Ep 8 - "OK, science - You're up"!

Mike Wickett
Wednesday, January 3rd

Now that some of the waiting game is over, it's time for some tests & some science! 


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I darling you're up. The holiday episode. It is New Year's Eve. Here on the dot when he team to hopefully it. A year full. Some find answers for you and obviously for us. This is wickedly and not yet. It's our podcast about a starting a journey together as family we're starting a family and now we got married in May and here we are at the end of 2017. The best year of my life. I catch them finally that's what get high. And when we left off we were just kind of an awaiting pattern. Waiting on me of course story your life here with. And waiting for my next check the starter and it didn't start and so I called my doctor and I got is that normal by the way it's. For people who because one of the things we're learning as people are going through this a lot and and is it normal for you not. For women not to get too now there's cycle who are having issues like else having issues that. Public art issue apologists Kamerion syndrome wanted to symptoms is irregular periods it. Oh boy do I have that but I'm not million but what I find it funny. Is it didn't come the day that's what's your regular and other dared to just see. Called the doctor got the medication just so you would take to get the ball rolling and went picked up the medication. Got my period. Well. As I remember that they've finally I. And that is as of Monday night club doctor back and go on a different action and missed those two pills every night for five days and Amy. She really. Giving you would think that Lee was drunk and half hour which I've seen happen but that's. Elect every night for three or four nights in a row it was either room is spinning. I have to go lay down or. I locked myself out of our house I had no he's and I was really diffuse yeah getting taxed Martin. So for those fight nights out take them medication and it Napster's bad. And that I read in the morning and I take half of a steering every morning which is supposed to lower my testosterone at a golf. I have more testosterone than you and I'm more manly and this relationship I definitely don't need to go to your low T center. Know that you do you have sweet mustache from time to time so maybe your testosterone level Disney to go down as. The political analysts things he's not happy holidays to experience and Ron and Harry must pass over that's one of the three symptoms is excessive body here. My husband making fun I love you. Every witness I look I love you so that the I took medication for five days I take a half of this year it everyday for the foreseeable future and then on today what ever which was this past Thursday I went in for all the skin no lapse. And I had ordered this shot. So it for the false gently down the medication I've been taking. Plus the timing. Should have leaked yielded. A follicle which is right egg ready for fertilization. And the medication I'm taking. Couldn't you know help you produce more than one had watt. And I want really good ones are right one is all you need blood is on. He's only eighteen I got a golden tank hit. As I was in love as I know I just I combine a lot about my second gear it's new years I've even seen telemarketers and never have I seen a single Willy Wonka. I've ever you went with me to that appointment you're sitting out a lot because I didn't really know if I had ultimate and accept lesson plan to have all of my. Am well. We Miami or am I right. So we were sitting there and it it's. You know the waiting room there's a bunch of guys and they're probably doing the exact same thing is is waiting to find out in a results from different test they were taking. You know when the women were in there. I didn't realize until I walked back there with. Donors. I was really nervous really. Really nervous because what effect an actor and had not and that's quite possible then you do this whole thing over again for another month and cross your fingers that you yet. One that time. And if you don't and you kind of have to start looking enact that plan at this point and replace gee I'm not even. Sure so I went back in there. Did that volatile skin. And I had one really good lineup at right side and as. Paralysis of aryan gods have a fatal cyst on the laps I don't know this is the first time here if that so. I don't use packages. I have them. But apparently this is it really dark white one and I'm. Oh god I don't know this. And I see about that stuff you really really we should do podcasts I didn't tell you about life. Tell they're actually giving acts anymore and that because obviously. That was actually get a local so then they took that shot that I ordered online. I it was legal as it is today where did you Wear this for a Guadalajara. That's. And they shot right Inman took us here but yet. And she and my right cheek carried and then. I had to go back and exit just this past Friday. At 930. This is where things get special. So well they got special when you walked out of the appointment and I was sitting in the lobby. And I hand them a little just a little baby food journal it'd be a cop with