Fair process for picking the new chief?

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Thursday, August 3rd

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What they're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they are really it is my when you don't remember anything you have more fit what's trending with Damien Wagoner and they feel like you're. Plus doesn't seem right there on 98 point 01 KMD's. It. It is a national watermelon. You like watermelon shore. It taste like anything and it tastes like water is like selfless. In a relief. On a big one hour. Not seamless I would have to go to seedless that a one of duty world war but Abbott is that with the Sudanese have to work around right now now. Zero best thing to do with the watermelon. Jump that we yours double double vodka in it but yes I didn't ranks what can you do agree depleted the water. You can be really aren't that question. Now 2290 yet it's too late Kerry like baby did dirty dancing but like I I've you can soak it in vodka and no exit. You know do that are carving out what else can you what what good things can do it some reason it makes a good garnish for like a martini yours some kind of fruity injury. Or does I think he's gonna liquor that's find out where we're total were the like right so. They secured water and I are talking about that Belfast will mention possible talked moments later is IPA day. And and I guys now me either now Andre and I learned and the big beer fan dark era Pham talk more relentless ruled out tomorrow. But and I learn to like a lot of things I didn't like initially I drink coffee black and I learned like whiskey things that I didn't use to life. I cannot. Get to like IPA's has now do it I want to I was like I can't even fan as I'm Mike Mike Talbott is too soft I I'm I I can't even be judging with you about it right now because I can idol. I don't like cops like the. Your first Red Bull Hewlett rebel I've done a lot of rhetoric really well. I ever write first troubled at what in the hell is this and eventually name just now it's like it's like any other drink to the. But it was wonderful bunch of sports stuff yeah just old time Marie WNBA chief Stan turning this is where I'm gonna sit down for second I was. I got vacation at an egg which Atlanta died the WNBA. Is tread and why Travis. Your video game go higher at. I am I am you'll like NBA live like NBA live two K are mad and all those games I've played it needs to KM played in the lives and almost thirteen years they're ranked as more of an NBA jam kind of guy because that was my generation. There is now. WNBA. Live. Coming to all the plays stations and X boxes. You can now play as your favorite WNBA. Players. Yeah I thought they just added to be lied here in you can also play the W you. All for. In two. And people are clamoring and at the top of the second half at sixteen to nine east and leave the scoring with four and that's why she command 7000. Dollars a year and these gals sure do make it look difficult. I am why do we need that added to do it. I'm sorry not to sound sexist but it's I I can't imagine anybody clamoring for that watching it also comes with that after he supports me feet seventies and the added women's soccer that would do the kind spirit. I guess again. Play both sides Tom Brady is trying to always that cover first book is out and he's forty today. Tom Brady turned forty does he still had the perfect life oh yeah catch some goals is. Well Jean king and gave Reyes PH but he's never had caught. Which is weaker or strawberries I think my father's never had cough. But he has it like for health reasons and the right you're out ice and now now teetering by Coca Tom Brady is doing it there's like he doesn't consume. He plays football. The new coaches poll is out college what he says you told me this right the NFL starts tonight pre season the other half games hold him. College football. Their first poll is out no shocked Alabama is number one. Ohio State is to Florida State is three Bamba and Florida State by the it will by the way will play an opening week. On the highest ranking big twelve team Oklahoma is there a number eight Oki state is there at eleven. In college football writer on the corner right though they do it liberty we get is that right all suited yeah. And also about Tom Brady today's his birthday friend brought out alive yet partnering. Five goats to practice weren't on record. He brought five goats to practice he did it. Oh study posted broad prideco meaning predictable greatest of all time now apparent attack that's funny now death wish. Movies from trailer there remaking the 1974. Movie with. Bruce Willis I don't even know if that would death wishes. I have no clue that movies yeah it'll be on Netflix out of a Netflix all right everything's to a net. And Harrelson go back to their streaming days as they start breaking bad was coming now they would stream each episode about the week. And now under him clerk shows where today. Three episodes along with the okay. Verizon. And about it yet camps still going on them. You know the second a trend everyday sized sheets camp has gone on people who love and get ready for football people