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Thursday, July 27th

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Still don't for glad to have you and hopefully EU are not in any trouble because of the incredible. Flooding it. If it wasn't the weather putting your power out for several days of flooding all over the KC metro certainly setting a lot of people back. And we'll live secondly Jim Cunningham who will recap for us what has happened out of a 103 and worn out this morning also just some of the other areas of town that flooded. Some images coming up this morning he can't even really believe a real. Basket which he last night when it started under the it immediately grab your phone charger immediately go low now thermostat down so that we your place a Glock is power out overnight but we didn't have you know when the storm over the weekend. Of the flood came and went just one mom this I don't think we expected as much now I. I was I saw a movie last night it was a bad Barry woods than the Europe there and I was driving back it was lightning like crazy just lightly raining like it has nothing. And it was crazy because of a drive through the B puddles of water which shoot over the median. On the bridge over to me and I thought boy if it's bad like disappear in the north land what is it like in areas more closely. You know associated with flooding in the rivers and I'd these beds. And then you wake up this morning in nearly drive and listen in the EJ and Allen in two guys were trapped in the roof they climbed in the roof of coaches. Yeah and so on didn't Cunningham has been out in about all morning infected insane amount on FaceBook client and updating what's been happening and so rather us recap that will go to Jim Cunningham and find out. Exactly what's been happening this morning good morning gen. Morning guys and yeah a lot of people along 130 dealt with once before but this is like no other. Twelve businesses here definitely flooded out so water levels up to. At least about a foot in the doorway on the highest point of businesses. You get closer coaches and his right to the middle of the doorway and farther to the west even worse so car dealership here just. Narrowly escaping parts of it here along a cable Dahmer. Farther to the west and toward the creek I know there's some damage done that when we still can't get through on third street it should open up and about an hour. But Warner will be close for awhile because they're gonna protect the integrity of the bridge underneath an engineer here tells me that they've got to check what's called scour and what happens when the water. Rapidly rushes through there they may have some damage underneath a bridge they've got to check the integrity of the bridges that cross over. In the creek and that's gonna include all the bridges from state line here at mortal and also over homes in 99 street where's. I was and also earlier so I covered state line in ninety nine's. And I've not seen flood waters on this creek be this high and certainly it was a very dramatic thing both the co owners and coaches rescued. 36 rescues and all this morning Kansas City but and cheaper RD but Casey fire department no casualties. Jim how much of the blame of this flooding can you put on the fact that the ground assumes you'll full of water saturated to the previous weekend storms. Well that's definitely gonna do over the course we got about seven inches of rain up north in the north landed parts of Platte county. And certainly parts of the western half of the metro as a sub comes downstream this is gonna keep building in the east tributary and just continue to rise of the good rainfall amounts. Alone were enough to really push things to a higher level but. Definitely the water levels already were pretty hard from the previous storm we had last weekend. Jim to what we're seeing in terms of flooding is in areas that normally look like sometimes we just have parts of town that can't release it lower. That naturally blood anyway how much these were areas of the kind of a surprise. But as you might have heard earlier the National Weather Service did a pretty good summary about the fourth creeks that we all hear about all the time Indian tomahawk. Of course the one. Brush creek and then there was one more hit upon it but the four of them that run through the city everybody around here deals with flooding every time as a major rainfall event. But this one it was unlike any of the others the National Weather Service tells us this was highest level they've ever recorded. So this was certainly something very bad effect the there's some residences just took the southeast or the northeast and we're standing. And those homes actually had water based on and they've never seen that in all the years before I went over there showed us was unlike anything else. Putters. He's saying is the recovery time on this for at least for these water levels to go back down to people to actually be able to drive through some of these major roads because. It was already tough this morning for the morning rush hour it'll be even worse potentially when some of the stuff searched it uncovered for the afternoon rush hour. Wanna give you an idea during this rain event the water level went from twelve feet to 27 feet within a matter of about two hours. And that's it that's a dramatic rise in water levels they're talking about possibly I could be a couple of hours before at least warrant was opened back up. Debris is already over the top of the bridge as the water went over the bridge here at this location. I just shy of a portrait parking lot here. So Jim I just kind of recap for people that maybe you know some of the specific locations that are to be out driving today and again as what events and we get into the noon hour block once. Tell us what's