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Thursday, July 19th
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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcast on KNB easy. Party arguing about this topic will leave a worn a moment tens like I have memories from aged him no you know. Today I. Went indices got a seat at critical mass diamonds and we sat down. And I went through this process with them and ladies are gonna. I went to the process to. That is meaningful. For me for my Fam something I can pass down to advocates. An innocuous talk a lot about it until it comes back. I am over the moon and I cannot Wear it like at that he's back. And that's how they work at critical mass times there was a young man who came looking for an engagement ring for his girlfriend she doesn't even know it's got. I watched. Steve go through the process with them. And it it's just so much fun and out 50% cheaper I should remind you if you were in your twenties or early thirties and getting ready to pop that question. You can go all over town you can pay a whole lot of money for that fancy box from another. Retail store or you can pay about half a creek numerous times for something that is that are. Calls got Steve by private appointment only you're gonna love. Cooling wholesale route with these two designers 91366096. Or 991366096. At nine or creek elements diamond's stock. 38 from McCain and easy newsroom and Tara marks are plenty of hail and wind with a severe storms moving urge acts panic. Severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 3 o'clock for Jack's Cass counties. 45 for Bates cast and Ari. Were getting reports of golf ball sized summit and Hong ball sized hail earlier and independents. There's more severe storms moving in that last wild government patent right houses a few hours away. President reversed position on Russian president. Robert of the US access to six Russians indicted meddling in the presidential election. Or access to American citizens. One of the names mentioned by Bruton was former US ambassador to Russia might vomit all who called the request ridiculous on Twitter. Secretary statement Pompeo in an interview with ABN shoot down an idea is that. Non starter and an American citizens when Michael called him. Interrogated by the Russians it's gonna wanna push back here. That that's not gonna. Check traffic and weather together and axed. You know something's happened almost all of us and knock on wood habits to none of us in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name. Dale's collision repair in blue springs they are the best in the business I've been out there many times Dale's personal friend I watched his crews work. And their work is guaranteed as long usual undercard trucks or get it fixed right the first time on my friend dale. 81622818558162281855. On Monday Dale's auto collision. Dot com Dale's and blue springs take care of cars. Tinker view. 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Seth is amazing listeners now's the perfect time to get your body looking great in your swimsuits to my name is that care will give you 200 dollars off. Call us Medicare today for a free consultation 91333854769133385476. Or check them out on the web. Great skin case C dot com. Yeah see traffic and weather together here's Jay Edwards thanks carousel on I 35 on the I can't decide. Slow recovery they finally got to break out of the whales are about 35 with the equipment. Still got a little bit of slows down from a Shawnee mission parkway in itself. On I 35 look at it went roads now across eastern Jackson County iTunes can be up to 91 highway. I 7470. Looks like the key highway now as well. Pretty well rates so if you exit the eastern side of the metro area on G Edwards he beat the traffic. The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch that'll be in effect until 9 PM some thunderstorms with damaging winds and large hail possible into the early evening hours. Our high temperature today about 93 with the heat index around 100. Court tonight some showers and thunderstorms before midnight and they probably will drop down to about 73. Sunshine in 92 on Friday low ninety's and certainly for the weekend on staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KM BZ whether. And we got severe thunderstorm warnings in effect until 245 for Bates cast in Henry county is another 25 minutes forecasts and Jackson counties. In Missouri this after game right now it is 95 AKC guy in 93. And or official weather station. And Caremark search KM BC news. Whisky well. With scant. Gave him. 7677. My name is skewered cash coming your way at 3 o'clock right before you 3 o'clock news seat we're asking how to. Researchers figure out that your first memory. If it's around age one or two likely did not happen. And then I have another question for everyone listening. Researchers asked participants to detail their first memory along with the aged and tie. In particular they were holed it. You cannot. Rick hold this memory from a photograph. Or videos that you have seen it has to truly exist in your mind as it happened you know 42 years ago. The researchers examined the content language nature and descriptive detail. Of the respondents earliest memory descriptions. And from those evaluated the likely reasons why people claim memories from an aids that research indicates cannot. Be formed. Cannot. As many of these memories data before the age of two and younger. The authors suggest that these fictional memories are based on remembered fragments of early experience. Such as family relationships feeling sad. Some facts or knowledge about your infancy or childhood. Which you may have derived from photographs are friendly conversations. As a result what I remember per has in their mind. Is a mental representation. Consisting of fragments of different things not the actual memory. And I am very early memory whether it's true or not I don't know. Of when I lived. In Amarillo Texas Tech. But here's the question I have and I don't know if if they got into this in the study. Do we choose. And certainly there has to be some sort of sub conscious way that we do it. What we remembering what we don't for example. I can barely remember. Certain