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Friday, January 19th

I love Roger... All of them... Truly....  ;)


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy it is nice to see the milder weather here in Kansas City gusty southwesterly wind for the rest of today partly cloudy. And are high in the low fifties. Fair weather tonight solar 35 an increasing clouds for tomorrow may be a little drizzle lights are high upper forties. Some fog and drizzle in the forecast for Saturday night temperatures staying clients in the low forties. Areas of drizzle early Sunday the mideast showers bait and or Sunday high upper fifties. I'm staff meteorologists at different era Mauritanian BC whether it's figuring yankees' C 951 and liberty 58 your official weather station to. On the it is time. I'm too. He's so. To lose. We don't. Today because it was announced today that he is going to be crap. In the first ever. No game after concerts. At Kauffman Stadium not severed. In forty years first ever in forty years. Yes I do let me finish a sentence first ever in forty years. First ever report. This. Where does it specify number forty years first time in port best September 21. On tickets go on sale a week from today into the coach said. Billy jewel. September 21. At a cost Wednesday. Jean guy I know we're not supposed to say this name on this particular program but did you receive the name of the new Cayman Kanye baby. Lot. I mean I know how you feel eaten a lot today but I will puke on to this table. If I have to tournament. Now or do I care limited okay. They have named their new baby him in the first when Norris gathers north and saint. Upstream last get over yourself. Northwest saint west. Never heard the name is it east no home no it's not east west. Again. Chicago. Yeah. That's where Connie was raced him. The windy city to Jack who cares it's like me name my kid banning well and I. Focus fort bening impacting it's just a little harsh Chicago con. Try. May be she. Despite town west I don't know Blake isn't Chicago is currently there's western suburbs in Chicago. I called it Chicago Orlando was at an even par. I would tell you this our last child. I badly wanted to name him warrants. Baddeley are mine. And are you kidding me and here's the problem with Lawrence and this is with all due respect to every six year old balding insurance agent listening. Lawrence without fail. Turns into all Larry. And guy. Hate that name for baby and we just I couldn't get past. That he would eventually. Somebody and some would start calling airy. Fairy. Why. It's just not a dating game mean it's like Roger and certain names column eighty. Anything anything. Well all of the. I. A. I realize you aren't sure you'd be quiet earlier I don't know of right now. Yeah. She just we were just talking about on the date and doubt what's her name Kim Kim Garnett and their new baby name is Chicago. Kennedy name and who cared Chicago like Peterson Tara and her. And Dana was saying. When she and Joseph Heather there forced a bit they thought about naming him long irons. But she was afraid it would become lair. It's yours nobody wants their kid it's not a kid's name is I eight shields the same words and where he has Roger. And then. They end their eyes at all and I look to your room you or not. There are. And then I saw Europe newsroom. Did you realize that the only name worse than Larry rod is Roger etc. What's your real first name Roger. My in my father's name Roger home in great it's great I'm absolutely that junior. And we are what your first name again Roger Roger. Which is pre. Worst name you you give a child absolute worst person worse. I mean Larry's fat for a day you Roger Larry is that I mean in my eyes and we'll name the kid who proof race. Name their kid Roger. My father. And and and my grandfather. Now. You we have here for named Jerry Lewis department and brought it on a baby name buddy or was assumed she said she was a week. Well shoot me Rick I I knew this conversation for us or eight. Year old man baby names and this has come awful. Stop Scott arrived here for named Gary him his father's scary. You know not. Greatest baby name Gary. Whatever it's it it works when your older but younger than eight older not as a baby and so they named their son tripped. He's the third college he's carried it alliger. Which are low and because he's been in and get it train trip. Triple that aren't that difficult. It is for us to talk about it. I don't know. And you and talk about how no one minute you hit the kind of get over there and many ill. Boom. Carriage of a traditional middle name and Marie okay lover. I mean like every girl in my class and no name was Marie and I ramp up or Elizabeth oh. We went to go get. Passports last week. It was in Oregon on a trip this summer. My dad's name was. It you say anything just urging him as my father you're off to show for the this. I'm saying meant to you as a party drop you hardly dropped one I say anything to. Just like married now. I was kidding you're so anyway my dad's name was Mayo C parks kinda like Harry S Truman. So when Sarah was. Yours ago. I wanted to her middle name to be mailed like mine. Shawn wooden have. So we named her Sarah L month. Like my dad is Mayo be just via the B is just a letter that's his middle name. I freaked out and the guy you know she were we have everything written down and he goes he's going through that everything and he's like OK Sarah Hughes honey what's your middle name. Choose elm. He is yep what does what does it would like. He is Melanie right now arms like and the town she goes no my middle name I mean. I had to pay this guy to accept the fact that my daughter's middle name is an initial. Black it would probably be easier for her now penalties adult in things are coming up to change it and EM. As in short for an earlier in at least ten people LOM like EM. Vs M. Like where's the rest of it like I am what you