Festivus Friday! And Jon Wier comes in at the end and makes it awkward...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, July 13th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. I'm here. And one of the best shows ever seen in my life her. The wind and fire. He's your artists of today care marks and you are in the history of this fine program and you get these honorary first grievance of the week. My grievance is with this heat wave that will not end at this summer because I am pregnant and it is hot and ice went at work. And that's just awful. We need you again until mother and now. And president challenged by the way that was just me just question. Being critical in it needs to stop to question prepare now. And I ask them questions. Christmas ones so. I can get away. I asked a simple request earlier I was said. Rodney could you please play some of them actually this is my credence to that rod that you please please and when he's ninety. What was broad sky. Who literally stopped looked at me and said well. Now and I was like patty LaBelle ever to two years ago. Let's. It's just not. You know what it at giants in your seat kind of music unit in new attitude. Two that's the song I wanted to writing a play we never got around to. I do like is mirth when fire and just give him. I just didn't think that Patti LaBelle was going to get people who remembers. Com IBA. Now sorry played that at content. What issue hearing is set up. I think she's wearing a lightning count and she probably has a platter attached to had. Her hair. But the birds first wish all of view a very happy. For us this for a while some Coke Thomas. That tradition but it's the best. Going up when. Yeah I'm. My son tells me don't company. This bit. I lost my train of thought. Boy don't leave it to the professionals. Payout. Kansas City hello ma'am I am. I'm good afternoon gentlemen how are you do super. Got. I had one of those blasts follow through the for a moment. And I think you do you know where I speak one. Particularly. The F candidate I would advocate yeah in my career I was at a convention. Into neighborhoods where it was it national can national convention. Giving with an organization for the blind but I. There was a group of us that went out to local restaurant in the atlas. And there was a gentleman within that group who had the best vision of the bunch. Does he tell the server you'd take care group an elf I can read the menu. Public health kinda take that check he looks in his abilities as. I'm I didn't think too much of the wind. Welcome to find out. This woman. Could that bill back to management and adjusted it downward. Some might do this man could read. The menu. He could read the prices he chose to BS the waitress. Because he didn't wanna pay the price. And I'm sorry. We eat it did it take everything we've got to continue to function within this society as a as they as subculture within this society. And I have got a major issue when somebody gets if I'm ballad you and I did some light that you have my head. Pam and I asked the question everybody is thinking in my. If he can read the menu and he can read the bill is he really blind. Yeah he's that you could be. Visually impaired without being totally blind. Quite over when I think a blind to think of who would and I mean this would no disrespect. I think if you. Well I'm not terribly blind I've got condition. In are you saying you're probably getting around. Yet. Well no. I mean that the gentleman that was done speaking out who fortunately doesn't live here. Doesn't. It also not one that can write either he's he's considered legally blind he's got better vision and I gat. You take issue with him using his blind -- and I use that in a little bit of her quotes but not completely. Four trying to get some sort of benefit. When you wanna be treated him. Like everybody deals of the bills fifty bucks we wanna pay fifty bucks snapper. That's correct and any sense for the lady I didn't order this I think it was like he had a fourteen ounce steak that you had he had made a big deal of ordering. To us that the group at the table as an order this now where I have this. And when it comes time to pay detect. If you'd like I mean noting that I would think now. Graham who welcome back into thanks Pam Scott in Lansing Scott. There's not only been about. W agreement. With the ineptitude. Duties they'll work there that your radio station. It. The last few weeks I've been driving around non business I'm country but I can't miss Medina and our garden with non apple and the right. They that they don't regret about 42 times a year and then that that happened. To report I'm an hour and and outlook and corporate development drive and two are equipped to guard off. And all there or cornfields around me. Got to get off lately but then they'll whomever if it is about this horrible. With about it now despite. A member. Of the bumble it. Would you. I'm not counting you know but would you Scott would you rather really listened to the. Yeah at least a little awry you know a little. A variety of the fight alive but could only a year and then this happened about forty on the brakes on it let that thought on your ladies build. Scott can I can I explain. Yeah we we made them. Entercom which is our parent company and and I don't I think any other stations building on the rock. Would have a problem taking coal like yours because your in in radio here's a dark little secret you're not supposed to take criticism on