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Monday, November 13th

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What else five dividends in Virginia Monticello name one more hour and then you have your your normal shift down on the Iraq and its. Der point five weeks into being pregnant. 'cause I don't by the legal things your wife is pregnant she is congratulations to your view gorgeous and fantastic and and sober to drive you around. It's always nine easiest days you do that yeah he went down to Fayetteville over the weekend because disposed via. As we collars of the strawberry hill gang me. Tesco in the mornings on six and think who's on right now yeah and and Hanson Hanson the TD of the boss and then like dominoes they'll start to fall one after another and one excuse after another so the broke trip was gone gone and then now. Places started taking care of so I went to my wife on Friday about 430 when a group of Arkansas for the weekends ago. Sir since she went and got back on him to better haired gotta gotta size face all that stuff. And I just went and had Beers at different breweries and. That works out well I'm here for you congratulations I think guys she's healthy and everything's going well so they are great according to the app we use our. Pickles is art is art as their babies nickname OK it is the size of a full cucumber today a lot popular idol is a pickle yellow full on tackle that as typical. Yes so. We're looking at everything goes as planned end of February. In the us this case shows overly if it's a good thing is that the kid. We would in the halfway point. The babies is easier at around ten ounces ours is already thirteen months old and an impact my wise myself is all on pickle she's like that I'm just so tired to run how far along you and Tom vote when he fortunate that weeks ago. A coma because she definitely is pregnant yeah and I just tell that you know being that is what happens when you're gonna give birth to zoo. His charge. Zoos is a child and my goodness. You are the prince of darkness last out now we screwed us. Yeah it's things all around eight down our political time yet good use of your Ned Yost an update on his conditioning broke his pelvis last week he actually has spoken loudly about that a second also do you know. Who is making a stop in Kansas City at a stadium tour at arrowhead. You're. Taylor Swift is coming back to Kansas City and events making news it's not big news. She's doing a giant stadium tour. All over the country and airline gets a stop. On next September it'll be September the eight. At that Errol had stadium will icu in the bit are you more of a seats guy for a tease with show. When is that September yeah I figured out I think I tell you are at the ligaments on your own all next September already yeah mr. I don't know you know I know. Guy guys come in through doctors have a through this week on Wednesday and pondered that when a dog. I know Pete's coming to town. That is next march I wanna say pondered that one going to be go to that my wife is obsessed with I don't know about. Taylor Swift now. Travis would you go. I actually like to see her because I've her she's great lies. Are humbled big span of just to see what kind of but I view I like to see which neighboring lot. I mean I know you're really big into it like bringing in your cell phone and holding it up for most of the entire show legacy I millennial they're trying to record. Have every single. Bit act of Julio and body and collect. To which she will never ever listen to it ever again you may put it upon Sosa isn't all your friends and and again add a little bits of Jim Guillen knows that your attitude is let's show but you and I both know that that recording device doesn't work that well for the professional sound that comes to their but you know in. You're gonna show everybody for your information early goal from my astronauts. I rise to protect data. I got a snapshot of. Other yeah. What I would like to see your live I mean she's yeah won all these awards of course she had a he had great stage presence so yeah I just I I don't I just don't know this and would it be entered a not not because again and just eaten. At this point now in my life I've basically to pick and choose like. What shows you go yeah I understand I mean I didn't. Well my same way it would be about Lady Gaga Allison too much or music yeah I will see your just. This is he which brings the as a live absolutely yeah yeah it was exactly that act because I. Will luck I would love to see Taylor's opus art sprints in right here again. A big fan there's a cup yet I figured you you go on yes I will be there plus knowing what my wife does for a living I'll probably be of course yes she's a picture