"Fit Mom", round 2... and Baltimore hospital dumps patient in the cold...

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Friday, January 12th

"What's your excuse?!??!"


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KMB easy. Wearing Joey Cochran. Before we get in the best. Dana and I were talking about the asset mom story earlier and I promise that we were gonna talk about. Are you not talking about it my man. Knowledge is wrong. A. Remember sat on the one who opposed to lay out let's do this remind let's play let's placing it back real quick and then we'll give you had to sing and then we'll get the data being wrong about ma. And and her inability to admit when she is. Are you reading yes. Yours your first clue tank and you can text your answers at 28 to 980 and and what it. I was working as a waitress in cocktail bars that much is true. And kind of Allen right. The only song that has that Lear. Most songs of the noise songs that have certainly extend. You right now. Caught in a landslide. Caught landslide. I mean you know of course from looking at the answer. Care yes I noticed you caught a landslide. Cod in lands sign aid. In a land lovers because of the ads as he tells Emery as you know what does it. You know landslide. The many said it as part of my brain the back went. Caught a landslide. All. I'm does that stupidly slightly warmer now and I'm not able cot and landslide highs some then Adam Eaton homeland society. I mean. Caught in a landslide. Say it like it is caught in a landslide. Caught you know lands law need to. In lands. It. So Lewis gave from and I. These. People know it. Raw today this. Adam Eaton. Hit number three. Her name. Was little she was a child. And her tres content there and I think she was a man. Our descendants of the kinks. Barry Manilow as experts transit. Rod stay out of this one this from way to reason for. It's an odd if you can harming. Just not if you can hear. Me. A do you T Rex and that's on. Labor Day. You can but it. Just not as you can yeah. Is there anybody out there. There anyone. Out. There you want the high. Tunes like that song sort of. Rot I told you to stand right now I'm here army. Rhetoric yet. Then sitting here so. Just wait by the phone match. Just ways didn't sad. And I'm. Little. Old. She's a machine it is. A boy it's. Easiest one yet rod stay out. Damon yes. I've got. On a cloudy day or. Let's elite. Travis and I decided to save the easiest one for line you do better than anyone more. Fifteens that type outfit mom now that's what she's trying to avoid. Last night. Look at that time because of the leader was. Regis we wait time and is insomnia. I was in the text to carrots asleep. Minding my own. That's. Your protection to Iran Adam. I'm sorry 1130 was incorrect it was at 12:46. This morning Andrea. And teachers all know I told my. And it's a picture of sick mom and you remember her from the what's your excuse for a couple of years ago. Her name is Maria tang one Maria Cain who aren't and she is a very. Fit. And at that time new mother. She was posing with her three year old her two year old and an eight month old and she had washboard have. And she and all three in the picture she's wearing nothing but. Tight short story as Anna. Sports bra sports brawl. And underneath it just sit hash tag what's your excuse but Dana found this to be outrageously offensive. I still find it to be out result of last night she sends me a and unflattering. Picture of fit mom sitting down for an interview with somebody who is not in the screaming camp television so I hope she's Brian Kelly I took from a FaceBook post from a local. Fitness expert. At an Orlando and so in this picture fit mom. Looks like she's game a little bit of weight. OK it's just an unflattering picture it's not a flattering picture. And Dana writes. Well well. Pakistan and what's excuse. Turns out we learn later that sometimes a picture. Can be misleading and fit mom is not yet. National stack and as such as fat she is her beer. She looked like she'd gained about 2030 pounds. And let me just say to be fair my fitness instructor French answer on fitness company. Wrote did you see the interview with fit mom she has changed her tune a little and it's. And opened up honestly. About the backlash over what's your excuse. I wanna know what you say not me that she put it out there to her clients what do you think about that mom's new. Discussion about what happened. And it included a still photo of her sitting down with Megyn Kelly. And she does look different and even at my friends post it says sporting a slightly different. Look then she had before so that's where I got that Scott I didn't make it up a prop. But but we've. What am well yes new pictures of her yes she is in the same shape that she was yes couple years ago when everybody found her to be. And so offense the quote change in her message is now what's your breeze and not what's your excuse. No is because now it's looking at motivation for why you're getting and say well your reason negated all right thought it was what's your reason that you don't look like this amount always expecting the worst in people it I thought what's your excuse is what it looked like me that's why everyone was no reason to get into shape. I still don't