things and it's probably have more local sales certain things from high school. You know like Heidelberg high school I don't remember hardly anything from there I can tell you. Within. Reason. Where I sat at either sandstone Kemper arena sprint center or starlight for any concert you and you tell me I can tell you that's been I sure. I guess tell you where I was sitting rough. Did you sitting right over you do have a photographic memory was certain bizarre things like concerts I can I think that's also ensure older. You are older when you've formed that memory and a pathway. To get there and retrieve them but I can hear a song on the radio for example but I haven't heard in twenty years and I still know. Every single word. But if you tell me Scot named one of your teachers from eighth grade. I couldn't see I can do that. I ever remember my feelings. In kindergarten and first grade more than I remember experiences I remember being afraid. I remember not wanting to go our member not wanting to be left by my mother. But I I remember those feelings more than I remember experiences. One of my questions I have about the study and gosh I wish we could have like a researcher into the brain can come on this program. Is that why if research shows. We can not form or retrieve memories around age one or two it. And let's just take that as fact you really cannot. Hold true memories between age one and two. If that is true. Why. Do very young children who are victims of trauma. At age two and under abandonment. Look at the orphanages say in Chernobyl or China where those children are never picked up and held. And they have to developmental. Severe problems there in higher lives because of that. Why is that the case because we can't have been recent one and two wouldn't you just for debt or not have a pathway back to remember that try. Dana I think you you do have and I used this an air quotes memories. When your three years old. Take I think you have and you just can't retrieve them take. Later in life is what I'm saying yes take care as one year old son Charlie as an example okay she brought him at a couple of weeks ago. We're sitting here in this very room. And she hands Charlie to me and Charlie sitting in my lap and Mike Young man. Who who gaga album. And he instinctively. Looks over at his mother and puts his hands out like he wants to go back and I don't know mother and father that's my point. Charlie. May be one years old one year old but he's still remembers. Who his mother it's. Now in ten years from now if you say to Charlie you remember that time when your mom brought to the radio station. And eSATA on Scott's lap right and he was going go to Gordon. He would say first of all I don't know who's got parks is okay and no I don't remember that at all let me ask that MM that's not a memory. But he does know who his mother and we were able to formulate memories. To retain and call. From eighteen months two years older all of that. Baby Jessica remembers. Knew nothing about being in the well and nothing and don't you get that they should trump you would be able to work Paul. When they got you house being down there when when they were singing nursery rhymes to her. But being abandoned in a dark place. She doesn't remember a thing. About that I can remember my phone number from Lansing Kansas 2339243727. Threes or fours my first number. In my home into peak in the first house they Lipton. I can remember our address in Fort Hood Texas that you've created a pathway in your mind that Scott I repeating and repeating and repeating it. We didn't have the Internet cellphones are your parents say you have to memorize. Is there those things in case you get lost. I can remember my phone number from when I was in sixth grade. I have no idea what service members my own daughter because you have not create that pathway in your memory nor have got. Go to the phones. It. You're talking bad memory. I can read amber. That my very first memory I see your eagle. And my dad was coming home from the server from Germany. And him coming at a lot. In the form and cold again. Bad you know we're older. And I was reading a hit I had a drag on yellow book I get ilk are. And he yelled at arms out and yeah. And groping around and I needed you know. Let me ask you this according to this research. There is a 40% chance that never happened. Are there as the port percent chance you've created that in your own. Yet the photograph of it are you or something else that was a and remind you of that experience that it just lives in your mind. Little bit like I bet I'd call we. I mean I went there my grandmother until you account from the server at first we. Look or Germany. When I was born. And I'd probably. You know I've always been wearing idea of bat the first time members are am and help our. How we're reminded of duty tell you about it. Sure. You know like play. Yelp got older. It lightly on the four. And that my little brother or. Your father still with us or not. He askew and do some favorite and emails later or Texas or whatever. I'm assuming he is still lucid and in Andy's doing our own well. Only about. A concern. Because you're very. Bad. I would first personality I'll let you know he. When he actually call my grandmother let me read why. Is AME we have been. You know yeah. And you know twelve and I actually remember that and I get it because. Now we shall we captured. Him and uniform. And I. Am. I use. Concern Barbara I've a feeling is gonna hollered at today and saying can you help me a call that this was that your memory and he's going to say army and I'll tell you this you know what I tell you this there have been times. You know my mom listened to the show from time to time. We're IE eight will tell story from years gone by. And I'll get home later that my mama called me and say that's not how it happened. It's close but it's not how it happened. So do your point or at least to the researchers point I think there is some truth that the more week even even if we re tell ourselves. The member yes it changes you change the original. Event now but who's to say who gets it right may be my mother is retold her salt that same story and made it more positive for her. These are saying. And and when we re write the story in our minds. 