the year I don't care. I really don't care if you wanna criticized the radio station but the radio company that's line. And and and your criticism is legitimate. Here's what it will tell at this. And we're. I'm not. So. What I'll tell you is that intercom just recently bought CBS re okay. And so intercom became a very large company because of that we already large we became larger that's worries. And I don't know what the app is now as a radio dot comers summer with the supposed to go to. That was. That was a that's like Greg I'm glad that was a CBS idea. OK that was part of the buyer. And so now we are transitioning the station over to CBS dot com radio jobs. And now we have to start selling well you don't just start selling Monday. It doesn't happen that way advertisers don't go well just what's the advertisements on your new Internet channel. So in time you'll get to hear all the erectile dysfunction commercials you want. But it's not gonna happen today okay. I'm in and Scott you clearly had a nerve because 23 for 56789101112. People. Have just chimed in and one guy said yes preached Scott. So you're not the only one who does not like the so. And that this apathy these things. Time M and I I'm with you I don't listen obviously to the station on the app. Column so I don't know what you're talking about but I can understand what you're talking about and all I'm telling you is given a couple of weeks may be. And I'm sure that because I've been in the radio business long enough if there's a way to make money off of that they're going to try to make money off a bit. And so they're not gonna continue to allow Promos were called Promos. To air they're gonna put commercials and there's just hang time. Zach in the north like hello Zack Zack. Aren't. Not much. This. Afternoon that. Have my agreement. Local earlier in the area and a like everyday I get on and get. Ahead of schedule. How I get done. As it is and that's Stanley. Edit little bird. Got it. Got the guy. Gimme gimme a for instance of what like what the when you're locked out the door with the absolute last thing he makes you do. Well it actually just happen and apple are shot. Ira. And ready ago journalist and all. Pull in the parking lot he called me and I. On the other side how many be picked up so I actually. Under the ticker what I actually walking out about should've been walking around about Rodman. Heavier on bouts on the stick. Yeah but that it could say about I doubt it's. I'd love to get. Yeah. I'm gonna need you to go and come in tomorrow. So if you could be here right now and denying. That would be great muscat. Agreements. I'd 767798. We got two little Kenny Chesney before the night is out because he's in town tomorrow night. Twice in 98 degree heat editor at stadiums low side. Six time. The sixth time he's been at arrowhead in the last eight years. I'm Jacob in a late add Jacob bella Jacob. And I migrated and got part. And companies that get through the day that it annoys me enough to hold on they'll bet this Friday. During that story about the Build-A-Bear which you know it's stupid but and yet villainous. Oh yeah. And loan and well and. Spot and you cannot say that word on the radio. Don't. Rod Beck had seven time. You did feel pretty good about it hall. Roger and I give them time. Can not use my friend. Take up. Less. Cats. In your house counterparts. I got a cat like reflexes you say that F word I swear to god you never get on the radio much like ninja. You can not you can not say the F word on the radio period. And you have a good grievance and it was with me way when that's aren't going out. Wednesday. Current thank you so majors rights and you've got him in time okay. Yet nobody heard that well people on line well yeah that's climate online is not ruled by the FCC. Secondly what's the deal we have an 82 eight UK and Jake but let the rules you won't work time because apparently the rules are not clear. And I understand when you get in on the radio sometimes it is passionately again. There are works that you cannot say. I know all the words you cannot say on the radio you can refer to George Carlin in few. Yeah at places and what the network you have any questions about what you can or cannot say on the radio. Just Google George carlin's seven words. However. The word you used Jacob young and she. You cannot save on the idea that I am not. A dumb down I have not been hosting the show for almost thirteen years because I've let people like you say that work. I will catch you every time I am not down he said ninja. I am stupid but I am not down here and missed it and I will catch you. You can try and try again. But I will catch you every time. Am I will not allow anybody else on the air until we're back up to eight seconds so I'm going to talk until we are back up to eight seconds care it was the first half bum of the day fool you missed it my all. At one of those. Spreading fastest spreading its. After Monday apparently. You know sometimes passions are high. And we're back in it thank you took the news or here's your marks. The president says he will confront the Russian premiere next week more next. So. Don't think all of in. Can promise sex line Collins who found out 4350. 