Election Day in Kansas City part 3

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Tuesday, April 4th

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And Dave Helling from the Kansas City Star editorial board joining us in studio thank you again so much for coming between here and by the way just so your listeners know we recommended yes vote tunnel. For those questions that Rico on questions and question for on the so we recommend S ago. Which brings us to question five which would reduce the city's penalties for marijuana possession can you explain this one to those hand because people think decriminalize yea but power and there's more to slow first of all it's not real. Really did decriminalization. Still remains. A city ordinance violation and by the way state law violation of federal law. It just question five would simply limit the penalties the city can. Exact from people more caught with 135 grams of marijuana which is little more than an ounce. Under current law you can get six months in jail up to six months in jail and 500 dollar fine as a practical matter. For low level users that almost never happens you don't go to jail that. At least that's what we've been told there's no overwhelming crush of people in local jails there for small pot possession. But their but reduce the penalties would be reduced to 25 dollars per per offense and no time in jail would prohibit any jail time at all. At supporters say look the home marijuana is ubiquitous people should not have to spend six months in jail because they have a couple of joints and opponents say look at it remains on your record it remains an issue for future employment could be an issue on. Student loan applications and it gives people a false sense of security. But since it's only a 23 go or 25 dollar fine. That it's OK to go ahead and do this without real of analyzing the ramifications. Are wrong. So we recommended a no vote we thought we if the issue were actually decriminalization. We'd have a robust conversation about that because frankly there were differences on the editorial board about this but this is half measures and a half measure we think is pretty. Mean when people say that. It keeps people out of jail. Is not a good thing. Well yes particularly for marijuana. Consumption but people aren't going to jail for now the penalty exists. But by and large prosecutors aren't sending these folks to six months trail arm. And remember even if this passes it's still remains in state. And county prosecutor good. And perhaps money start taking more of these cases and and you go to jail for six months under state law. So what should be foolish yes Mike is wants him that somehow this actually be from analyzes. Marijuana possession just reduces. The penalty for it and as we suggest may give people falls cents and does it keep. It free time for police officers that motivation from so well you'd probably want well it's not again this was a petition this is not the city and put on this was group executioners who just structures and apprentice plus signatures on the ballots of the city. Is actually and in fact if you talk to city prosecutors bit nervous about it because. The changes it would make in representation in the public. On yeah it might. Help police two of the things although we were told you know we didn't do a lot of research but we were told that. These pot possession charges typically. Part of other trawler that was it was money or some other banks how does that cancel it and so well it would just be here if you're caught for speeding you get a speeding ticket and they smelled marijuana may be proposed something like that. And so. The idea that somehow it would free up police officers to do things might be oh law. He might be an incentive though for police officers and send those cases to. County pros. In which case you would still face the penalties. Beyond the city ordinance oh. Again I think you know I. My own view is expressed in the editorial board. Is that marijuana consumption and use should be. Parolee investigated. And there is a case to be made for the for legalization of. And that's my next question that the last one of the does it we gotta get to a bunch in Kansas would this be a step in some people's minds in your mind Dave. Towards the legalization whether B medicinal recreational in the state. And my argument is if you're gonna legalize it legalize feel like Colorado which in essence now sells marijuana openly of people that seems to me. To be smarter. And sort of half step in which still have some legal jeopardy yet just less legal jeopardy than you had before. On I know supporters say yeah it's the first baby step toward what they really wanted to do. But but. Among my view is do it all wants or don't really confuse the public report. So it looked like we were no on question. The five questions on the ballot you've got today it pulls up until six or seven and Casey now. 7:7 o'clock tonight you've got on to go vote on that any predictions on voter turn out about. 10% one intend may be a little less today and toys included in a couple on the going to be huge name April elections are a problem. And let's face it getting out to actress getting to vote brief. I. Tough sells so long we think you see predictions. I want to well here's the thing to keep in mind about 13. To go on it takes 50%. Load that as a high high hurdle. You almost always get 40% of the public against any meaning they put them out you know free ice cream forty comes out. And every screen there. Because they assume you're raising ride goes so them you know off 57 margin there's not a lot of margin for error for supporters. The eighth of a sand is also a console because city wide tax for specific area. So my guess is the elections will be very close but at the end Amy struggled at six. I wanna move on and talk we can talk all day about things that are happening in Kansas and Missouri in fact I'm gonna step in for enemy but it seems. Important are the things are happening today and the things that are happening this week in Kansas and the first you have in front of me. I love it I hate it because it's all about politics that's what people hate about politics but it's what's happening today in the Kansas house. We explain what's going on with guns on campus in Kansas and Howell on there is. A lot coming up for debate are bill coming up for debate I should say. It doesn't really have anything to do with guns on campus or that exemption but because of the way procedures work. They can offer an amendment that would bring it up for debate nearby and I think that. The higher education community and certainly Kansas university -- University of Kansas hospital system. Has been arguing strenuously. For the ability of college campuses to hand. Weapons there of their terrified about it and they're terrified about the expands. The legislature's order proved that it. Early years ago years ago and it's now set to go into effect. And there is a an overwhelming efficacy of that at least that provision can be repealed or if nothing else. Left the board of regents dismay that decision rather than have a encoded in state also that the border regions could say okay no guns K you were case which cost. So it is your right game it does drive people crazy that amendments like this can be offered at the last minute it. Making losses making sausage. Justice. Cram a lot of stuff they do. Into a tube in time off the hands and so careful attention to the process will drive most people race. And it would take it I don't explain it run but bottom line as the reciprocity law. Got out of committee. And is coming back for debates and they can offer amendments. To this bill. That don't ever need to do with the original issue is line is that under the umbrella issue which is guns. So there's an amendment being offered to again try to get the exemption from that concealed carry law for. Public hospitals college campuses and mental health facilities and 63 votes that amendment passed. Doesn't sound like it'll get those votes. Ride and we don't know what the governor would do either he might veto it which station would need 84 votes so we'll have to wait and see what happens the Kansas. Has a procedure. Called gut and go boom a lot of people aren't. Familiar with this but they do this all the time where they take a bill and remove everything it. Gut it. And then put in alternative language that has nothing to do with you were to nothing to do bill they'll take a bill on dog. Protection gut it and Ed tax reform. That's called gotten go when they do that a lot so again. It'll drive you nuts if you pay too much attention to how this stuff gets done but I will tell you that the college community and again in particular hospitals. Our public hospitals are just enormously worried about allowing weapons and side we've written about this on the editorial board we think that hospitals should be able. To ban weapons and college campuses it's you know kids shot himself the other day accidentally pick a case state. It's just the idea of having everyone weapons that makes. Little longer with the telling coming up Dave coming up next gonna ask you simple question what's Governor Brown backs plan. On any thing it.