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Monday, June 19th

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91 KM BZ lead they would Jamie like it's evident disgust bill Cosby's mistrial little breaking news his son has come across the wire from KC TV five. Carrie Fisher members from so much Star Wars fame pitcher the autopsy is back pool members and sick on that plane. And I don't know how people feel about this but Carrie Fisher according to Casey to 85 had cocaine. Heroin and Ecstasy in her system so oh that Leo what that did it contribute to earn all of it. I hope that you know when it's hot as like today. Answers but I wonder like what health. Well I counted because our tactic as whatever it not good at it it's not just simply. That I'm guessing it'll be. Probably. Ruled the drug overdose because you put those three demons in your system and coming I mean any one of those who do dangerous to via especially a high level. The just passed through the wire. Carrie Fisher had cocaine heroin and Ecstasy when she became ill on a flight last year at the autopsy. Well that's finder. As we start this hour are so I'm asking now is sure Bill Cosby read be retried. On his latest sexual assault case the one that was declared first hung jury last Thursday and it was declared officially mistrial on Saturday morning. I'll give you some details about his health and immortal is lawyers are saying about his health but to run through a bet on engaged economist. Sort of how we got here. I say sixty last week's sixteen. Different allegations were made by different women in the the only one that met the statute of limitations. That actually went forward into a court trial that was Andrea cons stands. She was a former women's professional basketball player. She said that he drugged and sexually assaulted her and he. Kinda admit that it sort of and he admitted that he gave her drugs to help relax. This went to trial in suburban Philadelphia last week they got the jury out of Pittsburgh couple hundred miles away. Try and take out on victories election took longer in the trial sell the trial went. About a week and a half and then jurors deliberated for several days came back understands that we can't come to a decision judge sad needs to keep trying that's totally content. Jury comes back and says it can't reach decisions of any calls a mistrial and the question now is it does appear as though prosecutors. Are gonna keep after us now prosecutors and can decide to either drop it. Because they're not sure they can get a conviction. All are they can decide to move forward and and he can be tried again and so art looks as though. The prosecutor is in fact going to going to try to move forward. On so things the Washington Post got into a a lot of those about what can be different the second time around. One of the things is that jury selection could be. Real problem this time on as if it wasn't hard enough before. To find a jury that would be unbiased and somewhat unfamiliar with the case keep in mind and it got to Pittsburgh to try to get that jury. On it's possible they say that the next jury could be an eight different count so as not to go to Pittsburgh but to go somewhere else. But given how heavily the trial was covered now how do you find a jury that isn't familiar with the case and isn't somehow tainted. Again it was difficult for now there's been extensive media coverage of this trial that was declared a mistrial. I don't know I mean I. It wasn't all that familiar with it when the jury selection was going on so I was one of those people and your little more up on what's going on and sometimes your average person but I really didn't pay much attention to him again just numbed to celebrity trials and all that kind of stuff I mean it was hot as via link well I guess I shouldn't be surprised you know as right. A negative way to go about it but that's exactly. On the tainting that potential jury pool could happen that would be an. That's also they would have to say is just gonna have a negative opinion about old house now with all the allegations got to do is look at my Twitter account feeling tells her you're dismissed you're not allowed in this jury and a these lawyer Brian would go on ankle said look we do this again the result gonna be exactly the same. Well I would say Ted told mr. 'cause these fans. And some of the folks on the other side of this. We have a wonderful criminal justice system in this country trust and believe it. And I'm confident that in this case as we try you'll be acquitted. And that Kevin Steele who is district attorney in the lead prosecutor in the case. Who. Will all have insights this time around no doubt if he was concerned at all about oh will have arts and running injury war and hitting it in the first time do we really want to go through this again. Or he's got go to foreign is that he is witnesses have now the kind of had a dry run now and that's true and so they've got a detailed view of of the defense team and not just their strategy but in their methods in terms of handling cross examinations. A whole lot because the defense team called exactly one witness for six minutes so they didn't they didn't a lot of insight. What I think is possible as the defense team learned a lot more about the prosecution's strategy question so Hollywood and actually testified of the sixty accused I think it was one. I don't know on. Because I don't know how many. Would be relevant to this case that's the challenge