closed what are the streets that people need to avoid. We'll basically looking up the hill in 99 street on home. A warn all. All the way to 435 is closed. Also homes at 99 street data area where tomahawk creek runs underneath there and also state line 103 street Catherine's. That areas flooded I have had a chance to go over there yet that's where I started at 5 this morning. I lost a dumpster float downstream from gates. The water back there has got to be just that the damage that there's got to be tremendous from a flood water expect their present had problems before. But I'm pretty sure that there's no pet clinic for something back there. And some other businesses so I'm still working my way back to get to check that out as well so I know that state line 11 homes all our area she should avoid basically. From a 103 at 435. Jim appreciated continue the road the fine work out their people check in a little bit later with the and the good news is there's not a lot of rain in the forecast the next week so that's good for the city in the surrounding areas. Yes it is they kept him cutting it yeah out here. On an 81 KM BZ and a look at the Teddy forecast. Not a lot of rain in the forecast but that can obviously change up shall we we need is or dry weather for about a week. On the yeah we need to some time for for Indian creek tune to settle down does the image and again a little bit later on and just find out but generally speaking if you miss some of those locations were talking about that area. Holmes dateline 99 street and incurred for 3500. Or more al-Qaeda being with seems to be. I've eaten a major cross section under section that's the place to generally avoid yet you mention. Seven inches of rain in north planned I was seeing reports last night at a Riverside at like five or six and has already come down and so. And as you mention that that water flows downstream so that you batteries like 103 and Warhol where it's it's gonna Portland first and go further south so. Yeah on I I know this probably goes without saying but if you can't tell how deep the water is on the road don't drive through it. Janet as somebody who is stalled the car and high water because I was dummy. Don't don't you don't just back up to stop hopefully you know barricades are up and stopped by. C barricade don't go around it it's their for a reason the waters is definitely going to be deeper than it appears. Age are gonna lose. You'll hear you you'll probably lose your day is going to get force apps and you know maybe if this is silver lining not as many people without power. You know not a lot of power outages like we got over the weekend I'm sure some people lost power due to the flooding. But nothing to the scale. Of what we saw Saturday night into Sunday let's say I'm on Casey panel's website the outages summary. They got 3730. Set OK again that's that's not good this week on obvious we're still left over from god I hope you are not someone. Who lost power on Saturday evening or Sunday evening and then now has not gotten it back or got it back. And then lost it again. I was fine last night but I was it was those things where I was up every loss you don't thunder thunder kept me awake. But that you check your resolve and make sure your your your shirt out and stuff like just to make sure so yeah we'll keep you updated encourages while. News or email people want to send people are asking us you can text us pictures on the text libel not take pictures can't text amenity to nineties Europe. Music came easy act on is where you can email that was or you can feel feet tweeted to us right. Attack came BZ radio and anywhere in our FaceBook page and all kinds of pictures and videos. Jim Cunningham and Dan wind Bob about an hour covering this taken pictures and Angela lie with video so you can see where the flooding is. Just go to our FaceBook page and post the picture anywhere and we are just scouring it because a lot of view arguing that we appreciate it. That way we can get the information out to use again news came BC dot com on Twitter came BZ radio. Or on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash 91 came BC. And we'll bring any updates as they happen through the course of the day but there was a lot happened last night's guest also before the storms that loud music came out we will talk about governor Sam Brownback he is potentially gone as governor who's to replace him and where is Brownback gonna go positive keeper to cash free just before eleven it's midday with Jamie wicketkeeper right here at 91 KM BZ. 91 KMB easy B David Jamie and wicket Jamie money Sally. Mike wicket we are keeping and I all of the flooding and whatnot and gotten to witness pictures of wherever there may be flooding in your area Acxiom BC radio. Email news at KM BZ dot com from about her FaceBook page and we will get the word out where there is still lots and lots of a flooding. Causing lots and lots of problems. Generally speaking though the big eerie even hearing us talk about a lot this morning is right around a 103 and moral that's where there was press this morning coaches be urgent Cunningham say 36 rescues an all. As a result of the storm on emergency crews have been busy and and again. Just to pass along you know we all know that lesson and that there are some marys town a flood more you know we've just got lower parts of town in areas near Indian creek. That are gonna get higher water anytime there's rain. This is one of those times where you're aware those areas are you know then that you pass through those on your way to work radio alliance. This is going to be one of those times where those areas that normally flies are and anything along Indian creek so again that area there are moral 99 and. Homes that got sent us your pictures and we'll pass those along will be a Twitter