that. Okay and that's okay with the child it actually not okay my body can't actually he actually has been. That means either wanna keep you can expect the area there that happen at some control. I am it's also about learning to do it at the children child and that's what it because it found the hard things. We've had a feeling helpless and making him edit important. And I used at. Healing process. So what happened to keep the atheistic or tech coach Scott policy differently to communicate. And then nickel back into the that. Owner of record and I'll only got time they had a little microphone here had that in here. And kept Erica on the other hand I had my. I went there interacting with the child that Erica just coaching Matt on a wait and see things differently are they going to allow they're getting a lot of encouragement. And we know people respond better to praise and positive saying yeah. I did. Now we all. Let me tell you haven't experienced trauma if he wanted to save their behavior they've got looked good positive comments. Children can pick and significant trauma block on Q rat. Kellyanne because they they make you feel how island so that can activate and beat it and sent. And we knew you know instead you know I don't like that your writing it. You I am leaning walker I love between your feet go one step in an idea that you are actually greet her and walking like. I am and says though that kind of the way you. Curry just the positive side instead of acting on the night that. That. That's how we worked for you. The only articulate that it's really. Wonderful to have someone right there. ET you can probably thank. Yeah encouraging you and you know when a child starts in the evening. And we want to get him. And it's easier cajun okay here take the locker here you don't need to pick up I'll do it Larry I'm telling you that the airport in there saying okay. If you're going to be all right and that the child scream yell at someone like I think it's okay if I. You can and I think and that helps the eight years. We may have aspects and that really. Nearly a child really upset about something and we hold but I am met with encouragement and that child parent that an apparent that the content to pick up at the ticket. It be trickling twelve hour. And other credit peaking Guillen will not talk about how did their homework assignment and we ask the at least kick you practiced with that home. We can't make it took me time I'll. Again that's around attachment. About playing you know at least I get an at every day are you sitting down one on one and get a good thing and being like your child. You know pull up the block club mr. Taylor had pull out you know a piece of paper Greyhound. And it is working on yeah we can keep even the kids they think. It. They need our valued. I'm yes absolutely. And so we do you have to go to break and I hear in a few seconds but I. When we return of course we just wanted to kind of get more into. I'm in depth how you have witnessed the work that you all do impact common good way and I help kids get back on track so when we return from break. Some will hear more from and Thomas the president and CEO of the Children's Place on fostering hope. I'm. Welcome back to fostering hope I'm your host Nathan Ross here's my cohost Jennifer Townsend. We've been talking with Ian Thomas the president and CEO of the Children's Place today. About the different services that they offer and how their services and act kids who suffer from trauma. And sodium before break you were talking specifically about one of the services. That involves having therapist coach parents threw some different place sessions with their kids in order to help. I'm a firm that. From those behaviors as just being child development and then helping them also understand what things might come from trauma. And so I forgot to ask you can you talk to us about. Though referral process specifically and if there's a cost way it was how does someone get connected if they feel like their child could use your services. Another thrilling car in question he we can't over 500 different children a year and Easter only children under the age of eight. Though the way at family get connected here's a couple of different plane. And again and articulate the program might be beneficial they'll and I call him they're gonna get a life her and and that they have questions about what our services Vatican get after another human being that the social worker in Canada and several medical talking to them about what's going on and do a little bit of assessment of what ever whichever program might be appropriate. And fertile technique that they treatment programs without real intensive work. I typically like it that much of a married Foster care and you'll hear frequently getting phone called. And children service workers. I am you know cot different people that are working with young children in the heat and alcohol. So we will then reach out to their Foster home and set a time for the child to come and and we do it at all panel heard behavioral screening a match out. And we are using. Protect school thank Italy for filling out questionnaires. At the mantle Holland the Golf Channel excitement the FA AR. What they were qualified for our program. Children that they treatment program. I am a kid that it. Are really really struggling which means that they're not selling expired in traditional I can. We want children do you typical functioning environments that we know and children when they experience the compound the trauma. They really protection alcohol and though that the children that the program serves. 