in this case right is making it about what happened here not putting bill Cosby's wife on trial it it to me. There were enough of the accusers. From from everything I rather just work and enough of that when enough people that took this mean about sixty accusers are right. If the number was low and a blessing April 60 up there. Because they don't apply these criminal charges right but I'm saying the they would they would be criminal witnesses they could be character witnesses they could be all of those so pattern I would try to get as many of those maybe the fifteen most bold claims or maybe ten and I don't know overkill is when it comes to this but upon the prosecution. I I'm definitely trying to get as many women. To defame bill Cosby's character is I can't in front of twelve people were split seven men and five women. In that last jury if I'm trying to win. Maybe I fight dirty maybe but I get as many women up there as Ike and maybe maybe you do go the other way maybe you do get others to testify I. The defense needs to do more and the prosecution called a tunnel entrances to write it to your question how many of the former on. The former accusers are current users that they column. But. The defense called one witness line. And and it was just sort of said verify police report and it wasn't with a lot of substance so. I'm shocked that if they were that confident in his Aniston's on and end this perhaps is confident most of them now know it hasn't victims now. Character witness. She's a bit. She went the entire trial did just wipe out there I mean dispute those hurt or attacked. Cosby's wit Cosby's lawyer again and comical said that you know was question one of the things that was asked him by ABC was well others testify in the future. The judge took a great deal of time. Critically analyze the law and came to winning an inescapable conclusion here that does the law doesn't permit it. It doesn't permit unproven old. Accusations to be used at trial. I would argue so much bad if not if I'm the prosecution public and it. We got will give us a few more I expected to be little more leniency but then again I don't I don't know what the judge is gonna think about that us. Answered your question it was about a half dozen parents sent sent to testify 660. And his defense attorney came out again Brian McDonald's said that after this was declared a mistrial he said he's been greatly concerned outlook caused these health I don't know if he can survive. What he survived this week that's he told CNN. Eyes and I've no idea how he managed to sit room and into our wall streeters were deciding his destiny and his fate and we are heard about. Some problems with his sights. In the past at least nine result you now that it wouldn't surprise anybody if his health was. Was declining just event. 57677985767798. Should go ahead and and go through it that's me looks like DA is getting ready they're gonna do it again. But should it is it worth it yeah I mean you already this thing in this country we say innocent until proven guilty. But we have already determined that there are so wrong with with America's dad from the 1980s. But the jurors to their credit. How they came to the hunter and we don't how many jurors is it had to be unanimous yes this is three counts and it had to be dated after victim of all three. But they had to have a unit unanimous decision on each of the history we that was one juror that was on opera that was it was half the twelfth. But credit to the jury for looking at it legally. Not looking at the man and they followed the jury instructions and I actually did. John it was all new law as opposed to watching old episodes a cause or else they went they actually got the definition of the charge and decided whether he was guilty of the charge in this case. But given out that we've got to start over or we got to start over with new jury selection and gritty get a jury pool from any 79 years old and he could face ten years on each count. I can't believe any judge is gonna get in thirty years behind bars. Given where we are do you retry him so the prosecution just. Quit and not retry him for these three counts I've 7677. ID can also text into 2980. What say you Jamie on a solid. I say yes retry it out absolutely on. And maybe symbolically. Because you do you have sixty women that I made allegations. That's not a legal reasons you but I think. It wasn't a not guilty you know I mean they didn't come back and get a unanimous not guilty so some of those jurors think he is guilty. Yeah I say rich right as you got this far on your you know you've just got to get guilty on one. What do you think by 7677. Any text into too nice or it's midday with Jamie what it will do that next are you with you and 81 KM BZ 91 KM BZ midday with Jamie blanket Jamie minus Sully my blanket coming up what's trending at noon also what happens if you get drunk. And get thrown in an ambulance and then jump outs of the ambulance. Can you sue on the yeah. Yeah. The average is another student it is America we'll tell you about that also Ted Nugent making some noise over the weekend over on Fox News. All right now we're talking about Bill Cosby when that he should get a read trial does it matter is a war is that after the mistrial was ruled on Saturday morning. Yeah if you missed out where we've been here in the last week he is was facing three counts related to an incident between himself and a woman named injury con stand to receive former women's professional