guarantees we have a partner's progress notes from last week there was Neiman might Gregor. Katy Perry. Was that show now you know every song by Katy Perry you know or you know like his degree you know everything to Katy Perry is done and released it's been successful. I wish he had friends in town we went to the show is we had tickets. I don't really care for her music but her show was great her show was a cadet. Giant stage presence definitely huge flamingos walk in 32 in just the costumes and everything. I don't know of a real big Lady Gaga fan but her performance at the Super Bowl is enough to get me injury like a lot. I thought she did fantastic she she really toe the line the real world to make it to be entertaining and and indeed true herself. On the music and the music nerd on the performer myself not like music wise for you know I do like great shows yet regardless of of what. Category we like to put him in or genre so again tennis that may be maybe maybe we'll see. She's gonna be playing in Saint Louis on the eighteenth of September 10 days after she stops at airline okay so there you go on there and there's not been according to Rolling Stone. No opening acts no international tour dates announced yet and she's only doing stadiums. Here if you're wondering that September 18 US next year. Is that it's the eighteenth 22 or 80 when he AT that's a sad and I shall intensity so that's cool that we get to Saturday night show I had so you two was a Monday and sure yeah that was that was rough Foo Fighters have been through a couple times on Saturday which is great my guess would be that still pre season. You know that's that's after labor saw him guessing that teased my away games she's a VOA that Sunday if you efforts Schuler. Yet another area there is a military down in time now the chiefs will be gone on September 9 with this pressure there they're not get a do that. There are actually acts out there. Honestly that would sell out a stadium to. Now even think YouTube was sold out the stadiums or they can go through it was close and at arrowhead but there was still tickets available on the day of show. Shall sellout yes absolutely sure he's not hurt. Within twelve hours a review column as ardea like almost a million. Sales down copies it was the number one when that terrible song gonna display coming back from break look what you made me do. That it was already the number one song in seven countries like with a twelve hours of could be released what do you suppose it is that makes her soul. Popular it will mean a mean it's. Her music's. And and answer this in an assistant to blast this there exactly original you know I mean Madonna was on pop songs from time share may come back you know don't pop songs. And actor I'm not blasting of the ways it is is because she's. This in ages. Madonna without the baggage she is which is wholesome. You know I don't of this new album in this new Taylor is kind of a weird thing but I just think she's the she's struck while the iron was hot at a bunch catchy songs I mean you know I was in Taylor swift's. Like I know was the one that they state the added him to the goats screaming. He got timeout just blowing it up trying to bring up al-Qaeda so good please bring it up Travis Leo because I've played that I'm not even a Taylor Swift and I played at. You know this one. Okay as few others down shaken up bright as the ball on a hand or his value of playing at me funny if it yet there's a great line I just again I'd love coats that sound like humans. And when you can put it to music the Bon Jovi once great living on a prayer. But yeah. That's going to another one blow Europe case. I thought that was tracked down Travis is working hard. And I. Makes me laugh everytime she's a pop princess I don't get involved in scandals she or is she had a little one Noah John Mayer right a little bit because her dating his history is her biggest journal editor nine. It's not scandalous as she's done a little acting too if I remember she showed up on. On. CSI or some my accent and a tight one thing she does really well into we got to get to break but she does PR really really well of course she does PR better than anybody I've ever come in contact with the music front. Sheets stick like we did a VAT think has of the radio station my wife works at. She stood there and talk to us and into the next two to three people an extra bit three people she remembered people from previous meetings. She she just had this listening party were she to bunch radio people over that Utley was invited to. You know she does PR really really well and has done it for a long time. And it's impressive that she still is willing to lead in the radio folks because the one bad apple spoils the bunch scenario