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Wednesday, June 14th

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What they're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like you. Start drinking have. Let's see if they are really it is a lot when you don't remember anything I wanted what's trending with Damien Wagoner and they feel like you're. Blood in the game right there on 98 point one JMC. And I've said after twelve from most believe what is trending obviously is the shooting at baseball game. Practice. Down in Virginia. Where 66 year old. James hodgkin's in it opened fires wound up shooting house majority whip Steve's release. Who is doing fine after surgery in stable condition. Hot in sin though dead after. The injuries suffered. In the retaliatory fire from these two guys but that accent I guess is that Secret Service but it's the cast like we sat well thank you yes. So we know in all five people were injured we know that two of those five are to capitol police officers that returned fire ultimately. Killing that suspects hodgkin's and was from Belleville Illinois and we're hearing that police and there are searching his homey look in Alexandria for a couple of months. That previous to that Atlanta now don't sound. Put more details on this as we. Continue on here this is going to be a story that will dominate headlines all day but also trending as you heard mark Lavoy point out right at the the end of this these news update. We have an active shooter or had an active shooter in San Francisco. We have rumors that this may be a disgruntled employee that this is Eddie UPS under in the San Francisco area I don't know exactly what we're dealing with there in terms of injuries but we've heard multiple reports are saying it was multiple people that were hurt. Not a lot of detail about Allen coming out just. Also dreading Flint. Well links end split may she might not about Michigan the head of Michigan's Health Department has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Rule it in action the wire crisis criminal charges were about the head the Health Department and chief medical officer came down this morning as a result of their involvement and deception in the Flint water crisis for other Michigan health officials. Have been included in the charges including chief medical officer run roll yeah yeah all right so while now it really did that sometimes you back Rihanna did it. What good. Good neighbor for not doing anything about. Yes. I hash tag people session is trending related to the misery legislature a lot of pictures coming out. Lot of women in pink shirts. Related to that people gathering and support indeed and not support but. Rejecting me fasting is Missouri rejecting and rejecting an extreme misery legislative agenda. Obsessed with restricting reproductive rights them that and the thing teacher. Now I again and buzz beach ball has threatening. Or is that this weekend nobody they just announced another line on track curses our sister station down the hall the headliners Snoop Dogg and Weezer. Oh awesome those NA that's going to be fun guy that's gonna be fun. Singing about coming up on a later we will mention to you the latest names announced for vick's flex. Oh that's right that we again we face sudden we're gonna hear some new names most days most week days leading up here for the next weeks and yelled this is. Odd that it's not trending. Maybe it will later may be good news of the day is superseding right now and at 71 birthday to the president of the United States. This past Donald Trump 71 today do we know the plan. Today I know he's got the whole family together now now malign him mariner in the White House are. I'm pretty sure it has it wasn't addressed the media about a GOP baseball practice shooting that probably was done on his son and plan. Out. We haven't heard about plans for party or anything what was open or where they'll go perhaps the bigger questions now is flat. It is Flag Day off Newt ending fun for black day. Army's 242. Birthday. Happy birthday to the gaps error thanks so that's what's right that's about it. We'll keep you updated again what's happening at a San Francisco the shooting at the UPS center there are multiple people injured we're hearing rumors that this was made possible disgruntled employee and again. Any new developments that we get out of the congressional baseball game practice shooting the Smart and wall while will give T of course on that team is scheduled to the line. Tomorrow they have been doing this since 1909. Proceeds raises my charity. Democrats and Republicans face off so that game will be tomorrow. Still to come if we have time to sneak this one in a former employee of 91 K and BZ was a hero. Any talk about that yeah he's just sit right I was well right or your city but he's to be your partner yes. That outlets Internet the next hour because a lie and Zach burns who now is off working in Seattle. We maintain contact with an act quite a bit and he posted. Something up on FaceBook key blocks for the site for the station he works for now and had. A moment of heroism. That I it's it's we'll talk about it's great. It is fantastic. Also we should mention the latest with the Casey I don't line as well for their quest for hours on content and I've just got. Another earned. Did you faced all when you heard this. I thought was were run out of time now people are complaining at the moving too fast but there's a limited amount time to get this done and I. Like were pushed and luckily it came out of the City Council meeting up next mid day with Jamie wicket and he won came easy but he won KM easy to deal with Jamie wicket. Coming up next hour lie do you like checkpoints may Beagle and Spybot while I'd take that back aren't going bye bye in the state of Missouri we'll tell you why. After 1 o'clock news but as the day wears it like the sands through the hourglass this is the airport of our lives. So