Emma Lengquist's Story

Kansas City's Morning News
Tuesday, July 24th
Emma Lengquist was a special needs girl who suffered from mental illness and took her own life in February, 2018. Her parents, Chris and Marie, are working to raise awareness about mental health and suicide among young people. The family is holding a charity benefit in Emma's honor on August 4.

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You live news. No one win Demeter he's. But I don't over there that's that very day Chris. And Marie linguistic adopted MO when she was five years old she was a special needs child challenged by answerable policy. It took her a little longer to learn another kids so she was happy girl she was funny and she loved dogs and Chris says Emma was a gifted trainer. They would insist they would stay they would shake hands. But I talked about familiar mostly. About two dogs would would just really take Turks. But in her late teens Emma began to struggle with mental. The less we got to raider and and actually had those physical challenges and then just later in life for about two years before she passed. She started developing a mental illness known as borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder as not well understood. Some symptoms are unstable moods feelings of worthless ness impulsive behavior. And suicidal thoughts last February she took her own life almost right away Chris and Marie decided. They would remember I am not for her illness but for the person she really was. She was. Young vibrant girl who loves to. To dance with people share. Smiles she would tell joke she had a really way to make people feel good about themselves. Chris says he's learned more about suicide than he ever wanted to know. The people who take their own lives. By and large. Some are are trying to escape their pain and they really do by and large. Think they're helping the people that love them the most and this is this is the way they see out there. To not only stop their pain but to stop the pain of those welcome news. And so Chris and Maria decided to do something that would celebrate camera's memory a party in her honor. And the theme is an obvious one that's when feminist poppy parade was born it's Saturday August 4 two. Kids with special needs that dog just seemed to get together like in the butter jelly. There's just a connection. And dogs were a source of love and comfort for MI. That was our Siberian Husky that was most often come over and just starts love and honor and licking her tears and and she would just hold them and that was the number one way she could regroup with a yourself. Everything you need to know about the party is on our web page KM BZ dot com. They're raising money for some worthy organizations and Chris says they're spreading a message about mental health. And suicide prevention. It's time people stood up. Don't hide in the shadows it's time that we have a voice. And this kind of thing can happen even when people. Are really trying to get help. We had real struggles with the health care system we have great insurance we had other resources we could. Pay for the care they just could not find the right care available in this needs to change. So Chris is pushing for more understanding more funding and more research on mental health issues. Who are politicians out there who left her writer middle. This is something that's growing and can't be ignored we need to address this issue. And yes when it comes to adopting a special needs child. Krista Marie would do it all again. She was a special kid if if you ever thought about adopting. It is the road isn't always easy and get I would tell you it is so worth it these past. These candidates. Need people Marshall. CNBC.