could have guy in Denver with the kind. If for those that maybe don't know I'm sure you've talked about it but there is that radio personality in Denver. Allegedly. You've been drinking his girlfriend in these are blood and it external photo. Addressed a photo and went to court because he sued her for defamation care eats at her because she got she allegedly got him fired and she countersued in one for adult yet if for taller print print that and Nivins Susan. Three movies and went to be shipped yet Susan C aside for a episode choose. Audrey on the Laura acts. And as it is on Valentine's Day in the gipper OK and never the CSI don't remember watching it. And bailing its. Its debts to stadium tour stops next year in Kansas City 14 edge Sherron. Is in next October so ham with the stones and thought hey not bad but I don't care. I couldn't tell you sold out sprint center in like minutes past I don't know anything about them too skinny guitar. The have a thing. He is the base he is he as a ul a bunch of looping mechanisms underneath that he plays he plays all the music and all the audio and he'll sit there and every beat you here he creates during the show. Records at Lucas hit its all lies. None of that is taped. Himself out man doesn't mean it's good. Accurate yeah via. But. And time are coming up an update on that Yost who fell from his tree and busted his pelvis he has spoke we'll tell you what he had to say coming up. Also guess who's banned from Vegas casino. I'll give you a hit he rapist it Travis and even banned from Vegas casino is a way. I I'll give you hit he once won a Heisman Trophy we'll tell you who it is next in 91 KM BZ it's what 22 we'll check in with dean in parts coming up in about forty minutes say a reminder. Coming up tomorrow. Coats for kids continues on as it were trying to grab as many coaches we stand for kids that need him in the Kansas City area Scott parks tomorrow will be at Errol fabric care. Odd coming up tomorrow morning from seven until nine some make you stop went out and see Scott and then on Wednesday if you can't get there'll be out. At pride leaders. And you can come and say hello at eight if US blue ridge road in Kansas City. If you want to help out you can do it there's two spots where you right now policies got an aero fabric care public pride cleaners on Wednesday. We're talking about look this up where you're looking at the story yeah most likes on FaceBook you know some of our kind of surprising Shakira has honored and four million likes who Vin Diesel 101 million real Rihanna and has been 700 fast and furious movies 81 million aren't. Will Smith 75 million Will Smith is that I analyst Taylor Swift 74 million. Bob Marley 73 million it is one that surprised me that this who has 72 point 95 million likes on FaceBook. I don't know me now how Travis it is not Yeo I I will say that when I tell you this. You're gonna go Diego double L I will believe anything these days I literally will believe anything. Let me verified by going directly to. This person page depth there going there and I will tell you hear a they have 76. Million. Likes day 10 AM. The lead singer of nickel back mr. DMR. 76. Million. People honest I'd like this through when love but it mr. be was right Venus. 76. Oh that's not like is yeah. They keep it. All it. I've never seen an episode of mr. being. So I wouldn't have a clue. Mr. I know you blown away by this. I think cell 'cause like no I mean. Rihanna makes sense international sure Narnia you know Leo Messi soccer player out and let them yet FC Barcelona. Shore Real Madrid Coca-Cola mr. beam. Or B is likely. If you wanna stay on mr. being he's actually going to be a dad. On number three he's 62 years old and his meet its 33. Watch him. Wait say rally at again and become a father's 62 via and his girlfriend number. Yes I did it mr. Benny has partners 33 and Louise board you now. It's. My wife's ten years on me so I can't be one of those people that's. I mean 62 to 33 I mean security has us on the 23 which means that I'm just ten years old and in the cared yep and daughters as 62 point one you're that guy you're going to be that dad. Like was that. It that your daughters a wife and she's just she's just yet and years and immediately and we use that as parking cars in Atlanta we used to play that game daughter date through and we I. Outline this stuff when judge. That got us manager of your Kansas City Royals he was hurt while working on is tree stand is that tons of land down near Atlanta mountain. He fell out of this tree stand and he broke his pelvis. Eyes finally getting back to his home but he tells Jeffrey Flanagan. Who covers Major League Baseball. Now royals dot com of course. He was told by Ned Yost this is from Slaney and