Elderly woman wins $1.1 million!!! But has to wire the taxes first...

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Monday, May 14th

It happens every single day in America... Please warn your loved ones!


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You're listening to the Dane and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. Talking Heads. Are your partisan. Lie in Ohio and Texas in the 7881. And you're in the running for thousand dollars you have the entire hour text lion LIO and in the 72881. Quick programming note sometime this hour. You'll hear an artist that will perform on Saturday June 2 rock fest when you do Sunnis start to clear up the phone might give me the number. And color number three you guessed are headed to ruckus for free. On us. And and this hour on the program. Five and a punch. Groups. And steals going to be there seven dust all immigrants. Money. Dance at me and most disturbing story. I've seen it on. The copiers. Jennifer used to have photo copier work I just went to say make a copy of the check coup or facts of her mortgage documents. But short on. Apparently all of that information is now getting stored. In the hard drive. Of the copier. And when those copiers asked are taken and your offense how they and been aware yes. And those drives. Are still full of information. So as to the report out here at all here's what's bad only that how many times have you honestly Scott. How many times have you gone out there and scandal. Whatever. In my conference yeah. That's in there and so CBS did they picked up four machines 300 bucks apiece. On one of them. Documents from the Buffalo, New York police sex crimes division. It had. And detailed domestic violence complaints a list of wanted sex offenders. Second unit from the buffalo police narcotics unit had a list of targets and a major drug raid on a third machine from New York construction company. Had designed plans for a building near ground zero in Manhattan. Plus 95 pages of pace dobbs with names addresses Social Security numbers. And 40000 dollars in copied checks yup and here's the worst one. Fourth machine from affinity health plan a New York insurance company. Had 300 pages of individual medical records everything from drug prescriptions to blood test results to a cancer diagnosis. This just like never few years ago they sound like a computer on the side of the road among the TV stations looked into it. And it was plastic surgery photos of local women before and after photos like huge they're yeah huge hit health. Violation yeah Iranian and nobody picks up that nobody takes. People will find this stuff or re purpose in literature with copy machines are scanners. You know this one goes down we buy in new when that one ends up who knows where we'll so it's taken a picture of that stuff it's like the class. All of this I mean hackers can get and it didn't just seem out of information they found those four copiers alone terrifies me. Yeah hello terrorist applications. What what have you like underdogs and what do you print it out here you don't want an emergency. And be honest -- Probably my tax documents yet. I'm B yeah I don't think I've and had no need to print resonate in me and maybe soon I will but. Real soon. Time. Donating a tired day yet. The night is young and so are we had a good day. Probably contract review one I would view yeah there's norms asked you know exam yet. Sammy a signed copy of your contract Anita for my record rain. Well where my got to find a printer and a fax machine and install like I have a fax machine at home. Were I scam it on the Xerox machine out here and then send it to myself and and forward them a scam. So my contracts and they are here. It is. Pretty much she's. We just have to be Smart enough to figure out to get it. Good look. Well I don't think you actually have to be Smart you just have to be smarter than we. Like people who are into the computer stuff and know how to do that that's from which. Here's a sign that the world does not need to stop and I wanna stay on. A mother who was feeling down on Mother's Day and went to a Ruby Tuesday in Horry counties South Carolina. We're not knock points to eat pork the. Shame. I'm not like or don't visit and I'm feeling a little. This whole nation review and how about you were. County. And be more you feel moved darling. And want. Just when I surgery just a story about bringing back. My feelings from are I think sounding name are you sorry you 23. Come in and year ruin everything what they wiped out as TDs. Seeking. That does make me feel good. Let you go back in your home or island and not from more island I'm from poorly Pennsylvania. The so South Carolina same thing. But you go back to your home monitor or island. So anyway this month. Goes and she doesn't have anybody to eat where infamous ruby Tuesday's so she sits down and starts heating by herself. Staff noticed. Barbara for his Mother's Day didn't start out great they ask her to leave. It's. I don't read it. No because he is a reason we can't have nice man I knew I know not the first person isn't about me. Dell outlined a silent rows turn my microphone off I've OK here we get Tommy will open. Barbara for his Mother's Day didn't start out quarry she didn't get a call from her son. Who she says hasn't called some ball. Usage was very. When she went to go get lunch by herself Ruby Tuesday near Surfside beach. An awful highway 544. That's the road today to get. When the staff realized that mrs. Ford it was a mother eating by herself on mother's there like your depressing other clients get out. Keep going keep our authority. Keep going and they all pitched in a make for a gift basket of nice thing. She said they brought her over big Mother's Day bag filled with committees heard lunch was also paid for. And customer even router and rose long. Quoting