to you we said you are rushing this process you City Council members are resting this process the City Council has responded. I hope that there's enough time now once again the word that keeps coming to mind for our City Council is reactionary. Not well thought out acting like you've never done this before and they haven't yeah. I think it through before you start down this road you didn't anticipate perhaps with the complaints were going to be and not just reacting to them as they. Along so that timeline kind of let me sit by can walk through this we've got to that the meeting when we was announced that burns and McDonnell were gonna do this private financing that got people upset. Then about a week later or so after the big debates went on the windy City Council meetings they'd. Don't citizens speak up then it was like our except other bids but we'll give burns and McDonnell first right of refusal. Then after that it was like tip the bids will not give them first right refusal and then. We might have to extend the deadline where yet now with Casey OK so the original. NIC original it's this process. The most recent deadline for requests for proposals was June 20 now let me let me remind you a couple things. On were headed for November election on the public still has the final say and what we doing about Casey. And so that elections planned for November and the airlines said the airlines are ultimately going to pay for this assuming and it's that it does for the way that they want. On day one that to happen in November so let's assume that were headed for November elections were kind of backed timing and August 24 hours. Is the deadline to get that ballot language submitted to get it on about peso that's kind of the that dates to speak to Elvis asked gets done. The rich to outline for the request for proposals was June 20 but people complained. You're not get quality proposals because you're not giving enough time. Now there were some experts think that there were some experts is that actually it's not that complicated. You don't need to have checkered first you just need to have some details. Right now City Council met for two hours yesterday minus a couple of numbers in a session and ultimately decided. To push back the RXP deadline and now and it comes in two parts and the city manager Troy shelty explained. This goes firms will be asked to submit their qualifications. By July 27 originally due in twentieth now it's five hour right they. Tell why they aren't the best choice that council. And we don't exactly know who. The store apps as the council. Wheldon narrowed that field. That firms will be asked to submit their private financing approach by August tent. Unless City Council decided by the end that they wanna go with public financing in stat. What they're sort of doing is that they claim that they've created enough flexibility in the request for proposals. That they can go public financing they can go private financing without having to put out a new request for proposals got it it's incredibly confusing way that he is not doing any fevers. And trying to make this easier. The bottom line is that. The very latest it will be is August. In theory in any early in which those firms will turn and information about financing okay. Let me just point out you complained that they were moving too fast that gives them two weeks to decide on ballot language. Two weeks for the City Council to get their act together for somebody to make the decision about what's gonna go on the ballot and how it should be word and get that turned in on time. Seat when you say that it with the way that you make it seem within two weeks to get the ballot language right yes it. It it comes across as that's not nearly enough time darlings seem like it to me when Steven Kansas City, Kansas or Jill in blue springs. Is listening he's like you're just writing up language she's not writing. The language it's the making this decision about what the language should set and I sent a friend of mine this morning on is somebody. I think this ballot languages are being written. Cotton I've nothing basis on. But there's no what you get that done in two weeks there is no way this group of people that has had a lot of get our act together on this is going to in two weeks. Near those plans down decide what the language should say get that written a move forward in those two weeks there's I don't see how that happens. My prediction is that the bowel language will be today Barry. And it's it it is being thought about now in custody. There's nothing there there's no edict that says what that Al lingers needs to be specific to a certain company your. On the City Council can decide that it just. You're Russian processed somewhere and now we're rushing on the back end instead of on the front and get right. You bill Grady correct to that now there's a renovation plan that's on the table that's for the public financing comes in and there's something called the Crawford plan right. Which is renovating what we already have. Why should edit option when this all started. Airlines don't want it. Airlines are going to pay for an airlines don't want renovation and let me remind you again renovation isn't free no renovating two terminals to make them under one terminal is going to cost you the same as building one new term and you'll have to pay for the taxpayer like that's something we need to make sure people realize. Dale don't want the bill. If if you get what do you give them what they wanna be given what you want to interview before you get it then you get to do your taxes raised. I can't imagine that's going to be the plan. I can't imagine that that this city. Is gonna go to ballot or go to vote on an idea that your taxes will go up again and to renovate KC guy. And it ought to there's a faction of people will say leave it the way it is and don't do anything. That's not an option it's just not option is just that it