poll orient pretty simple question. Seems simple sounds simple simple enough idea I mean the very age is pretty simple Gary philosophical question overall. Are you happy. We simple question and of a simple answer we didn't say are you happy now are you happy in general. Are you happy with this is all over all are you happy. Yes I'm happier no I'm not vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio that is now. Jamie are you happy I am tank eight to Travis walker on the other side Travis. Overall. Are you happy. Yeah. Think about that doesn't cause there. Are now. The reason we're asking is not just because I think people right. There's group called Harris poll and they do this happiness index they've done for quite awhile and they release it's time magazine. And it's out and it it breaks it down a little bit injured men vs women an age group and what your political affiliation is and just asking are you happy it's a pretty simple question. And then they get into a couple other things about the things that your most worried about what's holding you back we'll get into some of the intricacies of those coming up a little later. Schaub what percentage do you think is winning in what number do you think or. Imus say it's pretty close to 505078%. App really yeah not anywhere close to what the national polls as interesting. They'll vote on Twitter let us elect KM BZ radio. Figures yesterday outside of the of the flooding. Is that governor Sam Brownback may no longer be governor it's not because he's ousted or asked to leave he may have a new job. Yeah now and it looks likes he will be nominated. Alexy what is the exact title here religious he will be nominated to serve as ambassador at large. For in our national religious freedom that was announced yesterday that he's being nominated as as international a religious what's your lead the office of international religious freedom I know that existed in. Under the umbrella of the State Department and generally is charged with promoting religious freedom. As a foreign policy object. And this seems like a Smart move in my mind for for governor Brownback I mean. But his ship is sinking he's got a abandon it or go down with the ship I mean Kansas is in. Complete hell. Financially. It's educational system. We real ID passed before you guys did can grants you can fly. We cowboys over here in Missouri and his term is going to be over in 2018 anyway and so it's not like he's walking away. You know incredibly early this also not a big surprise. And the reason. That we know a bit about Jeff collier's because. Governor Brown backs name and Chris Cox and both came up as possibilities for. Positions and drug administration when trump was elected it's a little longer than we thought but his name was. His name came up several times for other positions as well his name Governor Brown next improper Agriculture Secretary. I initially it was some of these cabinet level posts and then once the cabinet level positions brawl filled and we thought well OK then he's just a mistake is governor. He's matter of time it now make a mistake. So right I mean he's had if you had Republicans and Democrats than this the state congress come together. And override his veto. He is. Staunchly against raising taxes he ran on on the income tax that was going to bring people back to Kansas it did not work. You've got schools that are having problems everywhere in the state of Kansas. However when it comes to just this the religious ambassador. That seems to be about right I mean he was part of the religious freedom act of 1998. He was against president trumps Muslim band. I I think this is it would be a good fit for governor Brownback and drug administration sharp. Our guests at a I don't know his religious views I don't know where he stands on seems to be all about religious freedom all as I was surprised that it wasn't a more. That was a bigger leadership position you know that it wasn't a more political position that it wasn't. More being policy issue possession in Al bumping an agriculture or something that the state deals a lot with I was surprised it was. This on but he's term limited and Kansas so he could run again next year anyway. So he has clot was kind of ticking on what he was gonna get done here anyway he's having a hell of a time getting anything done. He's got fights with his own party hears I'm not surprised that he's moving on to a bigger position that could then lead other things and drug administration or in in national policy. X could be a couple of notes real quick this is from you know I go to this website everyday christianity today you know I'm on that site. I'm selling it for somebody tell you recently stopped drinking and read the Bible put down. The alcohol and the Twitter and Jack up the Bible it was a Twitter. I mean to speak well brown back in the slaying was a key sponsor of the international religious freedom acted 98 it was significantly takes a significantly expanded by President Obama. Use one of only three members of congress to receive a perfect score on the international religious freedom scorecard for his efforts during president Obama's first two years in office. He was a Methodist converted to Roman catholicism answer is Catholic advisor to the trump campaign. I think the Smart move a guy whose wide open when it comes to the ideas of religious freedom. He be good for president now but regardless. I think it's a good mood good choice. Are so a news conference is supposed to happen this afternoon but we don't know exactly what that's going to include on its quarter governor Brownback wrote yesterday religious freedom is the first freedom the choice of what you do with your console I'm honored to serve such an important cause. But we don't know exactly where the stands technically. Let's talk for a