here for mrs. boy why are you people bother me or try to analyze myself I really feel like I was queen for a day mother for a day. I've never been made to feel so special. General manager Lauren name said the forty story touched the entire staff. She also sent a picture of three of her servers who helped make for his visit unforgettable. Christiana Smith Ryan Braun and debris haste. I think we were all almost in tears by the end of the stories native we wanted to make sure that she knew how special she was. On all that experience. That's lovely thank you for sharing that any ruin that's no that's real sweet. Not try cared. No that is lovely story bluntly I'm so glad you shared that story about them. The whore mother was there were worse from Horry there don't worry mother but you go back to your home all right and. I'm sorry ms. said that these lonely Horry mother. I thought it was lovely thank you for sharing them up when I was glad this year. Scrapped this year. You're just. A mile I am I saying sorry are jerk. Jerk. Did you hear about sports betting in America won a major change came today and Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court today struck down a federal law that bars gambling on football basketball. Baseball and other sports in most states. Giving the states. Doesn't legalize. But he gives the states the go ahead to legalized betting. On sports well and senator Orrin hatch from Utah said look we're gonna put to Vator federal regulations on the so it's not a mission match. Patchwork of different laws across which it's going to be what you just let every statement for the ultimately you can bet on the tournament like let's say in Texas if you're down there for the weekend but that if you come back here on the lasted attorney you can. Right right now that makes perfect sense. I'm off work hodgepodge loss across. Mistakes. Orrin hatch is not it's amazing these republic of which I'm a member. These Republican states rights people looked straight to salt and pushed it still want to specialist. The very people say what are for all salute and applaud Paula jewels are also on Shana. Shut up let the states decide okay the Supreme Court ruled today six to three to strike down the professional and amateur sports protection act. The 1992 law barred state authorized sports gambling. With some exceptions are made Nevada in this weird in May Nevada the only state where a person could wager on the results of a single game. So you basically singled out one state and said you can do it and error. But she can't do it over here. Any candidate up there are down there. And one research firm estimated before the ruling that in the Supreme Court were to strike down the law 32 states. Would likely offer sports betting within five years how all fifty. It's my money I have never gambled in my life. You guys know how much when her I am about this win a sterling runs around every year. With the brackets for the final four and suitably tournament I don't even put a dollar in all match. I do not gamble I've got enough vices I don't need another. Scared money don't aren't. Speaking of water story I do is talk about today. Not gambling. It's that stupid. Sweepstakes. Stuff that you get in the mail is publisher's clearing house to look saying yes it's still around OK I saw a commercial for a dividend. Hi. Am sure those are lovely people. I don't believe it I don't think you're gonna win I think my grandfather spent a lot of money on magazine subscriptions hoping he would land. There has been a scam so that. This week and it it's out of Boston but it doesn't matter because it could be your grandmother or your mother your father listening. It is the most heartbreaking thing and I said Scott the way there I think we should do away with the sweepstakes it's gonna walk into that next year and they've embarks. Writer for my good friends on VW of these summit I've been right around and that team on for weeks now of that little sporting T want. It's funny I see them in traffic all the time. 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VW Lee's summit dot com you tell you wanna see Dana's car. Say add. And. We all. Zero I'm here I'm like you. I color number four. 5767798. You and I guess under way to see Stone Temple Pilots and others. Rock festival Saturday June 3 speedway. Vince Neal five finger death punch. Seven does. That's partly. On Saturday June 2 he's going to be. Color number four. You're going hopefully. It's more news and more comments in just a moment. A day or about cars got parks' newsroom anchor marks police need your help in a deadly hit and run more next. Nobody should have to live with aching knees hey Scott Parse some of surgery is not an option or you already had surgery but he still have pain never still hope. Join doctor Kendra with Norplant physical medicine for free meal. And Jack stack barbecue either launch on May seventh or dinner on May eighth your choice and hear the big news in non surgical pain relief. Including life changing advances in regenerative stem cell therapy. Don't miss doctor Kendra and your free meal reserve your free seat now it's stem cell KC dot com. Or thirty in Kansas City for me KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our Kansas city police are searching for a white Saturn are that they believe ran over a man and a motorized wheelchair this morning downtown. Man was crossing the crosswalk near eleventh and Charlotte when the driver hit him the impact crashes will Sharon sent him to the hospital in critical condition he later died. He conceded picture of that car and KM BZ dot com. First Lady Maloney at trump is in the hospital the White House says the First Lady underwent a procedure this morning at Walter Reed for what they called a benign kidney condition. She's expected to remain in the hospital for the rest