read like that I every what's your reason as just another word for what's your excuse. Well she's taking it from the side of of what your motivation. To get in shape okay. Now here's the interesting part about it and I was looking in my fat ass in the mirror of this more moment be back then yeah. So. Did you hear the rest of the interview that was making Kelly now so apparently she said that's meg and Kelly. Actually said you should her par lay the shaving thing now into a professional business cycle because some of us want to be shamed. Megyn Kelly's yes and then she followed it up wears when I was in law school I was gaining weight I said to my stepfather and if you see me going into the kitchen one more time you say where you going fat. All I asked and it works. And no no no no no no. How Megan no no no. I tell you this week we met meg and she was so lovely and she is one of the most stunning. Fit gorgeous. Fit on against those those camps and pictures on those camps she is stunning. You're such a wire baskets. Those critics might think that they were my chest. She's gorgeous. It's hard to hear that from someone like Megyn Kelly was the same people. When I think this fitness trainers target audience probably needs to lose. Seventy pounds not the three pounds she was probably talking about in law school. And is that fair. I don't know that they can Kelly has ever at Morgan. Out of shape. I was just surprised that she was like in some of us like being pushed patching and I'm like now like English and I don't know. Now I understand now I mean I was gonna let him on the to excellent let me ask you some Kara. Has your opinion of sit mom changed since you had a baby because she clearly. These I can't I just squeeze this one out what's your excuse and that's expect and that's why don't you yet she's changed to what's your reason she changed at three years later. I I don't mind what you read and well OK I you're right though don't what's your excuse thing I mean that's just look how good I like. But that's really what that comes across as I agree not you should get objective look at me why don't you look like this sit while she's a fitness trainer by. Yeah by design. I want my fitness trainers fit. And my steps back. You're supposed to be fit if your fitness trainer never trust is in Asia. Went. Can you trust. Fat trainer. And I. Does sort of seemed to go against the goal he I don't know well. Students. Isn't this the reason why hospitals want their physicians. To not smoke. Too you know what if your physician was there are physicians who are for how fat. Okay. Two for two sons. Donald trumped. It would be harder to hear advice about weight loss from someone who needs to lose. That's our problem is my personal doctor ways box it. Out every time he tells me lose weight I want. Over Miami and snapped him. Yeah you'll enjoy your math doctor plus. Smoke another poll. I think it's harder to hear that from a Doctor Who is overweight and would tell you it's hard position I'm guessing I would say. To tell patient. You really need to lose twenty pounds when in my mind as it is night and is used head and terrorism you want that doctor skinny doctor just start. Doctors been working for thirty years probably. Older you know if if it if it has nothing to do with the doctor telling you lose weight. And it has like heart doctor. Neurosurgeon whatever you want to seasons dodger want the doctors who has been on the job longest regardless of how much anyway. Now if it's your personal doctor family doctor. And he's telling you. Ship Koppel and he's ballooning up at 260. Like listen here for and say you know why don't we you'll lose competition. I can't I I don't look at that if my doctor says each promised accounts and go into. You know iMac and added. Base my decision that doctor needs to lose forty freight like it doesn't bother me because that's just that's. She's not telling me something and I don't right now that's medical advice you know for your wellness where is this original poster was. Look at me and what I did why are you doing the same thing. Fatty. That's what that posters that. Thanks from the audience journalist no I didn't. I still do not understand your outrageous distaste for this I don't have any distaste for her now she's so I am what's your read what you reason for losing weight a. That's good are we get this I'm good week embryonic if she means what your reason for losing weight not what you reason for not okay. 5767798. Caremark to rob Babcock generate items up parks and KM music. Happy to report everything's flowing smoothly in our household again after the pipes for a sweet for the first time in sixteen years. And I ran into the plumbing fro here at the station at. He said you weren't the only one we have more people who for the first time. Had this happened they were swapped. When you need the plumbing pro and you need and now they set up web site for people just like me who have no idea with it and when it comes to plumbing. I have is that date has plumber dot com Dana's plumber dot com the plumbing pro is standing by. To help you they've seen all they can do all locally owned and operated at love these guys been around since 1978. The little stuff they can replace your toilet your Foss sump pump. 