LB on two on Twitter. Video is back and I'll listen to this Ned Yost is back at home after his horrific fall that shattered his pelvis he told me quote. There's no doubt I would have bled out if I didn't have my cell phone with me there was nobody that was coming nobody would have found me I would have been dead by nightfall. Imagine like I mean Anna thank god we have cell phones these days because I mean you're on acres and acres of land you were in an entry stay and you'll fall. Nobody's going to be around to hear you scream now. That's frightening to. Flag also reports Ned Yost told me the trauma surgeon said Mandan I was really scared about you we've seen these things before. This is a 25 to 30% mortality rate you're crashing on the table we couldn't get the bleeding stop I thought we were going to lose you. There will be a wheelchair for at least two months but hopes to be able to move around normally by spring training tells plan again and he feels like a lucky. Hopefully this'll make the guys need to get recently Anderson and right cattlemen will do it pops you know we almost lost net positive sign for the cheap. For the bargain price of 400 million dollars. I'd go see that happening right now can't say well I don't think in a I mean I'd I'd never gone out hunting but I have to imagine there's a there's got to be a party system right for something like this. Like who would use eight I would think he thinks nobody but he wasn't hunting right users working as a work in industries are there some you never gone hunting. Fishing yes yeah yep. Love I loved fishing on upon two bogeys it means they can drink beer while the rest of the guys to go fishing. Have so if you like connotation and you know like I tell a lot did Ted often and I am not clean to finish now. Now I've I've caught one or two in my day I don't throw them back. Probably for the bowl fever caught sending killed a native. Worth talking and let us know V area before I kill it eat it they killed and watch somebody clean it. And then took a couple. And I don't know we do it probably probably set the freezer and they got tossed Gina which you're a cleaner. I probably do it now I think when I was younger I would have been grossed out by it now not really you know whatever it's good oh. But I Travis here and hunting before ALCON dot com and yeah agenda that you. Canada that was it everything I. He's been hunting comedies and yes I shot of the airplane and trail as oh or. Did today and edit the game and it's data to avoid but if we're excited now more fishing anything but never beyond. Probably once you buy dot guiding my gram balls bigoted pheasant hunting they would they would do that all the time of Canada aren't here okay. You're killing. That finished and just cut it and company AM yeah we did that this friend of mine's parents live way out south that has a stock pond in its. That's kept achieved I got to fish it Deanna rose at the petting zoo when my nephews were here I caught one of those like and the little wouldn't stick fishing poles they give it would. Crazy when I drop a line in the fishbowl and the F family room and drive cut a place that's all they should nab that SOB to the popcorn shrimp. I just went 29 to tell you a little here's a hint he's won a Heisman who's been banned from a Las Vegas hotel. And also what's the weirdest thing ever hit while driving 133. Nivins in for Jamie modest selling things come down here had no problem I was thinking about this is now we were talking about reboots and Hollywood kind of rehash yeah same story in out of ideas what's the worst remake it's ever happened footloose. Was there footloose remake oh yes they're old guys so yes there I. Okay. Character Oka and I don't when that come out. I don't know Rahm got worse and reboots worst Hollywood re humbled and not the first fantastic four movie was really good. But the phantom I've heard this did the recent remake of the fantastic four was absolutely horrendous. I didn't see it I evidently DVR probable that is the time 2011 if it was one of fame in domestic it was a fantastic four and 2005 to them fifty. Yeah there was a 'cause the first one was. Carlos. It's pass and anyone that included the silver surfer but that was a sequel and then this there was a reboot of late we're re. Rebooting the reboot rebooting a reboot or whatever that's had them Michael B Jordan. Miles teller Kate Mara Jamie bow via didn't have. Yet didn't have who was dark Angel Jessica Alba she was via the first order. Animated sequel to yeah they did with silver surfer. There's the bad reboots worse reboot texted and at 22980. He grabbed on seeming to be needs him and he rebate steel steel magnolias. That's that's it is that fake news. It's a that's got to