of the week. ABC's doctor Jennifer Ashton says the procedure could be done for a number of reasons. Are benign growths that affect the kidneys there's certain types of vascular health formations that can affect kidney and occasionally an application procedure can be done to treat bleeding. That occurs possibly as a result of treating kidney stones that could be a consequence of another procedure. We'll check traffic and weather together and axed. Let me tell you what we went Jesper as with the entire family over the weekend and if you have something like a big graduation celebration or you just wanna do a date night. Check out Jasper is that menu my goodness is amazing my dad at the oysters he ordered to yes he ordered to. It too tired dishes of the oysters from a Jasper. Unbelievable. League side and the service as always is so amazing. Listen there's a tables had mozzarella is back for spring and summer they have beautiful come parry sweet tomatoes right now. It is the only restaurant in the country remember this two term melt into cheese right before your eyes with the tomatoes and that table side months early you're gonna love it. Do not forget that his spring menu they got those oysters I was talking about that got a new fettuccine dish and of course. The six hour slow roasted pork shank. The only thing deter my dad away from that was the oyster just you're gonna love it capital of what that women cello at the end it'll be the best milieu had ever you're gonna love it. Call now for your reservation not required but certainly suggested this time of year. 8169416608169416600. Your Jasper is Casey dot com partly cloudy skies. Most of us a couple of straight thunderstorms a possibility severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect for listening area until ten. Fallen through the eighties down to 78 degrees of the 20% chance of a shower or thunderstorm the heaviest could produce some hail. Well Cuba quarter size gusts up to 55 miles an hour can't be ruled out two original rainfall under some of these so if you are underneath. There's definitely have to pull to the side or at least slow on down. Morning temperatures 64 afternoon high eighty degrees as we do it all over again. Wednesday afternoon the chance of showers and thunderstorms 63 in the morning and afternoon high of eighty to the front finally moves out heading into Thursday Friday. From channel nine on for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. 86 are now accused CIA it is 878 your official weather station. The radio dot com that is the official and almost KM BZ downloaded today listen to us any time anywhere. I'm Kara marks are Newsnight DA one KM BZ. Vivian Murphy fought back to that heart stopping moment when the voice on the phone for claimed her the winner of a one point five million dollar sweepstakes prize. For decades Murphy who's 85. Big huge fan of the publisher's clearing house. The peddler of magazine subscriptions and household items widely known for TV commercials of winners dissolving and a happy tears. When presented with a gargantuan check. She entered nearly every drawing in the company's fifty year history during which lucky numbers or received more than 380. Million dollars. Murphy ship. And finally. Kind comments. Were so it's thing. She imagine paying off the mortgages of her children or grandchildren and setting up bank accounts for too little great grandchildren instead. She was scam. Cargo ability cost her 28000. Dollars. Says Vivian Murphy Palkot I've been sold to home. The woman who called Murphy is a professional scam artist. Merv recession like to see her in jail many of them call from outside the United States. When I dialed back one of the numbers used to call Murphy. Came up as originating in Kingston Jamaica. Murphy is a lifelong. Were Chester resident or words or less that questioner president. And retired nursing supervisor's among the thousands of people many of them elderly. We're preyed upon every year by silver tongue scant hours. Murphy. With the support of her daughter said she was willing to share her story because she wants to born. Others the caller. Introduced herself as Debra Holland. Which is a name that Murphy recognized because it appears on lots of letters that she gets. From the real publisher's clearing house. She said matter of factly in that first call there were taxes and fees. That need to be paid before Murphy can collector winnings Murphy would have to send the check for 890 dollars to begin the process of releasing. The one point five million dollar sweepstakes prize. Holland spoke in a pleasant comfortable as soon Murphy was sweetie and theory. Murphy wrote the check. Once the caller hatter looks and should in my go the next day it was 3000. To keep the process moving in the day after that 3800. Entries does. Week after the first call Hong called back first mourn for 5000. Men in the afternoon for another five. When Murphy center checking account was depleted the caller suggested she tap into her retirement. Now I want you to listen to this next part because this is worse gotten I disagree. Murphy called her financial advisor to make the transfer. The advisors have what do you need for money for myrtle mercy Vivian Murphy and responded I can't tell you right now but I'll tell you short I can't tell you right now he released the money from him. This is my proposal. It happens all the time so many of these cases are never reported Scott because believe it or not. These are educated older Americans. They know better. They are if you asked her do you know better she would've told you yes I know better even her own daughter said to her. Wait you need to go where your she said I I've got it I've got to canceled doctor appointment and her daughter said. Why are you canceling your doctor appointment she is I can't tell you. And the