second about the next governor would be just tires as name here's a surgeon. Doctor from our area who previously served in the state legislature. Opt for a became lieutenant governor in 2011 Hughes in the state house from 2007. Until 2009 and was at Kansas senate and sold 2011. The governor's office said. He gets a lot of credit for leading the Kansas Medicaid transformation as you would imagine given his background in medicine. And so kind of what does what how does that work technically procedurally. If governor Brownback resigns it's pretty simple just tiger becomes your new governor lieutenant governor house there's no special election or any thing. He would hold the position until either the term ends which is next year. He decides to leave it I can't believe you would do that or he is elected to the position so he could run in 2018 and I. Can't believe that he wouldn't especially if he's if he's as an elevated to that position anyway. He's a fifth generation Cantonese from Roman Catholic high school in Haiti is out of the west side of the state. Stated Georgetown I mean he kind of knows the name right colleagues on an unfamiliar name is militant governor fraud and a for the most part is adamant and say is kind of Brownback clone except I was reading some stuff in some of the local papers. People expect him to potentially work with the local lawmakers a little more because he was in that field because he did that before he's been you know lieutenant governor taking oversell. It's kind of brown back light but not totally browned backlight. Yeah act on its. What would you rather have it in now and and we talked about this between president trumpet my pants and Roger there have gotten around backers of higher. It would seen look. Not knowing terribly much about Jeff collier to me it would seem like you be a better fit to get more done. Instead of gridlock and because he can work with with the senators and and whatnot and people to stay in the house representative cell. To me it seems like someone who's going to be a little bit more open to working with local lawmakers as opposed to Brownback who had his ways when he ran on. And he was never gonna flinch what he has against him is that priority through this year's legislative session and so he he he gets one shot at. And at the time that we're going through next year's legislative session he's he's running for re election potentially at that point so I don't know much and how much he'll really get done. But it's a breath of fresh air and what thing he does have going against him. As it might be a positive this he's a step in step with a Sam Brownback Reich he's pretty much to be out. But say that was used you know tech that's true I I would I would excuse that a little bit if he if he said to me. I was a soldier you know you don't on the line with your leader I would be at times but. Anybody running against him whether it's in a primary irony halfway or against every wonders is it. Look what this guy did he was stepped and stepped if you want more years of of of Sam Brownback and go and vote for collier but. He'll take over as Sam Brownback nominated as religious ambassador in the trump administration. So we need to spend five minutes and we promise we won't take more than that talking about special place in my heart for Alaska but beyond that. It's on I'd I'd we'll talk about what trump has say has done with the T senators from Alaska won again next subset. With him the other kind of beatle lumped in together guilt by association ID one KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicket. It is 1033 we agree next chance when a thousand bucks kubert cast coming your way just before 11 o'clock eleven update for you. On the other new information out in about the serial rapists and KU and K state that information will be team coming up at eleven. Does a couple of minutes talking about a power struggle that is happening between the truck administration and this week. Those who represent the state of Alaska. Just to tell you why this matters on probably more than any other state are definitely Alaska is in those states that. Lot more to do with the federal government in terms of their a lot of federal lands there are that it's that the federal government controls and there's a struggle over whether there should be state controlled instead. We're talking about oil which is getting into a lot of different things and so. Particularly when you deal with the Interior Department and the secretary of the interior. Is Ryan's and the two senators from Alaska our Lisa Murkowski. Other balls Republicans she very often breaks from the president it's not all in usual for she and Susan Collins a Republican out of Maine. To break from the rest of the Republicans to get there. That happened this week on the that one health care vote that I sat I don't know why Republican wouldn't vote just opened debate. We have to Republicans that voted no and it was those two. In response to that president trump is not happy. He sent out a tweet saying senator Lisa Murkowski of the great state of Alaska relief that Republicans and our country down yesterday too bad. Because she did not vote yes I two goals forward on the discussion of health care the repeal and replace of obamacare. She voted no as you mentioned suited Susan Cox. Alaska senator Dan Sullivan. Who is also a Republican. State line even alaskans and voted yes to open debates. None blasts president trump I assume under the direction of president trump inter secretary Ryan sinking made a couple of calls this week on behalf of the president. To each of the two Alaska's senators and let me this is out of the Alaska dispatch news. Again as you mentioned trump went on Twitter and by that afternoon on Wednesday. Each Alaska's T Republican senators got a phone call for an