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For younger people may not realize. I was actually phrase back amenities. Mean it's a divided somebody him and liked him summaries for some of this of the year agreed with you like word. OK I never man on why her marriage is curious. Dancers I didn't. Summary said some do you agree with good word. No no you did not say that yeah you did you. Roger vineyard offend me on this one please I was in the manner I was there on wounds are going home. They brought. Back in the eighties and you awesome. Where the word world's been stirred. That's physically women hamstring. And we're about OK both urgent pleas mean I agree. We're gonna stop denying my intelligence. That's happened. The day she admits she made a mistake. If you agree it was something that somebody said you'd say word up word. You will win this horrible game and I. Don't remember saint in the eighties. Era. Sir. I mean word. What do you say you are correct one as an word. And then which was later disorder were OK I heard right now he says well time words. Don't even as you pretty neat is he misused that like you said it expects this morning MacKey did. Word he just ends sentences like arbitrarily with word he said. It's. He's who he is the widest gay person. I get a text back this morning at 747. You know. You know am headed to Jim around eight leaving around nine hope to see you word. Hope to CU I agree that's word to your mother. It's different for I think you're right about that I just wrote back just got home jumping in the shower than to Jim word. You have zero street cred you do know that I have a lot of streak you know yeah. I mean I put the cred credibility. No you don't. That no Kara now. So some street care does not and swing your shirt says today. 217. NAACP. The beam him as him. You not ever use. Eighty personal care. Well that's true. Really give themselves the war hit and if I'm itself. Themselves inserts people who don't. Usually big get surge they don't make these. Awards from the him doubly. Why is. The opposite of word might not agree with you were down. And. News anchor. Push back against the president after he denied using a vulgar term during an immigration meeting more and axed. Hey Dana right here inviting you to join me to mar row and 11 AM this Saturday tomorrow 11 AM January 13. At the cruise holidays headquarters all of your questions about this trip to Hawaii will be answer I'll be their moms come and cruise holidays southwest corner by 29. And north west 72 street in Kansas city north. All you have to do. Is show up but if you of questions now. Called workers' holiday desk asked for the Dana right desk 8167417417. Scott has usher I have a hold desk. 81674170. Or seventeen word or cruise date net dot com cruise with Dana dot com. We are cruising September 8 to fifteenth were gonna hit all the islands Pearl Harbor and yes we're gonna golf crews would data dot com I'll see you tomorrow at 11 AM. Or thirty in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm terra marks our president trump on Twitter is denying that he used derogatory language about Haitians at an Oval Office meeting on immigration. Illinois senator Dick Durbin a Democrat at the meeting Thursday and sing again the president did use such language. So I was there. So exactly it's. As stand. The president news that will return once used it more than. That's Durbin speaking to reporters in Chicago today and and elderly will and that's a woman who recently fell victim to the grandparents scam police say someone called claiming to be the woman's grandson saying he was in prison and needed grammar to send money. 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AM BZ traffic and weather together here's major miles the most Robert's not as light as it was yesterday afternoon but right now move along pretty well the clear the stall we had south on I 35 past 75 street. That's what you're pretty good little slow Johnson drive down to on milk them cash on a mission parkway anyway but that's routine. He speller somebody put the crash we had on the right shoulder just for the south down 435 exit. But down still little to slow on passes sports complex like usual major miles KM BZ traffic. Arctic air remains in place of any storm system that moves through would generate snow and snow only so won't give mixed no won't be changeover as we just had yesterday. We'll start the morning at six above zero on your Saturday. By the way partly cloudy this evening and still pretty cold as well with wind chills down to near zero later on. High temperature on your Saturday nineteen degrees with the sun cloud mix increasing clouds throughout day. Good chances some snow. Developing by nightfall into the first portion of Sunday accumulating. Eleven to 29 degrees then another chance of snow late Sunday in the early on Monday accumulations again. 