can't wait I football season to get here now I mean is fun to watch this royals team to just got swept in Baltimore. But. Yeah football season football rules in America doesn't matter what happens that's that league will never get less popular now it'll never spoke. IDs of the day with Jimmy wicket. Coming up next hour we will get back in our conversation about jails that we may have a verdict of the Michelle Carter trial but coming up. That that the Kansas City Star editorial board at a very interesting take on the hiring process. Of governor greatness and observed by governor brightens and this board that controls the Casey PD when it comes to the new police chief yet. Out there arguments and some questions about it too that I think are worth putting on the table and it's it's one of those where. Just because the process seems a little reader or a little off base or little shady doesn't mean it lives and doesn't mean the result would have been the same. But we do questions about the process anyway because it looks bad. Will ask you of your fingers and hitting shady. That we download this or is it all on just OK in your mind. We do that extra here in 91 came BZ 981 KM BZ lead they would Jamie wicket twenty minutes after twelve. Still to come if you're a fan of the flip phone it's not debt. It is not dead even though nobody hasn't besides my dad I says they're always. They're producing them steal one. I would tell you coming later on. But there are some people that just have no desire to tax a but did you consult text on foot on you can work your way through the letters yes I don't wanna Smartphone. My dad. Does not want anything to do this mark on my late grandmother had a flip phone to the bugs were acts on that -- what we're talking about but this is one that's really like it's a lot like this is the the the Smartphone I have my hand but. We'll get to that little bit later on. I don't believe that the Kansas City Star editorial board is terribly fond of the way that. The state of Missouri who controls the Kansas city police department after first glimpse of the first center. The ongoing uncertainty yeah efforts to reverse. This is that the headline this came out yesterday or two days ago editorial how governor Eric crichton's last minute appointment cast the deciding vote for Kansas city police chief. Here's a first line in said story or said. Op Ed. The ongoing absurdity of Missouri's control of Kansas city's police department was on full display Friday with the board of police commissioners take major Rick Smith. As the next chief of police the ongoing. Uncertainty. OK so for those who don't understand how things work in Kansas City with the please let me get via a little ultimate primer hairs that you understand where we're headed with us as we. They're asking some questions about the process and you probably will be too once we explain what happens. I can't misery is the only police department in the entire country whose police forces control. By a board appointed by the state there's a board of police commissioners for the city. There are five members of that board for those members are appointed by governor crichton's with approval from the senate. And mayors like James serves on that we got five on the board. That is the board that got to decide on who your new Kansas misery police chief and is now we're down to two candidates if you recall this is replaced era for tech. I Rick Smith who has worked with Kansas City, Missouri police department for quite awhile. And Keith Humphry out of Norman Oklahoma and yet five numbers on the board at least three members to sign off on on that vote. The members aboard war. Board president Leland Sharon. Mayors like James that we mentioned you had Michael raider and Angela Lawson hunt whose terms have expired and who's who needed to be replaced on the board. So that we just have four members initially so gut brightens and needed to at initially the plan was to replace Michael greater and Angela Lawson. He was going to do that we Nathan Garrett and a guy named mark Tolbert anyway long story short. The wait this ended up coming out was that. To have five people on the board so that there was a tie it could be broken. He left Michael raider and Angela Lawson hunt in place. Until he plays and that's the idea. And that appointed neat thing Gary to the sport on this points out at eight under was appointed hours before the vote. But his name didn't come out and no governor gripe is initially intended to appoint him back in June but for procedural reasons. Kind of pulled the nomination for awhile and then renominated him so at least the process works of that Nathan carrot. I'm was a former federal prosecutor and started opposite police officer in west plains Missouri. He gone to the public meetings he was up it's not like you is walked into the vote and did nobody was talking about he'd end of the public meetings and had time to form an opinion. The vote out to read it to you in favor of Rick Smith. The way about worked out why is the board president whose term is up in 2019 happily badly that reserves a four year term. He voted for Keith Humphry out of Oklahoma. Mayors like James