interior secretary Ryan's Inky letting down low. That the vote had put Alaska's future with the administration in jeopardy specifically. Dan Sullivan the Alaska senator says I won't go into details but I feared that the strong economic growth. Pro energy problem mining pro jobs and personal from Alaska were part of those policies. Are going to stop he said I tried to push back on behalf ball Americans were facing some difficult times a lot of enthusiasm for the policies. That secretaries and in a president have been talking about with regard to our economy. But the message was pretty clear and senator Murkowski did not talk sultans of the interior secretary was clear. That his message was in response to the no vote that Murkowski had cast. On that motion to proceed with debate here's what's at stake African issues on the line includes. Nominations and Alaskan to interior posts. An effort to build a road out of can coast through big national wildlife refuge future opportunities to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. And expand rolling elsewhere and a lot of other regulatory issues when it comes to the outdoors. So last stands to lose a lot of rising we don't know exactly what he threatened to we don't know exactly what he meant just been kind of a vague threats like you didn't. Didn't have any specific in mind but it's just a fact number one guilt by association and it's the fact that president trump. Was unhappy with Lisa Murkowski that she voted her conscience she voted. Yeah again I don't get why you witnesses votes open debate that's her choice. And that's what she did and because trump thought that was embarrassing. And he was mad about it. He had his interior secretary is the interior secretary you know there's a reason it wasn't somebody else because Alaska has a lot at stake when it comes to oil in the economy and jobs. That's why he grinds egg recall with with this massive. And ironically a committee hearing yesterday and nominations to the interior energy departments which of course she heads up. Was postponed indefinitely yes and no reason was posted. She said. That does she was not deeply concerned about push back. From Alaska Republicans about a vote she said I based my votes and what I believe is an a and Alaska's best interest so I know there are those who wish. And it will be more in line with following my party platform but I don't think it's good as any surprise that their medications that I've not followed the lead the party. I don't mind when my politicians regardless of the Democrats or Republicans. When they vote their conscience when they voted what is best if you look at a bill like I will bet. In retrospect their course if I was at a Democrat in the senate and I was voting on obamacare. Mean it would be like. Guys I know we're supposed to vote in line with with the president everything. We should postpone this and read through it instead of you have to pass it to find out what's in the mail just. Number I mean nobody criticized senator ran for breaking way as the rest of Republicans on and on the latest health care bill would have been proposed I think a lot of us. Maybe you don't agree with. Their logic or or or or agree with their opinion but you respect. And there are that they read the bill they read the legislation and they think bad legislation replacing bad legislation is not a good move. In this case now I don't know how I feel about. I mean this was a threat this was the president having his interior secretary call and be very clear about the fact that because Lisa Murkowski voted her conscience or Harry wanna put it. That now you know we're threatening your economy now. On Lisa Murkowski is a very popular senator there she she has great support. She's not you know she's not in danger of losing her possession and not danger being voted out or anything. So she don't worry too much on about threats in terms of oh you know with the president not raise money for me. But like a sad more than most any other state Alaska has a lot on the line when it comes to when it comes to things that the inter department can really affect. Should the president be doing that. Should the president be threatening or having to think he calls or whomever someone who's. Able to pick up the phone and call these these senators. Who vote against him because there's another example Nevada Republican Dean Heller who's who voted no and then voted yes. That he was actually kind of called out by president trump saying quote look he wants to remain a senator does and he. That was at a meeting with all the Republicans I'm when he came over for lunch aha that was in front of all the other Republicans. In the room. So this president trump basically saying you're going to be loyal to me or it is going to cost him. And yeah. What do you think about that two to ninety your organs call 5767798. And and yes I'm ready no other president Donna let's talk about this right now. But president's dude do is that I don't if he president to do it for president to hold overeat lawmakers head. Money or fund raising money or her political future drilling or jobs or whatever importance of that State's. What do you think about that is it okay for a president demand to demand loyalty no matter what because that's kind of what's happening here. Because Heller by the way is in a swing state that I believe. Did trump where in Nevada Howard and Hillary would Nevada right away to swing state ticket that was very very close. Ann Heller is up for reelection in 2018 and that's going to be a tough race farm yeah that's not that's not a sure thing absolutely not. If there was an advertising campaign over his opposition to health the health care bill run by America first policies. Because he didn't back. Trump's campaign drugs promise you know having 57677985767798. Is