15 in the morning afternoon hive ninety degrees I think each one could give us a couple of inches of snow. From channel nine on for Butler chief meteorologist Bryan Busby came BZ whether. It is and fifteen right now and TCI are looking at eighteen downtown eighteen your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with there's 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. We. Camera. We'll home. We'll. The whole world does. The only good that you that the only. Good to. We'll tell us loan. Until let me right. Still the right blew it again Lou reigniting. The only good. Schumer. Story here from the New York Times. Any woman who appeared to be wearing nothing but socks. A hospital down. Was discharged from Baltimore hospital on a cold winter night and left alone at a bus stop. A passer by film the woman late Tuesday evening. And posted several videos on FaceBook shortly after midnight. In them people and dark uniforms can be seen walking into the University of Maryland medical centers midtown campus with an empty wheelchair. Leaving the woman alone on the side. It appears to have trouble keeping your balance in communicating and she barely speaks during the videos which total about eleven minutes. But she does scream. And her breath condenses in the cold air from. The man filming. Mom move Rocca. Finds her belongings in plastic bags at the bus stop and encourages her to sit down. He says in the video this is disgusting. But they would just leave her unattended on a bus stop half naked and it's got to be at least forty degrees of dark cold. Mr. rocker who did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Stop filming and called emergency responders. An ambulance eventually arrives to take the woman back to Haas. Now he waited with her for two hours got it was 34 degrees or something like that. She is in eighth paper stand hospital nightgown and Sox. Is out of it and that is it and keep in mind this is a major. Metropolitan. Hospital and I could not be leave this story. And there is no defense. Of the behavior of those involved. I will status they played the hospitals apology on middays today. It's one of the better apologies I've heard. From any entity in crisis and right we looked at that we that we confided in here you find it read it to it it is. Hart you know would you apologize you say what you did. You say you're sorry. We're taking measures not do it again but I mean this guy says we own this this is a failure. And we own it. I can read it here here's a statement from hospital. We share the shock and disappointment of man. Who have viewed the video showing the discharge of a patient for me emergency care. This unfortunate event is not representative of our patient centered mission and for this we are truly. Story. And it went on to say that they are undergoing a review to evaluate your troopers. It's just how does this happen I mean I don't think for 12 this was just an orderly Scott it's not you know while it's freezing out. I'm gonna go dump this woman off half a block away from the front door is he said I read another paragraph don't wanna ask you question. The practice of discharging patients who may not have a placed ago. Is sometimes refer to his patient dumping. Yeah and it happens across the country. The issue comes up often in California. Which is home to more than one quarter of that hole. Homeless population in the United States and let me ask you something. Somebody comes into the emergency room are. They have whatever stomach virus and got a huge tree said patient for the stomach virus and what do you do with that homeless patient a great question once you are you going to sit there and let the hospital racked up. Charge after charger to charge. But they're not gonna get paid for. The difference between Baltimore and California is that in California it is I am I understand your point and it's a good when it's not a health hazard but. Hot dogs these at a hospital is not a homeless shelter. Nor should be treated as they are supposed to do no harm and I cannot think of anything more harmful than dumping a woman. Who is confused out of it. She had mental health issues but it was got her family had been looking for her for two weeks. And to dump her in the cold wearing hats and socks and papers so what do you do with people with no home who end up in a hospital don't know you don't is that it's not a homeless shelter. You can't just let them sit in a hospital room. At the cost of what 3000 dollars and I they have social services on staff they should've taken one look at this woman and said someone called site. Someone call social services. Let's try to get to the bottom of where this woman belongs. What does she doesn't belong anywhere in what is she doesn't want to go to homeless shelter. What do you do with these people to count now I just know it's not. That you can't let them take up residency inside of hospital. I would agree with that. If they refused to go to homeless shelter. Or any other advocacy agency. What do you do without them because they're in the business of care and what happened here is not care it is the opposite of care it's par again. Again Dana and not to. Beleaguered the point for the third time what do you do with someone. Who is homeless. Who doesn't want to go to a shelter. Who may have mental problems you know sadly in this country were not allowed to just confine people anymore. Everybody has to have their rights. And that somebody was clearly mentally. Screwed up. You cannot. Involuntarily. Confine them. So what do you do with them because hospitals not a emotional we're kidding ourselves if we don't think