voted. For Keith Humphry out of Norman Oklahoma welcome back to that second yeah you're you're mayor you're sitting mayor did not vote in favor during police chief. The two people whose terms are already expired voted in favor Portsmouth and soda to new. Got it so 32 vote in favor of Portsmouth including you people whose terms. Have expired and I literally asked the board who will be replaced her senate and house. So brought a couple of questions here are the star is critical process like a lot of us around here been critical of the fact that we having police department controlled by aboard. Appointed largely controlled by the governor governor controls for a five seats. We also have a new governor who would like to keep up the slack he's he's made it very clear he'd like to keep control for the state to control. Saint Louis was a stick and also one point to that and it recently so so it's just Kansas City by the way right so. It makes you wonder dig governor gripe is have an agenda. And want Rick Smith to have the job and if that's true did he point anything Garrett. Knowing that he would vote for Rex net keeping in mind. If he was just gonna fill one slot he could've put Mark Hulbert not and we opened our top would have voted for. But you do wonder was this a strategic move to Britney finger on the court. To say yes. No idea under this it it it appears yes that this was an again I think we sometimes throw that word agenda out as entity add things or act. It it was it's it's it's his agenda that's the governor's agenda do whatever he ran on and promised to missourians were on if that was his point was to make or not the police chief and he knew it was gonna go to Q in the tiebreaking vote going to be his guy. That's in your power he didn't do anything. That I would say is eagle on how something like that. But the question I think you know there's a lot of questions in this LS jumpin 57677985767798. You can texted at 22980. Should the governor. Who's in Kansas City very often easier or is every so often he's busy red state he's nearly nothing else should the governor. Be basically in control. Of the police force in Kansas City. And this is the only city in America where the state controls the police. And nothing against Rick's by the when the panic station about your new police chief it's on but you could you could make the argument governor brightens the Turks. Because governor brightens picked that last seats that ended up voting in favor. Couple other questions out and she does appointments at this vote have waited. And sell the appointment date and Gary have waited until after the vote should we allowed for the vote to go to YouTube which is what would have happened probably. And then I assume the bylaws. For the port police commissioners. Have in place a process for how to break that tie I don't know who that falls to maybe also the governor I've no idea in which case the result would have been a saint. But part of what the stars seems to be upset about is that they think there was appointed to the board hours before the vote and that was the tiebreaker. And the at what the other questions they ask is is it fair to ask any soon to be ex board. Are they fully engaged in the process or is or they just holding on because it's. They knew we knew which way they were gonna vote let me let me say that's. As possible those two people were not invested in the process should they be allowed to vote given they are not going to be on the board commissioner. As this new commissioner as this new police chief is in the job that's what this is so shady to me but I don't think he did anything wrong I don't fingers and cheneys the wrong war but it looks back. I take I take that back any gain of one echo exactly what you said. We have zero problem with Richmond know as the police this is not a conversation about the merits of the police chief it's the process right exactly I have I have no no qualms whatsoever we don't know and we hope legally meets Rick Smith very soon we've been making. A couple of calls try to get him on the show that being said. It it does feel like governor Britain's pushes that jet is agenda which is well within his reach but it doesn't feel like he should have been able to but doesn't feel right to me to. Zero or 5767798. Should make sly James have had more weight and is about should the mayor of the city who is one of the five seats on the board police commissioners. Get two outs made Newton should should the mayor have more of a say in who the police chief says the mayor who was elected by the people by the way these other commissioners are poignant. And and by the way that's something else. The mayor didn't vote for this guy yet they're gonna have to work together forever however long he's mayor James and he's police chiefs met so that. Reason apparently was believed us if you want to or not but the reason that he gave was that he kind of was gonna get the best of both worlds. Portsmouth has a lot of value to the police department and what he's still would have bet with the department and he gets keep Humphrey. That was the reason I get OK and I got you but yes your point that it could be a bit awkward now. That