70% actually 80% of the children and that particular program had experienced three or more trauma and now I have. I am I'm 21%. At that have experienced it won't eat milk all the children and that's where it pre school our children backpack packed. A lot of grown up things happened that yeah. So academic warrant and said. Had a program and our friend again outpatient therapy and look for any child a strategic eight and our community and has a traumatic and only can be everything planned bailing hellfire and now they're not sleeping very well. We have children that have gone through if I could become divorced and he has got that dramatically if children that eat up unexpectedly a lobster parent. And then we had children that it experienced you know domestic violence alert out of view. Actual. And we think they can't let that different trauma that might happen to thank for their children. I have one at a think that the kicking it almost all of them are in intact keenly and more outpatient program is he really serving. Box and young children in the community that if you're not impulse to care. But are now have had a hard thing happened. And monarch can support services and you know I get a person can calling and Anthony I'm really struggling. We tended where. Quell that her parents and children. I think first priority and we know when are an educator in a home and working like a link that you know we may have been. I got excited coming in the popular eagle pigeon putt at seventeen year old pitcher struggling went. And I'm there really skilled at being able country and we managed repeatedly mentioned. But there and they're really kind of click here. While Africa the first conversation helped kind of identify what your needs and securing a great certainty we are keenly. I funny guy and I did we don't turn anyone away if you have any kind of insurance. We can build those kind of things through some of the service says. But we are blue have funding and again our community we are basically they're anybody any child that country Connecticut that and so we don't turn anyone link for funding. OK. And so can you talk to us about. In your experience. How have you seen can you provide us with some examples of how you've seen trauma impact kids' ability to be able to be in a round trip more traditional. An early learning. Establishments. You know and then one of the link to think about that is to think about what do we want everything I have. I'll take a look like what we want a young child to be able to do yeah and I think it's looking anyone at child back curious about things that he when a child that giggle and laugh. Child that smile and doesn't appear without. You know ideally Leyland a child that it could be regulated and that they can kind of go with the flow you know they go to bed get a decent amen thank you awake at that may be and they're not. Kind of an easy going temperament. And at one point he trauma and we have to remember common it is that you cannot keep track. Whatever it is the cut this year and stress and child. And more what I plan on that plane at the top all of those things we like to see. And every child is different I am glad it may make it child. Shut down. We think that children that it's become kind of blanket and they don't want to be enjoying the world are enjoying relations at. On the opposite side we see children that become very very aggressively than angry you know they external lines that feeling and that they are difficult to be around because. Especially if they're not always very pleasant. Again what we recognize that went solid beneath it he'll help. I think that they make typically wanna do it have a lot of control though we will have children that look very compliant. Because they're needing to kind of balance that while that I need to have some control in my life because at some point our. Point. I was robbed of my power to control. And they compensate the app I have been more convenient thing. We out we'll find that in a really young children you know cannot complain that the balloting Caylee they haven't hack can sit and predictable care. A little. I think. You know they'll connect station they they are getting regulated you know everything currently that they get at about how they eat when they go to sleep. If that's not being consistent in their early years sleepy children that look little good to organize them all back. I am and I have. We can Chama look at a lot of different ways and it often misdiagnosed. Now with attention deficit order or how we've had four children that people thought they were autistic. When lake. Now we can then there and we start exposing them to you maybe ingredient that they think they meant it. And we could see now not 88 seat that's high level of anxiety because that's what happened to that. And we can work through that then they they could bottle down. Are we see children Mac I'm gonna be against socially at that connected it is your Q. Not interact with people because they hurt me and so I don't think it's all so any social skill they're much communication skill and want tweak the commitment environments here with a lot of people into meeting their needs. And we could see him kind of come all I could not cook. The appellate intriguing in young children because that's how they react but it could try to explain to be hacked. Teachers are highly trained educators 41% of our teachers have master's degree. Adam we have. I hope affair at all and master's degree and highly trained in different forms. Where people are children that have experience trauma. And then that popped up all the while we want to work here as trauma training understanding of late to work with children. So everywhere they go around here they are people trying to feel they look at what really positive relationships. Intentional and her