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And board talking about it when it's memories like literally it's memories may be in the hospital. I I I can't say exactly why it was I don't remember we do want a true but I remember standing in the Korea. Looking your group I don't think it was a put. It's an but I don't know published in. And the next thing intercourse. Spoke blocked out a way to look at the are we the next thing I remember that left the hospital. At crucial overtime hours and that it was in black. For quite some time at the moment I was letting go well this. Look at that. To put that orderly. And I got chicken pox well in the hospital. Patty notes troop. Should have gotten stronger per. We'll hold. He says he's got a scar I've been there was a word prior to. Now. It on a moral. Sorry about that. Top. So here's happens on. I thought I heard the S word in there. That wouldn't even make sense is an adjective before scar. SI have a scar. IC I do you know it's true tests have a scar that's what I thought I heard it's let's look at it is if you treated in certain opposed. Some dissent to be looked out west on radar yet you'll get results it's. It's it. Manhattan in Emporia is covered in angry red and white and red blobs are coming eight ops are the ones that come in with a yeah. Who had a rookie year. Green blobs don't impress me but the red ones to. Look at. What's your earliest memory care. Going to. Branson with my parents and getting a lollipop it was the size of my head dateline. I remember when I got herpes simplex one. I remember. And Terrence this goes back to do whether you. Really had this experience or if over the years you've added to it and I can tell you I'm certain over the years I've added to it. I was at a royals game in very rare treat because we were so pork was a royals game with my mom and dad I don't even know that my brother was born yet. And I so clearly remember being terrified because I've looked under my seat. And I thought I saw an alligator hanging from the bottom of my seat now. I know that sounds ridiculous. But I so clearly remember it's staring at me and and trying. To. Tell someone and I remember crying and screaming and like it was looking at me. And I know this that's so stupid. But I can remember look at it like what they that the state. And here's ligament doesn't mean it's like and knew or something but it royals stadium like I had I don't feel like that's something that it's probably not what is an accurate but over the years I would call it and I can still see what it looks like. But I don't think it probably happened I just think somewhere I got wires crossed. And I thought there was an alligator staring at me from under my seat runs saint. You wonder what it really months I do too that's fascinating. I mean I know. They. Wanna. Maybe. It was that little. Guy and that and that you know. Whom the alligator boots on the shirts yeah yeah maybe it was that is a lesser Izod rice. In stone no. But it scared me and I II so here's what's funny I retained the fear. But I don't think it's true memory. Give her probably not you probably did not actually see an alligator. Dude does your fear of spiders come from something that you can remember now that I remember. It's really just got. More so over the years to him. Want probably helped and now it's now you have mastered OK did you see him on no longer responding to and Karen there's a guy you know to chip in a chip clip looks like. Some of them have magnets on each appeared to clip your chip shot. He has a chip clipped and on that there is fishing wire. And at the end of the fishing wire there's this huge fake black Aires by but the big like I think think like basketball sized. So he clips that ship clipped to a woman's purse current guys brief case does expire. And then they start writing. And that big Harry being trailed after my god it is the funniest. Thing you have ever seen I'm sorry. Thankful town. There's screaming. It's and I'm sorry I wouldn't do it to you but it's so funny friend of mine in college to that would fund those little fake cockroaches. And that's not fun hole. Holes I was back at. I almost had like a plot panicked. Group in my pants and his word and your cash. If you were to cash is parent PA REM T. Tex edit the 72881. And you're in the running for a thousand dollars of secured cash. A message and data rates may apply. Obama's sooners senator this is clear on Twitter. Apparently trump is inviting Vladimir Putin to the White House this ball. I just squared. Outskirts of the newsroom here is Caremark. Returning about the severe weather are dropping big hail in parts of the metro beds next. You know have still wants Casey come out if you've been looking nature driveway lately your deck you think and that's what can a little ratty. 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Realigning Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are. Another hail coming down and lounge act this afternoon new reports of baseball sized hail Mary in Lee's summit reports of egg sized hail severe thunderstorm warnings still in effect until 330 for Cass and Johnson counties in Missouri. And we are keeping an eye to the west where more strong storms are tracking toward Kansas City right along the ice seventy corn or. The developer for the new Casey ice as they've reached an agreement in principle with all of the labor unions and more managing director Jeffrey striker. Is they're also planning to increase sustainability measures like using new electric powered vehicles at the airport. There's single terminal is on track to open in the fall of 20/20 two. President trump Supreme Court nominee Bret cam and us today meeting with senate -- prior to his confirmation hearing ABC Serena Marshall reports from Washington. In the second week meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill after being nominated by president trump to fill the seat of Justice Kennedy today Brett Cavanaugh a meeting with six Republicans senators including senator Bob worker. Do you think he's a superb nominate. He answered the question that I asked which were. Court or rejected the democrats' suggestion that the senate should examine all