Sims solution and it. And I'm like. Ain't doing it loses my part now super romantic. I had tellem doctor that's solution not because that's gonna liquefy your goods. Don't waste any goods between now and then carry and it has to stay warm well. We're on vacation I was only thinking about it. And I made an appointment for 9:30 the next morning thinking he could do his task from it can't go in and and news you know and for receipt well. You had it I your update this which I was thrilled about. The site of the pop in and fill in on 610 expert stinging and sports on timing you're. Kind of say excited to see you still got. I do yes US and China I got that so Ole. Hit get up right apparently. Yeah Phyllis jar. Woke up at like seven and went into the bathroom to and it's pressure filled what you need to keep in mind we live in a blocked the only door. Yeah our tight it's just stories but to bathroom doors is our bathroom door so if he wanted to privacy. He literally had to go into. Back to the bathroom by himself I. Turned my noise maker up until a blanket over my head to pretend I don't know what I'm. Farrelly brothers' movie loses very it was a weird you think it was weird I thought it was really weird but keep you OK so I. So I get done. And I take a shower and don't realize it's supposed to stay super warm so I pulling any point six body temperature so I put the jar with a solution in my voice. In. I covered in our bathroom because I'm like why would I wanted to get super hot not thinking that it was supposed to be so I got out and you ask me where is the thing. And I give it to you and she immediately puts it under her arm it. Under a blanket with like a dog to dog line and I knew that he was staying warm. So now. He heads off to fill in the station. And I have been left with the task of getting ready. To go into. The appointment that I know they're going to be checked at all by parts are reeling Sharry you're ready but I also need to keep this specimen war. A so. When I wish I word I went in the bathroom. I made it like a little asked I like that it's I I an eagle eye immediately connect out of a towel. And then I can detected in the nest and it closed the doors Christina the after keep warm. It was a late didn't you shouldn't and then I got ready in the steam after enrichment couldn't see the Mir so I was just saying yeah. And I put under my armpit well. I'm really early. Yes I'm so unnerved about keeping it warm that I wanna get on the resolution of women currently in power and should have put it between your boobs that's what they told me after act elevate my hands and tell me I've got this metal leave it embedded in my arm it's like could've been like hands freely Bluetooth sperm. I I think with us on an X million dollar idea Bluetooth sperm. So I did seem to tell the people at the McDonald's by the hospital. That I went through their drive through which. We respond to my arm AE to get an iced coffee this funky arm and then so locked into the doctor and I've got my spot in one hand checking and and like what you wanted to do it this. I put my arm they complaining to my next cotton. So now they're trying to figure out why the heck I want them to do anything with my coffee there's quite the Confucian bit of a hot. I finally conveyed to them that. You're. Love stuff isn't my armpit well. Now everybody in the waiting room is part of the conversation. But everybody in the waiting Arabs gone through this yeah so the one girl singers like. Well last time I did that I had to run to the grocery store. I have I have been up in my arm pit I was picking up a few items for DNR and she's like. It was like will see correct as it might secret is warm admire let's. Rights. To act in. They took your cup of love him. I went in the room laid down draft from the east out. And then. My doctors Ers came and it was like a gigantic. A personal she said. So well. All I was nervous I'm not gonna lie is that norm you're gonna go see your T sell your T center it was just I was nerve to know I was just. It was like low low at the bottom is fifteen million or something and you were fifteen. But she said while they movement and everybody usually get him in the U. Squirm race what's up and you just have different persons are looking nice scores O slept next to me for a oh my gosh. So it's interesting that the giants were injured on tale but could it happen Mair got shot up in the air and actually for fifteen minutes. And I've had some cramping the last couple of days I think it's just because things where. Messed with Aron and now we wheat. That's where we leave you after this episode. Hopefully a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season happy new year and when he seventeen was the best year of my life. And with any luck when he eighteen will be the matter but. This New Year's Eve is and told dud because I'm drinking beet I am. Trying to make a good nest for mind. All of years we don't go somewhere where you could be my designated drivers were stated all right fine. Happy new year it and I get blood work next Friday and then the pregnancy tests and we'll keep you posted that hangs. If this is something you're dealing with going attorney eighteen we do it together. Today you.