Ep 6 - Dyes & Tries & Oh Mys!

Mike Wickett
Wednesday, November 22nd

Leigh explains her most recent test and the next steps.  Does everything have to be so serious all the time?  Not with these two!

WARNING: this one gets a little weird. 


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Snappy. Whenever you're ready okay. Hey Jane number two I get to stirred up the podcasting. Then. That was need your voice cracked well we'll let you talk I still a bit of cops affair with rain and sniffles. Still as yet. Grows my name easily McNabb this is my sweet husband's. My quick and it. And this is acutely enough where we talk about how we try to have a baby and doesn't work you know the weird things have to do it that we're not I think I. Don't react about going through knowing we are going to have. Reproductive we challenged. There's a foundation an accident where a lot of days that I sold a five K. I'd stolen from an episode of sections. His favorite Asian his dream girl is Sarah Jessica Parker. Quite all right anyway yeah. So I feel like the last few podcasts have been like serious stuff and while poses serious topic let's be honest it's us and everything it's always a series so no I'm drinking beer watching basketball reduce. That's actually why. This hasn't worked thus far. Streaking past I'll try to make up half. Well you figure out. Football season for Iowa it'll look good right so about two weeks ago. I had my latest procedure regularly to read the words efforts we're. Hair Astaire. Road salt skating program. Great dat. His sister role up in big. Yeah honest I did it who knows it is they I didn't like that I try to sit up Bucs players Dion is and the that I couldn't blow their cool though I think kids. History also. If and when my mom has asked me about it should just buy luckily I was there's my mom's a nurse in she's had a procedure like that before so so basically. He you go to item. Qwikster radiology. Please sunny in the hospital just like this what to do. And you go in there and you laid down on this flat table. And it's it's kind of like higher annual exam starts. But then. Oh wait there's more city. And they put this. Thing up there. I'm not gonna lie. Not comfortable invasive. It's invasive tests and there's like some pushing and some like got to get all the way up in the air than they should just die in there. Do not comfortable doesn't sound fun. Is it lake weighing you. Injected Turkey. It's Thanksgiving. So I'll vote how long you know again I think me as like hundred pound. Foul. Where you are foul. And so they should decide up in the air and and they take basically kind of X trees that area you're it's not exactly necks of the dye got to stop. And they're checking to see if there any blockages in Europe as a compliment the troops move. Because obviously population and all that kind of stuff that works you've got to blockage in the way through and I am proud to say. But I'm blockage free agent teachers right sluggish through too little arrows to licks and yeah that's. So from day error. We he just waits until my next cycle and that I call my doctorate starts. And then. The cumulative drugs oh good yeah I was hoping you'd get more. It's fantastic let's put it my emotions that yeah let's really decorate I. I have to down from a download it right now what is the after you shared with I was just gonna bring that up my IE I have used it to Jimmy lake yesterday Andy now for a and we got no bounds. So I have app and iPhone it's very discreetly call. The little flower that pops out of him down lino told period tracker. The little flower that pops up on the icon. Would have shortened just. And I now I've now up to the deluxe version two lasted up to the deluxe version knowing. I assured that you really dear that would be the least expensive thing as well yes that is true updating so period tracker. And I put in there. Everything and there are. Mood swings in temperature and when things start to when things stop and what things are coming out where. All sorts of fun things. But then I'll show you on this calendar. And I guess I'll cliches that. Our. And then you go in years and like the flower on the calendar. Is my population day. So you gotta pretend like you're really like me. Well OK and then that's the day well but then there are some op other options and you learn they say that you shouldn't do it every other. The station doing every single day because it makes you less potent. Me yeah. Speak for yourself so you wanna do it every other day so I would suggest is pink flowers today. Which this month as the number 28. And that I think suggests maybe like an appetizer. On the twenty. And then you know you're particularly in an uncomfortable. OK I don't suggest is before that which is the 24 it'll be my parents yeah that'll be very interest thing. That and that really old squeaky bed and accurately parents not happening. Listen here. I didn't happens to you know sonogram you know you didn't because as a what is called whatever so you gotta go Friday Sunday. Tuesday. And then maybe Thursday for good measure may or may I may and I'm not complaining. What it and what's what word what sensed what made where was the complaining I just I just don't think we should. Do it in your parent next your parents' bedroom. It is basement they got new carpet there's cats and guns down there. When there's guns down there are a lot to catch here. Yeah. What I would appreciate you do with this yes app. Pardon me. Is. I think crummy part about the whole thing is that. Like I feel like it's my fault I don't I've. But I feel like it's my fault and so by linking you into the app I don't have to come to you every time this brokers. And today. Pay today's the day I can pretend like you just wanted to do. I don't think you need to eat do you think I needed to eight for this. You to get saying you think they need an appointment for this like. You might have to pause basketball. Who's playing tight are all checked to shut it he can we coordinate your period schedules where it. The badgers or the wolverines for the Packers flurry. So until nursery we got we as men we do the same thing. We just do it that thing tells the studio this. We are not very much in the same course just keep an idea for me please I've got it after I've got an updated right here he's sticking your shirt off its. Hot here and again dog laying on me. Any hill so. Not been basic update is all of the pre tests are done. We check out I mean other that I sound policy go very syndrome and now we just wait until. My next cycle to. Take a bunch of drugs and see what happens. Well so. Fingers crossed toes crossed legs on crust you buy it. Many of our family members are listening to this right now. A lot let's just hope that I played at the Thanksgiving dinner table Olivia let me to do we'll do it next week this has been and always do it wickedly and not your parents. We currently have a lot of happy happy Thanksgiving edition gobbled up well.