experience. Aren't we looked at Amtrak can't think of all there is like 2012. Is. They rebate steel magnolias TVs. OK okay so it's cream. How about Tyco keep count this as a reboot ghostbusters. It wouldn't. It. Is that what is novelist guy Emmett. Karate Kid and yet you see here in the states there's oh my gosh it was that would air idiocy it. Wasn't a reboot put resurgence. It was literally he. One of the worst movies I have ever seen it pays eight him yet resurgence it looked good. Bullet got beat the writing was as horrendous. Act as the movie was pleasant to look at. This it was technically just and there's no Will Smith. Lian hens were. Like god Jeff Goldblum do not quit and it's sad is Jeff global was a great actor bill Holman sell war yes guilt holdings in it again Judd Hirsch that can be good Connecticut eight. Good cast great cat also IC so Dylan plays the son is dead that's right his dad it's okay yeah. It was it was bad if they oversaw the remake of God's law that came out in late 1985. With. Brought a date that is driving Cong. I caught on call that was kind of good. Oh really I don't say that it was I mean it's. It's your basic King Kong movies oh but without calling them with a girl that's gonna happen right on point break. We booed yeah they did a couple of years ago that's a recent. First I never saw the first point break its legendary 2015. I don't discount the reboot but like all the terminator movies that we really need it. Terminator Genesis. The money. The recent one with Tom Cruise was I'll make this kind of like this I don't know that yet. Is it just wasn't they re booted poltergeist and cycle poltergeist. Yes cycle was from ninth 98 with them. Told I'd Vince Vaughn and that's right variety. And that one was not. And you guys liked the planet of the apes movies. You know because not okay we had the originals which were done in the sixties right there is that a box that and then there was the remake. And then we re booted after that now started we did it again there was the remake of the original. And then there was the reboot of that. Into this trilogy we have now were war for the planet of the apes was just I think it's signed on demand objects Spider-Man not homecoming I guess there is Titanic tutors at Titanic to their cancer got no there's not a Titanic Titanic and you fail to do but Travis Sammy did you I'd like the first two haven't seen the new one I love this new new reboot of the planet -- yeah one went is Matt Davis. Great to video Titanic 20. Another hundred that on the hundredth anniversary of the original voyage a modern luxury liner Chris and tied to and they give you some big autos is half of its gains today given that you some big names that are in Titanic to. She and Ike. Bruce Davison. Brooke burns. Birds eight wait wasn't she. The Brooke Burke who Brooke Marie Westbrook and news Dylan box. Give her dad is accurate oh Conan the barbarian. Did they remake was that was with they every detail and in them 2000. Conan. Was that with. It's mobile. Obama. Back to the Titanic two yeah yeah I does that is that. You know I think it was I think Titanic two was the a silent film. Because it's. A silent films are the ones that make is that this spoof. And movies like almost like the original but there's different like it's kind of like transformers. Informers. I don't. Yeah I don't know asylum yeah asylum asylum production company did on Troy the odd Odyssey because a mention of three large tonight's roundtable or try. To getting ga and the only thing up for you is a movie about a sequel to a boat that sank like that to me. Right that in their toes youngest asylum once the ones that you all the shark natives those are tremendous. Sale clause clearly WS silly Brooke burns is to host the show dog eat dog or that show. Anybody kill a show he had little bit and with that the up. Broke up it was to the remake of Robocop guided him. It is worth watching on TV now are going awesome TV not going to see in the movie theaters Superman reboots. They're OK I mean the originals which wouldn't be a grown up great yeah but. I like to do what it's like man of steel like security do most recent one Maya. And we've reboot Spiderman on 900 times so I've no idea. What to do although the new one is fantastic I thought the old ones with Andrew Garfield I like this. I was good somebody's and they say they're going to be areas remaking the crow that's been sort of chatted about for awhile now it is Alamo once again being talked about Vernon. But that's the one that had Bruce Lee's son Brandon League dad died you know on set yup my wife what's after the percent amazing soundtrack. I don't remember I remember this and that's on track experts said. A lot as a kid and then executed yeah you're