basketball player. She accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her so he was facing three charges three counts. I had even found guilty could have gotten totaled thirty years' time outs on each of the guilty is. The jury is a seven man seven I've women yet had to come to a unanimous decision not on all three but on each of the three so one at a time and become unanimous decision out last Thursday they said we can't do it. The judge said keep trying on Saturday morning days and we still can't do it so the judge declared a mistrial. So now is. Should prosecutors. Try this case again or get it and just say. He is 79 years old he is not in good health. Publicly he's been convicted you know in the court of public opinion yes he's addicted and maybe that's enough. On and given the difficulty in finding an objective jury pool. Will you ever really get. An accurate verdicts you know I mean. But this jury followed the history you know followed the jury instructions and we don't I'm coming hold outs that way a weed and how close they were maybe they were close and and we won't know that. On but now the prosecution has gotten better look at the defense strategy such that when existed. I given they called one witness who testified for six Nantes and the defense has got a pretty good look at the prosecution. Strategy as well. And Democrats and that I said before we were wondering about how many of the accusers took the stand. Is character witnesses that kind of thing. I said there were six there were six that were spectators for the trial. Believe it was just one actually testified one. That seems to me like something I would petition the judge to allow more. I don't seem to you like to it's like it's fun to play one on it's possible that there was just no justification for why it. You know that would apply the case that relevance that's were gone after the Reno relevance to these charges. To me it almost seems we'll get to your phone calls by 767798. I know is gonna sound heartless but it almost seems pointless now like you said he's guilty in the eyes of of the public. How much money are we spending on this case was 79 year old I don't wanna say it has been because he's a comic legend but how much are we spending under 79 year old former. And national television star international star. Does it affect me and abate at a database is right think we should get this done I almost wanna say no one is saying no. But he deserves his day in coli now does and says he's stars and I stopped covering now we all do you know he deserves the not if if he genuinely is not guilty based on and the legal definition these charges that he deserves that date in court. You're right these these trials costs you ridiculous amount yeah that's how you money that's not our money. And I think. Given that history seemed to be able to find the instructions. Were able to follow the instructions I think they'll find a jury pool. They might have to go to North Dakota get. I don't need to deal or four let's talk to Devin Gladstone and anyone came BZ dead reach her or move on. Are we reach our. It helped going to that's an issue I imagine a lot of people will become very. All of a sudden people like you do every truck I can't go to to trial is a very sick right now. Exactly it is not like there's one actually is there's there's no it. At least the dimensions and. Do you think he's guilty. That they even a phone call I think if we polled ten people whether they're male or female dad's age older younger. I think you'll probably say. Seven or eight if not more of those ten would think he was guilty. Yeah here's the thing when one person makes an accusation. You made me don't believe that cannot marry her by. When forty or fifty come forward with the same kind of patterns of behavior. You're tied starts to turn. Yeah zone everything about the Duke Lacrosse case yeah I mean you had just the one woman. And you add the fifteen guys are already on a lacrosse team. Who were likely what are you talking this is one thing and it turns out she was like she was wrong she was so messed up she doesn't remember everything. And she had sex with a multiple other non Duke Lacrosse people that night. Sixty women year then he'd go to if we. Yeah an issue with this case is the her or the victim and the alleged victims inconsistent statements to police about things like the date and circumstances. Of the alleged assault which maybe was. Part of the issue with the jurors as far as why they couldn't come to a unanimous decision. On a case on but. The ugly prosecutor in the case is seems to be pretty confidence on Neitzel a roomful reporters on Saturday that the last time he retry a case after a mistrial. Back in 1992. That away. He wanna convection. Oh he's confident in his ability now it to have a second second dusk. I 7677. At 98 Mike in Gladstone and any one KM BZ Mike retry or move on. Are there. They need to re trying to. Well I think it actually think if that was the wrong wander at all case to bring the first time. I think that this particular person if memory serves. She was actually. She had gone back for more I think and I do believe that there was some correspondence between the two of them. That went on for quite awhile. So I kind of wonder whether or not she was that she should've actually have been ordered on line should've brought somebody they were certain that they cadet convict law. I think it takes the phone call Mike I I feel like that just wasn't in. Of the sixty