of cabin house passed record. And last night and there's some calls for it and I'm unaware of now and through no I don't think. Supreme Court confirmation hearings according to the majority leader are likely to be held in September or October straight Marshall ABC news Washington a former city clerk in Missouri's boot heel is facing felony charges after she nearly bankrupt the city Pamela Birmingham worked for the city of Greenville between January 2014 an April 20 sixteenths. Prosecutors say she wrote herself several checks without authorization and try to cover it up. An audit found that she unlawfully paid herself at least 150000. Dollars. So North Kansas City school kids are in need of supplies and a local pastor hopes he can help. Fairview Christian church pastor Travis McKie is again teaming with last don't police to raise money and supplies for students. The former teacher says they've set up a tools for schools go funny page. We know that their families who are you struggle to get those supplies and we wanna do all we can't help them to start this week right. McKee says they've raised about 250 dollars toward their goal of 1000 dollars Jim Cunningham news anyone came BC unchecked traffic and weather together next. We've got a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9 o'clock tonight. Showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon cooler temperature in the low ninety's and it will be humid weather heat index around 100. A few severe thunderstorms will be possible with large hail and damaging wind into the early evening hours. Overnight 73 M partly cloudy about 92 and sunny on Friday seventy clear for Friday night low ninety's and sunny for the weekend. This is staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton Kenny and easy web. Here's your turn storm warning just pumped up this one for Bates Qassam Henry counties until 330. This afternoon right now. It is 96 degrees at TC 990 downtown 92 and your official weather station. What she doesn't own hands on the areas Dolly is only has to. You mentioned won't call the hands of she's beautiful. And smoltz and you wait this and he leniently on people. She yeah I think then came home and she's so beautiful. Train there in town and I nobody ever called. Sports center and. There your hardest better. You can catch a good as parents as well PA RT and ski. Accident 71. In your in the running for thousand dollars kubert care. So ladies has come out with eight new potato chip flavors right now we can only get one of them here now. And that is the fried pickles with ranch flavor. What's fried singles branched out like fried pickles I like pickles how this built pickles. OJ. About the spell of a pickle war almost throw me in two to pay a gag reflex. Colts. Discussed that these Neil. Labors are inspired by a popular regional dishes so there's cajun spice. Chili kind caiso Chesapeake rabbit. Based spice which side and that I would like Alan deep dish pizza. Fried pickles New England lobster roll meant to achieve and sweets Thai chili. That's disgusting and you know why they're doing is because she does came out with sent flaming. Hot line in chino. And the kids can't get enough about the smallest bag of groceries or is like five dollars it's ridiculous. That's up for the big bag is for the tiny. And I think ever wants a while someone hits on something in the last really big potato chip flavor was one rants. I mean how many years ago. And so they think let's to all of these funky things like warriors has done. And see if we'll sell anything to warriors flavors grossed me out hammer guide keeps really out now gullah comes terror what kind of drugs was somebody on an Oreo headcount. Quarters when they thought that would be a good idea or people who love them. He does the peeps flavored Doritos my husband is one of them. It's like sugar upon shiver to the event in palm now. They're Nicky it's someone to do with peeps put it in the microwave and blow them out. Yeah actors and you have nothing else I can just make sure you make a mess out of the Michael efforts. On. I've never offered out who likes candy. I saw that story. That is the next biggest camp that the good complexities. But I guess it will be buying candy corn anymore because I'm not doing Halloween anymore. And nice style when was the only time I've ever done Halloween and some at all. That nice but apparently that's because you're never doing it again. And expand excitement for the kids. House speaker of the kids. Error. That moment when you feel old and Oden is gonna give me a break I'm here ever. Will be here tomorrow and treatment they offer him. Some of the warrants for him in the Lawrence and long time. Much were the campus. Mature the campus that I left 25 years ago and then I'm gonna go look at some dormitory. I do and via your appointments to get into the dormitories yes for thirty okay afternoon river campus tort nine. We're gonna do an early lunch a puppet king knows downtown perfect. And we're gonna do is come back to tower and this went a little bit. And then we have a 430 appointment to go look at two dormitories. And I was in the cards she Sarah had to go to work early this morning so I'm taking my out to show on the styles. In the 11 o'clock hour. Analysts that developed more on everything in it sodomy. And I looked at minus and you know this time next year's is going to be unique yet. And I think my answer who have fought tooth and nail for years with each other. As started to get along yeah really well. And I looked at my and I know we are salt like China ocean parkway and I said you know this time next year's is going to be unique yet. And my kind of looks at me and tunes. And then I'm like I was terminally Dana right for secular. Pushed up people who are starting game right. Display. I Damon didn't Scott give you a hard time about going to do with your kids. They. I. Know what what's your drop off day. August 17. She's going to be Iraq. Out. Which we get the bills. Currently there. Are a. I remember it is semester for the whole year. It's got how many days as it until you dropped out of college. Today's the nineteenth so it's 28 days. No 29 days the. Have so much fun and sometimes it is just like okay like she got