Ep 2 - It's ok to not be ok.

Mike Wickett
Wednesday, November 1st

In episode 2, we discuss that it really is OK, not to be "OK". 


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Episode two of wickedly and love and our. Our path through. The that the steps it's gonna take Preston have family and if you're you're new to this. We appreciate illicitly unite. Live in Kansas City, Missouri and she's program director of nine and seven the point and I do middays on 91 came easy. And we got married in May and were trying to start a family doesn't involve her fur babies. And into before we get into the last week. What are the things that they do want to say is. I thought we were doing this for fun. And I thought you'd ever doing this for. Kind of our own posterity you yeah our own. You are it is time for him out kind of and after we did one episode aired I think I realized. In the best way possible what. Talking about this means for other people and and how important this is that you and I do this because after we posted our first episode. It weighs pretty amazing to me to see. How many. Friends you know how many listeners that we're friends with on FaceBook and social media. Took a listen to it. People you never would expect like the guys on the sports talk station went 057 the fan in Milwaukee that used to work on. There afternoon show wanted to talk about it because it's. It it affects everybody you know having having fertility questions and and. Just not talked about that's the frustrating part for me it's actually mean. It's not talked about it and it's this weird taboo thing. And tons of women reach out to mean via Twitter and FaceBook. It's Graham. Just opening the conversation and so. We're going through this for the first time their people that are further along in this process than us and I. Quite a few of them have reached out to me I asked if we can meet for coffee so I can ask the budget questions because they've done some of these things before and where new. And also just leave and me. Questions or comments or concerns. Here and we'll address them in future episodes because we don't think this story and an agency that and know that. Yeah able will get to. To Mike tripped the fertility Clinton. But for those that are are alias and you do this or maybe you you walk through this with us you heard us talk about it there there's some issues that we have. Yes so I've known for quite some time that I have peace CEO yes. Same with B Michael I don't know it poly cystic ovarian syndrome and freedoms that no poly cystic and Carly cystic ovarian syndrome luck yeah. Yeah I haven't actually I've I've found out after the first episode that members of my family have gone through this and tried for awhile so. Yeah I I've heard that term. So I took that years ago. And what is that so there are three main symptoms of peace LS. One is irregular periods. If Brady Goodman morning guys listening now he's already cringed as you can talk about my period. We we all of it would've. Actually don't these days they didn't get it then you know. The second is this on your galleries police to go there and and I had an ultrasound that confirmed that those there. The third symptom united 0% win. Years ago that eight incher uterine why not like an outside. Which that was a surprise by the way you go thinking of getting an ultrasound you watch three men and a baby here whatever the movies you seem with a group on the tummy and do that thing. Then another kind of ultrasound of the other where there's like submarines. To open up and that the abyss if you will. You know that got our our eyes the third symptom appalling cystic ovarian syndrome. Visible symptom. Is over active body here. Don't look at me like I don't have. Good answer. I mean your mustache is coming in nicely yesterday but Amazon com other than that you don't happen and I don't. I don't feel like I have like for less than 36 years old when I turned thirty. Things start to sprout places that I wasn't real hopes yeah I've got your hair now. And yet just now he's he's got no no like I I've discovered ear here I the last you know in the last few years. So I have here regulatory thing and act just to keep you far too much information on maps. I've just never had a regular what happened for a month wouldn't for three I'd have went for 21 for five and a half three and one month that I wouldn't have went for a year and that was just. This is that's gonna comment. Especially your policy is to go there and syndrome which in and that case you don't ever know when you're going to win your cycle is him. You know when you ideally you don't know when your fertile. And how do you plan on the calendar. The one day a month that you actually you know don't have had it. I happen there's an app that that. And I actually love this app and we'll talk about that later date but. It's a poly cystic ovarian syndrome I've read apps like a quarter of women have some form of X. And it doesn't mean you can't carry a baby just makes actual consumption difficult obviously