64 regulars on this genius parks. Go on all Leo Nissan. I have a certain sentence you meet me in nightmare. For people like you. If you use the F word I will catch you. And we don't Q. And I will block. It. Scott Kansas City don't try my friend dump you like New York minute. Hot. Or the or keep claiming my fingers on the buttons. Are typically Jerry I gotta get up Barack Obama third Scott Conant today. Yeah take a walk across my yard. I'm like it and from the generic McGrath is cracked and underneath my feet and I get some rain. Maybe trapped on the beach right turn on the sprinkler. And that I'm I'm I'm had a normal water bill a couple of your water out here OK you are. But I got one more I got one more. All right I gotta talk a little bit back about the flag. And all I can say is. Does that factor that colder there hey you can say whatever you want any had an explosive but. All I can say is so you can. There that flag represents. You read the speed and in your right. A defect properties aren't. On what you can say not. You know saying certain word. That some people is very offensive this fight. Desecrate that flag is very effective but you can you can either however you want to that coroner got people what you do. But Scott whom. There is a difference and I'm not challenging your grievance and I think him hopefully clarified that there is a difference in wearing her big part. Rain yeah that's right absolutely. But there's a difference between a company. Penalizing you for the words come out your route and the government. Penalizing you for the words come here do you agree with that. No doubt. Foreign publics view on any person or company I don't like either. Any either one that's great flag antibodies race or ethnicity. It could cost either way. And eight. That you can do you can say whatever you want not what they thought ports so if you say it be ready to take the percussion. Org or eight or you do that to the black bank and. They Scott who won't have a two week command that they get thanks. Let's go to Mike Kim Belton know Mike and I. It would go on the show. They. Almost or. Pretty good you know laid back our guys don't matter at agreement at the world. Good well. I might want earlier in the week and that would be housework. Cry me absolutely and that icon click that you know around on like not remember. It out or not it out. More character need good. Drive it back. I'm brother you're in a rather simple ways let's take them coal mine too hello you're on the air go ahead. I wouldn't I. Wii and Gloria Gainer up on here. Patti LaBelle that Kirk elaborate on an eye. Okay. Just for clarification purposes the artists in the days played at the top of every hour compete and show. I outlined three you're on the air hello line three I entry. Eight if you broke a quick here my grievance is would be virtually very very special state that are printed on that. That you could actually go drive under the mile future tense and back turning them only so special. Angered us. Can't figure out a water the state what are they and I you know you bottle go back the 68. And it's always California Rhode Island. That point committee kit. New York. That's that's a good why do they get an attendance on the bottle and we don't. And I think it's the college of no rain and I don't December of last year that it can't meet during could you Bobble can you'd think. Perry gave them gifts. You do the same. It's a couple cold like for. Like four year earlier hello my. Or what scenario where we're doing quite well thank him for. Or pretty political with the agreement you know of the Hartford. A summary does. Not desperate like what our current and why. It represents you know a person retention notably that they saw how much is represented. Whether it's overcast and you're its appeal laughter. That's what the arts and the albeit not in that spot at the clutch stop there probably cheer don't let them so simple one of the hottest pepper who. So that the current that it went out there you know. He got aren't your reference. Let's go to marrying Kansas City hello America I'm Eric. I hate. Great and a mother nature not here terrible act and harder. To groom. Were you working from a night. I can't yeah accurate clock in the morning you worked Kenny Chesney concert. It was a sales go downstairs years ago. It's at the start of Kenny Chesney concert she was young lawyer toys. But shoes a huge Kenny Chesney forum. And all she wanted for her birth and I happen to be in the middle of June when news coming in town was tickets to go see Kenny Chesney. So her friends all got together army because these tickets are not cheap or the cheapest seats are hotter box. For tomorrow art show and so. They all pull together higher ticket Kenny Chesney she goes there in the there in the upper deck but the seats are okay. And you know it's like 45 bands before camp even comes up on stage like a little mini country fast. And she starts feeling something on her back. Just like. It. Turns around there some drunk guy keying on. You know oh my yes that's a different story. There's some drunk guy behind her paying down her back oh at Arrowhead Stadium guy. Guy so of course she Coles. Security. Says don't pee down my badge I insulin like it is guys might back. They take him out he's arrested wherever she ended up missing the entire show. Because they have to wait for the police to show our man and a lot of work. Arrowhead gave for it she used each Shubert thanks. It would also give us crap back. But she ended up missing the entire show to some drama don't know was pinned down. Okay here's. Hate his music wife. I don't know. They'll meet them but I just. Can't get into. Commandos and a new country and everything but and I know I'm supposed to hate it. But I just