his KUND picture taken geno I still have my KU idea some of the basement somewhere. There's all these little milestones. You'll be like okay with you illegally here. It's cute that. Yeah. I am I correct it was like the first moment where well other than my last birthday which maybe fuel for some reason. I don't know why 47 was so we're coming. But in the car this morning with my and I was like that fantasizing I was thinking about. You know just haven't won two in the house. And I. I'm going to be honest I was got a little. Miss only he can have a it was a little bit and how it was almost like somebody cut and run in front. I don't like to end. May have some of the big kitty to order more. She. Uses. The big this is the part for you put them you know give them their wings and let them fly. I don't wanna give or no way to I am wings and holes during a monolith is Italy's is that isn't we're talking relative. And here's our wings and Israelis and. One day you assess your child down. And you'll never picked them up again. Urine. And bad in person hey you can always create another kid if your have in this empty nest thing. That is true you know you're in the house of Miami are feeling a little little Clinton was. And. Not wife and him work are. Done like. And here's the deal she is this guy like she told me she would be willing. I know if I believe you when you say you're not do it again I it's. A year not Larry. I got the result for another boy I remember I am I that's number. A little pencil test. But. There's no way because. This. It has come up conversation. And I am not in favor of and for this reason in this reasonable. Wind kid leaves the house. I will be one year into collecting cells secure. I don't care but I would not be surprised. If there's an oops parks. After Sarah goes off to college on sex. Are you kidding now I am being absolutely serious and if you asked ride and Kara I will guarantee right now they agree with me. Robert. It's a possibility. Total responsibility. Yeah. Yeah K state needs some parks are grab back. The statistic is the new forty. I'm 49 years old with a six month old. It's so much easier at this stage that was where one means you know that right. I'm not saying there's an office pool but there's. It. Not speaking of family you do not have to be the main course outside with mosquitoes when you and your family are out there enjoy and that patio out. Called mosquito joke and if you are a pet owner asked them specifically. About their flea and tick treatment for you or yard you're gonna love this company. I met the owner David his father dale they're great guys and they get so many positive reviews. Mosquito jazz technicians are trained mosquito control experts they will customize that treatment to your yard. It's convenient effective affordable or satisfaction is guaranteed. And after a heavy rain did you notice those eggs hatch the mosquitoes are worse so keep that in mind as we keep. Haven't showers struck Kansas City they did such an incredible job I know they can do the same for you if you have an outdoor event coming up. Backyard barbecue some kind of party. Graduation thing. Have them come out but that spray down and really enjoy your outdoor time MacCulloch 855 ask a show 855 ask edgy oh. Or online at mosquito showed dot com. With mosquitoes outside is fun again. Now I can only. Losing my head and pain knee years from now. This bay detainees Bob Levine. Two points and eat. Please Sony can I don't know what this means there's a lot of there. Care marks for their parents. And says. We are now under a significant. Weather advisory. For Johnson count. So if you look out west word. To peek at because just didn't socked right now. There is an enormous. System heading. East it's a little south. East moving. Heading our way and there's more behind that. If you are in oh late so right now it looks like it just passed you. A Clinton Warren's birds getting socked right now. It's just were in one of those very very active weather patterns today. We have some kids activities coming up today at four and looking at that thing in my there's no way congresswoman to work. A story here it's it's it's I would not as immigrant. From the Atlantic dot com follow up on a story we touched on briefly yesterday. This week Mark Zuckerberg kicked off another firestorm about FaceBook when he appeared to defend it. The intentions of holocaust Myers on the platform in an interview with wreaked codes Kara swisher. The FaceBook CEO was asked why the site does not just remove. Misinformation. Like to claim the group's Indian massacre never occurred to Zuckerberg responded with an example from his own experience. Quoting here from Zuckerberg. I'm torn on this I'm Jewish. And there's a set of people who deny the Holocaust happened I find that deeply offensive. But at the end of the day I don't believe that our platform should take that down because I think there are things that different people get wrong. I don't think of their intentionally getting it wrong but I think it's hard to impugn intent and to understand the intent. Trying to organize harm against somebody you're attacking someone you can put up. You can put up that content on your page even if people might disagree. With that are find it offensive. He went on to say that FaceBook is not in the business of censoring. People. And I got to thinking about. Boy they censored breastfeeding mom photos before. There's a good example. Now they've sent said they will not. Count that in whatever algorithm they use for nudity or. Lewd material. But how can you block that. And then say to these idiots out there who don't believe certain. Events in our history it happens say well that we're gonna let that go and I don't and. And you post just blatantly race or should not canyon because cam. CNET. Should you be a while I think is the better question should you be a lot out. To post patently blatantly. Racist things on. FaceBook. Or does FaceBook have an obligation. To police the sorts of things that we might seem not now with with what what did you say it was Roger straight two point one billion. FaceBook accounts are in existence right now. Active users as of last month. By that means that you loaned him at least