did it absolutely understand. My feet it's weird deal was on the short list now. Consignment where it's it I love Lawrence and then at the very end my heart's. My heart wanted to name him Norman because I knew. He would be the last grand child. For my late grandfather doll not asked that long before. And I thought if I don't take Norman and Austin's done having a son. That name will not live line I tried to get Austin did you sip. And my mother said to me one day I'm really really struggling I think I think we should name in Norman. You know greatest human being that ever walked the earth them as. Him on this. Oh honey. That is so sweet. And so wonderful. And then there was the spots. But I think that the. She can't. Just on to. I don't really. It's just it hasn't I don't think that was coming it's like Eunice you. But I can now candy in a baby Roger or Gary but Norman's RI. Sarah and where. Is well I don't. Here's our baby Walter. He's very cute and come back Henry old Beatles star Annie yes Jack has been back for years. But there are a few of them have not Compaq. You I don't know that I don't believe your son's first name is Roger is at what did you think about it. Well for bird for a per second he would have been a third. By EMT massive amounts well people equals three. It. We're here for people she just. Melanoma her father's name is Roland. We know it was an original right sat. Junior the junior and mr. Snyder junior got. In the third Roman would've been there and I said she settled why. As I can. Roger is a stupid name. According. Roger is race. Do Ted. Owens Roger it was the fact that having a Booth there. Yeah well when court now Dina and Roger is race. The plumber is probably listening in transport kids and Roger like George Foreman and I guess our am canceling his return. The equipment equipment. And George has come back. Yes they Benson blog that's that's that's. Thanks to prince William and Kate Middleton look at a time has to question in low a casino on watching the crown him sell access to. When he dies. Following year. It's hard and all just child or the child at the time was was a business and Scott Scott keep up or it goes to her mind or Barnes. If she had had to water. Both for Charles. What do another week now not then not then analogous. To get this. So today if William and Kate have eight girl first which they did not. She would be a queen correct. And it wouldn't now that it that queen's I would go to the next son. No no it was actually go to it's easy I had children. It would go to the children of the queen's chilled okay did you know they just changed this rule they used to skip over the oldest sister and go to the younger brought all those dollar right well but brother and sister they would appeal was daughter and say no you can't be cleaned your girl. We're gonna go to the side. They changed as a couple years going to look this up last night it's confused and the only reason they changed it was because of Kate Middleton and prince William and they'd had a daughter instead of the sun first. But they added otter and William died. She was as you would have been queen yes but doesn't get to the queen now she's she's like queen. She's only the queen while he's the king got it but he dies she loses it goes to the daughter Madison Sandra got. One it's good thing that we live in America we have to worry about stuff she'd come cheap becomes the queen mobs are. Correct but also it's interesting and of Britain did you know there's another. Definition of the word Roger in Britain. Ago. Yes. And we are not discussing that it's time to go to the work we know that. What you came here for what is just to give you some information and work on Roger and me what is the other definition of Roger think well got. All barrier down. It's an apartment and like Bert actually. Just you know good runs. Well is just a really cool now. Picture what does that mean. It means to perform a certain there is too much testosterone in this building community and again let's just come on. They write your purse he and memos and son. Call the great guys at CMOs and so on and ask them. When they will be at the home shows 'cause they're coming up all of them and the guys at CMOs and sign. One. They wanna show you the top of the lines in around columns stand by generator. You're gonna love but it's the same generator that when we got kicked off the year this week. Made short the radio stations were on and here's another thing about CMOs he might not notice. Mr. Moses first name. There's and. What a fun fact. Snow. Hold them. For your chin raider and asked her to. 167 and 478167. At 1477. Morsi Emma knows just not stand for Roger but the other owner Roger does. Fisons. This thing. I just your job on the weekend. I will do that after 4 o'clock David is the book we. Believe you me. We're Anderson singer back coming up at 4 o'clock this afternoon were really quick access to this Friday talk fest this price and at that time it's been along week. I don't wanna talk about the story today but we have to too because what happened in this courtroom I want everyone to hear it. And then we are going to have a wider discussion. About who knew what and when they knew it because. There has not been a story that has made me this match. Since Penn State and sandusky. Story here from Lansing Michigan. In the final moments before she was called to a courtroom podium. Called to tell her story as a sexual abuse victim. COLT to provide aids victim impact statement. Called says stared down the shell of the man. Who raped her. Alley rice. Took a slug of water taps of papers in order and mr. directly ahead. With her famed focus ever the competitor. Ever the champ. This was a humble court house on a cold gray day in mid Michigan. Far from wondered lower. This was the same person this time with a cause far more important. Far more pressing in London and Rio. And when Alley rice and got to the microphone. And got to glare Larry Nasser. Got her moment to speak. She was more powerful than ever and I quote. Larry. Do you realize. This group of women you harmlessly abuse over a long period of time are now force. And you are nothing. The tables have turned Larry we are here we have our voices and we are not going anywhere. And now Larry it's your turn to listen to me. One. Media outlet in that courtroom said and I quote. Alley rice men is burning the house. Down there and I say burn. It. Down. There are so many young girls this man sexually assaulted. There is no way. Over a span of 3040. Years that USA gymnastics. That coaches. There is no. Way. They did not know this was happening. 