an anti air race again and oh yes. Don't do drugs. Muqtada. But the rest. The all cigarettes. But enjoy can't. But yes they've David Chatham on that went for awhile now because they did do punches like sequels to the crow and all were they were terrible the Croat who sought yes they'll pretty bad so yeah I mean your about that also Lisa Dukes of Hazzard. Easy to do you have a movie that was with protests and sand and John simpler. To Knoxville two things one that -- always been noticed that it doesn't matter whatever he that's two bags that you never gonna work again he's always stickler to have to do and is actually did the movie that would dukes and the role models pretty funny joke yeah yeah. Home role models give him Olerud is there's some bits that's a pretty good competitive pretty good in that. So 33 hours ago gamespot dot com says the crow is going to be. With just what we need Jason Momo. I did she role models with the dude that has. They. The one name in in its. Oven Mitt love ya yeah see that moved the club and wouldn't say it was a great movie but I saw it's funny it's worth it you know if you're sitting around and Fred and I know feel like going out and you're just I had answered yeah. I the text line they are re I don't know if it's a reboot. Or a sequel buds are Monty. Yes it is now it's RD out yeah I think it. Is it out yet if it's a rock Kevin Hart and the Astrid Jack black and yes it that world it is it is three booted yet Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black Kevin Hart caring human yeah its outlook comes out December December December 20. End Dwayne Johnson joked yeah god. I love to you welcome to jamaat ING. This one goes into like actual video game he's got to love sport yes for teenagers discover an old video game console and are lit turn the page on into the games jungle setting becoming yet well avatars age. At least that's relevant to 2017 they're going to video games they're mean but I saw the original in the theater with Robin Williams yes I love that movie. Can you believe the rock is the highest paid actor in the idea is because he'll he'll take on in year old. I'll along any doesn't it welcome. But I also has the TV show bowlers which isn't too bad it's good yeah it every week there are out of it and I think is WW EP training help to not take himself too seriously doubt is you know. First in the mommy was the the Baghdad and the mommy to Brendan Fraser or being scored guaranteeing that when it was. I'd won 43 we'll check in with data and parks and I promise we'll pay up who's been suspended from a Vegas hotel is trying to that I TC forty minutes ago but David's keys to Iraq. Straighter off the track many line KM easy it's 149 we'll check in with David parks. Quick updates from the world of Roy Moore. You're familiar with Roy writes we run through this one more time what Roy Moore is being accused of given the reader's digest version just tuning in right or is up for election of a special election to take the seat vacated by. Her attorney general Jeff Sessions in Alabama. He's going up against Democrat named Doug Jones last week bit of a bombshell not good for Roy Moore who. Has been accused of sexual misconduct. When he was in his thirties and a girl was in her teens as in fourteen this happened back in the 1970s. Many people wondering why this is coming out now now we've got Gloria Allred on TV is a matter of fact. And she has a new accuser of Allah Alabama GOP senate candidate Roy Moore who said that he. A sexually assaulted her client when she was fifteen and sixth. EU alleges that when she was reminded. That he was sexually assaulted by Roy Moore. She alleges that at the time of the alleged assault mr. Moore. Was the district attorney in at a walk county Alabama. Mr. Moore subsequently became an Alabama. Supreme Court justice. And have the unique distinction. I've been twice removed from that court. For ethical violations. This new accuser of Roy Moore. Is here with me today. Beverly young Nelson has chosen to come forward. Because she thinks that it is important to hear what she alleges. With her experiences with mr. Moore what she was fifteen or sixteen years old. Gloria all red at a press conference in new York and new accuser coming out against Roy Moore not good for Roy Moore who is spreading to sue the Washington Post. And his wife along with himself on this a witch hunt. Subsite ended. We we we read what the hell said in a lot of people Clinton in his district are down they're still gonna pull for a. Daria so that there there's. I don't care what party he is part of I don't know how you would want this guy representing you is it that the state of Alabama. And is a member of. He always says seventies and men that were thirty