hop at its option for a couple of reasons number one you want to city to be able to grow and you want airlines to be healed and flights and there's a limit how much they can an odd. With the current setup and the issue before we have to date discussion. Which seems to be the biggest point of you know Asian garnered 98. Dollars or 45 gates in theory between the three terminals just because the number system being goofy is all. It's not issue there not being in updates it is an issue of how much space you half period think about the space beyond security it's a space issue. It's an amenity issue and an air lines of sad we can not add flights to your current site. At and I love the quote in this story mightily from quit Lucas our body who we are flying with out any type of direction et eggs. And that's what they're gonna figure out. Back in March looks so bad it looks looks like an incompetent and look I don't think they're incompetent but it appears as there and incompetent group of people making you bury big decision for this city it looks like. Here here's the problem is that now burns and McDonnell cannot win in terms just entered into people don't support yet we are. Because. This city I mean has anyone birds of a dollar and only to have the get go for the contract that was the original idea and they didn't change it until people complain about it. And then it more time until people complain about it and so in all if they and it giving it to burns and McDonnell in the end. People are going to accuse the city of it being their plan all along which. Maybe it was we can't really argue about that and it burns and McDonnell doesn't edit and it looks like the City Council picks somebody else just because people complain about. It makes you wonder are we really gonna get them the best plan now. Are now are we gonna have to wait another year. You mean airlines are saying it's got to be done this year is key for the vote in India. Keep in mind the longer you wait to move forward the more that price tag Gaza. Ice snow and and will we get a different outcome if we wait to have the vote next year I don't know the answer but is and it went once when's mayor James up for reelection. Yeah that's 2.0 what is his tour is he gonna run again he going to lose continue on we don't know he was the one that put off last year because of lack of public support I think you can only do that once I don't think you can keep putting an opt in and rescheduling it putting out and reschedule at some point you got got to put out their of the size true. Better for better or worse. You got to move on in just seems so I'll put this or is it. Guys organize an issue wonder is. And this isn't just me talking. There's got to be a group of people behind the scenes and making some decisions right because we're not having these decisions being made in City Council forums publicly. So where's who's the group. Behind the scenes making the decisions and and. Ones I would say and by the way that yesterday like you mentioned everybody was present except for Teresa lore who hates this entire process came to hate the idea of when terminal Heather hall and Dan Fowler. And who is the guy that at the most recent public meeting was the one rice at all we did hear from him more because he was the one that sat initially. I was against one terminal that I heard about the information and studied and researched and now might tightest aren't so he's the guy you want it for. To find out why change is mine and I understand there Utley of lives and other whatever where our. Member's schedule the meeting again it's it's the it's time once as an the lack of of. Policy leadership but organization and a organization looks on from the Kansas City Council and for those of us the support one terminal it's getting hard to. Like we're doing our basket experts are not making it easy just keep supporting them right here. It Gregor Labarca Greg you're 91 KM BZ. Hey guys thanks for taking my call. Is about security. Not convenient one in the in the basic site. I'm band mom's sitting at eight terminal. In the current configuration. Or wipe out the concourse wiped out partying and wipe out docs plain. We have to improve the security checkpoint to wait shingle plane. Aldridge and the lower. A single car into a single terminal off the court to protect every war and it in every morning at. Understand we got to protect against. Bombing. Greg appreciate it man I think there's a I think a lot of people would agree with you it's really funny and don't have to get to mark when you and I are the council meeting we had someone who spoke exactly what Greg was speaking about followed by the next person who said it's already incredibly safe and secure. Logic tells you one security checkpoint is easier to control yes and multiple I don't know about security that's not hiring expertise obviously but. Having everybody filter through one point mate seems like it's easier to control that many points. Double continue to watch this one too this is a like I don't know what's next. I have no idea what could be next I can't even predicted but I can't tell you coming up next guy used to sit in my seat. Exact burns who's now working at a radio station in Seattle is a hero he is a hero did an M I'll be out. I didn't look at this and 91 KM BZ May Day with Jamie and make it to be modest silly Mike blanket. Coming up next hour we will tell you why do you like checkpoints in Missouri are no longer. Except for four days a year and it's gonna idea. Some say yes some say yes and I also get the latest names attitude Dicks Lex. Move we'll talk about the big John Legend concert last night's and if any news has break in the Alexandria. Shooting from earlier today we'll update you on that and there's also a shooting in San Francisco at a UPS store yet we heard rumors that it was a little disgruntled employees. Multiple people injured not a ton of information coming out about that