only got one allowed dancing the limitations what his problem that you can't on you know with murder there's not there's generally not a statute of limitations on out with rape areas. And a lot of these yelled this happened in 2004. Yeah so we're already talking back thirteen years the problem with a lot of these cases is that they were just too old to try and criminal court. Yet again gender gap. I don't know and I'm not I'm not totally up on the league. System of of that the statue rotation and I guess that all makes sense. By 7677. And it can also text in 22980. It's also on Twitter and it's on FaceBook you can check it out shook me. Bother re trying Bill Cosby. To the mistrial was declared over the weekend. Got the Twitter pogo and on 50%. And holding steady gets real move closer to a hundred votes vote on Twitter came BC radio. I think Camille Cosby's needs to be speaking out or she accused the giants of siding with the prosecution too much your execution I polian can do little PR work for him. Edit I of any. Any reason to say no don't try him again it is simply because he turns eighty this next month in July. And don't maybe you do hit a point where are you get a sentence and a serious prison time. It Allen and I don't know if you make a decision based on now but we talk for the last week. What's really gonna get in terms of the suns. Probably months they'll all run concurrently for Sarah dale given ten years and Iran concurrently and -- it and kids I have my money says even if he's convicted of all three charges he does a year citi's should his age factor into the sentence if he's found guilty if theory try it like I guess it shouldn't. But. It it it will legally I don't think you can look at that go to Terry Smith bill your and anyone came BC's Terry three triumph or move on. Well I think you do on its late money prosecutor to look Cooper. You know it's that election probably brought that. But my point was that at last caller said about our committee break the PL. A higher but he also got excellent. Yet that the class in debt and yeah I mean does make sense we're talking about thirteen years ago here at least and she you know. Years ago the limitations so it was brought up right at the last minute again I prosecutors looking for you know. Publicly negated is right effort this sturdier whatever it just. I don't know Pete doctor got. If he would need herb cocktail parties are wary eye EE sixty people. Several boxer you know look at for its body Jimmy eat trigger back. You were genuinely attacked and you know and were afraid of going after him publicly because he's got the money to fight it innate down on. You down about the prosecutor. This guy wants to be the prosecutor to convict they'll cost. That's what he wants to be known for pretty good thing down when your estimate yet. Edsel that's this guy wants to run for governor probably Pennsylvania Wanda in it that way to do that is to convict on house. Get to a few more your calls appear on hold west say right there 5767798. Also bulletin about a guy who got drunk got tossed at an ambulance and jumped out of the ambulance and is now suing to IP I. Survival there only in America. 91 came easy to do Jamie lick at 1135 revenue of our conversation with you about Bill Cosby and the mistrial over the weekend should they retry it. I almost feel like it's a waste of time. I know that sounds terrible to say 'cause there are a lot of women out there that are probably giving the finger to the radio right now I have my how can you say that. I know it's as if if if he is guilty and boy does he found guilty. What are we spending this much money for 79 year old man. But if he's so it doesn't he deserve to have. You know doesn't he deserve to have a jury say that shirt and l.'s guilty wouldn't that it in terms of PR is if there's any of that left to salvage but debt if he's truly innocent doesn't he have the right. Because some things he has because that jury could not under the verdicts. So now I exact. And I I wonder as somebody on the FaceBook page that are on Twitter this is a great week one of listeners. Clinton says forty they have come forward even if there was a doubt statistically at least one of them isn't lying. Too many Cosby's fans in the Gerri I wonder are there too many Cosby fans in that juror that he can't separated you need to younger jury. Should you and Jerry B eighteen to 25 year olds who didn't grow up Blake you and I did watching the Cosby and more women. In jury of moral and that I got seven and five women beautiful. Horse or 5050. You know keep it fair here I. It's seven and I've and it's not fair out of the happened and a way if you're if you're the what the prosecution. How that happened that you want twelve women in that jury but it didn't make it and then got murdered last word on this goes to market Oakland park marquis on any one KM BZ. Hey you know it's forty or whatever have come Ol 660. Whatever sixty in this that Orman she panicked come into question. A lot of people have no. That he adopted this kind of stop a quarter. Mode why would you be hanging around. AM if you know that it could happen. I believe he is guilty. Promises you have to create a crew Brit in court. They've party and try it didn't work is called they're just trying to make the prosecutor. Is trying to get that weren't so I think it's. You know how much money you would've spent on the. They'll come back down to dollars and and the real motives and in these two trot these two attorneys