is valuable it is just is in on page. Remember when you didn't vote for me. It up at 85767798. Should the state control Kansas city's police board as it is right now. And and what you make of the relationship between your new police chief and your mate your. When I didn't vote for the other one anyone can be easy meeting with Jamie and wake it coming up by the flip phone and and production of the flip phone isn't dead also we have to tell you about what a Missouri mom did. To a boy she was very unhappy with idol of this or is it. Right now though we are talking about how Rick Smith was elected the next captain. The Kansas city police department is a problem with that I don't think unless you voted for somebody else. But it's the process. The vote was three to two Bob Orr president Lee ensuring voted for cheap Humphrey. Chief chief key country skis via Norman Oklahoma as the mayors like James. The three people who voted in favor of of major Rick Smith. Were a couple of people Michael raider and Angela Lawson hunt who works Serbia expired terms. And a newly appointed guy who made his way he he was supposed to be. By Tuesday and Garrett you're supposed to be on the board and and didn't get on the board for procedural reasons and was named to the board by governor Eric crichton's. Hours before the election. Writes although he was supposed to have been appointed back and jam and and knew that he was going to be appealing but the governor had pulled that. Appoint it was just a procedural thing he knew that he was gonna put him up later in his system. It's counter terrorism and by. He knew he was Ashley going to put mobs are making Garrett the new guy. Went to the public meetings with the expectation that he was going to be appointed the boards so seek payment. Educated and ready to vote for someone he didn't use. Yes and this historic it was in the Kansas City Star editorial board and the first sentence is the ongoing absurdity of Missouri's control of Kansas city's police department was on full display Friday when the board of police commissioners picked major Rick Smith. As the next chief of police were asking you is it right that. The state of Missouri controls the Kansas city police department 5767798. You can also text into 2980. Is it weird that there's gonna be working relation relationship now between the guy that won and mayors like James and mayor James did not vote for major Rick Smith. Yeah I think so a little bit on and keep your mind mayors like James is the only member of the board of police commissioners elected by the people who live here and so one suppose that if were gonna leave it. As important commissioners were four to five members appointed by the governor let's give the mayor more weight and that voting process on because again he's the only guy gets elected. It or leave it you know not to and because as most spartans will be controlled by a local board of commissioners or City Council would control that instead of how we have here. At least let them be elected statewide or something let's at least have those members of the board not be under direct control of the governor because in the governor. Gets a lot of Saturday. I mean you only get to every time instantly remembered that he gets to appoint two more. Yep the together on the expired to carry expired and then we've got the board president whose term is up and a couple of years of governor pregnant governor brightens gets a point that too. That just seems like a lot of power for one guy calf. 57677. And eight what are your thoughts of suck to Larry in midtown your 91 KM BZ I Larry. Yeah he had done. Yeah hours. Can't sit back and sixty from 60% in and you'll history behind the reason that is controlled by state. It is the old boss Tom pander yes. Should. The it was so corrupt. That the state took him away from the city and it is Kansas City Saint Louis in the classy city. That's of course they've gone back and now where you know where it was necessary now I don't know like. Yet. Yeah it's not necessary in Saint Louis anymore. Well yeah they got to bet the region the reason though. Socially critical of the department. The release in the city wants control now is that retirement. They wanna get their hands on network time. I don't understand. To give you all would continue the growth explain what you mean by that Larry. The the police department has its own retirement fund. The fund is is self administered by the police department. The city wants control. Of that money. There's a lot of money in that front which is the city's controller. You know being frugal is candidacy as a last for all costs. Thought it console I he would leave you now admit all of those men and art art art museum. But the reason that was originally takeaway is it was corrupt. It was compatriot. And are trained that. That is actually still locked city. If that's the case think for the for the phone call in the history if that's the case Jamie if it has to go back to Tom prendergast back into the thirties or whatever. It's seventy he Longley is not. And keep I don't know what the processes than for putting it back under local control but the governor has no interest and of