and I think it's still chaos in the postal sorting out exactly what happened four people injured as what I just on Twitter. We don't know exactly about the gunman and term and they've got and mark Purcell conform globally you know but that's as we go through the rest of the after here and we be remiss we didn't mention the London apartment fire we have not got that today that mean that story was the story coming into the date until the shooting happened in Alexandria. I don't know if you saw the pictures. And it's probably still burning because it was as of this morning and I can't leave him down and out but a massive apartment building in London basically takes up a block. Was on fire through the course of the night last night and we heard that fifty I can't even describe it she would look like but just it it didn't look real to me like something that. Somebody would have to create but last we heard fifty people were injured. Twelve people dead in an apartment high although I can't believe that numbers and a lot because I I would assume there are people that are still unaccounted for. This morning I was shocked to find out that the fire brigade there and sad we got a structural engineer again keep in mind the bill was on fire for at least ten or twelve hours and that was as of this morning. Now right now needs is dominated by what happens when unum sort packet is much information about that as we were but the fire brigade talk to the structural engineer and a couple of other experts and sad. There were concern at the building collapsing. Which if you were to see the pictures yeah I would be concerned about it too when you were concerned about whether they can let their firefighters go and they said now we think it's still OK a structurally he's all right yeah and net ban to go in and try to fight on by its. Fifty people injured twelve people that was last number that we got that so far. Solemn. This next one comes to us from a guy who used to work with you are so if you're into the program. The show has been in place and some form for two and a half years and I was with a different guy for a year and a half and what it came along in August and that old palaces it was actually is now Cairo in Seattle which is where you moved here from. Andy went home he went home we are given the text and he writes a blog for their website called my northwest. Which a whole lot but pretty active on twitters doesn't have it happens I kind of know what's going on this is ridiculous just popped up on him on my FaceBook feed out of hand and out were just talking about it for second because I think Travis were talking during a break and we're Travis who worked with Zach but that. That doesn't. Yes yes very surprised shocked I barely knew the guy with the Internet but it's probably six to. Not just as quick at 62. Yeah he was that sort of thing anchors are seems like same kind of build what is similar bill yeah. I couldn't see your fighter either new. Fighter now he's. A street NN he's he's got some history there concede or some (%expletive) and vinegar and their guests that I could see him. France and fights but I was surprised to find his outing at the title of the piece that he wrote was. I tackled and naked man on mostly east lake is a neighbor of Seattle where he lives and on his wife's name is Jessica. And he describes kind of a two part event that happened that result in him tackling a naked man. Who heads. Threatened his wife the definitely made his wife uneasy and it sat. Who was naked and he tackled him until police got there and help him down for six minutes so the store started a few weeks ago was wife was. This is a walking city government Seattle you don't really need cards carrying an end Zach ice and does not have won eyes and his wife does not have won in part this year and so he describes how his wife was a few weeks ago walking home from and he was home watching TV. When he got a frantic call from his wife she was running her voice was shaking he leapt up and she says on the phone. Some guys totally naked wearing a mask and himself. And said he wanted to do things to her said he wanted to lick my white blank guest now all I'll say the word you're comfortable she says in all caps frantically where are you. Running toward the apartment she says so he describes people downstairs bolt out the door. Goes to her and says where is he he looks to where she thinks he is hiding he's not there. And he says I'm ready to get him and raised a red get him but he's not there called 911. Police confront. Get to. On some part what was a few weeks ago part she was this past money he says again I was at home watching TV text of my wife's deceit she wanted me to come meet her she's at now becoming a few minutes everything's fine. Few minutes later if it's Jessica she was across the street from his hiding spot. And could see him appearing at her he was again naked and again pleasure games. So track sprint downstairs run towards the area of the bushes where this guy is hiding and and access eyesight has so I'll also concede that he was naked. I started screaming at him to stay where he once he starts to take off it sows act tackles and on the outside. And says I am on top of me naked Herbert doing everything I can't detain and he fought back he tried to bite me. He tried to I mean what's access I found amusing. First six minutes I tried to make sure he didn't go anywhere cops got there cops put him in cops apparently they've been looking for backpack for two years. And takes the bus and from quite a distance away it would revealed it's easy this is un believes he's un freaking believable I mean we just. If you don't know Zack just the story itself that that would happen. Yeah it'll out naked guy in the bush master baiting when his wife walks by. And she ousted and I'm just you can imagine that as a one and in Allen for a naked team to see naked man on the streets and I want to it would be quite