trying to find the perfect wife are typically have their age which puts him at fourteen or fifteen I mean let's not forget my bad your right you know that you and that's you know we used it sendoff our women to marry the man at fourteen because they can work on the farm and start reading. Here's what's senate majority leader Mitch McConnell had to say when he was asked about the women accusing Roy Moore of sexual assaults. Pretty well these allegations if true. I want you I believe the women yes straight up answer and. Who believes Mitch McConnell anymore he's the hash tag drain the swamp when her own say and I'm saying Roy Moore responded with. Mumbo Jumbo Mitch and haste tag drain this. Yeah basically that re more fired back saying he should be replaced not more he McConnell should learn. These special election is coming up early next month mention this earlier in the show OJ Simpson's attorney says the former football star is now been banned from the cosmopolitan. Hotel and casino in Las Vegas attorney Malcolm Laverne urged. On Thursday told the Associated Press that Simpson received a trespass notice. From a hotel in the united Simpson was intoxicated or belligerent all the Las Vegas Strip property. His attorney says Simpson was not given a reason for the bandy says Simpson contacted his parole officer and underwent drug and alcohol test which came back negative no statement. From the hotel because they do not comment on their guests. What does surprise you OJ Simpson was banned from anywhere click I mean if you're especially era. A hotel and casino where. We when we last saw OJ he was barging in a hotel and casino to retrieve his stuff and that's what what wound up putting him in jail. It's interesting that's what if couple mode and acts of me that's what got it and not yet not stealing his stuff yeah that's really it as vodka. But Simpson has been on parole after serving nine years for that armed robbery and assault with a weapon when he was trying to get is memorabilia back so OJ's name and the cost. You banned from anywhere. And Travis thanks so you banned from any let I think as I was coming up I would go visit Lawrence a lot of got thrown out of almost every bar I went through I'd never I never started the fights he's. As an example if I needed bay and I don't know about it. So I know he's going to I thought man and they eat eat eat and eat eat eat now thanks so now thinks it kicked out of Barbara fortress. Not because of me. Account with a group that I was with our heels and I sociologist somebody else's fault via never Travis down never. Celek Hillary Clinton it's always somebody else's fault Syrian jail I'd write a book about it right my good look at the story of Travis getting kicked out of every Florida election. I hear you again I was removed. I don't think I've I've. I just remove I had that removed twice like physically picked up and taken via. Well one time physically once I was escorted off the property once. Late night party in many years ago in downtown Detroit just. Probably should have been let in the first place it downtown Detroit yeah nobody's around. And it shouldn't have been allowed in the bar in the first place is now. Quickly made my presence felt as I've fell and a bathroom. Through a stall and was asked of well believe but I was picked up and now there I dig it kicked out of a playoff baseball game it's it was a brewers aren't the only game I can't. As a client and as brewers and cardinals and it was at Miller Park in Milwaukee and we had standing room only and we. Had. Rumors stating behind some guys they got there before us and gusty Edgar works there's no really sick anything. You know you have to do is trying to go your own your own pace if you leave you know activity is spot back were these three guys left it we moved up to the rail and stadium. And they were hammered dropped Weaver a little drug they reeled her. And they started yelling and screaming and all this and obscenities and security as is their policy. They kick everybody yes so everybody was was asked to. Back in the day long long time ago that this maidan and it was last Thursday and on and on and up. There's a bunch of us we darted graduated high school we went to a royals game we're in the park and ride. Drink and all that stuff having fun and they kicked us into the game I hate you guys can't be out here any longer you gotta go to games or knowledge of the game one of my threatens. This aside the light at the cigarette while we're in the outfield lodged in the royals play they came and said. First of all. I know in Kansas it's eighteen minutes 21 or Missouri's you all can't be drinking and indicate this out of the game we were there for one inning nicely acted then ending kicked out.