don't I don't hate. It's excellent it's so hot out itemize any and you too thin air conditioning wearing nothing but man underwear. Now simmer down. That's from the text just like I do every day I think we picked up. Order agree this is this moment 5767798. Michael MacKey run Babcock I'm Scott parks and candies. And and and. It's. Don't. He art and a stimulus. I didn't know. Just don't mean. We'll check it. Chad tell. In Shawnee that I human rights and tell us until. I. I. Utter it. Now I. I. Well. Well. I. One day and they're great. L. It. And I'm. Hanging out. Right. Actual physical. Or. Not. They take yet. When they do. And so until you taker. You go girl I dug in civilian dug out. I don't attack and do that we use are different thank you for. I grievances tomorrow and he I have to go I am a giant actually bought our house. And I'm not like Matt match. Are you doing more. All of that finally dale. Dead needs to stay properly hydrated. So you're you're only day off to go out in the let's face it. Shoe melting heat. And cut down a tree. Or someone else. I. Okay Olympics licensee. Most things in life have two categories. Things that are my problem and things that are not my problem. The tree well your words not my problem. Well in my front yard and as EU. That would happen to come down or something stupid and hit his house then helping rebuild the house. Because that's not easy quadriplegic. Well you know. Big trying to be addicted Adam trying to help I mean. How can still be war tomorrow when it's my only day Kosovo. Gold star frequently. No for you won't work. I. Doug is just trying to be a good father and help out his son in all of your like hello Dick but you're an idiot here being taken advantage though. It in well he's. You're here as you must love your son too much that's your problem you must you ledges and really be brought you son and just really want a problem it really is now keep in mind. John has daddy's shoes. And so I wish my dad would help you out with anything's. Is it a funeral cost. There. And now. Crowd and oh. Can chemical industry and certainly an art and helped pay for highlights as judges and each. Hit to make here. Sir sir we've please stop poking the body also trigger one person from him which ago if it's close capacity an Oprah yeah. I want to see you at that now I got that whole lot just dip data are now. And I now look bad remain a middle Ottoman whispered something in his ear sky Sox. He's dead he's he's. There's X Skinner saw students. He's particular. You have not gotten over this. Why would I. You need your fair if things you know it's fun and John we have got fixated on John. You're it's it's I just think it's fun like I I just think it's really reverent and and I think I figure this season. Conversation sprung out of the fact I was defending a guy. Because she was helping his child and you were making fun of him because you're trying to make up for your father was never there for you in a positive and whatnot. That. At all times is if you're going to go down a tree for yourself and your son ought to be either poll. Maybe but maybe some can't get out maybe some just are edit job. Then hire a trick. Having served I hate it when mom and dad fight riding me me too good you know. I know John only cries himself to sleep a few nights a week so I think he's okay. Coming together we'll show your credence out. That's if everything in it. This is universal. I think is what is what is it was for the list tonight is best robot from the TV warm. It. I. It's you have to score sheet review and hard to it C three PO is one instructed do you. Is there are always. Together shields in the are nil not there are always together I mean so I wasn't mix and wind sheer on date of honor you hate robots how did that this skate past you. We are going to do it when he wasn't here. But deny the ended up. And stay home John it was funny to make me pick a good robot. Which is awesome which the dead bro I pretty much. What about the bad guys in battlestar act. I never want folks are. I know you're talking about those things like that NATO has yet that is their eyes yeah well about data from Star Trek in and data counts out rot was the one from Flash Gordon. Billy really really edited it that took us. That's a good picker what eventually you from flash court. Okay I actually shorten. He doesn't know it he or if he wasn't alive in the supposedly I was I it was not a light in the seventies I was 1180s as we ignore. Did you have anything else. You didn't have the joys and their right Els had his hero arcs are saying that they've run. Here since they were. Able. It's awkward and I John's having daddy issues I'm talking about not get paid enough to do that certain. Let's let's just and show Jon Stewart is I'm not having any daddy issues. Systems. East Allen today well not anymore today than you are anytime you play warm baseball annular yet again now I forgot about that pretends that in and just reminded. And we all of that. Let these where I love you remember he left you I remember running app. After the car that he was driving seat myself in the rear view mirror. And then later go to it and soon. Yet it is about the windows flip and somebody yeah. I. Fifty. I MacKey from Michael magnate. And so on behalf harper is that today the finest men and all America the great run down to our. Items Gephardt's and god will were back on Monday to Clark a great weekend beside. Them. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.