5767798576. 7798. There ain't you do know right now that we this group of women used to how I was a little used that was such a long period of time. I'm now of course and you write nothing. The news German Kara marks and slotting wholesome police scrambling a Missouri lawmaker wants to stiffen punishments while more next. How would you like to go to Hawaii about now because man get me out of here I am so sick and tired of the cold and we are only halfway through January. For 250. Dollars you can reserved you were spot now. To cruise all around the islands with us September 8 to fifteen. You heard it we're going to hole why we want to test holidays at Kansas City has put together a stunning eight day experience. Aboard the pride of America we're gonna hop from island to island. We will board Norwegian cruise lines only cruise ship. That is allowed to sail roundtrip from Honolulu. We will hit every island. Of course we're gonna hit Pearl Harbor and my golfers bring your clubs we're going to golf I've waited years for the strip. I cannot wait our ship as more than fifteen restaurants by the way twelve bars and lounges is a luxury hotel. On water and this is a cruise for those of you who don't necessarily love to cruise we're not going to be out the one full steam ahead of the open ocean water. This is a slow meandering relaxing cruise from island to island in. Hawaii with a very limited number of state rooms available for came easy listeners we do expect this to sellout. You have to do is go to Chris would data dot com cruise with Dana dot com or call now 816717417. 8167417. Before seventeen. Crews with Dana dot com I'll see you in Hawaii. 331 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or a Missouri lawmaker is pushing for tougher penalties after her death in Wichita that resulted from a prank called police representative bill kid has filed legislation to hold pranksters civilly and criminally liable if they make a sliding call. Kid says existing laws aren't suited for police hoaxes where someone is hurt or killed. Missouri currently has no state like dealing with slaughtering. The clock is ticking toward a possible government shut down Republican senator Tom cotton of Arkansas says it's not the right time for Democrats to insist on a deal for dream. Surprised that Democrats would shut down the government and deprive citizens. Of services to include. Sickened or kids have health insurance. Because they're not getting amnesty for millions of illegal immigrant. S Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer met with president trump at the White House earlier today instead they made some progress but did not strike a final deal. Check traffic and weather together next. We're keeping our eyes on a low pressure system that illegal and our way here for the latter half of the weekend and into our mandates here we do have some precipitation in the forecast. Right others a small window of opportunity for maybe some rain or snow Sunday night otherwise his final rain currently in the forecasts. Italy partly cloudy for the rest today air high low fifties. And scattered cloudiness tonight hello 35 increasing clouds tomorrow with some drizzle late the high upper forties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more KE NBC whether it's fifty rhino in your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. And and and can. And these. Can. DM yeah. I. I mean. I only get. Sandstone 1988. Lead guitarist wants to take my date backstage and. Great whites. On this for us this Friday we're talking about the Adam. Courtroom drama that erupted today in Michigan over Larry master who by the way is going to prison. For the rest of his life. I think he should be put to death. When. This is the systematic. Rape. Of dozens of young girls over a period of three to four decades. And wind I think it was buzz feed that first reported. That Alley rice that is going to burn it down they're not talking about Nasser they are talking about the university. Michigan State and Michigan State's. Where some of these asked. Fleets were subjected to his abuse. They are talking about USA gymnastics. And the associations. That government. Because girls are coming out of the woodwork saying Scott we hold the adults. We told people this was happening. And we were so fearful of are coached at the time that in one case one of the moms was told to you really want to pursue business. I mean you'll change the lives of not just to her family that all of these other girls who have worked so hard can it coach who's a doctor but he was. The doctor park and if the girls complained and were told. You know I I don't wanna go to this doctor I don't wanna see this doctor. They were told suck it up you're going and he I will not described here what he did. But it happened in his apartment it happened in training rooms. It happened in equipment rooms. Thinks and does all is oftentimes. If I'm telling you. Not that I wanna be in the business of ranking sexual. Predators. This one is going to be more far reaching them what happened at Penn State I do believe that's got. This of this and and not to go a little squirrel. On you. But if you give Larry now answer. The death penalty. Do you not give the death