alarming. But then we didn't threaten her but he definitely approached her in a Saturn for Iraq and I would think any man if their wife further girlfriend call or anyone you know. Called and describe that situation you're gonna lead to an accident yeah doing average age of finding guy dear you're gonna do every active. Does the fact that this happens and I mean that is insane. To think about just beat the entire situation into you know to know exactly that they you know Zach. I mean it. It's gross and disturbing. And in this I've spent quite a time in Seattle this is not an area Seattle where. If three safety yeah this is this is a nice easily easily is an iceberg the city it's its walking distance of where he works on which is partly why it lives there. It's just not you know he's like I've never felt unsafe here before it effect my wife walks home by herself at night is not a big deal on that part of Seattle's now. The fact that he then had to worry about it and and Jessica must be just freeze H. Travis it's -- called and said this was going on would you do the same boat would you chatter would you tackle naked man I did you. I've been hit and it's probably get my turn to do it right. Like I can't see drama is getting aggressive like might hit you in the situation I do the same thing all that is no I've politics. But it's not. Exact or more of the lover he's more the fighter yeah now oh yeah. Nothing against you just I mean the other day on the street car we were coming back. Somewhere from from you know some downtown. And there was a drunk guy who was you know on the street car is you know kind of buzz he starts you know talk into our group in any really starts talking to Lee. And it pushed my out of the way. And he's like it. You just stand up for me elect of course and that is stand up for you some creepy guys aren't being too close of a talker. Course and to do anything to protect you know was not a big threat it wasn't naked guy. Yet to tackle master beating you might lie and tell us. And wasn't that but it's well I would do anything to protect absolutely. Blood shout out Zack Byrd. Who knew he added Adam. Everett and Seattle police force there right now effectively been looking for this guy for two years is even read the act like this Jessica wasn't the first break in each buy it like you guys struggles and it doesn't like this guy was easily restraint he fought back I don't know how would hold a guy down for six minutes. Is and that's a long he said for the for the for the police to get there I don't know how long. Like it was it was Travis I think Travis is pleasure himself I don't is a day. And practical run after him I probably not Travis down on you know especially if you're running and I'm running. But keeping you'd like I heard it for six minutes to be on its in this situation in prime. This is Matt Zach is right now because I'm I'm knowing that this I was doing is looking at Mel yet. Third there's no address bar and I your god I. Pulling I am holding anything and everything is naked man has run X I got a fight it got I'm putting my Indians in the back of his neck yes that's like step one. But I mean can. Six minutes and which had a analogue six minutes of life shore in now justice did you know you can't let him down you know I took up more and more lost him once. That's a got to get in the time sickened entire news or a news update you know it at 106. I should try I think we should wait you wait until. A what are you I know ma. The perpetrators of what you plays actor is no and laying there for six minutes the course of an break. If if you can hold Travis down there's no way legal will be OK with us there's no land and her Andrea and Howard is. It is going to like FaceBook like C. The possible run in here the second we go. Does that aimed the only have wide you can't lose. That's being true and what are we gonna steal pairing to have. Obama. Does steel heart oh now not just borrow when necessary and that's only been. And in it we're just going to borrow the black guy from the floods that sounds really don't see all Travis is good for also needs millennial expertise in the room and said I mean we can't we would if we remove Travis from his radio station dean it would lose or assistant he did so and not have any cable would not have any cable at all. Somebody in the tax line I'm dying to know he tried to bribe him when he makes him yeah to the pride in what Jackson asked him what could naked pleasure in himself and offer you. The bride and soon I was. Ball. What you may not under the influence not act the other guy. And your pleasure yourself on this I want approaching women. Here in the influence substance or just crazy about doctors the chance that was under the influence of Assange could be. Air I don't mind it doesn't all saw on wholesale and he lives in Seattle post and I. Are you better. I sit around watching and he's he's net. Chilling and he's watching so he's in Seattle. It is about Tia the liberal hippie that Zach is just as pot is recreational league legal there doesn't mean he was taking part and it. It is Esther is fine. Its weight behind me Dave H amien wicked. Coming up. We will tell you about the show last night John Legend last night I was at annals those mornings for big slick. Next our lives or is dumping DUI checkpoints good idea or bad idea. And something genuinely wants to get into a jerk. I think you'll reach I this. For you know this was this was out of my affection for you there is an ad for Ager cat that needs to be adopted and I mean usually that's a hard hitting debate. Cats or dogs yet again off. Your cat or not your cat. Well that's redundant but blades with a that still to come is 124900 or 91 KMB easy ID one KM BZ midday with Jamie wicket eleven update for you coming up. At 1 o'clock. On the Alexandria Virginia shooting that went down. Also coming up next hour we will tell you why they're getting rid of DUI checkpoints in