actions to help. Maybe we patterned my thank Bob Malone. While I love my favorite story at the Kennedy children that'll come and he sat down. Yet China commandments haven't cracked it collectively need to use to talk any more. And over time we beat them become a huge tab evocative and in one little girl that came and didn't speak for a long long time on the one at the people that she can Beckett left with what I sat. And he cook for everybody beat Oakland a clash and he'd bring the KQ I'm Gary you're taking law because it. And that he she began cute talk a little more and noted and then he kind of you know started talking to her over time she became hit a food critic. So humid day you know how plunged today she'd be like in what could or should I you know blanket and he could be back on central pen. And July and everybody went she would be like for a category could today mr. Ike is huge because you think he didn't have a boy twenty target and usually able to express her opinion and it was safe. That they would not going to be any sort of physical you know repercussion for her having a voice an opinion. I am I'm the last polling he left here. Mike made a favorite it. And that's been in the program and get your favorite hit an issue with blocking out the door she can go concert moms that I wanna go pig can Michael on my time. The kicker back in the kitchen and pension got a couple on the guy. I am I to think about it out. For this child he was the one person that you'd a kept encouraging her and and children you'll find people that you need. And that individual like attention in the unhealthy environment here and the clinical all the different than them. Think that's really huge because what I hear is that. You know obviously the teachers are. Purposeful manner interactions with children but so are the shots so every staff that's there is very intentional and the way that they interact with the children can. Absolutely. And aggregate amount currently provide transportation we take every child up with buttons and bring them here. And blow up a huge part of our activity and over a quarter of a million dollars during nap and began Leno. You're raising children in Foster care. He got a lot exactly we want to alleviate got access issue yeah and we go to them. And at the get carded second at some point between and then every morning when the children arrive on May also got entire staff about the hair. I'm leading in creating and you Ellie are wishing them well and saying hello and tell our. You know I president of finance and every single child name in the country. I've driven by during class time and it is absolutely adore all. Every hundred doctor and excited it's. It's like yeah he took that with a couple of people yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that we go to Q you are important lash out you know. And that an amount that from the minute they get on a puck in at the battle they arrive. And go home. Dennis really amazing and so we have to go to break yet again some when we come back and finish out the story wouldn't love to hear. Statistics how and how the average person can help how can. I get involved what difference can I make to help children overcome common in a positive way. So make sure to tune in for more from Ian Thomas on fostering hope. A. Welcome back to fostering hope I'm your host Nathan Ross here's my cohost Jennifer Townsend. We've been talking with and Thomas the president and CEO of the Children's Place today think you again in for being with us. I'm can you talk with us about how the other person can get involved in any statistics aren't success. I'm within the two sports. So I am why didn't they just want everyone to recognize that black leaking and healed from Connecticut back. And not had pulled not determining your life course when something bad happened. The lovely and it that the healing occurs within a contact or relationship you have an infant where everyone in our community can make a difference. I thought that statistic that you know that about twelve. And a population of experience. Warrant and treat different child month and that the state in the period are actually children. So what we think 12% that means you know if you look around that your child's classroom of twenty children. Eric is likely and children in there and hack. Here and several dramatic events are ready and young minds. And a part of what I beta community and every line and pay attention. Don't always make judgment that behaviors and the way people acted because they are bad or are they while plot app right. But what we need to understand is that sometimes bad things happen. Because children can respond in a way to really barely communicating that I need help I need to be a good point attempts and and I think that's one of the biggest thing that we've learned. Comment that look I think and then you can't heal. And I want the community to have kind of a heightened awareness and back. Yet a part of our work is really at greatly certain other copy actress childhood. And eight is studied my and they ain't the study. And he had I got a fight that we conflict I think gospel like hit and cook it until long term consequences. When it's not appropriately. I'll let. And again at significant track that you can cause. Later mental health issues and likely mark on the depression anxiety because that the hospital going on in my head. How much actually leaked the typical strategy can make a connection with higher than number of Connecticut antibiotic. As viewed from mom can help out. Higher risk for heart disease diabetes. Obesity and said he ate the study it's really me back and thank that that while the children and specifically there are those children at a sixty. Attic