this doesn't happen here I'm hoping it doesn't happen here like this. They have to have a policy for this type of thing and I'm sure Baltimore had a policy for this type thing. Clearly whatever their policy is needs to either change. Or was not followed in this case so Scott they're lucky she didn't die. Do they are lucky she's not yet do you force her to go to homeless shelter. And at least dropper from the front to look we can't just punches pilot yourself like we won Miami dropped Brock does you know mission and. Is that you do it I think at the very. Least and I mean the error really what you do and you would agree. That once the hospital has treated somebody for whatever ails them mock she was still. Ailing. She yes oh my gosh look at that Betty L she didn't know which plays up what she's mentally. I know error soap so. If she's off her mad you know we don't know the the origin of her illness. She is not in any shape to be discharged at that point. So what do you do with. You don't Wheeler outside jumper in the snow I know that's got what is she said and we don't know this case. I wanna catch a bust my house. Okay where you wanted to take you just take into the bus stop outside the hospital catcher buster my house. Okay okay. That's not what she says in this case we're clear but I think if somebody said. It you can also check out I mean they can't force used at the hospital this week there is no indication as what happened here you look at this woman near lake can we get it doctor career. The man who stopped and stayed with her Scott is a psychotherapist. And he knew that you can hear on the take he's saying are you right. Are you you need to sit down ya okay and therein lies. My next question and a I actually markers I was reading this story. A passer by film the woman late Tuesday evening and posted several videos on FaceBook shortly after midnight. In them people and dark uniforms can be seen walking in to. The University of Maryland medical center in midtown campus with an empty wheelchair leaving the woman behind on the sidewalk at the bus. The woman appears to be having trouble keeping her balance and communicate she barely speaks during the video. Which totals eleven. Minutes. Now let me ask you something about the past or. Trying to excuse the hospital certainly they're evaluating what they did wrong and maybe they did do something. Nate. Did we Ostrom and we don't know what this woman demanded she be released from the hospital she did not demand that that would be apologizing. Sleeper wanna we don't know she asked to be dropped off at the bus stop are not excusing. The hospital. But I'm also not an excuse the other characters in this plight. For eleven minutes in forty degree or lower temperatures. His words not mine. This man videotapes. This clearly. Not with that woman. At a bus stop in freezing or barely above freezing temperatures. At no point even though he videotapes. Them taking the wheel chair back into the hospital. At no point does he say let's go sit in the lobby. He does ask for a supervisor he said are you just gonna lever here. And their own and at no point and I I would. I would likes his supervisor and they just walked back on at no point during the eleven minutes it is if you've ever vindicate meant. You know. That yes it is very large hospital via yes there are a million people walking back and forth. Yes there are couches and chairs in a huge lobby. Inside the front door at no point during the eleven minutes does this guys say. Let's take this and side. It is freezing out here you were wearing nothing but a hospital gown let me get you to be warmer area. And we will continue this conversation he exploits this woman to prove his. Point. With out showing the world. What happened. The world would not be talking about patient dumping it from and I guarantee Scott I guarantee you. In all kinds of standards rooms with lawyers and people with a whole lot of letters at the end of their name they're all gathered around a conference table today and saying. Did you see what happened in Baltimore. We need to talk about a procedures here I think what he did it will save lives it will you know it reminds me of and and those of you were forty year old over war remember this. Reminds me of an old rod you remember this reminds me of an old Sam Kennison skipped. Where he's talking about. These. Charities. IDs charities in air quotes that would go over to Africa. Back in the eighties. And they would have some kid you could see his ribs he's got flies in his eyes. And Sam Kennison made it was a joke but it was actually more a social commentary to. Where he would say. Don't send these charities any money because. What they're doing to these kids. They're filming these kids with their ribs sticking out with flies in their eyes and you know damn well there's a producer right behind the camera mango and it. Scott's you cannot. Exceed a malnourished child. Out burger and an order fry I understand. But they're exploiting somebody in a time of need to prove up the mother of a 22 year old woman discharged and dumped is speaking out today. To correct misinformation about her 22 year old daughter Rebecca. Who she says was humiliated. By this incident quote there people saying my daughter's a drug