penalty to these two parents in the house of wars in California. I don't have any use for any of them and I know. That we don't have a system that would allow that to happen but there are a couple of clips and Allie writes that I want to listen to. Because it's important to hear and read between the lines and ESPN is saying the same things got. That there are adults surrounding this predator who either it's one of two things. They either knew he was doing this to all of these girls. And were complicit in it it. Or shows willfully. To ignore what they had to know was going on. I have represent the United States of America until at X and downs does exactly. And not USA gymnastics in the United States Olympic Committee has been very quick to capitalize and celebrate my six sacks. But did they reach out hiking tour. Now. So like this despite top is worthless to me we're dealing with real life in the feature of earth for me to believe this won't happen again. For this sport to the line we need to demand real jeans and need to be willing to fight court it's clear now that if you leave it up to the organization's. History is like. Me to repeat itself. Tele rice. In court today. They're going after the organization and they have to Scott and what makes me sad. Is that. As with Penn State. Sand dust he went to prison for the rest of his life. Who else was charged in that case a couple of lower level. Staffers I think we're charged with like providing false information but it wasn't anything. That really stop obviously Joseph Paterno was not charged with lost his job and was Adam. Clearly. He lost his stats you what's the word I'm looking for here. Was marginalized. Gases and that's a slacker we just have to get to a place where. The adults who allowed this type of behavior to happen. Are also. Facing consequences Ford and there and people screaming about this for weeks. Why isn't that Nasser story getting the same level of attention. That the sand does ski story did when that story broke. And it at least in the sand dusty case at least in that case. One of the assistant coaches did come forward the Red Hat remember him and said look I saw this display was in the shower missiles going on. There was one adult that you can at least say in the sandusky case tried to help. Find these someone else did either and come forward to after the controversy finally someone else in USA gymnastics. Who listened to these girls and took this to someone who could do something you can't find anybody at. I had the United States Olympic Committee did I why isn't that USOC here right now. Larry what do you think doctor and he molested me at the 2012 London Olympic Games. They came out yet but does it spell it out but if he hits say that now. When the Braves when he started speaking out back then when the year after the US says he said they knew about Nasser. They were dismissed. I mean explain it because I figured no one else is going to go. To prison and and this is a fair question. People scream and it is a fair question. Where were these parents. Where were these parents. Totally fair question world I don't know. At that level of sport. I do not now you know these are girls who were practicing four and five hours a day. And you basically mortgage your house to pay for these girl collects and this is their life and you do what you're told to do well one of the mothers and of one of the athletes. She was asked to drop her athlete off at age. Ten I think. Two Nasr is apartment. Because he was doing a study. About flexibility. In Janice. And she so I can do that I had to work. So I had a neighbor dropped her off at his apartment. And what do you think happened in the apartment just like your imagined and imagination that are Brothers that's exactly what happened. And a lot of these girls are saying it's started so young Scott 91011. That when it first started happening they thought a little uncomfortable and his guys a little weird but he's explaining that we have to do this because. Fill in the blank. This these young women started getting older. Certainly an Alley rice in case you wake up one day as a young woman and you'd just know. That's right now or sexual or are we talking. About and I guess I'm asking out of ignorance are we talking about full blown rape. Or week and not gonna try I don't make a difference without a distinction here but let's let's say. Highly. Which arm feels like your old high or retirement actual rate. Highly illegal. Inappropriate. Sexual behavior. Disguised. As an exam right and I'm not excuse I know but are we talking about actual eye of the night I have not read. But as close to that as you can get in eight and nine year old girls so. You know at an age where and one of the athletes as is quoted in this ESP an article we'll post that he has in articles very gut. And she is quoted as saying. I think he was trying to figure out at that young age of nine and ten. Which of these girls can I get away with this the current you know what to which these girls let me get away with office in and you know Scott there were there were many. There were many artists. So mobile's. Claims that she was they've all come forward there have all come forward and the ones who haven't have said no comment and god bless and that is their right to it. Because you would be furious. 