say probably wanna make a name for themselves if they already have to be the goggles for methodical so yeah I think is they've likened that name right yeah Yemen got tackles. He beat the prosecutor that let's bill Cosby's behind bar to be that guy war he could be the one that is the only prosecutor gets an. It is you know a not guilty verdict against Bill Cosby the only time that can happen. And a criminal court. Away several of you texted and questions about why there is even a statute of limitations on rape in the first place it's it's a good question we make it and that some more tomorrow but just. Briefly looking there is not one. In Kansas or Missouri Kansas there is not one on rate there is one on other sexual offenses but on rape itself. There is no statute of limitations in Kansas Missouri in Pennsylvania. It is twelve years. This happened thirteen years ago I'll tell happened right under wire from the race. The page Dakota says it's gonna be a hung jury again like the OJ case too many people know them and that creates a bias yeah. Natives as not worth it Jeffrey writes Cosby is 79 years old he's been sufficiently shamed into court of public opinion leave him alone. And Andy says why shouldn't there be another trial it was a mistrial. Only that maybe I curious to know what Bill Cosby once does he want you know to be publicly knew we heard a bit. Or is does he not want us to go forward. You can read about a converse with other Camby is what it KM BZ listeners on her FaceBook page it's on Twitter as well. This six story about the ambulance is what I favor ones. Of the day does the case I played all got have a case his name is you're Denny parade cram crown land. He's fifty or Pakistan I'll yet you Yevgeny Crockett thank you you got the odd she admits that he was loaded. On cognac and one last June yet after having quote family issues he had a few cocktails at home before taking a bus to a lounge where he doubt Moore whose ads according to his attorney. He's back to his own neighborhood when someone called for an island's the responding emergency medical technicians found the man. Set ground on injured with an unsteady gait he was wobbling around some water on the street OK I mean a lot. Trucker he was so uncooperative. That cops had a loaded into the ambulance. On the way to the hospital he was able to quote I'm buckled the straps on his structure. Open it or the ambulance and jump out of the moving ambulance he landed on the concrete of history I was found on conscious he escaped. EE MT sitting in the back with him. He suffered multiple facial fractures in a brain bleed according to an attorney and now as a result of this upheaval or is suing. The New York City Fire Department and EMC's for unspecified damage arguing that they failed to care for and he was in no way in any state to have any motor skills or make any decisions his lawyer says. At least you kind of Stockton and support choice for him to consume that much alcohol yes. But as human beings we made port choices the EMTs failed to do their jobs and that he was able to get out the ambulance and fall on his face in the first place. This just in case the most America 2070 rice never has he's probably going to get something I did something. Wrong because it's not illegal to get drawn note I did something perhaps with some questionable judgment that required even care that's not against either. But I jumped out because of the alcohol I consumed in my erratic behavior that followed. I was in a stretcher like I doubt there's empty packed with me I was still able to get out. Whose fault is that all them. Is is EMT's job again he was so uncooperative with that they had put him into an ambulance so they do. That he was flailing and that he his behavior was erratic and I asked why wasn't there cop writing in about it and I want an ill. What was going on win delete them the ambulance or the police arrive this is what I wonder what is going on with him that called. That that makes one called police to his his lawn or whatever his front porch or whatever because it says the responding. Emergency metal medical technicians found crawl and sitting on the ground on injured when an unsteady gait all really means in my mind. In this yeah. Is drunk and your body we've all but not a we've all been there but most of us have probably been there. They didn't need to pick him up the did not lead to pick him up or he could be made. That and a fine I'm plan lawyer for him I'm saying. They shouldn't of went into an ambulance they shouldn't they should put him into the back police car where perhaps he would have been safe. He would have Ben secured into locked vehicle Wear and I'm gonna bet there's better security on police cars and there's an ambulance. With police are probably better equipped to restrain him better trained to restrain him. That police had to be called because he was uninjured when they found so why they put him into an ambulance. Have been safer and a police car the place in the city if you didn't need to do he's gonna wind up. He's gonna win. Because he you know if you're putting it into an ambulance I guess it is their job to make sure he is safe and the. I need an EMT. We need any empty right now 5767798. You get a call there's a drunk dude sit on his porch he's just sit there he's not throwing bottles he's not. Vocal Lee. But he just drunk. How do you get from that point to put having police put him in us on a stretcher strap and it and throw in the back and