addict she's a prostitute she's depth. She is not death not a prostitute and not a drug addict my daughter has mental illness she was disposed out. She was literally. Disposed. It is disgusting. Heartbreaking and horrifying. And if it's all those things for me. I want people to know how do you think my daughter feels that this was done. Two per. On the street her body exposed. There was no human dignity at all I tell you what 50% of audiences thing right now. Where laws. That is a completely. Unfair statement I don't think someone with severe mental illness it is they are not looking for her for two weeks she's off her Mets where you you want as long world where everyone takes medication no one shows I don't wanna live in the real lives and at this beautiful life was schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. That's not how I'd I want wanna live gambling world where there is personal responsibility and when your child has problems you take care that you don't expect the bases to you wanna put her on a leash and that is a despicable thing you just set it's not expecting the state to take care of her she is asking that they not dump her naked. Into the streets so freezing so tempered later when she went to the hospital for help so where do you take her. And the answer is. There is no where to take her unless the family is willing to step up and help quote she has to be on medication otherwise she has psychosis she will have an episode. This according from mom is a byproduct of what the mental health system is I cannot get any help from my daughter. From her for either. I've 767798. Press discredit him anyway. Right after the 5 o'clock news. You know I love looks like in Lee's summit so much sentencing as we are getting ready to go look at. A T one for our daughter. Pulled slightly summit has every new car right now listen to the steel. For 99 dollars a month what's better than sort of knew it was new car for my hand box. I am back in Annapolis and I love love love that car. It's a little bit bigger seats seven very roomy but does not drive like a big clunky SUV and right now. Locally and won for just 99 dollars for the first three months what you want least finance it doesn't matter and here's another thing all of the 28 teens. 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He spell I somebody's looking pretty good out to the sports complex little slope on pastel blue rich cut off got a blue ridge boulevard that is pretty routine overall not a slight issue yesterday but traffic still. What can on the light side for sure. But by slim chickens knowing families need agreed Neal and value. Hello it's still just when chickens new family meal and twelve fresh chicken tenders large range chips push your choice of all large side toast to the gallon of T only 2399. Major miles KM BZ traffic. About the lady being dropped outside of the bus stop without a coach you mean Tommy almost coat drives. KM BZ does that one did not exist where she was human decency Scott let let me be clear maybe I wasn't and if I wasn't I'm sorry. I'm not excusing the hospital. Dropping her off at a bus stop. Is not okay. What what I'm trying to figure out and maybe we won't get the answer is what was. What were the other alternatives. Did she get insist on being released from the hospital we don't know. Did she. Refuse being taken to a homeless shelter where were her parents I'm not excusing the hospital the hospital has plenty of blame. And they do need to reevaluate their standards. And the wins they discharge because we can agree Scott she was an incredibly vulnerable. Person yes absolutely. Absolutely and I'll give it up point Dana what I'm saying is. Are there other. Factors involved here very quickly we've got to get to the news Brett in liberty can you do in thirty seconds. We're glad. I've done and complete. The war compute how people do. Mean they're human decency by the weakening somewhat standing on the corner. Not just pull it became legal in all your Walton pull out you can't you all are your common decency or human. You're you're comment. Any party and stay with me. Can I help. What what I mean with the king day is coming out saying. I would mark the community he helped out people really need help. And oh. It was a boy camera first. Professes Friday's coming up next 5767798. It's it's the newsroom here is caramel. Happening now I'm KM BZ new developments today in a sex scandal involving Missouri's governor we'll have the latest next. It's up park saying a loaded 2018 with a amazing savings from Nebraska furniture mart and during the mart's new year event all furniture all corporal area rugs. March of 55 cents on the dollar that is based on suggested retail plus you can take an extra 11% off the tag price. Don't miss out on the Mars incredible New Year's deals on appliances and electronics. Shop with twenty Foreman financing purchases. A foreigner and Amanda Morsi the store for details. You'll find friendly sales professionals in every single department most items are available for easy pick up. Or fast winter whether you're shopping for high end appliances new sectional. Ladies and TV technology. The mark has at all from the basics to the best. 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