76779. It right here for. With a brand new car for 99 dollars Volkswagen Ali's son has every new car for 99 dollars a month. I'm back in Annapolis and I love it love love let that car seats seven it's roomy lead and bragging about that apple plays system. All week that is in that that was its analog as VW sure gonna love it. No credit no problem of financing and payment solutions for everyone were actually looking for one of those cars for my daughter right now. Here's another thing. All of the 2018. It's come with a six year 72000. Mile transferable warranty and don't forget they'll still my car. They able by your old car for 120% of its KB be fair trade value. You heard it right C dealer for warranty details buy back for 2006 and Newark high lines excluded sees dealer or VW at least on the dot com for details. He's out there. You're not there. I'll tell you they. To what extent his title as it will be docked her. Helped shield him for so long and I do think other adults need to be imprisoned don't get me wrong. That listen to one of these victims the first victim to. I come forward where the charges were actually filed she says quote I've been coming for you for a long time. She told Nasser who hit his eyes beneath his hand throughout her testimony he couldn't even look hitters got her. I have told counselors your name in hopes they would report you. I told your name your Child Protective Services twice. I give a testament to get your medical license revoked. You were first arrested on my charges. I want the world to know you are a repulsive. Liar. The adults. Didn't believe her Scott her own father said I don't believe you own and he. Sadly. That tattered their relationship as you can imagine. Just the abuse started I believe when she was. 626. Years old. And her father committed suicide shortly after Nasser was. Charged. There were more than 100. Victims. Who testified. At his strap a hundred survivors testified those the when we know about. And I'll say it again there's no way Michigan State and no there is no way. I certainly US GA gymnastics there's there's no way there are too many women who said they hold. And here's what needs to happen you need to start naming names now that this is. All out in the open. Start listing who you're told is here's the deal if you can come forward and say. I told this. Counselor. I told this. Gymnastics coach I told this. Medical professional. Those are mandatory reporters. Our that there is a crime if it's a medical professional teacher counselor echo all mandatory as a coach mandatory reporter anyone at Michigan State. And correct me if I'm wrong to my aid. Collegiate. Employees. If you were at Michigan State. And someone came to UN said. He is sexually abusing girls. And are they not mandatory reporters. When. I don't. Let me ask my and a girlfriend is a professor. So life in prison you're Erica. Oh I think I I I know I guess Annette I don't think there's enough that can be done this man. Does Larry send dusk you deserve the death penalty yes OK I mean I just Amish are being unfair. When it comes to young girl being abused women and young boy in the cases are only different. Here. The cases are only different because in sandusky case he was preying on pork. Boys from broken homes who had no father figure OK but like a lot of young male. Had a files he was preying on those kids and his in not Foster care system but what do you call it the sandusky is Kids Foundation. This case is interesting and different because these girls. Predominantly came from educated. Rich rich. Affluent families withstanding. These are parents who would've had money you know how expensive it is to send your kid all the way up through the ranks and in gymnastics. These are not. Un educated families who didn't have he want to turn to. These are all families who should have if it was reported. Known. Should have believed these girls and they didn't. And what does that tell you other sex assault survivors I mean my god why would apparent not believe their own child I mean imagine and that's what I'm asking is because he was a doctor what he's a doctor he was just examining new. Now imagine if one of your daughters came to. And said mom. Let's say there in two equestrian stuff OK okay and you drop a Moffitt bar and every Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. And then you take him back up at 330 okay. Hey mom. I don't know how to save us. You may not even believe it. But my equestrian coach is touchy. You would Turk I know you'd. You would turn that car around and hit him you are like a stars in touch. The car yeah and you would plow that car and the born. You even ask him for his take correct you would put aside the light on top your car and while right through that bar. I'll tell you this and I struggle with this Scott because you don't want to victim blame when it comes to the parents if they truly didn't know. They've been through this with their daughters now and you don't want a victim blame you adopt. How whether. And this is a big however. At what point does it come. Acceptable. In your life. To send any young girl any child. Into an examination room alone. That doesn't happen anywhere sky you know. Takes Jeremiah to their doctor Margaret do you think that your waiting outside while he's in there with them alone and that's not to say. That 99.9. 999% of physical. Physician professionals would not be perfectly professional wrestler school police and nurse in the error. And how did US GA for so long saint. That it was OK to let him operate in the shadows that that's what I don't understand with all the women in that organization someone didn't say you know one. Let's cover our bases here and let's have another professional in their when these girls are having these exams and get. All right what we get back we're into another round one last round this week of busing it back. With Dana right who is. Who we can and she's an expert. She's like you idiots of font when it comes to sing him back. Will do professors try to coming your way right after the 5 o'clock news. SpinRite run Babcock Travis walker I'm Scott Parcells gets the newsroom and here is Kara marks. Happening now I KM BZ new details released in that mass shooting in Las Vegas more next. When a plumber and you need one now called the plumbing pro it's only got to do it's actually easier than that they've created a website just for people like me so when you need a plumber right now. Unit the plumbing fro. 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