it appropriate for presidents to. Bully or threatened. There are you know his constituents are sorry his. His senators is is lawmakers. Even if they go against the grain of the president for the constituents like Kansas senator Jerry Marie. And does aids as a member of the party have to stick with the party at the question hour is it you know it. Is it okay the president to expect that kind of loyalty Abbott bring them back locally for you there are a lot of Republicans. Who. In a win against Sam Brownback especially the last year sir Kansas Republicans who had against Sam Brownback and a lot of you go against Sam Brownback because of what he's done to this state yeah it's a question of loyalty do you looks is it okay to expect. Just all absolute loyalty and is done for the president to threaten to take things away from your state if he doesn't I 76. Specifically this one but you know back in time and to keep it to bipartisan if he'd like how do you feel about president's pressuring senators or bad now things senators. Who or members of the House of Representatives anybody in congress who votes against what the president wants to. This typically the story comes up out of Alaska. Your collar earlier this week there was the vote to open debates on health care bill does a pretty obvious one does an obvious one for. Republicans to vote yes on but not last senator Lisa Murkowski out of Alaska and senator Susan Collins of Maine to Republicans who often break from president Trump's agenda. Both voted no on that vote to open debates and as a result of that president trump was not happy he foisted on Twitter. And interior secretary Ryan's auntie who deals a lot with Alaska because they're mining issues and oil issues a lot of wildlife refuges and refuges and that kind of stuff they're he. Calls and to senator Murkowski and Dan Sullivan the other senator Baer who by the way voted in favor her of opening debate. And made threats a little bits Dan Sullivan said that as a result of the call he's Anke heralded a quote troubling message and basically said. That the economic growth pro energy pro mining that. That some of that might be at stake now that that president from basically sad some of what you need Alaska might be going away as a result of the spout. Is that okay by the way we don't know if he's done the same thing in name because isn't cons your calls a broke from Maine but we've not heard of humane the same cult and MAME has a lot more stake federally. So much bigger stick out more and their mom or federal oil there is for the president to just expect absolute loyalty from members of his party. 7677. And it sucked Andrew and Casey in 91 KM BZ I Andrew. Closed. Well I think would the interior secretary secretary it leads to work out with absolutely appropriate this is nothing new. Anybody that thinks that hasn't been going on for decades and politics on threats were record you you this you don't support our program. Across party lines is very night on politics. I don't I don't enjoy I don't think anybody's denying it goes on the question is is a whole hold on a the question is it days ago does it go on and we all realize it's gone on since George Washington was president is that right. I think so because you've got 98 per cent of the state so under Republicans. Wanting to put it in chewed debate don't. This high ground moral ground on voting consciences are sent because all they were voting is a bit. They wanted to say I can't vote my conscience and they've removed bill because of the substance I'll give you that. If there was avoiding politics by at least Murkowski as that. I agree but I didn't she want problems with that number one Dan Sullivan the other Republican from Alaska state line and so the president made a threat to both three. About senators even a one of them did exactly what they were supposed to do I don't know if that's fair for the but both tonight's Amy you have a little bit more a case and my issue with it is. If you make a threat like that then I would've gone behind the scenes and done it before the vote and gone to every senator and said we need a win on this one. I need you act and major loyalty and do it before a vote not publicly on Twitter and and with a cult rinds achy after the fact. I did targets would just agree to disagree on that because I think I'd rather that there and act or smoke you pilgrim and hide this thing about it about what they call like really does. And says you know you have a lot of interest at stake and collapsed if you want our support to help you would every bank. And you need to think about it major problem to deal with it in America which is health care if you won't even let the eight and that the. You know why. Make that statement to those senators before the vote that worries you get the vote you want you know and saying why not call them ahead of time instead of threatening after. And they have been and that they've been adjusted in order to stomach like we don't know everything goes on. I just don't have a problem with so much taken a hard line coach. And courting these things out and I don't I'm not a paper what you're hearing and I'm not Iran all there are I'm not true believer Republicans by any street. You know we know that the Democrats are not gonna give anything on this as they just gonna sit back and let the republic implode which they're doing. Now they definitely are aid into thanks for the call to get a few more appear 5767798. Marty Lee would you run 91 KM BZ am Marty. Good morning guys a micro and got it should president expect absolute loyalty from congressman. So in a general sense. I would say though the people we can't do this and realistic elect our representatives. To look out for our interest and the nation's interest. No wonder accused trump of being total. You want is