Election Day in Kansas City part 2

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Tuesday, April 4th

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It is voting day. And we've gone over question one question to doubt on the question at three. And this is one that. I mean dog lover I love my dog Dave and animal shelters and bad say. Yeah I'm. Dan you and I have it in television I've been done with the animal shelter probably two or three times a year to do stories. It you know heating problems that are conditioning problems overcrowded crowded. It's in a very obscure places over by the Truman sports complex very few people of ever been there. Wasn't built is an animal shelter it was after that what was a bill pork. It was a warehouse it was just a warehouse. In fact I was told that it was used to store materials. From the construction of the Truman sports column so they put stuff in there and then when they pull it out okay when is. So it's very crowded now. This doesn't pay for a new animal shelter in and of itself they would match some private donations in fact the private donations would be higher than acts. Opponent and the other part of the questioned three. It enables spending four buildings to bring city structures up to compliance with the American produce so Americans for disabilities act with disabilities act. So there are things in it beyond just the animal shelter but the animal shelters gotten a lot of attention. Both positive and negative I must say some people are saying wait a metal wire we've spending an animal shelter. For an animal shelter when humans need more things in their neighborhoods. You hear that argument along on the other hand again it's been problems long advocates of sports law that. But at many many many years. And didn't of that argument I would say all right will we've been you know. If if you recognize that the animal shelter or some of these buildings that are not up to code they need help and we spend money elsewhere someone could look the point on you and say. Well look we've been helping a lot of these problems what about this one here it's almost you're damned if you do damned if you don't when it comes to any of these items. At the other sort of fundamental question is whether Kansas City should be in the business of providing an animal shelter I mean there are some people who say look but that should be a private operation is and other communities. On the other hand Kansas City does have a stray animal problem loans and assets so. And I think the vote on question three is the most interesting thing to me because I do think there's an active animal. Rights community that's very much in favor of it tugs the heart strings a little sensor plane went down you know and it is separated out so it isn't you know that produces this kind of pure on question angry. Whether you're for or against spending that kind of money again borrowing money to. To prove that so. Umar sales tax is the next one that's questioned for that would raise the sales tax by 18 of a cent for ten years takes a simple majority to pass out. Let's just again it's sort of partial things say. Questions 12 and three are basically echo bonds right the teal bonds hit 7% to pass this stuff from sewage all you out of jail okay. Question for us not related to the City Hall in terms of the council the mayor. In fact it was put on the ballot petition. Which in Kansas City takes about six signatures to get tied to. Turn out right it takes being. Facetious but it doesn't penalize my cup or. On so it's an eighth of a cent increase proposed by petitioners. Ten years it only needs a simple majority it's not a 57%. Questions or figures. Half the vote plus one it will be a law. And it is the first tax in Kansas City history that would be collected citywide. But directed to a specific geographic area. And without getting too technical it's basically the prospect quarter from downtown south to about 65. Seventh street somewhere matters. Now by research hospital. Research. Wolf parkinson's. Support on the air Mary port neighbor to ever have a chance in Kansas city's east side enormously. Trounced the housing stock is cool and the sidewalks are problems streets storefronts are closed so the idea would be used this money. To sort of in saint private businesses off rhythm its news. You know low slow things come back to the prospect order. And and develop property now. The major criticism they're too major criticisms of auction for one is the list of projects is the hundred million it was a brilliant roughly over ten years it's in your tax it's a half million a year but with inflation and people buying more things. Hundred millions investment. For ten years. The the project list as vague there is City Council oversight and there's a special committee set up that would. Keep an eye on it but you know you'd like to know exactly where near as much as possible exactly where money's going management. Forthcoming with that and then the second thing is it's a sales and hurts the aura and it's hard to see you helped pour by honestly money out there pocket so but to argue. Like sales taxes is because you pay it went out live here not you know you paid if you're just in town visiting so it's not just attacks on people that live here it's attacks that calm would not just tax people in those that are coming into town right. Dude there are different. Studies. Some suggest that a third of the sales tax come from outside of Kansas City some think it may be as much as half. That come from outside of the city but it is undeniable Leo log on poor people. And an eighth of a cent sounds like just a little bit of money but we collect sales taxes for. All kinds of things in Kansas. We love those zoo the sports complex police. Fire to fight drugs. You just go down the list there are so many things we collect sales taxes for and when you add it together. There are some places in Kansas City where you know 1011 cents on the dollar if you go under the power of light district because we also have a restaurant tax. You can pay up to thirteen cents on the dollar purchase axle info. And that's a lot of you get a ten dollar hamburger now it's eleven dollars and thirty cents that's not chump change. And so that's the one of the chief arguments against it but again nobody doubts the need on the east side describe down. Prospect some afternoon it's astonishing how. How much work needs to be done must also be clear about this might need it and game you could pay. 800 million dollars a year in the prospect horror and still not meet all 100 million over ten years will not solve their problems. But supporters suggested he gives them a sport. In today's story in and the in the star in the editorial board in specifically in question fort safeguards are replacing guys site there are safeguards in placed protect against waste or abuse of funds. In all the literature that I keep getting in the commercial IC on TV from sly James I hear about. A report card. Are these things it's really going to keep the rest of us want you know aware of how these things are spent it to take a safeguard against waste. Yet. No system is perfect and relies on them vigilance. Of radio show hosts with and journalists at the Kansas City Star is TV reports tell us hose and a journalist all right yeah. Guys are razor and we all have we all have responsibilities. I I I ask permission to rephrase my state of play but it requires so. It's only as good as how much attention we pay to a that's always the case some arm. I think on the question for particularly people watching law because. It is so nebulous as it passes people will be keeping very close on the money spent there. And that but the report card you know. Somebody we could do it a debate the other day and Summers ago twenty years ago twenty years from now will be. Talking about this I said not me what are about it. I'm out here that's not gonna happen so it will take vigilance over many many years to make sure all this money spent way of voters. Dave can you stick around we don't talk about Medicaid to veto in Kansas school funding guns on campus number brightens accessibility and I've gone and the big one for a lot of people. The decriminalization. Of marijuana.