keeps yet. Plan things out. I. We both doctors' appointments last week and the dog's gonna happily to the bathroom OK okay that's fine rivers you have to wait what if and when we have a child we will make child weighed as much as you make the but still up for auction a good show nine. So I did last week out now your gonna hear him crying in the back and I always felt like horrible parents you know we do pies. Leon. Now we're back seat we are capable of thinking of creatures that adverse and so I had a blood tests and skidded to protect him and let's just last week and I went for my initial appointment was two weeks went. To the next two weeks ago and they took. A lot of blood not gonna line. And I got there is all on I think this. I got the results on the Friday last Friday. And like the global line is grace the problems lie right is great and then they get to this. I have it written on the post it note my purse but none of these words really mean anything to me other than this one thing that's really really high. Which is how they count how many eggs your produce. And I was like well that's good for eight and for Jeep it's really hot and producing a lot of eggs that is met point of this whole thing you think and they said when. That's a real indicator policy is to go there and I said we'll ask Sherlock I mean we've we've. We figured this out. So unless medication called Matt Foreman right now which is actually my diabetic medication. Let's appearance and also. Kind of acts like diabetes and your body. Not like I'm taking what's occurred in accomplishing much money anyway but it just. Throw some things last. It can do for meetings patriots. And so I'm taking. One pill that's Matt Foreman every night and the nurse I need to go back and get marble but she's thinking I need to take three. Oh wow so. You were taking 11 Yasser up. And again I don't know these technical terms and I don't. I'm not doing research above and beyond because I'm at tackling the seat to anybody else what I just. And I have to give more blood. And the next system waiting on it I have to period on the fifty in my cycle I'd go in and I just died test done on why. As I call them in the last episode filming that use people were giving me a lot of crap about that look into oops I yeah I love how I'm learning. Everything about all this at the same time as the people listening to us it's kind of like when you talked about giving your sample and I learned about it as you talked about it on every year out. And we'll get to that in a moment yeah. So I have to but it does die shot in there basically to see new blockages in the air in an example to travel from my. I think also is this really eye opening to you do you understand the female anatomy. And also. You and we don't wanna drive diagram we all had health class now I ask you just probably lacked in the pack I was paying a lot of attention. Just doesn't movies yeah. And Internet giant fur bikini that first video anyway I have never seen. The birth pretty no I would watch. All right well yeah in the next episode I really know wicket at birth video libraries. Anyway so I. Noble with. Hit them. Maybe you'll do with someone you know if you guessed it is move. So I'm nick news that problem here and lies that I have to go have this procedure done that in my cycles and cycles so. Tomorrow I'm gonna go in and they're going to reduce. Craigslist is like I'm just talking about. This is lots and real life though it is and it's now. I try to make light of the fact that it is a relief and you're not broken. You know broken. Here you're not a you know wait till cry in my hands that are worse aren't that old bulls Davis that you're not because there this that's the case and millions of women around the world broken in and. Well how that's difficult night that. In fact I didn't meet his podcast at. So I need to go whenever victory induced and then they can't do this. Dike procedure and then from there. We figure out what the actual accepting it in joining this Armenia in making its reach. Coming up the next episode of save up my trip to the fertility clinics reply did a lot of time. Right time you promised us well. I would have to postpone I lied. Think we will do it in the next episode. And doubt we'll have results and I'll tell you about going into the security fertility that fraternity. He's for tell a similar thing happened infertility clinics and fertility clinics and again they did everyone or on iTunes run stitcher. We're that it seven point dot com run came BC dot com FaceBook and humor. We we wanna get the word out to everybody that it's. It's a normal state to be. A little a normal. And and in and I learned from Jason David's are for and with Iraq who supports. The suicide hotline and and whatnot it's okay to not be okay. And it's kind of the same the same thing so I think I am I going to look so well every thing. And with atom is gonna say are you looking to go on and we'll have another episode for an expert so thanks everybody for tuning in and it it's okay to not be okay.