communications style. That's I wanna tackle but what Anders. I believe it it's gone on for decades and at the senators. Who voted no. On the actual repeal bill. Or house version of the bill did go to copped conscience and I have no objection to that I'd do agree that. Shutting down debate not allowing debate to go forward. What to vote it's no different in my mind the most people shut down or prohibits discussion on college campuses are and other forms. For an issue that is important to everybody. The bill amenable Mitch McConnell came out days ago wants that kernel floor you can debate. You can demand you can complain you can talk about it you can horse trade but we need to discuss the bill and that's where we disagree wish. Which in East Point is that shutting down debate not voting for debate is not I don't matter of conscience that with the maps with political movement states where they. Listen you and I agree on that because I said this on the day of the vote I was the one repeatedly said this is a shirt that this is an easy one to vote yes on why would you not vote in favor of opening up debate. Politics out trying to politics your way through the I get a I think everybody I think ever Republicans and voted yes and Marty thanks and appreciate a 5767798. Dana and Casey you're on 91 KM BZ Dana good morning. What's up. Well under aren't who they think things that you guys that except for regular plate to Jamie yet the question why would you say let them beforehand. Well she answered a question what is that it's a no brainer but not when you vote. But if it's something he really is twice that if you if it is important enough to you that you're gonna threaten to take stuff away after. Why not make that clear before and if it's that important why not go to every senator before and again this is why you have a wet. To do well but counts. Okay he has a lot of that going on a lot of I think he's doing. And so would you feel like you're up for it should be active even quite bit and no brainer. You really don't get it might want to check back at the debate it's like that. Well it's that important while at other things and see what you were on offer. So you should feel like if you have if you think that both. Ago you don't you don't put that extra effort to interpret effort. And now. I'm not I grew up in your own one on on what he sent is that at this thing going on. And prop is not as the character but the thing is that. He's not afraid they could do it out there in that there are about and that under the covers around here around there. You like you know a lot you'd order a shocker for you and I I appreciate the freshman at bat on it like basically. Yeah if I was a senator from Alaska I would have wanted to know ahead of time that if I didn't vote yes on as my states definitely used. Potential at jobs or money or drilling efforts are or whatever on to me it's a little bit unfair and yes the president has a lot going on it's always going to be that way. But this was in Allen anything like this were you mean every Republican to vote yes that's pretty important you need them all to vote yes Dana thanks so much for the phone call we appreciate it let's go to Harvey in Rich Hill you're an 81 KM BZ was a party. I agree with the very first caller did the Democrats if they. They had this if she was on the other was in on them every. Totally color totally agree but the quite the question is not would it be the same the question is is it right. Brighter side. Public and the Republicans own it like and they squandered their. So what they serve I think go forward. That's a really good point. If they squander this for they have the majority. If they squander this. There could be some real trouble in the mid terms and in any year here's what scares me about this a little bit is that. So now. This has become public that the president has done us now lawmakers now if they didn't notice before senators and take an over the votes going to be closer. They have to do exactly what the president wants or they're going to be threatened with things they need from taken from being taken await their state are you OK with that. You know would you be OK with that happening with with our lawmakers here in Kansas or Missouri do you want lawmakers to vote their conscience. Or do you want them to be forced to voting with their loyalty with the president. Out of fear that we're gonna lose stuff we need an item saying let's say. Was he re let's say a real right winging it. Far right Tea Party person won the presidency. And your more of a moderate Republican. Maybe you'd you'd differ on gun control may be differ on funding what are you saying elected you based on those views right exactly if you break from or vice Versa let's say your socialist that we elected Bernie Sanders figure more of a moderate Democrat you have to believe in free everything under Bernie Sanders presidency like I I don't know if you should have to. Because you're a Democrat always vote whatever Obama did during your Republican you always have to vote for what trump. Once because there are people have different views and as Michael points out on Twitter KM BZ radio there's supposed to be there for us the people but we know that's a joke. Just kind of tree would add echoes the sentiment of everybody that's been calling it. And should they be should should they be voting a certain way just under threat of punishment or should I be voting the way that their constituents. And to this last vote definitely should have been all ever like these tired broke and completely completely agree but. Their reasons are it was just to get the that the conversational look at this more your phone calls 5767798. Should. Politicians. Absolutely. Beat loyal to the president should the president expect absolute loyalty from congressman.