points. Is there charge anywhere related out like drunken drug is ultimately had to sort of public make them maybe that's what they were all drunk and disorderly and that case again why do you put in an ambulance not a police car I can't believe that's the argument I would make it by hand but I'm saying you should have arrested me. Not set in the hospital grant would have protected me more than even arrest him right they just women in an ambulance this dude is gonna cash got to it is he's got a case he is state just somebody decided to call police somebody decided he was not safe or he was. Displaying criminal behavior they're for somebody was gonna take responsibility form somebody decided action in the ambulance so they put him back there and he was able to get away. Lets you know what they're gonna find out. Is it possible that the back doors we're not secure enough is possible that the restraints ports secure enough did somebody fail. In curing him into the ambulance how. Hard is it to get out get median Ian TI 767798. If you work for an ambulance company or at local hospital. How hard is it to get out of one of those like if you strap me in dead sober with whatever they did could I get out or my being straight strapped in there. And this guy's like Houdini. And somehow pulled a disappearing. Is it possible to like to those ambulances again I've no idea but did the ambulances only locked from the inside. Because that Casey is up in the latch right pocket so should they lock from the outside that where there's no way for him to get out or do you have a problem with the ambulance racks. You know an escape issue. And that case I'd I'd. I am not sure showed a copy of ridden with them if they were concerned about his behaviors are the top of gone I don't think there's any room in the in their for I don't think maybe I don't know that. I've I've only been in the but an ambulance. Not for me but for Lee when she was her car accident a few months ago and I didn't ride in the ambulance only she'd seen it questions. Wow eating right this summer who works for an ambulance company cults and 5767798. We want to hear from one next. He's got a case I. Sound like an idea that five minute he's got a case he's got a case he's got a case. How much money if he's gonna get. Her some money midday with Jamie with the your calls your tax to 2980s Euronext and anyone came easy. Eddie one KM BZ media would Jamie and blanket. Coming up. You watchable fight. The receivables like it real polls like some things you kind of watch for the train wreck yeah. I was being I've never seen one line of me and my father tells me the story about how he went to one insist it's it's awful likable comes out already bleeding Andy stab at least Anthony's dad and it did but it's traditional sport over on the other side. And the weekend a the bull one. And we'll tell you god it's like to think we are kind of now moving the word gore. Gas. It is that's coming up right now though we are chatting about. A guy in as a New York right guy last island. Guys in New York team young Gainey crawl. I'm on the guy guy that's our guy Crockett. Who admits he was load up on cognac and wine last June after family issues so yeah if you drew spent took a bus to a hookah lounge. That's where he drank some more he got back to his own neighborhood. And then someone called for an ambulance. And along the way. And a police were called but they called an ambulance. So they respond emergency medical technicians found the man sitting on the ground on injured with an unsteady get a I want occasions left to Milan but they were so he was so operative that that cops were called. And they loaded and into the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He was able to unbuckled his straps on a stretcher he opened the door the ambulance and he jumped out the ambulance while it was moving he landed on the concrete and was found unconscious. And he is skate even though there was an EMT in the back with. He is now suing these cities the New York City Fire Department in the AT&T'S for unspecified damages. Claiming it was their fault his lawyers add at least you could have stopped him I think it was import choice for consumers a much alcohol. Port decisions as human beings and they failed to care for him because. He was in those states have any motor skills or make any decisions. Again multiple facial fractures and brain believed as a result he or when he got the ambulance no injured after he was able to get out of it. You're doing it backwards this right of the injured before now when you get out into the 5767798. We asked for EMT we got one shot in Overland Park and 91 came BC shot thanks much for called body. To that some questions we have. But some questions we have. Let's say that you've got the call and you saw a drug guides their bonding. You know on a stoop. Or you know in front of an apartment building or whatever what's first reaction from the ambulance from the unity. Normally it uh oh here we go again. But I you know. Frankly. If the patient does not want to go in the nation are becoming combative because I have no choice we have to take it and they can become a harm to themselves or others. And a lot of time we you have police aren't seeing what that's. And they will never transport somebody that intoxicated backer police car. It usually cheaper Augusta do it in the ambulance. You know other Morse sure upstairs having errors you know. Is the article does and does the idea of ever and