Election Day in Kansas City part 4

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Tuesday, April 4th

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But a one more segment as we think Dave Helling from the Kansas City Star editorial board joining us here in studio he's been here. On voting day. And again you you guys over the star are recommending yes on 123. And full hour. And no 15 yeah as the eyes of voters go to towns up and say it's in the editorial today just clipped an updated at Opel there but a. Has been a few minutes talking about what's happening in Kansas and Missouri gets misery in a second because we will revisit the joint editorial that the Kansas City Star in Saint Louis post dispatch dead. Commenting on governor brightens accessibility or lack of it but odd couple things that are particularly pressing and Kansas is school funding formula. How are gonna fill the budget gap and the you know the the failure of Governor Brown backs veto of Medicare expansion which came already. Let's let school funding for just a second house is gonna play out in terms of where they decide how they decide how much money and. Watch carefully this week because they adjourn actually on Friday. Until the veto session which comes later. Three or four weeks from now so there's a lot of work that needs to be done this week so they get a break. Yeah they actually are going well. In the old days and days the veto session would last a couple of days he'd come in you decide whether to override me late vetoes and go home now. They could be in for weeks because they do have to figure out school finance and they have to figure out tax policy. For the next two years I think they'll fix the current budget hole moves money around. The next two years it's a mask Supreme Court that's why we've got to and the Supreme Court has said you you know in the courts infinite wisdom that you need to fix schools but didn't say how much that's gonna take now so legislators are sort of working their way through it I think I thought for a long time that. Their needs to be or will be an enormous increase in schools spending per pupil basis were stool spending. 300 dollars last 400 dollars less per pupil on statewide basis and we were in 2008. But there's no way that they do legislature or the taxpayer can buy off. 700 million dollars one year so whatever they're gonna come up with phase it in maybe 200000200. Million more. So that in for five years and you backed except level. Then you get in to the and the pushing and shoving over which district benefits which doesn't. Who gets extra money because they have tough kids to educator and a formula for the future and and we don't rise up and and Kansas has an enormous number of small school districts in western Kansas. Each with an administrator bus drivers. Building you need it heat and cool school board. Deputy superintendents. And that's inefficient that's just the fact that I did the story a couple of years ago and Sumner county Sumner county Kansas which is just south of Wichita. Eight school districts money to schools a date elitist school they really do but I'm telling the eight school districts in a in a county. With 3000 students told. That means like eight superintendent is high school state superintendent superintendent spurred this suit assistant superintendent I heard district now that is not overwhelmingly efficient but you're exactly right people people like going to the high school football game on the weekend on the Friday night and so. Consolidation is very different so. Consolidation in the formula fully funding the formula equity fairness to poorer districts it's a real hornet's nest to try and figure out. But I think they will by the end of the veto session which means we may be talking about this tune. Which brings us to Medicaid Dolan shocked at all I mean I think the surprising thing was it actually passed and got to Governor Brown backs das that's surprising doesn't begin to. I mean think about news it's about Kansas politics. For awhile and understand. The opposition to obamacare. Opposition strong opposition anything. Connect it would Barack Obama in deceive the legislature. Home within three votes that house two votes in the senate of veto proof majority to expand Medicaid is an astonishing thing. We are still trying to for ago while ago and brought back. Doesn't seem to be political reason to do is fundamentally against tactics panties and then like the affordable care he doesn't like four people that's what I think the bigger problem is we wrote that today that he just doesn't he and his whole administration. Has been a shifting of the tax burden of the war privatizing Medicaid. Welfare reforms that maker ordered to stay on welfare in Kansas. Food stamp performs in Cisco and on the list. The idea of of shifting the burden on poor people kansas' very real very obvious and Medicaid is another example it now or we don't understand is Sam Brownback has at most two years left in public office CEO Brock Obama is long gone. Almost beatle proof majorities in both houses support this extension 82% of kansans supported the expansion. And yet for reasons that remain cloudy and based in ideology more reality. And that along with the income tax rollback. Does that mean that cut that he that would generate what's to potentially a billion dollars is what Governor Brown backs plan for the next eighteen advising that I would not be sitting on the editorial board. Theater in New York Times because it's it's inscrutable nobody really knows. He's talking now guys about a flat tax of violent acts and acts. You know how much that hurt the poor what do. That order. Stanley have that makes 50000 a year it would raise your tax burden by 34%. I mean they would put in such a game we have to see the details but I flat tax by definition. Hurts the poor and lower income people more than the rich and so. It's part and parcel of this idea that in Kansas the LLC exemption which is the business exemption. Primarily benefited wealthier cantons it's the most controversial thing of the Brownback. A brown backs time in office it will almost certainly be repealed by this legislature whether the governor signs the Nazi. So so if you ask what Governor Brown backs a plan is I think it's to hammer report the report. And I think it's been clear for six years and will be clear for the next week. A group like aesthetic elements I mountains and on the editorial sports like you can you can soak. Our listeners gave a lot of grief to the media saying it's the media's fault for how they cover the median and we don't ask her questions has it improved accessibility of the I think he's doing a little. Better I think he's beginning to believe governor error brightens that bit he needs to at least make some effort to talk with reporters. But I wanna be clear because I helped write the editorial. No political figure is required to talk to the press lets you know where the First Amendment you can choose to talk to whomever you want. We think that he should talk to the people who put him in office and we're sort of a conduit for that and try to be on with that but he doesn't. Goal. It's anything other than what he might owed for the people of the state of misery. Who elected. We are deeply concerned our Eric brightens. Took two million dollars in the dark money contributions to his campaign. Took dark dark money the undisclosed to contributions to his inaugural. Has now set up a nonprofit dark money organization designed to boost it is. Presidential aspirations. That is what the people was or should be very worried about that millions of dollars undisclosed. Pouring into his bank accounts. And that he doesn't feel the need to to help people where that money's coming from and let's be clear he's out there yelling at the legislation being ethically challenged. When he has a similar problem on his own entity that's what that editorial was largely about. It buys influence that's lacy can clearly that's our are we wonder if it's buying in and rich people buy it or people. Last and we engine was on November 8 and now we asked about what was next and that was today. What's after today what is the next big election cycles. De Villa or else our solidarity will depend on how the vote comes out today but the next big issue in Kansas City will be the airport and we may get to it this year. It may be a 2018 question but Kansas City wants to and needs to decide what's going to happen at the airport sooner rather than later. So that'll come up and then of course 2018 is 28 team will be electing a new governor in Kansas will have. New legislative seats in in in two to consider in both legislatures. And the mid term elections and what Donald Trump has meant for his party and for local people and whether. Kevin Yoder may run for governor in Kansas if that happens you've got him you've got an open seat in the third district so. 2018 as always even numbered years will be just really compelling for us but I think we'll have this well at the airport and whatever happens next here in regular pol.