course as. The governor would like keep it under his control it really is under his control he controlled those numbers are. And an and whether either local or not where they come from whatever what their background is and so. I and you know the governors from here so it seems list so. Get why you want as much control as he possibly how to buy it. It just I I just don't seem to benefit. I don't either it it would make sense to leave it in the hands of the people around you know granted these people. This group of on this board there from around here. You know there I mean it's not like they're there to check in in from and they have experience a law enforcement I mean they're not they're not totally there had not out of it. An aviator replaced Alvin Brooks that was Reno had a lifetime in law enforcement here in and is still very supportive of one law enforcement communities are yeah they're. Yeah they're not totally out of there. In the end they have some connection to what obviously there from here and not like they're in on Chiming in from four hours away in making the bulge shouldn't wait. On the border police commissioners again he's the only one elected by the people who live here. That carries some that's interesting because you put mayor James or whoever is the mayor you put that person and and me. I don't know because I I would sing it you know governor gray and has all the right to do exactly what he did I mean it's you legally you also elected. Maybe at the same people differs like Jane I was the governor right easy but you you are correct you put him in office as governor of Missouri and. And Kansas City is part of Missouri the problem is people who don't let your elected governor miseries of people who don't live in Kansas City. Elected a guy who chose the police commissioners that overseer police department suit see the different via. Yeah now that it's people who live in Columbia electing governor brightens who got to make the season. That's funky to me in but again that's the way it's set up so I don't think there's a huge state center. I it'll get mayor two votes it's it's one of those where I mean like the rule but it is the rule. But if you could change at Atlanta asking should it should it change I think you to go back to local control so the mayor get more more weight we'll leave it this way give the mayor tuba. No I say leave it as is if you're gonna leave it as is still don't give any more weight added to the mayor or any other member of the sport. But. I think it should go to a tilted to the local control and not the gov not be appointed board members from the governor. I think if you're gonna leave this might give the governor are seizing give the mayor more weight on again adjust because he's the only one. Who was elected by people who live here. And and so and I appreciate that the governor is elected by people who live here also but he was also elected by people that live in the middle of nowhere Missouri. Give the governor more give her more weight if he added we would not have Rick Smith is our police chief because each heap he won the other guy. To command yeah exactly. And an interesting relationship to watched by the way between here and the new police chief. Your boss didn't want you to have the job. Basically is where Portsmouth sent right now he's got a Bosnian outweighs the Abbas but if you might get a different guy. Who might have totally supported you for. Very very trio sound very very true you can read about is out of FaceBook page on Twitter as well it's been day with Jamie and wicket coming up. We'll tell the flip phone isn't dead it's still alive. And wait see here what Missouri mom did to a young boy. It was not. Very happy with that's coming up right here on midday with Jamie wicket and 81 KM BZ I'd be lying KE MBZ. Media would Jamie like it. Coming able to back in our conversation. About the jails in the area and whether you care about the condition because. There is a special meeting special session being held later on today to go over the condition of the jails in this area. Mean it's yeah it special session planned for 2 o'clock this afternoon. In which Jack wheat we hear the word audit that they're gonna look at maybe doing an audit of the jail and for sure they need to evaluate conditions and now that we've had if you're called. Several weeks ago where there was federal authorities that were there and did expect out of jail on found that we. That it charged coupled people bringing contraband lot of interesting issues came up at 10 o'clock hour the welcome back to after one. And a reminder coming up tomorrow sup on out between ten and two to brewing lab in downtown Oberlin park will be broadcasting live. And this is a place where if you wanna make your own beer but let's see your like mean you don't have room for the. Owned beer or not sure that you wanna invest the money and the equipment analyst you know you're gonna do it a lot that's lab started out in a much smaller space a couple of blocks away just as a place to go make your beard hair and then you can do it. It was interesting I tend to dump the process because you just go and you say I would like to make a Scottsdale