once or in the last month two point one billion. That doesn't mean two point one billion people rather a lot of people have expert counts her KM BZ radio every company has a FaceBook accounts. But why can't you or why shouldn't you be allowed to post informant or not information misinformation. That the Holocaust didn't occur. Or. That sandy hook. Was basically a government. Plot rightly or because that is protected speech. You the right to resuscitate open protected from the government and not from you base you have the right to be stupid. And say ignorance. Harmful things Fred Phelps you have the right to do. But I think is a private company they have the right to say we're not going to Lyle how how I wish they would now how would they police thickness. It would have to be titled tales kind of and. Your brother got blocked from FaceBook for a month you remember that yes and you know what he posted I wanna miss righted in detail all you remember. It was in Europe and it is an actual toilet paper dispenser. It's a dispenser of paper. And. The paper came out of a dispenser shaped like. Your backside. Which. More specific than that the yes and it was a link various. And they took it down as offensive content he did generate the content he just repo is three posted it. But don't you have a right and again I understand them the first memo only protection from the government not from the sensors FaceBook. What's what's wrong with putting up holocaust or are we so fair minded. Back somebody like me might go well there's some there's a hole cost Meyer. Read that you know maybe I can be swayed to think that six million Jews were slaughtered in Nazi Germany. I don't additional out its private business it is a private FaceBook can do and say whatever it wants when it comes to what it will allow all. Its customers were to draw he wants its platform for. You would probably argue Scott that if you wanted to use the confederate flag is you're. FaceBook photo you should be able to do that our word tang equipment Erdman and I think that's for things like that that. Some people find offensive but others in the deep south thing. Somehow represents their heritage. I don't see phase the blocking something like that everybody south that's. Rural Missouri in rural Kansas I see a lot of those flags and inserts. 576779. It. And how FaceBook police itself or you. I mean think about how many posts go up on FaceBook at any given minute of any given day. It would have to be in the millions. Two point one billion active users. And every post I mean every comment that's written. Every post that you actually put up on your page. How in a million years would ever be able to police that. I actually don't fall Mark Zuckerberg there's no way to police that. There's algorithm that you can create. What if you had on the word Jew or holocaust what if I read a post says the Holocaust did occur. There's somebody right at their corporate headquarters gets flag they look at a case scotsman and a race the algorithm would not just be the word holocaust they would add in other inflammatory words and that's where you would pop 57677. Miami let's get to the newsroom here is Caremark. We are watching a line of storms approaching the mantra from the last mourn acts. You know I infringes on more than fifty pounds since she went to see doctor tape I lost a quick twenty before I went to Mexico I've kept that off. 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Bringing 7080 mile an hour wind gusts especially for the south side of the metro. There's the possibility of record tornadoes spinning it too we are monitoring the situation keep up to date. In the meantime we have a severe thunderstorm warnings in effect until 415 for Bates Henry and Cass counties and we've just ten in in pop up. That's a severe thunderstorm warning for Johnson leavenworth Miami wyandotte and Platt counties until 430 this afternoon. The again we'll keep you up to date. As the severe weather moves in. National intelligence director Dan Coats and he felt the need to correct record when he issued a statement reaffirming that Russia medal in the 2016 presidential election. It's also pushed back the president's statement that it could be others that are interfering in the election process. We know others have potential capability. But it's undeniable. That the Russians are taking the lead on this. 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At a Shawnee you're gonna love him. 9134413900. As the number to call 9134413900. Or lightning dash landscape dot com. A lot of severe thunderstorm warnings out right now the most recent ones severe thunderstorm warning just going into effect forecasts and Jackson counties. And that and runs until 4 o'clock we also have a line of severe storms. Moving into the metro and Johnson leavenworth Miami wyandotte and Platt counties until 430 that's the Kansas side as well as Missouri side. And we still have ongoing storms. In it casts and Bates county until 430 so we will keep you up to dates on all of the severe weather. As we move through the afternoon here on KM BZ. Same here. Have always been real close man. Pain in the case. Both. Have this home. Me. Hello. Change. Our round. And and we want to thank Jim as a. It's significant went three man. It's coming our way. This gets tweeting about it. And that's. Instead. I did hear about the espy's last night because Danica Patrick did not do wells post apparently. Really known up not. Liberal. Says here Patrick soldier on telling the audience we have to mention the also in the room it's time to talk about the National Anthem controversy. About one a photo of NBA all star game anthem singer Fergie came on the screen and Patrick said I don't know what Fergie was thinking either. Metro yeah. The one. Events and moments I heard about and I am so. Sorry that I didn't watch it live return in about when all the essence of yes. Jim has doctor came at a couple of friends text me and say oh my goodness did you see these brave women. Except seeing the courage award that they are thrash ward on behalf of all of those who were sexually abused by. Larry Nasser that was the stage big enough to house all of. Let's win 141. Women came out. Three of them smoke everybody