somebody in the FaceBook page said what just whatever happened letting the drunk guy sleep it off is that not an option. Not when they start becoming combative. Okay shouldn't police officer or would there have been room Fareed police officer to ride in the back. To protect everybody. There's there's plenty of room but by usually a police officers won't leave cards or car so it they write in England we're gonna have the leader they're police car there. That's usually not a very good option normally we have somebody who's extremely compatible the police car actually albeit. To the op. A crack and and if you ever had anything like this happen for somebody jumped out. I don't of course call word we're patient almost jumped out but you know they're street buckle that we usually typically put on occasion just like a seatbelt that the and you know I've I'm over doing in their worker so that nicer here and clicking I immediately stop what I'm doing. What they're doing. React I reckless called but nothing not in the extreme. How hard is it for me let's say I was sober and and that's that's a real question we'll see what three bottom wonder how it's set up. Paula injury how hard is that for me to get out of that within let's say ten seconds. I expect if that meant experience in the back not paying attention it it would not be that hard. You doors into the into an ambulance. And you know you get a straight line award because it's directly in front of future later in the patient. And the other one on the other side of the bed you know to the to the patient what usually. And though. And Jamie Jamie had a question how hard is it for me to open the doors they're just a quick like acts like an airplane like how to I don't like get out. So the doors are just like a regular court order normally. You know that you have to be able to get in and out inlet. So it's not like you lock them out. That's where one parent and is it the case will he win money because he jumped out when he didn't want to be there. Unfortunately it probably rural. Thank god for the call I think Sean appreciate it meant a character's attacks we've just got to 2290. Not only do I think he will win I think he should. It's no different than mentally ill person in the middle of a psychotic break jumping out he was mentally incapacitated. And they were responsible for his safe little. That's lawyer right there is higher is to Bronx the same thing is mentally incapacitated. I've been pretty mentally incapacitated you know it does it is your ability are you know longer responsible for your own safety if you're drunk at that point does that then follow on to. Whoever they called to take care of you. On and it's just and the vastness. Art today isn't their problem you're taking him against as well and so is that why he is becoming combative what he would stay calm if you would not force him to go in the ambulance. With that much booze I don't know the answer to that. I don't know. I'm I'm not sure I mean I. It's possible sure to me part of it is like an and I don't he said that if they're that combative of the whatever. But leave whenever I believe that the drunk alone and let him sleep it off now. We don't. According to this story we don't know if he was swearing up and down throwing bottles or previous just legitimately had a bad day. He had family issues mystery said he went out he got drunk went to the look of whooping joint. Maybe smoked a little came back and images chill it was just chill who called the cops on him so why. Do you decide that somebody who is too wrong is a danger to themselves or somebody else at what point do you decide that there they're meant slink past. To the point is have been drawn fewer let's got to the hospital because of now when do you decide that you go to the hospital until for and if you've decided that they aren't they responsible for him not getting further injured on that ride what's different between Dennis. An ambulance getting into right away and him getting injured in Iraq. I don't know I have time to music and is due to get paid up Mike Allen for sure it's so some he's gonna argue something that somebody should have now. Mike writes the EMTs in the ambulance have bill legal obligation to restrain the man from jumping out of the ambulance the dumb ass got what he had coming. Oh like he's also probably gonna get a bunch of money to what he has coming up with that he's especially like facial fractures and stuff he's gonna argue. That trucker but he's. Some other argue that it's going to affect his ability to make income. Michael says unfortunately probably and he will win sad to say he did all his own in a get a paycheck out of it disclosure I'm retired medic. So the EMT on board will probably be the sack or importantly you're probably right about opt. And Kimberly writes this is horrible so the judge throws this out so it doesn't set a precedent you can read the story out of FaceBook page on Twitter. As well go to our FaceBook pixel homework assignment for good or FaceBook page. And click on the video right at the top about an ad airing with a special election going on in Georgia. For the congressional seat may have spent forty million dollars on this seat watched the video. By the it's just promote Republican Karen Handel ahead of the election tomorrow. We wanna know coming up after what's trending if it is appropriate. The day before a special election considering what happened to Steve's Phillies a week ago. And pulling double to mark.