Missouri. But thick slick is adding a few names mean it seems like bigs like just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger every time we talk about it because they keep bringing in a more big names for the weekend whether it's for the softball game boards for the bullying at the gala and all that kind of stuff. I ate it seems like they just keep up and up to more people. OK on so I know. One of these faces. I know what the names and faces in the other two I don't know and Chad real charges about one of these rap. Ratings flagler is one of these and I know I'm from Chicago fire I've no idea what else he's done I don't know what his name is on Chicago fire but the thing if you watch gunfire. You'll know the face as one of the Canada supports fire and let them up guy rain indeed fly a Golar I have never seen in an anything else I have no idea what his connection is usually the gas that they bring and for big slick is because they're somehow connected to the five main ones wound. I don't know what his connections to anybody else so him. He was from Young and the Restless may have been that. But known bundle up or struggle fires in its fourth of the season and he's been on every season but he's not he's Everett story line he's just kind of wanted to fire. Reason junior program that I know I don't think they know to a bottom I don't know why I know Jill Barton but idea. This little MR name and a face I don't know why I know her by. I know the face but yet and Amos Martin's star. Jill Marten. Is a knicks broadcaster US ought to knicks basketball no okay she's also been a contributor on The Today Show. That I viewer in our that's our endorsement today show this got a New York Times best selling book act. And something Guinness world record holder for something. Really according to her Twitter profile I have no idea I have no clue I also QBC a lot and then Martin Starr. Cartons. And he's a writer. That's what I know about and I. Last week is an uphill battle trophies. Oh no no further sports site it's just I don't know who that is so he's either. All right I got there and those are the latest that will be here for a big slick. And their they are going to be announcing more these guest stars as we got through that it's next week. Is next weekend. And so last night. Two nights ago into the New Kids On The Block show at a big week. And I'd and boys to men it was just it was awesome it is just relentless he knew every song you sang along we had a really good time last night was going to be. A little bit different vibe is like desperate setter and people are going nods in their did lot of booze was flawed. This was John Legend. Add starlight very different by yeah very different soulful very classy guy. And he started at. About 845 last night it's on yeah right at sunset and we were sitting on the right side about halfway up. And I got to tell you that dude is Arnold he's this generation's Stevie Wonder worries this generation's Smokey Robinson. The bad dude can sing and I've always been a fan of John Legend. Lee unite against all of me is our first song when we got married. But Maine it was that show entertaining either didn't know every song. Which was the case a honey did you now how long life. Boy we got out of there. Probably the two last call was 1015 is last song was at 1030 track and that is on core while we're very sorry it's where did all of me at three did all of me. In the house was saying. 90% full and it was a packed house. And somebody on FaceBook what it would have a picture on the came easy FaceBook pages of hello from the John Legend chauffeurs question how many 45 year old women were there. Yeah. The the what surprised me is the demo was younger then I mean there are plenty of middle aged women middle aged couples that were there but there are lot of youngsters there because he's got a couple of songs that are out. You know now including all of me currently years ago but he's got a bunch out now it could it was it was it was a really really good show. And I don't think he stopped more than ten seconds. From the time he started and you could see just two Maria thanks act. GI's dripping sweat piece of the piano came off the piano his band played went back to the piano it was a relief punch. The piano yes that's it doesn't farming with and it's the piano and and uses it the right way right now was Chris Teague and I didn't secrecy I heard. From Twitter that she was in town and she tweets have been out yet people asking her how great it is that you travel as a fan because they've got into your own bar and so. I didn't see you're the. He DB he made a song ring around know how the only person that came up on stage was a woman probably in her mid. Fifties I would bet there's a guy takes one person up that slow dance with them. And she was at Shia on the night. Darren is also on like he's taken off his jacket he throws the Jack are right there and it ends this ends the song hit a high note on his knees look it up better like. The duke had the dude runs stage and starlight is an amazing place CS it's a very different place to see you showed in say the Midland yeah it's a very different by its bid in on I love the Midland. Like it was sprint center too but there's a classy your thigh and when you go to a place like out like start. It is a John Legend kind of place you don't play there later nickel back. At starlight. I does not strike me as the appropriate place for them. Currently that was not a sprint center Sprint's honor army got bonds broke her springs but that seems more appropriate nickel back. Is playing starlight. It's just just to see that crowd. That. August and it's I guess I'd see that I should nickel back you know every song for more thing what. Irv. Everybody knows yeah. But a two thumbs up the knicks John Legend for an awesome show all right coming up like Missouri is ditching DUI checkpoints will ask you this is a good idea or bad idea right.