doc a little red flag went off with a daughter and the daughter said. What what is going on with you you never would miss a doctor appointment and at one point this week Vivian said to her daughter. Well like I think I've command to some money. And a daughter says to her almighty god to please tell me you did not send money. To someone calling. And that's how it unraveled she finally said while. He sent a little cent you know. 2000 and then they needed another three for taxes and and I sent five share of sending a total 47000. Dollars her daughter was able to stop a check for twenty fast the eleventh our. Did daughter. Understood now what was going on stopped to 20000. Dollar check. But here is why I wanna talk about this we've talked about these scams before. Chances are you know someone has gone down this road or almost gone down this road. This woman did not sound like she was calling from a foreign country she is the name what holly. Hollins started calling her. This is what I'm going to propose to you. When it. An elderly person and we can argue about the age Slater. Has elderly means different things to different people. When they call a financial advisor and say I need to cast that account out. The financial advisor Hass to legally be able. To insure. They are not a crime victim. Mascot you would save their money it's not their business I disagree if you're crying victim and you are being scanned. Into withdrawing the only money you have and that account. I think a financial advisors should legally be able to say what they say. Well I'm not supposed to tell you them they should legally be able to say two things. Can you just share with me does this involve a sweepstakes. Or. A lottery. Winning. And if so how much money have you already sent to which they can simply lie it. Could there is terrorist we have to have. Some line of protection because it happens and it happens again and it's happening right now somewhere in Kansas City while readiness converse. It this happens every single day. You have to be able as a financial person or bank to be able to say. I have to ask you these two questions. Does this involve a sweepstakes. And lottery. And we can talk about the man jury and for gas the wording is this a prince in Africa that that loves you now. And if so how much money have you Marty sent and then at the point times got that that sweet person says the party sent. 26000 dollars and I need twenty more no. No no no we are now protecting you from someone out what. Also it really protecting them from themselves but here here's the problem. And I understand exactly what you're saying and you bring up a very valid and good point however. I think it is within the purview of a financial advisor. To say that. Is this for Nigerian prince who says he loves you wants to make you happy. Is this for a publisher's clearinghouse woman named Holland. Who has called you Geary and sweetie. Com well I can't get into them but maybe yes a little bit. Vivian as you were financial advisor you are being scammed I am strongly. Advising you. To stop sending these people any more money is if you truly what is sweepstakes you do not have to pay any money to get money that's right that's fatality on the back and of course. That their idea that the scam is to get you to pay money up front. On the idea that these are taxes or paying for an advance which is not how the system works however. Wept. If Vivian has been informed that she is being scammed. And insists on taking the money out anyway. I would make the argument as unfortunate and as sad as this story is. Vivian has the right to withdraw. Absolutely. A full of their money is easily easily part it. All I'm saying is we create a very thin buffer lay here in between that and allow a financial advisor. To ask two very simple questions it will unravel like Zach but it shouldn't be wall. Well I think if these old eyes of saudis are not allowed to fry these. Funny these should be the policies a stab list up front but are these financial institutions. Where if we think. You were taking money out and it's scammer related. We have a fiduciary responsibility of forty animal form you 48 hour no you don't have the right. To hold my money for 48 hours against my will that is my money. I am allowed to be awful. You do not have the right to hold my money. Can you imagine if you. You are save their money you're not holding it. You're saving it for them what's the age where we put that pol out well we can talk about that because my mother's 73 years old she is. Vera right back. If my mother wants to withdraw money. She should have the right to withdraw money now if it's for a scam and it's coming out of my inheritance yeah she should not. I'm gonna throw a number out and it's gonna make people matters is 75 and I think you're wrong I was sitting seventy home. Is that why you're retirement home in Phoenix. Drawn out baby goes spinning your retirement money Anaconda so which Vivian Murphy would say. What if it involves a third party individual. I think these guys and women they should have the right to and I don't think I am a RE go ahead. I'm vivienne Murphy yes Europe my financial advisor. I want this money because I'm gonna get guests will be what I liked what I do for you I need to withdraw 20000. Dollars from my retirement I don't think you gonna customer 48 you've never took account right. Yeah I just some come up majesty to take out 20000 dollar okay. I do just by law I have a couple questions I need to ask you quickly to get this out of the way and I'm sure that there's nothing untoward going on you wrote the law abiding citizen Vivian. Has someone asked you has a third party asked do you two wires in this money for any reason not okay. Is this money being used for upfront costs for a sweepstakes. And lottery. I just wanna take and look at some of