was on the street. I assault. Since the highlights. It's fair. I saw the news coverage of this morning. And I don't know little analogy. I don't re just an excerpted in its all over the news. Sarah Klein was. One of masters first. Victims roughly thirty years ago. She's quoted as saying speaking up and speaking out is not easy telling our stories of abuse over and over and over again in graphic. Detail. Is not easy. We have sacrificed privacy. We've been judged and scrutinized it is grueling it is painful but it is time wouldn't. Me about just one word stuck up there. What does she mean we've been charged. Gosh are you kidding me I'm not what anybody of people that came out of the woodwork saying okay to the earlier survivors. Why didn't you say anything out there are two parts I was just as a clarification to the parents how to June not now okay are too you know any of the other girls who have heard over and over and. Well if you do this was happening right he says something sooner this remember how that's I thought you were saying that that people were doubting that. Truth elements of their store I don't think anyone doubts that happened at an in other cases they do in that case I don't think that they did all go. The silence from the organization over 2030 years would suggest they did about it or they chose. To doubt that latter's prop eight I doubt it. Brightest athletes and shining a light on true heroes. Like a gymnast who stood up to disgraced doctor Larry Nasser and the park put the coaches who sacrificed their lives for their students. TJ Holmes is here with my torn on this good morning TJ. Robin there was something that a 141. Women wanted us to see. Last night all of them standing on stage together giving the world. What they say it's a new portrait of survival and courage yes the espy's is about celebrating athletic. Achievement but it's also about celebrating at least for what they do. Outside of their race. Stellar athletes joined forces for an emotional moment many had these as these won't soon forget we may. We serve I. To get there. Gold medal Olympic gym this tally brazen. Leading a group of over 12100 young athletes who have spoken out about the sexual abuse they suffered. Under the care of former Michigan State in USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nance or. Whether you ask all our team that pain you are shaping the world that we live then impacting others. All mediate wasn't one to I dealt. To get the integrity. To stand between us and Larry accent. The group received the Arthur Ashe courage to war. Danica Patrick made history as the first ever female as we hope. I make a joke about the US soccer team. But getting qualified this monologue. While Khloe Kim took home the ST for best female athletes thank you so yeah. But it was a good feeling emotional moments that cracked so there was so you know what makes me sick and laugh he can't rewrite history and I know that. In that line is so true they just needed one they needed one adult. They needed the some mcqueary. In the I'm Stuart Penn State case. They needed the Michael McCrary in the Penn State case and even after he came forward and said something in that case. It took years for anyone to go back and go you he does say something and we didn't. If they needed they needed one adults and nobody. Protect edit that is it is the biggest. Systemic. Failure. Of children in sports. Out there I don't know that anything will ever arrive might not to re litigate the case. But somebody writes in I am still waiting for charges to be brought against the parents of some of these kids. Because they were just as complacent. I agreed with you up until the point he said parents I thought they were going to say. Every other person. At that facility. Who knew or should have known what was going on what was that not uncovered though that some parents were aware or Edmund and told by their children do and believe that there is at least one parent who took their own life after the other and the avalanche of what started coming apart there is one parent to throw my I believe it was an eight father. Because she had said that this this was happening. Or. I IA. Cannot. In good conscience say that a parent should be charged in that case. I'm but I can say wire there so many other officials at the school. In Michigan at the training facility. There are other employees who absolutely. Mail. And they are not only not facing charges. But to my knowledge still have jobs the name you are looking for was jurors and ski thinks. May he rot now. But yes. You know. I believe on this very show you or one of us predicted Michigan State would never survive the scandal. And they will. Just like Penn State survived and Jerry sandusky. Joseph Paterno scandal. I'm looking up and miss Michigan State employees you know that Nasser. There were 1414. Employees were warned about the Nasser abuse. And there is an article in the Detroit. News. Eight women reported abuse claims that's interesting they're all women. And at least one of those claims reached the president and I have said from the beginning where the charges against those adults. And it might not be you know life in prison. Tight charges. That if you work for university are you not a mandatory reporter I don't think you are. Moon. Were you were where would you. Draw it to these are minor. These are I understand what where would you draw a line on who is not and who is a mandatory reporter. On a crime against children. Obviously the police of course are mandatory reporters that's her job. People the medical profession. Teachers. I think university officials if they are not mandatory reporters should be. University officials primarily. Primarily but not exclusively were eating young adults deal with adults. Young adults. Don't care for younger or older still adults. I mean it is the rare case keep in mind. He was the Michigan State he was a doctor at Michigan State but he was also the doctor. For the US gymnastics or so's associated. Mean I think the Michigan State thing gets included a lot but let's keep in my when he really was he was the doctor for. The journalists. And and others and on his Olympic guests and others I understand. But most people who work at Michigan State don't deal with children. So you can't say every professor is a mandatory report. Laura's voice was the first person believed to have told someone asked in as you about Nasser she reported him in nineteen. 