which is what I for the first time. And they say with a bunch of recipes and our computer and we have all the stuff that on that while you make it may help you do everything. All the way through bottling if you want now they just recently moved into a much larger space. Where they do that the deer making but the they also have a full menu they hired a shaft that got really creative and did a really great menu of stop and back we're gonna presents up over there. Offer lunch tomorrow and a bar and then you installed a violent or supplies there and hang out but it's right. So I can Marty basically if you know where the farmer's market as the farmer's market is kind of runs and say this is one block off an act act campus at. Gonna be a lot of fun tomorrow at ten until two and then we are less than two weeks away so we are exactly two weeks away for me. Two weeks from today we are gonna be out at the oh park mall. For our Salvation Army radio Thon. A benefit the children's children's shelter through the Salvation Army I will be out there all day starting at 7 o'clock in the morning with more and show an announcement date and parks and John we're even get. Not till 9 o'clock at night. And that's where we need you will be talking about their mission through today but day. Do a lot for kids hear a lot of kids that can't be in their home life and sometimes get pulled out in the middle of the night. Literally with no shoes on and everything has to be provided for them and it's incensed all the way through teenagers. They need to provide everything they need and that costs money so we're going to be raising money for. We'll blow the UV with a stop on out open up that wallet again two weeks from today Oak Park mall the Salvation Army radio Thon going on a net. Were really excited as well two weeks from Monday on eclipse day solar eclipse day you and are going to be in the heart of the beast up in saint gel with the 54 street grill and bar. And all the chaos that will be everyone's looking at the sky that day so the the fictional itself only last about ninety seconds but you can see there you view of it. Basically from 1230 until about 150 that's right heart of our shows will be out at 54 street grill and bar in saint Zhao. I believe we're gonna it's got side at 1 o'clock with our glasses and take a look in and let's check it out for cells. I'd urge him got him his guns on some time but there's also in the early Sunday August 20% for those that of the day off work. And we know many of you did it. Comes act and we'll of the more details next city spotlight as we get closer in September on the eight the company you grain valley rain that Allen get out into some type you ingrained bound to have my applicant ultimate not to my knowledge just. He. Have you driven on I seventy between here and stimulus. I'm gonna eat out west has for so now you're not an upper and now are now avid a couple of ads are a couple of just east of the sports complex excuse me. Hi yet I'm not gonna green valley but I disagree first. Well and that'll be fun and somebody please make sure to an outside attack. Just put programs. Or deceased driver that's probably somebody else needs to be in charge ever get over to the radio station at like one of and then drive out to our location getting your 1 o'clock is going to be enough time. Yet where's the drive from here remission where distance away yeah it's 45 minutes from my apartment a birdie Google map but it. On a picture I know or ongoing but don't bring lab tomorrow got tenants that you'll be out there. Love your you found derive a flip phones did I had every 11 buying. I my first Sloane was the yellow Nokia pay as you go for now yeah okay I was the first phone I had it was you know. Before the big but it was a big button phone but it was about this big this kind of steady. But it was the first phone that I I don't ever I can't think what sizes it compares to better remember my dad had backed fountain. And now and that was a big deal in the first that I that was the big gray thing. That just had one little piece that was a flip you know it was Aaliyah. And you know like decide your top basically means is huge this monstrosity that thing and that I went on to the paper weights. We we had a big paper weight phones for a little Nokia is yeah please way to kind of black one and there's the Blue Line in and that I went on to a couple of smaller ones for I was late to the Smartphone party. Think it's funny you think about it. How far we've. Come with well like we talk about how everything is on these things now. Hi my buddy had a star tac and that being. That's twenty years old by the way to start attack officially is twenty years old it was that would the first like really cool flip phones that can actually do stuff. Well as poke around on Twitter today. And they are actually I don't think there's still making a flip phone like with all this stuff that you have on your phone now but. But it's sort of a Smartphone and it's a flip yet it is that called the Samsung leadership eight's the flip part I'll maneuvering and apple done. Said it is that scroll down for you and actually it actually does flip that's pretty cool