the put a down payment on they are. Reynolds that I like what I just don't understand Vivian I'm glad you asked us as a scam going around. Where someone very nice calls I don't know maybe she says her name is Holland and she calls and she says. I need this tax money but I just wanted you to know Vivian that is a scam. In case that ever happened a year ago after I appreciate vacuums in the 20000 Elkins absolutely Vivian boom. There's a reason vivienne didn't feel comfortable telling anybody what it was in the end she knew she was being played Vivian is going to know. And have a relationship. At age seventy was your financial advisor. And if vivienne. Is gullible enough to hand 48000 dollars over complete stranger named whatever Holland. The financial advisor will be able to talk some sense into Vivian I'm telling you right. But even her daughter said mom what's going on and even Vivian said to her daughter. I can't tell you right now. Vivian knew the issues being scam Vivian was told don't tell anyone or it jeopardizes your prize. That's what they do don't tell your daughter. Don't tell your son to what the first question is they asked when they called her at the scammer the very first time that called her own now are you alone. The event let go back and read it the very first question I ask is are you alone. Because they know it's a daughter or his son or husband sitting there they're think oh yeah and I don't some swampland in Florida mom. 76779. Right here for Stuart Woodbury and low cost life insurance dot com one of the things I love about low cost life insurance. And Stewart what Barry is one it's bright here. Right here in Kansas City for decades if you need anything. Calls Stuart you'll get Stuart you're not gonna get someone from McCall's sinner who knows where and he will help you with all of your life insurance needs and why that's important. We talked about these big life changing events so if you. Recently had a baby if you were recently divorced if you were recently remarried. It is so nice to have someone right here in Kansas City will call you up and say I. It's Stuart just make it sir you haven't had any light changes in the last year because when it comes a life insurance we've heard the nightmare stories. It is so important to make sure your affairs or in order your beneficiaries. Are in order if god forbid something happens to year to make sure your loved ones. Are taken Kara and Stewart what Barry is the guy you wanna go to because he's been right here for decades helping folks with their life insurance needs. Call 81679207008167920700. Or it takes ten minutes online less than that. Low cost life insurance dot com to get quote. 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Sewer lines water or gas line yep they do that. Go to Dana's plumber dot com Dana's plumber dot com. Principles in his second. First run. We have some breaking news coming in right now out of Saint Louis. Sales into the newsroom and. Or mark yeah apparently the case against a governor Eric brightens has been dismissed. The case against governor brightens which was supposed to end this week to sit there and her dashing and marriages at a lesson there has been dropped. Of their art. There is talk that the circuit attorney's office there in Saint Louis is going to refile charges but with a special price got to let the man goes you've got up to thing happens now and they admitted that in court this morning that they weren't even going to continue searching for the. You don't have it let it go do this prosecutor is is balancing on the line. Of prosecutorial. Malpractice. She needs to be very very careful. I'm no lawyer but this looks like a hit job. He's got nothing except that that all those things is over he still has the volunteer. Campaign ad and Hayley amber is what happens when an amateur runs for office and not paying attention. Ignorance is no excuse for violation of law I totally understand that. But these people are out to get crichton's he is. Morally corrupt in some ways but being morally corrupt is not a crime ask your president. Give me a break let the guy ago. He's done nothing legally wrong that we know of or that the state can prove. It is worries. Richard called in from out of town Richard. And are doing well mentally depressed. Yet and then go back to the topic that we are talking about prior this woman being scammed. Well. I'll actually at war college apps yeah you Warren court trip to the Obama. I guess I got top may not Latin root it's neat trick or your partner. He called site and order quoted Chris Wragge at the back incline that you know are out. And I you've got a great record there volunteering. In two other people which are not out on our opponent brought. And ultimately handle being out of eligibility. Are all. We go to. In he even whips that they probably went the doll real. There it was looked at what he would audit not much more game that he proficient on the pop well works out you know. Even more technically proficient at looking at. And get going here now all of back as a kind of manipulating price capped its. Richard. Not so I low or you can go. And he could well home by Clark. Said okay you know watch the night here wrinkle or type and optional right. Now that all. And you do not possibly be about it. Okay appeared Florida. Are catchy Diddy at that came in new pictures and forget what today. What he's an elegant well. I'm sorry you didn't get to go to the Bahamas Richard. Q were you cash is yellow. Yellow. YE LL OW. Accident is 72 hated one junior in the running for a thousand dollars or keyword this hour is yellow. Could the news and we got breaking news this afternoon here is Kara marks. And case is over before it ever began against Missouri governor Eric right Islam have more next extra listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.