97. Almost twenty. Years. Before he was fired. And prosecuted. And what's so sickening about this case to me Scott is that we set after Penn State. Well at least this will never happen again is at other colleges will see that this happened at Baylor and we're not going to be the want not sealing a fervor for you know Fred at her. And then having him there from my friend Dustin just a minor Scott as they soccer coach. A youth soccer coach you are mandatory reporting that is correct. Boys says it's the employee at Michigan State said to her quote. You must have been miss understanding. What was going on. And and fourteen other staffers are named as knowing I just in case I think Jason I'll be in jail. I never understood though and again not to re litigate the case which I am doing to a certain extent. What is it about his docked corals skills that made him so untouchable. I mean Jerry sandusky was an assistant football coach. He was never a head coach yeah he never won Mehmet title. I don't know why why was he worse for why it was Jerry sandusky worth protecting. For some people and why is Larry Nasser who is and I'm not taking away his apparent skill. In the medical field. But there are a million doctors in this country. And made him so special I don't or else it'll. But at some point Scott it wasn't just the gentleness in 2000 another victim spoke up I remember this. Her name was Tiffany Tomas Lopez she dismiss their from Southern California to play soft ball. Develops low back pain and the school would always kick these girls to Nasser the athletes who were complaining of pain they would kick to Nasser. And then it goes on lists all the authorities that knew about this girl's case. And it's just unbelievable because you think about yourself Scott and if someone came to you and said they keep making me go to this doctor and he's doing blank. And blank and blank. Little in the war world is going to hear that go on Saturday your misunderstanding that I don't know now no I'm not misunderstanding I know exactly what he was going down. And I just I think they should all be in jail all fourteen of. But he here and I guess I'm not victim blaming now I just Arabic service. Why eight if they were willing to go to an adult. Which apparently they were because there were wedge say fourteen other amount twelve other galleries that knew about it in Michigan State. Clearly some of these young ladies were willing to go to an adult. And say this is what's going on I don't ever go to the cops. Because think about it Scott who is the person in charge in your little world when you are a student athlete. You don't think police correlation yet you think coach using. I don't know home the athletic director I guess maybe. And in some these files were so. Again I'm a victim I am I'm just asking questions that that I don't know that I ever gonna answer. This just says a 1975 Michigan law requires certain professionals. To report suspicions of the views too protective services. That includes school administrators. And it does not. Defines school. Teachers psychologists and law enforcement officers I will say this. I believe. College. Staff should be mandatory. I think they should be mandatory reporters like. Clergy. Are mandatory. Reporters staff. Soccer coaches like you mentioned even. Our city lays on the coaches make everybody or even an amateur. Well you can make the argument that ethically we are all meant for reporters but I believe under the law. College. Let the authorities call it should be mandatory reporters defying authority of a college. Match. Anyone on staff the janitor now. The person who works for wants slime at the dorm. Anyone in a position of authority over the student can't define authority men and and then. Define student. Because if you're a mandatory reporter. When you're right you don't say student because student would indicate like okay you freshman junior sophomore senior it would not indicate the twelve year old. Using the training facility for gymnasts brought it should be any. Any minor onto it should be in. It should be abuse of a minor receive tickets I see a problem here but you know what lawmakers grapple with how to write wall every day. They've got to figure this out. 76779. It about right scale parks AMD's. It's up parks and you don't AT&T corporate you're thing that is arson. Like finding the latest must have tacked to enjoy your entertainment anywhere. Or camera. That lets you capture all your adventurous moments and guess what you need to head to your local AT&T and check out the new LGV thirty fives in Q. And find out how you get a Smartphone for your favorite person on AT&T on top of that. You can also get 400 dollars in credits when you buy an LGV thirty fives and Q trading year olds Apple's Smartphone. Visit your local AT&T store today. The thing cube ugly comes with an AI camera and you may wonder what is. It means it's camera that is so Smart. 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You have to report. So airy it goes to follows then that Michigan State would have fallen under those same title nine regulations. Which goes back to my point that for a variety of reasons more people in my opinion should be jailed. It exactly because if in incident happened on that college yet. That college camp which received federal funding. They have to hear that you are old enough. They should have a title nine officer. Every employee. I'm not sure how they do it Mexican state where I work you go through the tree Eric. You Eric thank you so much I looked at KUX I'm curious. All Kate you employees are required. To report incidents of sexual harassment looting sexual violence to the title nine coordinator required. Into the newsroom here OQ to cash is rest arias to eat rest text edit to seventy rated one of the news or Caremark. Happening now in KM BZ nasty weather taking aim at the mantra mourn acts. You're reservations ads Asperger's their summer menu is in full swing and yes. 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