are really hard at. Really problem in our community. And every like. Yeah be more aware of that and think about the potential. At economic think the neat neat people involved we need ground up to come in and be part of the healing process and we look for lots of different kind of volunteers. I'm an aircraft can. We have. A question that's all I. I lacked insurance had twelve children and at every concert had little and that we have that cadre of volunteers the people that make it can and that it. Abbott a volunteer here for. An extended period I can't perform my commitment for three hours once a week you made that being Monday morning nine that you volunteer. You're going to be one that epic clash and you'll get all the children you will work with the teachers that you're part of the team. So we can have one that you volunteers thank each and moderated the debate and I'm we have argued that a bit. I chance for over thirty years of app level I believe what I'm viewing and all the children they all agree cleaned me. That they get that ground they get that he can't connection that he can't airlines that are pipes is a puppy get cut out of the back. Aching with the teachers can really focus on emotional needs and academic. You can make IQ volunteer we also have leading bodies which this group of a lot of emphasis is now says look at Icrc the people at a community after. Meet each. Accounting half hour meeting buddy and you know they get a pick the book and make it one bucket they'd expected theme and to the kitty. Cat wants. You can read what I am being volunteers come and and help but keep our facility looking and I eating thing now I am and then we also have it drag. We can't quite backpack that it home every Friday for children and that they treatment program and eating an outpatient. And now we have groups that come and made a few dragging your business your church in a book out. Think it again and stalker entry. Cryptic and every day and I'm back accidentally sent them home and the children in the back next week about. Mean there's always ongoing. On a the last things he is. And we have made. Q well bag. Every task when they leave our program we want to wish them well a timely and temporary. Eric beaten organization so we will trickle out to return back to typical functioning. And so we're asking. Of course come back and being cut and every trained than we graduate that we want them to go back how are you ready for kindergarten. And doing that label. Which is an outfit for their first day of whatever the next. Now environments and being scrapbook. A blanket. Animals and and we let that the community can donate those items that we can start as well bag listening. Well in traffic all in volunteering on any capacity. You can contact so that's. And it's her and call and kind of again let them lay your agent IP and I'd help match up a would be meaningful for you or your company. He. Now that's amazing. I know I share with you earlier and before we were on an area that my son participated in the day treatment program at the Children's Place. He was there for. About fad and take eight months he and he was able to graduate the program. And I saw so much growth in hand and nap times I just wanted to kind of extend my thanks to you and I do remember that. The bag in their rituals and all of them I think I was really meaningful for him they can that's been through so many transitions to have. To be seen in and for it to be a big deal that he was moving on and and we think some of his friends behind us but he's doing very well just seen them. And I can actually. In LA and he. Every link that they went about it un. After that speech therapy pack up in the actual mental health counseling and act program now. You know again. I think parents really involved. About six and a lot ethnic accent that he gets felons from the as ingredients beanie cap because Arctic. That at hopeful that this let it. I got kind of struggling we couldn't hope that early on they would continue to struggle. Silently they'll come up all those things eat. We get him back in action. Or that. Opened the fine. Too important apple currently. Yeah that's amazing so in as we. Round this time how can you talk to us about stats. I thought you know come. You know a contributing Wii ware cliff he ever beat cancer clinical toxicology program app. Five years ago we then we began nearly collecting data on what changes. I'm from a child that come through our program and ask. We laugh and and how did it because it's so individualized. It's hard kid eat you know what we do a large scale because what every child needs. And close at two political experience I think kind of comments and why and they have one mental health issues. And another one may think on I could well Natalie slowing down yeah. And so we measure. The medal of course we measure trauma or that sent them. In the development and program. So thank you and we're out of time but I just want to thank you so much for being on with us today in providing all the great information that you did. I'm we'll be sure to poster information not all are here social media and web sites that people can get a hold of you or the Children's Place in general if they are interest in volunteering or. Have children that they feel would qualify for your services. You have been listening to fostering hope brought to you by Foster adopt connect a comprehensive regional support and advocacy center. For abused and neglected children in the families caring for them. To learn how to become a Foster parent or how to help other vulnerable children in other ways. Please visit us at Foster dot dot org or fall Foster dot connect on FaceBook and Twitter. Until next time thank you so much.