Ep 1 - Life, Love & the Pursuit of Fertility

Mike Wickett
Wednesday, November 1st

Our debut episode!

We got married in May & this podcast explores our journey to have a family, knowing the difficulties that come along the way. We hope this can open a dialogue that is usually "taboo" today. Thank you for your support! ~M&L 


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This is being debut at. Of wickedly and love which is also perhaps and we got married. Mom. My name is Lee McNabb and you're who my name's Mike McNabb. We're gonna call him hopefully for future baby daddy for this podcasts that's that this is gonna focus none. You and nine people have been wondering about what it's like. For us you know progressing as a couple and every little touch on what we do in the radio world. Lot of stuff. Yeah I think. That progressing as a couple are isn't so much about you and me that it's about. Some of those of that we're going to be doing in the next few months but for some reason that really isn't talked about and so far. We found some humor in these things yeah we've found is. Awkward menace and so I think as we go into the next chapter of her marriage we're just gonna lay it all out there so. Just if you are new to our relationship we met several years ago working at radio stations. And after several years you and I started to. Get to know each other. So attacks can't find this is life. And then now we moved in together and we were getting pretty serious around December of 2015. Lame. The DA I brought the moving truck called news or whomever that thing in Kansas City well they called. Breaks and then you got a job down here at 997 the point to as the program director. And then I got a job down here on 98 point one KM BZ. And debt then that. Summer of 2016. I proposed you proposed and I remember shortly after you propose now obviously is that yes. One of the topics that came up was you know obviously your planning for your future. Blacks. What I knew about Mayan. Health and marketing was that if we in fact might have kids. That was gonna be possibly trickier than the use and so we converse about that for re got married nephew was. Ready jump into this weird world of fertility and if that is weird world of. Not being single fund party. So there was always something fun I am fine. The strokes I know I being married and having kids is not going to make you less I might allowed one. Yeah I'm backing the microphone away it's your first time doing this side Stan community. And it. I propose to Lee in July of sixteen part of the Bellagio at the fountains we got married in Las Vegas at the SL less. In Las Vegas on May fourth 54 made a fourth. Worth it with you even know yesterday I've messed that date up I thought it was the eighth. But I had a right now these new. Yeah and we're we both have had doctors' appointments. Because you know we. We knew there were some some possible issues that we wanted to make sure the same plane yours went pretty well. Plane same plane I'll get a payment like the plane. Anyway and get mine went head out of the clouds. You backed away from you. You're getting really back here losing my voice yeah let's weeks are we talking to a podcast so it's not over now and that we were married in May and while that seems like maybe. A quick jump from getting married to going into fertility from a 36 were both holes and right where 36 and so also knowing my history and that may not be as easy as it looks on TV. Am or as easy as it looks on sixteen and frank words or. Or a dvd or report nevermind a cyanide and that's about part of my history I had yet. Last week and likes my name first fertility appointments and here in Kansas City wrecked and you essar the process just kind of like a meet and greet. With the doc. Only instead of being. I don't know at Sharon it's a little man behind a giant desk that's basically answered I knew what this is argue about your fuel additives. And that's. We do know the real terms right. Absolutely okay is Megan there you just never got to get blown out next week is going to be a totally different topic that is different and that's next week's podcast so. I went into it for the appointment and it's you know we you have to kind of like rule everything out for the three that is to use every. And that day get a bunch of blood and I came home that day from the appointment. And I was like here's what we need to do next. You'd need to go to the clinic and give animals little sample and you might seem and analyze OK we you know we up to those words on my radio station we beat around the right on my station we don't we we on KM BZ their. Horace or just a notch below the rock in the months. They were not gonna use these Johnny dared junior's race since I last blow like. If it's daughter currently itself is so Latin. Clicking on I said. Here's here's your instruction sheet. Wasn't much. And it's. You need to call make an appointment I just went beyond this did you think it was gonna call and make the appointment as quickly as I did I didn't at all I mean you shocked me you mean my heart smile and a Elson and think you would make the appointment and we're gonna discuss the appointment at a later date back. Does getting to that point it's pretty hilarious to me because you know my dear love yes cat in public. No I. I discover this at a young age now and it is plagued me my entire life I'd. If I were to go to a game see if it did it really came to fruition. Edward at Wrigley Field in Chicago when I would go down for a brewers and cubs game look. We'll talk about that in later. And there are no year annals in the men's bathroom and try it's a trough which is one of the reasons why Wrigley Field Sox. Much language does smells likes it smells like. Him so when there's guys around I have a freeze up issue and it happened at Miller Park in Milwaukee and it happens at Kauffman Stadium from time to time unless there's a partition. Between your idols that there's just stage threats yet or play at a bar. Especially at lake crowded bar there's a C lying yeah I definitely had. Issues now it's not just in public now never met life to say Mary. We've co habitation for quite some time yeah you sit down and turn on the water in the house sent. There's there's no there's no doubt there's that happens yeah yeah so what I moments that series your options. These are the two I was given let you hear your actions will. You can go to a bad place you can and yes works with a choice I thought he would take. Is you can do at home and then you decide to keep that really warm and get there was an hour so close to your body and zoom to laugh. Which is it was about fifteen minutes away to about 63. Holmes on there in in Kansas so and other net net. So he's at making a claim an independent the next day. For a few days later he's yet to save up here yet saved they don't want anything to come out of view. Horrors. Were read a five days aping more than five is too many. Anything less than three is not enough so he made it that way and he's in. And we we stay. We say at least. Lee wheezing with how much that we can do a lot of work and your Kelly Clarkson crowd is much but we know we it's a team effort. Here's odd at fifteen saved up. And humor and mean it. The deposit and we'll leave it out coming over the next episode I'll tell you. By by heart was a little empty when I got to the fertility clinic and so this year let out pop. It's simple to do this again this is episode one. Wickedly and love. And it'll take you through this process and who knows this is an ago. And yeah we preached everybody. Check us out of personal happens island making jokes to your knowledge of that perhaps that will be the joke you YouTube.