looking at there that is it right there. Also and it's basically in half just. Opens up twice size exactly you can got to touch screen on the inside but he also has just the feeling of irregular flip phone. That you know with the but yet to hit. 83 times or. Is this I have no idea because it's. Great regular flipped on gas by. It's only available in China and the I. What is special about them that day I don't know. It's got to form for a half inch full HD displays one on the outside so you can see. Like if you know you look at your only normal person has normal phone now and it's the same thing on the top half so you can actually look and play with it would go and open up your phone you do that. It's got four gigabytes of ram in 64 gigs of storage with expandable storage twelve megapixel camera on the back is all that again. Yes that's all really put the lie. If I know ideal at the camera on mine as none whatsoever. It's probably pretty decent OK it's not great job and but yet there actually are out there are still making flip phones. I I don't and Chinese people for only for those that are in China. Yeah which you know who knows what her relationship was like with China right this opera fans tonight zero deal was found right now oh man how old's your phone. That you're using does give me an amber give me a number years now many months if he needs him to the crews use in the old respond with these Smartphones. They start to really slow down the batteries really start to sock. When I loved my my galaxy S three. And it didn't even have a flash I it's funny to me to remember which was the which what you had I love my Blackberry. Probable cause ever to Blackberry I had to I crackberry parole. Which was skinny Blackberry and then at the Blackberry Bold which was awesome. Except the problem with those blackberries that had the ball the ball stopped working. It just wouldn't get in the sensors would would Wear so you'd be sit there thumbing through and nothing would happen it would just be a rolling ball. I remember when my boss years ago. Got in Everett. It would all just got no Nextel split those things get a direct connect if we all what do got those we'd all be saving ourselves the dynamite. They only know if you can buy Nextel anymore. EU he had like the original Blackberry which was green and it had the wheel on one side. And then the other side was in Nextel direct connect I thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life. What's the longest you've kept the font. Because you're kind of a techie guy yeah fonts. But city. Probably I had to galaxy note for and I love that they not know about that it. It wouldn't they are so big it was very big. I don't mind it I mean whatever it doesn't like your pocket I've cargo pockets most of the time of cards are currently it is. The some some. Fashion conversations at some point settle some stuff we don't have to have any guy that conversation. Whatsoever. I don't kind of found people that doesn't tell me enough information I'm getting gotten it later I'll see you might I got it when it's new I don't know as much about bonds is you tell me how old's your phone is galaxy four. When that when came out anything else says an iPhone three. Wow that'll all that old. It's an old flannel is now run the iphone's seven in the eight I think it's released later. So just I just got rid of my seven year old phone seven Sunday somebody else that I am texting you and Nokia flip phone I've had since 2009. While that's one of the oldest some meals at five and a half years. I'm using an iPhone three without series it is six years old. It was 99 cents. Up up that's fantastic I attempt won the old paper weights for 45 years out and that I the Smartphone that I have before those I kept for about three and a half years this one I've got six months and not paid for it and how about not proud about I'm weren't. Get a little more tacky look you can use more and so I I need is. I'm about to get in trouble to serve in house I needed to be smaller I needed to fit in my hand that are sure I edit so those smaller than ever get bigger yes this is narrower than my last one but I've tiny hand I. Eight the phone my opponents out of its case because I can hold it now is whose skinny now it's a grade two within these collect. I can't hold it I have to put it in this case is coming cases falling apart but having real personal problems. Are you yen down by the way I just got my first one of the day act could be your reason your single quit complaining about the Wayman brass most guys dressed for comfort and not to impressed when and dad Jamie. My some people don't understand when I'm just playing with him he had Jamie that's why not immune to the show that must be why I. This lets you must be a man because I was comments from men that's why you're single that it is try to make it an insult he got it. The galaxy note to view really. And that's an old phone that's in 040. Art coming up to they would Missouri woman did. To a a young and she was not very happy with straight ahead they'll get into the condition of the jails and whether or not you care about them here in Kansas City it's been they would Jamie wicket.