EJ & Ellen's Person of the Week

Kansas City's Morning News
Friday, September 15th

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Our person of the week is not hard headed at all. But he's trying to make life better for some hard headed kids excellent kid get. As soon flat spots like permanent so obviously the medical term work like can't pronounce the great geo front believed to have classified as a current. Let actually it's just out of. Pam west runs the hangar clinic at children's mercy hospital and they help kids and parents make those flat spots go away. The color of the helmet as the official name according to insurance is cranial remodeling Politico. It just cut applied a little bit of pressure honors these wired spot and police believe they can recruit. On the flat spot and. So one day a former shocks trucks employees finds out that his son needs a helmet. Enter Chris ripper from trucks trucks in Kansas City they called me I know you will do those final wraps up we will wrap our trucks and jeeps refrigerators everything else that could lead to kids home and he knew exactly what you want it. He's won a bit this look like it looked like a police car how much anyone that. Look at Ricky Bobby how big a night Will Ferrell character. So they did a one thing leads to another word starts to spread and they start raping helmets so many that they actually sent one of their guys to school to learn how to do it. Because it's not easy. Trying to picture gift wrapping up bowling ball with no wrinkles on the paper. And that's kind of what I liked. The hang your clinic got involved children's mercy got involved and now chuck trucks keeps adding designs to their catalog. We've got our work we can get a Dutch phone got roughly twenty different. Look we got our web site actually go to people who got. Maybe we start getting some who look like TCU we got to know Helen can be kind of stopped. But Chris says when mom and dad the little guy or little girl come in to pick up their newly decorated helmet. Sometimes it's hard to tell who's more thrilled. Can feel like they did colors they get the characters you know you know maternal and superheroes but apparently color actually treat them well why don't digital coupon Christmas Day. I've been told is that the girls are understanding about the need to Wear a helmet 23 hours a day to correct head shape. But you pull one of these helmets on little boy's head. And watch out like they're great car driver rating shot at a camera. More will be born Pam is it true that after a little boy is wearing one of these were two or three days he thinks he's invincible. Well could be maybe we should start giving tape along with settlement are. And by the way all the time expense and work it goes into adapting the designs and wrapping those helmets. That's all on chuck trucks. So I think that didn't feel it's time to make money and it kind of do the right thing.